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Sami: So, they think that Grandpa Shawn killed Colleen?

Hope: According to Stefano.

Sami: But that's ridiculous.

Bo: Agreed. But Pop, he's not talking.

Doug: Hey, guys, special delivery.

Julie: Hi! Mail's in! Mail's in!

Hope: Hi, Daddy.

Julie: Hi, darling. We have the latest chapter in the saga of Santo and Colleen.

Doug: That's right. And many more still to come.

Julie: And Professor Mangino, she apologizes that these translations are taking so long.

Hope: The answers we've been looking for could be right here. Let's take a look.

John: So, what's the word on André DiM– DiMera? You found him?

Bo: No, not yet.

John: Well, he'll be found.

Sami: Yeah, well, he should stay in jail. And then we can figure out what started this vendetta and end it once and for all.

Bo: 50 years -- it's a hell of a long time for the DiMeras to hold a grudge.

Hope: Yeah, too long. This time they almost got Roman.

Doug: Oh, no. No, no. Roman is much too tough to let any old knife wound shut him down.

Julie: Tough or not, it's the blessings of God that put us here every single day.

Dr. Rolf: You have a very high threshold for pain, Stefano, but old flesh and blood has its limits. There is no need to suffer.

Stefano: No. No. I don't know how much time is left, Dr. Rolf, but let me tell you something. I am not going to live it in a fog of drugs.

Dr. Rolf: As you wish. But your pain will continue to increase. You may need this.

Stefano: What I need, dear Rolf, is rest. Mmm. [Sighs]

E.J.: "Act like a man."

Stefano: You act like a man.

E.J.: What exactly do you suggest that I do, just walk in there like a caveman, grab her by her hair, and pull her out?

Stefano: If that's what it takes.

E.J.: And how the bloody hell do you expect me to lure Samantha away from Lucas? As long as he's in the picture, I don't have a chance.

Stefano: Then take him out of the picture.

E.J.: Get rid of Lucas. Why not?

Dr. Rolf: Bart, it is imperative that...

Bart: Absolutely.

Dr. Rolf: You understand me?

Bart: Yes, I do. All day I've been in the kitchen. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. I think he is asleep.

Dr. Rolf: Good. Well, maybe he was right to just say no to morphine. Look, watch him. If he's in any pain, get me immediately.

Bart: Right.

Dr. Rolf: All right.

Bart: Thanks, Rolf. Morphine. Maybe this could kill the pain in my foot. Aah!

Tony: Ah. Thank you, Bart.

Bart: [Coughing]

Tony: Just what I need.

Bart: André...André.

Tony: No, try again. Stefano. Just keep sleeping. Thataboy. Just keep on sleeping.

Bart: No. No. Don't do that.

Stefano: What? Bart, Bart, what happened?

Tony: Oh, no, no. No need to concern yourself.

Stefano: André.

Tony: No. You guys are zero for two. But please, don't get up. [Chuckles] No, not that you could.

Stefano: [Grunts]

Tony: No, no, no. 'Cause in a moment, you're not going to have a care about anything.

Stefano: What happened? What are you doing?

Tony: No, no, no. I just want you to relax, Stefano. Just relax. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Come, so I can search that rotten carcass of yours for that key.

Stefano: Key? What key?

Tony: You said to me a long time ago that you had a key, when you and I used to play the charade of father and son, remember? You said you had the key that would end the vendetta that you enforced upon the Bradys. Time to put it to an end, don't you think, this whole torturous blood feud. And I'm just the man to do it.

Stefano: If you do this, I will destroy you with my own hands.

Tony: Oh, don't be silly, old man. God and I, we stopped listening to you a long time... ago. Yes. Finally.

Lucas: Well, here I am. You said it was a matter of life or death.

E.J.: Yeah. Well, it is, Lucas. I thought you should hear this from me. Man to man. [Clears throat] Your life, your marriage with Samantha, it's over. So go ahead, rant, rave. Do whatever it is you do.

Lucas: You know what she told me? She told me that she wished she would have set you on fire, let you burn while she had the chance.

E.J.: Really?

Lucas: Yeah. She wanted to give you a taste of what it would be like in that fiery pit of hell for you and your Halloween family.

E.J.: Halloween family, eh? Well, trick or treat, Lucas. What's that about a fiery pit, sunshine, hmm? Oh, dear. [Chuckles] Maybe I'll see you there.

E.J.: Kill Lucas, yeah. Samantha's mine -- my wife. My family. My kids. My family.

E.J.: Oh! Poor Lucas! Poor, poor, poor, poor Lucas.

Sami: [Sobbing] Lucas. Lucas! Lucas.

E.J.: Hey. Whoever did this, we'll find them, okay, and we will bring them to justice. And I'm gonna be with you. I can help you raise the babies.

Sami: You?

E.J.: I would do anything for you, Samantha. You know that.

Sami: Oh, E.J.

E.J.: Samantha. Samantha.

Kate: I hope you treated that poor bottle of booze to a nice dinner first. E.J., are you all right?

E.J.: Yeah. I'm good.

Julie: So, I assume everybody's ready for this next installment of the Colleen and Santo love story.

Hope: Ready and praying for some answers.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Julie: "Dear Santo, to meet you the other night on the shore and not in my habit was desperately wrong of me. I was testing myself, Santo, praying the Lord would give me the strength to resist temptation. But I had to see you once again. I prayed, but all my prayers and all my plans were gone at the sight of you. That look in your eye with an answer for everything."

Santo: Colleen, I am so happy to see you. Words fail me.

Colleen: Dear God, give me strength.

Stefano: Give it back, damn you.

Tony: Damn me? You've damned all of us with your murderous blood feud. It's time to end!

Stefano: It will end over my dead --

Tony: Any time, Stefano. Whenever you're ready.

Bart: Boss. [Breathing heavily]

Stefano: Guard it. Guard it. Guard it at all...

Bart: Costs. All costs. I got you, boss. I got you.

Tony: All right, little man. Time to hand me over the key.

Bart: The key? Yeah? Um, all costs, right?

Tony: What?

Bart: Stand back. Stand back!

Tony: What? Tell me. What is it you're going to do? I'd like to know. Because there's only one thing you can do right now. That is, on the count of three, you hand me that key. Thank you. One...two... [Sighs] Aah!

E.J.: What are you doing here?

Kate: What are you doing here? We had a meeting, remember, with the lawyers to come up with a plan to save Mythic. Every cent I have is invested in that company.

E.J.: Well, you know what they say, darling. Easy come, easy go. All right?

Kate: Snap out of it, all right? All of this because you're not the father of Sami's twins. Just get a test tube and make a new pair. Hire a surrogate. But be a man.

E.J.: What did you say? "Be a man"?! Come here! What does being a man involve, Kate?!

Kate: Let go of me!

E.J.: Treat a whore like a whore! You want to go in the river, sweetheart? You give me one reason why I shouldn't throw you in there right now. You got me?

Kate: Let go of me!

Santo: Am I -- am I interrupting your prayers?

Colleen: I was praying for the strength to leave before you came.

Santo: But you were given the strength to stay. The Lord, he wants you to be happy, Colleen.

Colleen: Does he, now? No doubt he told you that himself, surely. He's encouraging married men to make indecent advances.

Santo: Indecent? No.

Colleen: I know what you're thinking, Mr. DiMera. You have a life in Italy. A son, a wife. Did something happen? Dear Lord, your wife...

Santo: Three days ago. After years of pain.

Colleen: She died. And you were here. You weren't with her.

Santo: I had to travel to pay for the doctor's bills. And word comes -- I'm too far away. My only wish is that I could have got Stefano back in time to say goodbye.

Colleen: That poor boy, losing his ma. Don't I know what that feels like. How could God take someone so needed, a mother instead of someone -- someone like me?

Santo: No, Colleen. Don't even think that. If I lost you, I could not live. [Speaking Italian]

Colleen: No. No, please. It's not right.

Santo: It's not right? To feel love is not right?

Colleen: Dear Lord, please forgive me.

Santo: For what? You have done nothing wrong. You are a woman of beauty, of passion. To sacrifice everything, your whole life, the Lord that I know would never ask that.

Colleen: I've given my life to the church. I want to be true to my faith. Nothing means more.

Santo: So you can live without passion?

Colleen: Yes. Yes, I can. Passion, it passes.

Santo: Is that right? Well, okay. Kiss me one last time.

Colleen: What? No.

Santo: No? One last kiss will prove it.

Colleen: It would prove nothing.

Santo: You say that because you are afraid. You know you can't hide your true feelings.

Colleen: I am afeard of nothing.

Santo: If, in all honesty, before the Lord, you tell me you feel nothing, I walk away. Done. But it won't happen.

Colleen: You're mighty sure of yourself.

Santo: Colleen, do you believe in fate?

Colleen: I believe God has a plan, Mr. DiMera. Why?

Santo: Because I believe that neither you nor the Lord ever counted on me.

Hope: "One last kiss. Then he'd walk away. That was the challenge. One kiss with an open heart. And if I felt nothing at all, he'd be gone. And I put my life into God's hands for one last kiss because I knew that once I'd kissed you, you'd have no choice but to go."

Colleen: [Sighs] W-what?

Santo: You have a decision. It's yours. Not Father Mallory, not your da. It's your decision alone. Colleen... are you going to go back to the open arms of the church and leave me with nothing but the memory or stay here with me?

Colleen: Stay... here?

Santo: Stay here with me, under the stars, in my arms.

Kate: Don't! Stop it! What are you, crazy?

E.J.: I am a man! I am a man! You hear me?!

Kate: All right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hit you. All right?

E.J.: You had no right. You should be sorry. Neither you nor my father!

Kate: Your father hit you?

E.J.: He's sick, isn't he? He wasn't thinking.

Kate: And you're not thinking, and I'm your partner. And I have the right to tell you that, and you need to listen!

E.J.: I heard you, all right? Mythic means everything to you. Well, start your own business, Kate.

Kate: No, I won't be starting my own business, not after the bankruptcy, not after chapter 11. No, that won't be happening. We could go to prison. Do you realize that? We could go to prison.

E.J.: Why? Hmm? Because of your son! He was very happy to sacrifice you to get rid of the competition, wasn't he?

Kate: Oh, the competition? The competition?

E.J.: Fine with me. I'll be around to pick up the pieces when he's dead.

Kate: When he's dead? What the hell is that supposed to mean? What are you planning now?

Tony: Please... tell me that you have that key safely tucked away in that little cheek of yours.

Bart: Ahh.

Tony: Oh, Bart! Bart, what am I gonna do with you?! I need that key! Looks like, then, that I have to use this sword on you, doesn't it?

André: Skewer an unarmed man? Oh, that's hardly fair. Dear Tony. It is you who's going to be shish kebab. Bart, get out of the way.

Bart: You don't have to ask me twice, baby.

André: Oh, by the way, love the face. Had it for some time. Any last requests?

Tony: Thank you for asking. There is something I would like to have that's in your possession that doesn't belong to you. And I would like it now.

André: And what would that be?

Tony: My life.

André: Sentimental old man, I should have slit your throat decades ago.

Tony: What can I say? It's all that opera he's been listening to. It just warped his mind. Look what it's done to yours.

André: Stefano always said that music speaks to the soul. I had mine removed when they gave me your face, a face that will be mine soon, exclusively.

Tony: No. No, no. Not quite yet, André. Tell me -- no music? No entertainment? No theater? No film?

André: Film? Why would I waste my time?

Tony: Well, maybe it'll just show you a couple of new moves.

Bart: No! No! Aah!

André: Bart.

Bart: André. Why?

André: Just hold on, damn you. Aah!

Bart: Aah! [Breathing heavily] Boss?

E.J.: I'm not drunk, Kate. I know exactly what I'm saying.

Kate: What you said was --

E.J.: Yeah, I know exactly what I said, darling. It's a figure of speech.

Kate: Maybe where you come from that's called a figure of speech, but here it's called a drunken slip. You said "Lucas dying."

E.J.: Yeah, I know what I said. I can dream, okay?

Kate: No, you can't dream. Not when you're talking about my son.

E.J.: Would you just please let it go? I should have thrown you in the river when I had the chance.

Kate: I can't believe this. I can't believe you actually think if Lucas was dead, Sami would come running to you. You can't in your wildest dreams believe that she would ever consider being with you.

Santo: [Sighs] Tell me how you felt. Tell me how you feel.

Colleen: I will pray for you and for your son.

Santo: Colleen --

Colleen: I'm sorry to be disappointing you so, but the truth is... the truth is I felt nothing.

Santo: Colleen, wait. You have left your wrap. Here. Come. Take what is yours.

Santo: Colleen, come. Take it, please, and go.

Colleen: Why don't you just give it a toss, and then I'll be off.

Santo: If I throw it to you, you're going to lose it to the wind and the sea. Why take the chance?

Colleen: Oh, I see. So it's a game we're playing. I have to warn you now, Mr. DiMera, I am not in the mood for your games. [Grunts] I would take it kindly if you'd just give it back to me. Please, just give it -- Santo, just --

Santo: Oh, now you call me by my first name.

Colleen: Mr. DiMera, I took your challenge, and I proved to you and to meself that you are not as irresistible as you believe. If you would please just live up to your word now.

Santo: I am wounded. When a woman who rejects a man after he opens his heart to her --

Colleen: I think you should be a little less casual about opening up your heart --

Santo: Colleen. Nothing that I do is casual. You think I do this with other women? No. I was a married man. I take my vows very seriously.

Colleen: While your wife was dying, you were here with me, saying all manner of things.

Santo: Do you think I chase after women? I do not. My wife... she was good. She was very kind. But with her, I did not know love. What I knew was the expectation of God and family. I carried the weight of that responsibility. I fulfilled my promises. But now I am free from those obligations. I am free to pursue what makes me happy. And it is being here with you.

Colleen: I'm asking you one last time. Please... may I have my wrap?

Santo: Of course. Take it.

Colleen: [Gasps]

André: Oh, Bart. Bartholomew.

Bart: Rolf. Call Rolf. Dr. Rolf. André, please hurry.

André: I'm so sorry, my friend.

Bart: Boss!

Stefano: What? What happened? What happened? Tony. André. Get the key. The key.

André: What key? You're talking about the key?

Stefano: Yes. Tony tried to take it. He tried to take it, and I. I gave it to... I gave it to Bart. What is this? Bart had -- oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. Who did this? Who? Tony!

Tony: No. Somebody who looks like me.

Stefano: Then it was you? André.

André: It was an accident!

Bart: Boss. Boss. Boss.

Stefano: Hold on.

Bart: [Gasping]

André: All right, Tony.

Stefano: Hang on. Hang on. Come on. Come on.

Stefano: Ah, good. Good. Easy. All right. Good. Very good. All right. Okay. Bart. Bart. Say something, Bart.

André: Tony must have the key.

Stefano: What? No, it is not possible.

André: You know what? I'm gonna try to stop him before he gets off the grounds.

Stefano: Rolf! Rolf! Bart, you hold on. Please, please, hold on.

Dr. Rolf: What has happened?

Stefano: Go get an ambulance. Don't you see? Come on. Do something.

Dr. Rolf: Oh, no. It's too late. If we were in an operating room, perhaps I could do something.

Stefano: It is not too late. Come on. Talk to me. Talk to me. Say something.

Bart: Boss. Boss.

Stefano: No, no, no, look. The key, all right? What did you do with the key?

Bart: The key.

Stefano: Yes.

Bart: I took care of it. I took care of it, boss. I always take care of you.

Stefano: What do you mean? What do you mean, you took care of it? What do you mean, Bart?

Dr. Rolf: It's too late. It's over.

Stefano: No, you cannot do this to me, Bart! [Crying] Please! No, no, no! Bart.

André: I lost him.

Stefano: You idiot. First this, huh? Then you let Tony get away with the key.

André: No, no, no. You know what? I don't think Tony has the key because he was asking Bart for the key when I first arrived.

Stefano: Bart said that he took care of it. Those were his words, André.

André: Check his pockets.

Stefano: What? Then he must have hidden it somewhere. Yes, it's probably somewhere in this room. Start searching, you cretin!

André: Aah!

Stefano: Oh, my. My dear Bart. Bart.

Kate: In your wildest dreams, you can't believe you have the slightest chance with Sami.

E.J.: In my wildest dreams. You have no idea.

Sami: Oh, I hope it's like this between us always, just us.

E.J.: What about Lucas? Don't you miss him?

Sami: Who? That answer your question?

E.J.: It took us such a long time to get to this place. Will you please forgive me?

Sami: Dearest, I know your deepest heart, and that is all that matters to me. I hope you know that you are gonna be a wonderful father to the twins. And you will make them as happy as you make me.

E.J.: Are you really happy, Samantha?

Sami: I have never been happier in all my life.

E.J.: What am I waiting for? It'll make us both happy. It's what I deserve. It's what she deserves. It's what he deserves. Yeah. No more wasting time. Enough of this. Lucas' life ends today. Today. And mine begins. [Indistinct conversations]

John: Be nice.

Marlena: Hey, you seem kind of sad.

Sami: Uh, no. No, no. Not sad, just...

Marlena: Just...

Sami: I guess the more we read about Colleen, the more I feel for her. I guess some things never change, whether it's 50 years ago or 500, huh? Some things are the way they always will be.

Hope: What's always going to be what way?

Sami: Just, you know, talking about Colleen, and I guess it just seems like she had her whole life ahead of her. She knew exactly what was supposed to happen, and then it all fell apart.

Marlena: Maybe not fell apart, maybe came together in a new and surprising way.

Sami: Maybe. Maybe. Just -- I don't know. I guess no matter how much changes, how much things get better for women... I guess we're always just led by our hearts, good or bad.

Julie: You know, Sami, you may be right about that, at least where Colleen is concerned. Listen to this. "I can't remember if I left the scarf behind or if, perhaps, you, Santo, slyly kept it back."

Colleen: Let me go, Santo. Please. You have to...

Santo: Colleen, you could have left without saying a word. You knew that I would have returned the scarf to you tomorrow. But it is that you chose to stay, knowing --

Colleen: Enough. Santo, enough of what you know or what you think you know. Give me back my scarf.

Santo: Or what? Or what? What will you do? What, Colleen?

Colleen: You egotistical libertine. You good-for-nothing -- [Gasps] Santo! Santo! Oh, Dear lord.

Santo: Oh. I caught the ledge. Give me your hand.

Colleen: Let me help you. Santo.

Santo: It's all right.

Colleen: Santo! Oh! [Crying] Oh, that's it. Oh, Santo. Oh, I'm so sorry. I never meant for you --

Santo: It's okay. It's done. It's not your fault.

Colleen: Of course it is. Of course it is.

Santo: I was teasing you. You accepted my challenge. You made your choice. I should respect your decision. Now I will walk away.

Colleen: Santo.

Santo: You saved my life. I should respect your wishes. You made your choice, Colleen. Go, please. I beg of you. Don't look back. Don't look back. Colleen, go.

Steve: Are you taking a trip or something?

Stephanie: No, Papa. I'm moving out.

Sami: You know what sealed her fate? Lust. I think Colleen was done in by her lust.

Kate: That doesn't seem like the kiss of a dying man.

Stefano: I was hoping you'd notice.

Bo: Start talking to me before I put a bullet in your head.

Tony: It's Tony!

Bo: Convince me before I pull this trigger.

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