Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/31/07 - Canada; Wednesday 8/1/07 - U.S.A.


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Stephanie: What is this?

Steve: That's a background check. Investigated?

Jeremy: Chill, Steph.

Steve: Don't speak to her like that. Read it, Stephanie. Come on.

Stephanie: How could you do this?

Steve: Now I'm the bad guy?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Jeremy: I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Steve: Read it, Stephanie.

Stephanie: No.

Jeremy: Sir, if you just let me explain --

Steve: Cut the "sir" crap. Cut it. Come on, Stephanie. Take a look. Pick a category -- theft, fraud, identity theft. Did I leave anything out, Jeremy?

Stephanie: You had no right.

Steve: Bo only ran the first pass.

Stephanie: You got Uncle Bo to do your dirty work?

Steve: I thought he should know who's living under his roof.

Jeremy: I planned to tell him and Hope.

Steve: When?

Jeremy: I wanted a chance to reconnect with everybody before I told --

Steve: Before you told them you're a crook?

Stephanie: He is not a crook.

Steve: Ex-con. Whatever. Do yourself a favor, baby. Throw this jerk out with the rest of the garbage.

Chelsea: I'm not a snitch, Jett.

Jett: Come on, Chelsea. If I had other options, I'd use them.

Chelsea: So go find some.

Jett: You're really not making this easy. I know you and Steph are tight. I hate asking you to do this.

Chelsea: No, you don't. It's your job. You love it.

Jett: Yeah, and you know why?

Chelsea: 'Cause you're saving up for a new Vette?

Jett: Yeah. No, because it helps innocent people. You think Stephanie doesn't have a clue? Well, you can either stay on the sidelines or help me out or just watch her get burned. What's it gonna be, Chelsea?

Nick: You're late.

Kate: I didn't know I was on the clock.

Nick: Shut up.

Kate: Ha! Excuse me?

Nick: I'm doing the talking.

Kate: Uh-oh. I guess the worm has turned.

Nick: You can't get to me anymore, Mrs. Roberts.

Kate: Actually, Nick, I'm tired of you already.

Nick: I just got fired from the hospital. I told my boss everything about the fake DNA report, the hairbrush. And I think he told your good friend the hospital administrator.

Kate: Are you insane?

Nick: For the record, nobody else knows that you were the one who wanted the fake DNA report and wanted Sami and Lucas to know that E.J. was the father.

Kate: And yet all of that could have come out in front of Lucas. So, why did you keep me out of it, Nick?

Nick: I have my reasons.

Kate: Here it comes. Okay. So, what do you want? Do you want another job? Did you want money? What?

Nick: I love that about you. You think that everyone is gonna stoop to your level sooner or later.

Kate: Sooner or later, they do.

Nick: Do what I want and your secret stays safe.

Kate: And if I refuse?

Nick: I expose you.

Sami: This is my fault.

Belle: No, it's not your fault.

Sami: I'm the one who wanted to end the war with the DiMeras.

Belle: How?

Sami: Doesn't matter, does it, because the game has changed. Now Stefano doesn't want to just kill my babies. He wants to kill every member of my family one by one. I have to stop him.

Belle: Sami, no. Don't go there.

Sami: We have to go there, Belle. My dad is the last Brady that the DiMeras will ever hurt.

Stephanie: Did you have Uncle Bo run a check on me, too?

Jeremy: Stephanie, this is my problem.

Stephanie: No, it's ours.

Jeremy: I don't blame your dad. He's just trying to protect you.

Steve: Don't suck up to me, kid. I'm sick of the act.

Jeremy: And I'm sick of trying to explain myself. I know I did some pretty stupid things.

Steve: Stupid is breaking curfew. This is called jail time right here.

Jeremy: Yeah, I paid for my mistakes.

Steve: The word is "crimes."

Stephanie: You don't have to explain.

Jeremy: The car theft was just a joyride.

Steve: Got your one to two.

Jeremy: I was just a kid. When I got out, I couldn't get a job, so --

Steve: Oh, now the excuses.

Stephanie: They're not excuses.

Steve: Let him talk.

Jeremy: So I stayed in the system. I was good at it. And I lived pretty high for a while, but I'm not stupid, Mr. J. I've cleaned up my act from top to bottom, and there's no way I'm going back to jail.

Steve: That's a nice speech. You should run for something.

Jeremy: I've turned my life around.

Steve: Let me ask you something. Didn't you think that her mom or me would be interested in any of this? Didn't you think Stephanie had the right to know her boyfriend has a record?

Stephanie: I did know. I'm sure there's nothing in that report that Jeremy hasn't told me already.

Chelsea: Come on, Jett. Stephanie's just along for the ride.

Jett: Well, it could be one hell of a dangerous ride. We don't know who Jeremy works for, but we think they play for keeps.

Chelsea: Oh, that's good. So get me on their hit list, too. That's brilliant.

Jett: No, I won't let anything happen to you.

Chelsea: No? You won't let anybody hurt me?

Jett: I promise.

Chelsea: Just you'll hurt me, though, right? Hey, are you gonna lie to me again?

Jett: No. Look, sometimes my job gets in the way of more important things.

Chelsea: What things?

Jett: Like...being honest with someone you care about.

Chelsea: Well, your job really stinks.

Jett: Look, we were cool before you knew I was an agent, though, right?

Chelsea: You mean before I found out that this is all an act to get me right where you wanted me?

Jett: You know what? Fine. Forget it. You're off the hook.

Chelsea: Good.

Jett: Whatever.

Chelsea: What, you're gonna pout now?

Jett: I have to admit, I'm kind of disappointed. I mean, Stephanie thinks everything's moonlight and roses. And I'll nail Jeremy, and she'll go down with him. Doesn't feel very good.

Chelsea: You really won't have to worry about that because Stephanie's innocent. So, you see, it's really not a big deal.

Jett: Are you really sure about that? Oh, yeah? Jeremy could have Stephanie working this deal, and she wouldn't even know about it. She's flying blind with this guy. I mean, it happens to girls like this all the time. They go down for life, and they don't know about it until it's too late.

Kate: Well, well, well, looks like the mouse has turned on the cat.

Nick: Yeah. Whatever.

Kate: Look, Nick, I know you've had a bad run here, losing your job, losing your girlfriend, but, well, your life is your life.

Nick: I'll get over the job, and I'm not gonna talk to you about Chelsea.

Kate: No? Well, I could put in a good word for you with her.

Nick: Oh, I'd rather you didn't.

Kate: Okay. That's your choice.

Nick: There is something I want from you, though.

Kate: Okay, how many zeros are involved?

Nick: Uh...four. I need you to give this to Chelsea. Tell her it's a gift from you.

Kate: Sponges?

Nick: No.

Kate: No? [Gasps] Ooh. Hmm. Well, looks like, what, $30,000?

Nick: Almost 50.

Kate: How'd you get your hands on this?

Nick: That's none of your business.

Kate: Ooh. Is it legal?

Nick: Yeah. It's legal.

Kate: Well, look, Nick, you can't expect me to give this kind of cash to my granddaughter without you telling me where the hell you got it from.

Nick: Deposit it, write a check, give it to her. You got all that? God. This feels great. I think that's it.

Sami: Belle, my dad is a cop. And John -- how are our kids supposed to stand up to these people?

Belle: I know. I'm afraid to let Claire out of my sight.

Sami: Will is in Europe, but Stefano has operatives all over the world.

Belle: I thought E.J. was on our side.

Sami: E.J. is on E.J.'s side.

Belle: But what about the babies? I mean...

Sami: They're not his. Nick said he messed up the DNA results the first time.

Belle: So, the babies are Lucas'? Oh, my God, Sami, that's awesome!

Sami: Except now it just means that Stefano doesn't want to rip them from me to take their stem cells. Instead he wants to kill every member of our family one by one, right before he dies.

Belle: Which can't happen soon enough.

Sami: It's kill or be killed, Belle. We have to stop them before they hurt anyone else that we love.

Steve: Come on, Stephanie. Don't cover for him.

Stephanie: I'm not.

Steve: Are you telling me you knew about his rap sheet?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Jeremy: I told her a few weeks after we met.

Steve: So, dating a felon, that's no big deal to you?

Stephanie: If it's a problem for you, that's your deal.

Steve: What are you thinking?

Stephanie: That I'm an adult, that people deserve second chances, sometimes third and Fourth. I learned that from mom.

Jeremy: Steph...

Stephanie: No, who is he to judge you?

Steve: Point taken.

Jeremy: Mr. J., look, I wish I had come to you after I started seeing Stephanie. I'm really sorry you found out this way.

Steve: And that has a ring of truth.

Jeremy: Jail taught me if I want to make it, I have to work hard and keep my head down, no more shortcuts.

Steve: And you can do that?

Jeremy: Yes, I can, because of Stephanie. I love her. And I want to try to get past this if we can.

Steve: You do anything...

Stephanie: Dad, that is enough.

Steve: ...To hurt my daughter and jail will look like a trip to paradise.

Jeremy: Fair enough. Look, Steph, I'm gonna get out of here so you two can talk.

Stephanie: No, don't go.

Jeremy: It's okay. Just call me when you're done.

Stephanie: All right. I love you.

Jeremy: I love you, too.

Stephanie: Why didn't you shake his hand?

Steve: [Laughs] You kidding me? I don't like being conned.

Stephanie: How did he con you?

Steve: Come on, Stephanie, wake up. That was an act.

Stephanie: You are such a hypocrite. You knew all about Jeremy's past, but you failed to mention your greatest hits.

Steve: I don't owe that punk anything.

Stephanie: You're all over him for some white-collar crimes.

Steve: Oh, no, baby, it's much more than that.

Stephanie: But we should be okay with the fact that you stole John's kidney for the DiMeras or that you put a knife to Uncle Bo's neck on that island? Way to be fair, Dad.

Nick: Do you want to know how I won that money? I won it playing Blackjack in a casino in Vegas. Turns out I had an eye for the game.

Kate: Ah! Now you're gonna give it to Chelsea? Well, you're gonna have me give it to Chelsea. You're not even going to get any points that way.

Nick: She needs the money for college. Mythic's in the toilet. You can't do anything for her.

Kate: [Sighs] Nick, is this a money-laundering scheme?

Nick: No. It's a gift. It's really simple.

Kate: Yeah. Well, this kind of money is never really simple.

Nick: Do you want to see the receipt from the casino? Because I actually happen to have it right here.

Kate: Brilliant.

Nick: So, all you got to do is deposit it and write a big, fat check.

Kate: Nick, I still don't understand what you're getting out of all of this.

Nick: [Sighs] What I'm getting out of all this. Something you probably won't quite understand, Kate. It's called peace of mind. Something I haven't felt in a really long time.

Belle: Sami, you cannot go after the DiMeras alone.

Sami: I'm not afraid.

Belle: Well, you should be. I am.

Sami: Fear is what is killing us, Belle. We have to do something. We have to go on the offense.

Belle: How?

Sami: Think like the DiMeras think. Strike at them before they strike at us again.

Belle: Strike how, exactly?

Sami: You let me worry about that.

Belle: Sami, I don't like the sound of this. It's dangerous.

Marlena: Hello, girls.

Belle: You gonna tell her?

Sami: Belle, you listen to me. This is important, and we have to --

Marlena: Hey. I have some good news. I spoke to your dad's doctor. He's been upgraded from critical to stable.

Belle: Thank God.

Sami: How about that guard? He still working hard out there?

Marlena: John has ordered a detail around the clock.

Sami: Doesn't mean anything. Stefano will still be able to get to dad whenever he wants.

Marlena: John will not let that happen.

Sami: It has already happened to dad, to John, to practically everyone in the family. From now on, they hurt us and we are gonna hurt them back.

Marlena: Don't you dare talk like that.

Sami: I think we should all be talking like that. I think the only way we're gonna get through this is if we pick off those DiMeras one by one, starting with Stefano.

Steve: I've been forgiven for a lot more than I want to remember. But my brain was rewired when I did those things. It wasn't a choice.

Stephanie: And Jeremy was young. He's changed.

Steve: Okay. Well, I'll treat him like a prince after you dump him.

Stephanie: No.

Steve: Well, you didn't get much from me, but you sure got that stubborn streak.

Stephanie: I am nothing like you. I don't pretend to be perfect and then judge people for the mistakes they've made. You didn't even try tonight.

Steve: Well, I think Jeremy tried enough for the both of us. He was positively oozing charm.

Stephanie: It was wrong to investigate him.

Steve: I'm not gonna apologize for looking out for you. That's my job.

Stephanie: I'm not your baby girl, Papa. I'm a woman, and I have my own life.

Steve: And I respect that.

Stephanie: No, you don't. You couldn't stand Jeremy from day one.

Steve: Okay. Look... I'm not trying to be unfair to the guy. And I admit I've done some things that make that dude look like a saint.

Stephanie: Thank you. Finally.

Steve: But there's what a man does and how he feels about what he does. This Jeremy dude, he looks like he's proud of his life.

Stephanie: And he should be. He paid his dues, and now he's making a great living.

Steve: On somebody else's dime, from what I hear -- Max Brady.

Stephanie: Yeah, because Max saw that Jeremy had a good business plan. Just 'cause you couldn't cut it...

Steve: Okay. I already heard he's the better man.

Stephanie: I was angry when I said that. I'm sorry.

Steve: That's all right. You know what? You shouldn't be sorry. Never be sorry for saying what you think and what you feel. I won't. And you want to know what I think... what I know? If you stay with a guy like Jeremy Horton, he's gonna hurt you, baby. He's gonna hurt you real bad.

Jett: All you got to do is get Stephanie to talk.

Chelsea: I hate this, Jett.

Jett: Yeah, I know you do. But if there was anyone else, I'd

Chelsea: You'd use them, too?

Jett: No. Look, I wouldn't ask you to do this if I had other options.

Chelsea: Whatever. So, I either need to help you or Stephanie gets hurt.

Jett: Pretty much.

Chelsea: Wow, that's a tough decision. Fine, but if I help you, I want something in return.

Jett: Okay, name it.

Chelsea: I quit Touch the Sky. I'll be your little narc or whatever you need me to be, but I'm not gonna work for you or your dirty partner anymore.

Kate: You're the patron saint of coeds.

Nick: Oh, thank you. Do it for me?

Kate: Do it yourself.

Nick: Okay. Um, after I tell Lucas that you blackmailed me into saying E.J. was the father or before?

Kate: You know, keep your voice down, okay?

Nick: You know what? Do you have Lucas' number handy real quick? Because -- you know what? We're in the hospital. I could probably just call him right now -- page him. Hi, it's Nick Fallon. I'm looking for Lucas Roberts.

Kate: Nick. Fine, I'll do it.

Nick: That won't be necessary. Thank you.

Kate: What is it they say about a fool and his money?

Nick: This money is really gonna help Chelsea with her college experience, and I need to know that I had a part in that.

Kate: Aw! I think I'm gonna cry.

Nick: Do you know what I'm trying to avoid here, Kate?

Kate: I have to tell you, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.

Nick: Chelsea turning into someone like you.

Kate: Ouch.

Marlena: I don't want to hear your plan to bring down Stefano.

Sami: What? Mom, you don't think I can do it?

Marlena: Lower your voice. Maybe you can. That's what worries me.

Belle: Sami, you need to let this go. It's not good for the babies.

Marlena: You are a mother now. You will not climb mountains, jump out of airplanes, or even go after cold-blooded killers.

Sami: My kids won't survive if we don't do something about the DiMeras.

Marlena: You protect your children. You love them. Leave the rest to the police.

Sami: The police? They haven't been able to do anything because the DiMeras don't care about just cause or warrants or things that hold up in court.

[Door opens]

Lucas: Hey, ladies. How's Roman doing?

Belle: Stable.

Lucas: That's good, right? That's great.

Belle: And Sami's gonna mow down the DiMeras, too.

Marlena: She's becoming a real hit man.

Sami: I am serious about this.

Lucas: Honey, we're all upset.

Sami: No, actually, I'm not upset. Lucas, I'm not upset at all. I am perfectly calm, and I am happy that my dad is gonna be okay. And I am happy that I survived being kidnapped and that my children are gonna be okay. But I think I have to do what you said, Mom. I have to protect my children.

Marlena: Period.

Sami: The best way I can think of to take care of them is to kill Stefano DiMera.

Stephanie: Mom would have never pulled this stunt tonight. And look at you. Weren't you wanted for murder when mom first met you?

Steve: Well, I was innocent. Listen, baby, this Jeremy dude, he uses people like it's his job.

Stephanie: You know, you and Jeremy have a lot more in common than you think.

Steve: How do you figure?

Stephanie: Every single guy in this family either dodges bullets for a living or is out to get somebody or somebody's out to get them. You and the Bradys are so far from perfect.

Steve: I don't claim to be perfect. I don't want to be perfect.

Stephanie: What'd you think, I'd find a nice senior accountant with a nice 401(k) and a dental plan?

Steve: Hell no.

Stephanie: I'm sure Gran and Grandpa weren't jumping up and down when mom first brought you home.

Steve: No. There were wondering where she found a bum like me.

Stephanie: But you're not a bum. And neither is Jeremy. Mom always said that you can't judge a person because you never know what good lies beneath.

Steve: That sounds just like her.

Stephanie: And I believed her, Papa... at least till that first day I saw you in that mental hospital. You said awful things and threw me out. I tried to hate you, but I couldn't. And you know why? Because no matter how hurt I was, somehow I still saw the good in you. There's good in Jeremy, too. If I can cut you a break, why can't you do the same for me?

Jett: You can't quit Touch the Sky. Jeremy will immediately get suspicious.

Chelsea: Do I care?

Jett: Well, you should. I mean, the guy's a natural-born liar. He'd be on to you in a second.

Chelsea: So you think that I should just narc on Stephanie and be all chummy with you.

Jett: If it's for the best, then yeah.

Chelsea: Do you know what I hate? I hate that I feel like you're using me the same way Jeremy uses Stephanie.

Jett: It's not anywhere near the same.

Chelsea: Yes, it is. From where I'm standing, it's really hard to see the difference between you and him at all.

Kate: Win some, lose some. [Chuckles] Win some again.

Lucas: Sami, relax. You're not killing anybody.

Sami: Oh, yes, I am.

Marlena: Why don't we just leave them alone?

Belle: Yeah, I'm in the mood for coffee.

Marlena: Me too.

Belle: Okay.

Marlena: Please, no fighting in front of your father.

Lucas: I promise. Nothing really to argue about.

Sami: I don't know why they don't see it, why they're afraid to say it -- that what we want are the DiMeras dead.

Lucas: No, we don't, Sami. We want peace.

Sami: The only way we'll have peace is to get rid of them.

Lucas: Billie's gonna install a brand-new security system in our place. We'll be a lot safer.

Sami: So what, we can have groceries delivered to us every couple weeks? We can maybe get a new screen saver that shows us the changing of the seasons 'cause God forbid we actually step outside for some fresh air?

Lucas: It's not gonna be that bad.

Sami: It already is that bad. I'm sick of it. We only have one choice. We can fight or we can hide. Lucas, I want to fight.

Steve: I mean it, baby girl. I don't think I ever would have made it back from that place if it wasn't for you.

Stephanie: You're not back, Papa. The father I heard about my whole life wouldn't act like he owns me.

Steve: I don't want to own you.

Stephanie: Then trust me. Jeremy did those things because he was young and bored and spoiled.

Steve: And he's not anymore?

Stephanie: No.

Steve: Listen, I know you want me to accept him, but I'm telling you, I can't do that.

Stephanie: Everybody in this family accepted you back, even John.

Steve: I think that had more to do with your mom than with me.

Stephanie: Yeah, because she believed in you, so we believed in you. Well, I believe in Jeremy.

Steve: Well, I don't.

Stephanie: Just try.

Steve: Listen, baby. I can get past a lot of this stuff on his rap sheet. Kid steals a car, lifts a few things from a store, pays his dues, that's it, end of story.

Stephanie: Then what's the problem?

Steve: I'm a little hung up on this one right here.

Stephanie: Fraud. That's just another word for stealing. You said he paid his dues.

Steve: How much do you know about this charge?

Stephanie: He set up some bogus charity.

Steve: Do you know what it was?

Stephanie: No, I don't remember.

Steve: Well, you would remember if he told you about this. Jeremy set up a scam to get money for kids with cancer -- sick kids. He gave it one of those pretty names people can't resist, and he went to people, honest people, some of them with sick kids of their own, and he took their money. And you want to know where all that money went? It went to a high-end condo and a sports car worth a fortune.

Stephanie: He's not that same guy.

Steve: Who is he?

Stephanie: The guy I love.

Steve: Why do you love him?

Stephanie: Why do you love mom? Does anybody know?

Steve: Yeah, when it's right, they do.

Stephanie: Well, this is right.

Steve: Baby, I'm worried about you. Listen to me. Jeremy doesn't come off like a guy who's looking for a second chance.

Stephanie: How does he come off?

Steve: He comes off like a guy who thinks he'll never get caught again. Please, baby. Please. Walk away now. Walk away before he hurts you really bad.

Stephanie: I can't do that, Papa. Guess I have to walk away from you instead.

Marlena: I don't hear any screaming coming out of that room yet.

Belle: Actually, it's been pretty quiet. Thank you.

Marlena: Yeah. Sami's scary when she's quiet.

Belle: Well, with Lucas being the father of the babies, at least E.J.'s out of the picture.

Marlena: I hope so.

Belle: Mom, you don't think that Sami will actually go after Stefano?

Marlena: That's hard to say. But she is in such a state, she never noticed your new engagement ring.

Belle: Oh. I know.

Marlena: Yeah. You didn't show it to her.

Belle: Well, it didn't feel right with Roman --

Marlena: You know what? This family could use something really happy to celebrate right now.

Belle: And I will tell her soon.

Marlena: Or better yet, let's have a party. Sami could help. That'll take her mind off killing somebody.

Belle: You know what, Mom? Shawn and I really don't want a party.

Marlena: A Brady that doesn't want a party?

Belle: We're just gonna try and keep things simple for now.

Marlena: How simple?

Belle: Well, it's not like we're in a rush to get married.

Marlena: You don't have to rush. This is a very happy -- is something going on between you and Shawn? Is there a problem?

Belle: No, everything's fine. Why?

Marlena: It's just my mom radar.

Belle: That's 'cause of Sami.

Marlena: That's 'cause of you. Belle, my darling girl, if you're concerned about getting married, this would be the time to say something.

Lucas: Remind me not to get on your bad side.

Sami: I'm not kidding about this, Lucas.

Lucas: I know. You don't want to live in fear. We don't have to, but that doesn't mean we break out the Uzis.

Sami: Look what they did to my dad. Things have to change.

Lucas: Things have changed. Your dad's gotten a lot better. And our twins don't have an ounce of DiMera blood in them. Honey, that is a huge victory for us, all right? Today we win.

Stephanie: No, I'm fine. It's just my stupid allergies. What's up?

Chelsea: Nothing, what's up with you?

Stephanie: Don't ask.

Chelsea: Are you okay?

Stephanie: I could really use a friend right now.

Chelsea: You've got one. What happened?

Stephanie: In person. Where are you?

Chelsea: I'm just hanging out at the pier.

Stephanie: Okay, don't go anywhere. I'm on my way, all right?

Chelsea: Yeah, I'll be here. Is Jeremy with you?

Stephanie: No. Jeremy's the problem. I'll talk about it when I get there.

Chelsea: Okay, I'll see you soon. Bye.

Jett: So, she's meeting you?

Chelsea: Yeah, Jett, she's on her way...alone.

Jett: Good. Just don't tell her you know Jeremy's dirty.

Chelsea: Right, I'll just lie like you do. I got it.

Jett: Just don't give anything away, okay? And after all this is over, we can sit down and finally talk about us.

Chelsea: Jett, there is no us. There never was.

Jett: That's not true.

Chelsea: Yes, it is. I'm just your informant, only I don't get paid, and the perks aren't really that good. After you nail Jeremy, I don't want to see you ever again.

Belle: I am not having second thoughts. I love Shawn. It's just things are tough right now.

Marlena: Tell me.

Belle: Well, money's tight. We have a baby, and we don't have a place of our own. And Shawn's really happy working at the garage.

Marlena: And are you happy that he's happy?

Belle: Mm-hmm. It just means that we won't be able to save money very quickly, and it'll be a while before we can buy groceries without getting change out of the couch, but...

Marlena: Belle, are things that tough?

Belle: Is it wrong of me that I want a place of my own?

Marlena: No, that's not wrong.

Belle: I mean, he wouldn't even go to the interview that Philip set up for him for a good-paying job.

Marlena: I understand that.

Belle: Mom, Philip was trying to help.

Marlena: Yeah. What are you doing to help?

Belle: I'm taking care of Claire.

Marlena: You know, many women that have a child go back to work. If Shawn isn't able to provide what it is you want for your family --

Belle: No, he does. He does. Mom, I'm just being greedy.

Marlena: It is not greedy to want to begin your life with the man that you love. And if things are tough, you make a plan, you pitch in, and you help get your family where you want them to be.

Belle: And stop complaining about it?

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. That too.

Belle: All right, point taken. I have to go get Claire, though.

Marlena: I love you.

Belle: I love you. Tell Sami bye.

Marlena: Bye, sweetie.

Lucas: How does that feel? Does it feel better?

Sami: I guess I don't feel like bludgeoning anyone in the next five minutes.

Lucas: Good. That's my girl.

Sami: Wow. The twins are kicking up a storm.

Lucas: That's 'cause their mom's getting a little excited right now. Just relax, okay?

Sami: I'm trying to relax, but, Lucas, I hate them. I hate E.J. I hate his whole stupid family.

Lucas: I know. They hate us, too. You know why?

Sami: Because of Colleen and Santo.

Lucas: No, 'cause the Bradys never surrender.

Sami: Well, you got that right.

Lucas: Yeah, everybody in that family of yours just keeps getting married, falling in love, having children. And I'll bet that makes Stefano and company even crazier.

Sami: You're probably right.

Lucas: I am right. How do you feel when you walk into that pub, huh?

Sami: Pretty much like everything is right with the world.

Lucas: That's right. [Equipment beeping rapidly]

Sami: What? What is that? What's wrong with him?

Lucas: I don't know. I don't know. I'll get a nurse.

Sami: Daddy! Daddy, what's wrong? Please. Please hold on, Dad.

Stephanie: I feel like such a brat for being so bent up over Jeremy after what happened to my Uncle Roman. My dad was such a jerk.

Chelsea: Yeah, it sounds like it.

Stephanie: Jeremy was perfect. He even brought my mom perfume.

Chelsea: Perfume?

Stephanie: It was sweet.

Chelsea: Sickeningly sweet?

Stephanie: Don't start, okay?

Chelsea: Sorry. It was very GQ of him.

Stephanie: At least he tried. He even made a CD mix especially for my dad. I hate my dad.

Chelsea: Stephanie --

Stephanie: Wait. It gets worse. He had your dad do a background check on Jeremy.

Chelsea: Really?

Stephanie: Jeremy has a record.

Chelsea: Really?

Stephanie: It's all petty stuff. He told me himself. My dad just acted like he was an ax murderer. He served his time. It wasn't a secret to me.

Chelsea: Okay. What are you gonna do about your dad?

Stephanie: Move out.

Chelsea: Are you kidding?

Stephanie: He treats me like a baby. I feel bad for my mom, but she lived her life. I got to live mine, too.

Chelsea: Stephanie, can you really afford it, though?

Stephanie: I'll swing it.

Chelsea: Okay. But you know, if you need anything, anything at all...

Stephanie: You kill me, but I love you.

Chelsea: Just remember that I'm on your side.

Stephanie: Like it was ever a question. See ya.

Chelsea: Hey, it's me.

Nick: Hey.

Chelsea: So, how much do you hate me?

Nick: What?

Chelsea: I need help, Nick. I didn't know who else to call.

Nick: Just tell me where you are and I'm there.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Nurse: He's still in v-fib.

Nurse 1: Clear.

Nurse: Dr. Freed, we have a rhythm.

Nurse 1: Check for a pulse.

Nurse: He's got a pulse, breathing on his own.

Doctor: Get him to the O.R. now.

Marlena: Doctor?

Doctor: It's pericardial tamponade.

Sami: Mom, what is it? What's happening to him?

Marlena: Your father has some fluid around his heart. They have to drain it.

Sami: They're going into his chest? Daddy! Daddy!

Lucas: It's gonna be okay. It'll be fine.

Sami: No, it's not. They've killed him. They've killed my dad.

Jeremy: When we do go away together, I'm kind of hoping it's as husband and wife.

Chelsea: You would do that for me?

Nick: I'd do anything for you. Don't you know that by now?

Marlena: Lucas, what's the matter?

Lucas: She took off.

Marlena: What do you mean?

Lucas: She's gone, and I think we both know where she's headed.

Sami: I decided it's time for justice, so I think I'm gonna start with you, Stefano DiMera.

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