Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/26/07 - Canada; Friday 7/27/07 - U.S.A.


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Nick: What do you say, tie the old knot?

Chelsea: What?

Nick: Oh, that's right. You're a traditionalist. Chelsea Brady, will you marry me?

Chelsea: Nick, you're so drunk.

Nick: No, no, no, I'm high... on life, and let me just say, ours is gonna be off to a great start with this little nest egg. What do you think about that?

Chelsea: Nick, stop it.

Nick: Come on, we'll find a chapel. We'll say our "I do’s," and we will start our life in style.

Chelsea: Right, yeah, sure, because nothing screams style like Las Vegas.

Nick: Maybe hire an Elvis impersonator.

Chelsea: Are you kidding?

Nick: Come on, Chelsea. Come on, live a little, all right? Take a gamble.

Chelsea: Nick, a gamble would be like dying my hair orange or eating snails or something. It wouldn't be getting married on a whim.

Nick: I know what this is about. This is about the wedding dress, isn't it? Because that's no problem.

Chelsea: Nick, if you want to try your little comedy routine, go outside, okay, in the lounge, because I don't think it's very funny.

Nick: Oh, shoot.

Jeremy: Hey, hey. What did I do?

Stephanie: Who is she? The other girl, Jeremy. Was it really a one-night stand, or have you been sleeping with her all along?

Jeremy: Relax, baby. One-night stand? I don't know what you're talking about.

Stephanie: Like hell you don't. Max told me what happened, that you had some slut over at my Uncle Bo's house?

Jeremy: Max told you that?

Stephanie: Yeah. Good luck trying to talk your way out of this one.

[Knock on door]

Max: Ilsa, well, what a surprise, or should I say Candy Cane?

Ilsa: I have no time for this.

Max: Oh, actually, you do. 30 minutes, in fact. That's right, sweetheart. I paid a nice chunk of change for you. So, if you don't want me to call in a complaint, I suggest you get in here now.

Bo: Hold on a second. Okay.

Lexie: Okay, now, you are sure Abe won't be coming in here.

Bo: Yes, I'm sure. He's not putting in full days just yet.

Lexie: But he's okay, right? I mean, he hasn't had any problems since the surgery?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, he's fine. Changed man since he got his eyesight back. He would really love to see you.

Lexie: Bo, I told you. I am not ready.

Bo: Come on, he's been moping around here for months. Just give him a reason to smile.

Lexie: He's better off without me.

Bo: Look, he's gonna forgive you. And right after that, he's gonna kick my butt for not letting him in on this. [Knock on door] It's okay. It's all right. It's probably just John. Hey, man.

John: Thanks for coming in.

Lexie: You're welcome. What's going on?

Bo: That's what I'd like to know.

John: Well, I was kind of hoping that you could do us a favor.

Lexie: What kind of a favor?

John: How would you like to be the bait that's gonna help us hook André DiMera?

Lucas: The cops didn't see anything. They got a bogus dispatch, and they were called off the stakeout.

Marlena: Oh, Sami, Sami.

Lucas: I can't believe this. I can't believe I let it happen again.

Marlena: She can't be that far away. It hasn't been that long.

E.J.: Look, this may not make things any better, but I really just think this is another one of my family's scare tactics. I'm truly very sorry, Marlena.

Marlena: As sorry as you were when you raped my daughter? As sorry as you were when you shot my husband? How do I know you're not behind all this?

E.J.: Look, I assure you, Marlena, I had nothing to do with this. I care very deeply about Samantha.

Marlena: Then maybe it's time to prove it. Get ahold of that so-called father of yours. Make him listen to you. Tell him to find Sami and get her back here. Roman. Anything?

Roman: No. No, we checked every bus depot, train station, airport within a 300-mile radius -- nothing. It's like they dropped off the face of the earth.

Stefano: Well, isn't it wonderful when our plans work perfection?

Bart: Perfection? With all due respect, sir, that chick has got a right hook like Floyd Mayweather.

Stefano: [Laughs] How is she doing, by the way?

Dr. Rolf: Resting comfortably, Stefano. She will soon be ready to make her charitable donation.

Max: You know, all I have to do is get your boss back on the phone, and he didn't seem like the understanding type. Okay, fine. Have it your way.

Ilsa: Fine, I come in.

Max: That's more like it.

Ilsa: You have protection?

Max: Protection? No, that's -- that's not what I want. I just want to talk to you.

Ilsa: Talk?

Max: Yeah, about Jeremy Horton.

Ilsa: I do not get paid to talk.

Max: How do you know him, Ilsa? And tell me the truth. I don't want to hear that story about how he picked you up in a bar.

Ilsa: Why do you think I will answer these questions?

Max: Because he's bad news. And if you just give me a second, maybe I can get you to realize that we're on the same side.

Nick: Chelsea.

Chelsea: Nick, leave me alone.

Nick: I made a mistake. I know that I can't pop the question without the ring.

Chelsea: Nick.

Nick: Hold on one second. One second.

Chelsea: Nick, you know what? I really can't do this right now.

Nick: Marry me, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Wow. You really put a lot of thought into this, didn't you?

Nick: Just temporary. Once we get married, you can pick out whatever kind of ring you want. Money is no object.

Chelsea: Nick, I get that you somehow won big at Blackjack or whatever, and I'm happy for you, I am, but I can't be bought, okay?

Nick: I'm not trying to buy you, Chelsea. I just -- I want to be your husband. I want to take care of you. I want to provide for you.

Chelsea: Can I ask you a question? Did you honestly think that I would say yes?

Nick: I love you, Chelsea. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Chelsea: No, Nick. I'm sorry, okay? Just go away.

Jeremy: So, what exactly did Max say to you?

Stephanie: Nothing. He told Chelsea, and that's how I know.

Jeremy: Oh, well, if it came from Chelsea, then it's got to be the straight skinny.

Stephanie: You know, she didn't even have to tell me. That took guts.

Jeremy: So you believe Max and Chelsea over me?

Stephanie: Yeah, right now I do.

Jeremy: Thanks a lot, Stef.

Stephanie: Oh, you are not turning this around on me. Jeremy, I thought we had something good going. And you cheat on me? Why? I defended you to my parents, to everybody, for God's sake.

Jeremy: Look, this is all just a big misunderstanding. Max got his facts mixed up, okay? Let me tell you the real deal.

Bo: No. There's no way you're using Lexie to bait André. That's too dangerous.

John: She's the only one who can pull it off, Bo. She's a DiMera.

Bo: She suffered too much at their hands.

John: Sami's suffering right now, and if we don't act fast, God knows what they're gonna do to her.

Bo: There has got to be another way besides using Lexie.

John: If you got another way, I'm all ears.

Lexie: I want to help.

Bo: No, no. You just got your life back. I'm not letting you put it on the line again.

Lexie: Bo...I need to help, okay?

Bo: What about Abe and your little boy? You do this, they could lose you again for good.

Lexie: Look, when I was locked away in that tunnel, I had a lot of time to think about my mistakes, how I've hurt people -- Abe especially. This is my chance to do something right.

Bo: If anything happens to her --

John: Nothing's gonna happen to her. You got my word.

Bo: Are you sure you want to do this?

Lexie: Yeah. So, what do you want me to do?

Lucas: Well, props to the Salem P.D. What, are you guys still batting zero?

Roman: Lucas, we're doing every damn thing we can. You don't think I want to find my daughter as much as you do?

Lucas: How hard can it be?

Roman: I said we're doing everything --

Marlena: Both of you, stop this fighting right now. This will not bring Sami back any sooner. [Knock on door]

Lucas: Sami?

Tony: I have news of Sami.

Stefano: Oh, boy. Youth really is wasted on the young. Mmm-mmm-mmm. What I would not give to go back to those days that were so much simpler and our naiveté rendered us invincible. Do you suppose that he will... forgive me for doing this?

Dr. Rolf: Who, Stefano?

Stefano: Him. I wonder if I am sacrificing a place by his side simply for a few more years on this earth.

Max: So, Jeremy Horton -- talk.

Ilsa: I met him in bar.

Max: Ah, try again.

Ilsa: You do not believe.

Max: Okay, fine. Where's this bar? Is it here or is it in Salem?

Ilsa: Why you do this to me?

Max: Because I'm trying to find answers, Ilsa. How come you were crying the first time we met? Did Jeremy say something to you or do something? Okay, where are you from? How did you get here, selling yourself to the highest bidder?

Ilsa: No more. Please.

Max: Look, I don't want you to get in trouble, but if you do not start cooperating, I would hate to have to call immigration.

Stephanie: Nothing's ever your fault. Always got to blame somebody else.

Jeremy: I'm not blaming Max. He just jumped to conclusions. You know, when he saw the girl, he just assumed --

Stephanie: So there was a girl?

Jeremy: Stef, listen --

Stephanie: Oh, my God. I'm gonna be sick.

Jeremy: Let me finish.

Stephanie: No, spare me the details.

Jeremy: I didn't sleep with her.

Stephanie: Right, you just held hands. God, you're such a jerk.

Jeremy: Would you relax? The girl is a friend of a guy I'm in business with. Kyle Rawlings -- you heard me talk about him, right?

Stephanie: So she's his friend?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Stephanie: Then what was she doing with you at my Uncle Bo's house, huh?

Jeremy: She was in Salem, and Rawlings just wanted me to make sure she got a ticket to Vegas, Stef. That is it. I swear to you, I didn't sleep with her, baby. She's not my type, anyway. My type is tall...long brown hair, and big beautiful brown eyes.

Jett: Boy, did you guys miss out.

Jeremy: On what?

Jett: Our boy Nick cleaned up at the table -- 50 Gs.

Stephanie: Shut up.

Jett: I swear.

Stephanie: 50 g's? I knew he was winning, but wow.

Jett: He was on fire. I was right there. And then he asked Chelsea to marry him.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Jett: But I think his luck ran out there.

Nick: Important people get married on a whim all the time. Look at Britney Spears.

Chelsea: Yeah. No, that's a really great example, Nick.

Nick: My point is --

Chelsea: What is your point? That just because you can get married in Vegas 24/7, you think we should? You know what? Why don't we just skip the chapel? We can go to a drive-through.

Nick: I'm serious, Chelsea. We love each other, right? It's time to bump it up a notch. Stef could be your maid of honor. Jett could be my best man.

Chelsea: The answer is no.

Nick: No, you don't want to get married at all, or is this about some problem you have with me?

Chelsea: No, Nick, I don't want to marry you, and I don't want to marry anybody right now. What do I need to do? Spell it out in little cherry stems for you?

Nick: I think I at least deserve an explanation.

Chelsea: No, what you deserve is a slap in the face.

Nick: What is your problem? You should be flattered I asked you to marry me.

Chelsea: Please tell me you did not just say that. You know what? Jeremy said that you got bumped in the head pretty good. This really isn't you.

Nick: Oh, you never really took to the old Nick, so I figured I'd unleash the inner Nick, the wild and crazy guy you hadn't seen yet. Maybe he'll finally get the girl.

Chelsea: Nick, you need to have your head examined. I mean, literally.

Nick: Fine. After the wedding, I'll go get an MRI.

Chelsea: We're not getting married.

Nick: Well, I am getting married tonight, with or without you.

Chelsea: Congratulations. Why don't you let me know where to send you your gift?

Stephanie: You know what? I think that was a no.

Jett: Yeah, I'm gonna go check on Chelsea.

Stephanie: Look, Jer, if I find out you lied to me about that girl, seriously, it's over between us, okay?

Jeremy: Okay, fine.

Stephanie: Okay, so, you won't mind if I ask Max if there's anything he forgot to tell Chelsea.

Jeremy: Do whatever makes you happy, Stef. Right now, I've got some business to take care of.

Max: These INS guys, they don't mess around. Hi, yeah, can you tell me --

Ilsa: Please. I cannot go back.

Max: Go back where? Where are you from?

Ilsa: Slovakia.

Max: Okay, so, how does a girl from Slovakia hook up with a guy like Jeremy Horton?

Ilsa: I met him in Salem.

Max: In Salem.

Ilsa: I was told I could get a job.

Max: Where, in Salem?

Ilsa: My English not so good.

Max: Your English is fine, Ilsa. Just take your time. I'm here to help you.

Bo: So, tell me, how's that supposed to help us nab André?

John: This phone happens to have the same number assigned to it as Stefano's. Coincidence.

Bo: Nice. How did you manage that?

John: Don't ask. Anyways, I'm gonna give André DiMera a little text message.

Bo: And he'll think it's from his old man.

John: That's a fact. We'll arrange to have him meet you down in front of the Wolvertin Building at the Riverfront. Once he shows up, he'll see you there, scout the police out, feel pretty safe, but before he can do squat...Bo will be all over him.

Bo: Andre's smart. Are you sure he'll bite?

John: Like I said, got a better idea?

Lucas: Where is she? Where's Sami?

Roman: Lucas, let Tony talk.

Tony: Stefano's plane just took off from a private airfield in Illinois.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Where's he taking her?

Tony: Nowhere. I don't think he's intending to land. Well, not in the immediate future.

Roman: What do you mean he's not going to land?

Lucas: He's got to.

Tony: Stefano has scheduled a flight over international waters.

Roman: Do you have a reliable source for this?

Tony: Rock-solid. Stefano's gonna be airborne until he's fully recovered from the operation.

Lucas: Great. You know what that means, don't you? He's gonna cut her open. He's gonna cut her open for the stem cells.

Marlena: That's a very delicate operation. What if there's turbulence?

Roman: Doc's right. Stefano doesn't give a damn about Sami and those babies, but he's got to know how risky it is to him.

Tony: Yes, but the problem is what other option does he have?

E.J.: Come on. This is ridiculous. He has to land. They don't have enough fuel to fly around all day.

Tony: Now, this is where Stefano's so clever. No, he's going to have his plane refueled in flight.

Lucas: You got to be kidding me.

Tony: I wish I were, Lucas. No, I don't think any of us are going to see Samantha anytime soon.

Jeremy: Hey, hey. Attaboy, Nick. I heard you hit the jackpot tonight.

Nick: I did okay.

Jeremy: I'd say 50 grand is a little better than just okay. So, why do you look so bummed?

Nick: I'm not bummed. I just had a really huge fight with Chelsea, and I think it's over.

Jeremy: Well, I'm sorry, buddy. I know that's got to hurt.

Nick: You know what? Who cares? I got a pocketful of cash and the night is still young.

Jeremy: There you go, buddy. That's the attitude.

Nick: If I wanted to, I could blow all this cash tonight. Want to scalp some tickets to the violent thumbs? I hear they're playing.

Jeremy: You don't want to toss this cash out the window. You want to invest it.

Nick: Well, I did hear that the stock market's having a really good year.

Jeremy: That's not what I mean. How would you like to double your cash in just a couple short weeks?

Jett: Hey, Chelsea, wait up. Are you okay?

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jett: Well, had quite an exciting night.

Chelsea: Oh, you mean with Nick's marriage proposal.

Jett: Yeah. I take it you said no.

Chelsea: Of course I said no.

Jett: So, why are you still pissed?

Chelsea: Because he actually expected me to say yes, and he was very persistent.

Jett: Yeah, I saw that. But, hey, at least the guy knows what he wants.

Chelsea: What about what I want? I mean, there's a lot of things that I want. I want to go to college. I want to have a career. I want to see the world. The last thing that I need right now is to be tied down with a husband. Don't you think?

John: Now, there we go. I tossed in a few $2 euro words to make it sound like Stefano.

Lexie: Perfect.

John: Well, let's send this puppy off.

Lexie: And now...we wait.

Bo: I'm gonna round up some backup in case André goes for it.

Lexie: Okay.

John: Appreciate you doing this, Lex...for Sami's sake. I know the two of you have had your differences.

Lexie: Oh, that seems so unimportant right now. I do hope she's okay, John.

John: So do I.

Lexie: Not that we'll ever be close, but when Sami gets home, and I know she will, it'd be nice to put the past behind us.

John: You know, I'd have to say Sami would agree with that.

Lexie: Well, I hope so. [Cellphone rings] Oh, that was fast.

John: Andre bought it. We are on.

E.J.: We can either sit around and twiddle our thumbs, or we can take some action.

Lucas: What do you want to do?

E.J.: Well, Stefano -- he's got to be in contact with an air controller somewhere. Why don't we start there?

Roman: Good idea. We'll pin down a location.

Marlena: And then do what? We can't do anything dangerous. Sami's on that plane.

Lucas: Just find a way to force that plane to land.

Roman: All right, I'm gonna head down to the station and get on it.

Lucas: I'll go with you.

E.J.: I'd like to come with you, too, if that's okay, Roman.

Roman: All right, but you follow my orders.

E.J.: Of course.

Roman: Doc, we're gonna find her. We're gonna bring her home. Keep an eye on her for me.

Tony: I will. Good luck.

Dr. Rolf: Stefano, you should not feel guilty. You are only doing what you must to survive.

Stefano: [Sighs] You may be right, Rolf, but...I would have preferred to wait, have the operation after my grandchildren were born.

Dr. Rolf: Yeah, well, time is a luxury we do not have.

Stefano: Oh, Samantha. I wish it could be different, but...I'm afraid that you must make this sacrifice.

Chelsea: Everyone used to tell me that it'd never work out between us. Because we were too different. I never wanted to believe them.

Jett: Well, why do you care what other people think, Chelse?

Chelsea: I don't. I just don't think that we're a good match anymore. I mean, I just need somebody that understands me, that trusts me, someone that's not so insecure.

Jett: I understand that. But maybe you shouldn't write him off so soon. I mean, sleep on it. See how you feel in the morning.

Chelsea: Why are you taking his side?

Jett: I'm not taking his side. I'm just -- I feel bad for the guy. He hit his head. He's not himself right now. Just cut him a break.

Chelsea: "Cut him a break"? You think I should just cut him a break? Do you know how many times I've done that? It's over, and he just needs to grow up and accept it. It's what's best for both of us.

Jett: I don't know, Chelse. I think you're just trying to convince yourself.

Nick: You're saying I can double my money?

Jeremy: It could be a sweet deal for you, man.

Nick: So, let's hear it.

Jeremy: Well, one of my investors just backed out, so I'm looking for a new partner.

Nick: Me?

Jeremy: Sure, why not? I mean, some of my boys back in Dayton might be a little pissed, but I like you, Nick, so I'm giving you the first shot.

Nick: And, um, what exactly would I be investing in?

Jeremy: Merchandise. You know, clothes, jeans. You, my friend, obviously appreciate the importance of a fine wardrobe. Am I right? Come on, Nick. You'll be making some serious bank.

Nick: I don't know.

Jeremy: Hey, big guy, where's the Nick that threw down all his Benjamin’s on the Blackjack table tonight, huh? The guy that risked everything to ask his woman to marry him?

Nick: You know what? I got to go. Good luck.

Nick: That kind of night?

Stephanie: You, too?

Nick: Yeah. Well...besides the whole winning $50,000 thing.

Stephanie: Give me a night like that. So, what were you and Jeremy talking about?

Nick: Oh, the guy thought he could flatter me into investing my winnings into a get-rich-quick scheme.

Stephanie: So you turned him down.

Nick: Look, um, I know he's your boyfriend and everything.

Stephanie: But let me guess -- you don't trust him.

Nick: I wouldn't buy a used car from him.

Stephanie: I've been getting that a lot. Uh, I'll catch up with you later, okay, Nick?

Nick: Well...alone again.

China: Is this seat taken?

Nick: yourself.

China: So, you want to buy me a drink or what?

Max: What do you say, Ilsa? Let's help each other.

Ilsa: I don't want to be sorry.

Max: For what? For doing this? You won't regret it, I swear. Okay? Okay. Did Jeremy ever mention a guy by the name of Kyle Rawlings? Does that name sound familiar at all?

E.J.: Nothing? All right, thank you.

Lucas: None of these are working out. Come on, now.

E.J.: No.

Lucas: You got nothing, too? I hope Roman's having better luck than we are. Are you sure you went through all these numbers? Every single one of them?

E.J.: Yes. Look, Lucas, uh... I know -- look, I know this is difficult, but we are going to find her. You have to believe that. All right?

Lucas: Easy for you to say. Your wife is not the one in the hands of a madman.

E.J.: No, but those are my children.

Lucas: Thanks for throwing that in my face.

E.J.: Lucas, look, I'm not trying to insult you.

Lucas: What, it just comes naturally to you, then?

E.J.: Lucas, please, I know what it's like to care for someone more than yourself. You know, and when I found out Samantha was carrying those twins, I said I'd make a lot of changes in my life. I don't really feel that I knew what that meant until now -- now that I'm faced with the very real possibility of losing them. It just puts everything into focus. Seemed I left you speechless. Look, Lucas, I am truly, truly sorry for what I've put you through, with the paternity and the DNA. You've amazing father to Will. And I know you'll be a good father to the twins.

Lucas: That's right. You bet I will. And even though Sami's my number-one concern right now, I'm still praying for those kids, you know.

E.J.: I'm grateful for that.

Roman: All right, I got some news. We got a location.

Jeremy: Are you okay?

Max: What, you think I'd hurt her? No, that's your job.

Jeremy: I never laid a finger on her. I am sorry, all right? I didn't want any of this to happen to you, Ilsa, really.

Max: Didn't want what to happen?

Ilsa: I should go.

Jeremy: What the hell did you say to her, Max?

Max: Go on.

Jeremy: You are really starting to get on my nerves, Brady.

Max: Oh, really? Well, the feeling is mutual, Horton.

Nick: You talking to me?

China: You bet I am, cutie. [Chuckles]

Nick: Hey, bartender, get this lady...

China: A vodka rocks.

Nick: Vodka rocks. You want two? I'll get you two. You want three? I'll get you three.

China: One's plenty. So, you got a name?

Nick: I do. Nick. But, can call me Nicky.

China: I'm China Lee. Nice to meet you, Nicky.

Nick: China Lee. Nice. Like the pro wrestler?

China: More like the country. That's where I was conceived.

Nick: Oh. Well, I guess it's a good thing you weren't conceived in like Uzbekistan or someplace like that.

China: You know, Nicky, you are really funny.

Jett: Maybe you and Nick should just sit down and talk, you know. I mean, you can tell him your feelings. But if you want him to listen to you, you're gonna have to listen to him, too. I mean, he might surprise you.

Nick: Chelsea, Jett, I'm so glad I ran into you guys.

Jett: What's going on, Nick? Who's your friend?

China: Hi, I'm --

Nick: The future Mrs. Nick Fallon.

Tony: Oh, Marlena, here.

Marlena: Thank you.

Tony: We've been through a lot over the years, haven't we? And we're gonna get through this as well.

Marlena: I'm trying to stay positive, but it's not so easy.

Tony: Marlena...if there is living proof that Stefano does not always's me. If I can survive all that, that man put me through...Samantha will as well.

[Knock on door]

Marlena: Oh.

John: Hey, baby.

Marlena: Oh, I'm so glad you're here.

John: How are you holding up?

Marlena: Not so well. Lots of people are out trying to find Sami, but every hour that passes makes me more frightened.

John: We're gonna find her. In the meantime, I have a little bit of news that might make you feel optimistic.

Tony: I have to go.

Marlena: Is something wrong?

Tony: I'll be in touch.

Marlena: Tony, what's go-- I wonder what that's about.

John: Kind of makes you think. Anyway, I got a question for you. How would you like to view André DiMera behind steel bars?

Bo: Yeah, on the waterfront. Okay. We should hit the road. Hey. It's not too late to back out.

Lexie: I want to do this, Bo.

Bo: I'm proud of you. Abe will be, too.

Lexie: Maybe.

Bo: You ready?

Lexie: Yeah. Let's go put that monster out of commission.

Bo: Okay. Let's head out the back.

Max: So, how many more Ilsas are out there, Jer?

Jeremy: Look, dude, I don't know what you think I'm into.

Max: Save it. Your little side hustle, it's not just knock off designer duds, is it? And I don't know what it is or how Ilsa's involved, but you are damn well gonna tell me.

Stephanie: What is going on?

Max: It's not over, Jer. I'm just letting you know that I won't let up until I find out the whole story -- every little piece of the puzzle.

Stephanie: What story? What's not over?

Jeremy: Nothing. Max is just being a total drama queen. Don't worry about it.

Chelsea: You're getting married. That's nice. You really are out of your mind.

Nick: Um, can you not offend Asia Lee here? She's very sensitive.

China: China Lee.

Chelsea: How long have you known her for, like 10 minutes?

Nick: Long enough to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Nick: What's the matter, Chelsea? Why aren't you happy for me?

Chelsea: Oh, I am, Nick. I'm really happy for you. I'm just trying to figure out what you're trying to prove.

Nick: Nothing, that I'm not the kind of guy who waits around. I mean, you lost your chance, babe. I'm off the market. What do you say we go get married, huh? Let's go get married.

China: We're not really gonna --

Nick: Get married? No. That was just an act. But you were great. Thank you for helping me out.

China: Hey, that's what wives are for.

Nick: Do you want to go get a drink? I mean, we're in Vegas. It's time to party. Vodka rocks, right?

China: That's right, hubby.

Nick: [Clears throat]

Man: Hey, are you Max Brady?

Max: Who wants to know?

Man: We got someone who wants to talk to you.

Max: You can tell him to take a number, buddy.

Man: Well, it's Mr. Colt, so I think you better come with us, pretty boy.

John: So, if everything goes according to plan, we will have André in custody tonight.

Marlena: And hopefully he will give us some way to stop Stefano and get to Sami.

John: I think we'll be able to squeeze it out of him.

Marlena: Have I told you how wonderful I think you are?

John: I would prefer that you show me.

Marlena: [Chuckles]

John: Show me more. Okay. about one for the road?

Marlena: Oh, baby.

John: Just kidding. Just kidding. Let's save it for the car. Race you. Let's go.

Lucas: So, where is she, huh? Where's Sami?

Roman: Stefano's plane is cruising the airspace between Grand Cayman and Bermuda.

E.J.: Well, that's great. They're not far.

Lucas: So what's next?

Roman: We make radio contact with the plane, we talk to Stefano, go from there. Hopefully we're not too late.

Stefano: All right. Are we ready?

Dr. Rolf: We are, maestro. Samantha is prepped and ready to make her contribution to the DiMera legacy. All we need now is to make sleepy time for Stefano and all systems will be go.

Max: Whatever it is, I intend to find out what's going on and see that Jeremy gets what's coming to him.

Danielle: Chelsea, hi.

Chelsea: I'm an idiot.

E.J.: If you care anything for me at all, do not harm Samantha or those babies.

Stefano: Why should I care for a son who stands with my enemies?

Roman: Andre? No!

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