Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/25/07 - Canada; Thursday 7/26/07 - U.S.A.


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Stephanie: Were we done talking?

Jeremy: I don't think so. You buy those silk panties.

Stephanie: No talk, no silk panties.

Jeremy: Babe, I'm busy.

Stephanie: Who are you looking for, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Nobody. I just need to make a few calls.

Stephanie: First agree to have dinner with my parents.

Jeremy: Yeah, sure. Whatever you want.

Stephanie: Really? Thank you!

Jeremy: Now, can I go make those calls?

Stephanie: Yes, but don't be long. Me and those silk panties will be waiting.

Dealer: Sir, are you placing a bet?

Nick: I'll, um, skip this hand.

Chelsea: Nick, forget it. You lost.

Nick: Not everything.

Chelsea: Right. Why would you leave now when you still have a few chips left when you could leave later with absolutely none? Better yet, why don't you up the limit on your credit card so you can go completely in the hole?

Nick: Because my luck's gonna change, baby cake.

Chelsea: No, it's not, Nick. Look, nobody ever wins at these tables. Come on.

Nick: He does.

Man: Hit me. Make it hurt. Yes! 21! Whoo!

Woman: Oh, baby, you are hot, hot, hot!

Man: I don't want to give you a warped sense of values. Winning isn't everything. Wait a minute. Of course it is. Sorry. My bad. My bad.

Woman: Good job, honey. So good.

Man: Come here, you.

Woman: Give me some love.

Man: Hey, it's my turn. My turn.

Nick: See? He wins.

Kayla: Hey, you. Buy a girl a drink?

Steve: As a matter of fact, we're running a special for beautiful blondes. Everything is on the house for you.

Kayla: You're funny. Are my parents still at the movies?

Steve: Yep.

Kayla: Good. I stopped by Hope's on the way over here.

Steve: Mm-hmm.

Kayla: Ciara was up. All smiles.

Steve: Yeah, she's a cutie pie when she's not spitting up all over me. I don't think that baby likes me.

Kayla: Oh, don't be silly. She adores you.

Steve: How can you tell?

Kayla: I just can. Here, look at these photos that Hope had taken. I love this one with the teddy bear.

Steve: It's bigger than she is.

Kayla: What do you think about us having one of our own?

Steve: A teddy bear?

Kayla: No. A baby.

Shawn D.: Well?

Belle:'s incredible.

Shawn D.: I'm kind of hoping for an answer here -- maybe, like, a "yes, I will marry you."

Belle: I just thought that we would talk about it, you know, wait until we got settled.

Shawn D.: Belle, we've done enough waiting. Let's get married and start our life together.

Belle: I want that.

Shawn D.: Belle, I love you. So marry me. I'm gonna take that as a yes 'cause it sure felt like one.

Jeremy: What were you doing down in the casino? You got to stay out of sight, babe.

Ilsa: It won't happen again.

Jeremy: Just do your job.

Max: Oh, and what is her job, Jer? 'Cause I'd sure like to know.

Belle: Shawn, I have dreamed of this moment so often. Sometimes we're in a gondola in Venice, and sometimes we're on top of the Eiffel Tower. Sometimes we're just hiking through a rainforest.

Shawn D.: What, Salem Beach didn't make the list?

Belle: Salem Beach is perfect.

Shawn D.: But?

Belle: In some ways, we've been together a really long time.

Shawn D.: Belle, you're starting to scare me here.

Belle: In some ways, it really hasn't been that long.

Shawn D.: Hey, if this is a "right guy, wrong time" kind of thing, I can live with that as long as I know that someday soon you're gonna be Mrs. Shawn Brady.

Steve: Listen. I know you've been dropping hints.

Kayla: You think?

Steve: Yeah. I thought it was just a phase.

Kayla: I know it sounds a little crazy. But ever since you came back, it just stirred up all these feelings.

Steve: In me too. Great feelings.

Kayla: I just think that we're so lucky to have a second chance.

Steve: Yeah, we are. You and me.

Kayla: And baby makes three.

Steve: Kayla... the work, the responsibility. Come on.

Kayla: The fun, the joy.

Steve: I'm sorry. I'm just not there.

Kayla: All right. If the discussion ends here, then I guess I'm just gonna have to accept that.

Steve: Discussion ends here.

Kayla: I'm sorry. I just can't accept that.

Steve: Sweetness... I'd give you the world. You know that.

Kayla: I don't want the world. I just want a baby.

Steve: Why do you want a baby? Because we couldn't raise Stephanie together? Is that why?

Kayla: You know, it wasn't your fault that you weren't here for Stephanie. And you have no idea all the wonderful things you missed -- that tiny, little voice saying, "I love you," bedtime stories, sweet hugs and kisses.

Steve: You've practiced this speech, haven't you?

Kayla: Maybe a little.

Steve: Listen. I've been trying lately with Stephanie, and I'm no good at it. I'm serious. There's a lot of things that I am good at, but being a dad isn't one of them. Whoo!

Pete: This is stealing, man. This is too easy.

Chelsea: So the guy's winning now. Big deal. Tomorrow he'll be losing just as big.

Nick: It doesn't look that way to me.

Chelsea: Well, maybe that's because he knows what he's doing. Come on, Nick. He looks like a regular, not some novice throwing away his rent money.

Nick: Oh, thank you, Chelsea. Your faith in me is overwhelming.

Chelsea: Nick, this isn't you. You bumped your head.

Nick: Why does everyone keep saying crap like that to me?

Chelsea: Because you're a reasonable guy, okay? You don't just gamble everything away unless you've done the calculations first and you know the odds are in your favor. Come on. Let's not do this. Just take the chips you have left, and let's go.

Nick: You know, you're a buzz kill. It's like having a nagging wife without even being married.

Chelsea: Fine, Nick. Lose your shirt. See if I care, all right? Have fun.

Pete: Yes! This is too easy.

Nick: This is stealing, guys. Yay!

Pete: I tell you what -- here, my lovelies. You put this someplace where I can find it later, all right?

Nick: Thank you.

Pete: Whoa, you girls think alike. And I like the way you think. [Both giggle] Oh, this is great. Okay.

Nick: Hey, thanks a lot. Appreciate it, sir.

Pete: Good. Okay. You know, I'd love to hang around and bankrupt the place with my two friends here. They're not just naughty. They're downright dirty. So I'm gonna go upstairs, give them a bath, all right? I'll tell you what -- before you go, though, take these, cash them in, and then head up to the suite. Make sure there's room for three in the hot tub. Okay. Don't be too long. We'll miss you.

Pete: So, your lady split, huh?

Nick: Yeah.

Pete: They're all over you when you win anything. They disappear when you start losing. So I've been told. I don't lose that much.

Nick: I guess not, from the looks of things. Yeah, she didn't want me gambling.

Pete: Then start winning. She's a real hottie.

Nick: Hottie as in angry at me.

Pete: Pete's the name. My friends call me lucky Lucifer. I win so much, they think I sold my soul.

Nick: My name's Nick. And my enemies call me Nick the geek.

Pete: At least you got some enemies. Must be doing something right. How much are you betting?

Nick: $25 a hand.

Pete: Well, my buddy, if the geek wants to win, he's got to start growing himself some hair.

Chelsea: Nick is out of control. He keeps losing and losing, and he won't quit.

Stephanie: What do you care? You're over him, I thought.

Chelsea: Yeah, but he's still a really nice guy, Stephanie. I mean, you remember what those are like, right?

Stephanie: Another Jeremy dig? Chelsea, what is your problem? Or are you just jealous that the best you've ever had is a geek like Nick?

Jeremy: Hey, I'm just a little surprised to see Ilsa here, that's all.

Max: And she's supposed to stay out of sight? Is that what I heard?

Jeremy: Steph's downstairs, so let's keep this on the D.L. I don't want to hurt her.

Max: But it's okay to hurt her. What's your connection to him anyway?

Jeremy: I explained at Bo and Hope's place.

Max: And she just so happens to be staying in the same hotel as you are. Wow.

Jeremy: That's Vegas. Go figure.

Max: Oh. Right.

Jeremy: It's a free country, Max.

Max: What is she doing here, Jer?

Jeremy: Looking to party.

Max: Hmm. And she ran away from me when I saw her down in the casino.

Jeremy: I hope you don't have that effect on all the girls. Remember what I said.

Max: Hey, this isn't over, all right? We're just getting to the good part.

Nick: Grow some hair? Grow -- grow -- grow some hair. I'm gonna have to ask you to step outside, sir.

Pete: Whoa, partner. I'm not in a fighting mood.

Nick: You saying I'm not a man? I'll show you I am!

Pete: I never said you're not a man. What I said was you're not playing. You got to play, Nick.

Nick: What's that supposed to mean?

Pete: Sit down and I'll tell you. Come on. Sit down. We can always fight later. Look...Nick, there are forces out there -- forces in the universe that are big and powerful, and you can't buck them. But you can influence them.

Nick: Oh, yeah?

Pete: Nick, if you're playing with a few measly chips, the forces of the universe are not gonna notice. Hell no.

Nick: So, what, you're saying I should throw them all in and lose everything?

Pete: If you're gonna gamble, gamble.

Nick: Thanks for the advice, but I think I'm gonna just stick to what I'm doing. Thank you.

Pete: Why not? That seems to be working. I'll let you in on a secret, but you got to swear you'll keep it that way, all right?

Nick: Okay, what is it? What's the big secret?

Pete: I got a good-luck charm. Never fails me.

Nick: What, uh, what is it, a marble?

Pete: Hell no. It's my pappy's glass eye.

Belle: Shawn, I love you.

Shawn D.: This will be great for Claire also.

Belle: Claire is not a reason to get married.

Shawn D.: I know. I'm sorry.

Belle: You don't have anything to prove, Shawn.

Shawn D.: I agree with you. But, Belle, I love you. I just want to make it official.

Belle: For us?

Shawn D.: For us and only us.

Belle: And not Philip?

Shawn D.: I haven't even thought about Philip once, but I'm not gonna deny that I want him out of our lives. Is what wrong?

Belle: No. But we don't have to get married to do that.

Shawn d.: Have to? Belle, I want to.

Belle: I want it, too.

Shawn D.: Then why the hesitation?

Belle: I just want to be sure.

Shawn D.: Belle, if you need a guarantee that we're never gonna fight again or storm out on each other, I can't.

Belle: I know that.

Shawn D.: It's happened in the past. I'm sure it's gonna happen in the future.

Belle: I know.

Shawn D.: But whatever is ahead of us, I want to go through it together. Whatever it takes for us to be happy, I'll do it.

Belle: So will I.

Shawn D.: So? All this time I thought it was me, that I was the one that had a lot of growing up to do. I guess I'm not the only one.

Shawn D.: Scratch that. I'm sorry. It came out wrong.

Belle: It's okay.

Shawn D.: Belle, I know that I'm not gonna be making very much working at the garage --

Belle: Wait. It's not that. It's not that. It's just, you surprised me.

Shawn D.: I wanted to surprise you.

Belle: I know, but you know how I am. I like to see things coming. Shawn, this is a big, big decision.

Shawn D.: Yeah, it's the biggest of our lives.

Belle: Too much pressure.

Shawn D.: [Laughs] Okay, fine. We don't have to do this tonight. Sure, the moon's perfect, and the beach is romantic, I must say. But, hey, if you want advance notice, I will give you so much advance notice to where you can have it circled with a big red heart on your calendar.

Belle: Are you making fun of me?

Shawn D.: Just a little bit.

Belle: You know, I haven't officially said no yet.

Shawn D.: I'm confused. What was the question?

Belle: I don't know. I guess you don't need an answer then.

Shawn D.: Oh, that's it. This means war.

Belle: [Shrieks] [Laughing] Stop! Stop!

Jeremy: You want to solve mysteries, Max, go into the family business. Be a cop.

Max: What are you running, Jeremy?

Jeremy: I don't know why she's here.

Max: Hmm.

Jeremy: Fine. Ilsa, would you please tell him what you're doing in Vegas?

Max: Look at me, not him.

Ilsa: I come many times. I know people.

Max: What people?

Ilsa: This is not your business.

Max: Ilsa, will you just hold on?

Jeremy: What's your problem, man? Let her go.

Max: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Jeremy: Look, I have been totally up front with you about the merchandise, about Ilsa. I've made you more money than you would ever see in that little grease pit.

Max: But it's how you make the money, Jeremy. Something stinks.

Jeremy: You don't like it, why take the cash, Max? If I'm dirty, you're just as bad. Hell, you're worse.

Chelsea: You think I'm jealous. Jeremy's not even my type.

Stephanie: The type that's exciting, that likes to have fun? Why can't you just be happy for me?

Chelsea: Because, Stephanie, you're my friend, and it sucks when I know things that can hurt you.

Stephanie: You know what? You've been on Jeremy's case since the day you met him. If you've got something to say, say it, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Okay. The guy's cheating on you.

Nick: You're kidding, right? I mean, it's really gross.

Pete: Let me tell you something, Einstein. My pappy taught me everything I know about cards. It's the one thing we shared. Of course, his luck was lousy. I remember back when I was 17, he got caught with a marked deck.

Nick: Ouch.

Pete: Oh, yeah. They beat the hell out of him, destroyed his eye, left him with a permanent limp.

Nick: Wow. I'm really sorry.

Pete: He found that glass eye in a pawnshop in St. Louis, I think. Pappy took that glass eye, put it in the empty socket, and I got to tell you, all of a sudden, he starts winning big.

Nick: Seriously?

Pete: He won more money in one night than we'd seen in months. He said the eye saw things.

Nick: For real?

Pete: On his deathbed, he handed it to me. And that eye has been with me in every gambling casino from here to Monte Carlo. And you know what, kid? That eye has never let me down. So don't call it gross. You feel it. You use it. You own it.

Nick: [Grunts] It sees things, huh?

Pete: Put it on the table. Let it see the cards. Now let's see if we can grow some hair.

Kayla: You have to stop blaming yourself for not raising Stephanie.

Steve: Yeah? Well, she paid a price. You both did, and now she wants distance.

Kayla: She's gonna come around.

Steve: You know what, Kayla? To her, I'm just a fact of biology. I'm not even her dad.

Kayla: Things are gonna get better. They have to. We're gonna make them get better.

Steve: What if we can't?

Kayla: That's not an option.

Steve: Kayla, no kid should be a second chance to make things right.

Kayla: That's not what I'm saying.

Steve: Are you happy?

Kayla: Very.

Steve: So am I. And I don't need a baby to make my life better than it already is.

Belle: You cheated.

Shawn D.: Are you kidding me? I pinned you fair and square.

Belle: I want a rematch.

Shawn D.: Belle, are you dumping me?

Belle: Why would you say something like that? I love you.

Shawn D.: Just so you know, I'm not going down without a fight.

Belle: I don't want a fight, and I don't want to dump you. I love you. I just...

Shawn D.: You what?

Belle: I want us to be open about things.

Shawn D.: We are. That's marriage 101, isn't it?

Belle: Shawn, without honesty, we don't have a chance.

Shawn D.: Belle, what are you saying?

Belle: I know that you blew off that job interview in Cleveland.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I told you about that.

Belle: Yeah, and you said that you did get on that plane, and the truth is you didn't, because I know for a fact you never got on that plane.

Kayla: I don't need a baby to make me happy.

Steve: Yeah? It sure sounds that way.

Kayla: I just think it would make our lives richer.

Steve: [Sighs] Kayla, I got holes in my past you could drive a semi through. You say I was good with kids. Maybe I was. But maybe I'm not anymore.

Kayla: Maybe all the bad times are behind us.

Steve: Can I get that in writing?

Kayla: What else could happen?

Steve: Anything. Everything.

Kayla: Well, then we'll face them together whenever they come our way.

Steve: Come on. My memory is still sketchy. I fly off the handle. I got trust issues a shrink could retire off of.

Kayla: You are a kind, loving, gentle man.

Steve: I don't know anything about it. I wouldn't know how to raise it.

Kayla: You can start by calling it a baby and not an it.

Steve: You see what I mean?

Kayla: Come on. A child of ours is gonna love you as much as I do.

Steve: What if it doesn't?

Kayla: That's impossible. You have so much love to give. And listen, love, that's the main ingredient in parenting -- that and just doing your best to raise a good person.

Steve: Yeah?

Kayla: Mm-hmm.

Steve: I bet Jeremy's parents thought they raised a good person, and I sure as hell don't want to end up like them.

Jeremy: So, you're basically calling me a liar?

Max: Prove me wrong, Jeremy.

Jeremy: I have leveled with you, Max, and when I've messed up, I have owned it.

Max: No, you haven't. You've spun your way out of it every single time. That's what you do.

Jeremy: You didn't seem to mind hauling designer knock off clothes for a little extra green, and that's not exactly on the level, boy scout.

Max: Nothing about you is on the level. That is exactly why you can take this and shove it.

Jeremy: That's yours.

Max: I don't want it.

Jeremy: You want out, fine. No hard feelings. You can't handle Vegas, Max. That's cool. Go back to Salem where it's nice and safe. But that's your last cut from me 'cause this little partnership of ours, it's over.

Nick: [Laughs] Wow! I can't believe this. I won again. This is your father's glass eye. Thank you, Pete!

Pete: There is a forest growing on your chest. Now you're playing!

Nick: How much do you think I won? I lost count.

Pete: $22,400.

Nick: You serious?

Pete: Have I been wrong about anything else?

Nick: That's a lot of money.

Pete: The Gods are smiling at you.

Nick: What do you say I bet the rest of the pile, go for broke? What do you say? What do you say?

Stephanie: Jeremy would never cheat on me.

Chelsea: You're right. No, he would never cheat on you. I'm lying, actually.

Stephanie: And how would you even know, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Because Max saw him at my dad's house with a girl, and Jeremy told him it was a one-night stand.

Stephanie: That's such a lie. Max is lying, and so are you.

Chelsea: Why would Max lie?

Stephanie: Because he hates him, and so do you.

Chelsea: You know what, Stephanie? Believe whatever you want to believe. I just thought that you should know.

Stephanie: You know what I believe? That you're a rotten friend, Chelsea, and so is Max. I hate you both.

Chelsea: Stephanie, I'm really trying my best to be a true friend. I just -- I don't want Jeremy to use you.

Stephanie: He's not.

Chelsea: You know, Max actually thought I should tell you sooner, but I couldn't.

Stephanie: Why not?

Chelsea: Because I knew how upset you'd be, I mean, the same way I was upset when I found out about Nick and my mom.

Stephanie: Chelsea, this is different because it's not true.

Chelsea: Whatever. It's your life.

Stephanie: If it is true -- and it's not -- what would you do?

Chelsea: After I thought of about a million different ways to get back at him, I would probably get up in his face and make sure he knew that he could never mess with me again. But you're not gonna do that, right, because Jeremy would never cheat on you, so it couldn't possibly be true.

Nick: What do you think? You think I should go for it? You can't grow any more hair than that, right?

Pete: It looks like you've got a pretty good stake here already.

Nick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you know that girl that was here?

Pete: The hottie?

Nick: Yeah. I want to do something real nice for her.

Pete: $22,400 is a pretty good start.

Nick: No, no, no. I'm talking once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. You know what I'm talking about? I'm not sure exactly what.

Pete: Are you thinking 50 g's?

Nick: What could happen? I got the eye, right? What?

Pete: Well... looks like the eye is only good for about one more hand, so if you're gonna do it, now's the time.

Nick: I'm betting it all on the next hand!

Dealer: Sorry, sir, but there's a $1,000 limit at this table.

Pete: Oh, come on. Bend the rules for once. What's the harm?

Nick: Ooh. 16. Not good. Anything more than a 5 and I'll bust. If I stay, the dealer has a pretty good chance of winning. What do you think?

Pete: The next card's a 4. You're gonna hit 20.

Nick: How do you know?

Pete: I've been counting cards, but keep it quiet. Otherwise they're gonna ban me from the place.

Dealer: Sir, would you like a card?

Max: I've recouped my investment and made a hefty profit, which is exactly why I am fine to walk.

Jeremy: Your choice, but you and I, we've got some outstanding business. I let you take a look at all that designer merchandise just like you wanted.

Max: I'll keep my mouth shut.

Jeremy: Oh, really? You can do that?

Max: Yeah, that is unless you're running more than designer knock offs, because then I will drop a dime on you. You can count on that.

Steve: Still here, beautiful? I think I might have to cut you off. Didn't we already look at those?

Kayla: Look at that beautiful face.

Steve: Yeah, she's cute.

Kayla: You're afraid to look.

Steve: She's an adorable child.

Kayla: Doesn't it make you want to --

Steve: No.

Kayla: You know, there are so many needy children in the world that need a good home.

Steve: Just not the Johnson home. Don't look at me with those eyes.

Kayla: What eyes?

Steve: Those eyes -- the ones you use to get me to do whatever you want me to do.

Kayla: I'm not trying to get you to do anything.

Steve: Sure you are.

Kayla: I just think it would be a shame for a needy child to miss out on such a wonderful father.

Steve: Me?

Kayla: Yeah, you. Any child that we adopt would be so lucky to have you as their papa.

Steve: It's too big a job for me.

Kayla: Come on. You love Stephanie.

Steve: Of course I do. That's not the problem. Kayla... the moment I had -- it's gone. All that stuff you do with kids, you know, playing in the sand, pushing them on the swings, reading to them, making sure they have a bath, going to the school conferences, it's passed. I'm not making excuses. Having a kid is not for me. That boat's sailed.

Shawn D.: Who told you about the job interview? It's Philip, of course. Belle, why didn't you just come out and ask me about it?

Belle: I wish you would have told me yourself.

Shawn D.: So, you held out on the proposal until I did?

Belle: No, it's not like that, but I don't know why you kept it a secret.

Shawn D.: Because I know how bad you wanted me to take that job. But everything about that job would have been because of Philip -- our first house, our savings account, Claire's security. I wanted to earn those things.

Belle: I know you do.

Shawn D.: Look, I know that me working at the garage isn't gonna make us filthy rich. But it's honest. And Max, he promised me a share of the profits. I can work on building a future for us and our family. If I would have taken that job in Cleveland, I would have been gone all week.

Belle: I know.

Shawn D.: Belle, I would have been missing out on everything -- you and Claire. It wasn't worth the trade.

Belle: I agree. Shawn, I already told you I was glad that you didn't take that job, but what I don't get is that if you weren't in Cleveland on the Fourth, what did you do all day?

Shawn D.: Hi, there. This is Shawn Brady. I got a round-trip ticket to Cleveland, and I need to change it to Indianapolis A.S.A.P. I know that. It's fine. Just go ahead and book it.

Shawn D.: I didn't go anywhere or do anything. I just drove around, that's it.

Nick: Hit me, honey, and make it hurt. Oh, my God! That's a 20. That's a 20. That's a 20!

Dealer: Dealer stays at 19. You win, sir.

Nick: Oh, my God! I won! I won 50 grand!

Pete: You grew hair, all right, son, and lots of it!

Nick: Thank you, Pete. This is all your eyeball. This is all your pappy's eyeball. Oh, my God.

Pete: Well, he knew how to play Blackjack.

Nick: I'll say. I'll say. I'll say. I am done. I am gonna go cash this in.

Pete: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Nick: Here, here. Take whatever you want.

Pete: You go find that hottie of yours. I don't think she's gonna be angry at you anymore.

Chelsea: you still hate me?

Stephanie: I'm thinking about it.

Jeremy: How are my two favorite hostesses?

Stephanie: Where have you been?

Jeremy: Making a few calls. You want to go hit the hot tub?

Chelsea: Where's Nick?

Stephanie: He was raking in some chips a minute ago, but where he is now, I don't know.

Jeremy: You should put a leash on him. It's easier to keep tabs that way.

Chelsea: You know what? Maybe we should put one on you, too.

Stephanie: Yeah, maybe we should.

Jeremy: Hey, no ganging up. I really don't get that girl.

Stephanie: What's not to get?

Jeremy: She's hot -- not as hot as you. But why get all tied in knots over that loser?

Stephanie: And why is Nick a loser? Because he can't fly a plane, because he's not the life of the party?

Jeremy: You're defending that geek?

Stephanie: He's not a geek. He's a nice guy. He's just different.

Jeremy: Hey, what's with you tonight?

Stephanie: Nothing.

Jeremy: What do you say we head upstairs and I give you one of my famous back rubs?

Stephanie: That always leads to sex?

Jeremy: I'd like to call it the grand finale.

Stephanie: I'm really not in the mood.

Nick: Oh, my God.

Chelsea: Where did you get all that?

Nick: Where do you think?

Chelsea: Seriously? You won all that?

Nick: We are rich, baby! And we're in Vegas! Let's get married. You're a strange one, Pete.

Pete: Anything the skinny kid won, put it on my tab. Thanks for helping me out.

Dealer: Why the hell did you do that for a complete stranger?

Pete: I did it for love. I'm a romantic at heart I guess. Hey, pal. You lose this?

Dealer: Hey, where'd you get that? I've been looking all over.

Pete: Found it under the table. You should keep a better eye on your eye.

Dealer: I'll see that I do that.

Pete: You ought to. It's a lucky eye. Yeah. Sweet. What do you want?

Max: That girl Ilsa how do I find her?

Guy: Buzz off.

Max: I want to know how to find her.

Guy: Who is she? You her pimp?

Max: What? She's a -- a pro.

Guy: Goes by the name of Candy Cane. Trust me, pal -- dames like her don't come cheap.

Max: I want a number, and I want to know how to find her. Get it now! Get it! All right!

Steve: You know... you had years to adopt a kid. You could have done it without me.

Kayla: I didn't want to do it without you. I want to do it with my partner. I want a full-time dad.

Steve: Hey, don't talk about it like it's a done deal.

Kayla: You know, I'm scared, too. It's been a long time since I did that whole baby thing.

Steve: At least you did it. You were there for Stephanie for all of it.

Kayla: Well, I would be a lot more relaxed now.

Steve: Maybe you should drop the doctor gig and go into sales. You're a natural.

Kayla: I haven't sold you.

Steve: No. But you got me thinking about it.

Kayla: Really?

Steve: But listen to me. We don't make any decision without really talking it through.

Kayla: Agreed.

Steve: And we got to leave time for other things.

Kayla: What other things?

Steve: Well, very important other things, if you know what I mean.

Kayla: I think I do.

Steve: Anybody looking?

Belle: So, that's it. You just drove around the whole time?

Shawn D.: Pretty lame, huh?

Belle: Why didn't you come back to your dad's house sooner?

Shawn D.: Because I didn't want to see your face when you found out that I bagged the job. I'm sorry that you had to find out from Philip.

Belle: I'm sorry that we even set up that interview behind your back, Shawn.

Shawn D.: I messed things up, didn't I?

Belle: I'd say we both did. Listen. If something's not right for you, it's not right for me.

Shawn D.: So, what are we gonna do now?

Belle: Well, we still have some unfinished business.

Shawn D.: Hmm? What -- are you --

Belle: Shawn Brady [Laughs] will you marry me?

Shawn D.: You're proposing to me?

Belle: Simple question. Yes or no. Are you gonna marry me or not?

Shawn D.: Um... yes, of course, I'm gonna marry you.

Chelsea: The answer is no.

Nick: No, you don't want to get married at all, or is this about some problem you have with me?

E.J.: I care very deeply about Samantha.

Marlena: Get ahold of that so-called father of yours. Tell him to find Sami and get her back here.

Lucas: You've got to be kidding me.

Tony: I wish I were, Lucas. I don't think any of us are going to see Samantha anytime soon.

Stefano: I wish it could be different, but we must make this sacrifice.

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