Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/24/07 - Canada; Wednesday 7/25/07 - U.S.A.


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Computerized voice: Daddy, Daddy. Where are you? Why did you leave me? Daddy!

Philip: That's the latest call. I got it today.

Billie: When did this start?

Philip: A couple weeks ago. I thought the first two were cranks, but they keep on coming.

Billie: Can I have this tape?

Philip: Yeah, I made you a copy.

Billie: These calls -- any threats?

Philip: No. No, pretty much the same call each time.

Billie: And you have no idea who it is?

Philip: Not a clue.

Billie: Okay, I want you to sit down and make a list of anyone who has a grudge against you.

Philip: Titan industries is global. It could be a competitor with an ax to grind.

Billie: Philip, I don't think this has anything to do with business. I think...this is personal.

Bo: Glad you showed up. You heard about André?

Shawn D.: Yeah, Mom said he escaped.

Bo: Yeah, that whole paralysis thing was bogus. So stay alert. No Brady's safe while he's out.

Shawn D.: Okay, I'll be careful.

Bo: So, how are things at the garage?

Shawn D.: Going great. I'm getting my hands dirty. It feels good.

Bo: Yeah, I bet it does.

Shawn D.: Look, I can see that you're busy. I'll just come back.

Bo: I'm not too busy for you. Something on your mind?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I'm thinking about asking Belle to marry me.

Jeremy: Attention all in-flight personnel, please return your seat backs to their, um, normal positions. And announcing tonight's in-flight entertainment, making his Vegas debut, take it away Nick the geek.

Jett: Hey, Nick. What are you doing in Vegas?

Nick: I came for the waters.

Jett: Oh. There are no waters in Vegas.

Nick: I was misinformed.

Chelsea: What are you doing here?

Nick: We have a date tonight.

Chelsea: We were supposed to have a date, but then we got into a fight instead, remember?

Nick: We were also supposed to spend the night together.

Chelsea: Right. Were. But then I had to work. And then you made me choose between --

Nick: I -- I don't remember any of this.

Chelsea: Are you okay?

Jeremy: Dude got his head bonked. Been acting super, super weird.

Chelsea: What happened?

Nick: There was a bomb. What were you guys doing together? [Beeping]

Sami: Is there something wrong, E.J.?

E.J.: Is it me or, uh...

Lucas: Or what?

E.J.: Is my briefcase beeping?

Sami: Oh, God. Not again.

Lucas: What the hell?

E.J.: What are you talking about? The only person who's had access to this case was André, but he's in traction.

Lucas: Sami, it's a bomb! Get out of the way!

Sami: Lucas, no!

Lucas: Stay back! Stay back, Sami!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Bo: You're thinking of popping the question? That is huge.

Shawn D.: I can't imagine being with anyone else.

Bo: You got to have that.

Shawn D.: And I think that Claire, she ought to grow up knowing her parents are committed to each other. I want her to have that security. I want us to be a real family.

Bo: Can't think of a better reason for getting down on one knee.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Bo: What?

Shawn D.: Only thing is, is I can't think of one reason why Belle would say yes.

Bo: Come on. I can think of plenty of reasons.

Shawn D.: Dad, you're biased.

Bo: You do not seriously think she's gonna say no.

Shawn D.: Well, she's --

Bo: Why would she, huh? You're not that ugly. And you love each other, right? So what's the problem?

Shawn D.: I love working at the garage, don't get me wrong, but I just wish that I was pulling some more money here.

Bo: Ahh. I see the problem. It's Philip.

Philip: Hopefully these calls are just cranks.

Billie: Philip... hello? Can I speak to IP Daily? That's a crank call.

Philip: You're right.

Billie: You got Prince Albert in a can?

Philip: Well, let him out.

Billie: There you go. That's a crank call. All right, going under the assumption that this is personal, who have you pissed off?

Philip: I'll get working on that list.

Billie: Good. You do that. In the meantime, I'm gonna call your cell carrier and see if I can find out where these calls are coming from.

Philip: Thanks, Billie. Having a sister who's an ex-cop has its perks.

Billie: I'll get started.

Philip: Hey... you didn't ask if I might have a kid out there I don't know about.

Billie: Well, you would have told me.

Philip: It was the first thing Bo asked.

Billie: Bo is not your sister.

Philip: Didn't cross your mind?

Billie: Of course it did. But like I said, you would have told me.

Philip: Because I'm such a righteous guy?

Billie: Yeah. Something like that.

Philip: Thanks for the faith.

Billie: Always. Come here.

Philip: Belle! I didn't expect to see you back here.

Belle: Yeah, Shawn's meeting me here. His grandmother's putting some food together for our date to the beach.

Philip: Great. It's a beautiful night.

Belle: I left you a message. Claire's with Hope.

Philip: Cool.

Belle: Well, I guess I'll go watch for Shawn.

Philip: Hold on a second. These are for you.

Lucas: What are you doing? What are you doing? Are you nuts?

Sami: Get away from him. Lucas, don't. Don't try to --

Lucas: Just stay away.

Sami: No, Lucas, please don't. Come with me. Lucas. What is that?

E.J.: Get out. Get out!

Lucas: Sami, look out! Cover your mouth!

Chelsea: Come on, Nick. Go home.

Nick: What about our date?

Chelsea: Our date is over. I have to work.

Nick: Is that what you call what you were doing?

Chelsea: I slipped getting out of the hot tub. Jett tried to help me, and then we both fell.

Nick: You never told me you were living...the high life.

Chelsea: Because I'm not. It's none of your business.

Nick: None of my business. Chelsea, we're supposed to be together.

Chelsea: Oh, my God.

Nick: I don't think she's happy to see me.

Jett: I think you're right, bro. Dude, you don't look so hot. Maybe you should take a nap on the couch or something.

Nick: Are you a betting man, Jett Carver?

Jett: Sometimes. Why? Depends on the odds.

Nick: The odds are overwhelmingly against you.

Stephanie: [Clears throat]

Jeremy: Hey, geisha girl. Come on in.

Jeremy: It just got way hotter in here.

Stephanie: I bet.

Jeremy: Let me see that little piggy.

Stephanie: [Giggles]

Jeremy: No reason for this little piggy to cry all the way home.

Stephanie: Stop! That tickles.

Hey, lovely thing I'm head over heels for you sweet lovely thing

Jeremy: I spoil you, girl.

Stephanie: [Sighs] Don't you love Vegas?

Chelsea: Yeah, five minutes soaking and everything just melts away.

Stephanie: You know who needs a good soaking?

Chelsea: Let me guess -- Jeremy?

Stephanie: Max. He's been in the lousiest mood. You talked to him. Did he say anything?

Chelsea: I'm sure he's probably just upset with the way that Jeremy's running business. I mean, you know how they're always stepping on each other's toes.

Stephanie: Speaking of toes...

Chelsea: Someone bought someone a gift...again.

Stephanie: Second time this week. Jeremy's being so sweet and attentive.

Chelsea: I wonder what he's feeling guilty about.

Stephanie: Chelsea, that's mean.

Chelsea: Bad joke. Sorry.

Stephanie: Ha ha.

Chelsea: But you know, some guys are actually like that. I mean, whenever their conscience starts acting up, they just start getting all sweet and giving --

Stephanie: Oh, like Nick must have acted with you after he slept with your mom?

Chelsea: You know you do

Stephanie: Yeah, when you're feeling guilty.

Max: What the hell. Hit me. Busted?

Bobbie: Go again?

Max: Bobbie, I don't think lady luck's gonna be showing up tonight, so...

Bobbie: Why don't you come back when your luck changes?

Man: Come on, baby. Give me a little sugar.

Ilsa: [Laughs] You are a very bad boy.

Max: I know that voice.

Max: Uh, you would be? Are you okay? Like... Don't be afraid. Look, I'm Max -- Max Brady. My brother owns this place. Uh, what's your name?

Ilsa: My Ilsa.

Max: Ilsa -- Jeremy's one-night stand. What is she doing in Vegas?

Belle: These clothes, these are all for me?

Philip: Not all of them. Calm down. This is for Claire. Check it out.

Belle: Oh!

Philip: It even comes with mini sunglasses.

Belle: There will be no living with her.

Philip: I thought you girls deserved a bit of spoiling.

Belle: It's just like you had my wish list.

Philip: I did. I found a catalog with all these yellow stickies in it.

Belle: Oh, my God. Philip, I was just fantasy-shopping.

Philip: A woman should have clothes that set off her beauty.

Belle: This is probably one of the sweetest, most generous things anyone's ever done for me. But I can't accept it. It wouldn't be right.

Bo: Shawn, you got to forget Philip. Yeah, he's got money and cars and stuff, but he doesn't have Belle's heart. You do. That money situation, it'll work itself out. Young couples, they do have to struggle sometimes.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know.

Bo: In the garage you're making okay money, right?

Shawn D.: Yeah, but I got a lot of debt.

Bo: I'm sure you do. And living with Philip, that can't be easy.

Shawn D.: Dad, it's driving me nuts.

Bo: Never did understand why you agreed to that situation in the first place.

Shawn D.: Claire, she was still missing, and Belle, she wanted to focus all of her time on finding her. And she didn't want to have to worry about anything else.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Claire's been back for a while. You're still there.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, not much longer if I have any say in it.

Bo: You better have a say in it. That's the cornerstone of every good relationship. At the beginning, you get to weigh in, anyway.

Shawn D.: Well, Belle and I, we are not shy about stating our opinion. But about living with Philip, it's just that he --

Bo: It's got to be terrible watching him play second daddy to your little girl.

Shawn D.: We got to find a place of our own.

Bo: Proposing isn't gonna make that happen any quicker.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know.

Bo: There are plenty of reasons to marry Belle. Playing keep-away from Philip -- that ain't one of them.

Shawn D.: Damn it, I just wish that I had more to offer.

Bo: You got plenty to offer. She loves you, has since she was a kid. Just take your time, get your money together, get a place of your own, and then pop the question. Okay?

Roman: Hey, Shawn. How you doing?

Shawn D.: Good, Roman. No complaints.

Roman: Listen, do you mind if I borrow my little brother?

Bo: Sorry. I got to cut this short.

Shawn D.: No, Dad, do what you got to do. Thank you for the advice.

Bo: Just remember, it's your life, okay?

Shawn D.: Yeah. All right. See you, Roman.

Roman: Take care, Shawn.

Bo: What?

Philip: Belle, you like the clothes, and you know I can afford it, so what's stopping you from keeping them?

Belle: Oh, you've done enough for us already.

Philip: I like doing things for you and for Claire. It makes me happy.

Belle: That's very sweet of you.

Philip: So, if you want to make me happy...

Belle: What, I keep the clothes?

Philip: Exactly.

Belle: I wish I could, but I...

Philip: It's Shawn, isn't it?

Belle: Living at your place has already made him feel like he's not pulling his own weight.

Philip: Oh, come on. As soon as he sees how hot you look in those clothes, he'll forget all about who paid the price tag.

Belle: Right. On what planet?

Billie: Okay. All right. Uh-huh. Uh, okay, thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Billie: Hi yourself, stranger. Well, wow. How do you feel after your wild world of travels?

Shawn D.: Believe me, it feels pretty good. Do you have a quick minute?

Billie: Yeah. What's up?

Shawn D.: What would you think of the guy who proposed to you with this in his hand?

Nick: Come on, Jett. Make your bet. How many rounds before you kiss the canvas?

Jett: Bro, back up. You don't want to get knocked out.

Nick: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I was just kidding.

Jett: Well, you're making me nervous. There's nothing to worry about. Me and Chelsea are just friends.

Nick: That's not what it looked like.

Jett: Chelsea slipped getting out of the tub.

Nick: Right into your arms. You know, I'd respect you a lot more if you just told me what the hell was going on.

Chelsea: All right, are we ready to hit the bar?

Jett: Yeah, let's get out of here.

Nick: Chelsea?

Chelsea: What?

Nick: Are we, like... done?

Chelsea: Yeah, Nick. So done.

Jeremy: What's with this guilt crap? I like being nice to you. Guilt has nothing to do with it.

Stephanie: Whatever.

Jeremy: Tell me, Steph, what do I have to feel guilty about?

Stephanie: Jere, I was just kidding.

Jeremy: Right, out of nowhere you just pulled this guilt rabbit out of your hat?

Stephanie: It was nothing! Want another little piggy, hmm?

Jeremy: Did Max say something to you?

Stephanie: Max? Like, what would he say?

Jeremy: I want to know, Steph. Was Max talking trash about me or not?

Stephanie: Max didn't say squat about you. What's got you so uptight?

Jeremy: Maybe I don't appreciate it when my girlfriend hints that I spoil her just to cover something up.

Stephanie: Jeremy, I was just kidding.

Jeremy: I don't like to be kidded.

Stephanie: Baby, I'm sorry. You know me. I open my mouth and half the time, I don't even know what I'm saying.

Jeremy: Look, I'm sorry I laid into you, all right?

Stephanie: It's okay. I'm kind of getting used to your moods.

Jeremy: It's just, there are some people out there that might want to spread all kinds of lies about me, and I wouldn't be surprised if you heard some of them.

Max: [Clears throat] Small world, huh? Remember? I'm Max Brady. I met you at my brother's house. You're Ilsa, right? You're Jeremy's friend? How'd you end up in Vegas?

Ilsa: I can't talk now.

Max: Just don't be afraid. I just want to talk to you.

Ilsa: Please, Max Brady, let me go.

Max: Are you in trouble or something? 'Cause I can help you. I mean --

Ilsa: It was nice again seeing you. Goodbye.

Max: I just want to know that you're okay. Just tell me that.

Ilsa: I cannot talk to you.

Max: I'm one of the good guys, I swear, Ilsa. Come on. Just talk –

Man: Hey, the little lady's with me, so just back off, Jack.

Billie: Wow! Wow!

Shawn D.: So, you think Belle's gonna like it?

Billie: Oh, my God! What's not to like? This thing is huge! It's gorgeous.

Shawn D.: So, I did good?

Billie: Yeah! I'd say you did good. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got a question for you. You didn't get this ring out of a gum-ball machine, did you?

Shawn D.: You want to know how I paid for it.

Billie: It's none of my business.

Shawn D.: No, no, no. Max, he gave me an advance on my salary.

Billie: Okay, well, that should advance you well into the next 10 years.

Shawn D.: He's just gonna take a chunk of my paycheck until I pay him off, which brings me back to my question. If some guy sprang this ring on you and he popped the question, what would you say?

Billie: Uh, yeah. I'd say yes to the ring first, and then I'd say yes to you.

Shawn D.: [Laughs]

Billie: This is for Belle, right?

Shawn D.: I'm gonna propose to her tonight at the beach.

Billie: Well, good luck. You've got it coming.

Philip: Belle, if you think Shawn will have a problem with this, I'll just send it back. But if I were you, I'd give Shawn a chance to realize I'm doing this for both of you. I'm rooting for you guys. I want you to make it.

Shawn D.: Hey, hon. Ready to go to the beach?

Philip: Shawn. Hey, when did you get here?

Shawn D.: About five, 10 minutes ago. I was over there talking to Billie. What's with all this here?

Lucas: [Groans] Oh, man. Oh, my head.

E.J.: Lucas, what the devil happened?

Lucas: I told you, man. I told you not to open the briefcase.

E.J.: It's ether. It's sulfur chloride. We're lucky to be alive.

Lucas: Wait a minute. Where's Sami?

E.J.: Sami?

Lucas: Sami? Sami, baby, where are you? Sami! She's gone, man. She's not here.

Chelsea: I just can't believe him. I can't believe Nick. It's like he doesn't trust me. He follows me here?

Jett: Well, he has it in his head you guys have a date.

Chelsea: Right, well, we did back in Salem. But then you came to the beach and asked me if I could work, remember?

Jett: But I did give you an out. You chose not to take it.

Chelsea: So, anyway, what's up?

Jett: We're making a run to Vegas tonight.

Chelsea: Tonight? Really?

Jett: We take off in a couple hours. Can we count you in?

Chelsea: Yeah, of course.

Nick: Oh.

Chelsea: I mean, it is kind of last-minute.

Jett: Yeah, I know it's a lot to ask, but -- what can I say? -- Business has really picked up. We're gonna add a couple of flights a week now.

Chelsea: Really?

Jett: But hey, look, you've obviously got your own thing going on here, so why don't you skip it? We got some girls --

Chelsea: No, no, no. I'll go.

Chelsea: So, what, that just gives him the right to come here and act like we're still on?

Jett: No. But he did look pretty out of it.

Chelsea: Whatever. He's just pissed because I chose work over him. And then he follows me here. You know what? It's really embarrassing.

Jett: Yeah, it's pretty funny. You'll be all right after a Cosmo and a good night's sleep.

Chelsea: I really doubt it.

Jett: You never know.

Chelsea: Well, you know, what I do know is that I'm really sick of him following me around like some lost puppy nipping at my heels. You know what? Let's just go party and forget about it.

Jett: Yeah, come on. Have some fun.

Stephanie: I don't like people talking trash about you. What types of things are they saying?

Jeremy: I'm involved with this big business deal.

Stephanie: Touch the Sky?

Jeremy: No, it's something on the side, and it's really taking off. I'm making a lot of money. And that's when greed and envy kick in. And people start spreading lies, trying to take me down. Baby, if you hear anything like that, you got to know it's just envy talking.

Stephanie: Sure. I mean, but what kinds of things?

Jeremy: Who cares? Whatever bull they're saying, just know it's crap and forget about it.

Stephanie: Okay, it's just, it would help if I knew what I was forgetting about.

Jeremy: You want to play dumb, play dumb. It bores the hell out of me.

Stephanie: Jeremy, where are you going?

Jeremy: Down to the casino.

Stephanie: Wait. I'll come with you.

Jeremy: Save it. I need to get lost for a while.

Stephanie: What the hell is his problem?

Nick: Oh. [Laughs] Oh. What's up? [Laughs]

Max: I'm not messing with her. I know her. I'm just saying hi.

Man: Do it on your own dime, okay?

Max: Hey, loser, I hear they're having a sale on those little blue pills at the hotel store. You might want to stock up.

Man: What'd you say, smart guy?

Ilsa: Ignore him.

Man: I'm gonna teach this punk a lesson.

Max: And what lesson is that? You're more of a jackass than I am.

Man: That's it.

Max: His form sucks, but I give him points for difficulty.

Ilsa: Stay the hell out of my business.

Belle: Look. Look at this. Isn't it fabulous? I can't wait to try it on for you.

Shawn D.: You bought all this stuff?

Belle: Oh, and look. This is for Claire. Isn't this so adorable?

Shawn D.: Where'd you get the money, Belle?

Belle: My mom took me shopping.

Shawn D.: Well, looks like you guys bought out the whole store.

Belle: Yeah, I should take some of it back.

Shawn D.: No. You deserve new things. I'll just pay Marlena back.

Belle: What? Don't be crazy. She'd be offended. And besides, she said it was a gift.

Shawn D.: Whatever. All right, I'm gonna go talk to my gram and see what she got packed for us for the beach. I'll be right back.

Belle: I know. I know I should have told him the truth.

Philip: It's okay.

Belle: I lied to Shawn.

Philip: A tiny white lie that won't hurt anyone. Shawn thinks your mom bought the clothes. You get to keep them. Everybody's happy, especially me. I call that a win-win situation.

Belle: You are a girl's dream come true.

Lucas: They got to her. We were out cold. There was nothing we could do.

Roman: Well, I got a good idea of who it was. It was your cousin André, E.J., fresh from impersonating Tony DiMera.

E.J.: Andre's in the hospital. Andre's in traction.

Bo: Not anymore.

Lucas: What?

Roman: We found a syringe, had a muscle blocker he used to numb his back and legs, fool everybody into thinking he was paralyzed, not going anywhere.

Bo: The stuff wore off. He took off.

E.J.: Andre has Sami.

Lucas: I got to find her.

Roman: We got everybody on it. Believe me, I know how dangerous André is, okay?

E.J.: We need to go to Stefano.

Bo: Well, by sheer coincidence, your old man has disappeared, too.

Roman: Yeah, seems like they were both in on this together.

Lucas: It's the babies. Roman, they're gonna kill the babies just to add a few more years onto Stefano's worthless life. I'm gonna kill them.

Roman: Hey, hey! Calm down, all right? Calm down. I'm as worried as you are. Not gonna do a damn bit of good to panic and do something stupid.

E.J.: Lucas is right. My father wants to live. And he will sacrifice anyone to save himself.

Chelsea: Hey, Max!

Jett: Maxy boy.

Chelsea: How's your luck going?

Max: Oh, it sucks.

Chelsea: Really? You can join the club then. Guess who showed up in our hotel room. Nick. And he's wasted.

Jett: Yeah, looks like he took a knock to his head, too.

Chelsea: Anyway, he's upstairs sleeping it off, so...

Jett: What's up?

Chelsea: Did you hear me?

Max: Yeah. Jett, do you know a young woman by the name of Ilsa?

Jett: Ilsa?

Max: I don't know her last name. She's the one that Jeremy picked up in the bar, the one I caught him with at Bo and Hope's house, his so-called one-night stand.

Chelsea: Right, one of the many.

Max: Well, what's she doing here in Vegas?

Chelsea: Wanting more?

Jett: Yeah.

Chelsea: Who knows why?

Max: No, it's not like that. I just saw her at the bar, and she's totally avoiding me.

Jett: It's not unusual to run into someone in Vegas. It is the world's biggest party town.

Max: Both times I've run into her, I'm just picking up this weird vibe. I don't know what it is.

Jett: Well, if you see her again, just do me a favor and let me know, all right?

Max: All right.

Jett: Drinks?

Chelsea: Sure.

Jett: Cosmo.

Max: Did you tell Steph that Jeremy is cheating on her yet?

Chelsea: I couldn't. Look, she's in love with the guy for reasons that escape me, but she is.

Jeremy: Hey, kids. You guys want to have some fun? Uncle Jeremy's hosting the bar.

Chelsea: Oh, really? Oh, well, then I'll pass.

Jeremy: Hey, Max, glad we got a moment. Here's your cut, partner. If this keeps up, we're gonna need an offshore account.

Bo: Yeah, call me as soon as you can.

Lucas: All right, that's it. No more setups. No more threats. I'm taking the DiMeras down if I have to do it with my bare hands.

Bo: Lucas, I know how you feel, but we got to do this smart. We got to think like they do only two steps ahead.

Lucas: I'll be smart. I'll stick a gun down both their throats, make them tell me where my wife is.

Bo: Slow down. That's a good way to get yourself killed.

Lucas: You want me to slow down? My wife's been kidnapped by a psycho. What, I'm the only one who cares? I'm the only one who's scared around here?

Bo: We're all scared, but bouncing off the walls, that's not gonna bring her back any faster.

Roman: All right, whoever grabbed Sami used the fire escape to get in and out. They broke the window to open the lock.

Lucas: Where the hell were your men when André was dragging an unconscious body down the fire escape?

Roman: They got a bogus dispatch calling off the stakeout.

Lucas: Another gold star for the Salem P.D.

Roman: Not their finest hour, no, but we're on top of this, Lucas. We'll find her.

Bo: Roman, we got to go.

Lucas: I'll go with you.

Bo: No. You and E.J., you stay put.

Lucas: You want me to stay put when my wife's in danger?

Roman: Lucas, I understand how you feel.

Lucas: No, I don't think you do.

Roman: You're just gonna slow us down.

Lucas: I won't, really.

Roman: And Sami's a smart girl.

Lucas: So what?

Roman: If Sami can possibly get to a phone, she will manage that, all right? And if she does that, she will call here, right?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, or 911.

Roman: Do you want to risk not being here?

Lucas: No. No, I'll stay put. I'll do what I'm told.

Roman: All right. We'll call you when we know something.

E.J.: Finally. Come on. It's up to you and me to find Samantha. Let's go. Come on.

Philip: So, Belle, you ever ask Shawn about that flight to Cleveland he didn't take?

Belle: Why? Does it matter to you?

Philip: No, I just wondered.

Belle: I gave Shawn the chance to tell me where he was that day, and he stuck to his story.

Philip: You okay with that?

Belle: It's a tiny, little fib, like the one I just told him about the clothes. When he's ready to tell me the truth, he will.

Philip: You would have busted my chops if I tried to pull something like that when we were married.

Belle: Probably.

Shawn D.: All set. You ready to hit the beach?

Belle: I sure am.

Shawn D.: All right, see you later, Philip.

Philip: Yeah, you two have fun.

Belle: We will. Thank you again for the gift and the wonderful thought behind it. I know it probably sounds lame, but it feels good to be spoiled every once in a while.

Philip: It was my pleasure.

Belle: Thank you.

Stephanie: Let's not fight anymore.

Jeremy: I'm sorry I went off on you like that, baby.

Stephanie: Just think of the make-up sex. [Laughs]

Jeremy: Beer for the lady.

Stephanie: [Sighs] What's with all the cash? Hit it big at the table?

Jeremy: This, darling, is the payoff from my little side action I got going. And there's a lot more where this came from.

Stephanie: Hmm.

Jeremy: Buy yourself some silk panties.

Stephanie: I wish my dad can see you like this.

Jeremy: What, stuffing money down your bra? I don't think that's a real big dad-pleaser, Steph.

Stephanie: No. I mean you being all sweet and thoughtful. You know, that dinner my dad's setting up could be a really good chance for my parents to get to know you.

Jeremy: Count me in. Sweet and thoughtful like you've never see the j-man before.

Stephanie: Okay. So, when's a good time?

Jeremy: I can't deal with that right now, okay?

Stephanie: It's just a dinner. My dad went out of his way to be all cool with you and everything.

Jeremy: Yeah, yeah. Later, all right?

Chelsea: Did you just see that? Jeremy just totally ditched Stephanie.

Jett: Big surprise.

Chelsea: You know what? Maybe right now's a perfect time to swoop in there and talk to her about what a two-timing jerk he is.

Jett: No, no, no. I'd stay out of it.

Chelsea: Why?

Jett: Because –

Chelsea: Come on. We survived my big mouth. Stephanie will, too. I mean, I'm sure she'll probably yell at me for a few days, but she'll get over it.

Jett: Yeah, but you don't know that. It might be way worse. Just let her find out for herself and be a friend for her when she needs it.

Chelsea: But I feel bad. I mean, I know that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Why wouldn't I tell her?

Jett: Would you want the dirt on your guy?

Chelsea: Nick? Come on, I know everything there is to know about that kid, all the way down to his pocket protector.

Jett: Well --

Nick: What is up, Las Vegas?! How's it going?! Hey, little laddies. What are we doing, playing blackjack? I like this place. I like this place a lot. I can get used to it, huh? Count me in.

Chelsea: Oh, my God.

Nick: All right. Hit me up with a "G." All right. Deal 'em and make 'em hot. [Laughs]

Lucas: I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear what you have to say.

E.J.: Lucas, time is running short. If we are going to find Samantha, then we need to get on --

Lucas: If you didn't show up with a beeping briefcase, none of this would have happened. She wouldn't be missing now.

E.J.: Do you think we have time to fight? Do you think that?

Lucas: What do you want to do, huh? What do you want to do, Elvis, call your daddy, make him play nice?

E.J.: No, we need to do the search ourselves.

Lucas: I'm gonna search for Sami. I don't need to do it with you.

E.J.: You do need to do it with me because I know how my father thinks. I know how he works. We should do this as a team.

Lucas: You and me, a team?

E.J.: Yes, come on, Lucas. If we do this together, we're gonna have a much better shot at saving Samantha and those babies. What do you say?

Billie: Okay. I just got off the phone with your cellphone carrier. Do you know anybody in Indianapolis?

Philip: Indiana?

Billie: Yeah, does that ring any bells? Is there anybody there who might have a grudge against you?

Philip: No. No one I can think of.

Billie: Okay. Okay, well, don't sweat it. I will trace this joker and find out what he wants from you. Don't worry. You have my personal guarantee.

Belle: The moon is so bright. [Sighs] Wow, just look at how its reflection shimmers on the water. It's like a silvery pathway on a bed of black velvet. It's so bright and sparkly.

Shawn D.: Do you think that it might be as sparkly as this? It's funny that you should mention velvet. Go ahead. Open it.

Belle: Oh, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Belle Black... will you marry me?

Kayla: What do you think about us with a new little...

Steve: Teddy bear?

Kayla: A baby.

Ilsa: It won't happen again.

Jeremy: Just do your job.

Max: And what job is that, Jeremy? 'Cause I'd sure like to know.

Belle: Will you marry me?

Shawn D.: You're proposing to me?

Belle: Are you gonna marry me or not?

Nick: I won 50 grand! [Speaking indistinctly]

Nick: Thank you.

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