Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/23/07 - Canada; Tuesday 7/24/07 - U.S.A.


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Stephanie: [Sighs] Don't you love Vegas?

Chelsea: Yeah, five minutes melts away.

Stephanie: You know who needs a good soaking?

Chelsea: Let me guess. Jeremy?

Stephanie: Max. He's been in the lousiest mood. You talked to him. Did he say anything?

Chelsea: I'm sure he's probably just upset with the way that Jeremy's running business. You know how they're always stepping on each other's toes.

Stephanie: Mmm. Oh, speaking of toes...

Chelsea: Someone bought someone a gift.

Stephanie: Second time this week. Jeremy's been so sweet and attentive.

Chelsea: Wonder what he's feeling guilty about.

Stephanie: Chelsea, that's mean.

Chelsea: Bad joke. Sorry.

Stephanie: Ha ha.

Chelsea: But, you know, some guys are actually like that. I mean, whenever their conscience starts acting up, they just start getting all sweet and giving.

Stephanie: Oh, like, um, like Nick must have acted with you after he slept with your mom?

Rawlings: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Chill, Horton. All our customers are real happy with every shipment. They're paying us top dollar. So there's no way you're pulling back now, dude.

Jeremy: Look, man, I'm working with friends, and they keep asking questions. I can't dodge them much longer, so we got to do something.

Rawlings: No, no, no, no, no. We? No. You got to do something, my man. [Scoffs] Friends of yours poking their noses in. Tell you what. Here's what you do.

Nick: [Speaking indistinctly]

Rawlings: What?

Nick: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy. I'm a friend.

Roman: All right. You two think of anything else, let me know.

Sami: Thanks, Daddy.

Roman: Damn, I thought with André in that hospital bed, there wouldn't be any more trouble, but I should have known better. Anyway, you two catch your breath. I got plenty of men outside for tonight. We'll move you in the morning.

Lucas: Move us?

Roman: Yeah, you can't stay here, not after that bomb. We got to put you in a new safe house.

Sami: Dad, come on, please. I know you won't understand, but Lucas and I, we talked about it. And we really want to stay here.

Lucas: Yeah, Sami's right. No more hiding.

[Knock on door]

E.J.: Don't get up. [Laughs] So, how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess. Stefano told you that you could fly, and you jumped off a building. [Laughs] It's funny, right? No, I'm sorry. Bad, E.J. I shouldn't be so cruel. [Clears throat] So, my brother -- no, excuse me, cousin, right. That's right. That's right. I'm sure you'd get up and deny it if you could, André. But, unfortunately for you, DNA and fingerprints, well, they just don't lie. How long have you been masquerading as Tony for? Hmm? Ever since I came to Salem, I'd imagine. And the moment that you found out that my father -- that'd be my father, not yours -- was considering a truce with the Bradys, you went behind his back. It was you that was targeting me and Samantha. And when he finds out, I guarantee you he is not going to be very pleased. What's that? What's that?

Stefano: He said, "Look behind you."

E.J.: Father.

Stefano: He's paralyzed, Elvis -- the doctors say permanently -- and Bo Brady is responsible.

E.J.: Look, Father, there's something that you need to know.

Stefano: There's something that you need to know, too, my boy. We have to have a talk, you and I -- a long, long talk.

Maggie: Nick! Nick, answer me, please! Where are you?! Oh, my goodness.

Hope: Maggie, calm down.

Maggie: I know, but we got to keep looking.

Hope: We've been out here looking for hours.

Maggie: We don't know how badly he's hurt, Hope. I mean, they said he was unconscious for several minutes. He could be out here wandering around lost and not know where he is.

Bo: Hey, guys!

Hope: Bo.

Bo: You can stop searching the beach.

Maggie: What have you heard?

Bo: I just called Nick's bank. He used his credit card to purchase a plane ticket to Vegas. He should be landing pretty soon.

Maggie: Chelsea. Bo, he went to find Chelsea.

Rawlings: Well? Start talking, kid. What are you doing here?

Jeremy: Be cool, Rawlings. That's my cousin Nick. You hurt him, you'll have to deal with Aunt Maggie, and she's a lot tougher than she looks.

Rawlings: Cousin, huh? Sorry about that. Sorry if I made you soak your shorts. Can't be too careful. So I got to go move the merch onto the truck, so later.

Jeremy: Well?

Nick: Thank you for asking. Hey, that was a real gun, right?

Jeremy: Airport security. Nothing to worry about. It's all cool.

Nick: Cool.

Jeremy: What are you doing here anyway, Nicky? What's the do-rag about?

Nick: I have a date on the beach.

Jeremy: There's no beach here, bro. This is Nevada.

Nick: It is? W-what are you doing here? Where are you?

Jeremy: Have you been sniffing stuff out of the lab, man, or what?

Nick: What?! You're acting crazy. Hey, is it okay if I lie down for a second?

Jeremy: Lie down. No one's stopping you. Catch some Z’s.

Nick: You're -- you're a real...

Jeremy: Nick. Hey, Nick!

Roman: You guys are making no sense. You can't stay -- hell, you almost got killed tonight, along with Nick.

Sami: Come on, Dad.

Roman: You can't stay here, Sami!

Officer: Sir, we found something you might want to look at.

Roman: Did forensics check it out?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Roman: All right, good.

Lucas: What is it? What does it say?

Roman: "May the two of you live happily ever after in heaven, love, E.J."

Sami: What?

Lucas: E.J.'s behind this? What, E.J. tried to kill us tonight?

E.J.: Father, please, listen. I want you to know something. That's not Tony in there. That's André. It's been André the whole time.

Stefano: Yes, of course, it is.

E.J.: Wait a second. You know this?

Stefano: What, you really think I did not know the difference between my son and his cousin?

E.J.: So you knew the whole time that he was a fraud?

Stefano: Fraud? A fraud? This is the one son that did not disappoint me. Your brother was lacking in loyalty, strength of purpose. This man -- this man was the one son I could count on, and I honor him as he honors me.

E.J.: You've been pulling these strings the whole time, right?

Stefano: Always. You have disappointed me, Elvis. And if you decide to stand with my enemies, run from your heritage, sneer at your grandfather's wishes, well, then you must reap what you sow. Rolf!

E.J.: You know what? I came to Salem, and I did exactly as you asked. I succeeded in ways that nobody -- nobody in this family has ever done. A Brady woman is carrying my children, DiMera children.

Stefano: What good are grandchildren to a dead man, hmm? And even less a son with no backbone. Please, do me a favor. Get your stuff and get out, all right? Now out of my sight. It is the last time I want to look on your face. Go now! [Sighs]

Andre: [Laughing]

Stefano: Well, it is done. Andre, did you leave our little surprise with Elvis?

Andre: Hmm. It's all set to go off.

Stefano: Very good. Then it is done.

Bo: Maggie, come on. Take it easy.

Maggie: Don't tell me to take it easy. He had a bump on his head.

Bo: That might be all it is, a bump.

Maggie: And what if it's a lot worse? There must be something you can do. Can't you call the Las Vegas police and put out that, uh...

Hope: APB?

Bo: He has to be missing for 24 hours. You've been calling him on his cell, right?

Maggie: Yeah, it just goes to voice mail.

Hope: And I keep trying Chelsea, but still no answer.

Bo: He's a smart kid. If he's hurt bad, he'll get help.

Hope: Maggie, hey, Bo's right. He'll go to the hospital if something's gone wrong. Nick's not gonna take any chances. You know that. You know Nick.

Maggie: Yeah.

Jeremy: Okay, Nicky, open up. Come on, geekster. Back from the dead, big guy.

Nick: What happened?

Jeremy: You passed out.

Nick: I did? Oh, man. [Cellphone rings] Darn it.

Jeremy: Here, you got all the aspirin a genius can eat waiting back at the suite.

Jeremy: Hello?

Bo: Hey, Jeremy. It's Bo. Have you seen Nick?

Jeremy: I'm looking at him right now, but I don't think anyone's home, you know?

Bo: Yeah, I do. He got his bell rung pretty good. He should see a doctor. Can you take him in?

Maggie: Jeremy, this is your Aunt Maggie. Please keep your eyes on him. Please.

Jeremy: Got it. Don't worry. Check back with me in a couple hours. I'll give you an update. Not a problem. Ciao. So, geekenstein, looks like you got every Horton in Salem out trying to find you.

Nick: No, no, no, no. I got to find Chelsea.

Jeremy: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'll get you there. I know where Chelsea is.

Nick: Really? That's perfect.

Jeremy: But she might not be too happy when she sees you.

Nick: Why? She loves me. I'm a really sexy guy.

Jeremy: [Chuckles] Yeah, Nick, smokin'. But... you know that saying "what happens in Vegas..."

Nick: "Stays in Vegas." Right.

Jeremy: It doesn't say anything about boyfriend from home showing up. Comprendre vous, coz?

Sami: Dad, that doesn't even make sense. Why would he put his own business card on a bomb that he sent us?

Roman: Sami, I'm already there. I agree with you totally. Now, you two are headed someplace safe.

Sami: No, Dad, come on. This doesn't change anything. Let Stefano send all the DiMeras. Bring them on.

E.J.: Amazing. I don't think I could admire you any more.

Chelsea: What's my problem, Stephanie? You just threw my mom and Nick in my face for no reason.

Steve: Excuse me, but I was just trying to brag to my best friend about how in love and happy I am, only you had to make me feel paranoid about what Jeremy's doing.

Chelsea: You mean who he's doing. You know what, Stephanie? Why don't you go get an STD test? And if you come back negative, I'll take it back.

Stephanie: So nice to have the old Chelsea back.

Chelsea: Wait a second.

Jett: Where are you going?

Stephanie: To the casino. The air is too stale in here.

Jett: Well, if you think it's stale up here, wait till you smell the casino.

Chelsea: When did you get here?

Jett: Couple minutes ago. Thought you guys were in the hot tub. I was gonna join you. What's going on?

Chelsea: Nothing. Only the fact that your best friend is totally cheating on Stephanie, and he keeps buying her really expensive jewelry to, um, relieve his guilt. And you know what? No, I don't want to talk about. I'm just gonna go back in the hot tub.

Jett: Not yet you're not. We got to talk.

Chelsea: I don't want to talk about them.

Jett: About us.

Chelsea: What about us?

Jett: The kiss, remember? Our kiss, the one that came this close to happening.

Bo: With any luck, Jeremy will call us once he gets him to the doctor.

Anna: Bo, Hope. I'm so glad you're here.

Bo: Did you find Tony?

Anna: It's wonderful news. We found him -- the real Tony. I went with John and Marlena, and we found him and brought him back home.

Hope: Then it's true.

Bo: That's great. How's he doing?

Anna: He's...fine. No, he's better than fine. He's amazing... which is why I have to find Roman. Do you know where he is? Because we sort of need to touch base about a few things.

Bo: Well, he was over at Sami and Lucas', but probably back at the station by now.

Anna: Okay. If you see him first, would you ask him to call my cell?

Bo: Yeah, sure.

Hope: Anna, we're so happy for you.

Anna: Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! [Laughs]

Bo: Well, she sure seems --

Hope: Yeah, she sure does.

Bo: What?

Hope: What do you mean, "what?" You saw the look on her face. Your poor brother is about to get his heart broken.

E.J.: I got a phone call from the management company. They told me what happened. Is everybody okay? Are the twins okay?

Sami: Yes, yes. We're fine. We're all fine.

Lucas: Everybody's fine, except for Nick.

E.J.: N-Nick was here?

Sami: Yeah. Actually, thank God he was here because he took the hit. Thankfully, he wasn't killed.

Lucas: Yeah, no thanks to Stefano, not that he cares who gets hurt in this town or how badly.

E.J.: I'm really sorry if my family's behind this.

Lucas: No, I'm sorry. Did you just say "if"? Did he say "if"?

E.J.: Fine, obviously they are behind it. I just -- I really don't know what to say.

Roman: Well, you can start by telling us where you were, then.

E.J.: Yeah, I was at an sec meeting all evening. If you'd like a signed affidavit, I'm sure I could arrange that.

Roman: Good idea. You do that.

E.J.: Samantha, you have to know I had nothing to do with this.

Lucas: Oh, really? But you're happy to commit rape, shoot somebody in cold blood, but not leave a bomb, no. That's not you. You wouldn't do that.

E.J.: Lucas, I thought we'd agreed to end this hostility between us for the sake of our children, or did I misunderstand?

Stefano: How many times does my son have to be subjected again and again to the same tests with the same results, doctor?

Dr. Lewis: We are evalua–

Stefano: Hey, he cannot move, all right? I have absolutely no patience for medical incompetence. Now, you either find the cause and you start the treatment for my son's paralysis, or I will knock this hospital down to its knees! Understood?! [Laughing] Oh, these medical idiots. They are so easy. Thank goodness you don't have the same disease, Rolf.

Dr. Rolf: Disease?

Stefano: Yes, naiveté. Ah. At least we are not hobbled by that weakness. You see, that is one of the reasons why they underestimate us, my son.

Tony: And which son are you referring to, Stefano? It's not clear how many sons you have hidden away, sons that maybe nobody knows about, sons that have been missing for 20-odd years.

Stefano: My God. Tony?

Tony: [Exhales sharply] Yes, Stefano. I'm home. And it's so good to be back. [Chuckles]

Bo: After all these years, you still don't know my brother. Once Anna hooks up with Tony, he'll be handing out cigars.

Hope: You must really love changing Ciara's diapers and all that butt paste.

Bo: I'm telling you. He's gonna be relieved.

Hope: Maybe on the outside. But on the inside, the first night Roman spends alone, it's going to hit him.

Bo: Yeah, just how happy he is to be a bachelor.

Hope: You want to bet on that, double or nothing?

Bo: And you're gonna lose 'cause Roman's gonna be smiling, and you'll be pasting on the butt paste.

Hope: And if I'm not wrong and it hits him?

Bo: How can you top that last bet? You...what, want me to breast-feed?

Hope: Well, that's not going to work, is it?

Bo: [Laughing] No.

Hope: I want you to streak.

Bo: Streak?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Bo: You mean...

Hope: That's what I mean, as the day you were born, Brady, around the parking lot...twice.

Bo: No, that's not gonna happen.

Hope: N-no?

Bo: No.

Hope: Where's Bo Brady? W-w-w-- Bo? Where -- Bo? What -- whe-- what -- what happened to my Bo Brady, the man that I fell in love with, my "anything goes" Irish rebel who wouldn't think twice about risking it all on a dare with his flashing eyes... and his rock-hard chest.

Bo: Okay. All right. You got yourself a bet.

Hope: Hmm.

Bo: You win, I'll streak.

Hope: God, you're easy.

Bo: Never complained before.

Lucas: Our children, E.J.?

E.J.: For God's sake, Lucas, I was including you.

Lucas: Oh, you were, really?

Sami: Lucas, please.

E.J.: It was just a point. Let's not upset her. She's in her third trimester, for God's sake.

Lucas: Oh, no, no. Let's send her a bomb instead. That's a great idea.

Sami: Please don't do this. Just think about our twins, okay?

E.J.: All right, look. I understand the two of you are a little bit on edge. You've been through a lot. I will do everything that I can to help.

Roman: Does that include turning on Stefano?

E.J.: Look, we don't know that my father is behind this.

Roman: It's him or it's you.

Sami: And if that's true, E.J., you're in as much danger as we are.

E.J.: Well, I made my choice, and I don't particularly regret it. So, look, Roman, I give you my word. I will do everything that I can to keep Samantha safe and to protect her from --

Lucas: Wait, you're who we're protecting her from, all right? I don't care if she can't see it.

Sami: Enough of that. I am in the room, and I can make my own choices.

Roman: All right, Sami, and sending will to visit Carrie and Austin in Europe was one of your best ones. You wanted safety for your son. That's something you want for your twins, too.

Lucas: Of course you do, right, Sami?

Sami: Yes, of course I do. But, Dad, that's not fair. I-I don't want to go back to a safe house. I just can't take it again.

Roman: All right, fine, Sami. Then you'll come to my place. I'll keep an eye on you myself.

Sami: What?

Roman: You heard me. You're moving in with me.

Stefano: You're looking well, Tony. The South Pacific must have agreed with you.

Tony: As a matter of fact, it did. Andre... been a while, hasn't it? Time flies when you're having fun. But from the looks of you [Sighs] I think you went a little over the top.

Stefano: Leave him be, Tony. Poor André is helpless. He may never walk again.

Tony: Well, hallelujah! But lack of mobility certainly hasn't stopped you from being mischievous, has it? And you, Stefano, you're so vulgar. But then it pleases you, doesn't it, for people to see you that way. That's 'cause you have no compassion.

Stefano: Not for those who stand in my way.

Tony: No, for them you have the psychopath. But the tide is turning. All those people that you've attacked year after year are coming together, gaining strength -- Anna, Marlena, Roman, John.

Stefano: Ah, my best pawn.

Tony: My brother.

Stefano: Uh...half brother.

Tony: Yeah, my half brother which you never told me about. But, you know, I promise you one thing -- I will not rest until I see you and your minions get hurt the way you've hurt people for so many years. Your reign of terror is over! Period!

Sami: Dad, we really appreciate the offer -- we really do -- but this is our home. And we haven't even had a chance to make it feel like a home for the twins yet or for me.

Lucas: I got to agree with Sami. I'm sorry, Roman.

Sami: Dad, I know this is hard for you to understand, but we haven't had a chance to turn the room into a nursery yet for the twins or anything. I was talking to Belle, and she was talking about how stressed out she is having to go from place to place with Claire, and she just didn't feel like she had a choice. But I have a choice, and I want to stay put.

Lucas: I'm with Sami on this. I always will be. You can post as many guards as you want outside, but when it comes to protecting her and the twins inside, that's my job. And I promise I'll do it.

Sami: Dad, we don't want to take any unnecessary risks, but this is important to both of us. We want to stay here.

Roman: You know what, daughter? You drive me crazy sometimes. But okay. If it's guards you want, it's guards you get. You better damn well keep an eye on her and these babies. You hear me?

Lucas: You got my word.

Roman: I love you so much, okay? All right. Good night. I'll be in touch. Take care.

Lucas: I will. Thank you.

Sami: Dad, thanks.

Lucas: Now, as for you --

E.J.: I couldn't agree more, Lucas. I think what we all need to do is relax. I think we should play a game of hearts. Do you want me to deal? Do you have some cards?

Chelsea: Jett, can I be honest with you?

Jett: It's what I'm looking for.

Chelsea: Good. I am so tired of obsessing over relationships. Kiss, no kiss, whatever. I really don't care anymore. All I want to do is go relax in that hot tub for the rest of the night.

Jett: No. Oh, no. You're not getting out of it that easy.

Chelsea: Jett, it was a moment. It's not a big deal if we don't make it a big deal.

Jett: I can live with that. I feel the same way.

Chelsea: Yeah, you actually made that quite clear when you told me to leave.

Jett: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry about that.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Jett: No, really. I'm a jackass. I, uh... I was really mad at myself.

Chelsea: Could have fooled me.

Jett: I was just using you to get over Danielle.

Chelsea: Wow. You just put it all out there.

Jett: Figure I owe you that much.

Chelsea: Well, that's fine because, truth is, I was using you, too, kind of. So forgive and forget.

Jett: All right. Works for me.

Chelsea: Don't just stand there. Come on.

Jett: Ah, that's good. Mmm. [Sighs] Would have been kind of crazy to let a little thing like a kiss get us all weirded out, you know?

Chelsea: Yeah. It's not even a kiss -- a non-kiss.

Jett: Exactly.

Chelsea: What matters is not letting things that don't happen get in the way of something that's...

Jett: Good.

Chelsea: Right. Yeah.

Jett: Absolutely.

Stefano: Bravo, Tony. Bravo! Not even Puccini himself could have written a better Aria. Mmm. You know, one thing you have never lacked, and that is a sense of drama. And I could swear -- I'm not sure, but if I didn't know better, I think you get that from me, no?

Tony: Perhaps. And perhaps I've internalized more than you know. And it may prove to be more of a threat to you than you imagine. I can't wait to find out. Can you?

Roman: Stefano.

Tony: Roman. Aren't you looking well?

Roman: Tony!

Tony: Yes, the one and only. But, of course, we both know better.

Roman: Well, damn, you look good yourself. And I did hear that John and Marlena's trip was a success.

Tony: I don't think this is the time or place to have this discussion, but Anna and I would like to have you over for dinner. Yes, I'll check with her, and then I'll get back to you. We'll set a date.

Roman: Okay. Yeah, yeah. That's a good idea. In the meantime...

Tony: Ah, yes. You need to speak to Stefano and my imitation. [Laughs]

Roman: Stefano, thought I'd let you know. The bomb outside my daughter's apartment -- you missed again.

Stefano: A bomb? Well, I certainly hope no one got hurt.

Roman: Whoever planted it's trying to blame E.J.

Stefano: Well, you know, how we can tell that it was not E.J., I don't know.

Roman: Well, you see, after the smoke cleared, the smell that was left is the same one I'm smelling here right now, like an old man about to die. You know what, Stefano? We need to settle this real quick, before the big party when we all get to stomp dirt around your little pine box.

Stefano: Oh, please, make it mahogany, at least, with a little gilding.

Roman: Well, whatever it is, Stefano, I'll be dancing on it. A lot of people will. Meantime, I think you should spend some quality time here with André. He's going to prison real soon.

Stefano: Is that all?

Roman: Just the beginning, old man, of the end. Now, you all have a nice night, folks. Welcome back, Tony. Officer...

[Door closes]

Roman: Nobody gets in there the rest of the night. You understand that? Any trouble, call me immediately.

Officer: Trouble? One of the guys is paralyzed. The other's in a wheelchair.

Roman: Just call me. You got that?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Roman: Okay, get back to your post.

Tony: Roman. Um, if there is anything I can do to help end the vendetta between the two families, count me in.

Roman: John and Marlena told me that you told them that Stefano's got some kind of key that might help us.

Tony: Yes, Stefano always said to me it was the key to ending the vendetta, literally.

Roman: Then you know what to do. You find out what lock that goes in, get your hands on that key, whatever the cost.

Hope: Want to practice stripping down, seeing how fast you can do it?

Bo: You laugh while you can. Roman is gonna love his freedom.

Hope: We'll see.

Bo: Believe me.

Tony: Hello, everyone.

Bo: Hey, Tony.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, Tony. Oh, my gosh. Oh, it's been years.

Tony: You haven't changed at all. Hello. Good to see you.

Anna: Wait till you hear. Wait till you hear. Tony's just come from seeing Stefano.

Tony: Yes. I told him I came back to bring him down.

Hope: Right!

Bo: It's good to have you back, man.

Tony: Thank you.

Anna: I'm so proud of him.

Roman: Well, I guess you already know that John and Marlena found Tony. You know what? I got some other things to do someplace else.

Anna: Oh, honey, I'll be right back. Roman? Roman? Please...

Hope: Looks like someone's trying to hold on however he can. Running out on the bad news before the shoe drops.

Bo: Hope --

Hope: Speaking of dropping -- and I don't mean shoes.

Bo: [Chuckles]

Hope: [Laughs]

Lucas: You got to be out of your mind. No way we're playing hearts with you.

E.J.: I see. More of a gin rummy man.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Oh, I see. We're trying to be funny now, right?

E.J.: Yes, Lucas. I'm trying to be funny. I'm trying to help everybody relax a little bit. Can we start thinking of me as a neighbor, as your friend, and not the devil incarnate?

Lucas: Well, the neighbor is easy 'cause that's a fact. But you know what? I'll be civil in front of Sami and for the twins, but I'll never be your friend. So don't hold your breath, all right? Oh, wait. Actually, better yet, hold your breath.

E.J.: Lucas, I understand. I'm just grateful that the two of you are okay.

Lucas: Yeah, sure you are. Blah, blah, blah. Well, we really hate to see you go now.

E.J.: Look, no matter what the two of you think of me, I think of you as my friends.

Lucas: Okay, all right. Well, doesn't matter to me, but, friend, cheerio. [British accent] Hurry up. You don't want the door to hit you on your way out, do you?

Chelsea: Well, I'm glad that we talked all this out.

Jett: Yeah. It's good to get things out in the open. And who knows? We might become closer because of it.

Chelsea: Closer?

Jett: Closer friends.

Chelsea: Right.

Jett: Yeah. [Exhales heavily] Are you feeling what I'm feeling?

Chelsea: Hot, you mean?

Jett: Yeah.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Jett: But, like, real hot. Like we better do something about it before someone passes out.

Chelsea: Yeah, you're right. Time to cool off.

Jett: Yeah. [Sighs] The air feels good.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Jett: It's quite a night.

Chelsea: Yeah, really beautiful.

Jett: Yeah.

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, um... all the lights on the strip and the -- the moon.

Jett: Yeah. The moon is beautiful.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Jett: Well, I'm gonna dry off. Hand?

Chelsea: Oh, thank you, sir.

Jett: You're welcome, ma'am. Whoa!

Chelsea: I'm sorry.

Jett: It's all right.

Dr. Lewis: Yes, Roman Brady, please. It's Dr. Lewis. Well, tell him to get back to the hospital right away. Andre DiMera's missing. We don't know how, but the man's gone. [Door closes]

Roman: Hope, André's on the loose again.

Hope: What?

Roman: Got a call from the hospital. He's gone.

Hope: How is that possible? Bo said he was paralyzed.

Roman: Neck down. I don't know how they pulled it off. Seems as if Stefano has disappeared, too. Where in the hell's Bo? Where'd he run off to?

Hope: Funny you should use that word.

Roman: What word?

[Door opens]

Bo: Okay, that was two... hey, Roman.

Roman: Not gonna ask.

Hope: Andre escaped.

Bo: What?

Roman: Yeah, seems he was faking the paralysis, but my bet is Stefano's about to make his move.

Bo: Well, let's go get him.

Roman: Maybe you should put some pants on first.

Bo: Look, Roman...

Roman: No, no, no. See, I'm done looking as much as I need to look. Um, why don't you get dressed? We'll go look for him. I mean, who knows? With a little luck, maybe we'll catch someone with their pants down. You look very cute.

Hope: [Laughs]

Bo: Yeah. Funny.

E.J.: So, if you need me, I'll be just down the hall.

Lucas: That's right. You were gonna move out. I remember that promise.

E.J.: Lucas, it was a promise that was made under very different circumstances.

Lucas: When I make a promise, I keep it.

E.J.: Okay. Well, here's one I will keep. I'm gonna do what's best for both of you and for the twins. And I don't need to give you my word on that, but I'm gonna prove it to you. Samantha.

Lucas: Don't worry about Samantha. She'll be fine. As for your actions, yeah, I'll be watching you. Don't worry about that. [Beeping]

Sami: Uh, E.J., what's wrong?

E.J.: Is it me or...

Lucas: Or what?

E.J.: Is my briefcase beeping?

Sami: Oh, my God. Not again.

Max: I just want to know that you're okay.

Ilsa: I cannot talk to you.

Max: I'm one of the good guys. I swear, Ilsa. Come on.

Guy: Hey, little lady's with me, so just back off, Jack.

Bo: Something on your mind?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I'm thinking about asking Belle to marry me.

Belle: You are a girl's dream come true.

Lucas: Sami, it's a bomb! Get out of the way!

Sami: Lucas, no!

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