Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/19/07 - Canada; Friday 7/20/07 - U.S.A.


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Stephanie: Max Brady, check you out. I mean, you're looking pretty comfortable behind that bar there.

Max: Yeah, well, Pop wasn't feeling so hot, so I said I'd step in for a little while.

Stephanie: Hmm, such a good son. You know, Chelsea and I could really use some of your expertise on serving drinks.

Max: No, um, no, I'm not gonna -- I'm not flight attendant material, thanks.

Stephanie: I think you'd look pretty cute in our uniform.

Max: Well, thank you, but no thank you.

Stephanie: Yeah, I mean, why should you? You're a partner. All the perks, no hassles. You don't have to work for your money. You got your money working for you. That's how it should be.

Max: Exactly.

Stephanie: I mean, thank God for Jeremy, right? If it weren't for him, you'd probably still be, like, rotating tires and stuff.

Max: Yeah, thank God for Jeremy.

Stephanie: What's got you bugged?

Max: Just forget it, okay?

Stephanie: No, you're always on Jay's case. You're telling me why.

Max: Look, all I'm saying is just be smart, okay, Steph? Just keep an eye on Jeremy.

Stephanie: Like you don't think I should trust him or something? Aren't you the hypocrite? You trusted him enough to get into business with him.

Max: Yeah, well, maybe that's not gonna last.

Jeremy: Hey.

Stephanie: Hey.

Jeremy: Great news, guys. We got a last-minute trip to Vegas, so pack your stuff. We're leaving tonight.

Stephanie: Tonight? That's not much notice.

Jeremy: You got something better to do?

Stephanie: No, I mean, Chelsea and Nick have these big plans tonight.

Jeremy: I wouldn't worry about our girl Chelse. I sent someone to have a talk with her.

Nick: Well, you thought of everything.

Chelsea: You know, I was actually gonna hire a strolling violinist, too, but I couldn't find one on such short notice.

Nick: Shall I do the honors?

Chelsea: This was the first time I was able to buy alcohol, you know, with a fake -- well, a real I.D.

Nick: Very empowering, isn't it?

Chelsea: Oh, definitely.

Nick: Here you go.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Nick: Cheers. Oh, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I got excited.

Nick: Um...what is this stuff?

Chelsea: I don't know. I just got it 'cause I thought the label looked cool.

Nick: That's like buying a car because you like the color of it.

Chelsea: No, it's not. Jeez, I didn't know you were such a wine snob.

Nick: I'm not. I didn't know that it's not supposed to fizz when you pour it.

Chelsea: Do not insult my wine, please.

Nick: How much did it cost, like $3, $5? [Laughs] You know, the way we left things, it kind of seemed like you didn't want anything to do with me.

Chelsea: Oh?

Nick: I mean, obviously, I'm glad we're good now, but...did something happen?

Jett: Whoa, what are you doing?

Chelsea: No, I'm just -- I'm just glad that we finally have a chance to be alone together, you know? And I am all yours for the rest of the night.

Jett: Chelsea?

Marlena: Tony, Tony, you can't refuse. You have to come with us.

Tony: I'm sorry.

Marlena: We need you. We need your help.

John: You know, she's right. If we're ever gonna end this thing with the DiMeras, you've got to help us.

Tony: I can't.

John: Don't say you can't. You got to do something here. I mean, come on, you're the only one who really knows... listen, man, you are the only one who knows Stefano. You know what's going on inside that twisted skull of his. You got to help us, man.

Tony: What, you don't think I know he's a psychopath? He had me imprisoned in the dungeon. He framed me for murder. He destroyed every relationship that I ever had that had any meaning to me. You wonder why I don't want to see him again? No, sorry. Stefano DiMera is no longer part of my life.

Sami: Feels good to be home, huh?

Lucas: Yes. It sure does, doesn't it?

Sami: So, I can't believe you bought us strawberries. I think we should take advantage of our privacy, you know... while we still have the chance.

Lucas: What a good idea. Oh, wait, wait, wait.

Sami: What?

Lucas: I got ice cream.

Sami: What?

Lucas: Ice cream. I got ice cream. It's melting in the car.

Sami: It's in the car? What are you talking about?

Lucas: It's gonna melt all over my leather seats. And it's real leather. It's not the fake stuff, either, sweetheart.

Sami: Lucas, you're not seriously leaving. Get back here.

Lucas: What? Come on. [Beeping]

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Sami: Wait just one second there, mister. I think the ice cream can wait, and I know I can't.

Lucas: [Chuckles] You're right. We'll just get seat covers. Yeah?

Sami: [Giggles] Lucas.

Marlena: Tony, I can see how you would be reluctant to face Stefano again after all these years, but you might find that therapeutic.

John: Yeah, you don't want to spend the rest of your life here, do you?

Tony: Why not? Lots of fresh air, plenty of sunshine, fresh fish. It's as close to heaven as one can get.

Marlena: And I can see that it has its advantages.

John: No Stefano, for one thing.

Marlena: Oh, Tony. Tony, come on, it's me. You are a wine connoisseur. You're a gourmet. Aren't you a little...kind of hungry for the taste of a nice Bordeaux in a charming French restaurant?

Tony: You are funny, Marlena. I love my life here. I -- it's simple. But it's comfortable.

Marlena:'s a chance to return to civilization. You've got friends you haven't seen for years. Please, please, come on. Just consider it.

Tony: [Sighs] You're right. There are people I would love to see...but not Stefano. I'm sorry. Marlena, please. Until Stefano's dead and buried, this is my home.

John: Hmm.

Marlena: Oh, gosh.

Jeremy: So, can we count you in for Vegas?

Max: I don't know. I told Pop I'd give him a hand around here.

Jeremy: Hey, I can't fly without my main man. We're partners, bro.

Max: Well, maybe I'm rethinking that, bro.

Jeremy: Hey, babe, can you give me a couple minutes to talk to my partner?

Stephanie: Yeah. Max, you'd be crazy to give this up. Touch the Sky is gonna be huge.

Jeremy: Hey, if this is about catching me with that babe, you were right, okay? I was a jerk.

Max: Maybe I just don't want to be partners anymore.

Jeremy: I bet this will change your mind. Go ahead, rich boy. A little bonus from the boss man.

Max: Well, what's it for? Why am I getting it?

Jeremy: It seems our guy in Vegas is so amped about the merchandise we've been bringing him that he's doing a little, shall we say...profit sharing.

Max: Keep it. I don't want it.

Nick: Look who's here.

Jett: I'm sorry, guys. I know I'm interrupting.

Chelsea: No, it's okay. Um, Nick and I were just hanging out.

Jett: I tried your cell. I just kept going straight through to voice mail.

Chelsea: So, anyway, what's up?

Jett: We're making a run to Vegas tonight.

Chelsea: Tonight? Really?

Jett: We take off in a couple hours. Can we count you in?

Chelsea: Yeah, of course.

Nick: Oh.

Chelsea: I mean, it is kind of last minute, though.

Jett: Yeah, I know it's a lot to ask, but, um, what can I say? Business has really picked up. We're gonna add a couple flights a week now.

Chelsea: Really?

Jett: But, hey, look, you've obviously got your own thing going on here, so why don't you skip it? I mean, we got some girls who --

Chelsea: No, no, no, I'll go.

Jett: Really? You're saying you can go?

Chelsea: Yeah, why not?

Jett: Okay, I'll give Jay a call and say we are on.

Nick: Oh, um, just hold on one sec.

Chelsea: Nick.

Nick: I thought we had the rest of the night.

Chelsea: I know, but this is work. I need the money for college.

Nick: Well, I'm not asking you to quit. I just thought tonight was gonna be about us.

Chelsea: [Clears throat] I'm really sorry about this, Jett.

Jett: Oh, no, no problem. I mean, I should be the one saying sorry. I don't mean to have messed things up for you guys.

Chelsea: No, you didn't. You know what? Can you, um, can you just give us two minutes?

Jett: Yeah, sure. No problem. Hey, why don't you just give me a call, let me know either way?

Chelsea: Okay, thanks.

Jett: Later, Nick.

Nick: Bye, Jett.

Chelsea: What is wrong with you, Nick? I thought we got past all this.

Nick: I just want to spend some alone time with my girlfriend. What's wrong with that?

Chelsea: Nothing, but can't we do that when I get back?

Nick: Okay. If you want to go, then you should go.

Chelsea: I mean, do you seriously not get it? It's work. Jett's my boss. If he tells me I'm gonna have to do a little extra work, then I'm gonna have to do it.

Nick: Then why are you pretending like we're gonna talk this out? Or did you say that for Jett's benefit?

Jeremy: Don't want it? Dude, are you on crack? You earned it, buddy. Take a trip. Get yourself those new rims. Have some fun.

Max: Look, I've already made twice as much as I invested. It's cool.

Jeremy: You can't be serious. You're saying no to all this cash?

Max: I just -- maybe I want to take a break from the business.

Jeremy: You can't do that. We're in this together. We have commitments, so take the money and come with us to Vegas.

Max: I don't think so.

Stephanie: Board meeting over?

Jeremy: Do you know what's going on with him?

Stephanie: Hey, Max, why don't you tell Jeremy what you were telling me, how you don't trust him?

Max: Look, I never said that.

Jeremy: Hold up. So you got a problem with me? Look, man, if you're upset about something, let's hear it.

John: Well...we gave it a shot. What do you say we just --

Marlena: You know, no, wait. Let me try something.

John: Okay.

Marlena: Tony... I've never known you to be afraid of anything. I can't imagine that you're actually afraid to confront Stefano.

Tony: Afraid? [Chuckles] Of my father? Oh, please, hardly. I just don't want to see him. There's no reason.

Marlena: Well, how about your friends need you? That's a pretty good reason.

Tony: You know, Marlena, I'm really sorry I'm disappointing you, but there's nothing you can say to me that would change my mind to go back.

Anna: Damn heat. Jeez, what I wouldn't give for a Mai Tai and a Cabana Boy.

Tony: Anna?

Anna: Oh, my God. I must have heatstroke.

Tony: No. It's uh... uh, no, it's me -- Tony.

Anna: Tony. [Both chuckle]

Tony: What the hell are you doing here?

Marlena: Surprise. [Laughter]

Jeremy: Anything you have to say, you can say in front of Steph. We have no secrets, right, babe?

Stephanie: That's right.

Max: Look, let's just forget it, okay?

Jeremy: Sounds good to me. Oh, and I believe this is yours. So we're still partners, then? Wise move, Brady, 'cause it's only gonna get better. And that, my friend, you can take to the bank. [Door opens] [Door closes]

Jett: What's up, people?

Stephanie: Hey.

Max: Yo, Jett, what's up?

Jett: How you doing?

Jeremy: How's it going, buddy?

Jett: What's up, bad boy? Hey, gorgeous.

Jeremy: Where's Chelse?

Jett: I don't think she's gonna be making it, bro.

Stephanie: Told you.

Jeremy: Why not?

Jett: She wanted to come, but her boy, Nick, was giving her some static, you know?

Jeremy: Yeah, I'll bet. He is a piece of work, that guy. Is Chelsea ever gonna get a clue?

Max: Hey, he's your cousin. Don't trash-talk him.

Jeremy: I'm not. I just think he needs to lighten up a little bit, you know, learn to have some fun.

Max: Why are you always putting people down, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Nick's not even here.

Max: That doesn't make it okay.

Stephanie: Okay, all right, guys, cool it, okay?

Jeremy: What did I do?

Stephanie: Let's go get a table and fuel up for the flight. Come on.

Jett: You know, you two really ought to work this thing out.

Max: Why is everyone giving that guy a free pass?

Jett: Because. Just let it go, man.

Max: You know, you are just like everyone else. You know that, Jett?

Jett: Come off it, Max.

Max: No, I mean it. Yeah, yeah, you guys flew missions together in the air force, right? You owe him.

Jett: Yeah, we did, and I do.

Max: I tell you that he is cheating on Steph, and you turn the other way?

Jett: So, I try and stay out of his personal life.

Max: So you're telling me that you just don't give a damn that he has the morals of a drunken sailor, is that it?

Jett: Would you come off it, Max? I mean, you're filthy yourself. And if you're so concerned about his morals, why don't you be the one to tell Stephanie the truth?

Tony: Oh, my God. It's like you just stepped out of the past. You look so beautiful.

Anna: Yeah, well, give or take 20 years.

Tony: I never dreamed I'd see you again.

Anna: Well, you know when we heard, I -- I just knew you were still alive. You had to be because we went through so much together.

Tony: Yeah. We did. Oh, it's so good to see you.

Anna: Stop right there.

Tony: I'm sorry?

Anna: Don't come any closer.

John: Whoa, hey, hey. What's going on?

Anna: Well, we've been tricked before, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let that happen again.

Marlena: Anna, this is Tony.

Anna: Oh, really? Well, how can you be sure? I mean, maybe this is just André trying to pull another fast one on us.

Tony: No, Anna, it's really -- it's me. It's Tony. It is. Let me show you. Just let me hug you.

Anna: No, no, no. No, you hold it right there. Maybe this will help you remember who you really are.

Stephanie: Okay, so, what do you want? We can get burger and fries. We can share something. Jeremy? Would you forget about Max for like two seconds?

Jeremy: I go out of my way for that guy. I bring him in on the ground floor of a business that's gonna make him a rich man, and this is how he repays me, by treating me like crap?

Stephanie: Maybe Max is more of a small-time guy than we thought. Taking a risk freaks him out.

Jeremy: Yeah, well, next time old Maxwell gives me any attitude, he's not getting off so easy.

Max: If I tell her that her boyfriend's a two-timing jerk, she's gonna think I have it out for Jeremy. That's if I don't totally break her heart.

Jett: Then she's just gonna have to work it out for herself, then, ain't she?

Max: Yeah, but she might be way too in love with him by then and get really hurt.

Jett: Not necessarily.

Max: What do you mean?

Jett: Do you really want to blow Jeremy out of the water? Maybe we can help each other.

Chelsea: Nick, you've got to let me live my life. You don't mind if I take the wine, do you?

Nick: What are you doing?

Chelsea: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm packing my things so I can go home and pack stuff for Vegas. Will you move, please? Nick, move.

Nick: You are going to Vegas.

Chelsea: Yeah, I am. Look, I'm sorry that our night together didn't work out. I really am, know something? If the situation had been reversed and it was you that got called in to work, I would have been totally fine postponing all of this, and you know it. You know what? If you do have a problem with me going to Vegas for work...maybe you're right. Maybe we should break up.

Sami: You know what would be so great right now?

Lucas: What? Some of my melted ice cream in my car?

Sami: No, I forgot about that, but, no, actually I was thinking about some curry.

Lucas: Oh, curry and strawberries? Honey, not even maternity cravings justify that.

Sami: Come on. It's not that bad. Just think about the sweet and the spicy.

Lucas: That's disgusting.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Good thing I'm making dinner tonight, which reminds me. I got to check on it real quick. Let me up for just a second.

Sami: Okay, okay.

Lucas: I'll be back.

Sami: Hey, what is it? What are you making?

Lucas: I'm not gonna tell you. It's a surprise, but it's got nothing to do with curry or strawberries. You can bet on that.

Sami: Oh, man.

Lucas: No, sorry. Just a couple more minutes and we'll be fine.

Sami: You know what? I want to tell you, I'm really impressed.

Lucas: It's just a little dinner, you know? It's not like lobster thermidor.

Sami: [Laughs] That is not what I'm impressed by. I want you to know how much it means to me that you wanted to work things out with E.J., that you made peace with him.

Lucas: Well, good. Just make me a promise, okay?

Sami: Anything.

Lucas: When the twins are all grown up, I won't have to suck up to E.J. anymore and you'll let me kick the crap out of him.

Sami: I'll do you one better. I want to make the first punch.

Lucas: Yeah? You? My fighting woman.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Bringing-up-baby woman.

John: Relax, Anna. Come on, just give me the gun.

Anna: Stay back, John.

John: Easy, easy.

Anna: You know what we're gonna do now? We're gonna play a little "Q" and "A," Tony. How does that sound, huh? Just like all those years ago on the island, after the plane crash. Do you remember that?

Tony: Vaguely.

Anna: Yeah, well, I seem to remember that there were a few questions about your identity even then.

Tony: I am Tony. Ask me a question.

Anna: Well, let me think, um, look, okay, much money did Tony invest in Anna DiMera designs?

Tony: How much money? Uh...

Anna: You don't know, do you? You don't know.

Tony: Yes, Anna, I know. I made a deal. I remember when I made the deal, I said to you if I put up the first half and you find another investor to put up the other half. That's it, that's it. I remember the deal. It was, of course. I'm right, aren't I? Of course I'm right.

Anna: Y-y-you could have found that out very easily.

Tony: Well, then, ask me a more difficult question, then. Come on.

Anna: Um...

Tony: What?

Anna: Okay, this is something only Tony -- okay, who -- who -- what was the name of the man who was going to put us in that European show?

Anna: You got your thinking cap on?

Tony: Anna, would you just please put that gun down?

Anna: Question number one -- how much money did you invest in my design company?

Tony: How the hell do I know? I mean, that was at least 20 years ago.

Anna: [Chuckling] Oh, well, we're not off to a very good start, now, are we? Okay, I'll give you one more question, and you better have the answer.

Tony: You know, this is unreasonable.

Anna: Second question -- there was a man who wanted to put my designs in the European showing. Give me his name. Anything -- his first, his last. I'll take anything.

Tony: I -- d-d-d -- I can't remember all that. I mean, why don't you ask me something I remember, like what food I liked or what street I grew up on?

Anna: Sorry. Game over. You just proved that you are not the real Tony.

Marlena: Anna, don't do this. Anna, Anna, just listen to reason.

Anna: I am so afraid. There's just only one thing I can do.

Tony: Anna...listen to me. If you do this, if you take my life, you'll destroy yours, and they'll take you away. There will be no spa. There will be no mascara.

Marlena: Lip gloss.

Tony: Yeah, yeah.

Marlena: And chocolate toffee.

Tony: Yes.

Marlena: Anna, please, please don't do this.

Anna: For God sakes, am I the only one who can tell this is not the real Tony?

Tony: Well, who in the hell do you think I am?

Anna: Well, it's obvious you're André. It's the only logical explanation.

Marlena: Logical? Then who's in the hospital in Salem?

Anna: Well, that must be Tony. I mean, unless something, somehow -- hey! No, let go of me. Let go of me.

Tony: [Laughs] Oh, Anna. You know what's so wonderful? I may not remember all the minor details, but I do remember the big picture of how much I loved you.

Anna: I said let go of me.

Tony: [Chuckles] Anna, we used to own DiMera designs together. We were on our way to Haiti on a plane for a shoot, remember? And the plane went down. That's when my mother died.

Anna: Yeah, well, you could have found that out anywhere. That doesn't prove a thing. Doesn't prove anything.

Tony: All right. Claus Van Zandt. How's that for proof? Huh? What?

Anna: Oh, my God.

Tony: The last time I spoke to you. He had framed you for his murder, and, oh, my God. That's when he kidnapped me right before your eyes.

Anna: That's it. That's the last time I ever saw you. Your voice kept fading and fading away and you were gone. Oh, my God. I can't believe –

John: This, uh...could become a little contagious.

Marlena: Oh. [Cellphone rings]

Chelsea: Hello?

Nick: Chelsea, I'm really sorry about what I said. Sometimes I just open my mouth without even thinking.

Chelsea: I just think that we need some time apart.

Nick: much time apart? I mean, can't we just talk about this? Can't we just really talk about everything when you get back from Las Vegas?

Chelsea: Nick, we'll figure it out, okay? I got to go.

Nick: I love you.

Chelsea: Yeah. You too.

Max: Okay, I'm listening. How are we gonna blow him out of the water?

Jett: Well, we can start by taking a good look at that merchandise you guys are moving. Can you get a look at the goods?

Max: Yeah, I already did, last trip. Jer showed me himself. And I got to say, his story's pretty straight.

Jett: Designer clothes.

Max: I was surprised, too. But I was relieved, 'cause I'm telling you, my mind was going some pretty dark places. The money we're making in this is huge.

Jett: All for a few pair of designer knock offs.

Max: It's weird, I know. What else do you want me to do? Do you want me to hire a P.I.?

Jett: There you go. A P.I.

Max: You seriously want me to hire a P.I.?

Jett: No, Max. I want you to be the P.I.

Max: You mean like spy on Jeremy?

Jett: Hell yeah. What do you say? Are you down?

[Cellphone rings]

Nick: Chelsea. Oh. Hey, Dr. Stall. No, no, no, no. It's not a bad time. What's up? The DNA results from Samantha Roberts' amnio? Yeah, yeah, I did them. Can you tell me the -- they are? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you, Dr. Stall. I have to tell Sami and Lucas.

Sami: Oh.

Lucas: Here, I'll give it to you.

Sami: No, no, it's okay. You can have it. I already ate most of them anyway.

Lucas: That's true. You did. I thought you were going for some record or something.

Sami: Hey! What are you talking about? You know what? I felt obligated to eat them because there's milk chocolate on the strawberry and the whipped cream is my calcium intake for the day.

Lucas: Oh, right. Yeah, right. That's like saying ketchup is a vegetable.

Sami: Well, it is...sort of. Well, except for that it's not because it's actually a fruit, technically. Oh, ooh!

Lucas: What?

Sami: They're kicking. Yeah, right here. I guess they like the strawberries.

Lucas: I guess so. Feels like a regular football practice in there.

Sami: Speaking of which, let's just be clear right now -- my daughter is not playing football.

Lucas: Oh, don't be like that. Don't be a sexist.

Sami: I'm not being sexist. I'm just making it clear that my little girl's gonna be a princess. No football.

Lucas: Okay. Well, our son is gonna be a stud. He's gonna be playing football. Playing football, real football, where they tackle and hit people and score touchdowns.

Sami: Dangerous.

Lucas: My kids are gonna play American sports, not that European soccer-kickball stuff.

Sami: You just called them your kids.

Lucas: You're right. I did, didn't I? It's kind of cool. How do you like that?

Sami: I think it's the sexiest thing I've ever heard.

Anna: Ooh. [Laughs] There's no doubt now. It's you, Tony. It's really you.

Tony: Oh, how I've missed that face and that touch and that laughter. [Laughs]

Anna: Oh, I've dreamed of this so many times. Feeling your arms around me and waking up alone.

Tony: I promise you, Anna, this is not a dream.

Anna: You promise me that you'll never leave me again.

Tony: [Laughs]

Marlena: Tony.

Anna: What?

Marlena: Well, Tony had said to us that he wasn't planning to go back to Salem.

Anna: Is this true?

Tony: Well, yeah, but that was before I saw you. [Both chuckle]

Marlena: Does that mean you changed your mind? You'll come back with us and help us deal with Stefano?

Anna: Tony!

Tony: Oh.

Anna: Tony.

Tony: Oh.

John: Well, Tony, you got a decision to make. Will you stay or will you go?

Tony: [Laughing] Why are you crying?

Anna: Because I'm happy. Well, wouldn't you cry if all your dreams came true?

Tony: My dreams have come true.

Anna: Oh, I'm sure I look a mess. I'll be right back.

John: Hey, Tony...can you, um, tell us any more about this key that you were talking about?

Marlena: The one Stefano always has with him?

Tony: Yes, he always did.

John: Okay, so can you tell us what it looks like?

Tony: Well, it wasn't very large. was unusual in the sense that it looked like it was solid gold, and if it wasn't, it certainly looked like that.

Marlena: Gold?

Tony: But it was in its shape, um...the way it was cut. It wasn't yesterday or 20 years ago. It looked old.

John: Interesting. Do you know what the key unlocks? Box, door?

Tony: No, all I can remember is what Stefano told me, is that the secret to the ending of the DiMera vendetta is hidden away, and it is that key that will unlock that secret. Ah, that's better. No more tears. Hmm, that fragrance.

Anna: Yes, it's your favorite perfume.

Tony: Oh, how sweet of you to remember.

Anna: You know, I just can't believe that you're coming home to Salem with me. We have a lot of lost time to make up for, you know.

Tony: Maybe I can come and stay with you. I don't want to be presumptuous.

Marlena: As long as Roman doesn't mind.

Anna: Oh, well.

Tony: Excuse me?

Anna: Um...

Marlena: I just meant... well, you are living with Roman, aren't you?

Jett: Look, you don't have to go all 007 on the guy. Just keep your eyes open. You know, ask a few questions and see what shows up on our good friend Jeremy.

Chelsea: Hey, guys.

Max: Oh, hey, Chelsea.

Jett: Uh, listen, I'm sorry about crashing your party on the beach earlier.

Chelsea: No, don't worry about it, really.

Jett: Well, I'm glad you could make it. Wouldn't be the same without you.

Chelsea: So, are we leaving soon?

Jett: Ooh, yeah. Yo, Jay.

Jeremy: Looks like you're making the trip. Nice.

Stephanie: Thank God. The other girl who was taking your place is a total you know what.

Jeremy: Doesn't look near as hot in the outfit, either, huh, Jett?

Chelsea: You're such a dork.

Jeremy: Hey, if everybody's ready, let's split for the airport. Last one there buys the first round in Vegas.

Chelsea: Hey, Max, are you coming?

Max: Yeah, you know what? I think I will. I'm just gonna go tell mom and Pop.

Jett: So, you need a ride?

Chelsea: No, I think I'll just wait with Max.

Jett: Okay. You know, um, Jeremy's right, though. You do look really hot in that outfit.

Chelsea: Whatever. [Cellphone rings] It's probably Nick. He keeps calling.

Jett: Is he okay with this?

Chelsea: It doesn't really matter what he thinks, does it? It's my job, right?

Jett: Well, you did choose work over him, Chelse. I mean, who can blame him for feeling a little jerked around? I'll see you at the airport.

Lucas: Dinner is almost ready.

Sami: Smells good.

Lucas: Yeah? We got enough. We got enough for the whole defensive line for the Chicago Bears. Don't worry about it.

Sami: Well, that sounds good. Is there anything I can do to help?

Lucas: No, I got it. Everything's good. [Doorbell rings] Just get the door for me. Just check to see who it is first, all right?

Sami: I will, I will. I promise -- look. Oh. Hey, Nick. What's up?

Nick: I really need to talk to you and Lucas about something important.

Sami: And you brought us flowers?

Nick: No, these were just sitting out here.

Sami: Oh, that's weird. It's not even my birthday.


Nick: Hey, Sami. I think these flowers are beeping.

Jeremy: Give me a break.

Max: No, I still want to keep track of things. Is that a problem?

Jeremy: Track all you want, just not tonight.

Stephanie: If you were rolling around on that beach blanket with Jett, would you still have dropped everything to work this flight?

Colleen: I won't have any more of this talk.

Santo: I don't want any talk, either, Colleen.

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