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Hope: It's incredible. I'd swear it was E.J. Wells. I mean, exactly like his Grandfather Santo... the same way Sami looks exactly like her Great Aunt Colleen.

Sami: I need some water. Excuse me.

Roman: Are you all right, sweetheart?

Sami: No, no, I'm fine. Please excuse me.

Hope: I think this connection between her and Colleen and E.J. and Santo is really starting to freak her out.

Roman: It's starting to freak me out, too. At least it explains Stefano's fascination with Sami.

Hope: I always wondered why Stefano chose her. I knew it couldn't have been just for the stem cells. He and E.J. could have gotten them elsewhere.

Roman: Yeah, I wish they had.

Hope: So, what do you think? Think Stefano is trying to re-create the past?

Roman: Who the hell knows? Wonder where she is.

Hope: Who, Sami?

Roman: No. No, no, no, no. Anna. She was supposed to meet me here. Tell you what -- when she does get here, tell her I waited as long as I could, all right? And make sure Sami's okay.

Hope: I will. You can count on that.

Roman: Okay. All right, thanks, Hope.

Hope: If you hear from John and Marlena, let me know?

Roman: You got it.

Hope: Bye.

Roman: Bye.

Sami: Hey, where'd Dad go?

Hope: Hey, sweetie. He left. Are you sure you're okay?

Sami: You know, besides feeling like I'm starring in my very own "Twilight Zone" episode. It's just creepy, you know? I feel like I'm this reincarnation of Colleen.

Hope: Yeah. Well, it really is strange, but then again, they were blood relatives to both of you, so for there to be a resemblance maybe isn't so --

Sami: It's not just a resemblance. It feels like...fate, destiny or something.

Hope: Or something?

Sami: What do you mean?

Hope: I think E.J. knew exactly what he was doing when he forced himself on you.

Sami: And now with these babies, it means we're bonded for life.

Hope: In a way. But your true bond is and always will be your husband.

Sami: Lucas. Lucas is gonna freak out when he sees those photos.

Hope: He's not gonna see them because I'm putting it away right now.

Sami: Yeah, what about E.J.? Can you put him away somewhere that Lucas won't see him either?

Lucas: We've been back from the safe house what, a couple hours? What took you so long?

Marlena: I can't believe it. I get to see my old friend Tony -- I mean, the real Tony, you know? 20 years! Oh, my gosh. 20 years.

John: Well, that is if that map on Bart's back is any good.

Marlena: Well, why wouldn't it be? Gosh, 20 years alone on an island somewhere. I wonder if he's alive. I wonder if he's even sane.

John: Well, we...are gonna find out soon enough. In the meantime, Mrs. Black... why don't you just relax and prepare yourself for liftoff?

Anna: Oh, my -- thank God! I made it. They tried to tell me I was too late.

John: Anna, what are you doing?

Anna: Well, what do you think? I'm coming with you.

Stefano: Why have I been summoned to this low-rent beer hall?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, we could have done this down at the station, but I prefer one-on-one, at least for this first go-around.

Stefano: Why will you not let me see my son?

Bo: And which son would that be?

Stefano: The one you pushed off the roof.

Bo: Well, actually, the person who fell off the roof fell resisting arrest.

Stefano: Ahh, well, I will be very interested to hear Tony's side of the story, as will my lawyers.

Bo: Actually, Tony wasn't there.

Stefano: Really? So, now, what are we doing? We are talking in riddles?

Bo: The man claiming to be Tony, your son, is actually his cousin André, your monument to the miracles of plastic surgery.

Stefano: That's a very good joke.

Bo: Thank you.

Stefano: Andre died many years ago.

Bo: Apparently not.

Stefano: What is this?

Bo: A DNA report. It proves that Tony DiMera had his life stolen from him by the person he trusted the most -- dear old dad.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Anna: Do you mind? I'm dying of thirst.

John: Anna -- Anna -- Anna. Hey, hey, hey. Loose the glass. You're not going with us. It's gonna be far too dangerous.

Anna: Please! Your wife is coming. How dangerous can it be?

Marlena: Excuse me!

John: How about this one -- you're not coming with us because there's no telling what shape we will find Tony in.

Anna: Well, that's exactly why I have to go. I'm his wife.

John: Anna --

Anna: He's going to need me. And he's not the only one who needs me. You do, too.

John: Oh, yeah?

Anna: Yeah, for all you know, André could be sending you off on some wild goose chase or setting you up to meet with Tony number three. One kiss and I'll know if he's the real McCoy. You can bet your bottom dollar.

Marlena: Well, she does know Tony that well.

Anna: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Oh, please! I'll be good. You won't even know I'm here.

John: I did say you could use my resources. Welcome aboard.

Anna: [Laughs] Thank you! Thank you so much. Okay, Marlena, we'll be right back. Come on, John. Come with me.

John: What do you mean? Where are we going?

Anna: To get my overnight bag. I couldn't get it up the stairs.

John: How big is this overnight --

Anna: Oh, come on. You'll see when you get it.

John: Hey --

Hope: You can't blame Lucas for how he feels about E.J.

Sami: No, no, I don't blame him. I totally understand.

Hope: Have you and Lucas talked about it?

Sami: All the time. But every time I bring up the idea of moving on, he just hears the word "forgive."

Hope: He wants you to hate him as much as he does.

Sami: And if I show the least amount of compassion or even tolerance, Lucas thinks that means I have a soft spot for E.J.

Hope: And? Do you?

Sami: I don't have those kinds of feelings for E.J. I mean, how could I? What kind of person would I be if --

Hope: Sami, feelings are feelings. You can't wish them away. In fact, sometimes fighting them makes them even stronger.

E.J.: Look, Lucas, I'm not here to fight. I'd like to talk. Can I come in?

Lucas: I can't imagine what we possibly have to discuss at this point.

E.J.: It's important. Please.

Lucas: Fine, fine. Make it quick, will you? I got big plans tonight.

E.J.: Yeah, I can see. I wasn't aware that it was a special occasion.

Lucas: Actually, every day with Sami is special.

E.J.: Can I be completely honest with you, Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, sure. Please. Why not? I guess there's a first time for everything, right?

E.J.: Right. I envy you...more, I think, than you know.

Lucas: You think I don't know? You think I don't know you want what I have? Everybody in Salem knows you want Sami.

E.J.: Look, I'm sorry, Lucas that –

Lucas: You're sorry for what? For lusting after her or for raping her? Tell me what you're doing here. Tell me what you want. I don't want her coming back and finding you here, all right?

E.J.: Okay. I'd like peace.

Lucas: Oh, now you want peace. Really?

E.J.: Lucas, I'd like the three of us to sit down before Samantha has this baby, and I'd like you to know that I have every intention of respecting your role as a parent in raising our children. And I understand that I really don't have any moral rights.

Lucas: You have no rights at all.

E.J.: Lucas, no matter what the circumstances or how these children were conceived, the fact remains, they are mine. And I know that's difficult for you to accept, but I'm going to have to ask you to try. And, please, afford me the same consideration.

Lucas: You want my respect? Give up your parental rights and stay the hell away from my family.

Sami: I am in love with my husband.

Hope: I'm not questioning your love for Lucas.

Sami: What, then you just think I'm totally screwed up?

Hope: No. What I think is that you have been on an emotional roller coaster for months now and overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings, Sami. People are complicated.

Sami: This isn't. I should want to kill him for what he did to me. I did try to kill him for what he did to me.

Hope: What?

Sami: Oh. Look, um... I drugged him. And I-I doused his body in gasoline. I had that match lit, and I was gonna do it. And then --

Hope: Oh, my God.

Sami: And I couldn't do it.

Hope: You couldn't do it because you're not a murderer.

Sami: It's not just that. I couldn't do it because I didn't want him dead.

Anna: [Clears throat] Is there someplace I could change?

John: Pittsburgh?

Marlena: [Laughs]

Anna: [Laughs] No. It's just that, you know, Tony's been stuck on a deserted island for over 20 years, and, um, I simply can't meet him looking like this.

John: Well, I can see that. Yeah, right. You might find a place in the back.

Anna: Oh, and, John, could you help me with my -- never mind. Carry on.

Stefano: I don't know what kind of game you are playing, Bo, but I am not amused. My son is fighting for his life.

Bo: Yeah, he very well could be. He's been stranded on an island for the last couple of decades.

Stefano: Dr. Rolf, take me home. I am not gonna sit here and be interrogated by the likes of him.

Bo: You're not going anywhere. Sit down. We know where this island is. John and Marlena, they're on their way to pick up Tony as we speak.

Stefano: Ahh. And if he's not there?

Bo: We look for a body.

Stefano: Are you insinuating that I would have my own son killed?

Bo: In a heartbeat. He wasn't like you, Stefano. He didn't get involved in this ridiculous vendetta. That's probably why you had him sent away, because he wasn't a good little soldier.

Stefano: How could you ever understand?

Bo: Hating an entire family, innocent people, on behalf of someone else? You're right. I couldn't understand that.

Stefano: That someone else was my father.

Bo: Uh-huh. And his enemies are your enemies and your children's enemies and your grandchildren's enemies. When does this damn thing end?

Shawn: It doesn't.

Sami: I, uh... that's the truth. I didn't want him dead because he was my friend and because I liked him. And I actually thought he liked me.

Hope: Why wouldn't he like you?

Sami: Hello? I'm the town pariah.

Hope: Sami.

Sami: I have done horrible things, Aunt Hope -- horrible things to people who cared about me. And E.J., he knew what that was like. He accepted me. He was my friend, and he understood me.

Hope: He betrayed you. He raped you.

Sami: He was brainwashed by Stefano. Ever since he was born, he was brainwashed to hate the Bradys. That's a better excuse than I ever had for the stunts that I pulled, right?

Hope: Are you making excuses for him? Are you?

Sami: I just want to believe that he is different now. I want to give him another chance, just like you and everyone gave me another chance.

Hope: Obviously you didn't know him as well as you thought you did, Sami. And you know, maybe, just maybe all the kindness and understanding, maybe it was an act.

Sami: Look, he's a really screwed-up guy. I get it. But he wants to be a better person.

Hope: He wants that or you want that?

Sami: We both do...for our babies' sake.

E.J.: Lucas, I'm not turning my back on these children. I want to be a father to them.

Lucas: Like your old man, right? God help them, those poor kids.

E.J.: Lucas, we all want the same thing for these children. We want them to be safe, happy, and loved by the people who are around them.

Lucas: All you want is to worm your way into our lives for the sole purpose of getting close to Sami. Look at you using those kids.

E.J.: I can understand why you would think that, but that's not the case. These children are my flesh and blood. I love these children.

Lucas: Wait a minute. You don't even know what love is.

E.J.: Well, perhaps they will teach me.

Lucas: When they find out who you are and where you came from and how they came to be, you really think they're gonna love you then?

Anna: Well? What do you think? Am I a sight for sore eyes or what?

Marlena: Oh, Anna. We're going to a deserted island, not a cocktail party.

Anna: Oh, all right, I might be a little overdressed, but it's for Tony, and I want him to remember me the way I was.

Marlena: Nobody looks the way they did 20 years ago -- nobody, Anna. And you know, he hasn't even met John.

John: I'm really starting to feel a little insecure here. I mean, how do I look? Do you think he'll like my outfit? [Laughter]

Anna: Okay, poke as much fun as you want, but he will appreciate this. You trust me.

John: I just want you to remember why you're really here. You're gonna try to positively identify this man if we can find him, and everything else...well, that can wait.

Anna: Oh, I know my mission, sir, hence the dress.

John: Oh, you know, this is gonna prove to be very interesting.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Do you think Tony knows how the vendetta began?

John: It's a pretty good bet. He grew up with Stefano, whatever their relationship.

Marlena: And do you think he knows how to end it?

John: If he's still alive, which we will find out shortly because we have begun our descent.

Shawn: What's he doing here?

Bo: Pop, I'm trying to get some answers about this vendetta. I know your sister Colleen and his old man, Santo, had something to do with it.

Shawn: And I told you to leave it alone. We are not going to talk about that.

Bo: Yeah, we are, Pop. You were a kid. You were there. You remember.

Shawn: Every day of my life.

Bo: Tell me about it. I need to know what happened.

Stefano: Yes, Shawn, tell your boy how it happened -- how you murdered your own sister.

Stefano: What? You did not know that, detective, that pop here murdered your Aunt Colleen?

Bo: Come on. He didn't kill anyone.

Stefano: Don't ask for the truth if you're not willing to hear it.

Bo: Okay, come on. Let's hear more of your version of it.

Stefano: Sorry. Story time is over.

Bo: You can't drop a bomb like that and just leave it.

Stefano: I just did. Now it is time for you to confront, for the second time in your life, that Shawn Brady is not the man that you think he is.

Bo: This is just mind games. That's all this is to you.

Stefano: It is about justice and righting a wrong.

Bo: What wrong? Tell me what happened so I can help you end this.

Stefano: Starting tonight, I am gonna end this vendetta my way.

Bo: What is your way?

Stefano: I'm going to see to it that there are no more Bradys left to torment.

Bo: What the hell are you talking about?

[Door closes]

Roman: Well, Dr. Rolf. And my, my, Stefano himself gracing us with his presence.

Stefano: Well, I'm about to leave.

Roman: Not on my account I hope. I just need a quick word with my brother.

Bo: Sit tight, old man. We're not done. What's up?

Roman: You haven't seen Anna by any chance, have you? She went AWOL, and I'm concerned.

Bo: John called before he and Marlena took off. She apparently invited herself along with them.

Roman: She went with them to find Tony?

Bo: Yeah. Something about being the only one who could positively I.D. the genuine article.

Roman: How the hell is she gonna do that, more kissing?

Bo: Probably start there and... you got a problem with that?

John: Tony? Anybody here?

Marlena: He's not here?

John: No. Where's Anna?

Marlena: Oh, Anna got her heel stuck in the sand. She'll be coming along. Shall we keep looking?

John: Yeah, but listen, Doc, if whoever is living here is not Tony, I want you to brace yourself for the fact that he may not have survived.

Marlena: I know that's possible. I know. But you know what? Tony could survive anything. He is invincible. Oh, John!

Tony: Oh. It can't be. I just saw a plane fly overhead for the first time in 20 years. I couldn't believe my eyes. When I saw it land -- oh, please, someone tell me I'm not drunk or -- oh! -- Dead.

Marlena: Tony! You're not drunk. You're not dead. [Sobbing]

Tony: It's so -- oh, I've thought of you so often. I've had conversations with you -- entire conversations -- one-sided of course. Sorry. Where are my manners? I want you to meet Lily and Lola. These are two girls who got lost on -- well, anyway, they've been here six years.

Marlena: If you've taken care of him, thank you so much. Thank you so much. Tony, you have to meet my husband. I want you to meet John.

Tony: Oh.

John: Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot.

Tony: Yeah.'s nice to meet you, too. Yes. What happened to Roman?

Marlena: We're still very good friends. He is the new deputy police commissioner.

Tony: Roman's the deputy police commissioner?

Marlena: Oh, my goodness. I know. I know. And John -- John is your --

Tony: John is the lucky man who won the fair Marlena.

John: Clarification -- very lucky man.

Tony: How did you find me?

Marlena: It's such a long story.

Tony: Well, as a matter of fact, I've got so much time.

Marlena: Tony. Tony.

Hope: I can't help but notice you just referred to the babies as yours and E.J.'s.

Sami: Lucas and I will be raising these twins together.

Hope: But you acknowledge that E.J. is the father.

Sami: Well, he is the father. We have to deal with it. We're stuck with him.

Hope: Sami, honey, I can see how conflicted you are about your feelings for E.J., his role in your lives.

Sami: I just want what's best for my kids, that's all. And if that means making peace --

Hope: Just make sure you're doing the right thing.

Sami: It doesn't matter what I want. Lucas and E.J. are never gonna make peace with each other, no matter what. Well, thank you, Aunt Hope, for everything. I appreciate it, and it would mean a lot to me if you didn't say anything about what we talked about. I don't want to be stoned in the village square.

Hope: Honey, don't worry. Strictly between us. If you need anything, I'm here, okay? You know that.

Sami: You're the best. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed reading the romance of Santo and Colleen with you. And here is your copy of the letters.

Hope: But we already know it doesn't have a happy ending. Sami, please be careful.

Sami: I will be. Always.

Hope: Be careful driving, sweetie.

Sami: Thank you. Thanks for everything.

Hope: Bye, sweetie.

E.J.: Is it possible that my behavior might cost me the love of my children? Yes.

Lucas: You're damn right it's possible.

E.J.: Yeah. But that's their decision, Lucas, for them to make when they're at an age when they can make it. It's not for you to make for them.

Lucas: It'd be pretty hard to resist.

E.J.: Look, this is for their sake. It's not for mine. These children are innocent in all of this. All they need and all they want and all they deserve is to be loved.

Lucas: That's right. They didn't deserve this. They didn't deserve what happened to them.

E.J.: So, what are you saying?

Lucas: I'm saying that I would love those children because they're Sami's, and I would do anything for the woman I love. And if you're serious, I mean you really want to be a good father to these kids, fine. I won't stand in your way.

E.J.: Really?

Lucas: Oh, really. But if you do anything to hurt Sami or either of those kids, I'll make sure you never see them again.

Stefano: Rolf, I want you to get on the telephone and start calling in favors. I want every one of our associates at our disposal. We are going after those Bradys with both barrels.

Dr. Rolf: Are you sure that's wise?

Stefano: What? You are questioning my methods, Rolf?

Dr. Rolf: Of course not. I admire your determination, Stefano, but this endeavor will be very taxing to your health, which is, as you know, very fragile at this moment. You must focus on conserving your strength and getting your hands on those stem cells.

Stefano: Rolf, this is not just about those damn stem cells. This is about payback, Rolf. Because of Bo Brady, André may not make it through the night. After 20 years of absolute loyalty... he was a good soldier, Rolf -- the best. This cannot and will not go unpunished.

Marlena: That's the entire story. I'm sure I've left out big chunks of it.

John: You have no idea how many crimes were committed in your name.

Tony: Oh, yes, André had said as much when they brought me here, promised that he would restore the name I sullied.

John: When you said "they," are you saying that Stefano was in on this?

Tony: Of course he was. You see, in André, Stefano found the son he always wanted. You know, just forget about them. Tell me, how's little Samantha? She must be grown by now.

Marlena: She's grown. She's married. She's having twins.

Tony: Twins! Double blessing.

Marlena: Yeah.

Tony: It is, isn't it? I mean, is there something wrong?

Marlena: No, no, the twins are healthy. It's just --

John: Her husband, Lucas Roberts, is not the father. Stefano's youngest son, E.J., is.

Tony: E.J.?

John: E.J. Wells. Doesn't have a DiMera name, but by God, he's got the DiMera genes -- every last lousy one of them.

Marlena: Yeah, the twins were ordered by Stefano, conceived at his instruction so they could create stem cells to save his wretched life.

Tony: Without Sami's consent?

Marlena: Trust me -- without her consent.

Tony: Oh, Marlena.

John: This vendetta between the DiMeras and the Bradys has gotten a little out of hand.

Marlena: It's past a little out of hand.

John: The Bradys are gonna put an end to it, though. They've had enough.

Marlena: Tony, we're trying to sort out what might have begun the vendetta. We found some old letters, and we have a few clues now.

Tony: You found letters?

Marlena: Yes, letters between Stefano's father, Santo, and Shawn Brady Sr.'s sister Colleen.

John: The bad blood had something to do between the relationship they had back in Ireland over 50 years ago.

Marlena: Tony, we are so hoping you can help us with this.

John: Santo, Colleen?

Tony: I heard bits of the story, especially from Stefano when he had one too many stregas. But this for sure -- Colleen was murdered.

Marlena: We know that. Shawn told us that reluctantly.

Tony: Well, Santo never got over it. I mean, he was on his deathbed, and he expected a promise from Stefano that he and his heirs would avenge her death until the end of their days.

John: The old man knows how to keep a promise.

Marlena: Tony, can you tell us anything at all that might help us end this vendetta?

Tony: Oh, I'm sorry. Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I remember something. I haven't talked about this in years. Stefano... uh...holds the key.

John: Yeah, well, we kind of figured that much. The thing is, he's not talking.

Tony: No, I mean a literal key. And he wears it on him all the time without fail.

Marlena: Tony, what does the key open? Do you know?

Tony: Oh, gosh. Uh... no, I -- all I can remember is that it had something to do with the vendetta and how to end it.

Stefano: There is only one way, doctor, to end this vendetta peacefully, and this is it -- the key, both literally and figuratively. [Sighs] It's too bad that no one will be around to know what secrets it holds.

Stefano: I'm tired. I need to go home. This meeting is over.

Bo: Not till you tell me what you meant about ending this vendetta your way. Why not just end it, period?

Stefano: You know, Bo... for a while, I considered that very thing. I mean, I don't know how much time is left no matter how many damn stem cells there are in the world. But the truth is... I cannot.

Bo: You can't or you won't?

Stefano: [Sighs] Well, I would have to want to, and I don't. I'm going to see that my father's death wish is going to go through to its inevitable conclusion if it is the last thing I do in this lifetime.

Dr. Rolf: Are you ready, sir?

Stefano: I don't know. Am I excused, detective?

Bo: You can go to hell.

Stefano: Well, I look forward to seeing you there. Ciao.

E.J.: Lucas, I will never do anything that would harm Samantha or the children or anything that would make you regret this decision. I'm really grateful that we can cooperate like this.

Lucas: I'm agreeing for Sami and the kids. That's all.

E.J.: I understand that.

Sami: Hey, hon. Hey -- what's going on? No bloodshed?

E.J.: No, actually, quite the opposite. I think you might be rather pleased with what we have to tell you.

Tony: I don't know. I don't think it's gonna be that easy to get that key.

Marlena: Maybe I could distract Stefano some--

John: Whoa, stop right there. How exactly do you plan to distract Stefano?

Tony: Yeah, I mean, he may be dying, but he's not dead yet.

John: I'm serious, Doc. Whatever you're thinking, just forget about it.

Marlena: Okay, okay, we'll just go back to Salem, and we'll get the key with Tony's help.

Tony: There's nothing I'd like more. But I have no intention of going back to Salem... ever.

Hope: So?

Bo: Stefano looked me in the eye and said he could end this vendetta, but he doesn't want to. He's gonna see it through to the end.

Hope: To the end?

Bo: Exactly. Question is when and where he's gonna strike next.

Sami: Good news? Well, I could certainly use some. What is it?

E.J.: Lucas and I have agreed to be civil to each other for the sake of the children.

Sami: You have? Both of you?

Lucas: Yeah, my opinions of E.J. haven't changed, but we can't raise kids in a battle zone.

Sami: Wow. That's amazing. I can't even tell you how happy that makes me. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

E.J.: I thought you'd be pleased. Well, I will be on my way. You enjoy your evening.

Sami: E.J., thank you.

E.J.: You're welcome.

Sami: What's all this?

Lucas: Well, you know, it's our first night back. I thought we could use a little privacy, a nice romantic evening. I thought it was in order.

Sami: You did all this for me and you made peace with E.J.?

Lucas: I wouldn't say I made peace with him, no.

Sami: Lucas, I would say that you are incredible, and I am the luckiest woman in the world.

[Device beeping]

Nick: Hey, Sami, I think these flowers are beeping.

Tony: Sorry. Stefano DiMera is no longer part of my life.

Jeremy: Look, man, if you're upset about something, let's hear it.

Chelsea: If you do have a problem with me going to Vegas for work, maybe you're right -- maybe we should break up.

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