Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/17/07 - Canada; Wednesday 7/18/07 - U.S.A.


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Hope: I still can't get over it. The person we thought all this time was Tony DiMera was really cousin, André.

Marlena: All those years, the Tony that I knew was kind and gentle, nothing like the monster that he'd become the last 20 years.

Hope: No, he had turned his back on the DiMeras and everything they represented.

Marlena: Wasn't it awful to watch him becoming one of them, a monster like his father, Stefano?

Hope: If not worse.

Marlena: Yeah. I wish we'd known sooner. We could have done something, maybe, I don't know, find him, bring him home.

Hope: Living 20 years in exile. Wow.

Marlena: I hope we find him. I pray he's alive.

[Knock on door]

Sami: Hi, may I come in?

Hope: Sami, yes, of course.

Marlena: Where are your guards? Why are you by yourself?

Sami: Oh, dad said I don't need guards anymore because André is in the hospital, you know, clinging for his life. Can you believe what happened?

Marlena: Hope and I were just discussing that. Apparently, your father's looking for some sort of a map.

Sami: Yeah, to where the real Tony is being held prisoner. They think it's on Bart's back.

Hope: Yeah, we heard. Very DiMera-like, don't you think?

Marlena: Hope we get some news pretty soon.

Sami: I think we will. And, in the meantime...

Hope: [Gasps] More letters.

Sami: Yep. This is the Santo-Colleen saga continued, and Julie said they're really good.

Marlena: Okay, okay. Let's read.

Hope: Would you like something to drink?

Sami: Oh, no, I'm perfect. I can't wait. All right. So this one is from Santo to Colleen. "I can hardly describe the joy I felt when you showed up to meet me as I'd asked. My heart leapt out of my chest, but sank just as quickly to see unexpected company plodding along behind you." Hmm.

Santo: Colleen. I had almost given up hope.

Colleen: A picnic seems harmless enough.

Santo: Oh, um... your hair is...

Colleen: What about it? Oh.

Santo: It's beautiful. You know, it's like the color of a summer sunset. It's beautiful.

Colleen: Mr. DiMera, I don't think you should --

Santo: Santo, please. Please, please. For me. Santo. Um... I brought you many of the beautiful things from my home, from Italy for you to enjoy.

Colleen: Is there enough for three?

Santo: For three?

Sr. Rose: Oh, Mary and Joseph! My bunions are crying for mercy. Father Mallory's gonna hear from the wrong side of my mouth.

Colleen: Santo DiMera, please meet sister rose. She's me guardian angel.

Bo: Anyway, André was about to tell me where the map was. Then Bart showed up and -- I didn't want the guy to fall. I want to find Tony. Maybe he could help us with this whole vendetta thing. I needed André to tell me where the map was.

E.J.: Andre told you the map is on Bart's back. The map is on the back of Bart.

Bo: Yeah, we'll find that out when Roman shows up with the infamous Bart. Philip, this is a crime scene. You shouldn't be here.

Philip: I need to talk to you, Bo. It's a police matter.

Bo: All right, come here. What is it?

Philip: I've been getting these calls, phoning me night and day, leaving crazy messages. I'm hoping you can help me find out who it is.

Belle: [Chuckles] Now, this is my idea of celebrating.

Shawn D.: Hmm. It's not every day that our little girl gets accepted into preschool.

Belle: And you know what that means, don't you?

Shawn D.: That means that I get to spend more time working at the garage, making money to pay Philip back for that check he wrote to wee tots.

Belle: But you're okay with that, right?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I love working at the garage. And Claire, she needs to get around kids and spend time and socialize. I'm just kind of sad that it's gonna cut into my time with you.

Belle: Oh, but it's gonna give us so much more alone time.

Shawn D.: Mmm.

Belle: Mmm.

Shawn D.: God, I have not been this happy in forever. Mmm.

Belle: Can I ask you a question?

Shawn D.: Yeah, you can ask me anything.

Belle: It's about that job interview in Cleveland.

Shawn D.: What about it?

Belle: Well, Philip told me that you never showed up. So why'd you tell me that you went?


Marlena: She brought a nun with her?

Hope: Can you imagine Santo's face when he saw sister rose plodding along?

Sami: I love it! Colleen is not making it easy on the guy. Those Brady women. They hold their own.

Marlena: So that's where you get it.

Sami: Maybe it is. I look like her, huh?

Hope: Oh, she was feisty, all right. She was feisty. She was a feisty novice.

Sami: Can you believe it? She wanted to be a nun. Isn't that crazy?

Hope: Well, no. There's nothing wrong with being feisty.

Marlena: You can be a feisty nun.

Hope: For a woman of that time -- to answer your question, Sami -- it was either that or get married and have a bunch of kids, I suppose.

Sami: I know. I still don't get it, though. I just can't imagine being a nun -- feisty or otherwise.

Marlena: I can't imagine you being a nun, either. [Laughter] But you do resemble Colleen so much. Not just looks-wise -- you're both unpredictable. You both have a little mischievous streak in you.

Sami: Little? Hey.

Marlena: I think you are Colleen reincarnated.

Sami: [Gasps]

Hope: The resemblance... it is uncanny.

Sami: No way. No way. Colleen is way smarter than I ever could be. I mean, she's totally in control of the situation. She is testing Santo, and he knows it.

Colleen: Is there a problem, then?

Santo: No, no, no. Sister rose, let me -- rest your feet.

Sr. Rose: Oh, bless you, lad. Oh! Oh! That's better. But I wouldn't say no to a wee drop of something, if you're so inclined.

Santo: I will just see what I have.

Colleen: Sister rose is knitting all manner of things for the children in need. She's quite fast. She's a marvel, she is, and I'm lucky she agreed to be my chaperone.

Santo: We both are. I-I was just not expecting, you know...

Colleen: If there's not enough food, I'd be happy to give her my share.

Santo: No, no, no. There is plenty of food. This is very nice.

Bo: Yeah, we're all here.

John: So I guess the old man's a little crazier than you thought, huh?

E.J.: My father would never send his own son into exile. It's obvious that he had no idea that André had switched with Tony.

John: You really don't know him, do you?

E.J.: Excuse me?

John: I'll give you a little clue. The big guy has a history of terrorizing Tony. And this thing with André – that's just classic Stefano all the way.

Bo: Yeah, just make it quick. Okay, Philip. Why come to me with this?

Philip: Well, you're my brother, and you're a cop.

Bo: Well, you Kiriakis’s are pretty good at taking the law in your own hands. Why don't you have Victor bug a few phones?

Philip: I'm on the level here, man. These calls are really getting to me.

Bo: Okay. What kind of calls are they?

Philip: Here. Listen for yourself.

Shawn D.: Philip went behind my back? Why can't he just butt out?

Belle: So it's true. You didn't go to the job interview.

Shawn D.: No, I didn't.

Belle: Why not? You said you were gonna go, even after you knew Philip set it up.

Shawn D.: After I got on the plane, I started thinking. This job -- I'm gonna be gone five days a week. That means I'm only gonna be able to spend time with you and Claire on the weekends. I can't live with that. I'm sorry.

Belle: Really?

Shawn D.: Look, I'm sorry, Belle. No more lies, okay? I promise.

Belle: Good. So I have one more teeny, tiny question.

Shawn D.: Yeah?

Belle: Well, if you didn't go to the job interview, then what did you do in Cleveland all that time?

Belle: So, are you gonna tell me? What did you do in Cleveland if you didn't go to the job interview?

Shawn D.: Hey, what's up? M-Mimi, calm down. I'm about to catch a flight, okay? What? W-when did she do this? Yeah. Listen, yeah. Mimi, I will take care of it. I will, okay? No, listen. Ca-- I'll call you as soon as I land, okay?

Bo: Problems?

Shawn D.: Uh, no. No. Just, you know.

Bo: I know panic when I hear it in somebody's voice. What's up with Mimi?

Shawn D.: It's not a big deal. Mimi just wanted to make sure I got the divorce papers.

Bo: And that's it.

Shawn D.: Man, my life, it has been so all over the place lately. I just want something simple. I want a house with Belle and Claire. I stay focused. I just can't let Mimi, Philip, or anything get to me.

Bo: Now you're talking. You want a ride to the airport?

Shawn D.: No, thanks. Besides, you and Mom, you got a family reunion to throw.

Bo: You go out there and kick some butt.

Shawn D.: Thanks.

Bo: Good luck.

Shawn D.: Sounds to me like I don't need it.

Bo: That's true.

Shawn D.: Hi, there. This is Shawn Brady. I got a round-trip ticket to Cleveland. Yeah, and I need to change it to Indianapolis, A.S.A.P. Yeah, I know that. It's fine. Just go ahead and book it.

Belle: You know what? Forget it. If you don't want to tell me, you don't have to.

Shawn D.: No, I do. I'm sorry. It's just that it sounds kind of lame, and I know that you're gonna think that I'm nuts.

Belle: Guess what? I already think you're nuts.

Shawn D.: [Laughs] All right, well, the truth is... I just hung out at the airport, then I caught my flight back. You know, I watched planes come and go and had a couple of beers, I played some video games, and that's pretty much it. I got bored out of my mind. End of story.

Belle: [Laughs]

E.J.: You're mistaken. My father loves his children as much as any man I've ever known.

John: Yeah, if they do his bidding. But if they fail him, he will be as ruthless with them as he is to everybody else. So, Junior, here's a little heads up -- keep an eye over your shoulder 'cause he will turn on you so fast when he finds out you double-crossed him. [Baby crying] [Augmented voice] Where are you, daddy? Where are you? Daddy? Why have you abandoned me? Daddy!

[Crying continues] [Tape stops]

Bo: When did this start?

Philip: A few days ago.

Bo: Any idea who it is?

Philip: None.

Bo: Any chance you got a kid out there you don't know about?

Sami: "So, there we were, by that beautiful, windswept seashore, just you and me and dear, out-of-breath sister rose. And, suddenly, I was feeling like the chaperone for two sisters of the cloth. It was not the picnic I had envisioned." See what I'm talking about?

Hope: No, wait a second. Time out, time out, time out!

Sami: She had him thrown for a loop.

Hope: But we're only hearing Santo's side. I want to know what Colleen was feeling.

Marlena: I think Sami's right. I think she was testing him. She wasn't about to give up her commitment to the church quite so easily. I think she wanted to see how he would deal with a challenge.

Hope: And if he rose to the challenge, then what?

Marlena: I'm not sure that she thought that through so carefully.

Sami: You know what? Either way, it is getting hot.

Hope: Very.

Sami: Very hot.

Colleen: Would you look at the daft thing? What's it called again?

Santo: In Italian, "Carciofo."

Colleen: Car-- car--

Santo: Carciofo.

Colleen: Carciofo.

Santo: In your language, "artichoke."

Colleen: Artichoke.

Santo: Let me show you how you eat it. You take a leaf, like this, one at a time, and eat like this. The thing to remember with an artichoke is that the prickly armor hides the tender heart.

Colleen: What happens when you find the tender heart?

Santo: You claim it for your own.

Colleen: It's a funny shape for a loaf.

Santo: It is focaccia bread. It's for the dip, like this.

Colleen: What in the name of heaven is that taste?

Santo: You like it? It is garlic and olive oil.

Colleen: I like it very much.

Santo: Another. Try.

Sr. Rose: It's very tasty, very tasty indeed.

Colleen: [Clears throat] Mr. DiMera, I must thank you again for the picnic. A village girl like me is used to potatoes and meat, from time to time. This was unusual but fine, fine, and very kind.

Santo: C-Colleen, you are going so soon?

Colleen: Well, you asked to thank me for tending your injuries, and you have. Sister and I have to go back to the convent. It's a long walk, but if we leave now, we'll make it in time for evening prayers.

Santo: Colleen, stay... for a few more minutes so that we can talk.

Colleen: About what?

Santo: My son, Stefano, is staying with me here in Galway.

Colleen: Well, that must be nice for you and him. A boy needs his Da.

Santo: What he needs is a friend. Your little brother Shawn and him, they liked each other from the moment they met.

Colleen: Well, Shawn, he fancied the lorry your son had.

Santo: It was not the lorry. They were simpatico. Say you will meet me again, for him.

Philip: No, I don't have any kids out there.

Bo: You wouldn't be the first guy who had a little...surprise.

Philip: No, not me. My dad put the fear of God in me that people with money had to be real careful.

Bo: No warning about aids or STD’s, just about the money.

Philip: I got those warnings. The point is, I'm always careful, okay? Always.

Bo: Okay, fine. How do you think I can help you?

Philip: I want you to track down whoever's making these calls. I want them stopped.

Bo: Any threats, extortion attempts, anything like that?

Philip: No. No, no threats.

Bo: Sorry, man, not a police matter. You're gonna have to have one of your highly paid PIS look into this case.

Philip: Yeah. I guess I'll do that. I'll let you get back to work. I know you have your hands full.

Bo: Fine, okay. If things change, you let me know -- any threats.

Philip: I will. Thanks.

Bo: Yeah.

John: What the hell was that about?

Bo: Someone keeps calling him, harassing him. He doesn't know who it is.

John: Well, the guy's got a lot of enemies. Could be anybody.

Bart: Easy, man! I will have you up on charges of police brutality for illegal abduction. You guys are in serious trouble. You cannot do this to me. You cannot do this. I work for powerful people, people want to kill my powerful people, all right? Every single one of -- you. You! Et tu, Elvis, huh? What a son have you turned out to be, huh? You sold out your brother. You betrayed your own father, who loves you! No, no. You are too much, man. Yeah?

Bo: I need you to tell me how to find the real Tony DiMera.

Bart: Oh, the real -- you know what? I have no clue what you're talking about, Serpico.

Bo: Take the shirt.

Bart: No. No! Nobody undresses me unless it's a girl! No! No! Illegal strip search!

Belle: [Laughs] You're telling me that you spent all that time in the Cleveland Airport.

Shawn D.: Yeah, pretty much.

Belle: Aw. Well, just for the record, I'm glad that you blew off that interview.

Shawn D.: You are?

Belle: Well, I would have hated missing all that time with you, and so would Claire.

Shawn D.: Well, this is great, then. It works out for everybody. You know what? Come to think of it, there is one more trip that I would like to be making, only if I can get you to come with me.

Belle: And where would that be? And please don't tell me it's an island.

Shawn D.: No. Oh, no islands. No water. I was thinking Vegas, just the two of us cutting loose, having some fun.

Belle: We're supposed to be saving money so we can move out of Philip's house and get a place of our own.

Shawn D.: I got that covered. Max is gonna let us fly for free on his shuttle.

Belle: Really?

Shawn D.: Yep. He said he's gonna hook us up with a room and maybe even some tickets to a show.

Belle: Okay, well, if Philip can stay with Claire, I'm totally in.

Shawn D.: Hold on. You're gonna give Philip a veto on this? It's up to him whether or not we go? No way. Belle, this is about you and me, nobody else.

Belle: Shawn, Philip does not get a veto, but we are living in his house.

Shawn D.: And not for much longer.

Belle: Still, it would be rude to assume that we could just make Claire his responsibility for the weekend.

Shawn D.: Belle, let's just forget about Philip. Claire's got four grandparents that are dying to babysit her.

Belle: Hey, he's here now.

Philip: Hey, what's shaking?

Belle: Uh, nothing. Shawn and I were just talking.

Shawn D.: Are you okay, man? You don't look so happy.

Philip: Oh, it's just those weird calls I've been getting. Your dad said there's nothing the cops can do.

Belle: Who would be doing something like that?

Philip: Bo suggested hiring a P.I., thought I'd talk to Billie.

Belle: That's a good idea.

Philip: Yeah, talk to my sis, see if she can get to the bottom of it.

Shawn D.: Well, good luck with that, man. I'm gonna go see if grandma needs some help.

Belle: I'm sorry, Philip.

Philip: It's just really strange. Why are they doing it?

Belle: It's not just strange. It's totally sick.

Philip: Speaking of strange... I happened to find out something else about Shawn... and that trip he took to Cleveland.

Bart: I'm telling you guys, you're messing with the wrong family, all right? My civil rights are being violated. I am being violated!

John: Sorry, pal. I don't swing that way.

Roman: Got it! All right! Look it! E.J. was right. There's that map right on his back.

Bart: What are you talking about? What?

Roman: All right.

John: Looks like an island in the South Pacific.

Bart: It's my tattoo. I got it in the navy.

Roman: You weren't in the navy.

Bart: Marines. Air Force.

Roman: I'm gonna take him down to the station. I'm gonna get this tat copied on a surface more cooperative.

Bo: Let's pinpoint that location. We'll go see if Tony's there.

Roman: Could be a problem getting Abe and the department to okay a trip to the South Pacific that could be a wild goose chase.

Bart: My private parts are being violated!

Bo: [Exhales] Roman's right. Getting the Salem P.D. to foot this bill, especially if we don't know if Tony's alive.

John: Yeah. You know, Doc and I talked about the probability. Let me take my jet.

Bo: You sure about that?

John: Yeah. I'm kind of curious about this long-lost half brother myself.

Bo: Thanks, man.

John: All right. Listen, I'll prep the jet, grab Doc, and wait for the map.

Bo: Okay, I'll give Roman a call. Thanks for your part in getting André up here.

E.J.: Maybe this finally proves I'm on your side.

Bo: Yeah, well, we'll see.

E.J.: Well, look. Whether Tony's alive or dead, you want peace between these two families, you need my help. And I'm willing to give it to you on one condition.

Bo: What would that be?

E.J.: You leave my dying father alone. Stefano does not get dragged into this, all right?

Colleen: Me Shawn's a shy one, not speaking one word of Italian.

E.J.: They're boys. They will make up their own language.

Sr. Rose: Colleen, it's time we were going back.

Colleen: There are plenty of boys in Galway. He can make other friends.

Santo: Colleen.

Colleen: And if he doesn't, he can always go back to Italy to your wife. Thank you very much for the picnic. Truly, it was lovely.

Santo: Colleen, Stefano cannot go back to Italy. His mother is dying. She is in Naples with her parents. He needs a friend. He needs kindness. He needs a woman's voice to tell him that everything is going to be okay. He needs that very, very much.

Sr. Rose: Oh, my dear. You can't say no to a wee lad about to lose his ma.

Sami: "You can't say no to a wee lad about to lose his ma." What kind of chaperone was sister rose anyway?

Hope: Poor Colleen. I mean, she was really put on the spot there, wasn't she?

Marlena: Poor Colleen? I think not. She was thrilled. She wanted to see Santo again.

Sami: And this time, without dear Sister Rose.

Hope: You think?

Sami: Oh, definitely. Yeah, I think mom's right. I mean, obviously Santo passed the challenge. So she was ready. She wanted to throw caution to the wind and give in to the passion she was feeling.

Belle: I already talked to Shawn about the job interview. He said he didn't want to go because he didn't want to travel that much.

Philip: Wish he had said something.

Belle: He waited the entire time in the Cleveland Airport because he didn't even want me to know that he blew it off.

Philip: He told you he sat in the Cleveland Airport?

Belle: Can you believe that? For hours, waiting to get a flight back.

Philip: No, Belle, he didn't. I know for a fact he was not in Cleveland on the Fourth.

Belle: What?

Philip: I called the airline. He didn't go.

Belle: You called the airline? What, are you checking up on him?

Philip: No. I set up that interview behind his back. He didn't want it. And since I put him on the spot, I figured I'd at least pay him back for the ticket. So I called up to find out how much he was out-of-pocket, and found out the flight that day had been canceled.

Belle: Canceled?

Philip: If Shawn spent the day in Cleveland, then he took a bus 'cause he sure didn't get there by plane.

Bo: You don't want Stefano dragged into this? If that wasn't so funny, I-- he started this. He has caused my family a hell of a lot of misery, not to mention the sick and twisted things he's done to his own family.

E.J.: He had no idea what happened to Tony. He was fooled by André, just like the rest of us.

Bo: Ah, if you believe that, Junior, you're the fool.

E.J.: My father would never do that.

Bo: He has done that and worse and to his own flesh and blood. It's time for you to face that, Junior, also the fact that your old man is going to jail.

E.J.: Jail?! Jail! He's dying!

Bo: Then he can die in prison. I can't think of a more appropriate place.

Santo: Colleen, you heard Sister Rose. Please, for my son.

Colleen: All right. If Shawn says it's all right.

Santo: Ah! Va bene. They will be the greatest of friends -- two boys with big hearts, huh? When can we get them together?

Colleen: If Father Mallory says it's all right, and if I can find a chaperone...

Santo: Colleen, why do we need a chaperone? All we are doing is bringing two boys together to play.

Colleen: Those are the rules, Mr. DiMera. I didn't write them, but when I joined the convent, I agreed to uphold them.

Santo: [Speaking Italian]

Sami: Santo is clearly a player. I mean, he knows how to work it.

Marlena: No, no. I think he's sincere. Colleen was very attracted to him. She was drawn to him for some reason.

Sami: You mean, aside from the accent and the sexy good looks?

Hope: We don't even know if he was good-looking or sexy.

Sami: He had to be. Aunt Hope, Colleen was dying for this guy. I want to believe he was gorgeous.

Marlena: Whatever the attraction was, it was incredibly strong, and they both felt it. On that, we can agree. [Knock on door]

Hope: [Gasps] Oh, I hope it's express mail with my beautiful new jewelry! I got little earrings just like yours. Oh, john, hi! Did you get to meet my friend?

John: I heard she was here.

Marlena: Ooh, what a nice surprise.

John: Hey, baby. Hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Marlena: No, we were just catching up in the latest installment of Colleen's saga.

John: Mmm.

Marlena: Any word on Tony?

John: Well, let me put it this way. You got any plans for the next couple of days?

Marlena: Nothing I can't change, why?

John: Because once Roman gets here with a certain map, you and I are gonna go find him.

Marlena: Oh. [Glasses clanking]

Belle: If Shawn's flight was canceled, then why wouldn't he just say that?

Philip: Maybe he had a good reason, Belle.

Belle: Like what?

Philip: I couldn't think of one. I was hoping you could. I wouldn't even have said anything except... you think he might be in trouble or something?

Belle: If he is, he's certainly in a good mood.

Shawn D.: Hey. So I just came up with a great idea. Why don't we grab a couple of sandwiches, grab a couple of drinks, and we'll head down to the lake, and we'll have a nice picnic under the stars? What do you say?

Philip: You guys have fun. I'm gonna go talk to Billie, see if she can help me.

Shawn D.: Yeah, good luck with that, man. Let us know what happens.

Philip: Will do. See you later.

Shawn D.: So, what do you say about the picnic? Are we on? Huh?

Marlena: You found the map.

Hope: Don't tell me it was on Bart's back.

John: That's a fact. As soon as we get a copy, we are out of here. That is, if you want to go with me.

Marlena: Are you kidding? I'd go anywhere with you. Plus, I want to see Tony again.

Sami: While we wait for my dad to tell us if they found the map, let's read the letters. Can we finish them? 'Cause I'm dying.

Marlena: We'd like to know how it ends.

John: Carry on.

Sami: All right, John, so this is -- we're in the middle of a letter from Santo to Colleen. Where was I? Okay. [Clears throat] "I know it was very forward and, perhaps, a bit too bold, asking you to meet me like that unchaperoned, but I had to take the chance. I knew if I didn't, if I let that moment slip away, I would regret it forever."

Sr. Rose: What's all this jabbering about?

Colleen: Sister Rose, Mr. DiMera was helping me with my Italian.

Santo: Sister Rose, it is to help her understand and appreciate the Latin mass.

Colleen: Sister Rose, we should go if we're gonna make it in time for our evening prayers.

Santo: Colleen, I want your friendship, nothing more.

Colleen: Thank you for the picnic. It was very lovely.

Santo: I will see you again.

Colleen: Is that a question, Mr. DiMera?

Santo: No, Miss Brady. It's a fact.

Philip: See if we can meet up.

Shawn D.: We're all set for the picnic. I even threw in a couple of chocolate chip cookies because I know that somebody loves them.

Belle: So we're done talking about Cleveland?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I thought so.

Belle: Well, 'cause Philip interrupted, and I thought there might be something more you wanted to add.

Shawn D.: No, nothing I can think of. Come on, let's go.

Philip: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Sami: [Sighs] That's all she wrote -- or he wrote. I can't believe it! What's gonna happen next?

Hope: Do you think that she's ever gonna meet him without a chaperone?

Marlena: Of course she is, or there wouldn't be an end to our story.

Sami: Maybe, maybe not. We'll see.

John: I guess I probably should have heard the first part, huh?

Marlena: Don't you worry. I will fill you in on the airplane because it is very, very romantic.

John: Ah.

Marlena: Mmm.

John: Okay. I'll hold you to that. [Doorbell rings]

Sami: What? Who's that?

John: And there's our map.

Hope: Hey, Roman.

Roman: All right. Got the map printed -- a little easier to deal with than Bart's back.

John: All right. Very good job. The map, the jet's set -- we're out of here.

Roman: All right. Good luck. Be careful.

Sami: Mom, be safe, okay?

Hope: Please be safe. Bye! Wow! A big couple of days here.

Roman: I guess so, yeah.

Hope: Well, you just missed the latest installment of the Irish saga because Santo has just propositioned Colleen.

Roman: Another letter translated?

Sami: Yep, and it's pretty juicy.

Roman: Anything enlightening?

Hope: Well, you know, we're just still trying to figure out why Santo was so intriguing to Colleen.

Sami: And I think it's because he must have been gorgeous.

Roman: Well, I may be able to help you out with that.

Sami: What do you mean?

Roman: When I arrested Bart at the DiMera Mansion, I happened to see this photograph. Santo DiMera himself. Sami, it looks like you're not the only one with a link to the past.

E.J.: I envy you -- more, I think, than you know.

Sami: He's a really screwed-up guy, but he wants to be a better person.

Hope: He wants that or you want that?

Stefano: What is this?

Bo: A DNA report. It proves that Tony DiMera had his life stolen from him.

Tony: Stefano holds the key.

Marlena: Tony, what does the key open?

Tony: Something to do with the vendetta and how to end it.

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