Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/16/07 - Canada; Tuesday 7/17/07 - U.S.A.


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[Up-tempo music plays]

Jeremy: I know you can hear me. I saw you and Jett talking.

Max: So?

Jeremy: So I'm asking you, partner to partner, man. What were you guys talking about?

Jett: Why can't you tell me?

Max: Okay, fine. But you can't say anything to anybody -- nobody.

Jett: I promise. What are you guys moving?

Max: Clothes. You know, like designer stuff.

Jett: Just knock offs?

Max: That's it. I saw it for myself.

Max: Look, Jeremy, all I was talking to him about was the racing circuit, so just drop it.

Jeremy: Don't lie to me, Maximus.

Max: You call me a liar one more time, and I'm gonna put my fist through your over bleached teeth. Do you hear me, Horton?

Chelsea: I am so, so sorry. You really don't deserve this. Danielle is -- she's already married to a guy named Mark Printess.

Jett: Why'd you do that, Chelsea? You had no right to be snooping around in my personal life. Do you hear me?! None!

Tony: [Sighs] Ring, damn you. Ring.

Bart: Okay, boss man.

Tony: I didn't call for you.

Bart: No. Stefano sent me. Cops are at the mansion asking questions, so you can't go home for a while.

Tony: I have no intention of going back to the mansion, not until I've resolved a certain loose end.

Bart: Loose end? Bart time. What's the job?

Tony: [Exhales deeply] Well, we've got to wait till Elvis gives us a call.

Bart: [Laughing] Um, what's he gonna be calling us on -- the hell hot line?

Tony: Will you shut up?

Bart: Huh? What?

Tony: My brother's demise has been delayed.

Bart: You're kidding.

Tony: You didn't hear?

Bart: Unh-unh.

Tony: Salem's finest came to his rescue, so to show his gratitude, he's decided to go against our family.

Bart: Big mistake. That's -- that's disloyal.

Tony: Trust me, it's gonna be the last mistake my brother will ever make.

E.J.: Hmm. My last chance for what exactly?

Bo: To prove to us you mean what you say.

E.J.: I've already proved to you that I want an end to all of this bloodshed. My children's lives are in danger.

Bo: One last gesture -- just to put our minds at ease. Call the man who calls himself Tony.

E.J.: Fine. It's ringing. [Cellphone ringing]

Tony: Ah. The game begins.

Bart: You want me to answer it, boss?

Tony: What, and deprive me of that pleasure? Elvis, what can I do for you?

E.J.: Well, I thought you'd be just a little bit surprised to hear my voice, Tony.

Tony: Yes. I heard you had a narrow escape.

E.J.: I think it's time you and I had a little meeting, don't you?

Tony: A meeting? Well. That depends, doesn't it... brother?

Jeremy: You want to take a shot at me, Brady?

Max: Anytime, Horton. Anytime. Come on.

Jeremy: [Chuckles] Lighten up, Max. What's wrong with me asking what you had to say to my copilot?

Max: If you want to know what Jett's thinking, just ask him.

Jeremy: Just so you know, he's not usually into stretching the rules. So I thought he might have asked you what we were carrying.

Max: Doesn't he have a right to know?

Jeremy: Look, you and I have a whole lot of cash riding on this side deal, and Jett is not involved. He doesn't like taking risks like you and I do. So, come on, what'd you tell him?

Jett: Do you get your kicks snooping around in my private affairs?

Chelsea: Did you not just hear me? Your fiancé is married. I'm sorry. I thought that, that was something you'd want to know. Do you honestly think that I jumped at the first chance to come and tell you this? When I heard her talking on the phone with that guy at the Cheatin' Heart, telling him how she hated having to fake it with you, I'm sorry, I just couldn't ignore it. And that's fine if you want to be mad at me for telling you the truth, but the person you should be pissed at is Danielle.

E.J.: Look, Tony, I'm not much in the mood for games or demands, so are we or are we not?

Tony: Meeting? Well, as I said, it depends.

E.J.: Depends on what?

Tony: Whether you're willing to meet me alone. Do I have your assurance?

E.J.: Don't worry. Are you gonna give me the same guarantee?

Tony: In your own words, little brother, "don't worry." Now, time and place.

E.J.: I'll send you a text message.

Tony: That's very good. One can't be too careful, especially with all those prying ears.

E.J.: I'll see you then.

Tony: Now we wait for the location. Ah. Disloyal, but efficient. Bartholomew.

Bart: Yeah, I know it. Big building. Lots of apartments. A real nice terrace up on the roof. You know, I'd like a nice terrace one day. Hell, I'd like a house.

Tony: You know, you're a strange man.

Bart: Yeah. So, what's -- what's this meeting all about, in case Stefano asks?

Tony: What this is about is E.J. wanting to talk about family, Bart -- about father... except our meeting's gonna be a little shorter than he expects. I'll tell you what. Why don't you take care of this for me, just in case E.J. decides to check me for weapons? You're going to be somewhere close by. Now, listen to me. When you get a clean shot...

Bart: Yeah?

Tony: ...Take it.

Roman: Okay, E.J., you're winning points. Now, if Tony or André or whoever the hell it is shows up on that roof, you'll have an escort.

E.J.: He'll be there. But as for me showing you where the real Tony is --

Bo: You leave that to us. Make sure I have the backup I need.

Roman: You got it.

Bo: While you're at it, keep Elvis Jr. out of my way.

Roman: You got that, too.

Bo: Later, man.

Roman: Be careful.

E.J.: He does realize that Tony or André's gonna turn up well-armed?

Roman: Bo can handle it. [Door opens]

E.J.: If you say so.

Sami: Dad, you said you wanted to see me. Your men said you wanted to see me.

Roman: Sami, listen. There is no time for an argument on this.

Sami: On what?

Roman: The price I had to pay to get E.J. here to set up his brother.

E.J.: I just want to talk, Samantha. That's all.

Roman: Listen, I'm sorry, but it is necessary, okay? I'll be right in the kitchen. E.J.?

E.J.: No problems. You have my word.

Roman: Okay. Good. All right?

E.J.: Samantha --

Sami: Don't, all right? I'm fine. The twins are fine and healthy. But that's all we have to talk about. Is that clear?

Jett: You overhead Danielle talking at the Cheatin' Heart? That was a while ago. What took you so long?

Chelsea: I didn't know if I should do anything? And then Nick -- you told Nick that things were different between you guys.

Jett: Great. I got you and Nick at it. You both love spreading gossip.

Chelsea: That's not true.

Jett: I'm so out of here.

Chelsea: Where are you going? Are you gonna go tell Danielle?

Jett: What part of "mind your business" don't you understand?

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I'm just trying to help.

Jett: Well, butt out!

Stephanie: That must have gone real well with Jett, huh?

Max: All right. You want to know what I told him? I told him we're running clothes -- strictly legit -- that's it.

Jeremy: You see? No big deal, Max. I ask you a question. You give me an answer. We can all move along.

Jett: Hey, guys. What's going on?

Jeremy: Hello, there, big man. I hear you want to know what kind of cargo we're flying.

Jett: Oh, great. Doesn't anyone in Salem know how to keep their mouth shut?

Jeremy: You got something you want to know, you should come to me first.

Jett: Well, I had to check, see if you're getting me into something too shady.

Jeremy: Would I do that to my home boy? Come on. It's all legit, bro -- 100%.

Jett: So Max tells me.

Jeremy: Only you don't believe him -- is that it?

E.J.: Samantha –

Sami: Don't. The answer is no, and I don't even care what the question is.

E.J.: Your father's promised me 10 minutes. That's all this is gonna take -- 10 minutes.

Sami: So sue.

E.J.: You really hate me that much?

Sami: I just don't know what it's gonna take to get through to you. I am in love with my husband, and nothing is gonna change that. Frankly, I wish you would just forget I exist.

E.J.: That's what you want, is it? You want our children to go their whole lives and never know their father?

Sami: Lucas is their father.

E.J.: No. They are my blood, and nothing you can do can change that. And I'm here because I'm concerned about them, and I'm concerned about their mother.

Sami: I'm fine. In fact, I'm perfectly safe. There are so many cops protecting me right now that you could probably rob a bank in Salem and there wouldn't be a cop in sight.

E.J.: These idiots? The Salem Police Department? Oh, that makes me feel much better.

Sami: I feel safe with them. What are you smiling about?

E.J.: In my experience, when a woman is protesting as much as you are about something, the only person she's trying to convince is herself.

Tony: Elvis? Big brother's here, ready for the face-to-face. Well, it seems like my face is the only one present. Bart.

Bart: Yeah, boss?

Tony: Just to remind you -- if you get a clean shot of Elvis, take it.

Bart: Yes, sir.

Bo: All right. Ambush the poor guy? That is the DiMera way, now, isn't it? Sneak up on somebody and pull the trigger?

Tony: Let's not forget that the art of the ambush is also a part of your family's repertoire.

Bart: Sorry, boss.

Bo: [Chuckles] I bet you are. I've got business with your sorry boss. Get the hell out of here.

Bart: Buzz off, Serpico.

Tony: Just wait for me back at the mansion, Bart. It's -- it's just us, is it, detective?

Bo: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court --

Tony: Wait a minute. Wait. Are you arresting me? On what grounds?

Bo: Attempted murder... of Sami and Elvis J. not to mention the disappearance of Tony DiMera.

Tony: [Chuckles] This is ridiculous. I am Tony DiMera, and I haven't disappeared, have I? And as far as your charges, my hands are quite clean.

Jeremy: Man, we flew missions together. You think I don't have your back?

Jett: Yeah, I want to believe you, J.

Jeremy: Then do.

Jett: Okay. Look, I'm sorry. I just had to check for myself. It's good to hear. See you guys later.

Max: Okay. [Door opens, closes]

Jeremy: So, now everything's out in the open. You fine with that?

Max: Works for me. There's a hot blackjack table waiting downstairs for me, so...

Jeremy: Go get 'em, buddy. It's all good. All good.

Stephanie: It looks like Jett took it out on you.

Chelsea: I was just trying to...

Stephanie: Look out for him -- I know. He'll figure it out. He'll come around.

Chelsea: I just feel like I hurt him and like I broke his heart.

Stephanie: And so breaking Nick's heart doesn't matter as much anymore?

Chelsea: What?

Stephanie: Well, all I keep hearing about lately is "Jett, Jett, Jett," like everything that happened with Nick is just put behind you. I mean, he's not your priority, that's for sure. What's up with that, huh?

Sami: Your ego is so unbelievably massive. I'm surprised your head doesn't explode. You know, I can barely stand to be in the same room with you. I don't even know what else to say.

E.J.: Well, then, allow me to help you. The truth of the matter is that you wish you could hate me but you don't because you can't.

Sami: You are delusional.

E.J.: When we kissed, those feelings that you felt -- they were real -- as real for you as they were for me. It's an attraction that we cannot deny, we cannot fight, because it hurts to fight it, whether you want to admit it or not.

Sami: You're totally losing it.

E.J.: Well... I thought I'd at least give you the honor of having this conversation away from other people's prying ears. It's just the two of us. We're alone, so can we please sit down? Let's have an honest conversation, shall we? And, yes, before you even begin, I mean honest about everything.

Tony: It's an unfortunate point of law -- isn't it? -- Evidence. You're absolutely hamstrung without it. And seeing that you have no evidence to support your trumped-up accusations, I'll be on my way.

Bo: Yes, to a dark, dank, rather depressing cell... André.

Tony: Don't call me that.

Bo: I don't know where you're getting your information, but it's obviously wrong... André. We have plenty of evidence. It's coming in as we speak. It's rock solid... André. So the next move is yours. We can do this the easy way or --

Tony: "Easy" is a relative term...detective. Easy for me may not be here. Oh. Oh.

Bo: Come on, man. You don't want to die tonight.

Tony: No. Not yet.

Bo: I think it's time for us to cooperate.

Tony: To what end, detective? There'll be no mercy waiting.

Bo: Accommodations can be made.

Tony: Ah. You want something that I have.

Bo: I'd like to know where we can find Tony.

Tony: Total immunity -- that's what I want. Nothing less.

Bo: That ain't gonna happen.

Andre: Then you'll have to say goodbye to your poor friend Tony because he's gonna rot on that sad, little island -- alone -- for another 20 years. [Chuckles] It's your move, detective.

Chelsea: How does Jett's situation have anything to do with Nick? And why are you changing the subject?

Stephanie: Look, I know I keep bringing it up, and I'm not trying to make you feel lousy, either, okay? I'm just worried about you. I think you're wasting your time with Nick.

Chelsea: Stephanie --

Stephanie: He doesn't set you on fire, Chelsea, and you know that's the truth, so stop wasting his time, too.

Chelsea: We just -- we have this connection.

Stephanie: A friend connection -- even best friends. Look, Nick is a nice guy. But as far as the "down where it hurts you not have his hands all over you" kind of connection -- it's not happening, Chelse.

Chelsea: Well, that's what you said that you have with Jeremy, right? But you guys fight all the time.

Stephanie: And I hate his guts 12 times a day, but I hate it even more every second I'm not with him. And the makeup sex -- off the chart.

Chelsea: That's just sex.

Stephanie: Are you kidding? "Just"? Okay, maybe for you with Nick. It's what wasn't there between you two that makes the difference, and that's passion -- "heart pounding with bombs going off in your head so intense you might pass out" passion. And once you've had that, there's no going back to just sex, okay? That's what you need to find for yourself, Chelsea -- passion -- and soon, before it's too late.

Jett: Yep. Yeah. She heard you talking to Mark on your cellphone, Dani. Yeah. No, I think we can still use her. We just got to find a way to cover it.

Max: Carver, you in here?

Jett: Got to go. Company.

Max: Carver.

Jett: What do you want?

Max: You planning on spending the night? You taking a nap?

Jett: Nah, I just need some serious rack time. Hot tub centrale is a little too noisy. You know what I'm saying?

Max: Yeah.

Jett: Got anything to tell me?

Max: Haven't we finished our conversation from earlier?

Jett: What, so you can go back to Jeremy, score some more brownie points with the boss?

Max: He might be your boss. He's not mine. I could care less. And as for the trunks, he was on to you. He knew you were sneaking around.

Jett: Anything else to say?

Max: Yeah, there is. Something happened before we took off in Salem. I caught Jeremy with this girl.

Jett: Nah, "horn dog" Horton? Can't be him.

Max: No, but this was different, all right? She was messed up. She was crying. She was scared. She was terrified, like she had been hurt or something. I think Horton really let loose on her.

Jett: Verbally?

Max: Yeah. Maybe more. I don't know. Whatever it was, he was mean about it. He scared her.

Jett: Hmm. It's not really a big surprise. He's no Joe feminist.

Max: It's not like he tries to hide it, either. But this was different, I'm telling you -- the look on her face, the vibe in the room. It was just --

Jett: Just what?

Max: It was wrong, man. It was all wrong.

Sami: I don't have anything to say to you.

E.J.: It's not gonna be long now before we're sharing responsibility for two young lives. What's gonna happen then, eh?

Sami: I have some ideas. You?

E.J.: I don't particularly wish to get lawyers involved.

Sami: Are you threatening me?

E.J.: I'm offering you a choice -- you either respect my position as the father of these children, or I guarantee you you're gonna face some difficult consequences.

Bo: So, Tony's marooned on some island?

Andre: Uncharted. Very remote. There is a map, however. No doubt you'd like to know where it's kept.

Bo: Okay. You spelled out your bargaining chip -- fine. Come on down. Let's negotiate. Come on, man. We both know you're not gonna jump.

Andre: Do we? To be frank, even death is more preferable than being double-crossed. Trusting the word of a Brady.

Bo: I swear to you. Help us get Tony back, and then once he's here --

Andre: Just stay where you are.

Bo: Andre! Andre!

Andre: Help me. Help me, for God's sake! Help me.


Chelsea: So, grab some passion before it's too late? So you're worried that I may qualify for a walker before I ever experience mind-blowing sex?

Stephanie: Turn around and all your chances are gone.

Chelsea: Well... if passion is what you and Jeremy have, then pass me my dentures.

Stephanie: Look what you've done to yourself, Chelsea. You're with a guy who wants you but you don't want, and the guy you do want -- you've got him yelling at you instead of the married witch that has him all wrapped. Where are you going?

Chelsea: I'm gonna go find Jett. Is that okay?

Stephanie: Mission accomplished. [Sighs contentedly]

Jeremy: Hey, baby. If you're smiling now --

Stephanie: I'm not talking to you.

Jeremy: Good. I didn't come here to talk.

Stephanie: And I'm not doing that, either.

Jeremy: Come on. It was just business.

Stephanie: I'm so tired of the "just business." Jer, I need some fun.

Jeremy: That's me, kid. I'm king of fun.

Stephanie: Yeah? Prove it.

Jett: Jeremy's girl -- did you get a name?

Max: Ilsa. He said that he met her at a bar.

Jett: So it was a one-night stand. Jeremy explained the rules, and she got upset.

Max: No, she was really freaked out. I kept looking at her face, and I don't know what happened, but Jeremy must have really shook her up.

Jett: Well, I don't know what bed games Jeremy plays, but I just try to stay out of it. We flew missions together. I owe the guy.

Max: All right. Fine. Whatever.

Jett: But you don't. And this side operation you guys got going -- you should get out while you still can.

Chelsea: Hello? Jett?

Jett: Oh.

Chelsea: Max.

Max: Hey.

Jett: How'd you find me? A tracking device or something?

Chelsea: No, I called the airfield, and they told me that you signed in.

Jett: Oh. Score one for you, Nancy Drew.

Chelsea: I'm not interrupting, am I?

Max: No. I got dice to throw and arms to pull. I'm out of here. I'll catch up with you guys.

Jett: Have fun. Stay focused.

Chelsea: So, you were pretty angry when you left the suite.

Jett: Yeah. But, look, I owe you an apology for that. You're not the one who's lying to me.

Chelsea: You don't hate me?

Jett: Why, for telling me the truth? Actually, I kind of hate myself for being so blind and dumb.

Chelsea: Don't. You had feelings for someone. You can't help it. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you're okay.

Jett: Thanks. Hey, Chelsea, um, do you mind staying? I mean, I'd like you to stay. Please?

Sami: Wow. I'm so relieved to hear that you're not threatening me, E.J. Now, if you'll remind me, what is the difference between difficult consequences and threats?

E.J.: dear. Keeping things as pleasant as possible between the two of us is a priority.

Sami: What does that mean exactly?

E.J.: It means that as soon as all of this is over and everybody's safe, I think we should sit down with a family-court judge and come to an agreement.

Sami: For custody?

E.J.: Lucas can be involved, too. I'm fairly sure that the judge will order the children to be placed in your care, which is how it should be, I suppose.

Sami: Lucas is gonna be a father to those twins.

E.J.: The twins are gonna have two fathers, okay? I'd like to see them alternate weekends, occasional holidays. I hope you're not gonna try and fight me on this, Samantha, because I am going to be a part of those children's lives.

Sami: I thought you'd want a war.

E.J.: No. What I want most is for us to be friends.

Sami: [Scoffs] You said you wanted to be honest.

E.J.: All right. Fine. You're right. You're right. But it looks like this is the best I can get, so I'm just gonna have to make peace with that and your marriage.

Sami: Can you do that?

E.J.: Yeah. I think I can, as long as my rights as a father are honored, okay? I don't see why there has to be trouble between the two of us. We need to sort out the custody, what's best for the children, and then I will leave you and Lucas alone.

Andre: Come on. Help me. For God's sake, just help me.

Bo: You afraid you might not bounce back from the dead again?

Andre: Listen, you can smirk all you like, just help me.

Bo: Well, start talking. Tell me where the map is. You know what, André? In situations like this, terrible things can happen.

Andre: You can't. You're a cop.

Bo: I'm also a Brady, and you know how we are. I'll tell people you jumped, and everybody will believe me.

Andre: All right. All right. I'm begging you, just bring me up. I'm begging you. That's what you want to hear, isn't it? That's what you want to hear -- a DiMera beg!

Bo: Not really. I'd rather hear where the map is, and hurry up. I'm getting a bit tired here.

Andre: All right. Just pull me up, and I promise I'll tell you.

Bo: Okay. Come on. Grab my arm.

Andre: [Grunting] Ow.

Bo: That's all the further you're going. Now tell me where the map is.

Andre: All right. It's Bart's back.

Bart: Tony!

Bo: Tell me where the map is.

Bart: Tony! Tony! Hang on! Hang on! Hang on! Tony!

Bo: Andre! Bye! Bye! Thank you. Good night. Good night, you two.

Stephanie: Jeremy.

Jeremy: That's me.

Stephanie: You hear anything?

Jeremy: No. Not a thing.

Stephanie: That's 'cause everybody's gone and it's just you... and me.

Jeremy: So?

Stephanie: So... what do you think about... that?

Jeremy: I think -- ask me again when...

Stephanie: Think I will?

Jeremy: Show me.

Stephanie: Now, your turn.

Jeremy: It's gonna cost you.

Stephanie: How much?

Jeremy: Everything you've got. It's worth every penny.

Stephanie: Yeah? Show me.

Jeremy: I'll show you, baby. I will show you.

Chelsea: You know, you can't beat yourself up for trusting the wrong person, you know?

Jett: Easier said than done.

Chelsea: Well, you got to trust people. Of course you'll make mistakes in judgment from time to time. Believe me, I've made plenty. But I guess -- you know, sometimes being open can get you hurt, but other times, I guess, the payoff is that you can meet somebody really, really great and get to know them really, really well. And it makes it all worth it.

Jett: Do you really believe that, Chelsea?

Chelsea: It's more of what I want to believe, in between getting angry and hurt, but, yeah, I keep trying.

Jett: It took guts to tell me about Danielle.

Chelsea: I wasn't sure if I should.

Jett: No, I needed to hear it. You're a real friend, Chelsea. I mean, at least that's the way I'd like to think of you.

Chelsea: Yeah. That's -- that's how I think of you, too. So, um, anyway, are you gonna confront Danielle?

Jett: I already did. She fessed up.

Chelsea: She did?

Jett: Yeah. We're history. I'm a free man again. How does it feel -- hanging out with the biggest loser in all of Vegas, huh, friend?

Sami: You're gonna promise to not come between me and Lucas? Where have I heard that before?

E.J.: It's different this time. You're married, Samantha. I can't really compete with that. I mean, trust me, if I thought you were the slightest bit unhappy, I wouldn't let you go, but it's clear that Lucas has your heart.

Sami: Always.

E.J.: So I just want to make sure that these children have the best of all of their parents. Look, whatever happens with Stefano, I think it's about time that we called a truce -- you, me, and Lucas.

Sami: I really want to believe that you mean that... so I am willing to work this out with a judge.

E.J.: Thank you. I'm grateful that you're willing.

Sami: I do want this to work.

E.J.: It will. I'm really determined that it will.

Sami: For the twins?

E.J.: For our twins. Look, I want you to know that I'm really sorry. I mean, I'm really --

Sami: E.J., don't go there.

E.J.: You're right. If co-parents and friends are what we are meant to be, then that is what we will be.

Sami: All we will ever be.

Bo: Roman!

Sami: Uncle Bo.

Roman: What's going on?

Sami: What?

Bo: Andre's in the hospital. There was an accident. He fell from the roof.

Roman: It was André, not Tony?

Bo: Definitely.

Roman: How is he? What did the doctor say?

Bo: Doesn't look good.

E.J.: Wait a second. You're telling me the guy I know as being my brother --

Bo: Is really your cousin André, yeah.

Roman: Before he fell, did you get a chance to ask him where Tony is -- the real Tony?

Bo: Yeah. He started to tell me, but then Bart came in, and then --

E.J.: Then what, please?

Bo: That's when it happened. He fell.

Stephanie: I really love this, you know?

Jeremy: You mean this?

Stephanie: No. Ow. Okay. Okay. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Jeremy: Why wouldn't you, right? It's all good.

Stephanie: Does that mean what I think it means? That we're happy? That you're happy with us -- with me?

Jeremy: What do you think?

Stephanie: I think that sometimes you'd rather be with your friends, that sometimes you wish I were somewhere else.

Jeremy: If I didn't want to be here, I wouldn't be.

Stephanie: Mr. romantic. Would it kill you to say something nice?

Jeremy: People say it, but they don't always mean it. I show you, right? Here's the proof.

Stephanie: I think you're just too scared to say it.

Jeremy: Shut it.

Stephanie: I think that you're just chicken. [Clucking]

Jeremy: Stop it. Cut it out. I said shut --

Stephanie: [Gasps] Are you crazy?!

Jeremy: I love you!

Stephanie: You son of a bitch!

Jeremy: Are your ears clogged? I said I love you. I love being with you, and I never think of anyone else, so chill, huh? And don't blow the best thing you ever had... or ever will.

Chelsea: I just don't get it. Danielle couldn't be married to two guys, so how long did she think she could string you along for?

Jett: I don't know. I didn't ask.

Chelsea: Do you think that you'll ever talk to her again?

Jett: Why? We're done. She's married.

Chelsea: Yeah, I know, but...

Jett: You know, can we talk about something else, just for a while? I mean, I just want to have some fun, you know?

Chelsea: Yeah. But I'm just putting it out there -- if you ever do want to talk about it or, you know, even if you -- even if you need some company.

Jett: Oh, okay. Thanks, Chelsea. It means a lot to me -- a whole lot. Oh, what are you doing?

Chelsea: Uh, nothing. I-I thought...

Jett: Uh, no, you thought wrong.

Chelsea: But I --

Jett: Chelsea, you know, I think you better go.

Sami: Uncle Bo, I just can't believe that all this time Tony was really André.

Roman: The guy's hanging on to his life -- he still won't come out with the truth.

Bo: The son of a bitch knows how to keep a secret.

Roman: He kept his mouth shut about who he was for over 20 years. That tells you something.

E.J.: Did André say where you could find Tony?

Bo: He said he was on some island alone for the last two decades.

Sami: But we have no idea where this island is?

Bo: Andre was gonna tell me where a map was, and that's when Bart showed up, and he tried to help, and André fell.

Roman: So no last words? Nothing to go on?

Bo: Nothing for the history books, no.

Sami: He said something? What was it?

Bo: Well, Bart showed up. He said, "Bart's back."

Sami: "Bart's back"? That's all he said?

Bo: Yeah. I saw him over my shoulder.

E.J.: "Bart's back"?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Roman: Well, I hope he lives long enough to tell us where that island is.

E.J.: Maybe he already has.

Roman: What are you talking about?

E.J.: Let me get this straight. You asked André where he could find Tony's island?

Bo: Right.

E.J.: And André told you.

Bo: He said, "Bart's back."

E.J.: But maybe he was giving you the answer to the question. Maybe what he was telling you was that the map to find Tony was on Bart's back.

Santo: My son Stefano -- what he needs is a friend. Say you will meet me again.

Belle: If you didn't go on a job interview, then what did you do in Cleveland all that time?

Bo: When did this start?

Philip: A few days ago.

Bo: Any chance you got a kid out there you don't know about?

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