Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/13/07 - Canada; Monday 7/16/07 - U.S.A.


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Jeremy: I don't know about you, but I could definitely use some chill time -- cold beer, hot tub. I'll be a happy man.

Jett: Why don't you go back to the hotel? It's my turn to do luggage anyway.

Jeremy: That's cool, Jett. I got it.

Jett: Are you sure?

Jeremy: Yeah. Max and I, we, uh, got some numbers to go over anyway.

Jett: All right. Whatever you say, man.

Max: Okay, Jay, open up the trunks, and if it's more than designer knock offs, you got a serious problem with yours truly. [Indistinct conversations]

Person: Hey, guys! Welcome back.

Stephanie: Yeah, thanks.

Chelsea: Hey, that perv Larry is not here, is he?

Person: No, thank God, right?

Stephanie: Oh, here.

Person: What is this?

Stephanie: The new Adam Sandler movie.

Chelsea: It's actually not even out in theaters yet.

Stephanie: This big studio guy was on our flight and gave it to us.

Chelsea: Anyway, it's all yours.

Person: Thanks, guys.

Stephanie: You're welcome. She's wasted.

Chelsea: Okay, so, make sure -- do you really think this will work?

Stephanie: Well, we'll find out in a second. We're gonna do Okay. All right, what's her full name?

Chelsea: Um, Danielle Calder. Calder's with a "C."

Stephanie: Here it is. Danielle Calder, Dayton, Ohio. Hand me your credit card, Chelsea. We are just this close to finding out the true dirt on Jett's two-timing fiancé.

Bo: Hey, thanks for showing up. Sit down. We need to talk.

Kayla: What's up, Bo?

Bo: Well, for starters, we got a warrant out for Tony's arrest. He tried to kill Elvis J. and Sami.

Hope: Do you know where he is?

Roman: Not yet, but we're working on it.

Bo: I'll bet he's on the run.

Roman: Not gonna get far.

Marlena: I keep thinking about what you said, about Anna's magic kiss.

Hope: What? Excuse me?

John: Oh, stop. Anna kissed Tony. Tony didn't kiss her back. Therefore she assumes that Tony isn't Tony.

Kayla: Really?

Marlena: She may not be as crazy as she sounds.

Roman: Much, much crazier.

Marlena: I keep waiting for a sign, that flicker, that the old Tony had, you know? The man that was our friend.

Hope: Marlena, seriously, I mean, you're not thinking --

Marlena: This man, the man who's in Salem now, the man who put us on that hideous island,

that's not Tony.

John: Stop it, Doc. Come on.

Marlena: I know you had your differences, but think back. I mean, the Tony we knew was brave. He had a romantic way about him. He had a sense of humor.

Bo: Right. Tony didn't want to be Stefano. He despised the man.

John: All right. If this isn't Tony...then who the hell is it?

Stefano: God's name, huh, is so damn important that you have to get me out of bed to meet you here? Why?

Tony: Well, I have to keep a low profile.

Stefano: What have you done now?

Tony: Well, I'd rather you hear it from me than from anybody else.

Stefano: What have you done?

Tony: I'm afraid I had to eliminate Elvis. He has left the building... permanently.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Rays of our Lives.

Guy: Dude, the tarmac's that way. What -- why -- why are we lugging this up here?

Jett: Yo, Max. Our boy here wants to make sure we're not running assault weapons to al-Qaeda.

Max: Among other things. Open the trunk.

Jeremy: He's got some trust issues.

Guy: Well, don't go wild. Boss hates it when the stuff's wrinkled.

Jeremy: Why don't we let Max do the honors?

Max: Fine.

Jeremy: So, you satisfied now, or should we haul all the rest of the trunks up here?

Stephanie: Come on, come on, come on -- load. Ah, there we go.

Chelsea: Jett, hey.

Jett: Hey, what you doing?

Chelsea: Oh, nothing. We were just, um... we were just, um...

Stephanie: Downloading porn.

Jett: Oh. Oh, okay. Sorry I asked. Well, I'm gonna go hit the hot tub. Let me know if you find anything juicy.

Chelsea: Downloading porn? That was the best you could come up with? That was way too close.

Stephanie: Yeah, make sure he doesn't come back.

Jett: Ah, yeah, that's good. Oh, don't mind me. I love a good show. [Chuckles] Ah.

Roman: Look, I don't know what to say, but the guy looks like Tony. He talks like Tony.

Marlena: He doesn't talk like Tony. Maybe it's Tony vocabulary and maybe his style, but the words aren't Tony's.

Hope: Is it possible that he could be André DiMera?

Kayla: Andre?

Bo: Tony's cousin André.

Hope: Looked just like him.

Roman: Damn, I never thought I'd hear that name again.

Bo: Tell me about it.

Marlena: You know what? Maybe hope's on to something.

John: The guy is dead, Doc.

Kayla: I really don't remember that much about André.

Marlena: Well, for starters, Stefano was furious with Tony because he was so disloyal.

Hope: So he arranged for plastic surgery to make André look exactly like Tony.

John: Is anybody listening here? The man is dead. He's been dead for years.

Bo: Maybe not, John. This is right up Stefano's alley. He gets fed up with his son who doesn't do what he's told.

Marlena: "Doesn't do"? He was openly appositional.

Bo: Exactly. So the old man puts André in his place and sends Tony off to God knows where.

Kayla: No, that can't be.

Hope: By replacing Tony with André, Stefano would have his perfect son...finally.

Marlena: And if we're right, that means Tony's out there somewhere. That means we have to find him.

Stefano: Look at -- what -- w-w-what did you say? No, I don't -- you can't be that crazy. What did you say to me?

Tony: Father, it was a painful decision to make, but I had no choice.

Stefano: What do you mean you had no choice? Well, your choice, you crazy bastard! I said to you to teach him a lesson, not to kill him, you crazy fool! Oh, my God! What have we got? What are we doing here?

Tony: Father, it was inevitable! He's a liability! He's deadweight! Haven't been particularly lucky with sons, now, have you?

Stefano: Well, you certainly are an example of that, are you not?

Tony: Sorry I had to go this way, but it was for the best. You know that.

Stefano: I do not know any such thing. You're mad!

Tony: Father, let's get in the car, please. Father, please!

Stefano: Oh, my God. What am I doing here? [Muttering]

Tony: You know, Father, I always admired you since I was a child. Now, we both know...that apart from you, I have been the only member of this family that has been faithful to the DiMera name. That's why I had to do what I did today. Elvis was not just spitting on our name, he was willing to bring the family down with the help of the Bradys. Not only just a mere disappointment, he was a traitor. Don't you understand? Now that he's out of the way, we can claim those twins -- with them, your future as head of this family.

Steve: Buona sera, dudes. So, what's on the agenda this fine evening? Want grief for tricks or what?

Jeremy: You really thought I was running guns?

Max: No, I needed to see for myself.

Jeremy: That's cool. I'm glad you're the kind of guy that asks questions.

Max: It's 'cause I got a lot riding on it, Jeremy.

Jeremy: So do I, man. So, if you want, we could haul the other trunks up here, open them up, check them all out. We got to move on that if we're gonna do it.

Max: No, forget it. Forget it. I'm satisfied, okay? It's fine.

Jeremy: Are you sure? 'Cause we need to be able to trust each other. I trust you, Max.

Max: Yeah, same here.

Jeremy: Attaboy. So, how about our paychecks? Here you go, partner. Payment numero dos. I threw in a little something extra.

Dude: So, are we cool here? 'Cause my boys are waiting.

Jeremy: Go ahead. Get this thing out of here.

Max: I'm gonna catch a cab to the hotel, all right?

Jeremy: Max, guys like us, we don't do cabs. Town cars all the way.

Max: All right, whatever. Look, I'll see you later, all right?

Jeremy: Wait, Max. You were right...about Steph and everything, cheating on her. I was a jerk. But I'm gonna make things right, I swear to you on this stack of cash.

Max: That really helps a little bit.

Stephanie: Oh, it's done.

Chelsea: What's it say?

Stephanie: Any information you purchase from the site is subject to blah, blah, blah.

Girl: Hey, guys. I'm making cosmos. You want one?

Chelsea: No, I'm fine.

Stephanie: We're good.

Girl: At least come watch the movie with us. I heard it's a riot.

Chelsea: You know, um... Adam Sandler, I kind of have these weird issues with him. It's like whenever I see him, all I can think about is opera man.

Stephanie: Right. "Live from New York, it's 'Saturday Night Live.'"

Chelsea: Right, right. It's super-annoying.

Stephanie: Yeah. Check it out. Danielle Calder -- born September 14, 1978, Dallas, Texas. Law degree, Ohio State, 2005. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Oh, my God.

Chelsea: What? Oh, my God. Jett's fiancé is married?

Kayla: Andre DiMera, the Salem Slasher?

Marlena: He killed five women while I was keeping Tony captive.

Roman: And he tried to frame me for all of them.

Marlena: In fact, remember, he killed Stefano's daughter.

Hope: That's right, Renee.

Marlena: And he also killed my cousin Tristan.

Roman: The guy was a lunatic.

Hope: Is a lunatic if Tony's really André.

Kayla: I think we need to find out.

Roman: Me too.

Bo: That's where Steve comes in.

Steve: Hmm. Looks like you boys could use some cheering up. How about we check out that new river boat casino, huh?

Tony: Just get the hell out of this car.

Steve: Well, that's not a very warm welcome.

Tony: Time for you to disappear.

Steve: All right, you don't want to know the latest with the Bradys, fine.

Stefano: Hold it, hold it. Just make it fast.

Steve: Okay. It seems...the Brady bunch has this crazy theory about Antony here.

Tony: What? What, that I'm an alien? Some robot that flew in from the future to wipe them out?

Steve: Warmer. They have this idea that you're not who you say you are.

Tony: [Chuckles]

Steve: They don't believe you're Tony DiMera. How about them apples?

Tony: [Chuckles] Oh, that's wonderful. I'm thrilled. The Bradys are grasping at straws.

Steve: Yeah, well, I told you it was out there.

Tony: I'm not Antony DiMera. [Chuckles] Who else would I be?

Steve: Uh, what was it, uh, Aaron? What did they say? A-a-a -- André. That's who they think you are. Andre DiMera.

Roman: All right, here we go. Let's look at the time line. Our pal André faked his death twice -- in '84 and '95.

John: Well, I remember the last one a bit too well.

Bo: Kind of hard to forget.

John: The first one, though...before my time.

Hope: Tony arranged a photo shoot in Haiti.

Bo: He and Anna had a business together -- Anna DiMera designs.

Hope: And André hijacked the plane with all of us on it. The plane went down. We didn't think we were gonna make it. I've never been so frightened in all my life.

John: Who else was on that plane besides you?

Bo: Mostly Tony's friends and family.

John: My mother, right?

Bo: Yeah, Daphne was there.

Hope: We were just kids back then. Well, I was. We were so young and in love.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Marooned in paradise. Oh, it was tough.

Hope: It gave us a lot of time to talk, though, didn't it?

Bo: Oh, yeah, talk.

Hope: Yeah, all our hopes and dreams.

Bo: When I was a kid, I had dreams of being a merchant marine and sailing around the world after those dreams.

Hope: And you did.

Bo: Yes, I did.

Hope: And I'm so glad you came back.

Hope: We certainly made the best of our time on the island, didn't we?

Bo: That we did.

Max: Ooh, thank you.

Heather: Max, right?

Max: Yeah.

Heather: I'm Heather. Didn't we meet last time?

Max: Yes, we did. Yes, I could never forget that smile.

Heather: [Laughs] You know, I, um, I was hoping you'd show up.

Max: Really?

Heather: Uh-huh.

Max: You know, I didn't know if I was gonna dig this Vegas thing, but I'm digging it. I'm digging it.

Heather: Oh, yeah.

Jeremy: Oh, hey, man. Thanks for all your help.

Guy: I got a little nervous about your boy asking about that baggage.

Jeremy: Yeah, well, I knew it was just a matter of time before he got curious, so I just made sure we had some answers for him.

Guy: I can't even believe you offered to let him check the others. Dude, seriously, you were damn lucky he didn't take you up on that.

Jeremy: Yeah, well, I knew he wouldn't. Max is so easy to steer. You just keep him in the dark and everything's copacetic.

Max: All we need is a couple of chicks now, huh?

Jett: Speak for yourself, man. I'm almost married.

Max: All the more for me. All the more for me.

Jett: Filthy animal. So, uh, you and Jeremy cool now?

Max: What do you mean?

Jett: Well, it was pretty obvious you guys were into some kind of lover's tiff back there. Anything you want to tell me about?

Chelsea: I can't believe that, that slut's married.

Stephanie: Guy's name is Mark Printess. Says they got hitched in Pittsburgh last year.

Chelsea: She's been playing him this whole time.

Stephanie: Down and dirty.

Chelsea: I can't believe this. Stephanie, what should we do?

Stephanie: We? Uh, no, no, no. This is your deal. I'm just the typist. So, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna tell him or not?

Jett: I'm just saying if there's anything you want to get off your chest, you know?

Max: Nothing, man. It was just business.

Jett: Okay. What kind of business is that, touch the sky or that little side operation you and Jeremy got going?

Max: Side operation? I don't even know what you're talking about.

Jett: Come on, Max. I know you and Jeremy are trafficking some kind of illegal goods.

Max: [Laughs] You got it all wrong, man.

Jett: Oh, yeah? If I got it all wrong, why don't you set me straight?

Chelsea: Stephanie, his fiancé is married. I think he has a right to know.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, let him find out on his own.

Chelsea: And then what if he finds out that I knew this whole time, huh? Secrets always have a way of coming out. I mean, when my mom and Nick... whatever, you know.

Stephanie: Hooked up.

Chelsea: The point is, is that Abby knew the whole time and she kept it from me.

Stephanie: Chelsea, this is way different.

Chelsea: No, it's not. Stephanie, what kind of friend would I be if I kept the truth from him?

Stephanie: You know that friendship that you have with him? It's gonna be gone the minute you drop the bomb.

Chelsea: Do you think?

Stephanie: I know. He's gonna think you're just jealous, that you're trying to break up their relationship. Look, if you want to tell him, go for it, but don't say I didn't warn you. [Door opens] Hey, baby.

Jeremy: Hey, where you going? There's some for you, too.

Chelsea: In your dreams.

Jeremy: What's her deal?

Stephanie: Never mind. Where you been? What took you so long?

Jeremy: Well, you know those earrings I got you a few weeks ago?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Jeremy: So I thought you might need a necklace to go with them. [Door opens]

Heather: Oh, my God. You guys, David Beckham is totally at the ice machine! [Screaming] We have to stop him!

Bo: She was in pretty bad shape. We did everything we could.

Hope: Tony was wild with grief. Daphne was his mother, too.

Bo: He went chasing after André, and André ended up in quicksand.

Hope: He didn't want André to die. He did everything he could to rescue him. I can't believe that André survived.

Marlena: The DiMeras have always had a lot of deception in their arsenal, like making us believe that Roman was dead.

John: You know, that's around the time I appeared in Salem. Stefano just dropped me right in the middle of the Brady family just to shake you all up.

Roman: Yeah, damn. They've been messing with our lives for way too long.

Bo: So, let's hope Steve comes back with something from Tony or André so we can run a DNA test...find out who we're really dealing with.

Kayla: Don't you think that Steve should have checked in by now? What if they're on to him?

Tony: [Chuckles] Andre DiMera, my cousin. My dead cousin. That's who the Bradys think I am.

Stefano: Well, at least they deserve points for creativity.

Tony: But do you know how ridiculous this all sounds?

Steve: Hey, man. Don't shoot the messenger. I just thought you dudes would want the 411.

Tony: Get your dirty hands off me.

Steve: I'm just clearing away the snow. You got a little bit of a dandruff problem there. You know, they got shampoo for that.

Tony: If you think you're gonna leave here in one piece, you're gonna explain to me exactly what it is you're doing. a big macha big machine - inside a hospital - but not anymore.

Jeremy: It's a limited edition. Store said so.

Stephanie: Jeremy, this must have cost a fortune. Shouldn't you be saving your money? On second thought, scratch that. Hello, Jer? You-hoo, over here.

Person: He didn't look anything like Becks.

Girl: Yeah, how many cosmos have you had?

Heather: Oh, would you guys stop?

Girl: Poor Chelsea here was bummed.

Girl: Well, if it had been Becks, I mean, good luck stealing him away from posh.

Stephanie: Which would make you a home wrecker. Seriously, bad karma, Chelse.

Jett: Look, I got a lot invested in this, too. If there's something going down, I need to know about it.

Max: I already told you, there's nothing.

Jett: Well, if there's nothing, why can't you tell me?

Max: Okay, fine. But you can't say anything to anybody -- nobody.

Jett: I promise, for sure. What are you guys moving?

Max: Clothes. You know, like designer stuff.

Jett: That's it? Just knock offs?

Max: That's it. That's all I saw. I saw it for myself.

Jett: Hmm. Oh, hey, Chelse. You got any of those juicy websites for me?

Max: Websites?

Jett: It's an inside joke. Don't worry about it.

Chelsea: Um...Jett, can I talk to you for a second... alone?

Steve: Come on, Tony tone. Just having a little fun with you.

Stefano: Do we look as if we are in the mood for fun?

Tony: You know, why don't you just tell the Bradys that I am count Antony DiMera and that I can't wait to wipe them all out one by one?

Steve: That's a pretty big plan there, dude. Maybe you ought to take them two at a time.

Stefano: All right, enough with this foolishness, huh?

Steve: Hey, I got an idea, how we can prove this is Tony. Who played third base for the 1927 Yankees, hmm?

Tony: What?

Steve: Eh, you're right. Too easy. Everybody knows that one. Joe Dugan. How about this one -- in 1972, who won the European World Cup Sabre Championship in fencing?

Tony: Would you just get out of the car?!

Steve: Come on, man, you should know this. He beat Johann Normenberg.

Tony: You have five seconds to remove yourself from this automobile. 5...4...

John: I think Doc and I can take it over from here. Year's got to be 1994. That's when Tony came back to Salem to marry Kristin.

Marlena: And the following year at Aremid, Tony set up that gun to make it look like John had killed him.

Tony: No, John! No, John, no, no, no! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Marlena: Tony almost got away with it.

John: Damn close. Got me all the way to the gas chamber. Dead man walking because of that lowlife.

Kayla: Are you sure that was Tony?

John: Right about now, I don't think we can be too sure about anything.

Marlena: The year that Tony came back, what year was that?

Roman: 2003, I think. No, it was 2002.

Marlena: He came back and insisted that André had survived the quicksand and that André was the one who framed John.

Bo: And years later, we proved in the Salem Stalker case that DNA results had been altered by the DiMeras. So it makes sense that André's DNA results could have been altered.

Hope: What if it's been André all along? On the island and in Aremid?

Roman: Maybe it was André that convinced Doc she was the Salem Stalker.

Bo: That points to André being the one who wants Sami and Elvis J. out of the way.

Hope: What if it has been André we've been dealing with this whole time? Where's Tony?

Marlena: He could be dead.

John: Or simply just locked away somewhere.

Roman: Just like Lexie was.

Kayla: Come on, you guys. Hold on a second. I know we all want to believe that Tony DiMera, I mean, the real Tony DiMera, could never do these horrible things. What if we're wrong? None of us can be certain.

Anna: The man who's here now is not Tony. I shared a bed with Tony. And I should know.

[Indistinct conversations]

Heather: Aah! Max!

Stephanie: You better not be checking out those girls.

Jeremy: Huh? I'm sorry, baby. I just...have a lot on my mind. So, do you like the necklace?

Stephanie: I love it, and I love being spoiled.

Jeremy: Well, you deserve it. I know I've been a huge pain lately. I'm not trying to make excuses or anything, but it's not easy getting a business off the ground.

Stephanie: I know.

Jeremy: It's gonna lighten up real soon, okay? And pretty soon, we're gonna be spending so much time together, you're gonna get sick of me.

Stephanie: I could never get sick of you, Jeremy Horton.

Jett: Looks like our boy Max is enjoying himself.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Jett: You know, he's a really good guy.

Chelsea: Yeah, he is. Kind of like you.

Jett: Oh, you think?

Chelsea: Yeah. Danielle's really lucky to have you.

Jett: Why, thank you. She really liked you, too.

Chelsea: Jett, there's something that you should know about Danielle.

Bo: So, you don't think our guy is Tony?

Anna: No, absolutely not. It's like I told Roman. No sizzle in his steak. Kissed me like a dead fish. The Tony I was married to was a hopeless romantic. You know, champagne and flowers and he was every woman's dream.

Anna: Is this really happening? Can you really love me this much?

Tony: I can and I do.

Anna: I keep wanting to pinch myself just to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Tony: You're not dreaming. It is real. And this is real.

Anna: Now, that was the real Tony DiMera. And to this day...nobody's ever kissed me the way he kissed me. [Sighs] Every time we locked lips, I got so light-headed, I thought I might float away.

Roman: Oh, Anna, come on. Can you spare us all this stuff? Did you bring what I asked?

Anna: Oh, yes.

Roman: Good.

Anna: And you are lucky I held on to these.

Kayla: What are these?

Roman: They're letters from Tony.

Anna: Well, they're envelopes, actually, 'cause the letters are private.

Bo: These will work fine for what we need.

Marlena: You gonna try to pull Tony's DNA?

Roman: You got it. Then we're gonna compare it to the DNA Steve's getting for us.

Kayla: That is if the DiMeras aren't on to him already.

Tony: 3...2...

Stefano: Have you lost your mind?

Tony: Don't you understand how he's playing this? He's playing it both against the middle.

Stefano: Antony... you committed one horror tonight. You want to commit another one?

Steve: Excuse me. Um...if you're talking about that booby-trapped gun pointed at Elvis Jr... is that what you're talking about?

Tony: What do you mean by that?

Steve: Well, I just thought I should let you know he's not dead. The way I heard it, your good friend John Black saved his bony butt.

Tony: John.

Steve: Yeah, it was at a fleabag motel out on Route 13. Well, it's a good thing you guys have me because you really wouldn't be able to keep up. You behave yourselves, boys.

Stefano: You have committed an unforgivable act, Antony. My God in heaven. You attempted to murder my younger son. Your very own brother.

Tony: E.J. was right. I should have shot him myself.

Stefano: You have...done irreparable damage to this family, Tony. Oh, God. Elvis will never...never trust us again.

Stephanie: What is it?

Jeremy: You should go show off your necklace. Make those chicks jealous.

Stephanie: Later. Come on.

Jeremy: You can do it now.

Stephanie: Okay.

Jeremy: Hey, Brady. Where you off to?

Max: Uh, casino. Got to make my money work for me, right? Do you want to come?

Jeremy: No, man, that's cool. and Jett earlier, you guys looked pretty intense. What was that all about?

Max: Nothing. Uh, he was asking me about racing and stuff.

Jeremy: Why are you lying, man?

Max: What?

Jeremy: Come on, we both know that you guys were not talking about racing, so why don't you give it to me straight?

Chelsea: The thing is...I don't know how to tell you this.

Jett: Tell me what?

Chelsea: I kind of did some checking up on Danielle just 'cause, I don't know, she just -- there was something about her.

Jett: Why? I mean, I thought you guys got along and you liked her.

Chelsea: I'm so sorry. You really don't deserve this. Danielle is... she's already married to a guy named Mark Printess.

Tony: John Black. I swear he came out of that coma just to irritate me. Every time I am about to solve the Brady problem, I trip over him. Maybe I should just snuff him first.

Stefano: Shut up. You've done enough damage. [Sighing] Oh, God. If you were truly...the son that I wanted... you would carry a pride in your heart for the DiMera name. You would focus your every thought on what is good for our family, our empire. God only knows. You'd have some...poetry in your soul.

Tony: Poetry. Is that what you want? Poetry or do you want to live? Poetry or health? Poetry or vengeance for your father? Poetry or the day that you and I will finally dance on the grave of every last Brady?

Anna: It's been over 20 years since that night on the pier when Tony vanished. 20 years without a phone call, without an explanation. He was the love of my life. If there's any small chance that he is still alive...we have to find him.

Hope: We will.

Bo: You can count on it.

Marlena: Whatever it takes. Right, sweetheart? John? This is family. Tony is your brother.

John: Half brother. And the only Tony I ever knew deserves everything he's got coming to him.

Anna: But you didn't know the real Tony.

John: Look, Anna, I know that he was your husband. And I know you want to find him, so...count me in. Whatever you need is yours.

Anna: Oh, thank you.

Steve: Whoo! Mission accomplished!

Kayla: Steve, thank God you're all right.

Steve: Of course I am, sweetness. Of course I am.

Bo: All right, stop groping her and tell us what you got.

Steve: I got hair, kind of greasy, off his jacket. Personally, I don't think it's his natural color.

Roman: And nobody suspected anything?

Steve: Oh, sure they did. They suspected everything but what I was really up to.

Bo: Good job, man.

Steve: I don't know why you're bothering with that DNA stuff. I can guarantee you that dude is not Tony DiMera.

Roman: Based on what?

Steve: Well, he didn't have a clue who won the European World Cup Sabre Championship in the year of 1972.

John: Yeah, and?

Steve: You want to know who walked away with the gold for foil fencing that year? It was none other than Tony DiMera.

Anna: Oh, my God. What have they done with my Tony?

Hope: We'll find him. It'll be okay, Anna.

Roman: And we'll run that DNA test to dot the I's and cross the T’s.

John: [Sighing] Well, if this isn't Tony...and we can find the real Tony DiMera... we just may have our hands on a weapon that will bring the DiMeras down for good.

E.J.: Let's just have an honest conversation, shall we? And, yes, before you even begin, I mean honest about everything.

Tony: Brave enough to say goodbye to your poor friend Tony. It's your move, detective.

Stephanie: I think that you're just chicken. [Clucking]

Jeremy: I said shut the...

Jett: How does it feel hanging out with the biggest loser in Las Vegas, huh, friend?

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