Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/12/07 - Canada; Friday 7/13/07 - U.S.A.


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Chelsea: Jockeys, they love the taste of it. What did those cans of fish eggs ever do to you?

Stephanie: Worms, fish eggs puke me out.

Chelsea: Is anything else making you want to hurl?

Stephanie: [Sighs] Just Jeremy.

Chelsea: Oh, here. Don't hold anything back.

Stephanie: One minute he's treating me like a sex Goddess, the next minute, he can't stand the way I'm breathing. Chelse, you're normally straight with me. What's your take on Jeremy? Do you think he's really into me?

Chelsea: Maybe we shouldn't talk about this right now.

Stephanie: Why not? It's just you and me. Jeremy's got some business to take care of.

Chelsea: If you guys have problems, talk to him. It doesn't matter what I think.

Stephanie: No, I'm talking to you -- my flight buddy, my cousin, my BFF.

Chelsea: Okay. Promise you won't get mad at me?

Stephanie: Tell me first and then I'll decide.

Chelsea: I think he's an ass. Sorry.

Max: would be? Hey, are you okay? Like... um, wow. Don't be afraid. Look, I'm Max. I'm Max Brady. My brother owns this place. Uh, what's your name?

Ilsa: My Ilsa.

Max: Okay, Ilsa. Um...are you a friend of Chelsea's? I mean, did something happen? Are you okay?

Ilsa: [Sobbing]

Max: Okay, um, uh...tissues. I'll be right back.

Jeremy: Hey, move your lazy butt and get your stuff together. We got to jet.

Max: Hey, partner. Is this some sort of a preboard that I don't know about?

Marlena: How...are you feeling?

Sami: Mom, I feel twice as big since I found out I'm having twins.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. Twice as many stem cells for Stefano to go after to save his worthless life.

Sami: Lucas.

Marlena: We won't let that happen. Your dad is out there looking for another safe house right now.

Sami: Yeah, great, fantastic.

Lucas: Yeah, thank you, Roman.

Sami: You know, we ran out of there so fast, I think I left half my stuff in the bathroom.

Lucas: Well, we got you out of that motel just in time before Stefano could show up.

Sami: How did dad find out about that?

Lucas: Yeah, who tipped him off?

Marlena: Um... E.J. Wells did.

John: [Laughs] No way, man. You telling me that E.J. ratted out his own brother?

Steve: Get real, John. You know the DiMeras are just one big pack of rats.

Roman: Well, as it turns out, Stefano's taken a turn for the worse, so he ordered Tony to find Sami to get to those lifesaving stem cells.

Steve: Tony -- that dude's got stones. Breaking into your cop mobile, tapping into your GPS.

Roman: Yeah, and all the time I'm sitting right there in the pub talking to E.J.

Steve: Oh, yeah? You sure E.J. wasn't just trying to keep you busy?

Roman: No, E.J. came because I asked him to. Bo's idea. He wants to have a Brady/DiMera peace conference.

John: And you believe that?

Roman: No, no, I don't. But just to be on the safe side, I want you guys to find him.

Steve: Or whatever's left of him. Tony's got to know he tipped you off.

John: It kind of sounds like Elvis has just landed himself in a whole mess of trouble.

E.J.: You're making a grave mistake, Tony.

Tony: Hmm. And the grave's yours, isn't it, brother?

E.J.: Father's gonna be furious, you know that?

Tony: I'll relay the good news myself. One should never deny oneself such pleasures. Life is about choices. You made the wrong one -- protecting your precious Samantha rather than save the man who gave you life.

E.J.: Tony, we don't need to sacrifice Samantha's babies to save father.

Tony: Samantha's babies? They're DiMeras. They belong to us. Get the shotgun. And do you have any last words, brother... for posterity?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Stephanie: Seriously? You dislike Jeremy that much?

Chelsea: I just think he treats you like crap.

Stephanie: Not all the time, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Right, only on days ending in "Y."

Stephanie: He's under a lot of stress, getting this whole Vegas shuttle up and running.

Chelsea: Stephanie, please. He's not under stress. He's getting a free ride on Max's bankroll.

Stephanie: This is, like, Jeremy's life dream.

Chelsea: Look, you asked me what I thought about Jeremy and I told you. I'm sorry if you don't like what I had to say, but you even said yourself that he can be a pain.

Stephanie: Okay, so he's not perfect, but that doesn't mean you can totally trash him like that.

Chelsea: You know what? Let's just change the subject.

Stephanie: No, I want to know what bugs you about Jeremy. You don't get to trash him without a reason.

Chelsea: Okay, so now you want a reason.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Chelsea: I just don't trust him. He's way too Jekyll-and-Hyde. I never know where he's coming from. He's up, he's down. He's nice, he's snotty.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, now you know how it feels.

Chelsea: Excuse me?

Stephanie: You're the flip side of Jeremy. One minute hot, the next minute cold. One minute Chelsea dark, next minute Chelsea light.

Chelsea: That's not true.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah? Tell that to Nick. You want to know why you don't like my boyfriend so much? Because he reminds you of you.

Jeremy: Max, dude, how's it going?

Max: No, I came over here to talk to you.

Jeremy: I know, to light a fire under my butt. But no worries -- I haven't missed a takeoff yet.

Max: Who's that?

Jeremy: Her? She's just a friend. She needed a place to crash for the night.

Max: Oh. Well, what's her name?

Jeremy: Her name?

Max: Yeah, you said she was a friend of yours. My friends come with names. What's hers?

Sami: E.J.? E.J. tipped dad off to save me?

Marlena: He seems to have switched his allegiance from his family to you and your babies.

Lucas: Well, that's a setup. It's a typical DiMera double-cross. It's obvious.

Sami: What does E.J. have to benefit by betraying his own family?

Marlena: Nothing. He's got a lot to lose, perhaps even his life.

Lucas: Don't be so naive, all right? He's a DiMera. You can't trust a DiMera. That's like trusting a gator to get you across a river.

Sami: I can't help it, Lucas. I mean, the bottom line is I want to believe that this guy actually...has a conscience.

Lucas: This guy raped you.

Sami: And I have to find a way to...move past that.

Lucas: Oh, I get it. So you want to forgive him. Is that it?

Sami: No, I don't.

Marlena: I think Sami's on the right track. You can't walk around with all this anger inside of you. It's not good for you. It's not good for the babies.

Sami: My mom is right. I want to be playing Mozart to the babies. I want to teach them to speak French. I want to be bonding with them, not spending all my time wishing horrible things on E.J.

Lucas: Fine, fine. You want to let go of your anger? You can do that. I think I'll hang on to mine. I know we're gonna need it.

Sami: Lucas.

Marlena: No, no, no. Sami, let him go. He's got to blow off some steam.

Sami: Is this how it's gonna be, Mom? The rage, the...revenge? It's never gonna end, is it?

Lucas: Hey.

Kayla: Hey, Ciara, look who's out and about.

Lucas: How are you doing? I wouldn't say I'm exactly a free man, but, yes, I'm out and about.

Kayla: I know. Steve told me he's out there looking for a safe house for you guys.

Lucas: A safe house. No such animal I don't think.

Kayla: I know. I mean, you're seeing shadows everywhere.

Lucas: Kayla, let me ask you something. If E.J. raped you the way he raped Sami at gunpoint, do you really think you could forgive him?

Tony: I'm a genius, even if I do say so myself.

Bart: You're the man, boss.

Tony: One call to the keystone cops, they'll find the door locked. They'll shoulder their way in to the happy sound of a gunshot blast and find poor Elvis here with a giant hole in his chest.

E.J.: The police are gonna be looking for you, Tony, not for me.

Tony: Ah, but the police love snitches. Your offer to turn state evidence, bringing the DiMera family to its knees -- quite a feather in the commissioner's cap.

E.J.: I would never betray father.

Tony: But you betrayed me!

E.J.: You know, they say fathers live in sons, Tony. You are not half the man.

Tony: Really? You have no idea who I am. You have no idea what I'm capable of. It's a pity, though, that you won't be alive to see the first hundred days of my reign. Gag him.

Bart: With pleasure. Hey. Boss, minor question. How do we get out without setting the gun off?

Tony: A little undignified, but we'll climb through the bathroom window. Rest well...young prince. May flights of devils sing thee to thy rest.

Jeremy: Come on, Max. What are you, a hound dog for the department of immigration?

Max: My family lives here. So if you're gonna entertain guests while Bo and Hope are away --

Jeremy: The last time I checked, I was family, too, coz.

Max: Cut the crap. Tell me who she is and why she's crying.

Jeremy: Listen, man, you know the score. I picked her up at the Cheatin' Heart and brought her back here for a little R and R. It's just a one-time thing. Over and done. We cool, man?

Max: No, man. We are nowhere near cool.

Chelsea: You know what, Stephanie? I do see some of my old bad habits in Jeremy. I mean, he can be obnoxious and rude and arrogant. He's got an ego the size of Montana.

Stephanie: Great, now tell me what you really think.

Chelsea: He doesn't respect you. It's like when he's not trying to get some, he completely ignores you. Whenever you're around him, you turn into this really insecure little girl just desperate for his attention.

Stephanie: Is this because I'm hooking up with Jeremy and you're hooking up with nobody?

Chelsea: Look, Nick treats me like a person. He looks at me when he talks to me, and he listens. He actually respects me.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, I mean, that's really worked for the two of you in bed, huh? I mean, he respects you so much that he puts you to sleep?

Chelsea:'re really an amazing person. And you can do a lot better than Jeremy Horton.

Stephanie: Gee, Chelse, thanks a lot. I finally got a guy that I'm really into and you want to wreck it for me.

Chelsea: Stephanie.

Jett: Everything okay?

Chelsea: Yeah, no, everything's great. Life is just one big bowl of cherries.

Jett: Not good, huh? Want to talk about it?

Chelsea: No, I think I've shot my mouth off enough for one day.

Jett: Well, I got a little bit of time, got a free ear.

Chelsea: Let me ask you a question, Jett. How does a smart guy like you end up in business with some guy like Jeremy?

Kayla: Whoo! Nothing like starting with the easy question first.

Lucas: I'm sorry about that. Just forget it.

Kayla: No, it's all right.

Lucas: I mean, if E.J. did to you what he did to Sami...

Kayla: I went through what Sami went through.

Lucas: You what? Kayla, I'm so sorry. I had no idea, really.

Kayla: It's okay. Forget it. It was quite awhile ago. But, yes, in time, I was able to forgive him. But E.J. tortured my husband. I mean, maybe I could forgive him for hurting me, but I don't know about someone that I love.

Lucas: Well, he is evil. There's no doubt about that.

Kayla: Well, what about Sami? Has she managed to forgive him?

Lucas: I'm not sure. I don't know. I know she wants to, but...

Kayla: Well, she's carrying two precious babies. And they need a mother who's relaxed and attentive.

Lucas: Yeah.

Kayla: And they need you, too, mister.

Lucas: Well, if E.J. is the father, they need someone. That's for damn sure.

Kayla: Biology isn't everything. You're gonna be the father that they know loves them, who they grow up with. You're gonna be the first one to hold them, to guide their baby steps. Here. Why don't you try this on for size?

Lucas: Oh, wait a minute.

Kayla: Come on. What are you, a scaredy-cat?

Lucas: No, it's just...

Kayla: Isn't that sweet?

Lucas: Yeah, it is. Nice. Hey. I almost forgot what this feels like.

Kayla: Babies just want love. They don't care who their biological father is or how they were conceived.

John: So, why would Tony be holding E.J. here?

Steve: Irony, poetic justice. Tony's into all that sort of crap. This was Sami's safe house. E.J. helps her escape. Now he's trapped here.

John: So, if you're betting, is he alive or dead?

Steve: Well, DiMeras are pretty rough on turncoats, and Tony --

John: Or whoever kissed Anna.

Steve: Whoever. Tony's as cold and ruthless as they come.

John: Want to do the honors?

Steve: Well, thank you, my buddy.

E.J.: [Muffled] No! No!

Steve: And it's locked.

John: Well, we're just gonna have to huff and puff and kick this door in.

Jett: Okay, I know you're not one of Jeremy's biggest fans.

Chelsea: So you noticed.

Jett: Is that the reason why you and Stef were fighting just now?

Chelsea: Here's a bit of a tip -- the next time that somebody asks you to be honest, just lie instead.

Jett: It's like that, huh? What is it about Jeremy that rubs you the wrong way so much?

Chelsea: What about him doesn't?

Jett: He's that bad, huh?

Chelsea: I just hate the way he treats women, Stephanie in particular.

Jett: Well, J.'s not so bad once you get to know him.

Chelsea: Does he always have to grope her like that and play the crowd? I mean, it's seriously disgusting. And he loves to make people squirm, and then the minute you call him on it, he acts like it was just one big joke. But if you don't get the joke, it's because you're too uptight or you don't know how to have fun.

Jett: That's just the way he goofs around.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, goofing around is one thing, but... Jeremy's dangerous.

Jett: You think?

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, he's wild. He's unpredictable. He's irresponsible. It's like every word that comes out of his mouth is like a giant dare. And I kind of feel bad for Max because I just know that Jeremy's bad news.

Jett: Does Stephanie ever tell you about Jeremy's other business interests?

Chelsea: Well, outside of Touch the Sky, I thought his downtime went into serious downtime, you know? Why, is there something bad going on?

Jett: Oh, no, nothing like that. I just thought, you know, Jeremy may have let something slip.

Chelsea: You are so busted. You don't trust Mr. Wonderful, either, do you?

Jeremy: We're guys, right? Sometimes we need a little something on the side.

Max: Well, Stephanie's my niece.

Jeremy: From what I hear, you did a lot more than play uncle.

Max: We're not of blood relation, Jeremy.

Jeremy: So that makes it okay for you to do your sister's kid.

Max: Look, I never got that far with her, okay, you jerk? And I care about Stephanie.

Jeremy: So do I. The first time I saw her coming off the racetrack, helmet off, hair flying in the wind, I knew I had to have a piece of that.

Max: Oh, that's all she is to you, huh? Like a piece of meat?

Jeremy: The girl is prime, but sometimes I itch to get a little more down and dirty. You know how it works. You were on the racing circuit. All those drag-strip honeys waiting to shift you into gear. Don't tell me you never tapped in to that action. Oh, yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You made the laps -- too many to count.

Lucas: There you go.

Kayla: Do you know what? Babies just want love and warmth and food and a clean diaper now and then. They don't care about DNA or family bloodlines.

Lucas: You're saying that I shouldn't care, either, right?

Kayla: Look, I'm not saying that what E.J. did wasn't a terrible thing. But the love that you can give your babies, that's a beautiful thing.

Sami: Mom, he raped me and he did it to get me pregnant so that he could harvest my babies' stem cells to save his father's life.

Marlena: Tell me about Lucas. Is he threatened by this?

Sami: I tell him how much I love him. I tell him all the time. He must know.

Marlena: He also knows that E.J. puts his life on the line for you.

Sami: Oh, it's not for me. It's for the babies.

Marlena: Okay. Let's be honest. We both know that what E.J. wants is you.

E.J.: [Muffled] No! No!

John: 1...2...

Steve: Ho, ho, ho, ho.

John: You're breaking my rhythm, man. What are you doing?

Steve: Just hold it, man. I think there's some bad mungambo going down here.

John: Hey, you're scaring me. You're starting to sound like Celeste.

Steve: I'm serious, man. I'm feeling it. Now, Tony was here, right? He was probably furious when he found out that E.J. warned Sami.

John: Yeah, we figure.

Steve: So what does he do, go home and play Parcheesi with the old man?

John: Not likely.

Steve: No, I think he deals with his little brother. Maybe he leaves us a calling card.

John: Like E.J.'s body?

Steve: I have a feeling that we're in for a big surprise if we open that door.

John: You think it's booby-trapped?

Steve: You want to find out the hard way?

John: No, I think I'll pass on that one.

Steve: So, how about I go around back, see if there's a way in? If it's clear, I'll let you know.

John: Hey, hold on. You might need this.

Steve: Are you sure, man?

John: Trust is a beautiful thing.

Steve: Thanks.

Max: Now, look, I've had my share of one-nighters, but I've always asked the lady her name.

Jeremy: I guess you're the class act in the family.

Max: So why is Jane Doe crying her eyes out, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Beats me. She speaks like zero English. She parroted off some gibberish over and over and over, then made with waterworks.

Max: It's funny how women don't like to be used and abused, huh, Jeremy?

Jeremy: No way, man. I just told her to hustle. I got a business to run.

Max: Yeah, well, yelling sounds like yelling in any language.

Jeremy: Look, Max, I am loving this little Dr. Phil moment we're having here, but I got to get going.

Max: Are you gonna take her home?

Jeremy: Of course. I'm a Horton after all. Okay, sweetheart, the car's outside. Be a good girl and dry those gorgeous eyes and jump in the passenger seat.

Max: Look, he's gonna take you home. You got money?

Jeremy: Please, Maximilian, she's not that kind of girl. Here's the plan. I'm gonna go drop her off, make sure all of our designer knock offs are ready to be moved, and, uh...see you on the plane.

Max: I'll be there.

Jeremy: [Clears throat] No worries, right, man?

Max: No worries.

Jett: Mmm, no. Jeremy may be all kinds of things, but I trust him with my life.

Chelsea: Then why did you just ask me if he had any business outside of this one?

Jett: I don't know. I mean, J.'s always looking for some side action, and it usually comes back to bite him in the butt, so I just wanted to, you know, keep my eye on things.

Chelsea: To make sure that Jeremy doesn't get himself into trouble.

Jett: Something like that.

Chelsea: So, then, the real truth is that you kind of don't trust him.

Jett: I didn't say that. Look, I know Jeremy may be a royal pain in the butt, but other than that, I think I'm a pretty good judge of character.

Chelsea: You think?

Jett: What, you don't?

Chelsea: No, sometimes I think that maybe you are too trusting for your own good.

Jett: Um...who are we talking about now, Chelsea?

Sami: Mom, E.J. is delusional if he thinks that I will ever think of him anything other than the man who tried to destroy my life.

Marlena: He's now the man trying to save your life.

Sami: Well, that doesn't matter if he --

Marlena: Hey.

Roman: Got some good news.

Marlena: We're overdue for some good news.

Roman: I located a new safe house for you.

Sami: Oh. Well, I hope it's not another roach motel.

Roman: Hey, your frequent-flier miles got you an upgrade. Be ready in 30 minutes, okay?

Sami: All right, Dad. Thank you. I am grateful. I love you. I love both of you.

Roman: All right.

Sami: I guess I better go tell Lucas.

Roman: He's outside with Kayla. See you in 30 minutes, okay?

Sami: You bet. Thank you.

Roman: Black. Let me ask you something. Do you know Tony DiMera well enough to be able to tell whether he's the real deal or a first-class fake?

Sami: So, what's up, guys?

Kayla: Um, just a little baby talk.

Sami: Well, um, my dad said that they found another safe house for us. It's a better one, supposedly, so we should probably get out of here soon. What's that for?

Lucas: For making me fall in love with you. And I'm in love with those babies, too. You know that, right?

Sami: Yeah, I do. And I'm in love with you.

Lucas: Well, good. 'Cause we're a family and we're gonna stay that way.

Sami: You and me and Will and babies make...five if you can believe it.

Lucas: It's a big family.

[Glass shattering]

John: Steve...I'm coming in.

E.J.: [Muffled screams]

Steve: John, back off! [Gunshot]

Jett: Huh? Chelsea, you're saying there's somebody else I need to watch out for?

Chelsea: No. No, just Jeremy.

Jett: Are you sure, 'cause I could have sworn you're talking about somebody else just then.

Chelsea: Who else would I be talking about? Come on, I hardly know you.

Jett: Hmm. Well, I better go and run the flight checks so we can take off when Jeremy gets here.

Stephanie: Pitch in whenever you feel like it.

Chelsea: Sorry, I just got a little sidetracked.

Stephanie: By a little Jett action?

Chelsea: Come on, Stephanie. I really don't want to fight. And I really need to tell you something.

Stephanie: If it's about Jeremy, then I don't even want to talk about it.

Chelsea: No, actually, it's about Jett, but you have to promise not to tell anybody, okay?

Stephanie: Okay, I promise. What is it?

Chelsea: I know for a fact that Jett's fiancÚ is cheating on him.

Stephanie: Whoa.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, my question, anyway, you think that I should tell him or not?

Marlena: Are you serious?

Roman: I'm telling you, Anna insists the guy she kissed is not Tony DiMera.

Marlena: What is Anna doing kissing Tony? I thought she was meant to be kissing you.

Roman: Can we stay on point? All right, as farfetched as it sounds, Anna is sure we've got an imposter amongst us, all right? So, Doc, I need your help.

Marlena: Oh, I don't know, Roman. These lips are meant for John.

Roman: I'm not asking you to kiss the guy, all right?

John: I'm glad to hear that.

Marlena: Oh, hello.

Roman: All right. What happened to you?

E.J.: Little family spat. It happens in the best of circles.

John: Tony tried to kill him, rigged up a shotgun.

Steve: We almost blew his head off.

John: Anyway, we figured we'd slide around back here just to play it safe.

Stephanie: Okay, so, how do you know Danielle's cheating on Jett?

Chelsea: Because I heard her talking to some guy on the phone that night at the Cheatin' Heart.

Stephanie: Are you sure this isn't Chelsea taking a trip to Wishville, wanting Jett all to herself?

Chelsea: No, because I have a boyfriend.

Stephanie: So, what are you gonna do?

Chelsea: I don't know. Don't you think that Jett has a right to know?

Stephanie: Yeah, if what you heard is what you heard, but if not...

Chelsea: How can I find out for sure?

Max: What up, what up, what up, pretty ladies?

Chelsea: Hey.

Stephanie: Where's Jeremy?

Max: Oh, he'll be here. [Bell dings]

Stephanie: My cookies.

Max: I guess. Chelsea, we need to do something about Jeremy.

Chelsea: Like what?

Max: Like get him the hell away from Stephanie.

E.J.: I'm glad you both made it out safely.

Marlena: I understand we have you to thank for tipping Roman off about the fact that Tony knew about the safe house.

Roman: Yeah, Tony hacked into my GPS system.

E.J.: I just want you to all understand I don't approve or endorse my brother's tactics.

Lucas: By tactics, do you mean how far your sick, twisted family will go to get the stem cells to save your worthless father's life?

E.J.: Lucas, please, I need you to understand that --

Lucas: You think this makes up for it? Your little heads-up -- you think that makes up for what you did to my wife?

Sami: You know what? Lucas, E.J. did warn us, and obviously he suffered because of it. Maybe we should just show more gratitude, you know?

Lucas: You want me to thank him? You want me to get on my knees and thank the guy who raped you?

Sami: He put his life on the line for us.

Lucas: I don't care. We're going to the new safe house. Come on, are you coming?

Bart: So, how are you gonna break it to the old man?

Tony: What, that Samantha got away? We'll catch up with her.

Bart: No, no, I mean about Elvis.

Tony: What about him?

Bart: You just whacked your father's favorite... only -- youngest son.

Tony: [Chuckles] Yeah, I did, didn't I?

Bart: You're not afraid of how he's gonna take that?

Tony: I'm in charge now.

Chelsea: Max, what did Jeremy do?

Jeremy: J. Man reporting for duty. We'll be boarding passengers shortly and then we'll be up, up, and away.

Stephanie: Hey, baby. Where have you been? I missed you.

Jeremy: Max and I had a little business to attend to, right, buddy? Stef, will you go grab me a bottle of water?

Stephanie: Sure. That's what your friendly flight attendant's for... among other things.

Max: The minute we land, I want to check out the merchandise, and if you have me running guns or drugs or anything like that, I swear to God, I will tear you a new one.

Jeremy: Easy. I don't need this getting around.

Max: All the more reason why I should check them out. All of them, all the trunks.

Jeremy: Hey, man --

Max: That's it. I want to see the trunks when we land.

Jett: Hey, guys, what's going on? Everything cool?

Jeremy: Yeah. Max was just reaming me for being a little late. Won't happen again, sir.

Chelsea: So, what do you think I should do about the whole Jett/Danielle thing?

Stephanie: Well, I've got my laptop. When we hit Vegas, we can Google the hell out of this girl and see what she's really up to.

Chelsea: I really hope that I'm wrong.

Stephanie: What if you're not?

Chelsea: Then I'm gonna have to tell him.

Stephanie: Right, because what good is gossip if you can't use it to flatten somebody?

Chelsea: Stephanie, he deserves to know.

Stephanie: Yeah, he does. And when you break the awful truth to him -- holding hands, tears in your eyes, hating to hurt this amazing guy -- you'll be there to offer whatever comfort he needs.

Chelsea: You are such a cynic.

Roman: All right, E.J. Are you ready to pay Tony back for what he tried to do to you?

E.J.: I told you, I'm not turning state's evidence.

Roman: All right. Then how about setting a trap with you, the bait?

E.J.: All right. One condition -- you put me in that safe house after the trap is sprung.

Marlena: Is that because you fear Stefano's reprisal or you want to be around Sami? If you have any conscience whatsoever, I want you to stay away from my daughter.

Roman: You listen to what she's saying, E.J. Stay away from Sami.

Kayla: You know, I really wish you'd stop playing cops and robbers.

Steve: Oh, I'm just trying to keep the streets safe for little tinies like this. Look at that little sweet thing.

Kayla: She is a living doll, isn't she?

Steve: Mm-hmm.

Kayla: Whoo. I didn't realize how much I miss this feeling. So much love. I think she wants me.

Steve: I know.

Kayla: You're a dolly.

Steve: You know what it sounds like? My baby's got a baby Jones. Is that right?

Kayla: Just brings back a lot of memories of when Stephanie was a baby.

Steve: Yeah, we didn't have enough time, did we?

Kayla: No, we didn't. Raising Stephanie was so bittersweet because you weren't there. I always thought it was something that we should do together. I know this sounds totally crazy, but...I wish we had a second chance, a second chance to...raise a baby together.

Steve: Now? [Laughs] Oh, sweetness, you really had me going there for a minute. You're kidding. Listen, I got some business to take care of. I'll catch up with you later. Bye-bye.

Bart: I don't know, Tony. Stefano's not dead yet. He's gonna go cloud-cuckoo when he finds out what you did to Elvis.

Tony: I'll have him committed.

Bart: Your father?

Tony: Why not? He's in cloud-cuckoo-land now. How else can you explain the fact that he was willing to have a truce between our family and the Bradys?

Bart: Not like him, that's for sure.

Tony: Well, I'll just have to wipe them out myself. [Chuckles] And when I'm finished...when the Bradys look back at the days of Stefano...[Chuckles] It'll be the golden age.

Stephanie: I could never get sick of you, Jeremy Horton.

Max: It's just business.

Jett: What kind of business is that, Touch the Sky or that little side operation you and Jeremy got going?

Anna: The man who's here now is not Tony. I shared a bed with Tony. And I should know.

Stefano: You have done irreparable damage to this family. Elvis will never trust us again.

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