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[Knock on door]

Chelsea: Hey, um, what are you doing here? I thought you had to work.

Nick: I took the morning off so that we could finish our conversation from last night.

Chelsea: I'm not the one that walked out.

Nick: You didn't exactly try to stop me.

Chelsea: Are we seriously gonna get into this again?

Nick: I'm sorry. Okay? I just need to talk. Is it okay if I come in?

Chelsea: Yeah. I didn't try to stop you because I was in shock. I just can't believe that you're being blackmailed over that stupid hairbrush again, especially by my grandma. I need you to tell me what happened.

Nick: Basically, Kate knows that I stole the hairbrush from the lab, and she's threatening to get me fired.

Chelsea: Why would she even think of doing that? It doesn't make any sense.

Nick: To her it does.

Chelsea: Okay, well, she's not gonna get away with it.

Nick: No, Chelsea, there's no reason to waste your time. She's not gonna listen to us.

Chelsea: Nick, we at least have to try.

Nick: Chelsea, I already told Billie everything about what happened.

Chelsea: You already told my mom about this?

E.J.: What are you doing, Tony?

Tony: Exactly what father asked me to do, and that was to find Samantha Roberts and bring her to him.

E.J.: Why, so that he can cut her open?

Tony: Well, that's up to him, now, isn't it?

E.J.: In case you haven't heard, Tony, Samantha's being kept in a safe house. And I can assure you it is not the Brady Pub.

Tony: Yes, but something's going on in the Brady Pub. Bo and Hope, they just charged in like the cavalry. And by the expressions on their faces, it's not because of the clam chowder.

E.J.: Well, whatever it is, I can assure you it has nothing to do with Samantha.

Tony: Ah. Roman will be next, mark my words.

E.J.: And what if he is?

Tony: Well, Commissioner Brady, he knows where that safe house is, and he's going to lead me directly to his daughter.

Bo: Ma?

Caroline: Oh, thank you for coming so quickly. I just -- I didn't know what to think, what to do.

Hope: Are you okay?

Caroline: Yes, yes.

Bo: What's up? What happened?

Caroline: I woke up, and Shawn wasn't here. I didn't think anything of that. I thought he went fishing. But the fishing tackle wasn't touched. And then I-I found this.

Bo: "Darling Caroline, keep a close eye on things here for a few days -- place and the kids. Got business. Shouldn't be gone long, so don't worry your beautiful self over me, though I know you will anyway. I'll be fine, darling, and I am fine. And I love you with all my heart. Never think twice about that. Yours, Shawn."

Hope: I can't believe he just left like that. He didn't talk to you, didn't tell you in person?

Caroline: Not a word.

Bo: This isn't like pop.

Caroline: I know it isn't. That's why I'm worried sick. Where could he have gone all alone?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Nick: Will you listen to me? I told your mom because I didn't have anywhere else to turn.

Chelsea: How about your girlfriend?

Nick: I tried. You were in Vegas, remember?

Chelsea: So you talked to my mom?

Nick: I don't know what else I was supposed to do. Otherwise, Kate was gonna tell the hospital exactly how the hairbrush ended up missing from the lab.

Chelsea: Who cares if she told, Nick? My Uncle Roman, the police commissioner, he told you that you were in the clear. Willow confessed. She's guilty. End of story.

Nick: All the hospital would see is that I compromised their integrity, and that would be the end of my career.

Chelsea: So what did my mom do?

Nick: She got angry. She called Kate down to the Brady Pub and told her to back off.

Chelsea: And what did my grandma say?

Nick: Your grandma acted all innocent. She pretended like it was just a big misunderstanding, then, of course, when your mom left, she dropped the act.

Chelsea: Why? What does she want from you?

Nick: She wants me to make sure that the DNA test comes out a certain way.

Chelsea: What DNA test?

Nick: Sami's amnio to establish the paternity of the babies.

Chelsea: And she wanted you to name E.J. as the father.

Nick: Whether he was or not.

Chelsea: Did you change the test results?

Nick: I didn't run the tests. But I did write up a report that said with 99% certainty that E.J. was the father.

Chelsea: Nick...

Nick: What was I supposed to do? I was trapped. Everything was on the line -- my entire future.

Chelsea: Is that all you care about, yourself? You'd actually put your career in front of the lives of two innocent children and their family?

Nick: You think I like doing this? My entire world is spinning out of control, and that's all you can say to me?

Chelsea: Nick, maybe you should talk to somebody like Marlena or another therapist.

Nick: I don't need a therapist, Chelsea. I need you.

E.J.: I'm the one that father charged with looking after Samantha.

Tony: Yes, you made a deal with him -- well, you and Samantha to get the stem cells. You don't get it, do you? Father's not gonna be around long enough to make deals with anyone.

E.J.: We don't know that for sure.

Tony: One thing we do know for sure -- only one of us is gonna inherit the empire. And you can twist your handkerchief. You can have compassion for Samantha and all the future generations and lose everything in the process. In the meantime, I will assume my rightful place on the throne.

E.J.: Can you hear yourself, Tony?

Tony: Constantly. So go ahead and preach. One day, you'll find yourself in the gutter, smelling of urine and cheap wine. 'Cause that could happen to you, you know.

Hope: Caroline, try not to worry. Bo will get to the bottom of it. We'll find Shawn. Everything's gonna be okay.

Caroline: I know what this is about, you know. It's that sister of his.

Hope: What is it about her?

Caroline: All I know is he hasn't been the same since her name came up.

Hope: Colleen's death obviously affected him very badly, very deeply. Even the mention of her name upsets him.

Caroline: And I kept bringing it up, you know? "Please, darling. Please, talk to me. Please, tell me what's bothering you." I chased him away.

Hope: No, Caroline. We all have been trying to get him to talk, all of us.

Bo: Hey, found out what pop's up to.

Caroline: Where is he? Is he all right?

Bo: He got on a plane late last night.

Caroline: Oh, dear God. Don't tell me. He's gone back to Ireland.

Bo: He flew to Shannon, yes, and he rented a car.

Hope: And from there?

Bo: Not really sure, but my guess is he drove west.

Caroline: To Galway. He's gone home.

Shawn: I came for you, Colleen... for you... to tell you how sorry I am.

Chelsea: You need me. I'm here, aren't I?

Nick: Why are you pretending like you don't know what I'm talking about?

Chelsea: I'm not!

Nick: Let's just cut the crap, okay? Why don't you want to have sex with me anymore?

Chelsea: Why is our having sex the only thing that will prove to you we're okay?

Nick: It's not the only thing, but we're a couple. I love you. I want to be with you. I don't understand what's wrong with that.

Chelsea: There is nothing wrong with that. But it's like I told you a million times. It's just -- it's not a good time right now for either of us.

Nick: What, because you're uncomfortable?

Chelsea: Yes. Yes, I am very uncomfortable in my dad and Hope's house, the same way you were uncomfortable in Maggie and Mickey's.

Nick: Well, it's not like there aren't other options.

Chelsea: Like where, your car, a motel?

Nick: No, like the apartment.

Chelsea: The one you got for Willow? No, it creeps me out.

Nick: Come on, it's just sitting there. It's paid for.

Chelsea: Yeah, and the whole time I'd be thinking about her and what happened, Nick. I wouldn't be able to relax.

Nick: Well... it kind of seems like you can't relax around me anywhere these days.

Chelsea: Okay, obviously I can't even talk about this with you.

Nick: You can't or you won't? Why am I the only one who's putting any effort into our relationship right now? Can you explain that to me?

E.J.: What happened to you?

Tony: Hmm? Excuse me?

E.J.: You used to be a decent man. You didn't want any part in this war with the Bradys. You married. You had friends. What went wrong? You had a good life. What was it that turned you into this, this... creature that sucks the happiness out of others, the sick psychopath that takes such pleasure in harming innocent people?

Tony: Is this the same Elvis Jr. talking to me about inflicting pain, the same Elvis who put a bullet in John Black's chest, who raped Samantha one cold night in December?

E.J.: I know who I am! I know who I am, and I know what this family made me. I live with it every day.

Tony: Yes, I've noticed you've grown a conscience. But I can ask you the same question. What happened to you?

E.J.: I was raised a soldier, Tony. That was what father always said, wasn't it? I mean, nothing else matters, as long as you're a good soldier. I believed that my whole life.

Tony: Mmm. Until you fell in love with that tartar Brady of all people.

E.J.: Let's just say I find a lot of reasons not to believe that metaphor, okay? Kind of ironic, really, when you think about it, Tony. I'm becoming the man that you used to be... the man you could still be if you stopped, if you looked inside yourself and you realized how miserable you've become. Tony, listen to me, as your brother. I don't know what's happened, but join me in ending this self-defeating and destructive vendetta so that we can all just get on with our lives. Because if we don't -- I tell you this much -- this is not gonna end well for any of us. That much I know.

Tony: Oh. Roman Brady. Ah, parking his car around the back. Perfect.

Bo: Ma, come on. Don't go thinking the worst. I'm sure pop just had some stuff to work out.

Caroline: I've got an awful feeling about this.

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy. Hope and I will go over there. We'll find him. We'll bring him home.

Caroline: What if you can't find him? [Crying] What -- what if he gets mixed up with the DiMeras, and he gets in over his head? What if he never comes home?

Bo: Mom, Mom, take it easy.

Caroline: [Sobbing]

Hope: Caroline, why don't you come with me, and I'll make you some tea, okay?

Caroline: All right.

Hope: Come on.

Bo: Hey, guys.

Anna: Hey.

Roman: Got a message from ma. Why's the pub closed? Where is she?

Bo: She just went upstairs with Hope.

Roman: What happened?

Bo: Pop took off. All he left behind was this.

Roman: He got business? What kind of business?

Bo: Who knows? He got on a flight late last night to Ireland.

Roman: Ireland?

Bo: My guess is he went to Galway.

Roman: This has to do with Colleen, doesn't it?

Bo: Yeah. Hope and I booked a flight.

Roman: All right, good. Good.

Bo: We're gonna go there, find him, and, when he gets back, with any luck, we'll get some answers.

Roman: Well, maybe when he gets back from this trip, he'll be ready to talk.

Bo: Yeah.

Anna: Well, I'm ready to eat. What are the specials?

Roman: We're not here to eat, Anna. And in case it escaped you, we kind of got a situation.

Anna: Well, I'm sorry, but I'll faint if I don't keep my blood sugar up.

Bo: The kitchen is closed. You're very welcome to go back there and rustle up something yourself.

Anna: Me, cook? Surely you jest.

Roman: You know what? I got a great idea, great idea. There is one hell of a doughnut place right out behind this pub.

Anna: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Bo: They make great doughnuts.

Anna: As only a cop would know. Fine, I can tell when I'm not wanted.

Roman: Don't ask.

Bo: I didn't say anything.

Roman: You want me to come along?

Bo: No, hope and I can handle this. Besides, you have to stay here for Sami and Lucas.

Roman: I just wish there was something else I could do.

Bo: Well, actually, there is. I need you to reach out to Elvis J. Wells.

Colleen: Scared out of your britches, aren't you, Shawn? Let me show you what to do. Shawn, what are big sisters for? There's nothing to be afeard of, Shawn. 'Tis only your first communion, and I'll be there with you to guide you through, step by step. So by the time Sunday rolls around, you'll be an expert. How is that? Okay, well, then, let me tell you what will happen. Father Mallory will call you up to the altar. Then you'll start walking, and you stop here to genuflect. That's right. And then you go to the step, and you kneel. That's it, Shawn! You're a cinch to do just fine.

Nick: You're like a million miles away lately. What's wrong?

Chelsea: I told you there is nothing wrong.

Nick: You just don't want to sleep with me anymore.

Chelsea: God, Nick, you are making way too much of this.

Nick: No, you are. You're making me out to be this sex fiend or something when you know that's not what being with you is about for me.

Chelsea: I do know that.

Nick: I just need you right now. I need to know that you're there. Haven't I always been there for you when you needed me?

Chelsea: Yeah, you have.

Nick: I thought we were there for each other. But... I guess I was wrong. Nothing's changed, has it? It's like we're back to square one.

Roman: Did I hear you right? You want me to reach out to E.J.? Are you crazy?

Bo: We have to resolve this thing, Roman, somehow before someone gets seriously hurt or worse.

Roman: Okay, Bo. Let me ask you this, all right? Let me ask you this. If E.J. had raped your daughter, would you reach out to him then?

Bo: You're r-- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Uh...okay. Uh, I'll handle this thing when I get back. I just figure that, um... E.J., he's the most level-headed DiMera.

Roman: That's not saying a hell of a lot.

Bo: But because of his feelings for Sami --

Roman: Feelings for Sami?

Bo: He is our best shot at making some kind of deal.

Roman: What deal? What the hell kind of deal?

Bo: Any kind of deal, Roman. We have to sit down with them, Bradys and DiMeras, break bread, and come to some kind of understanding.

Colleen: You left your book at home, Shawn, the act of contrition. You have to learn this word for word, you know.

Shawn: Sheesh.

Colleen: But you promised to. You need to learn your prayers. You want to keep your promise to God, don't you?

Shawn: Aye, Colleen. We all have to keep our promises to God.

E.J.: I would think that my appeal would warrant some kind of response, Tony... unless you're too much of a coward to look yourself in the mirror.

Tony: All right. I was... a different person once... long ago. I was a well-respected businessman, loving husband, friends to good people, even Marlena Evans. Can you believe that?

E.J.: You had a mind of your own once. You turned your back against the DiMeras once before.

Tony: And paid dearly for it. [Inhales sharply] Do you know how many times my father punished me by hurting the people I loved? Imprisoning me in that dungeon. Same to Anna -- having her kept in the bowels of the DiMera mansion, making her think I was dead. Oh, I've been on the other side of his wrath, believe me. And I thought to myself, "no." I fought it and I fought it 'cause I didn't want to be like him. And then I realized there's no fighting it because the Phoenix always wins in the end. So I decided I was going to get something for that pain and suffering, and that something was gonna be the DiMera empire. I wasn't going to let my father cheat me out of that. And I knew there was one way of doing it, and that was committing myself, committing my entire life to being, well, the ideal son, the ideal... DiMera. And for all that, I would be rewarded... by... being his successor.

E.J.: I can't let you do this, Tony.

Tony: Mmm. So what are you going to do to stop me, hmm?

Nick: All I want to know is what's going on, where I stand with you, because there's obviously a problem. Ever since we slept together, things have been weird.

Chelsea: No, they haven't.

Nick: Yes, they have. You've pulled away. So I have to ask. Was I really that bad?

Chelsea: No, Nick. No, you were fine. You were wonderful.

Nick: Well, if that's not the problem, then it can really be only one other thing. Jett.

Roman: There's no way in hell I'm gonna sit down and break bread with the DiMeras, not in this lifetime. Bo, they are ruthless criminals. They should be in jail, not getting a dinner invitation to the Brady Pub.

Bo: I am not talking about the law or what should or shouldn't be. I'm talking about our family's safety. Roman, I don't want my little girl growing up looking over her shoulder, wondering when the DiMeras are gonna attack her again or having to live in some safe house like her cousin. We have tried everything. Nothing has worked. What do we have to lose?

Roman: All right. Okay, okay. All right. I'll talk to E.J.

Bo: Hey, I said I'd talk to him.

Roman: No. We're in this together, all right? We've all been hurt by the DiMeras. It's true for you as it is for me. But I'll tell you this -- I'm not holding my breath. E.J. may agree to go to a meeting, but Stefano and Tony...

Bo: Hey, we'll cross that bridge if we get to it. Let's just work on E.J., and at least we'll find out whose side he's on.

Shawn: Deus meus, ex toto corde poenitet.

Santo: Shawn, this is my son, Stefano. He would like to play with you.

Shawn: If only we'd never met, Stefano. If only we'd stayed strangers forever.

Tony: Listen, little brother, I'm gonna carry out father's orders, and there's nothing you can do to prevent it.

E.J.: I almost thought for a moment --

Tony: Well, you thought wrong.

E.J.: So you're gonna follow Roman to get to Samantha, are you?

Tony: So simple, and yet so brilliant. By the end of this day, I will have delivered Samantha, willingly or otherwise, to Stefano. And then the game is up. Well, at least for you.

E.J.: He's gonna take her babies. He's gonna take my -- my children, his grandchildren. You don't understand this?

Tony: Yes, well, so be it.

E.J.: No, not so be it!

Tony: This conversation is over. You cross me and you're dead. Do you understand?

Chelsea: This has nothing to do with Jett.

Nick: I don't believe you. I think you have a thing for him.

Chelsea: You think I have a thing for him.

Nick: Look at how you've been since you heard that conversation with Danielle. You had this idea that she's cheating on him.

Chelsea: She is.

Nick: And when it comes to me, you can't be bothered. It's too late. You don't have time. You're uncomfortable.

Chelsea: Nick, I'm sorry if you're insecure, but this has nothing to do with Jett. He's not what's coming between us.

Nick: Were you thinking about him when we had sex?

Chelsea: No. He never crossed my mind once.

Nick: Well, then, who did? Because it certainly wasn't me.

Chelsea: You want to know? My mom. Yeah, the whole time, I couldn't stop thinking about you and her together the same way that we were together.

Nick: Chelsea, that was different.

Chelsea: I don't want to hear about it. I'm sorry that I brought it up. [Voice breaking] I just -- I'll get over it one day. I just can't right now. And you have got to stop pushing me. "No" means "no."

Nick: I don't think so. I don't think "no" just means "no" right now. I think it means that you don't want me in that way.

Bo: You sure about this, Roman?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I am. You're absolutely right. This has got to stop. We got to get to the bottom of this vendetta, craziness. And if pop still won't talk, maybe they will. But I got to say, I still think it's a long shot. [Footsteps approaching]

Hope: Hey, Roman.

Roman: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Roman: How's ma?

Hope: Uh, resting, but she really shouldn't be alone.

Roman: Okay. I'll make sure she has somebody with her. You two are heading out to find pop, right?

Bo: Yeah, we better get home and get packed before we miss our flight. Later.

Roman: Good luck. Keep me posted.

Bo: Likewise. Hey, um, by the way, how are things going with Anna?

Roman: Well, let me put it this way. Dealing with the DiMeras will be a very nice break.

Bo: That good, huh? See ya.

E.J.: Put that away.

Tony: Good. Then you understand the situation. Because from this moment on, there is a race, and the clock is ticking. And the old man will determine who inherits the DiMera fortune based on which son brings back the business that is to his liking. That's why he sent us out separately on his mission. He's challenging us, and I have no intention of disappointing him.

E.J.: I'm not gonna let you harm Samantha or her children. You got that?

Tony: Okay, Bart. Get your lazy backside over here at the Brady Pub. There's work to be done. It's not gonna take long now.

Stefano: [Imitating car engine]

Colleen: Shawn, Stefano wants to share his lorry with you. Can you say "thank you" to him in his language? Can you say "grazie"?

Shawn: Grazie.

Stefano: Prego. Prego. Andiamo.

Shawn: Who broke our promise to God, Colleen? It wasn't me. You knew who it was.

[Door opens]

Bo: Oh, good, you're here.

Hope: I'm so glad we caught you before we left.

Chelsea: Left for where?

Bo: There's been a bit of a family crisis. Grandpa Shawn took off to Ireland without telling anybody.

Chelsea: Why?

Hope: Oh, sweetie, we're not sure, but we think that he's wrestling with some ghosts from his past.

Bo: Anyway, we're gonna go there so he's not alone.

Chelsea: You guys are going to Ireland?

Hope: The plane leaves in a few hours.

Bo: Don't worry about your Grandpa Shawn. We'll make sure that he's okay.

Hope: I'm so glad that you're here to watch the house for us.

Chelsea: What about Ciara?

Hope: We're gonna drop her off at Kayla's on the way. Thank you so much. I'm gonna go pack, Bo.

Bo: Okay. You gonna be all right here alone?

Chelsea: I'm not exactly alone. Jeremy's here.

Bo: Well, that's what I'm worried about.

Chelsea: No, go. We'll be fine. You're gonna be late. Hurry.

Bo: Yeah. I'm gonna go pack.

Tony: Bart, where the hell are you? [Door opens] Oh, it's about time. Do you know how long I've been waiting?

Anna: Probably as long as I have. I've missed you, too.

Tony: Excuse me. What are you doing here?

Anna: I was grabbing some doughnuts, and I saw you sitting here all alone in your car. What are you up to, count? Are you spying on someone?

Tony: As a matter of fact, I am. Now leave. Just go.

Anna: You can't possibly really want me to go. I mean, we never even got to finish our evening together.

Tony: Yes, well, I-I'm busy, you know, and why don't you just leave and go back to whatever place you were holed up?

Anna: That would be with Roman.

Tony: Oh, how nice for you.

Anna: But I've been thinking about you, Tony, having dangerous thoughts.

Tony: Ah. [Chuckles] Such as?

Anna: Whether or not that old magic would still be there and how much fun it would be to find out.

E.J.: Well, I got your message. You wanted to see me.

Roman: Sit down.

E.J.: Please?

Roman: Sit down, E.J.

E.J.: Well, I will take that as a rather uncordial invitation, as opposed to an order.

Roman: I want to get right to the point. My family is sick and tired of being threatened, harassed, and, generally, terrorized by the DiMeras. So whatever this crazy vendetta is about, it's time to end it.

E.J.: Well... I happen to agree with you. And I think my father might, as well, if it's presented to him in the right way.

Roman: Okay, that's where I was going. The Bradys want a meeting.

E.J.: With my father.

Roman: Your father, Tony, all of you. Both families sit down, put their cards on the table, talk all about it. We want to know how this war started, and we want to try to figure out a way to end it so everybody can get on with their lives.

E.J.: Well, it's a lovely idea, but you know that Tony will never go for that.

Roman: How do you know that? I don't understand that. Because, you see, at one time, Tony was a reasonable man.

E.J.: Not anymore. Now Tony only lives for one thing, one thing only -- to get your daughter, Samantha. And I tell you this -- he's using you to get to her.

Shawn: Colleen? Colleen, where are you? Colleen!

Shawn: "Sister Colleen Brady. She gave her life to God, and now she sings with the angels."


Anna: It seemed just like old times the other night at the mansion, sharing a candlelit dinner, almost... dancing... feeling your arms around me. It was really quite wonderful.

Tony: Mmm. Yes, till someone drank the wine.

Anna: Well, Tony, you can't seriously think I had anything to do with that.

Tony: [Laughs] I have no idea. But at this moment, I really don't care. So if you'll excuse me, just leave my car. I appreciate it.

Roman: E.J., I think you'll understand if I tell you that I'm a little suspicious of any warning that comes from you.

E.J.: I'm trying to help you, commissioner. I cannot stress enough that I am very concerned for your daughter's safety.

Roman: That is very touching. That is so touching, E.J., coming from the man who raped her.

E.J.: Do not be a fool! Please, listen to me. Listen to me. If you spent half as much time being concerned for your daughter as you do trying to drum up unfounded charges --

Roman: They're not gonna be unfounded for long. I will nail you eventually. Trust me on that.

E.J.: You trust me on this, Sherlock. I can tell you right now. The way you're going, the only nails you're gonna be doing anything with are the ones you put in your daughter's coffin. Now, you listen to me, and you listen to me good, all right? You want to end this vendetta, you want peace... there's only one way to do it.

Roman: Talk to me, E.J. Talk to me.

E.J.: You got to take out my brother. You got to take out Tony.

Marlena: You cannot give Stefano stem cells because if you do, your babies will die.

Anna: I'm not kissing anybody else until they buy me a decent meal.

Hope: What do you think he was praying for?

Bo: One of two things -- either Colleen's soul or his own.

Tony: There's only one punishment for treason -- death!

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