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Shawn: [Chuckles] The girl with the golden hair. How it shone. [Sighs] All these years, Colleen Marie. [Chuckles] Why come back to haunt me now, darling? Why now?

Lucas: How's that?

Sami: It's wonderful. It's like beautiful music playing while I read these letters.

Lucas: Mmm. So I guess my magic fingers are the accompaniment for Santo DiMera's stupid letters.

Sami: They're not stupid. Oh, God, don't say they're stupid.

Lucas: Okay, fine. They're romantic and sad. Now skip to the sex part so we can get a little hot.

Sami: [Laughs] You are such a dog. Oh, but they're wonderful paws.

Lucas: Yeah? Well, then, put down that letter and I'll show you more than paws.

Sami: I don't know, Lucas, 'cause, uh, me reading these letters and you doing what you're doing is really getting me in the mood.

Lucas: Yeah? Well, then, don't stop. Keep reading, keep going.

Sami: [Laughs] Well, you can't stop, either.

Lucas: I won't, I won't. I'll just do them a little softer.

Sami: "My dearest Colleen, from the instant I opened my eyes and saw your radiant face above me, you've been in my thoughts. And how I tried to put you in that moment from my mind, but then, this morning, your letter arrived written not in English, but in Italian. And in the flow of those words, I could hear your voice calling to me and I couldn't help but head straight back to the church."

Santo: Father Mallory.

Fr. Mallory: Is it yourself, then, and looking just grand now. None the worst for the great thumping your nog had got from Heber Finn Shillelagh.

Santo: I am feeling much better. Grazie, Father. It is why I have returned.

Fr. Mallory: Ah. You'll be wanting that handkerchief you left behind, is it? I'll go fetch the thing.

Santo: No, per favore. I have returned to thank the lovely angel who look after my head.

Fr. Mallory: And a beautiful sentiment, too, but I'm afraid Colleen won't be here at all, not today. Her da is ailing. But I'll tell her Mr. DiMera stopped by for a bit of a talk and a thank you. And, no, don't you be thanking me. My pleasure. No trouble, none at all. May the road rise with you.

Julie: "I've haunted your church many days since, Colleen, but not once have I seen you there, even a glimpse. I'm starting to wonder if I misunderstood what you wrote to me."

Doug: I think Colleen was having second thoughts.

Marlena: She was scared.

Hope: Colleen was scared to death. Beautiful young woman ready to take her vows of chastity.

Julie: Well, a conservative country like Ireland all those years ago, everybody in her village -- her family, her friends...

Doug: They all knew that she'd committed her life to God, to the church.

Bo: Yeah, makes me wish I could go back there and warn her before it's too late.

Hope: When you look in your dad's eyes these days, I'd say he's probably thinking the same thing.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Sami: [Sighs] Wait, wait, wait. I have to ask you something.

Lucas: Oh, this will be good. About what?

Sami: About people.

Lucas: People in general?

Sami: People who play games.

Lucas: Are we talking about anybody we know, anybody in this room right now, huh?

Sami: Stop it. Everybody plays games at some point in their lives.

Lucas: Well, you know what? I think playing games makes things a little more interesting. You know, if you want something, you got to work for it.

Sami: Oh, stop it. Stop it, stop it. No, that's not what I'm talking about, Lucas. I mean, come on. Did it really help us? Between the two of us, we played more games and had more plots and schemes than an entire season of "Heroes."

Lucas: Wait a minute. When it comes to plotting and scheming, you're the queen. I bow down to you. You're the master.

Sami: Please, you were right there with me. And are we really satisfied with how it turned out? We had more fights and we wasted more time than we can even count.

Lucas: We're not gonna waste any more time, right? Right, Mrs. Roberts? Sami, what is it?

Sami: I just can't help thinking about Santo. He goes back to that church and [Sighs] He's hoping to see Colleen, and I just...

Lucas: That was a long time -- a long time ago for them and for us, all right? Don't worry about it so much.

Sami: I can't help it. You know, I can't help just -- it seems so familiar, you know, when you read this. "Yes, I began to doubt what I thought I had read in your letter beyond the actual words you had written, Colleen, and began to believe that I might have been wrong. But what I saw in your eyes and what I thought I had saw had never been there at all."

Fr. Mallory: Now, with your communion day coming, you need to be learning the whole of the act of contrition, every last word.

Pete: Oh, he had the thing done entirely, Father, I promise you that. Start reading, boy.

Fr. Mallory: Mr. DiMera, again, is it?

Santo: I'm sorry for the intrusion.

Fr. Mallory: Ever since you come back from Italy, you've been here twice a day. But be saving your breath. She's not here, as she wasn't last evening or the previous morning. Why be wasting your time this way, man?

Santo: Because Colleen asked me to bring her something from Italy.

Fr. Mallory: No offense to you, but the girl's given up all worldly goods.

Santo: No, I understand, but it is not for her. It is for her father.

Fr. Mallory: For Colleen's father did you say?

Pete: Speaking of me, are you, then? Well, I'm here in the church with you. I'm Colleen's da. And who might you be?

Santo: You are her father?

Pete: Me, indeed. What's that you got for me, then?

Bo: Hold on, Julie. That old geezer he's writing about -- that's Grandpa Pete. Pete Brady. Pa's told a story or two about his old da over the years.

Doug: And he sounds like a tough old bird.

Bo: As tough as they come. He was a hod carrier. He'd go out in the bogs, cut peat, load it up, and carry it to market in Galway. They'd burn peat because there was no wood in Ireland.

Hope: Bo, if you're right --

Doug: Well, princess, isn't he always?

Hope: No. But if he is this time, and if the man Santo was talking about in the letter is Pete Brady --

Bo: Grandpa Pete.

Hope: Exactly, Bo. Don't you get it? The boy -- the boy with him -- I'll bet you anything that --

Bo: It's Pop.

Hope: Yes, exactly. It was your father.

Marlena: And he was preparing for his first communion.

Hope: And I'll also bet you that he was there. He saw everything between Colleen and Santo.

John: Well, you know, a kid that young might not have seen anything.

Marlena: He saw everything that went on between those two.

Caroline: Shawn?

Shawn: I'm in here, Caroline.

Caroline: Shawn...what are you doing down here all alone?

Shawn: Well, I'm wide awake and I'm thinking of working on the books.

Caroline: There's plenty of time to work on the books. Come on to bed.

Shawn: Don't tell me "plenty of time." No one knows when the call comes, so I'll do the books now, I said.

Caroline: All right, okay. All right, dear. Good night, dear.

Shawn: Good night. All these years gone now... and I'm praying you found peace, Colleen Marie. Oh, my darling sister. Some peace with the angels. And that...that you've forgiven me.

Santo: Ah, you are Colleen's --

Pete: Da. I am himself. And who am I speaking with? And that's the second time I've asked you.

Santo: My name is Santo DiMera.

Pete: It is, then. And you have something for me? Let's have us a look, then.

Santo: Your daughter admired my -- my wife makes me these for me to sell, and your daughter wrote, asking me if she could purchase one for her father.

Pete: And what in the name of the saints is it, tell me?

Santo: It is a handkerchief.

Pete: For a lady, surely.

Santo: No, sorry. This for a gentleman for the pocket.

Pete: Are you daft? I'd be using a queer dainty thing like that never. And what was the charge you were gonna be asking Colleen for that handkerchief now?

Santo: I have prepared the bill.

Pete: This is more than a week's wages here, as well as she knows it. She'd laugh herself crying to read this.

Fr. Mallory: No, Peter.

Pete: I think you're sucking her into the barn, I'm thinking.

Santo: Sir, I promise you --

Pete: Well, it's me that's promising you. You took advantage of my Colleen, and now it's you who's gonna be paying for that sure enough.

Julie: It's amazing. Santo and Colleen had met just that once, and already there's a line drawn in the sand between the DiMeras and the Bradys.

Doug: Natural enemies like cats and dogs.

John: Do you think that actually was the moment, right there, where this whole war started?

Marlena: Well, it wasn't really a two-way war. It was kind of a one-way war. The DiMeras, you know, they were the ones that kept coming after the Bradys. The Bradys only defended themselves.

John: You know what I mean.

Doug: But maybe it was Grandpa Pete who threw the first punch.

Bo: Yeah, and started this whole thing.

Hope: Right, anything's possible.

Bo: Keep on reading. Find out more to this story.

Julie: "In my soul, dear Colleen, I know that you believe, as I do, that the lord works in mysterious ways. Why was I injured that day in your village? Why, when I thought I might breathe my last, did the Lord bring you into my life? Why do I see divine purpose in our meeting? Help me please. Help me understand his will for us, Colleen -- his will that brought me face-to-face with a novice's angry father in that little Irish church."

Fr. Mallory: Peter Brady, there will be none of this in the church, and you'll be replacing whatever you're breaking.

Santo: My word, Mr. Brady, on my mother's life, I am telling you the truth, sir. Your daughter asked me for the handkerchief.

Pete: So I could wipe my nose in a week's wages? If I be dripping, I use my sleeve like any working man, and the girl knows it like her own name. You're a liar. That proves it, and you heard him, Father, speaking false in the church. It's more than words that you'll be getting. Put up your hands, you skinny bean pole, and prepare to tremble, first I'll be knocking you and all your finery back to where you came from. Make no mistake.

Sami: I have to say, I love this guy. I mean, no one is going to take advantage of his daughter, not while Pete Brady is alive.

Lucas: I think the guy sounds like a nut job to me.

Sami: Oh, come on. You know you would protect your daughter the exact same way, wouldn't you?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I would.

Sami: Lucas, come on. One of these twins is a little girl, and she's gonna be your little girl. And she's gonna love you with her whole heart, and you are gonna take care of her just like you take care of me. I can tell already. Lucas, the one thing I'm sure of in this crazy world and all the crazy things going on is that you are gonna be there for us.

Lucas: Come here. You're right. I would do anything for my little daughter. Take on a whole town of crazy, nutty DiMeras or Pete Bradys or anybody. I'll take them with one paw tied behind my back. [Imitating cowardly lion] one paw tied behind my back.

Sami: It sounds to me like you're lucky there's a whole squad of cops right outside the door, Lucas, or I'd attack you...right now.

Lucas: Don't fight it, baby. Don't fight the urge. Ooh, right there. Oh.

Sami: What am I doing? We can't stop now.

Lucas: Come on.

Sami: We're in the middle of the letter and...Grandpa Pete's about to, um, attack Santo. We better find out what's happening. "The Lord was with me that day, Colleen. For I could see there was no way to avoid a fight with your father. And just as I was about to suggest the two of us head outside the sanctuary, you showed up, but your little brother Shawn -- a little boy with a big heart -- and he showed more sense than any of us adults." Oh, my God. Santo's writing about Grandpa Shawn.

Pete: For the love of mike, make it a fight worth fighting, will you?

Fr. Mallory: All right, Pete, outside, or I'll be the one rolling sleeves. It's a Jesuit who's taught me how to fight. I'm warning you.

Pete: Stay where you are, Father, if you were wise. The almighty himself couldn't stop me.

Colleen: Stop it right now! Do you hear me?! I said it once and that's all I'll be saying it, da. You leave Mr. DiMera alone... or you answer to me.

Pete: I'll have none of your lip, now, girl.

Colleen: Take one more step, Da, and by saint Bridget, you'll regret it.

Fr. Mallory: I'd lend your daughter an ear, Peter Brady. If you won't be listening to me talking outside of Sundays, your own should be having sway with you, God willing.

Colleen: Da, what would ma think if she knew you were raising your fists in St. Malachy's?

Pete: Don't be bringing in ma, who's buried right out there.

Colleen: Da, listen to me. He's done nothing wrong.

Pete: Oh, you had to go and run and fetch your sister, did you, young Shawn?

Colleen: Well, bless him for having the good sense to know what to do when his da started in with the chest-thumping.

Pete: Chest-thumping? And what father wouldn't step up when some peddler comes around spreading lies, saying how you're buying his frippery for your da. Something that suits me about as well as a corset might.

Colleen: Well, now, I was just thinking you'd like it is all. But now you'll have to forgive me for disappointing you so much by wanting something nice for you. My word, I'll never do it again.

Pete: Don't be saying it that way. It's not disappointed at all, I am. It's just [Sighs] Look, I was just keeping an eye out is all, all right? It's an old habit, and don't I know it? Got to forgive the old man, darling.

Colleen: When you're gone, I might.

Pete: Gone? Am I going somewhere?

Colleen: Da, be wanting a word with Mr. private.

Pete: [Scoffs] Well, I'll have a pint with the queen. I'll do it, lass. You'll have your way, now, won't you, just like your ma used to? Come on, young Shawn. Just let it be known -- I don't like the looks of you...and never will.

Colleen: I'll be begging your pardon, now. Me Da's --

Santo: Colleen, why have you been avoiding me?

Lucas: Come on. Come on, you can't stop now. Things are just heating up. Come on, read.

Sami: Wait a second. I want to ask you something. Lucas, do you believe in fate or God's will or whatever you want to call it?

Lucas: Of course I believe in fate. I spent half my life not wanting anything to do with you and the other half wanting you so bad I couldn't see straight. Now here we are, lying in bed together with our matching rings, getting all cozy. If that's not fate, I don't know what is.

Sami: So, even though we hurt each other and had all those fights, you still believe that we are meant to be?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah. Whether it was fate or destiny or whatever, it doesn't matter. Things were a little rocky in the beginning, you know, but we always knew we'd end up together and that we belong together, right? It's just the old trials and tribulations of the life. Yes, it is, for Santo and Colleen. Come on, read. Read more. I want more.

Sami: Oh, oh, you want to read more now? All of a sudden you're interested?

Lucas: Yes, I am. It's just heating up. I want to see what Colleen does. You know, if she goes with the fam or she's gonna keep biting. Does Santo go back to Italy empty-handed, or does Colleen renounce her vows for the evils of the world?

Sami: You mean for romance.

Lucas: No, actually, I mean for sex.

Sami: You mean for romance. Say it.

Lucas: All right, fine. Romance. Knowing your family like I do or like you do, I bet you know the answer to that one.

Sami: The devil you do.

Colleen: Mr. DiMera.

Santo: Please -- Santo. If the sisters are wrong, you write with a beautiful hand. I saw my own language in a new way. Every phrase had such meaning, such a --

Colleen: Uh, Mr. DiMera, I was just inquiring after your health.

Santo: Santo, per favore. And your letter was not just about my health, was it not?

Colleen: Right you are. I was proposing some trade between us.

Santo: I have visited the church many times to bring you what you asked for. But Father Mallory always had a reason why you were not here. How could I help from thinking that he was making up excuses?

Colleen: Why would he be doing such a thing?

Santo: 'Cause you asked him to. I thought so. Colleen...tell me -- why do I frighten you so much?

Shawn: "Darling Caroline, keep a close eye on things here for a few days -- the place and the kids. I've got business. I shouldn't be gone long, so don't worry your beautiful self over me... though I know you will anyway. I'll be fine, darling." [Sighs] "And I am fine. And I love you with all my heart. Never think twice about that. Your Shawn."

Caroline: Shawn? Oh, my goodness. Are you still working at those books at this hour? Oh, my God, Shawn. What are you up to?

Shawn: Nothing.

Caroline: Sweetheart, is something wrong?

Shawn: No, there's nothing wrong. No, I'm just minutes away from my pillow now. [Sighs] I just need to finish the beer orders. That guy let me in the first thing.

Caroline: Okay, but you know, it's been a very long day for both of us, so don't stay up.

Shawn: All right. It's been that, sure enough. You get under the covers. And I'll be back before you know it. Now, don't worry now. Where did that pen go? Don't you worry.

Colleen: Frightened of you? Who says I am when I'm not at all?

Santo: Mi scusi, mi scusi. We have different lives. We see different things.

Colleen: Your handkerchiefs are like nothing I've ever seen here. And that's what's attracted me to...them as a novelty, as a gift.

Santo: For your da.

Colleen: I'll just be paying you for it if you don't mind.

Santo: I'm afraid you must accept it as my gift.

Colleen: I cannot.

Santo: From you, I cannot take money.

Colleen: I'm so near to taking me vows. It wouldn't be right.

Santo: To refuse a small gift given freely would also not be right. Please, A...a little reminder, a gesture of gratitude for your great kindness to me.

Colleen: I am honored and grateful. But I cannot accept your generous offer...with all respect.

Santo: Anam Cara.

Colleen: What did you say?

Santo: That is the word, is it not?

Colleen: I have to go.

Santo: Colleen, wait. Tomorrow I'm having a little picnic. Even a novice must eat. Please honor me and allow me the pleasure of your company.

Lucas: Things were just heating up with the married Italian and the Irish nun. Sounds like the start of a bad joke.

Sami: Almost a nun.

Lucas: He's gonna ask her out on a date.

Sami: It's just a picnic.

Lucas: It's a date, and, you know, the worst part about it, Colleen's about to say yes. That guy Santo's gonna do the hook, the line, the sinker. Colleen's gonna bite. He's gonna reel her in all wide-eyed and gasping for air.

Sami: Nice visual. Thanks.

Lucas: Well, he's a guy, honey. The guy's a guy.

Sami: Okay, all right. So, if he's such a guy and that's all he wants, why did he tell her about his wife and his kid?

Lucas: That's true. I guess he is being honest with her, right?

Sami: Yeah, which is pretty unusual if all a guy wants is to get under her skirt.

Lucas: Oh-oh-oh. Now who's being cynical, huh?

Sami: Think about it. I'm being serious.

Lucas: Think about what?

Sami: I don't know. I just think you should consider that maybe you have the whole thing backwards. Maybe it's Colleen who's got the rod and reel.

Lucas: What? What, are you crazy?

Sami: Well, she's the one who wrote the first letter, asking him to bring her that handkerchief. I mean, it wasn't for her dad.

Lucas: So you think Santo's the one on the hook, right? I don't think so. I think you're wrong about that.

Sami: I think you're not giving Colleen enough credit. She took one look at Santo and knew exactly what she wanted.

Colleen: No. No, I couldn't. Forgive me. It sounds lovely, truly, entirely.

Santo: But why? To have a little picnic with me is not a sin.

Colleen: I've given my heart to the lord and this church. And you've given yours also... in marriage.

Santo: Colleen, I'm not planning to propose. I would like for you to share a little lunch to allow me to thank you for your concern on the day of my injury, for your gentle kindness. Please say you will allow me to thank you and bless me by sharing your company with me.

Colleen: No.

Santo: Colleen.

Colleen: No. I said no, and now you must go.

Santo: No, Colleen, please.

Colleen: No, please. If you won't go, I will. Good day to you.

Santo: Colleen, wait, wait. Per favore, Colleen. Colleen.

Julie: "I believe we will regret to the end of our days that you would not share a small meal or bottle of wine with me. Know that I will never stop praying that one day, in some blessed hour, our paths will cross somewhere again. God did not bring us together to be apart so soon. Santo DiMera."

John: Well, we already know that Colleen and Santo found a way to get together again.

Doug: So, tune in tomorrow.

Marlena: I hope our translator doesn't decide to take the holiday off.

Julie: Oh, there's no chance of that, not before she's finished translating these letters. She's as intrigued as we are.

Marlena: Good. I can't wait to see what happens next.

John: Oh, when I get you home, I'll give you a little clue.

Marlena: Oh, baby.

Hope: So, all we really know is that Colleen was a novice preparing to take her vows.

Julie: And Santo was trying to develop a market for Italian goods amongst the fine people of Ireland.

Bo: Yeah, and one of those fine people is my father's father.

Doug: Pete the peat man.

Bo: Who knew right from the beginning not to trust a DiMera.

John: It's pretty clear that Shawn knows a hell of a lot more than he's telling us.

Bo: He's got his secrets. Then again, who doesn't?

Hope: Really?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Hmm.

Bo: A man has a right to his privacy.

Hope: You're just saying that because you know your dad's not gonna talk.

Bo: I don't think he has to. I think before long we're gonna figure this thing out on our own.

Hope: We hope.

Bo: We will.

Lucas: Come on, that's it? She says no to a meal and then he disappears? Come on, that wouldn't happen. Mediterranean dudes aren't willing to give up that easy. They'd take away the guy's passport or something.

Sami: Wait a second. We don't know anything yet. I mean, there are a lot more letters to come, right? So, all we know so far is that she made the first move and he was definitely interested.

Lucas: Right, right. So, she rejects him, and then what, they write a bunch of letters and get writer's cramp?

Sami: No, come on. Obviously they must have met at some point, somehow.

Lucas: And that's when the trouble started.

Sami: Yeah, real trouble.

Lucas: Yeah, well, so, why don't we start...some real... trouble ourselves?

Sami: Wait, wait, wait. It's late.

Lucas: Oh, honey, it's never too late. You know that.

Sami: What about the guards?

Lucas: We'll run a hot shower so they don't hear anything.

Sami: You think?

Lucas: I think that will work. Do you think that will work?

Sami: I do.

Lucas: All right.

Sami: It sounds like an excellent idea.

Lucas: Come on. You hear that, Santo? You don't give up. Never, ever give up. Do whatever it takes, pal.

Sami: Shh! Lucas! [Laughs] [Footsteps approach]

Colleen: [Clears throat]

Fr. Mallory: Well, now, what have we here? Did you buy the thing in spite of your da?

Colleen: No, no, Father. Mr. DiMera left it.

Fr. Mallory: On purpose this time?

Colleen: I think so.

Fr. Mallory: As a donation. Well, aren't you the bold one, Colleen, asking the stranger to leave such a precious thing? Find the right buyer and I'm thinking it might bring enough for a new baptismal font.

Colleen: Oh, no, Father.

Fr. Mallory: I know what you're thinking, child. Don't think I don't. All right, bread for the poor, then. Smiles are raining down on you this day, lass. No doubt of it.

Colleen: Father...I was thinking if I could maybe have some wee time away from me duties tomorrow.

Fr. Mallory: Time off? For what now I'm asking?

Colleen: The orphans, Father. I was thinking there may be a way of fixing the oven and the roof before the rains come splattering down.

Fr. Mallory: Please, not another raffle, nor another certain round of the bingo.

Colleen: No, no, Father. But I was thinking there's a new stranger here who may be looking to build up his business and wanting to prove to everyone that he has a heart as big as his fancy purse.

Fr. Mallory: Well, now, there's much that needs doing.

Colleen: And you yourself said the Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

Fr. Mallory: Indeed he does. So, if you're believing the hand of our Lord might be slipping its way into somebody's pocket to scatter a blessing upon the less fortunate, I suppose I could be having a word with the mother superior about, say, an hour or so's absence.

Colleen: God bless you, Father.

Fr. Mallory: And God bless the orphans and you and perhaps a new pew or two.

Shawn: Oh, I'll be there soon, Colleen Marie. I'm on my way. And just maybe...the good Lord will finally let us put the past in the past. Put it all to rest...once and for all.

Bo: This isn't like Pop.

Caroline: Where could he have gone?

Nick: I thought we were there for each other. Nothing's changed, has it? It's like we're back to square one.

Anna: But I've been thinking about you, Tony. Having dangerous thoughts.

Tony: Such as?

Anna: Whether or not that old magic would still be there.

E.J.: You want peace? There's only one way to do it. You got to take out Tony.

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