Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/6/07 - Canada; Monday 7/9/07 - U.S.A.


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Jett: Get wasted. So, Steph and I were getting a little freaky on the dance floor when old papa bear shows up and gets right up in my face.

Stephanie: Be nice, Jer. He's only part grizzly.

Jeremy: Yeah, and part Cyclops. He is way too interested in his little girl's sex life.

Stephanie: You know what? You're making him sound to be like a perv. Sick.

Jeremy: Whatever. He was in my face, and it was going down.

Jett: We were there. There was no barroom brawl.

Jeremy: That's when papa bear stuck out his paw and made nice.

Jett: Yeah, that was pretty cool of him.

Jeremy: Yeah, it seems we're best buds now.

Stephanie: Even invited Jeremy to have dinner with him and my mom.

Jeremy: Remind me to bring along a food taster.

Stephanie: You're so bad.

Jeremy: Oh, you love it.

Stephanie: Let's go hit the surf, Moondoggie.

Jeremy: Moondoggie? Okay. Right behind you, Gidge.

Jett: [Exhales deeply]

Danielle: Hmm. [Clears throat] So, how am I doing?

Jett: And the Oscar for best performance as my bride-to-be goes to...

Danielle: "I'd like to thank the academy, my mom, and God... and my husband."

Jett: I'm figuring Mark would like having his wife back right now.

Danielle: Mark's cool.

Jett: Yeah, well, I really appreciate your help.

Danielle: Anytime.

Jett: Well, I think I got it from here.

Danielle: And what about "Chelsea-licious"? What are you casting her as?

Chelsea: I can't believe that Jett's "fiancé" is cheating on him. I mean, one second she's all over him. The next minute, she's talking to some other guy on the phone? Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Chelsea: I don't know. You seem kind of distant since we left the Cheatin' Heart.

Nick: I'm fine. Today was great.

Chelsea: You have to help me figure out a way to break it to Jett.

Nick: Break what?

Chelsea: The news that his fiancé's cheating on him.

Nick: Okay. This is what you're gonna say to him -- nothing.

Chelsea: Nothing? You think that I should say nothing?

Nick: I think you should stay out of his business.

Chelsea: We work together.

Nick: That's fine. Do your whole "flying waitress" thing, but just stay out of his personal life.

Chelsea: He's my friend. You think I should just keep my mouth shut and act like I never even heard her talking to that guy on the phone? No. No. I'm telling him.

Hope: Brady, today was a great day.

Bo: It sure was. I want Ciara's pretty little head to be filled with memories like these.

Hope: Did you see Claire with Ciara? Little mother hen.

Bo: Yeah, the latest in a long line.

Hope: Something wrong with that?

Bo: No, nothing at all. Come here. Time to relax.

Doug: Okay, you two, break it up.

Hope: Daddy, did you forget something?

Julie: No, sweetie. We just picked up the first translated letters from Dr. Mangino at the university.

Bo: Wow, that was fast.

Doug: Yeah, she whipped through the first two letters, and she's hard at work at the rest of them right now.

Bo: We should get copies of those out to Sami and Lucas at the safe house.

Julie: Done. Dropped them by P.D. Roman's gonna deliver them.

John: Doug called us from his car.

Marlena: I feel like we're privy to a monumental moment here.

John: With any luck, we're gonna find out what happened between Stefano's old man and Colleen all those years ago, huh?

Doug: Bo, has your pop shed any more light yet on the story?

Bo: No. Shut tight as a clam.

Hope: Part of me feels like we're disrespecting your dad's wishes.

Bo: Well, I hear you, but this is the only way we can find out why the DiMeras have been after our family all these years.

Roman: All right. Here they are. One letter from Colleen to Santo, his answer back.

Sami: Wow. Wow. This is like a time warp.

Lucas: You think they're gonna help us find out about this vendetta against the Bradys and the DiMeras?

Roman: Didn't read them. You guys are the ones that discovered the letter that kick-started this whole thing. Thought you should have first crack.

Sami: Why don't you stay? We could read them together.

Roman: I got, uh, business to take care of.

Sami: Business? Or Anna?

Roman: Sami, a little respect, please, daughter.

Sami: Which means Anna.

Roman: You two be safe, okay?

Lucas: We will.

Roman: All right.

Lucas: Thanks again. Thanks for the food.

Sami: Hey, speaking of which, what do you want to do first? Eat? Read?

Lucas: I want to check some of this food out that your dad brought over. Ooh, we got deviled eggs. We got grandma's apple pie. And that -- tell me that's Caroline's chicken. It is! Want a deviled egg?

Sami: How can you even dive right into the food like that? We got to read these letters.

Lucas: I'm dying. I'm sorry. I'm hungry. The same way I make love to you 24-7, I can eat 24-7. So go ahead. Read. I can eat and listen.

Sami: Because you are amazing.

Lucas: That's right.

Sami: Wow. These are -- oh, my God. Okay. "Dear Signor DiMera, please forgive me for my chicken-scratching. I hope this letter finds you well despite the terrible wound you took on the head the day we met." [Irish accent] Sister! This man is in great need of attention.

Colleen: [Irish accent] Is it the father or a doctor he'll be needing? [Irish accent] It'll be the undertaker. This fine, tall gent comes into Heber Finn's for not for the friendly pint. Not looking for any trouble, mind. But he found it, sure enough. Fisticuffs over last week's Derby winner. Old Finn. Didn't he grab the shillelagh now he keeps behind the bar. To quell the rilers and the rabble-rousers. But being Finn, he coshed this gentleman on the noggin by mistake. He spilled the poor man's pint over, adding insult to injury.

Colleen: Well, let me take a look at him, then. Careful now.

Man: Yep. We got him.

Colleen: Oh. Oh, careful. Oh, you poor soul. You poor soul.

Man: Best be fetching the priest, sister. If this poor sod dies without his last rites, his soul will be going straight to the devil.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Jett: You need to relax. I'm not casting Chelsea as anything, other than a flight attendant for Touch the Sky Airlines.

Danielle: You better watch your back.

Jett: For what, in case Chelsea comes after me with a plastic knife?

Danielle: I'm talking about Jeremy. He's nothing but trouble, Jett.

Jett: Yeah, the boy's soft. The big, tough act is just something he drummed up in the air force.

Danielle: Maybe it's not an act anymore.

Jett: I can handle J. Trust me.

Danielle: Okay.

Jeremy: Oh!

Jett: You filthy dog!

Jeremy: Who you calling a dog?

Stephanie: Only I get to call him that.

Jeremy: You do, and you're in for a spanking.

Stephanie: Ooh, promises, promises.

Danielle: I'm gonna head to the hotel, okay?

Jeremy: No, you guys can't go anywhere until you two go get wet. Tell them the water's fine, babe.

Stephanie: Yep, wet and wild.

Danielle: Another time, okay?

Jett: Yeah. Come on. I'll walk you to your car.

Jeremy: You two are like an old married couple already, which reminds me, fly-boy, when are you gonna ask me to be your best man?

Nick: I think that you're reading too much into one overheard phone call. There's no proof that she's cheating on Jett.

Chelsea: You're the one that told me he told you he was worried about it.

Nick: Yeah, so, you know, why tell him something that he already knows?

Chelsea: He suspects. He doesn't know that she's cheating on him. I mean, if you had a girlfriend that was cheating on you, wouldn't you want to know?

Nick: Um, you're my girlfriend.

Chelsea: Hypothetically.

Nick: No. I-I wouldn't.

Chelsea: So you'd prefer ignorant bliss?

Nick: Are you trying to tell me something?

John: Thanks, man.

Doug: Thank you.

Marlena: Wow, imagine. Colleen Brady -- a nun.

John: Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. Technically, a novice. She hadn't taken her final vows yet.

Bo: No wonder Pop didn't want us looking into this.

Doug: Yeah, a scandal in the Brady past.

Bo: For an Irish catholic family to have a daughter going into the convent, that was considered a blessing.

Marlena: And then to renounce the vows because of romance? Oh, shameful.

John: No. Come on. I think you're getting ahead of yourselves here.

Doug: Yes. All we really know is that Santo was "coshed on the noggin."

Julie: You seriously think she wrote this letter just to inquire about his health?

Hope: No way. This is a love story.

Bo: Miss romance novel.

Marlena: Wait a minute. The letter that Sami found at Maison Blanche would indicate that Santo was deeply in love with Colleen.

Bo: Or maybe that love wasn't returned.

Hope: Mnh-mnh. Unrequited love didn't spark this huge vendetta, Brady.

Julie: Only one way to find out. "You lay there in the church, so pale, so still. I feared for your life. What joy I felt when you opened your eyes. But when you spoke and I heard the musical language of da Vinci and Dante, I was left quite breathless." Oh, my. I don't think Colleen was, uh, exactly shy.

Colleen: Father's in Doolin for a funeral.

Man: Who died?

Colleen: Never you mind. It's this man that needs tending. Fetch me some water and a towel.

Man: What, holy water?

Colleen: Can you think of a better use for it?

Man: Let's say we drop for the last rites.

Colleen: I can't be dispensing the last rites. I'm a novice. Besides, it's not a priest this man's needing. It's a doctor.

Man: Him bleeding like a stuck pig?

Colleen: Head and face wounds -- they always bleed a lot. The blood vessels are so close to the skin.

Man: You're not a nurse, sister.

Colleen: I aim to be both.

Man: There'll be five hail Mary’s for that, Colleen.

Colleen: Get on with ya. Both of you, go fetch Dr. Canottin while I tend to this poor man. Ohh. Dear Mary, mother of God, please let me be true to my word. Let him be all right.

Jett: On what planet would you ever be best-man material?

Jeremy: Hey, you know I throw a mean bachelor party. We could do it in Vegas.

Stephanie: Do what in Vegas?

Jeremy: It's Sin City, babe. Figure it out.

Jett: I got a hangover just thinking about it.

Stephanie: So, are you guys going for a summer wedding -- barefoot in the sand, sun setting?

Jett: Hold your horses. We haven't even set a date yet.

Danielle: We were thinking maybe next spring sometime.

Jeremy: And miss a whole year of wedding bliss? You know, it's the first year that's sweet. After that, it's all downhill.

Jett: Like you would know.

Danielle: Weddings take a whole lot of planning.

Jeremy: A whole year of planning? Life's too short. Hitch a ride on our next flight to Vegas. We'll take you both straight to the little chapel on the strip.

Stephanie: Wow. Doesn't that scream romantic?

Jeremy: Throw in a bottle of champagne and an Elvis impersonator, and we're all set.

Stephanie: Set for what, a freak show?

Jett: That's J.'s dream wedding, not mine.

Jeremy: What do you say? [As Elvis Presley] Viva Las Vegas, baby?

Danielle: We'll talk about it, okay? It was nice meeting you-all.

Stephanie: All right. Bye, guys.

Jeremy: [Normal voice] Later, dude.

Stephanie: So, did you mean what you said? Life's too short to wait to get married? Gotcha.

Chelsea: Nick, if I was trying to tell you something, you'd know.

Nick: Unless you wanted to spare my feelings.

Chelsea: This isn't about you. It's about Jett and the fact that he's a good guy and my friend.

Nick: A friend who blatantly disrespects your boyfriend.

Chelsea: You seriously need to get over that. I have to tell him that his girlfriend is cheating on him. I have to. Hey!

Nick: You don't want to make this phone call if you want to stay friends with Jett.

Chelsea: Why?

Nick: Because what guy wants to hear that he's being played from some other girl? You know what? Go ahead. Tell him.

Chelsea: What am I supposed to do?

Nick: This. I want to spend the night with you.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Nick. It's not gonna happen.

Sami: I have to admit, I can sympathize with Colleen. Ooh la la. Those Italian accents can be sexy.

Lucas: Mm-hmm. Brady girls and Italian accents, huh? "Ooh la la" is French, anyway.

Sami: [Chuckles] Whatever.

Lucas: So because of some cheesy Italian accent, your great-aunt -- trampy great-aunt -- broke her vows?

Sami: She was not trampy, and, besides, she did not break her vows. She was just a novice.

Lucas: That's a technicality right there.

Sami: Don't be vulgar. I'm sure that she just found Santo intriguing.

Lucas: Mm-hmm. And that makes up for a multitude of sins, right?

Sami: You're cut off. No more chicken for you. No more cheesy jokes, either. This is serious.

Lucas: I'm sorry. I'm listening, okay. Friends?

Sami: Think about this. She's a sheltered young woman. She's been brought up in this small Irish town.

Lucas: Okay. Sheltered and Irish, all right.

Sami: And the only thing she knows about the outside world is what she's read in books or seen in movies.

Lucas: Okay, books and movies. I'm with you.

Sami: And then, out of nowhere, in comes this stranger from a faraway land, and he's different, and he's...

Lucas: Hot.

Sami: Exactly. Imagine the scandal. This gorgeous stranger sweeping her off her feet.

Lucas: Wait a minute. They're in a church, and the guy probably has a bump on his head the size of a boccie ball. I don't think the poor paisan's doing much sweeping.

Sami: But all it takes is a look or a touch between them.

Lucas: Or a bolt of lightning crashing through the church roof. That would do it.

Sami: That's it. You -- stick to the deviled eggs.

Lucas: Come on.

Sami: I'm not getting this on my letter.

Lucas: Seriously, come on, now. If Colleen left the church because of Santo, the Bradys would have a vendetta against the DiMeras, not the other way around. That's disgusting.

Sami: Wait a second. You're right. That doesn't make any sense. 'Cause if Santo took her away, he didn't just take her away from her family, he took her away from God.

Colleen: Sir. Sir, can you hear me? Can you open your eyes?

Santo: Madonna Mia.

Colleen: Mind your tone, sir. I'm not the blessed virgin. I'm merely a novice.

Santo: [Italian accent] You, uh, understand my Italian.

Colleen: You're in the house of the Lord here. The Madonna's no stranger. More to the point, you understood me.

Santo: My father insisted we all learn English for commerce.

Colleen: One of the sisters comes to us all the way from Taormina. Do you know it?

Santo: [Chuckles] Well... we spent summers there when I was a child.

Sami: Sister Angelica tutored us in Italian. It's like poetry, it is -- even the simplest phrase is. It's a beautiful tongue.

Santo: Irish is also a beautiful tongue. I've heard it spoken often. Tell me something. Do you speak Gaelic?

Colleen: I do. So many others don't. What we all have in common is the gift of gab. We could spin a yarn from here to Timbuktu based on nothing more than a mare's nest.

Santo: Then it is a good thing you have not taken your vow of silence.

Colleen: This may sting a bit.

Santo: Oh. If, uh, you're not the Madonna, then who are you?

Colleen: My name's Colleen.

Santo: Colleen. I am Santo. Santo DiMera.

Colleen: Santo. It means "saint." You must be a very good man to wear such a name.

Santo: I have to be honest. It is a difficult one to live up to.

Colleen: There. Do you think you can stand?

Santo: Uh, maybe. Perhaps you help me.

Colleen: Take me arm. Don't rush.

Santo: Oh.

Colleen: Well, you better keep a seat until the doctor comes.

Santo: Oh. My head.

Colleen: Do you remember what happened?

Santo: I was in the pub, having a good glass of Irish beer.

Colleen: When you took a drubbing from Mr. Finn's shillelagh.

Santo: Yes. Why did he attack me?

Colleen: I'm sure it was a case of mistaken identity, surely. But you don't seem any the worse for wear. I best clear off these things, then.

Santo: Colleen. You, uh, permit me to call you that? How long before you take your final vows?

Colleen: It will be soon.

Doug: Answer me this. Why would a young novice who is just about to pledge her life to God and the church be writing love letters to a man she hardly knew?

Bo: Well, you could hardly describe this as a love letter.

Hope: Bo, seriously.

Bo: What?

Hope: Colleen had to be guarded about her feelings, but the love -- oh, my God -- it's definitely there.

John: I think that you are projecting yourselves into this young girl's past.

Marlena: Oh, no, no. We are reading between the lines, and the message, my darling, is loud and clear.

John: Well, maybe you think so.

Bo: Whatever the interpretation, let's get back to the letter.

Julie: Very well. "Signor DiMera, I know it must seem forward my writing to you this way. I chose to write in Italian, your native tongue, because, to be frank, Mary O'Callahan at the postal office has shown herself to be far too curious." [Laughter] "I am sitting in the small chapel, not just for privacy, but for direction, as it's never been my wont to write to a man I barely know, until you granted me that rare purpose."

Colleen: The plaster -- the plaster seems to be sticking.

Santo: Were you born here?

Colleen: Born and raised here. And what brings you to Galway?

Santo: My family is in the import/export business. We are always looking for new things to buy, new places to sell.

Colleen: Well, you won't be selling much here. Ireland's a poor country.

Santo: But it is very green... and it is very...beautiful.

Colleen: 'Tis that.

Santo: But it must be difficult getting used to all of the rain.

Colleen: Me ma always said, "no rain, no rainbows."

Santo: [Chuckles] Then you should see Toscana. It is a symphony of colors kissed by the sun. Have you been there?

Colleen: I was in Kilkenny once, for a wake.

Santo: [Chuckles] Then you must visit. I will give for you the grand tour. It will be, for me, my greatest pleasure.

Colleen: And would your wife be coming with us on this grand tour?

Santo: How did you know I had a wife?

Colleen: I didn't.

Santo: She's in Toscana with my son -- Stefano. She makes many of the beautiful things that I sell. Eccola.

Colleen: Your wife is very gifted.

Santo: Gifts many different ways.

Colleen: How's your head? Is it feeling better?

Santo: Molto. You are my savior.

Colleen: God is your savior, not me.

Santo: Well, you are a blessing, just the same.

Lucas: Why don't you just get to the part where the guy gets the girl in bed, okay?

Sami: [Scoffs] This is not some skin flick on late-night cable. This is a letter written by a woman devoted to God and her faith.

Lucas: And a little Italian seasoning on the side.

Sami: Listen to this. "Our first meeting was an odd one, as first meetings go. I was as clumsy as a duchess milking cows. But we seemed to be, as you would say, simpatico, which gives me the courage to put pen to paper, as I have a great favor to ask. Taking advantage of our short acquaintance, the favor has to do with your wife back in Toscan--" he has a wife, and she knows about it.

Lucas: Well, instead of asking for favors, she should tell her simpatico traveling salesman to take a hike.

Sami: Maybe she's about to do just that.

Lucas: No, she's not. If she wanted to blow off Santo, she would never write the letter.

Sami: Then she just wants something from him.

Lucas: Yeah, and she calls herself a nun. Nice lady.

Sami: She was a novice, okay? This is not about sex. Stop making it about sex. Not everything is about sex.

Lucas: I am thinking about sex right now. How about a little late-night cable?

Sami: Would you stop with the -- are you kidding me right now? This is serious. Stop it. We have to focus.

Lucas: I know, I know. We have to focus on who delivered the first blow in the Brady-DiMera feud.

Sami: I don't understand it, because they both seem like really nice people.

Lucas: You know how that is. Your neighbor could be a real nice person. The next thing you know, they got a freezer full of people pops chilling on ice. Mmm.

Sami: Shut up. Eat your chicken. Listen to this.

Lucas: Oh, thanks.

Sami: "Your kind eyes and the lovely things you said about your wife and son back in Toscana is what led me to write this letter."

Santo: You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Colleen: Do you not see this habit I'm wearing? I'll go see what's keeping the doctor.

Santo: I have no need for a doctor.

Colleen: Well, that whack you took to the noggin's done something to your mind, surely, to be saying such things to a novice like me.

Santo: My head is perfectly clear. God brought me to this place to find you.

Colleen: You must stop. 'Tis blasphemy you're speaking.

Santo: I could no more stop than I could turn back the tide.

Colleen: Well, then, you must lie down. 'Tis certain that blow to your head is more serious than I thought.

Santo: Let it be as serious as death. Let the lord come for me, for I will go with joy because... I have seen heaven on earth.

Stephanie: Finally alone.

Jeremy: 100 bucks say they won't last.

Stephanie: Who? Jett and Danielle?

Jeremy: I know Jett like I know myself. The chick's wound way too tight for him. A few parties in Vegas, he won't even remember her name.

Stephanie: I hope that's not how you feel about me.

Jeremy: It keeps you on your toes, doesn't it? I'm going back in the water.

Nick: Chelsea, I-I really want to be with you.

Chelsea: I want to be with you, Nick, but there's a houseful of people here.

Nick: They're all outside. They're gonna be up late.

Chelsea: Yeah, but it's still their house. Come on. You remember. You didn't want to do anything at Maggie's 'cause you didn't want to disrespect her.

Nick: This wasn't a problem for you last time.

Chelsea: Last time, I was caught up in the heat of the moment.

Nick: Well, then, let's turn up the heat.

Chelsea: No, Nick, I don't want to. I'm just not in the mood, okay?

Nick: You know, Chelsea, after all the crap we've been through, you could at least pretend that you care.

Fr. Mallory: Jesus, Mary, Agnes, and Julius. The ride back from Doolin was near being the end of me. Everybody's racing for the pub like the hounds of hell were after them. I could run into a ditch --

Colleen: Excuse me, Father.

Fr. Mallory: And who might this be?

Colleen: This is Santo DiMera. This is Father Mallory.

Santo: Father.

Fr. Mallory: It is a pleasure to meet you.

Colleen: He's coming to us all the way from Italy.

Fr. Mallory: I thought I heard a hint of the warm South. What happened to your head?

Santo: It's, uh, nothing.

Colleen: He got coshed in the head by Heber Finn's Shillelagh. I patched him up as best I could.

Fr. Mallory: Believe it or not, I've been on the business end of that shillelagh meself.

Colleen: Were you hurt, Father?

Fr. Mallory: It was only a glancing blow, and I made sure he made up for it at collection the next Sunday. Speaking of which... see if he can't be persuaded to make a donation to the church, you know, for all the stellar medical treatment he's been receiving at our expense.

Santo: Should my ears be burning?

Colleen: Right, and your feet should be flying. You have to go while the going's good.

Nick: You know, Chelsea... you say you love me, but you don't want to have sex anymore. It just doesn't really make any sense.

Chelsea: Is that what you think that this is about? That I don't want to have sex with you anymore?

Nick: No. What I think this is about is that I'm not even in the room. All you can talk about is protecting Jett, and I know how that feels. I know how that feels because of how much I risked to protect you.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. This is about the stupid hairbrush again.

Nick: That stupid hairbrush could have landed you in jail. It could have landed me in jail, and all you can do is talk about your good friend -- your best friend -- Jett Carver.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. Nick, that hairbrush -- it's not even an issue anymore. It's over.

Nick: Maybe it's over for you, but it's not over for me. I love you, Chelsea, and I did what I did because I love you. But now I'm thinking this might have been the biggest mistake of my entire life. [Sighs]

Santo: You cannot kick me out, not before you give me my last rites.

Colleen: The good Lord's chosen to spare you. Far be it from me to question his choice. Now, be gone with you.

Santo: Thank you for your kind hands, Madonna Mia, and your kind heart.

Colleen: Signor, please wait.

Santo: Yes?

Colleen: I don't know what kept Dr. Canottin, but you should have your head examined.

Santo: Right. Thank you. I will, uh, stop by the infirmary on the way back to the pub. Please permit me to thank you again. [Door opens]

Fr. Mallory: And what have you got there, Colleen Mary?

Sami: You are not going to believe the favor that Colleen asked of Santo.

Lucas: What? A quickie in the confessional?

Sami: Would you please be serious?

Lucas: All right. What did she want? Did she want Santo to rescue her from the nunnery?

Sami: Not even close. Listen. "I pray you won't think me too forward, asking a favor on such short an acquaintance, but I so admired the silk handkerchief your wife made that I'd treasure having one for my da. He has worked hard all his life and never had a bit of luxury to call his own. And perhaps you might bring one to me, and I could pay you for it."

Lucas: That's why the DiMeras are after the Bradys -- because of the great handkerchief rebellion. I got it now.

Sami: Stop it. Stop being a doofus. It's not about the handkerchief. It was the connection. It's the only thing that she had that was his.

Lucas: Why does she want another one?

Sami: It's not about the handkerchief. She wanted to see him again.

Lucas: I think she really wanted a hankie for her old da.

Sami: That's because you're a pinhead.


Colleen: The gentleman left this handkerchief.

Fr. Mallory: Silk. And of good quality.

Colleen: I'm sure it was expensive. Mr. DiMera said he was going to stop by the infirmary. I could surely find him and return it.

Fr. Mallory: Oh, that won't be necessary, my dear.

Jett: Hey, what's up, sweetie?

Stephanie: Hey.

Jett: Are you okay? Oh, man. What number did Jeremy put on you this time?

Stephanie: Danielle's a keeper, okay? Whatever you do, don't lose her.

Chelsea: I just don't understand. Roman said that he believed that the brush was planted and Willow's letter proved it, so case closed.

Nick: Not for me. Are you too into Jett's love life to care about my problems?

Chelsea: What problems, Nick?

Nick: You know what? It's cool. You got other things on your mind. I'll see you later.

Chelsea: You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's bothering you.

Nick: Someone besides Billie, Bo, and Roman know that I stole the brush, and they said that they'd get me fired if I didn't do what they wanted.

Chelsea: Somebody's blackmailing you again? Who?

Nick: Trust me, you don't want to know.

Chelsea: Why the hell wouldn't I want to know? Tell me. Oh, yeah, sure. You'll sleep with me, but you won't share any part of your life at all.

Nick: It's not like that.

Chelsea: Then tell me.

Nick: Okay. It's your Grandma Kate.

Colleen: Father, please. I don't mind returning the handkerchief to Mr. DiMera.

Fr. Mallory: Child, it's almost time for prayers.

Colleen: But you were hoping for a donation. Perhaps when I return it –

Fr. Mallory: Don't you be worrying about that. If the gentleman wants his handkerchief, he'll return for it.

Colleen: Perhaps a little letter would hasten his return.

Lucas: All right. Fine. So I'm a pinhead. I don't get the handkerchief thing.

Sami: That is because you were not paying attention. Colleen was using the handkerchief so that she could see him again.

Lucas: So he came back -- right? -- And then he started the Brady-DiMera feud.

Sami: Obviously he had to come back. And I think it's all in his letter to her.

Lucas: Okay. You read. I'll massage. Don't read anything about the handkerchief. I want good stuff -- good, juicy stuff -- something lovable, romantic.

Sami: All right. Let's see what we got.

Julie: So Colleen is asking Santo for a handkerchief for her father?

Hope: She wants to see him again.

Marlena: It's just all so bittersweet. This innocent young girl, starved for love, and this dashing Italian walks right into her life.

Julie: Well, the heart wants what it wants, and we're all proof of that.

Marlena: And then she saw him, and her life changed forever.

Doug: She knew he was the one.

John: I say any man who can get a nun to crack a smile's got to be firing on all cylinders.

Bo: That's very true, but she wasn't a nun yet. She hadn't taken her vows.

Hope: Oh, I'm sure she never did.

Marlena: We don't know that for sure.

Hope: True, but one thing we do know is this can't have a happy ending.

Sami: You're not giving Colleen enough credit. She took one look at Santo and knew exactly what she wanted.

Man: The almighty himself couldn't stop me!

Colleen: Stop it right now! Do you hear me? You leave Mr. DiMera alone, or you'll answer to me.

Shawn: Colleen Mary, I pray you've found peace and that -- that you've forgiven me.

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