Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/2/07 - Canada; Tuesday 7/3/07 - U.S.A.


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[Upbeat music playing]

Stephanie: Hey.

Adrienne: Oh, hey, honey! Good to see you. Thank you.

Stephanie: Thanks for having us. Where's Chelse?

Adrienne: She's right over there. I'll get you a little something.

Stephanie: Thank you. Missed a spot.

Chelsea: Oh. Thank you.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. Looking hot, girl.

Chelsea: Thank you again. Would you do me a favor and remind me why we're meeting here again?

Stephanie: 'Cause I like it.

Chelsea: And?

Stephanie: And it's kind of a dump. That's half the charm.

Chelsea: What's the other half?

Stephanie: Adrienne just bought this place. She needs the business.

Chelsea: Well, speaking of business, where is everybody? I thought Nick would be here by now.

Stephanie: 5 bucks says he dusts his chair before he sits down.

Chelsea: So, when is this party supposed to start?

Stephanie: When all the hot guys get here.

Chelsea: Oh, then I should call Nick and see where he's at.

Stephanie: I said hot.

Chelsea: Excuse me, but that is my boyfriend that you're talking about you know.

Stephanie: I hear you, but somehow that just doesn't sound convincing. By the way, Jett's on his way.

Chelsea: Right, with his fiancé.

Stephanie: Like that matters.

Chelsea: Stephanie, they're engaged. It matters.

Stephanie: Are you, like, all about the other girl now? You want to go shopping for thongs with Danielle?

Chelsea: No, I'm hoping that once Nick sees that Jett is in a serious relationship, he'll stop being paranoid about our friendship.

Stephanie: that what you're calling it now?

Chelsea: Yes, because that's what it is. Jett and I are just friends. And some support from you would really be nice.

Stephanie: Total support. Whatever you need.

Chelsea: You know, Jett said that she's supposed to be really sweet.

Stephanie: Guys don't care about sweet.

Chelsea: Some do.

Stephanie: Nick.

Chelsea: Yes, Nick. He's really adorable.

Stephanie: Chelsea, puppies are adorable. Guys are supposed to make you hot, make you just want to --

Chelsea: You know what? Let's drop it.

Stephanie: Okay. All I'm saying is the earth didn't move with Nick, but I know that Jett revs your engines.

Chelsea: You did not just say that.

Stephanie: Oh, I did.

Jeremy: Look who I found in the parking lot, Mr. Party Animal.

Stephanie: Hey!

Chelsea: Did you just get here?

Nick: I just didn't know if this was the right place.

Stephanie: This is the spot.

Jeremy: So, do we get any free drinks? Tell your aunt I am expecting some perks.

Stephanie: You have a lot of perks coming your way.

Jeremy: So, jump in, guys, unless of course you're afraid to have a little fun, Nicky boy.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Nick: This place isn't quite like I expected.

Chelsea: No microscopes?

Nick: You know what? you want to just meet up later at Bo and Hope's? We could just do that.

Chelsea: No. You are not going anywhere until Jett and his fiancé get here, so deal with it.

Bo: Ma, where are the deviled eggs?

Caroline: They're being peeled as we speak.

Bo: You're the best.

Caroline: We'll bring them when we come.

Bo: Thanks, Ma, I appreciate it. Hope and I are looking forward to everybody showing up.

Caroline: Oh, it's a beautiful day for it.

Bo: Yeah, perfect. Hey.

Caroline: What?

Bo: Mrs. H. Is coming by.

Caroline: Aw! Oh, God bless Alice.

Bo: Maggie's gonna bring her.

Caroline: Great.

Bo: We got a photographer to take a picture of the clan gathering.

Caroline: I wish Sami could be here.

Bo: Yeah, I know. Me too.

Caroline: What a great event. Four generations of Bradys.

Bo: Yep. Tell pop not to wear the green today.

Caroline: Oh, but that's his favorite party shirt.

Bo: I know, but today is all about the red, white, and blue.

Caroline: Honey, promise me you won't ask him about Colleen today.

Bo: I won't. I won't.

Caroline: Thank you.

Bo: I figure he'll tell me all about that when he's good and ready.

Caroline: Well, don't hold your breath. Ah! It's my little darling!

Bo: How's the prettiest little girl in the world?

Philip: Happy.

Caroline: [Laughs] Her outfit's adorable.

Bo: Yeah, so is the sweet little girl inside it.

Caroline: Yeah. Listen, I have to get back in the kitchen. Claire, would you like to help me? 'Cause I need someone to taste cookies.

Philip: Ooh, you better get back there, sweetie.

Caroline: We have to find out if the cookies are absolutely as sweet...

Philip: Have fun, sweetie.

Caroline: ...As you are.

Bo: [Laughs]

Caroline: Let's go. Oops. There we are. We're going to the kitchen. We're going to the kitchen.

Bo: So, you got plans today?

Philip: I'm not sure yet.

Bo: I guess you heard that Shawn's got a job interview.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, Belle mentioned it. Sounded good.

Bo: Something about a parts company, right?

Philip: Something like that.

Bo: Wouldn't happen to be the same company that Victor owns, now, would it?

Shawn D.: So, what about this one?

Belle: Mm...too dark. Here. What about this one?

Shawn D.: I hate that one. That's my dad's funeral tie.

Belle: You hate every tie.

Shawn D.: What the hell am I doing?

Belle: Okay, wait. This one. This one's good.

Shawn D.: Okay, fine.

Belle: We'll call it your good-luck tie.

Shawn D.: Will you put it on me, please?

Belle: Okay. Hold still.

Shawn D.: Belle, let's just face it. I'm not a salesman.

Belle: You're gonna be a great salesman. People like you. They trust you. And that's all that matters.

Shawn D.: Don't get me started on having to keep inventory and track and everything.

Belle: You know everything that there is to know about cars and parts.

Shawn D.: But what if during the interview, the guy tries to trip me up and throws a question at me that I don't know?

Belle: Then he won't succeed. You're gonna get this job, Shawn. I just know it. Just be yourself.

Belle: He needs a break. He's a hard worker. I don't need to tell you that.

Philip: I've got a lot of connections. I know I can get him something.

Belle: That's awesome, except there's one thing.

Philip: He can't know I had anything to do with it.

Belle: Yeah, pretty much.

Philip: Then I guess we'll just keep it our little secret.

Shawn D.: If I didn't know any better, I'd guess that you got some insider information.

Belle: Wow. You're already talking like a businessman.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Shawn D.: Oh, hey. Hey, hey. Ooh. You don't want to wrinkle the shirt.

Belle: Uh, I think I'm worth a few wrinkles.

Shawn D.: [Laughs] Okay, so, what am I gonna put on the part of the application that asks for years of education?

Belle: I think you should put more than they need.

Shawn D.: Yeah, right.

Belle: Well, can you tear down and rebuild a car blindfolded?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Belle: Well, then I think that's worth more than a piece of paper, don't you think?

Shawn D.: To you.

Belle: Shawn, trust me. Hello, Mr. Brady. I am miss absolutely in charge. But you can call me Abs. Your résumé doesn't do you justice.

Shawn D.: And yet it's still a little bit padded.

Belle: Mm-hmm. In all the right places. I'm a Wharton Grad myself. And you are?

Shawn D.: I'm a mechanic.

Belle: Ah. Good with your hands.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I've definitely had my share of compliments.

Belle: Mm-hmm. Why no grease under the nails?

Shawn D.: My girlfriend, she hates it.

Belle: Mm. Lucky girl.

Shawn D.: [Laughs] So, tell me, is this part of the interview?

Belle: We all have a job to do.

Shawn D.: Oh. You know, you remind me of my girlfriend.

Belle: Is that a good thing?

Shawn D.: That's a really good thing.

Shawn D.: Let me ask you -- do you seduce all of your employees this way?

Belle: Only the gorgeous ones.

Shawn D.: I think I should tell you that I'm madly in love with my girlfriend. Her name's Belle, and she's beautiful.

Belle: In case you were wondering, you're hired.

Shawn D.: For what position, exactly?

Belle: Come upstairs and I'll show you.

Shawn D.: But I got a plane to catch.

Belle: Yeah, well, we better hurry.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Belle: [Laughs]

Shawn D.: Come with me.

Philip: With our racing division, we do need parts --

Bo: Cut the bull, Philip. You tied this job up with a bow for Shawn.

Philip: I'm just trying to help. Hell, he needs the work.

Bo: Help who, exactly?

Philip: Shawn and Belle and Claire.

Bo: By giving him a job?

Philip: I don't have anything to do with that company, Bo.

Bo: Except owning it. Thanks a lot, Philip, but my son can make it on his own.

Philip: No disrespect, but so far he's fallen pretty short.

Bo: Stay out of my son's life.

Philip: How, Bo? He's my friend. And Claire is --

Bo: Is what, huh? Right. When I have a friend, we're honest with each other.

Philip: If he knew I was behind it, he wouldn't even go to that interview.

Bo: At least he wouldn't have been played.

Philip: I'm not playing him.

Bo: You sure about that?

Philip: Yeah.

Bo: All right, fine. Take out your phone. Call him and tell him the truth. Let him decide if he wants your damn help.

Philip: I won't do that to Belle.

Bo: You won't do it 'cause it'll cut you out of the deal.

Philip: What deal? There is no deal.

Bo: You tell me why you're doing this, huh? Not that I don't have a good idea.

Philip: I'm doing it for the right reason.

Bo: Well, you keep telling yourself that.

Philip: You are not helping him, Bo.

Bo: From where I stand, neither are you.

[Slow music playing]

Nick: Okay, what do you say one drink and then we leave?

Chelsea: No, Nick. No. Come on. I can't just leave. I work with these people.

Nick: [Sighs] Okay, well, do your corporate number and then come meet me.

Chelsea: Come on, Nick. Just stay. It's too soon to leave. And Jett, he's bringing his fiancé.

Nick: He's bringing her here?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Stephanie: [Gags] [Laughter] Whoo!

Nick: Obviously to impress her.

Chelsea: Look, Nick, I don't want to stay here without you.

Nick: Why not?

Chelsea: You know why.

Nick: What's wrong with me wanting to hear you say it?

Chelsea: Nothing.

Nick: You know, Jett probably told Danielle about me.

Chelsea: Look, I know that you're worried about that night when you were kind of out of line. But look, we're all over that. Jett's over it. I'm over it. We've all moved on. This job is really, really important to me, and you and I, we hardly get to spend any time together. So just stay. Please? For me?

Nick: All right. I'll stay.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Nick: I love you.

Stephanie: You are not in love with Nick no matter how much you want to be. If the earth doesn't move, you move on. Admit there's someone else out there giving you X-rated fantasies.

Chelsea: There's no one else.

Stephanie: Hello? Jett Carver?

Chelsea: What?

Stephanie: I've seen the way you look at him.

Chelsea: How?

Stephanie: Like you want to rip his clothes off with your teeth and jump his bones.

Chelsea: You're sick.

Stephanie: Just admit it, Chelse. You want Jett Carver. You want him bad.

Chelsea: And I love you, Nick, with all my heart.

Nick: Well, if we're gonna stay here, we might as well enjoy ourselves. What do you think Adrienne has on tap?

Chelsea: I don't know. I can go find out.

Nick: No, no, no, no. Take a seat. I'll get it.

Chelsea: Take a seat?

Nick: Yeah.

Jeremy: Where you headed, big guy?

Nick: To the bar.

Jeremy: It's on me. What'll it be, ginger ale?

Nick: Don't worry about it. I'll get it myself.

Jeremy: No, no, no, no, no. I'm running a tab. Touch the sky pays for everything.

Nick: Really?

Jeremy: I'm entertaining employees. That makes it all tax-deductible, so I say eat, drink, and be merry.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm!

Nick: Okay by me.

Chelsea: You know what? I'm actually gonna have a soda.

Jeremy: Oh, come on. This is Fourth of July.

Chelsea: Thanks, but I really don't feel like showing up at my dad's house and passing out on the front porch.

Jeremy: I forgot. Family reunion. Clan Brady gathers.

Chelsea: Yeah, and are you gonna be gracing us with your presence?

Jeremy: I wouldn't miss it, but why put the fun on hold till then?

Stephanie: Nick, go grab a pitcher of beer or something.

Nick: Okay.

Jeremy: No, no, no. I'll get it. I've got to make, like, the perfect Horton child in a little while. I'm gonna need some liquid courage. I don't want Nick getting any of the light stuff.

Nick: Oh, well, I wasn't gonna get --

Jeremy: I figure you for the spritzer kind of guy, Nicky.

Nick: [Laughs sarcastically] That's funny, Jeremy.

Chelsea: Don't let him get to you, okay?

Nick: Too late.

Shawn D.: Nice. Still looks like I'm still gonna make that flight.

Belle: Told ya.

Shawn D.: All right, so, tell me -- how do I look?

Belle: You look successful.

Shawn D.: Come on, really.

Belle: Well, miss in charge thinks so.

Shawn D.: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. You keep that up, I'm never gonna get out of here.

Belle: Well, when you get back, we'll have something to celebrate.

Shawn D.: We don't get to do the job interview again?

Belle: No, we get to do celebrating the new job.

Shawn D.: I can't wait.

Belle: Call me the minute it's over.

Shawn D.: First thing.

Belle: And smile a lot. You have a great smile.

Shawn D.: All right.

Bo: Oh, hey, guys. Glad I caught you.

Shawn D.: I just stopped by to grab my suit. I'm taking off right now.

Belle: Yeah, me too. I'm gonna go get Claire from the pub.

Bo: Last I saw of her, she was making deviled eggs with Ma and tasting cookies.

Belle: Aw! I have to bring my camera.

Bo: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Make sure you take lots of pictures for me.

Belle: I will.

Shawn d.: All right, wish me luck?

Belle: Luck.

Shawn D.: Luck.

Bo: See you later.

Belle: Goodbye.

Shawn D.: Dad, as soon as I nail this job, I'm gonna be out of your hair for good.

Bo: Hey, you're not in my hair.

Shawn D.: I just want to be a father that my kids can be proud of.

Bo: You already got that nailed. Listen, it's got to be under your terms.

Shawn D.: That's the plan. All right, I got to go.

Bo: Hold up. Hold up. This isn't starting off on your terms.

Shawn D.: Dad, can we talk about this when I get back?

Bo: No, we can't. The job is a lock.

Shawn D.: What?

Bo: Philip set this whole thing up behind your back.

Shawn D.: I was such an idiot. I was so desperate for a job, I didn't ask any questions. I didn't do any research online.

Bo: Thought you should know before you took off.

Shawn D.: How'd you find out?

Bo: Philip was at the pub.

Shawn D.: He just offered the information?

Bo: Your old man's a cop.

Shawn D.: Obviously you're a lot smarter than I am.

Bo: No, you've been focused on supporting your family, period.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, not on Philip's dime. Who else knows?

Bo: I don't know.

Shawn D.: Belle?

Bo: She loves you, man.

Shawn D.: Belle knows. I don't believe this. After all these little pep talks and trying to help me find a tie, she was in on this the whole entire time.

Bo: She wants what you want -- a new start.

Shawn D.: By lying to me, Dad? That's a great start.

Bo: I don't think she sees it that way.

Shawn D.: Philip, he can take his damn job, and he can shove it.

Bo: Would you stop? You got to cool down before you make any kind of decisions here.

Shawn D.: This traveling schedule is gonna be up and down the East Coast.

Bo: Yeah.

Shawn D.: That means I'm gonna be gone Monday through Friday. Dad, this job is not to help me. It's to get me out of the way so Philip can help himself to my family.

Belle: Hey. Buy a girl a drink?

Philip: Sure. What do you want?

Belle: Espresso.

Philip: Did Shawn get off?

Belle: I'm not sure. He was with Bo when I left.

Philip: That's not good.

Belle: Why?

Philip: Bo knows, Belle, about the job.

Belle: How?

Philip: He put it together somehow.

Belle: So that's why he's at the house.

Philip: He thinks Shawn should know the truth.

Belle: I should get Claire and go over there.

Philip: You're putting her in the middle of a fight?

Belle: You don't know that there's gonna be a fight.

Philip: You think Shawn's loving what we did?

Belle: Nobody's gonna know that we did it for our family. Look, is she still in the kitchen?

Philip: No, she's with a sitter -- sort of a sitter.

Belle: How did you get a sitter on the Fourth of July?

Philip: Don't blow, okay? She's with my dad.

Belle: You let Victor take Claire?

Philip: It's fine.

Belle: Philip, after everything that he's pulled on us, how could you do that to me?

Jeremy: That soda strong enough for you, doc?

Nick: I'm not a doctor.

Chelsea: Jeremy, we need somebody to drive us home.

Jeremy: I salute you, designated one.

Adrienne: Someone here order shots?

Stephanie: Thank you, Adrienne.

Adrienne: You're welcome. They are here because he's there.

Jeremy: That's what I'm talking about, bro -- teamwork. Lay them down. I'll do the honors.

Adrienne: Excellent.

Jeremy: Join us.

Adrienne: Oh, thanks. Can't.

Jeremy: What, cops and bartenders?

Adrienne: That's right. I'm on duty.

Jeremy: I was gonna salute family.

Chelsea: We'll salute family later.

Jeremy: Well, not ours. Theirs. To Mad Dog Johnson. Oh, wait, wait. To Mad Dog One-Eyed Johnson. May he be kept on a very short leash.

Adrienne: Insult my brother again and I'll make sure you live to regret it.

Stephanie: He was kidding.

Jeremy: The guy wants to kill me.

Adrienne: The thing about Steve is he'd do it, and he wouldn't leave a trace.

Stephanie: This is a party. Nobody's killing anybody.

Nick: Yeah, it's a party. Drink up.

Adrienne: Definitely. Drink up.

Danielle: Oh, my God. [Speaking indistinctly]

Jett: Yeehaw!

Jeremy: Hey-hey, man! Right on time! Oh, you weren't lying. She is --

Danielle: In the room.

Jeremy: And hotter than... excuse me. Very beautiful.

Danielle: Oh. How sweet.

Jeremy: Come meet the gang.

Jett: Baby, this is Stephanie Johnson...

Danielle: Hello.

Jett: ...Chelsea Brady...

Danielle: Hi.

Jett: ...And Nick... Nick, um...

Nick: Fallon.

Danielle: Hi.

Nick: Really nice to meet you, Danielle. Here. Take my seat.

Jett: Thanks, man.

Danielle: Wow. So, Nick, how are you connected to the group?

Jett: I told you, baby. That's Chelsea's boyfriend.

Danielle: Oh, okay. Chelsea. Of course. Okay, now I can put a face to the name. Wow, Jett's told me so much about you.

Jett: All good.

Danielle: Yeah, almost too good.

Jeremy: Can I get you guys something?

Jett: Yeah, wine, baby?

Danielle: The usual.

Jeremy: Red or white?

Danielle: White, definitely. Maybe a gouberet?

Nick: Good luck.

Stephanie: I better go with you.

Jeremy: My beautiful little bodyguard.

Danielle: Wow. This place is, um, interesting.

Jett: Yeah.

Chelsea: It grows on you.

Danielle: Yeah, like mold, maybe.

Nick: Exactly.

Jett: We didn't dress right for the line dancing.

Nick: Why don't we all go to Chez Rouge?

Danielle: Ahh, French. Now, that sounds promising.

Chelsea: No. You know, Stephanie wants to stay here. It's her aunt's place, and --

Nick: Whatever. Fine.

Jett: So, Nick, everything cool?

Nick: Yeah.

Danielle: What did I miss?

Nick: Nothing.

Danielle: Jett? Oh, who's that?

Chelsea: Oh, um, that would be Stephanie's dad.

Danielle: Really?

Stephanie: Hey, Dad.

Jeremy: I'm a dead man.

Philip: Belle, relax. Relax. Everything is fine. You have my word.

Belle: Right. Is she still in the country?

Philip: You don't believe me, I'll call him.

Belle: What is that gonna prove?

Philip: It was important to him.

Belle: You knew I would say no.

Philip: He's back from Hong Kong --

Belle: I don't care if he's back from Mars.

Philip: He feels bad the custody thing got so out of hand, okay?

Belle: That's one way to put it.

Philip: I will not let anything happen to Claire again. You got to believe that. It's just a couple of hours. She's fine, okay? Do you trust me? I don't want you to be upset, okay? I asked you here because I wanted to do something nice for you. When was the last time you had a day to yourself?

Belle: I have no idea. I was 12.

Philip: Exactly. It's time to put the fun back into your vocabulary. We're going to the beach, you and me. What do you say?

Shawn D.: I feel like an idiot.

Bo: Shawn, listen. You love Belle. She loves you, right?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Bo: So you can survive a little separation.

Shawn D.: Are you saying you want me to take this job?

Bo: She went to Philip to get his help for you guys so you could start your life together.

Shawn D.: By making me look like a fool?

Bo: So, what, you're not going on this interview?

Shawn D.: Hell, no!

Bo: I'm just playing devil's advocate here. Philip, yeah, he can get you in the door, but he can't keep you there.

Shawn D.: I don't want Philip to get me in the door.

Bo: Sit down.

Shawn D.: What?

Bo: Sit.

Shawn D.: I don't want a lecture.

Bo: Just a story, okay? When you were a kid, you got a remote-control car for Christmas. By day three, you had taken that thing apart, put it back together twice.

Shawn D.: Dad, it was a toy. That's it.

Bo: I know that. You were 4 years old.

Shawn D.: And your point?

Bo: You nail this job, you climb up the ladder, it's not because of Philip. It's because of who you are and what you can do.

Shawn D.: Yeah, after years of traveling.

Bo: Maybe. Maybe not. Shawn, it's a job. You're not marching off to war. You guys can survive a little separation. You'll have weekends, holidays, whatever. If you want to make this work, you can.

Shawn D.: And I can take this job, and I can shove it right back down Philip's throat.

Bo: What you can do is make a great life for you and your family right in front of his eyes.

Shawn D.: Thanks, Dad, for reminding me what's important again.

Bo: Yeah, don't worry. So, you're gonna go on this interview?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna knock it out of the park.

Bo: All right.

Shawn D.: And I'm gonna do it for my family.

Bo: Okay. I'm proud of you. [Telephone rings] Brady. Yeah, yeah, he's right here. It's, uh, Mimi. Um, she wants to talk to you. Sounds urgent.

Shawn D.: Tell her I'll call her when I land.

Bo: Son, it sounded pretty urgent. Put the food in the fridge.

Shawn D.: Hey. What's up? Mimi -- Mimi, calm down. I'm about to catch a flight, okay? What? When did she do this? Yeah, listen. Yeah, Mimi, I will take care of it. I will, okay? Listen -- I'll call you as soon as I land, okay?

Bo: Problems?

Shawn D.: Uh, no. No, you know. Just -- you know.

Bo: I know panic when I hear it in somebody's voice. What's up with Mimi?

Belle: The beach? You seriously want to take me to the beach?

Philip: Today we make the beach fun again.

Belle: I have to go to the Brady-Horton picnic.

Philip: I'll get you and Claire there in plenty of time.

Belle: No. I don't know. Claire's with Victor. Shawn's worried about this job. I couldn't possibly relax or have fun.

Philip: I told you, Claire is fine, and she is, believe me. And once Shawn hears I was behind it, that job is history.

Belle: You don't know that.

Philip: You want odds?

Belle: No.

Philip: Exactly.

Belle: You know what? I think that you should call him and apologize. And if he's still talking to us, then ask him to come.

Philip: To come?

Belle: With us.

Philip: To the beach?

Belle: Well, if he's not flying out, then I want to spend the day with him, too.

Philip: Are you serious? He's got to be pretty angry.

Belle: If he is, I want to know. So, come on, hot shot. Make the call.

Steve: [Sighs] Come on.

Adrienne: What, you on the wagon?

Steve: I'm just trying to keep a cool head.

Adrienne: Ahh.

Steve: That's a challenge for me these days.

Adrienne: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: Hey, Daddy.

Steve: Well, you noticed I'm in the room.

Stephanie: Kind of hard to miss the flames coming out of the top of your head.

Steve: I'm a combustible kind of guy.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, you're making Jeremy nervous.

Steve: Good.

Adrienne: I'll get you a refill, hon, okay?

Steve: You take it easy with that stuff, you hear me?

Stephanie: Yes, Daddy.

Steve: "Yes, daddy."

Adrienne: So, where you been hiding out?

Steve: Here and there.

Adrienne: Is Kayla still at the convention?

Steve: As far as I know. So, what do you think?

Adrienne: About?

Steve: Living here, owning a bar, that creep with my daughter.

Adrienne: I like it. I wish business were up. And the guy is a world-class jerk. Would you like to deliver the beer?

Stephanie: Let's go to the beach.

Jeremy: 'Cause of Captain Kidd?

Nick: You should say that to Steve. He loves pirate jokes.

Chelsea: Dude, he's right. You should lay off.

Danielle: Oh, this is fun so far.

Stephanie: I mean it, Jeremy. I really want to go.

Jeremy: I want to dance.

Adrienne: Hey, it's just a dance.

Steve: That's not just a dance.

Danielle: [Groans] God, I hate when that happens.

Jett: What, baby?

Danielle: Nothing. Just a $100 manicure gone bad.

Jett: Ah.

Chelsea: Wow, that's quite a manicure. I think I have a nail file in here if you want that.

Danielle: Do you?

Chelsea: There you go.

Danielle: You're a lifesaver. Which way is the ladies' room?

Chelsea: Oh, back there.

Danielle: Oh, okay. I won't be long, babe.

Chelsea: She seems really nice.

Jett: Yeah, thanks.

Nick: Beautiful.

Jett: That she is.

Chelsea: Nick, do you want to dance? I mean, you don't mind, do you?

Jett: Oh, no, no. Go right ahead. Don't mind me.

Chelsea: All right. Nick?

Nick: Uh, maybe later.

Jett: Are you serious? All right, well, I guess that leaves me then. You don't mind, do you, Nick?

Nick: Chelsea doesn't need the okay from me.

Chelsea: So, you don't mind if Jett and I go dance out on the floor?

Nick: No. Why would I?

Chelsea: Okay. Great. Yeah. Do you mind if we wait till I get back?

Nick: Where are you going?

Chelsea: Um, I have to go to the bathroom. But don't worry. I won't be long.

Jett: Cool. Man, why do girls always have to go to the bathroom in twos?

Nick: Beats me.

Adrienne: Well, I guess looks can't kill. 'Cause if they did, I think that boy would be in a pine box by now.

Steve: I'd settle for a shallow grave.

Adrienne: Come on, Steve. He's a Horton. He comes from a good family.

Steve: Lots of bums come from good families.

Adrienne: I hear you. But you know, you have been out of circulation, hon.

Steve: What are you trying to say?

Adrienne: I'm trying to say that you love your daughter and that you want to be a good dad.

Steve: This isn't about me. This is about I don't want that creep treating my daughter like a piece of meat.

Adrienne: Well, I don't see Stephanie objecting...unless that's the problem.

Steve: Listen, that kid is trouble. It's my job to keep her away from trouble.

Adrienne: Okay. Easy. Easy. Easy.

Steve: Did you see that?

Adrienne: He wanted everybody to see it. Listen to me. If you're gonna get physical, take it outside. I haven't paid for the furniture yet. Seriously, remember our plan.

Steve: I'm trying.

Philip: It's your phone. You call.

Belle: What are you waiting for?

Philip: For you to come to your senses.

Belle: Your move.

Philip: Okay, we have three possibilities -- either Shawn will dig in and tell me to go to hell --

Belle: Or?

Philip: Or he'll see it's still an opportunity to get ahead, or he'll hang up when he hears my voice.

Belle: Or he will accept your apology. And you will apologize. We both will. And then once Shawn's cool with everything, we'll all go to the beach and have a great time.

Philip: Aren't you the optimist?

Belle: Make the call.

Philip: Fine. Here goes.

Shawn D.: Mimi, she just wanted to vent. You know how she is.

Bo: And that's it?

Shawn D.: That's it. She's fine, Dad. I got to go.

Bo: Okay, all right.

[Cellphone rings]

Shawn D.: It's Belle. Hey, what's up?

Philip: Shawn, it's me.

Shawn D.: Philip, I -- what are you doing with Belle's phone?

Philip: We're here at the pub.

Shawn D.: I got to hurry, okay? I don't have much time.

Philip: Is your dad there?

Shawn D.: Yeah, he is. He told me.

Philip: I'm really sorry, Shawn. I didn't mean to --

Shawn D.: No, it's okay. I'm still going out for it.

Philip: You're still going for the interview?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I figured why not?

Philip: Good. Yeah. Face time is important.

Shawn D.: Well, I'm going to show my face.

Philip: Shawn, one more thing.

Shawn D.: You got to hurry, Philip.

Philip: I was thinking of taking Belle to the beach today.

Shawn D.: Okay, that's great. Claire, she loves the sand.

Philip: Actually, Claire's with my father.

Shawn D.: Wait, you gave Claire to Victor?

Philip: It's okay. Everything's fine, okay? I just wanted everything to be on the up-and-up.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I can see that, Philip. Does Belle know?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, she's all right with it. He just wanted to spend a little time with her, that's all. You got my word.

Shawn D.: Okay, fine. Just tell Belle that I love her. I got to go, okay?

Bo: Did I hear right? Victor has Claire?

Shawn D.: Belle knows. She and Philip would never let anything happen to her.

Bo: The same Philip who sandbagged you on this interview.

Shawn D.: Dad, what do you want me to do?

Bo: I want to know what Mimi said to you 'cause it sure as hell short-circuited your thinking.

Philip: All right, we're all set.

Belle: Shawn was cool with the job interview?

Philip: Totally. Who knew?

Belle: And what about the beach?

Philip: Sounds like he'd come with us if he wasn't heading out.

Belle: That's my guy.

Philip: So, I guess you were right about him.

Belle: Of course I was. Nobody knows Shawn like I do.

Philip: To the beach.

Belle: To the beach. Thank you.

Philip: For what?

Belle: For wanting me to have a little fun.

Philip: You should be having fun. You're young. You're beautiful, Belle.

Belle: And free. Well, not exactly free, but...

Philip: For the next couple of hours, huh? So, you want to check out that spread I packed up for the beach?

Belle: You sure know how to spoil a girl.

Philip: That's the whole idea.

Shawn D.: It's not a big deal. Mimi just wanted to make sure that I got the divorce papers.

Bo: And that's it?

Shawn D.: Man, my life -- it has been so all over the place lately. I just want something simple. I want a house with Belle and Claire. Stay focused. I just can't let Mimi, Philip, or anything get to me.

Bo: Now you're talking. You want a ride to the airport?

Shawn D.: No, thanks. Besides, you and mom, you got a family reunion to throw.

Bo: You go out there and kick some butt.

Shawn D.: Thanks.

Bo: Good luck.

Shawn D.: Sounds to me like I don't need it.

Bo: That's true.

Shawn D.: Hi, there. This is Shawn Brady. I got a round-trip ticket to Cleveland. Yeah, and I need to change it to Indianapolis A.S.A.P. Yeah, I know that. It's fine. Just go ahead and book it.

Stephanie: Not in front of my dad.

Jeremy: One kiss.

Stephanie: Leads to another and another.

Jeremy: And another.

Stephanie: I don't think there's anything funny about eating through a straw for the next six weeks.

Jeremy: I'll have your dad come at me from his blind side.

Stephanie: And stop with the cracks about my dad.

Jeremy: Sorry.

Stephanie: No, you're not.

Jeremy: No, I'm not. So, can I have that kiss now? Hey, can't you see I'm bus--

Steve: I can see just fine.

Jeremy: Look, man --

Steve: I think it's time you and me had a little talk.

Nick: Guess we're both pretty lucky. Both doing what we love. Both have beautiful girlfriends.

Jett: Hey, you got that right. We're blessed. You and Danielle are a step ahead of me and Chelsea, though. I mean, marriage -- that's a big one.

Jett: Sure is.

Nick: You guys seem like you're really perfect for each other, though.

Jett: Really?

Nick: Yeah. That's what Chelsea said.

Jett: Oh. I don't know. Maybe I just -- I can't figure her out. You ever felt like the woman you're crazy about just isn't feeling the same way about you?

Danielle: God. I can't! Look, I'm out with Jett at some hole called the Cheatin' Heart. Yeah, perfect, right? Baby, look, I hate this as much as you do, okay? But I'll be back in your arms before you know it. I love you, too. Yeah.

Hope: Why didn't you tell Bo the truth, that his dad's not coming today?

Caroline: I think you know. Shawn doesn't want to dig up the past.

Nick: Danielle's having an affair?

Chelsea: I think that we should do something.

Nick: It's none of our business.

Chelsea: Jett's my friend, and I just can't stand back and watch him get his heart broken.

Bo: Tell me you're not involved in something illegal.

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