Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/28/07 - Canada; Friday 6/29/07 - U.S.A.


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Hope: Go to Grandpa. Oh, my gosh, Claire, you're getting so big, beautiful.

Shawn D.: I know. She's grown out of most of her summer clothes.

Hope: Which reminds me.

Bo: Whoa!

Shawn D.: Okay, what is this?

Hope: Take a look.

Bo: Your ma can't walk by a baby store without buying something for one of her girls.

Hope: That is not true. I thought that Claire should swimsuit

Shawn D.: Yeah, it's great. Belle -- she's gonna love it. Thank you.

Hope: Where is Belle?

Shawn D.: She and Philip, they're at the pub. I wanted to spend some time with Claire. I figure that we've been gone for so long that...there's so much that she's forgotten.

Bo: Uh, why don't we go see if Ciara's awake, okay? You guys can catch up on old times.


Hope: What's on your mind?

Shawn D.: She hasn't forgotten everything, mom. Claire -- she thinks that Philip is her dad.

Philip: Hey, Belle. How long have you been here?

Belle: Oh, just a few minutes. I haven't even ordered yet.

Philip: Are Shawn and Claire coming?

Belle: Yeah, a little later.

Philip: He's still upset, isn't he?

Belle: About what happened in Chicago? No.

Philip: Come on, Belle.

Belle: Okay, maybe he is a little sensitive, but don't tell him I said that.

Philip: Of course not.

Belle: I feel for him, you know? After all that time that he and I spent with Claire together, there were definitely times that she still thought of you as her dad.

Philip: I never meant for that to happen, Belle. You know that, right?

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: She probably didn't even realize who she was running to. I mean, after all she went through, I bet she was just happy to see a familiar face. You know, any familiar face.

Belle: That's very sweet of you to say that, but...

Philip: What?

Belle: Oh, come on, Philip. You wouldn't be human if you didn't enjoy Claire's reaction just a little bit.

Philip: I'm just happy she's alive and back home again, Belle, so we can all get on with our lives. Maybe this will help.

Belle: Our final divorce papers?

Philip: Free and clear. Now you can...really be with Shawn.

Roman: Okay, it may not be the towers, but you'll be safe here.

Lucas: Are you sure about that, Roman?

Roman: Yeah, Salem P.D. owns the place. We got cops down the hall, cops in the parking lot, sniper on the roof. You got more protection than the president.

Sami: Oh, yeah, I'm sure he'd love staying here. It's just like the Lincoln bedroom.

Lucas: All right, come on. It's not that bad.

Roman: All right. Before I take off, can I get you guys anything?

Sami: Some disinfectant maybe.

Lucas: That's good, honey. No, Roman, we're fine. Thank you.

Roman: I'll check back on you later. Any problems, officer carter's right outside.

Lucas: Okay.

Roman: Sami, hey. This is for your own good. You got that?

Sami: Yeah, I know.

Roman: All right. I love you very, very much.

Sami: Thanks, Dad.

Roman: Everything's gonna be fine.

Sami: Okay.

Roman: All right, Lucas, remember to lock that door.

Lucas: I will. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

Sami: You know, I think we should have gone to Switzerland with Will. I bet Carrie and Austin would love to have seen us, huh?

Lucas: Oh, yeah. Things aren't that bad, honey.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Well, you know, we got everything we need. We got cable TV, right? Oh, look, extra pillows in there. We love extra pillows. Two blankets, too.

Sami: Yeah, these stupid hangers, they don't even come out of the closet. I hate this.

Lucas: Honey, honey. Sewing kit and shoe polish, huh? Is that good times or what?

Sami: Oh, my God. This is me already dying of boredom.

Lucas: Oh, would you stop? It's not that bad. Come on. You're sitting on a bed there. We could fix the boredom part right now if you want.

Sami: Lucas, there are cops everywhere. There's probably hidden cameras and stuff. We'll end up on YouTube.

Lucas: Oh, who cares? So what? It'll be fun.

Sami: Yuck. P.S. -- I'm pregnant. Ew. Would you take all of that back into the bathroom?

Lucas: P.S. -- going to the bathroom.

Sami: [Sighs]

Lucas: There. All set.

Sami: I have to ask you something, and I want you to be honest with me.

Lucas: All right, sure.

Sami: What are we doing here?

Lucas: What do you mean "what are we doing here"? We're here for you so you feel protected...and safe.

Sami: Come on, Lucas. What's the real reason? You want us to be here so that we can get E.J. out of our lives, don't you?

E.J.: Samantha, it's me. Where on earth are you, okay? I'm beginning to worry. Can you please call me as soon as you get this?

Bart: [British accent] Kate Roberts is here to see you, sir.

E.J.: Bart, show her in, and can you please stop doing that ridiculous English accent?

Bart: [Normal voice] Oh, I'm sorry, boss man. It just slips out sometimes.

E.J.: Well, can we please slip it out permanently? Thank you.

Bart: Sure.

E.J.: Kate, darling, how wonderful to see you. You look lovely.

Kate: Your charm is getting rather...moldy, E.J., along with the rest of this mausoleum. It's kind of Addams family, isn't it?

E.J.: Kate, we can discuss the interior design of this place later. Can you please help me for the time being? I cannot seem to locate Samantha. I've tried talking to Lucas. I can't get ahold of him. I tried finding Will. I can't get anything.

Kate: Well, you're not going to be able to find her because Lucas and Sami are in a safe house.

E.J.: I beg your pardon?

Kate: It was Roman's idea.

E.J.: Well, uh...where is it, this safe house?

Kate: Oh, if I knew that, it wouldn't be a safe house, now would it?

E.J.: Damn it.

Kate: As far as I've heard, Roman is the only one who knows their whereabouts. Why are you so anxious to see Sami?

E.J.: Because Samantha had the amnio.

Kate: Oh, that's right. That's right. And you're curious to know if those two babies are DiMeras.

E.J.: I'm sorry. Wait a second. What did you say, there are two babies?

Kate: Yes, as if one Sami offspring wasn't enough.

E.J.: Wait a second. You're saying there's twins? Listen, I have to know --

Kate: You have to know if you're the daddy? Oh, honey, I wouldn't worry about that. I think the results are going to come out in your favor.

Marlena: Hello, Nick.

Nick: Dr. Jac-- Dr. Evans, I'm sorry.

Marlena: Boy, you were a million miles away. You all right?

Nick: Yeah. Um...about Sami's amnio, I know that you wanted me to let you know before I told anyone else.

Marlena: I'm sorry if that made you uncomfortable.

Nick: Here are the results.

Marlena: Wow, that was pretty fast.

Nick: Dr. Jacobs wanted them as soon as possible.

Marlena: Thank you.

Belle: So, it's over.

Philip: I thought you'd be happy.

Belle: I don't know if "happy" is the right word. I mean, I guess it's good that we can put it all behind us now. I just never thought I'd be divorced before I was 30.

Philip: Hey, there's no reason why we can't have one of those divorces like Bruce and Demi, right? You see? Everything's cool.

Belle: It's just weird, you know, after everything we've been through this year.

Philip: Yeah, I know.

Belle: I mean, can you believe it was only last summer that you and I were together living in the loft across from Shawn and Mimi and now everything's changed? I mean, we're divorced. They're divorced. And Shawn and I are -- sorry.

Philip: For what? Shawn's a good guy. He makes you happy. You don't have to apologize for that. Besides, I'm just glad to still have you as a friend.

Hope: Claire knows you're her dad.

Shawn D.: I'm not so sure about that.

Hope: If anything, she's probably just confused. She's been going back and forth, back and forth between you and Philip and halfway around the world. Don't you think that would affect her? Of course it would.

Shawn D.: I know that, Mom. But when we were in Chicago, there was this moment right after we found her.

Hope: What happened?

Shawn D.: [Sighs] I just -- I wanted to go down and pick her up and hold on to her and never let her go. I was standing there waiting for her to run into my arms, and she goes and she runs into Philip's.

Hope: Honey, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, sweetheart.

Shawn D.: So now do you know where I'm coming from a little bit?

Hope: Hey, it's just gonna take some time.

Shawn D.: But that's the thing, Mom. I don't know how much time I have. I feel like I'm losing Claire and Belle.

Nick: I know that's not what you were hoping for.

Marlena: It's not your fault. We all knew there would be a chance the babies might be E.J.'s. It just sadly turned out to be the case.

Nick: Well...if there's anything else I can do.

Marlena: You could keep this quiet for a while until I have a chance to tell Sami and Lucas the news.

Nick: Yeah. Sure.

Marlena: Thanks.

Nick: Good work, Nick. Are you proud of yourself?

Lucas: I'm not gonna lie to you. Yes, you know I want that bastard out of our lives, but can you blame me?

Sami: No, I hate E.J., too, but living here -- doesn't it make it seem like he's won?

Lucas: We don't have much of a choice, do we? He's still living across the hall, and I'm not gonna deal with that.

Sami: Yeah, all right, and I agree with that, but here? I mean, how are we supposed to live like this?

Lucas: Honey, we'll be fine. We'll make the best of it. It'll be romantic.

Sami: Romantic?

Lucas: Yeah, we'll spend time alone, you know, talking about our babies' futures.

Sami: I see that perhaps you have something you want to tell me.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I want to talk about the boy first if that's all right. Yeah, I think he should go to Northwestern on a full scholarship.

Sami: Of course, sure.

Lucas: He'll finish in like three years with honors. He'll be eligible for the NFL draft, a little free safety for the Bears. It'll be awesome.

Sami: Our son is not playing professional football.

Lucas: All right, fine. We'll talk about it, okay? We'll negotiate later.

Sami: We'll definitely require some negotiations, but before we choose a college, maybe we can start with the name.

Lucas: Names are good. He'll need a name. What do you think?

Sami: They'll both need names.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: For the boy, I was thinking...Tom.

Lucas: That is perfect. I was gonna say that, actually. After my grandfather. Honey, that is golden. What else?

Sami: [Sighs] Well, for the girl, I was thinking maybe we could...I think we could name her Colleen. You know, that would be a family name from the Bradys and from the Hortons.

Lucas: Why don't we just take it one step at a time? Let's make sure I'm the father of those twins first, okay?

E.J.: You certainly seem very confident that I'm the father of Samantha's twins.

Kate: Well, I'm not the only one. Didn't Celeste do a test of her own?

E.J.: She did, yes, but she failed to mention that there was more than one child. That's a fairly glaring omission, wouldn't you say?

Kate: Well, I suppose if you're splitting hairs.

E.J.: Don't listen to me. What am I doing? I'm talking about putting faith in some...some black arts over science.

Kate: You really want this, don't you?

E.J.: Yes, I do. I really do, very much.

Kate: Well, believe it or not, I want it to happen for you.

E.J.: Oh, for me? Not for Lucas, then, eh?

Kate: I mean, I don't want him to end up with that tramp for the next 18 years.

E.J.: Please.

Kate: Oh. Oh, my God. I am so sorry. That's right. You think she's wonderful, and you have fallen head over heels. That's great. But you see, I'm thinking about Lucas. I'm thinking about my son, and this is perfect. You're going to be seen as the father, the marriage will be annulled, and everyone can live happily ever after.

E.J.: You know who else is going to be ecstatic? My father, when he finds out that he's being presented with not one heir, but two.

Kate: So, the truth comes out. The real reason for all of this is so you can make Stefano a legacy.

E.J.: It's not the only reason.

Kate: Go on.

E.J.: Look...if these twins really have DiMera blood running through their veins, perhaps this is an opportunity for my father to forget this stupid feud between the Bradys and the DiMeras. Maybe it's an opportunity for everybody to just get on with their lives.

Kate: Get on with their lives...and then you can move in with Sami. You can move in to, like, a little cottage with a white picket fence.

E.J.: Darling, I hardly think a white picket fence is quite my style.

Kate: I don't know. I mean, it's better than this decrepit mausoleum and that teensy-tiny apartment that you live in.

Kate: [Cellphone rings] Ooh. I have a phone call. I think I should take this one. Kate Roberts.

Nick: Well, you got your wish. I'm probably going to hell for it, but it's done.

Kate: You mean Lucas and Sami believe that E.J. is the father?

Nick: Marlena should be telling them soon.

Kate: Good work.

Nick: Look, um, I better go. I don't feel very good, so...

Kate: One more thing -- I'm just curious. What were the real test results?

Nick: I didn't do them. I didn't want to know, so I just wrote up a false report.

Kate: Well, I suppose that's for the best, now isn't it?

Nick: Yeah. Right.

Kate: Break out the cigars, baby, because you are the daddy.

Belle: I am really glad to have you as a friend, too. After everything that you've done for Shawn and me, with helping us find Claire and then giving us a place to crash.

Philip: Hey, Shawn would have done the same if the situation was reversed.

Belle: Well, it wasn't. And I know that we haven't been that easy to live with.

Philip: What are you talking about?

Belle: Oh, come on, you know, it's been a little tense.

Philip: Shawn's still not happy with the living arrangements, is he?

Belle: He's trying.

Philip: Hey, I have been, too.

Belle: No, I know. It's not you, it's him. He wants to be the one to provide for his family.

Philip: You can't blame him for that.

Belle: No, I don't at all. I just wish that he didn't feel like he needed to prove himself to Claire and me.

Philip: Do you guys talk about this?

Belle: Eh, more like talk around it. I don't want to make him feel bad, and he knows that. And that just makes him feel worse, which totally sucks. I don't mean to unload on you.

Philip: Hey, hey, anytime. Okay?

Belle: Can I ask you something?

Philip: Sure.

Belle: You know what? Forget it.

Philip: Belle, you can't do that. Ask me.

Belle: No, it's totally wrong, and if Shawn ever found out...

Philip: He won't.

Belle: Well, I was wondering if could help Shawn find a job.

Hope: You have got to stop this right now. Philip does not have more to offer than you do.

Shawn D.: Why don't we start with the way to support Belle and Claire?

Hope: Let's get one thing straight here, okay? Philip didn't get that cushy job at Titan on his own. He got it because his father owns the company.

Shawn D.: It's not like I haven't been sending out résumés and looking for a job, Mom.

Hope: Give yourself a break. You've been gone for months. You just got back.

Shawn D.: And how am I supposed to do that? How am I supposed to just say that it's okay that we're living with Philip and that I'm not contributing to anything?

Hope: You say spending time with your daughter isn't contributing? Shawn, honey, you have plenty of time to find a job, go back to work.

Shawn D.: What am I supposed to do in the meantime? Just live with Philip? No, Mom, I got to do something.

Hope: You know what? You're right. You do. So why don't you move back in here with us? All three of you.

Bo: You thinking about coming home?

Shawn D.: No, it's just mom's way of solving my problem.

Bo: Well, that's a pretty good solution.

Hope: Yeah, I think so. Why not? Shawn, we're your family, honey. Isn't that what you want, to be with your family...until the three of you can settle down on your own?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I guess.

Hope: Okay. Then say yes.

Shawn D.: If it was just me and Claire, I would do it in a second, but I'm not so sure that Belle's gonna go for this.

Belle: Shawn just needs a break. He's a hard worker. I don't need to tell you that.

Philip: It's just...Shawn doesn't strike me as the corporate type.

Belle: Well, maybe this will be a good change for him.

Philip: But he's always liked working with cars.

Belle: But he needs more than that right now. He needs a job that can maybe lead him to more opportunities.

Philip: If that's what he wants, I've got a lot of connections. I know I can get him something.

Belle: That's awesome. Except there's one thing.

Philip: He can't know I had anything to do with it.

Belle: Yeah, pretty much.

Philip: Then I guess we'll just keep it our little secret.

Lucas: There you go. Now it looks like a home, huh? Makes you feel good, huh?

Sami: Of course.

Lucas: It gave you a tingle, didn't it? [Knock on door] Hold on. It's a man in uniform.

Sami: Stop it.

Lucas: Yeah, what's going on?

Man: Somebody to see you.

Lucas: Okay, thanks.

Marlena: Hello. Hello. Oh, this is comfortable.

Lucas: We're doing the best we can, right, Sami?

Marlena: I stopped by the Java Café on the way over -- a few of your favorite things.

Lucas: Oh, I'm dying. Marlena, thank you. Honey, don't play the pregnancy card with me. I'm a hungry husband.

Sami: [Gasps]

Lucas: Ooh, my favorite.

Sami: Mom, can you stay and enjoy some doughnuts with us?

Marlena: In fact, I can stay. I've got to talk to you. The test results came in.

Sami: Uh, Mom...just tell me. Please don't...say that...

Marlena: I'm sorry. I wish they were different.

Sami: I know. E.J. -- the father?

Bart: Commissioner Brady here to see you, sir. See, no accent this time.

Roman: You look real comfortable, Kate.

Kate: Oh, no, believe me, I'm just as anxious to get out of here as you are.

Roman: Good, then let's get down to it. Why did you call me here?

Kate: We need your help.

Roman: Wait a minute. You and E.J. need my help. Well, that is very funny. Why am I really here?

E.J.: Please, Roman, this is about Samantha.

Roman: What about Samantha?

Kate: You haven't heard the news?

Roman: What news?

Kate: Oh, well, Roman, believe me, I don't want to overstep my boundaries --

Roman: Kate, what news?

Kate: Her amnio results, they came back.

E.J.: Uh, the twins are mine, Roman.

Kate: Sorry.

Roman: How did you find this out before I did?

Kate: Well, I really don't think that's important.

Roman: The hell it isn't important.

E.J.: Look, please, this is not any time for an argument, okay? I understand that you're disappointed.

Roman: You don't know how disappointed I am, you son of a bitch!

E.J.: The fact of the matter is that these twins are gonna connect us for a very long time. So, please, let's set aside our differences, okay? Now, I need to see Samantha.

Roman: Well, I'm sure you would like that, yeah.

E.J.: I know that you have her sequestered in some safe house somewhere. I just need to see her. I won't breathe a word of her location to anybody. Give me five minutes.

Roman: Five minutes. That ain't gonna happen, E.J.

Sami: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Lucas.

Lucas: Oh, stop. Don't apologize to me. You knew this was a possibility.

Sami: But I prayed. I prayed so hard. [Speaks indistinctly]

Marlena: Sami, we all prayed.

Lucas: Baby, it's not the end of the world, okay? Listen to me, I know it seems like that now, but I guarantee I will be a part of these babies' lives.

Sami: You have to be. It has to be you. I am not gonna let E.J. raise these kids. I will find a way to get custody.

Marlena: Sami, we'll deal with that when it happens, okay?

Sami: Mom, he raped me. He raped me, and I'm gonna find a way to protect these children from him and his whole sick family.

Lucas: Calm down. Don't stress yourself out. You know what Dr. Jacobs said about stress. You want healthy babies, right? Right?

Sami: Yes.

Lucas: Okay, then. I am not gonna let E.J. ruin our plans. I promised I'll be there. I'll be a coach in their little league, and I'll go to their school plays. I promise I won't treat this kid any differently than I treat will, all right?

Sami: Do you mean that?

Lucas: Yes, I do. I know what I said before. I know that I said I couldn't handle it if E.J. was the father, but now that it's here, baby, I'm okay. I'll be there. I will be there for you and those kids no matter what.

Sami: [Sobbing]

E.J.: Now, you listen here, I have a right --

Roman: You have no right! You raped my daughter, you son of a bitch! You got no right!

Kate: Not now.

Roman: Don't worry about it, Kate. I'm not gonna kill him. Not today.

E.J.: This is always how it is, isn't it, Roman? You threaten me, I threaten you, the Bradys versus the DiMeras. It's never going to end.

Roman: Do you really think Sami wants to see you, E.J.? No, she doesn't. Not ever.

E.J.: Fine. Give me her phone number. I want to call her.

Roman: No incoming calls.

Kate: What do you mean "no incoming calls"? What about Lucas? How am I supposed to get in touch with him?

Roman: I'll give him a message. If he wants to contact you, we'll work something out.

Kate: "Work something out"? This is my son we're talking about.

Roman: That's just how it is, Kate.

Kate: Oh, great.

E.J.: Look, give a message to Samantha. Tell her that I'm thrilled about --

Roman: That's not gonna happen, either!

E.J.: Look, whether you like it or not...I have a right to see Samantha. She's carrying my child.

Roman: Well, you know what? Those children would be way better off if they spent their first 30 years in that safe house rather than find out what a loser their old man is.

Bo: Listen to me -- you got to be straight with Philip. Tell him how you feel. I mean, this is your family. Tell him you appreciate what he's done, but he's got to back off, give you some space.

Hope: Your dad's right. Just be honest with him.

Bo: Let him know how you feel.

Shawn D.: Yeah, you're right. I'm just gonna lay all my cards out on the table.

Bo: There you go.

Shawn D.: All right, I'm gonna go get Claire.

Philip: I got the perfect job for Shawn.

Belle: Really?

Philip: This is perfect. He won't be stuck in an office all day, and he'll be doing something he knows.

Belle: Well, what is it?

Philip: Titan finances this auto-parts distributor in Cleveland. I know I can snag him an interview. They're looking for guys all the time.

Belle: We're not moving to Cleveland.

Philip: That's just where it's based. Shawn would start off in sales. He'd have to do some traveling, but he could definitely live in Salem.

Belle: So he would be selling auto parts to garages and stuff?

Philip: Exactly. I think he'd be great at it. Don't you?

Belle: Yes, absolutely.

Philip: I know the job pays pretty well. And you're gonna have health insurance, 401k.

Belle: Philip, this is perfect.

Philip: And if he likes it, there's always room for advancement.

Belle: Oh, but won't he know that Titan's involved?

Philip: We're under the radar. Our name doesn't even show up. So, what do you say? Do you want me to make that call?

Belle: Let's do it.

Philip: All right. I'll be right back.

Belle: Hey. Thank you so much.

Shawn D.: There she is. Look, there's mama.

Belle: Hi. Hello. You want to come see mommy? Hi. Oh, no. How are your parents?

Shawn D.: They're great. Wait till you see what my mom bought Claire.

Belle: Oh, gosh. She's a worse shopaholic than I am.

Shawn D.: I didn't think that was possible.

Belle: Oh.

Shawn D.: She just bought her a little swimsuit, that's all.

Belle: Aw. Did grandma buy you a swimsuit? I got to see this.

Shawn D.: It's out in the car. You want to go out to the car with mama?

Belle: Let's go see that swimsuit. Oh, come on. We'll see daddy in just a minute. We'll be back in just a sec.

Philip: Hey, you hungry? I can get a waitress.

Shawn D.: Philip, we need to talk.

Philip: About what?

Shawn D.: Look, man, you've been great to Belle, to Claire, to me, to everybody. I could never repay you, but I need you to let us be a family by ourselves for right now.

Philip: So, it's the living arrangements? Is that what you're talking about?

Shawn D.: That's part of it.

Philip: Look, I never even thought of it as permanent. I just wanted to do something positive for you guys, especially after everything I've put you through.

Shawn D.: And you've more than made up for it. I mean, we never would have found Claire if it wasn't for you, Philip.

Philip: We all did that. It's called teamwork, Shawn.

Shawn D.: God, why are you making this so hard for me?

Philip: What?

Shawn D.: We can't stay with you anymore. It's just -- it's complicated.

Philip: Complicated.

Shawn D.: Look, man, I'm sorry. It's just -- it's not working.

Philip: I know what this is about. You're still pissed about what happened in Chicago.

Shawn D.: No, it's got nothing to do --

Philip: Come on, Shawn. Be honest with me for a change. When Claire ran to me instead of you, I saw your face. That's it. Isn't it, Shawn?

[Doorbell rings]

Hope: I got it.

Bo: Okay, thank you.

Hope: Hey, Roman.

Roman: Hey.

Bo: Roman.

Roman: Hey, how you doing?

Bo: What's the matter? Rough night with Anna?

Hope: Oh, ignore him.

Roman: I got some news. I didn't want you guys to hear it through the grapevine.

Bo: What is it?

Roman: Did you know that Sami's having twins?

Hope: Twins? No, we didn't know.

Roman: Yeah, yeah, boy and a girl.

Bo: Boy and a girl. She's gonna have her hands full.

Hope: Roman, congratulations. That's fantastic. This is wonderful.

Roman: Here's the not so wonderful news. Those twins...are E.J.'s.

Hope: What?

Bo: Man.

Hope: Oh, my God. How are Sami and Lucas? No, hold that thought. Let me go make the coffee first and then you can tell me.

Bo: Sorry, man. I hate to see you like this.

Roman: Pretty stunning news, Bo. There's a lot going on right now.

Bo: Something else besides Sami?

Roman: I think I'm in trouble...big-time.

Sami: Do you think that E.J.'s gotten the test results by now?

Lucas: Yeah. He's probably going nuts trying to find you.

Sami: You know what I think? I think we should move to Bora-Bora...with will and we can live there, you know, us, and we can raise our twins there. I think it would be a perfect solution.

Lucas: Nice. I could teach them how to fish.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: And climb coconut trees and live off the land and surf. I can teach them how to surf. That would be awesome.

Sami: I could totally see that. You, like this bronzed sun God, and you're catching our fish for the evening meal.

Lucas: Well, I don't know. That sounds pretty unrealistic, except for the God part.

Sami: [Laughs] I really wish these babies were yours, you know?

Lucas: Yeah, I know you do.

Sami: And I know you said that you're gonna help me take care of them...and I know you want to be there, but...I'm so afraid I'm gonna lose you, Lucas.

Nick: Oh, excuse me.

Marlena: No, not your fault. Sorry. Nick? Are you okay?

Nick: I've been better. I bet you have, too.

Marlena: No argument there.

Nick: How did Sami and Lucas take the news? You know what? That was an inappropriate question.

Marlena: No, it's all right. They -- they'll adjust. They've got a very fine support team.

Nick: I'm really sorry.

Marlena: Yeah, me, too. Funny, isn't it, how just one little slip of paper can change someone's life so drastically? See ya.

Nick: You have to do it, Nick. You have to do the test for real this time.

Lucas: Look at me a second. I am not going anywhere. How could you even think that?

Sami: If these babies were yours, everything would be different. Everything would be better. But --

Lucas: But what? Are you trying to get rid of me? You know you can't get rid of me. You're stuck with me for the next 60 years whether you like it or not, at least. What was that? A little smile I see coming? Look at that smile. That's a gorgeous smile. Come here. I'm not gonna let some stupid paternity test break us up and ruin what we have. What we have is once in a lifetime. It's hard to find. I'm not gonna let it go, okay?

Sami: [Sighs]

Lucas: Let me tell you something -- I wouldn't change our situation right now if I had 100 kids with our DNA. Okay? Are we good now?

Sami: Lucas, I don't deserve you.

Lucas: You may have a point there. I don't know if I can argue.

Sami: What?

Lucas: Well, I'd argue a little bit, but --

Sami: Shut up!

Lucas: You're pregnant. I'll hit you back.

Sami: I'll get you. You know I'll win this one.

Lucas: Relax, relax, relax. Relax. Take it easy.

E.J.: I must say, that went marvelously. Don't you think? Brandy?

Kate: No, I'll pass.

E.J.: You know, I have to commend your son, Kate. He's evidently a little wiser than I gave him credit for.

Kate: Well, it may seem that way now, but believe me, I don't think Sami's going to survive a week in that safe house.

E.J.: One day is far too much.

Kate: What do you mean by that?

E.J.: I mean that Lucas is gonna start manipulating Samantha. He's gonna start trying to persuade her that the children are gonna be better off without their real father.

Kate: Honey, she already thinks that way.

E.J.: The sooner that I can get in there...

Kate: Even if you find out where it is, the place is probably guarded like Fort Knox.

E.J.: Oh, well, you know what they say -- if Mohammed can't go to the mountain, one must bring the mountain to Mohammed.

Bo: What do you mean you're in trouble? Something happen at work?

Roman: No. No, this is personal.

Bo: Anna?

Roman: Yeah, we got in a big old fight -- huge fight. We opened a lot of old wounds. It was kind of like we were married again.

Bo: So how'd you leave things? You guys kiss and make up?

Roman: Well...I guess you could say that.

Bo: Wait. You didn't. Roman.

Roman: All right. Fine. I did. I slept with Anna.

Shawn D.: Look, Phil, I just think that it would be more comfortable for everybody if Belle and I, we took Claire and we moved out. I don't want to argue about this, okay?

Philip: Who's arguing?

Shawn D.: My parents said that we could crash at their place for a little while, so that's what we're gonna do. I think it would be good for Claire to be able to see --

Philip: You made your point, okay?

Shawn D.: It's not like you're never gonna get to see her again, man. Just give us a little bit of time. Can't you go work in Europe at the Titan offices there for a little while? It might be good for you. Good for your mind.

Philip: You know, I'd love to help you out here, Shawn. But first I think we ought to hear what Belle has to say. [Door opens]

Bo: Roman has a tendency to disappear every now and then. It's one of his shortcomings.

Shawn D.: I figure when I get back, we can start moving out.

Stefano: We must connect with Samantha. I don't care how you do it, just make sure that you bring her to me.

Man: Get on the ground now!

Lucas: Whoa, whoa!

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