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Nick: Hey, Chelse, it's -- it's me. Um, you should have gotten off the plane by now. Anyway, as soon as you do, please call me. All hell is breaking loose. All right?

Kate: Ah, there he is. I'm sure you remember we've been talking about you, Nick.

Jeremy: [Sighs] What a landing, huh?

Jett: Good job.

Jeremy: Damn, I'm good.

Chelsea: So, when are you planning on telling Jeremy that you want out?

Max: Well, as soon as I can.

Jeremy: So, your boy Max -- come up with any ideas of how I can do some damage control in there?

Stephanie: I've been busy for the past few hours, you know, doing my job. Use caution while opening the overhead bin, while contents may have shifted during flight.

Jeremy: That's so hot.

Stephanie: [Chuckles]

Jeremy: So, about your boy -- any likes, dislikes, anything?

Stephanie: Likes, um, fast cars and easy women.

Jeremy: You think he prefers blondes or brunettes? Ooh, maybe I'll just get him one of each.

Stephanie: Maybe we'll just stick with the car theme, hmm?

Jeremy: If you say so.

Stephanie: Oh, by the way, he likes Linkin Park. It's one of his favorite bands.

Jeremy: Yeah. Okay.

Chelsea: All I want to do is get back to that hotel room and collapse. These shoes are killing me.

Stephanie: I know.

Jeremy: Hold it. No one's leaving yet. Stef, could you go grab me some more glasses?

Stephanie: Sure.

Jeremy: Yo, Jett, get in here.

Jett: What's up?

Jeremy: I want to propose a toast... to the five of us. To partners... and the summer of '07.

Chelsea: You don't have to give me a lot.

Jeremy: Right. All right, guys, come on. Let's see those glasses Touch the Sky.

Stephanie: Hear! Hear!

Jett: Good job, ladies.

Bo: Damn it, Steve, he found her.

Steve: What, Stefano?

Bo: Yeah.

Stefano: Hope, I asked you a question. What in God's name is going on here? Tony. Tony? Tony, answer me. What have you done to them?

Bo: Hang on, Fancy Face. I'm coming in.

Steve: No, no, no, no.

Bo: What?

Steve: Slow down, Bo. I think I know a better way to handle it.

Stefano: Empty your pockets.

Hope: I didn't take anything.

Stefano: Do it.

Hope: Cellphone, that's it.

Stefano: You still did not answer my question. Why are you here? Hmm? You know, Hope, if you decide not to tell me, I am sure that I can come up with something rather unpleasant to make you decide to tell me.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Roman: We should have heard from Bo by now. I'm thinking about sending a squad car over there to make sure everything's okay.

Doug: Oh, having a police cruiser pull up at the DiMera mansion? That wouldn't raise any red flags, would it?

Roman: Doug, I'm talking about an undercover vehicle.

Doug: Yeah, look, I'm just as anxious as you are, Roman, but I think what we can do right now is wait. That's the best thing. And maybe send up a prayer or two.

Julie: Yes, that's mommy and daddy in New Orleans. Doesn't daddy have a lot of long hair in 1984? Well, that's what ladies liked in the olden days, darling.

Doug: Well, where did you get that?

Julie: Isn't this fun? Brings back so many memories.

Doug: Yeah.

Julie: Yes, yes, it does. What do you think?

Doug: Here we are in Venice.

Julie: That's us in Venice, darling.

Doug: And let's see who else we have here.

Julie: Let's see who this is.

Doug: Ooh, that must be Jeremy. My, he's changed.

Julie: Well, he's 6 or 7.

Doug: 6, 7 years old there.

Julie: He's all grown up now.

Doug: Yes, and flying airplanes.

Julie: Oh, I'd forgotten all about that. I had been so concerned about Hope, I'd completely forgotten he's in Las Vegas.

Doug: He'll be fine, sweetheart. Just fine. That kid has a good head on his shoulders.

Julie: Mm-hmm. I hope you're right about that.

Doug: I know I am.

Jeremy: Why don't you take the ladies back to the hotel, all right? I'm gonna stick around here and wait for the baggage guys.

Jett: Yeah, good idea.

Stephanie: Want some company?

Jeremy: You go with Chelse, okay? I won't be long. I'll grab your bags for you.

Jett: Coming, Max?

Max: No, I got a couple of financial things I got to talk to Jeremy about. I'll catch up with you guys.

Jett: All right, peace.

Max:, look, I've been thinking --

Jeremy: Let me stop you right there. It's their outfits, isn't it?

Max: What?

Jeremy: Stef and Chelse. Too conservative, right? I suppose we could hike up their skirts a little bit.

Max: No, no, no, no. That's not what I'm talking about. I've been thinking about our side deal we've got going.

Jeremy: Oh, damn it. I almost forgot. Look, we'll finish this up later, all right? I have an important phone call to make, but just stay right here and make sure the baggage guys don't unload our special merchandise.

Max: Jeremy, I -- important phone call, right.

Hope: You don't intimidate me.

Stefano: Intimidate you? Who needs intimidation? You are the one who has violated my home. You are the one who has drugged my son.

Hope: I did no such thing. I didn't touch that man.

Stefano: Oh, Hope, that's not very convincing, all right? So, I want answers. I want them now!

Steve: Hey, DiMera! Get your hands off my woman.

Stefano: Pardon me?

Steve: Come here, Hope. You all right, baby?

Stefano: Your woman?

Steve: I'm sorry about this. I know you wanted to keep it under wraps.

Stefano: You know, I think this is a moment for a little explanation here, beginning with the fact that my son is out on that couch.

Steve: guess is they discontinued his tanning products, or maybe one too many glasses of wine. Probably the wine, huh?

Stefano: Tony's lying there like that and you're making jokes?

Steve: All right, dude, look, I used to be an orderly. I'll check him out for you. Ah, he's gonna be fine. Nothing a couple of pots of coffee won't fix. Now, if you'll excuse baby and me have some business to take care of, if you get my drift.

Stefano: You and Hope? [Laughs] You expect me to believe that?

Steve: Believe whatever you want. But just do us a favor -- don't breathe a word of this to Bo.

Bo: What the hell is he doing?

Steve: I'm sorry, Hope. Don't you worry, he is not gonna tell a soul -- not Bo, not Kayla. Isn't that right, Stefano?

Stefano: Hope, is this true? You are having an affair with this...

Steve: We don't like to call it an affair. It sounds so tawdry.

Stefano: Well, then, how long has this been going on?

Steve: She doesn't like to talk about it. It's hard for her. It's been going on a few months, since I was in the nuthouse. Hope would come to visit me. She'd spend time with me, you know, keep me company, tell me stories, try to bring back the past, try to bring the old Steve back. She was really good to me. Things didn't really start heating up until I got off that island, though. I saved her son's life, you know. It really took surprise, didn't it? One thing lead to the next... before we knew it...

Bo: to me. What is going on?

Nick: Mr. Lewis, just let me explain.

Mr. Lewis: No, there's no need for that, son. Ms. Roberts here was just going on and on about how much she appreciates what you have done for her daughter-in-law. That's a good job, son.

Nick: Right. Thank you, Ms. Roberts.

Kate: Well, it's true, isn't it? I mean, you did go that extra mile for Sami, and I do appreciate it. I noticed.

Nick: It's nothing, really.

Kate: He is such the modest one. [Laughter] But I'm telling you, I predict a very bright future for you here at university.

Mr. Lewis: Kate is a good person to have in your corner, Mr. Fallon. Keep up the great work.

Kate: Yes. Keep up the great work, Mr. Fallon, because if you don't, the lights could go out on that bright future.

Stephanie: [Sighs] Come on, guys. Stop being such a buzz kill. We're in Vegas. We have to go to the casino. It's, like, tradition.

Chelsea: Our room has a Jacuzzi, right?

Jett: Yeah, out on the balcony.

Chelsea: Okay, so, go down to a casino that's smoke-filled and has tacky decor and even tackier people, or we can relax under the stars in a nice hot Jacuzzi.

Jett: I know what I want.

Chelsea: Tough decision.

Stephanie: All right, but I'm just saying when I hit that jackpot, don't come running to me for a handout. By the way, can I borrow $20, please?

Jett: Hmm.

Chelsea: You know you're never getting that back.

Jett: You got that right.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Chelsea: I-I guess that we should --

Jett: Yeah, um...well, ladies first. [Indistinct conversations] Oh, man. I think we would have been better off in the casino. [Cheering]

Max: Where have you been?

Jeremy: I had to touch base with my guy, you know, about the merchandise.

Max: Look, about that --

Jeremy: Here.

Max: Kevin Ramsden.

Jeremy: He's a really good friend of mine. Just give him a call and tell him who you are. He set aside a few front-row tickets to a Linkin Park concert.

Max: Are you serious?

Jeremy: I know it's short notice and everything, so if it doesn't work out for you Ė

Max: No, no, it'll work, trust me. I wouldn't miss this for anything. Oh, my...God.

Jeremy: Good. 'Cause I also hooked up some backstage passes for you, too.

Max: Unfreakin' believable, man. Wow, I don't know what to say. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Jeremy: Are you kidding me? I should be thanking you. You really pulled through for me, buddy. I appreciate it.

Max: Backstage passes.

Jeremy: Oh, so, now, what's this you wanted to talk to me about?

Max: Uh, well, it's --

Guy: Freeze, you dirtbags! Let me see those hands in the air, now![Laughs] Gotcha!

Jeremy: You really suck, you know that, man?

Guy: You should have seen your face.

Max: Who the hell is this guy?

Jeremy: This is our silent partner, Kye Rollings. Nice of you to get so dressed up for us today, dude.

Guy: No problem.

Jeremy: This is Max Brady, our backer.

Guy: Max Brady. Shut up. The race car driver?

Max: Yeah. It's been a while, but, yeah.

Guy: Oh, no way. This is awesome. You were my guy. Oh, man. I won a lot of money on you back in the day.

Max: Uh, well, glad I could help.

Jeremy: Okay, so, the trunks are in the hold. All the merchandise has been accounted for. Shouldn't be any problems.

Guy: I'll check it out. [Laughs] Max Brady -- who would have known?

Jeremy: [Sighs] All in a night's work. You'd have to fix a lot of cars to see that kind of paper. That's only the beginning, my friend. Go out and have a good time tonight. You deserve it. Catch you back at the hotel.

Max: Wow.

[Indistinct conversations]

Chelsea: Well, so much for peace and quiet. Who are all these people?

Jett: Flight attendants, pilots.

Chelsea: This guy flies planes? That's really reassuring.

Jett: Yeah, well, he's a flight attendant. It's not really this bad, usually.

Chelsea: No, of course not. Just for me this time, right. You know, I could probably get more sleep sleeping on the roller coaster at the stratosphere, actually.

Jett: It's only for one night.

Chelsea: Yeah, one night a week, which is like a 1/7 of my summer vacation.

Jett: It's only $300 for a private room.

Chelsea: Yeah, you know what? Um...check back with me later on that one.

Jett: Well, I'm gonna go check out the balcony. I think some of my buddies are out there.

Guy: Triple kings. Read 'em and weep. [Chuckles] Tops, girls. Oh, those shirts will be coming off before the night's over. Hey, who's the new girl?

Chelsea: Uh, my name is Chelsea. It's nice to meet you guys.

Guy: Haley, Hanna, Heather, and we're kind of in the middle of something, if you don't mind.

Chelsea: I'm very sorry. Could you just tell me where I'm supposed to sleep? [Laughter]

Guy: Um, the beds are all spoken for.

Chelsea: And the chairs.

Guy: Newbies get the floor. Yeah. Either that or the bathtub. Knock yourself out...Shelby.

Bo: Hope...I don't know what the hell is going on, but you got to get out of there. Hope.

Steve: You taste so good, baby.

Stefano: [Coughing]

Steve: [Laughing] Oh, dude. Oh, man, I forgot we had an audience. I'm sorry about that. I just got carried away. I mean, look at her. Am I the luckiest man in the world or what?

Stefano: Oh, indeed. She is...a stunning woman. As a matter of fact, I never understood what you saw in that cretinous Bo Brady.

Hope: Speaking of which, I really do need to get going.

Steve: Yeah, you're right. Let's go.

Stefano: Hope. You once were a very important part of my life. So perhaps we could...get together one evening over dinner and we could sort of go over old times, hmm? Good to see you again, Hope. I'm very sorry about the misunderstanding earlier. Wake up, you fool! You are useless, my boy. Useless. Useless!

Hope: Oh, God.

Bo: What the hell? I couldn't hear you there for a minute.

Steve: Well, that's probably because I was in major lip-lock with your wife. She's a good kisser.

Hope: I'll explain everything later.

Bo: Yeah, you sure will. What the hell?

Steve: I better get back inside. See you later, Fancy Face.

Bo: What is going on?

Hope: Just -- Iím sorry, but I have to admit, he was absolutely amazing.

Bo: Yeah, well, we'll deal with that later.

Hope: Brady, where's your mind? I'm not talking about the kiss.

Bo: Did you get the pictures?

Hope: Of course I got the pictures. Isn't my name Brady?

Bo: Yes, great. Now we'll finally find out who closed the book on Colleen Brady. Let's get out of here.

Steve: [Whistling]

Tony: How's your head?

Anna: Oh, how do you think? It's throbbing like a jungle drum.

Steve: Now, what happened to you two?

Anna: Well, my ex here slipped a mickey into my drink.

Tony: Well, someone certainly did, and it wasn't me.

Steve: What were you drinking? It wasnít...this, was it? This wine?

Tony: Yes. I believe it was.

Steve: Huh. Mmm. Tastes fine to me.

Tony: Perhaps I should have it tested.

Steve: Perhaps you should. [Cellphone rings] But before you do that, why don't you lovely people sit down and join me for this marvelous dinner?

Anna: No, I have to get back to my hotel. I think my cab is here.

Tony: Oh, Anna. I was hoping you'd stay. I'm sorry the way this evening's turned out.

Anna: So am I.

Tony: [Chuckles] Seeing you again just reminds me of the man I...used to be... the man I want to be.

Anna: That's up to you, Tony.

Steve: Little tip, ton -- never say..."the man I used to be."

Tony: Oh, shut up!

Kate: Now, I know that we have discussed this before, but after that little stunt you pulled with Billie, well, I'm feeling the need for a refresher. I bet you graduated top in your class, didn't you, hmm?

Nick: Summa cum laude.

Kate: Wow, God, that's impressive. So I'm thinking that you probably have the skills to follow directions, right?

Nick: Right.

Kate: Hmm. When Sami's test results come back, your task is to make sure that E.J.'s name is listed on that form as the father. And if something should happen where those aren't the results that we get from that test, well, I kind of hate to say this, but I'm sure Mr. Lewis would be very disappointed to find out about that hairbrush, not to mention your penchant for tampering with police evidence. Oh, yes. One more thing. Just one more friendly reminder -- don't even think about mentioning our little conversation to Chelsea or anyone else or you will be sorry, I promise you that. Is that clear?

Nick: Yeah.

Kate: Have a good evening.

Jett: Chelse, where are you going?

Chelsea: I'm out of here.

Jett: Why?

Chelsea: Do you seriously have to ask? This place is dirty. It's loud. Those girls are complete skanks. And, oh, by the way, I just saw a guy throw up in that plant.

Jett: Are you serious?

Chelsea: Yes.

Jett: That's pretty gross.

Chelsea: Look, I like to have fun as much as the next person does, but I'm exhausted and maybe if I wasn't so much so, I'd be able to tolerate this, but right now, I just really want to relax.

Jett: I feel you. So why don't you and I hang out, then?

Hope: Who's a beautiful girl? Mommy missed you so much. Were you a good girl while mommy was gone?

Julie: Oh, she was an angel, of course.

Hope: Good girl. Oh, my beautiful bug. Come on, let's go see daddy. Yes, go see your daddy who loves you so. Say, "hi, daddy." So, how did I do? Can you read them?

Bo: Well, no, but we can see them. To read them, we'll have to have them interpreted.

Julie: Well, how about I swing by the university first thing in the morning? I'll go to the Italian-studies department. What's the name of that lady again?

Hope: Nancy Mangino. Oh, but, Julie, honestly, don't worry about it 'cause she's already working on the copies of the other letters I gave her.

Julie: I'm happy to. Besides, I get up early.

Roman: Well, I'm just hoping we got enough here that she can tell us more about these letters that Santo sent to Colleen.

Doug: At least we're making some progress.

Bo: Hmm?

Hope: Told you I could do it.

Bo: Never had a doubt.

Hope: Not even just a little?

Bo: Well, there was a moment there that was a little. [Doorbell rings]

Hope: Brady, have faith in me.

Bo: Hey, thanks, Doug.

Doug: Anna.

Anna: Roman, Roman.

Roman: Come here, sit down here.

Anna: Oh, Roman, do me a favor? Will you do me a favor?

Roman: Of course I will.

Anna: Will you take me to bed with you?

Bo: You want Roman to take you to bed?

Roman: Look, okay, listen, I'll run you back to the hotel. How does that sound?

Anna: I just don't feel well at all.

Hope: For God's sake, Roman, come on. She shouldn't be alone. What if something happens?

Roman: Look, I got work to do, Hope, okay? I'm gonna have to pull an all-nighter. Look, you will be okay. You're a big girl, all right?

Anna: Damn it, Roman. What is -- what -- what is w-- what is wrong with you? I mean, you can't possibly think I want to have sex with you.

Roman: All right, you know what? Anna, this isn't the time or the place, okay? We'll talk about this later.

Anna: That's it, isn't it? You think I still have the hots for you. Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Roman --

Roman: All right, cut it. Okay, that's enough.

Anna: I just spent the night from hell with one of my exes, and I am not in the mood to jump in the sack with the other one, so now that we've got that all straightened out in front of half of your family, will you take me to my damn hotel?

Roman: Yeah, you know what? Let's get the hell out of here. Come on, let's go.

Anna: We must do this again sometime.

Roman: Let's go. You guys having fun? I hope that you're having a good time. [Laughter] [Laughter, cheering]

Guy: Ooh, looks like Shelby's gonna do the hot tub.

Chelsea: It's Chelsea.

Guy: I got a seat for you right here, baby.

Chelsea: Yeah, in your dreams.

Guy: I think she's probably jail bait anyways, lar. [Laughter]

Chelsea: Some people are so disgusting.

Jett: Let me guess -- the mile-high sorority sisters.

Chelsea: Yeah. I feel like I'm in junior high all over again.

Jett: They're just messing with you 'cause you're new. They'll warm up. Come on, get in.

Chelsea: I know that I shouldn't let it bother me, but it does. So, why aren't you down in the casino?

Jett: Danielle.

Chelsea: Your fiancť?

Jett: Yeah, they don't call it Sin City for nothing. I just don't want that kind of temptation, you know?

Chelsea: Yeah, I can totally relate. I mean, it's like Nick kept freaking out that I was coming here. I guess it's the whole "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" thing, but on one hand, it was really, really sweet, but on the other hand, it's just kind of annoying. Why can't he just trust me, you know?

Jett: Well, I don't blame him. I mean, a hottie like you getting wild in Vegas? Hell, I'd be worried, too.

Chelsea: Shut up.

Jett: Hey!

Stephanie: Got room for two more? All right.

Kate: And just a friendly little reminder -- don't even think about mentioning our little conversation to Chelsea or anyone else for that matter.

Nick: Sorry, Kate.

[Indistinct conversations]

Stephanie: [Laughs] [Cellphone ringing]

Stephanie: [Chuckles]

Jeremy: You know, Chelse, you should smile more.

Chelsea: Thank you for the advice, Jeremy, really.

Stephanie: Chelsea, where are you going?

Chelsea: Are they ever gonna finish that stupid game of poker?

Stephanie: What's the matter?

Chelsea: I want to get some sleep sometime this century and it doesn't appear that, that's gonna ever happen.

Stephanie: Wow, did I miss something?

Chelsea: Don't you think those guys are obnoxious?

Stephanie: I don't know. They're not so bad.

Chelsea: Um...hi. They told me that I needed to sleep in the bathtub tonight.

Jeremy: [Laughs]

Stephanie: Are you serious?

Chelsea: Yes, I'm serious. I felt like Winona Ryder in "Heathers." And one of their names is actually Heather.

Jeremy: Listen, Chelse, if you want to get on their good side, here's what you do.

Guy: You might as well fold, ladies. I'll be more than happy to help remove those tops.

Chelsea: Sorry, guys. I don't mean to interrupt, but he's bluffing.

Guy: How do you know?

Chelsea: Well, do you see how he's playing with his necklace? Every time that he's got a bad hand. [Clears throat] I call you.

Guy: Yeah, me, too. Same here. Hey, Chelsea, isn't it? You should totally stay and play a couple of hands of some real poker.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Hope: What are you doing? Fantasy baseball?

Bo: E-mail.

Hope: Anything important?

Bo: It's from Chelsea.

Hope: Why doesn't she just pick up the phone and call?

Bo: Kids these days. She landed safely. Wow, it's 105 degrees there.

Hope: At least that's one Brady we know not to worry about.

Bo: Yeah. Who would have thunk my daughter tearing up the strip is actually giving me peace of mind?

Hope: Well, considering everything else that's going on.

Bo: At least she's away from the DiMeras.

Hope: Unlike Steve. What if Stefano didn't buy his story?

Steve: Ahh. [Door opens]

Tony: Isn't that interesting? It seems you have drunk the better half of that bottle, yet you've seemed to have escaped the effects it had on the rest of us. Do you know what I think? I think you switched bottles and then you snuck Hope into this house because you are in collusion with the Bradys.

Steve: Collusion, eh? Why? Because I swapped some spit with Hope? My lover? [Laughs]

Tony: [Laughs] Don't play me for the fool.

Steve: Dude, lighten up. I didn't really expect you to buy that story. Your daddy didnít. Right, Stefano? [Laughs]

Stefano: Of course not.

Steve: No.

Stefano: Ah, please, enlighten me.

Steve: Well, what I was doing with Hope in here was I was scoring some points with the Bradys. Now, we sent her out of here believing that I am on their side, right? So, if you dudes want to know what the Brady clan is up to, come on over here, have a seat. Make yourselves comfortable. [Sighs]

[Indistinct conversations]

Stephanie: And in the event of a water landing, you may use your seat cushion as a flotation device.

Jeremy: Damn, you are good, woman.

Jett: Oh, man.

Chelsea: Hey, you guys, I have great news. Hanna said that there's two cots we can use.

Jeremy: See, now, that's what I'm talking about. There's that smile.

Jett: It's not that bad after all, is it?

Chelsea: Well, I could have done without that perv, but the girls aren't so bad.

Guy: Hey, you guys, is this anyone's? It keeps ringing.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah, that's mine. Thanks. Hey, Nick. I'm so glad that you called.

Nick: I've been trying to get ahold of you for like two hours.

Chelsea: I can hardly hear you. Guys, can you keep it down? Nick, you are never gonna believe the night that I've had.

Nick: Yeah, tell me about it. That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about. It's about your Grandma Kate.

Chelsea: My what?

Max: Introducing, ladies and gentlemen, introducing Mrs. Max Brady.

Jett: What?

Max: I told you. Look at their faces. I told you they'd believe it. [Laughter] Can you do me a favor? Can you go and order some room service or something? I mean, get whatever, you know?

Stephanie: Mmm. All right.

Jett: Way to go, Brady.

Max: I'm telling you, man, the best part is...

Jeremy: Oh, nice.

Jett: Hey, Max, you got a swimsuit? Come and join us.

Max: Who needs a swimsuit?

All: Oh!

Max: That's what I'm talking about.

Chelsea: Oh, my God, Nick. You're never gonna guess what Max just did. He jumped into the Jacuzzi with all his clothes on.

Nick: Oh, Listen, Chelsea, I really need to talk to you, so if you could go somewhere a little more quiet.

Chelsea: Hey, I got to go. I'll call you in the morning. Love ya.

Nick: Chelsea, wai-- [Beep]

Chelsea: Uh, Max, what's with the 180, huh?

Max: Well, what can I say? I got lucky. This is Vegas, baby! It's Vegas. That's what I'm talking about.

Stephanie: Hey, watch out.

Max: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Stephanie: Hey!

Max: It looks good on you.

Bo: If anyone can handle himself, it's Steve.

Hope: I suppose you're right.

Bo: Of course I'm right. Speaking of being right, you ready to pay up? Hmm?

Hope: Pay up?

Bo: Ooh, you're not getting out of it this easy. The bet with Roman and Anna?

Hope: The bet with Roman and Anna?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: That would be a bet that I won.

Bo: [Laughs] Did you happen to see him walk out of here? There's no way he's sleeping with his ex.

Hope: Really?

Bo: Really.

Hope: I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow, won't we?

Bo: I know my brother better than you do.

Hope: Bo Brady...well, four months...

Bo: What?

Hope: ...Of dirty diapers got you scared, huh?

Bo: What are you -- no way. I got this thing in the bag, which means I've got you in bed doing exactly what I want every night for the next month.

Hope: [Chuckles] You're awfully confident. You know what I say? Enjoy it while you can, Brady.

Bo: I am so confident that I think we should start right about now.

Steve: So, Hope got pictures of those letters your old man wrote to Colleen Brady. She's probably on her way to have them translated right now.

Tony: Well, it's your fault. Why didn't you stop her? And that's enough.

Steve: A simple thank you would be nice.

Tony: Father, what are we gonna do? He can't be trusted. Do you want to take care of him or shall I?

Stefano: All right, enough. [Sighs] If the Bradys are interested in finding out who murdered their lovely Colleen...I say we sit back and watch. Trust me...if the truth is finally known...that family will never recover.

Bo: You didnít.

Roman: I did. I slept with Anna.

Belle: I was wondering if maybe you could help Shawn find a job.

Kate: Break out the cigars, baby, because you are the daddy.

Marlena: I'm sorry. I wish they were different.

Sami: E.J. -- the father?

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