Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/26/07 - Canada; Wednesday 6/27/07 - U.S.A.


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All: Yeah!

Max: You had to know they wasn't moving to Portland, baby.

Bartender: Thanks for the tip.

Stephanie: More champagne for you.

[Whistle blowing on TV]

Chelsea: We already have guys -- our boyfriends, remember?

Stephanie: Remember who?

Chelsea: Uh, Jeremy, the one up in the cockpit whose tonsils you know so well.

Stephanie: Speaking of tonsils getting to know, did you take a look at Jett in his new uniform, huh?

Chelsea: No, and I'm fine if I never do.

Stephanie: Right.

Chelsea: You know, I know that Nick probably really overreacted with the whole jealousy thing, but Jett had no right to insult him.

Stephanie: So, you're defending Nick now?

Chelsea: Yeah. We're together, you know?

Stephanie: Except five minutes ago, you were ready to kick him to the curb. I thought you figured out that you're not in love with Nick. So give poor Nicky a break and let him down gently and move on with the rest of your life.

Billie: All right.

Man: Miss Reed, it's a pleasure doing business with you.

Billie: Well, as long as you are happy, I am happy.

Man: My office will be in touch.

Billie: Yes. Thank you. Great. I can't wait. Thank you.

Nick: Billie, thank God you're here. Chelsea's away, and I don't know who else to talk to.

Billie: Okay. What's up?

Nick: I don't even know how to say this.

Billie: Just spit it out.

Nick: Your mom's blackmailing me.

[Dance music plays]

Steve: Come on, Bart, man. Get a groove on, baby. [Humming]

Bart: I won't dance. Don't ask me.

Steve: What's that from? [Laughs] Come on, Bart. Dance with me, baby.

Bart: That's okay. Why don't you ask your parrot? Jeez. Look at this.

Tony: Is our Mr. Johnson not well?

Bart: "Not well"? I locked up all the knives in the kitchen just in case.

Tony: So, has the wine been chilled?

Bart: Yeah. Cyclops popped it in the fridge already.

Tony: What are we waiting for? Anna's gonna be here any minute. [Music stops]

Steve: Oh! Oh! Oh, Tony, Tony, Tone. You are killing my buzz, dude. Come on. Don't you want to get a groove on? Come on.

Tony: I'm expecting company.

Steve: Okay. I'm up for anything. What's on the schedule?

Tony: For you, I suggest doubling your medication.

Steve: [British accent] Oh.

Tony: Yes. And I'm expecting a lady, which means you're gonna make yourself scarce, like disappear.

Steve: [Normal voice] I know who that lady is. [Chuckles] You trying to rekindle that old flame, Tony Tone? Good luck with that. She's purdy. Oh, yeah!

Tony: [Sighs] What an irritant.

Stefano: [Sighs] Antony.

Tony: Are you all right, Father?

Stefano: I am afraid I am not up for company, so I apologize, but I don't think I will join you for dinner tonight.

Tony: Well, I could call Anna and just change --

Stefano: No, no, no. You go right ahead. You have your dinner. Try to find out why that woman is here in Salem. [Chuckles] Anna is not be trusted.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: I am so happy and so grateful that my dad and Julie are here spending time with Ciara. You know, they're spoiling her. I don't know who's happier -- my dad, Julie, or Ciara. Probably Ciara.

Bo: I'll be happier than all three of them put together once you're out of that mausoleum. Let's get this hooked on.

Hope: I want to be in and out as fast as I can.

Bo: Put that in your ear.

Hope: [Laughs] Wait a second. You're tickling me.

Bo: Hold still.

Hope: Brady, you know I'm ticklish there.

Bo: You ready?

Hope: I'm ready. Are you ready? Yeah.

Bo: Okay. All done.

Hope: I thought we were just getting started -- you and me.

Bo: [Chuckles] We won't get anything started unless Anna and Roman show up.

Hope: I'll handle that, Brady. Don't you worry.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Without Anna in there distracting the DiMeras, we're not gonna be able to pull this off.

Hope: Brady, don't worry. Roman's a pro. He'll make sure that Anna is calm, collected, and --

Anna: You don't know how to drive under 110 miles an hour.

Roman: If you would have been on time, I wouldn't have had to drive that fast!

Anna: I had to look right for Tony or --

Roman: Or what? What, Anna, what? Come on. Tell me. You have always been a pain. Nothing's changed. The same old bull. The same old stuff.

Anna: I don't know why I came back here.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Chelsea: It's really complicated. I don't know how I feel, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, you sure knew how you felt when you were in bed with Nick -- or didn't feel.

Chelsea: Since when did you start hating on Nick so much?

Stephanie: I don't hate Nick. He's a good guy. He's my friend. But that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion about what he did. He got jealous over you and Jett.

Chelsea: There is no me and Jett.

Stephanie: Nick did get out of line. I'd set him straight.

Jett: Set who straight about what?

Stephanie: Hey. Uh, who's flying the plane?

Jett: Oh. Just kidding. I'm on break. J.'s got the wheel.

Stephanie: Cool.

Jett: So, anyone mind pouring me something soft?

Stephanie: Sorry. I got my hands full, but Miss Brady will give you whatever you need.

Jett: Okay. Hey.

Chelsea: We got juice, soda, water.

Jett: How about a smile?

Chelsea: Nothing for you, then. Excuse me. I got to get back to work.

Jett: Come on, Chelsea. Look, I know you're mad at me 'cause I dissed your boyfriend, and I don't blame you, but at least hear me out long enough so I can apologize.

Billie: My mother is doing what?

Nick: She's blackmailing me. You know how Sami's having her DNA test done?

Billie: Yeah. The amnio.

Nick: So, your mom tracks me down at the lab, and she tells me that she wants me to fix the test results so that E.J. is the father.

Billie: Damn it.

Nick: I don't know what to do.

Billie: You're gonna go to her house, knock on door, and say, "how dare you ask me to compromise my principles, not to mention breaking the law, just so you can go on torturing your son." Then you're gonna turn around and leave.

Nick: I don't think it's quite that easy.

Billie: Yes, it is. My mother only responds to brute force.

Nick: She's blackmailing me.

Billie: Nick, what could my mother possibly have on you?

Nick: Something bad... and it involves Chelsea.

Anna: You are still the same self-righteous...

Roman: And you are still the same self-involved, gold-digging whiner! You are so damn spoiled, and you always have been!

Bo: Hi. Come on in.

Roman: I'm telling you what. The woman's been in town five minutes. I feel 500 years older.

Anna: And you look it, too.

Roman: What you said yesterday -- you remember that?

Hope: One thing is definitely for sure. Once Tony gets a look at you, he is gonna completely forget his name. You look gorgeous.

Anna: Thank you for the compliment, but the sooner this evening is over with, the better.

Hope: You just keep them distracted so I can get my hands on those letters.

Anna: How long do you think this is gonna take?

Hope: As long as you can give me.

Anna: Please make this fast, because the less time I spend in that house with the DiMeras –

Roman: The less time you're gonna be stuck in this town.

Bo: Okay. Listen, we're ready to get her done anytime you are. So, you're gonna drop Anna?

Roman: Hell yes. From any roof, anytime --

Hope: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa. Roman, manners.

Roman: All right, Hope. It's a good point. All right. Here's the deal. Once she's in the house, it's up to you two, okay?

Bo: We'll do our part. Fancy Face.

Hope: Wired and ready.

Bo: Let's go find those letters and hope they tell us what we want to know.

Tony: I know you have your doubts about Anna -- her loyalties.

Stefano: Well, personally, I never understood the attraction, but, hey, to each his own.

Tony: Is there anything you want me to find out?

Stefano: Well, according to Steven, she has already spent a certain amount of time with the Bradys. So, if you can, try to find out from her what was discussed.

Tony: [Sighs] In the meantime, I want you to feel better.

Stefano: I will, as soon as you find out what Anna's up to. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. By the way, is Steven in the house?

Tony: Oh, no, no. I got rid of him. Why? Was there something you wanted?

Stefano: Keep an eye on him. He seems, uh, not quite right.

Tony: Crazy. No, don't worry. I'll keep my eye on him.

Stefano: Thank you. Tender my regrets.

Tony: Rest well.

Stefano: Unfortunately, these days, it doesn't seem possible. [Exhales deeply]

Tony: Oh, Father. Hmm. [Chuckles] possible. Anything.

Billie: Okay. All right, Nick. I mean, how bad are we talking about here?

Nick: Somehow Kate knows that I stole Chelsea's hairbrush from the lab.

Billie: How does she know tha-- oh, God.

Nick: Yeah. And she also knows that Roman let me and Chelsea off the hook. Some moron told her everything, and now she says that she's gonna turn us all in if I don't do what she wants.

Billie: You have no idea who this moron is, do you?

Nick: No. Why? Do you?

Billie: Yeah. You're looking at her.

Chelsea: You want to apologize?

Jett: If you think he'd consider accepting.

Chelsea: Why not? It's no big deal.

Jett: Well, I think it is. If someone ran their mouth on my fiancé, hell, I'd come out swinging, too. I can't blame you for doing the same.

Chelsea: Nick's not my fiancé.

Jett: Yeah, I know. One other thing -- he's not a loser, either.

Chelsea: Thank you. I didn't need you to tell me that.

Jett: How could he be? He's got you.

Stephanie: There you go, handsome.

Max: Thanks. Why don't you come join me?

Stephanie: Uh, maybe later. Can I get you anything, sir? We've got 15 types of margaritas.

Max: No, thank you.

Stephanie: Actually, thank you for sticking up for me with Jeremy. He was in one of his usual "hey, I'm a jerk" moods, but thankfully they never last too long.

Max: And they never disappear for too long, either. He's got a problem, Steph, and so do you if you keep putting up with it.

Bart: [Humming]

Tony: Ah, Bartholomew, there's someone very special I want you to meet.

Bart: Anna DiMera. You -- you're even more beautiful than you are in your pictures. May I?

Tony: Oh, sure.

Anna: [Chuckles]

Bart: [Smooches]

Tony: Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on. Stop. Stop that. That's enough already.

Bart: Okay. I'm sorry.

Anna: Oh. Hmm.

Tony: Hmm?

Anna: Hmm. What a strange little man.

Tony: He takes a little getting used to, but, really, he's just excited to meet you.

Anna: Well -- hmm. I'm excited to be here again, Tony. I mean, it's such a -- wow -- lovely home, and, uh, after all, we're almost family. That's the way I think of us.

Tony: Do you really think of us, darling?

Anna: Darling, of course I do.

Bart: Well, how about a drink to the both of you to seal the deal?

Anna: Oh, uh, just a little sip for me before dinner. Thank you.

Tony: Thank you.

Anna: I haven't eaten, and I'm a little hungry.

Tony: Oh, well, that's good because I have something very special for you. I have flown in your favorite consommé from New York. And from New Orleans, from Antoine's, their signature oysters.

Anna: Oh, Tony, I'd almost forgotten. You never do things halfway. It's always first-class.

Tony: Always, Anna. Always. Our life in this world is so short. Carpe diem.

Anna: Such a noble philosophy. [Both chuckle] And when I think of my lunch with Roman today -- can you believe that man? He bought me a Texas hot wiener at some little dive called the Cheatin' Heart.

Tony: Oh, poor Roman. Not much taste. [Both chuckle]

Bo: I want to set the sound level, so say something.

Hope: You horizontally busy tonight?

Bo: Try that again.

Hope: You couldn't hear that?

Bo: I can't hear it enough.

Hope: Wow. After all these years, huh?

Bo: I can't get enough.

Hope: How long do you think it will take Anna to distract Tony so I can go in?

Bo: Well, if he reacts to her the same way Roman does, any second, he's gonna come flying out that door, screaming for someone to put him out of his misery.

Hope: Oh, come on, Brady. She's not that bad.

Bo: Are you kidding me? She's driving Roman crazy.

Hope: Are you kidding me? He's crazy about her.

Chelsea: Did you actually say that you respect Nick because he has nerve, brains, and me?

Jett: All I meant was if you look at Nick and the things that are special, you're one of them, and I'm sorry I put him down, not to mention that he heard me. So I'd actually like to try and fix things up, if that's okay.

Chelsea: Yeah, that's great. Thank you, Jett.

Jett: Cool. You know, I'm thinking I'd like to apologize to Nick again to his face, try to smooth things over.

Chelsea: Yeah, maybe when we get back to Salem.

Jett: Okay. Hey, you know, my fiancé, Danielle, is coming to town this weekend, and maybe we could all go out -- the four of us -- on me, of course. And, um, you know, do -- do you think you can swing that?

Stephanie: You're wrong about Jeremy, Max. You just caught him at the wrong time -- that's all.

Max: Yeah, I'm sure he's a real sweetheart when he's asleep.

Stephanie: Come on. This whole business getting started. You know, our first flight. He just wanted everything perfect. He's under a lot of pressure, and he let it get to him.

Max: If that's what you want, that's fine, but I've seen enough. The guy wants it all his way.

Stephanie: So? Who doesn't?

Max: He's a bully, Steph, and bullies are never gonna stop pushing people around until someone sets them straight.

Stephanie: Oh. And would that be you?

Max: Let's put it this way. The next time Jer starts running his mouth in your direction, I'm gonna put my fist in it.

Nick: You told your mom that I stole Chelsea's hairbrush from the lab?

Billie: It just happened.

Nick: You told me you were gonna keep this a secret. Now Roman is gonna get in trouble.

Billie: Wait. That's the reason I thought it would be okay to tell her -- because she and Roman are very close, and I thought that it would be nice for her to know what a great thing Roman did for you guys. And you know what? There is no way that she would ever turn Roman in.

Nick: She won't have to. She'll turn me in.

Billie: Hey, hey, hey. You don't know that. Just let me talk to her. Give me a chance.

Nick: If I don't do what she says, everything's gonna hit the fan. She's gonna go talk to the hospital administrator, who just so happens to be her best friend. My career will be over. Roman will end up in trouble. I'll go to jail.

Billie: Hold on. Just breathe, okay? Take a breath. Hold on. I'm gonna fix this, all right? I know how to settle this.

Nick: Who are you calling?

Billie: Who else? The first thing we'll do is get her down here. The second thing we'll do is nip this in the bud.

Nick: Hang up that phone.

Bo: Listen. I like Anna well enough, but Roman's ready to strangle her.

Hope: Oh, right. He is ready to do something, but I don't think it involves strangling.

Bo: Come on. She's driving him nuts.

Hope: Take it from a woman who knows. If Anna got under his skin that fast and that badly, he still has a thing for her. I take that back.

Bo: What?

Hope: I say that Roman's driving himself crazy, trying to hide his feelings for Anna. You can say I'm crazy for even thinking it. You want to hear the bet? Here's the bet. If you're right, you're in complete charge of our evenings for one month -- one month.

Bo: Complete charge? You mean you --

Hope: I mean at your command. Don't push it, Brady.

Bo: Well, you said "complete --" okay. If you win, not that, that's gonna happen --

Hope: If you lose -- that's what you're really getting at, right? What you will have to do is change diapers till Christmas and do the dishes and the laundry.

Bo: Diapers?

Hope: Yes.

Bo: No, then.

Hope: Oh, come on, Brady. Don't tell me you're suddenly afraid I might be right.

Bo: I'm not afraid.

Hope: I'm going in now, so wish me luck, loser.

Bo: Wait a minute.

Hope: Stay close.

Bo: Okay. I'll take that bet, but do me a favor, huh? Get back here in one piece, because I'm gonna win that bet.

[Tango plays]

Tony: [Chuckles]

Anna: You've improved with time, Tony.

Tony: Yes, like the proverbial wine. So lovely to have you back in my arms, getting lost in those eyes and that mouth. [Both chuckle]

Anna: Oh, I think somehow we're both getting lost.

Tony: Yeah.

Anna: It actually feels almost like yesterday, huh?

Tony: Speaking of "lost," wasn't there a reason you danced back my way? To bring me --

Anna: Oh, yes. Of course. I'm sorry. I must have been enjoying myself too much. Here. I found them in the garage. I was cleaning some things out, and I thought Stefano might want them back.

Tony: Oh.

Anna: I have no idea what they say. My Italian's a little rusty, but I thought I saw Santo's name in there. Wasn't that Stefano's father?

Tony: Yes. Yes, it was. Very kind of you to return these, and I'm so grateful. I'm sure my father will feel the same.

Anna: It was my pleasure. [Both chuckle]

Tony: But before -- before we have dinner, there is one more question.

Anna: Oh. Well, ask away.

Tony: I heard the other evening you were at the Brady Pub. Family gathering, I hear. But I was just wondering...

Anna: What?

Tony: were there. And before you say anything, Anna, don't lie. Don't lie, because I'll know. Trust me. I'll know.

Bo: Fancy Face, got your ears on?

Hope: Yeah. Brady, I'm in. Everything's fine. Wow. It's just like I remembered.

Bo: The passageway from the greenhouse?

Hope: Yeah, I found it. It's all covered in dust and cobwebs, but I'm in. It's still here. God, I'm so messy.

Bo: Oh, come on. I've seen you caked in mud, soaked to the bone. No matter what, you still look really, really sexy.

Hope: Oh, you're just saying that, Brady. I know what you're doing.

Bo: Oh, for when I win this bet?

Hope: You just keep on dreaming, Brady. What kind of signal did Anna say she was gonna send us?

Steve: Psst.

Bo: What the --

Steve: Tell her to give it five minutes.

Hope: Who was that?

Bo: Just -- it's Steve. Hold on a second, would you? What the hell are you doing here?

Steve: Oh, just kicking back at the house of "D" while Kayla's at her convention.

Bo: You're hanging with the DiMeras?

Steve: Why not? Free food, open bar. These dudes live like kings. I deserve it, don't you think?

Bo: Are you out of your freaking mind?

Steve: No, man. Look into my eye. I'm totally sane... although some people might think I'm crazy for drugging their dinner wine, which is what I did. When I took the bottle to chill to the kitchen, I added a little kick of my own through the cork, just for fun.

Bo: You drugged them?

Steve: Yeah. Give them a few minutes. Tony and all the rest of them will be out like a cheap light. Hope will be able to slip in and out like a summer breeze.

Anna: Tony, stop. Let me -- let me out.

Tony: Why were you with them?

Anna: Who? The Bradys?

Tony: Yeah.

Anna: Because they're friends, or they were once. Well, you know Roman and I were married and we have a child together.

Tony: Anna, I know there's more than what you're saying. I know you well, Anna. Please don't lie again.

Anna: I swear. I swear. I --

Tony: What?

Anna: I swear. I'm dizzy.

Tony: Oh, please. That's pathetic. Are you gonna try and distract me with cheap theatrics?

Anna: "Cheap"? "Cheap"? I'm not cheap. There's nothing cheap about me. The only thing cheap is about the way -- you -- you drugged me.

Tony: Oh, please.

Anna: You could take advantage of me.

Tony: What?

Anna: You...animal.

Tony: What? Anna. Anna. Bart! Bart, where are you?!

Bart: What's up?

Tony:'s drugged.

Bart: Oh, no. Tony. No. No. It's not drugged. You guys -- I popped the cork on it myself. It's not drugged. Anna. It –

Billie: Hey. What -- hey. What are you doing?

Nick: You cannot call her down here. Your mom said that she would ruin my life if I told anyone.

Billie: Okay, first of all, I'm not anyone. And second of all, I can handle my mother.

Nick: I'm sorry I said anything.

Billie: No. Nick, listen to me. I promise you it's gonna turn out okay.

Chelsea: You want to go out on a double date with me and Nick?

Jett: Yeah. Why not? Thanks. I mean, Danielle's really cool, and once Nick sees me as part of a relationship, he can relax and get past all this jealousy stuff. Who knows? Maybe we'll all end up friends.

Chelsea: Right. Yeah. Friends.

Jett: So, why don't you run it past Nick, and I'll set things up with Danielle, and we'll have a great night out?

Chelsea: Sounds like a date.

Jett: Cool. Well, I better be getting back to the front. Thanks for the soda. I'll check back with you when we're on the ground.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. See you in Vegas.

Stephanie: You think you know Jeremy, huh?

Max: I've known a dozen Jeremy’s -- a big mouth with not a whole lot to back it up. It's all about taking advantage for those kind of guys. It makes them feel better about themselves.

Stephanie: You stuck up for me, and I'm grateful, but everything else you've been saying is bull. You're totally wrong about Jeremy.

Jeremy: Totally wrong about what, babe? What's old Max here been saying about me?

Stephanie: Max was just kidding around.

Jeremy: Yeah. About what?

Stephanie: About whether you can really fly a plane. I didn't know you were taking a break. Can I get you –

Jeremy: Save it, Steph. "Totally wrong about Jeremy." I heard you. Wrong about what?

Max: Well, I was just saying how much of a first-class snake you are, Jer. You're the kind of guy that my Texas friends say, "they're all hat and no cattle." But Stephanie here -- she was disagreeing with me, so who do you plan on proving wrong? Go ahead.

Jeremy: Wow, Max. You really know how to yank a guy's chain with a straight face. I like that. You call it how you see it. A man with no fear. Steph was right, though. You got me all wrong, and I'll prove it to you.

Max: Oh, when is that?

Jeremy: Soon. Keep your eyes open.

Max: Oh, I plan on it.

Jeremy: Cool. Just let me know when I turn you around. Hey, babe, grab me a ginger ale, will you? I got to go make nice with the rich boys. Catch you on the ground, Max.

Stephanie: One ginger ale coming right up, captain. Oh. You having fun yet?

Chelsea: Yeah. So far, so good.

Jeremy: Anything you need, just say the word. It's how we do business at Touch the Sky.

[Door closes]

Kate: Hey, sweetie. Nick, what a surprise.

Billie: Cut the crap, Mother.

Kate: You know, don't be so crude. I think you should set a good example here.

Billie: How about blackmail? Is that crude enough for you?

Kate: Blackmail? What are you talking about?

Billie: Well, it seems that you went to Nick and told him that if he didn't doctor Sami's DNA test to make it look like E.J. was the father of Sami's baby and not Lucas, you would make his life a living hell. Ring any bells?

Kate: Oh, my God. Oh, please. Please. You know, I do have to admit, sometimes, I say things out loud that I should keep to myself. You can attest to that. And I'm not going to deny the fact that it's wishful thinking that maybe you could fudge that test a little bit, but there was no threat implied. Nick, I have to say, I think this is really all in your own head. And I don't have the faintest idea why you would do that, but I guess that's an issue he should take up with his shrink. Anyway, I mean, I was just joking.

Nick: "Just joking." That's right.

Kate: Yes. Joking. Kidding around. I'm sure you've heard of that. Billie can tell you how much I kid. Anyway, look, I'm hungry. Do you guys want to eat? How about getting something sweet?

Bo: Hope? You with me?

Hope: What's happening?

Bo: Where are you now?

Hope: I'm just getting ready to go through the panel, and I'll be right outside the living room, I think. If I go in and Tony and Stefano are there --

Bo: Don't worry about it. Steve took care of it.

Steve: Hey, sweet thing. They're all sleeping like babies. I sang them a lullaby. [Chuckles]

Hope: Brady, is he all right? What is he talking about?

Bo: I'll fill you in later. Just find those letters, take those pictures. If there's any trouble, you just holler. I'll be in there in a flash.

Hope: Okay. Fingers crossed. Here I go. All right, Brady. I'm in. So far, Steve wasn't lying, was he?

Kate: Oh, my God, you two. Stop looking so sour. I don't know. Maybe it seems like I lost my temper or something, but can't we let this go?

Billie: Do you ever let anything go?

Kate: Billie -- okay. I'll admit it. I'm admitting it. I'm hoping that E.J. is the father of Sami's twins.

Billie: Twins? Sami's having twins! Oh, my gosh.

Kate: Yes, Sami's having twins. And if I turn out to be their grandmother, I'm going to shower them with as much love and affection as I always show.

Billie: Really? That much?

Kate: Look, I was letting off some steam, okay? Nick, I think you took it the wrong way.

Nick: You're good. She's good at this whole lying thing.

Billie: You have no idea. And if Nick decides to press charges --

Kate: For what?

Billie: For blackmail, because you took something that I said in confidence and used it against somebody else. You know, why am I not surprised that you would do something? And I just might do the same thing to you. In fact, yeah. I think that I might just get on the phone with Sami and Lucas --

Kate: Oh, Billie!

Billie: And with your relationship being the way it is right now with Lucas, you could lose him forever. Is that what you want, Mom?

Kate: You know damn well that's not what I want, Billie.

Billie: Then I think we understand each other, 'cause heaven forbid you miss the chance to shower those new grand babies with love and affection, right?

Hope: Brady, I've looked everywhere, and I can't find any letters at all. I don't know. Maybe Stefano keeps them locked upstairs in a safe or -- wait a second. Let me just check one more pl-- wait a second. I'm not sure, but -- yes. Letters. Very old letters, Brady, and they're all tied up. Hold on. Let me just check this. Yes. These have got to be them. Listen, Brady, I'll be out just as soon as I photograph each and every one of them, okay? Hold on.

Bo: What can I say?

Steve: I don't know. "Thanks a lot. I was wrong about you." I don't know. You want a list?

Bo: How'd you manage things with the DiMeras?

Steve: That was easy, dude. I was crazy Steve -- their brain-fried space cadet. No more threat. Just part of the furniture. That allowed me to keep my ears open so I can feed whatever I get onto you.

Bo: And I'll take whatever you can get, man.

Steve: I was hoping you'd take it as proof of whose side I'm on.

Bo: Hold on. Hold on. Hope?

Hope: Mission accomplished. I took a photograph of all the letters. I'm just putting them back where I found them, okay?

Bo: Okay. Get out of there before someone wakes up.

Hope: Don't worry.

Bo: I'll stop worrying when I've got you in my sights, so don't make me wait. Get the hell out of there.

Chelsea: All right. Here you go. And if you guys need anything else, just ring my bell, all right? Excuse me, sir. Can I bring you anything?

Max: A new brain, perhaps.

Chelsea: Are the batteries out on yours?

Max: Short circuit. No. It just hit me when I realized you were right.

Chelsea: About?

Max: Jeremy. I don't like him or the way he treats Steph. As soon as we land, I want out. I want my money back.

Stephanie: [Giggles]

Jeremy: So, you ready to join the mile-high club?

Stephanie: Are you kidding? Now?

Jeremy: I mean right now. That is, if you want it. You want to be part of the club, baby?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Jeremy: Come here. But you got to get through the initiation first. I'm gonna need your help.

Stephanie: Tell me what you need.

Jeremy: I've got to come up with a way to keep Max as a partner, and you are gonna help me figure out how.

Billie: Mom?

Kate: Yes?

Billie: Do we understand each other?

Kate: Well, of course we understand each other, my darling. And, Nick, I hope you'll accept my apology.

Nick: Yeah.

Billie: Okay, then. Great. I will pay the check. This meeting is adjourned. Thank you all for coming.

Nick: So, is this gonna be where we stand?

Kate: You made a big mistake by calling my daughter.

Nick: Sorry?

Kate: Yes. You're going to be. So, have a good life, have a good day, and I wish you luck, because you're going to need it.

Billie: Nick! Nick! What happened?

Hope: Okay, Brady. All through. Starting back.

Stefano: Tony!

Hope: Uh-oh.

Bo: What is it?

Stefano: Bart! Where are you? Tony! Somebody answer me, for God's sake.

Hope: He's here. Stefano is here -- in the house.

Bo: Hope, hurry up and get out of there.

Steve: What's going on, man?

Bo: Get out of there before he sees you.

Stefano: Hope Brady, what the devil are you doing here?

Bo: Hope!

Steve: No, no, no, no.

Bo: I got to get in there. Let go of me.

Stefano: What the hell is going on here? Hope, what did you do to them? Huh? Who let you in here? Answer me. What are you up to now?

Chelsea: Nick kept freaking out that I was coming here. Why can't he just trust me?

Jett: A hottie like you running wild in Vegas? Hell, I'd worry, too.

Kate: Keep up the great work, Mr. Fallon, because if you don't, the lights could go out on that bright future.

Stefano: Trust me, if the truth is finally known, that family will never recover.

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