Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/19/07 - Canada; Wednesday 6/20/07 - U.S.A.


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Jeremy: So, then, I'll see you later, right?

Max: Yeah, I'll be there.

Jeremy: Take it easy, bro.

Max: All right, man. You too.

Jeremy: You too, Chelse-a-licious.

Chelsea: Ew.

Max: Yeah, he's all right.

Chelsea: Yeah, I don't know. I kind of just get this weird vibe from him like we shouldn't trust him or something.

Max: He's just a little cocky, that's all.

Chelsea: I think he's trouble.

Max: You don't even know him, Chelse.

Chelsea: Neither do you. Just don't say I didn't warn you, okay?

Max: Chelsea, I'm about to give this guy a lot of money, so this is not what I need to hear right now.

Stephanie: You can't just blow Chelsea off because you don't like her boyfriend.

Jett: What do you want me to do? Do you want me to be honest and say I think she could do way better and that her boyfriend, Nick, is a complete loser?

Stephanie: [Clears throat]

Jett: You know what, Nick? I'm sorry. That was my bad. I didn't mean it like that.

Nick: I guess we all can't be as cool as you, can we, Jett?

Jett: Look, I was just –

Nick: In fact, should you even be talking to me? People might start thinking you're a loser.

Jett: Look, I said I was sorry. Why don't we just drop it, eh?

Nick: You're right. You're sorry. I don't care what you think about me, Jett. But I do care about Chelsea, and I want you to stay the hell away from her. Is that clear?

Daniels: Look, Miss Roberts, I need you to stay here.

Sami: Oh, come on. You cannot be serious.

Daniels: Just following orders.

Sami: Yeah, by Roman Brady, right -- my dad.

Daniels: I know who he is, and that is exactly why I'm being extra cautious with you.

Lucas: It's not a big deal. I'll keep my eye on her. She'll be with me the whole time.

Daniels: Look, unless I hear from the commissioner himself, you guys are stuck with me. I'm sorry.

Sami: Okay. Okay. We can call my dad. I can call him at home. We'll find him, and he'll tell you it's okay.

Daniels: You actually said that with a straight face.

Sami: Look, he won't mind. Please, this is really special circumstances.

Daniels: I call the boss after hours, I'm gonna be working security at a mall. Now get back inside.

Lucas: Now, wait a minute. We're not under arrest. I mean, we do have the right to leave.

Daniels: Not on my watch you don't.

Sami: How about a compromise? I mean, my dad's orders were for you to keep an eye on me, right?

Daniels: Yeah.

Sami: Right. So, maybe you could come with us. You know, who knows, you might get to be a hero.

Roman: Whoa. You know what? I thought there was a bad smell around here. I thought it was that musty pit, but then, I guess I was wrong.

Tony: You have a lot of nerve, Roman, summoning a sick man from his bed.

Roman: Sorry. Is this a bad time for you guys? My daughter almost died because of you two. She wasn't the only victim either, was she? Lexie Carver, your daughter, your sister, she was buried in that hellhole. And Bo and Hope were almost taken out by that bomb you planted.

Tony: How very entertaining. Put in a car chase, we've got ourselves a Bruce Willis movie.

Roman: Think this is funny, Tony, do you?

Tony: No.

Roman: Well, you know what? You know what? I'm gonna question your old man now if you don't mind.

Tony: It's no wonder Anna left you all those years ago, Roman. You have no class, never did. That's why she landed on my doorstep.

Stefano: All right, that's enough. Roman... I apologize for any misunderstanding, but I had no idea that this was going on.

Roman: The hell you didn't, Stefano.

Stefano: Well, that's fine. You think whatever you want, but my family is not involved in any way with the incidents with Samantha and Bo and Hope. And why -- why in the world would I have any reason to harm Alexandra?

Roman: You know what, Stefano? That one had me stumped, too. But all I know is I got a brother in the hospital. Thank God he's okay. But he's lucky to be alive. So is Hope.

Stefano: You think that I would lay a finger on Hope? You're mistaken. I still care very deeply for Hope. And once, we were very close, if you recall.

Roman: Back when you were having her steal those paintings for you.

Stefano: [Laughs] Seems like only yesterday, doesn't it?

Roman: Enough games, Stefano. That bomb down there has got your name written all over it.

Stefano: That's ridiculous. That bomb could have been there for years.

Roman: Not what my guys say. My guys say that bomb is brand spanking new. And since this end of the tunnel was locked up, that only leaves one explanation. That bomb was planted by a DiMera.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Chelsea: Look, Max, I've been wrong about people plenty of times before, so just try to tune me out, okay? I'm sure Jeremy will be a great business partner.

Max: No, but now, look, you've got me thinking. It's a lot of money, and -- I don't know -- maybe I did jump the gun.

Chelsea: Okay, well, Jett's in on it, too, right?

Max: Yeah.

Chelsea: He seems pretty honest.

Max: Yeah, but what if they're both scamming us? It's like you said, we don't know either of them.

Chelsea: I've spent a little time with Jett, and I don't really think that he's a con artist, so just try not to worry.

Max: Well, speaking of Jett, what the hell is going on with him and Nick?

Chelsea: Nick's here?

Max: Mm-hmm. Over there. Chelsea? Hello? Shouldn't you be happy to see your boyfriend?

Jett: Look, maybe we got off to a bad start.

Stephanie: Come on, Nick. He said he was sorry.

Jett: Yeah, what do you say, friends?

Nick: I don't think so.

Stephanie: Nick!

Nick: My friends would never talk behind my back like that.

Jett: Okay, suit yourself, man. I tried.

Stephanie: I know.

Nick: By the way, how's your fiancé back in Dayton? Is she cool with you hitting on other girls just because she's like that or because she doesn't exist?

Jett: You're calling me a liar now?

Nick: I'm right here if you want to do something about it.

Stephanie: Would you guys please just stop it?

Jett: You know what, Nick? Chelsea's a big girl. She gets to decide whoever she wants to hang out with. And if you have a problem with that, maybe I am right. Maybe she is better off without you.

Sami: So, listen, this is really important. My Uncle Bo and my dad are working on this really big case, and it could be solved tonight if you just come with us.

Daniels: I don't like this.

Sami: I'll talk to my dad. I'll put in a good word for you. You'll probably get a medal out of this.

Daniels: Is she pulling my leg? 'Cause I heard a couple of my partners were busted to desk work for letting your wife slip through their fingers.

Lucas: [Chuckles] Yeah, but she has a mind of her own, yeah, but you can trust her. You can trust both of us, really.

Sami: Look, I'm sorry. We don't have a lot of time for this, so what do you say? Come on. Please?

Lucas: No funny business.

Stefano: All right. Let's be serious, my friend. What reason would my family have to plant a bomb in an abandoned tunnel?

Roman: I don't know, Stefano. You tell me.

Stefano: Well, I have much more important things to concern myself with. As a matter of fact, at this moment, I am -- well, I'm not in the best of health.

Roman: Damn shame, isn't it?

Tony: Do we have to tolerate these remarks?

Stefano: It's all right, Tony. He is entitled to his opinion. But regardless of what you think, Roman, I do not want to be remembered as some cold-blooded monster.

Roman: Check out a history book. Look at Attila the Hun. That's how you'll be remembered, Stefano.

Stefano: [Laughs] [Coughs]

Tony: Are you all right? Come sit down. Sit down.

Stefano: I'm fine, Tony.

Tony: Come on. Sit.

Stefano: [Grunts]

Roman: [Chuckles] Whoa. The good son.

Tony: That's right. Who loves and respects his father. For God's sake, Roman, the man's not well.

Roman: Then let's switch the conversation to you, Tony. Maybe you're the mastermind who planted that bomb, tried to kill my daughter not once but twice.

Stefano: This is preposterous. Why would either one of us want Samantha gone? And for goodness' sake, Roman, Samantha is carrying my grandchild.

Roman: What the hell are you talking about, Stefano? That kid is Lucas'.

Stefano: Ooh. [Laughs] [Sighs] I'm afraid that I hit a little nerve. See, I almost forgot that Elvis' child is also your grandchild. Roman, think of it like a celebration. We are going to be one big, happy family.

Max: So, wait a second. You and Nick are, uh --

Chelsea: Over. Yep. I guess we were doomed from the start anyway, though.

Max: Well, when did it all happen?

Chelsea: Today. He came over to my dad's house to see me, and Jett was there. We were just talking, but Nick had it in his head that something else was going on, so he went crazy. I've never seen him act like that.

Max: Hmm.

Chelsea: What? You act like you're not surprised.

Max: Oh, I'm not, really. No, I -- you know -- I like Nick. I do. He's got a lot of things going for him. I just don't think self-confidence is one of them.

Chelsea: Yeah, so?

Max: What I'm trying to say is...look at them. All right? First of all, we got our boy Nick. He's okay. He's scrawny and a little on the nerdy side. And then we have Jett, straight out of a magazine ad. [Grunts] I think Nick -- Nick is gonna feel inferior if you're hanging out with someone else, even if there really is nothing going on.

Chelsea: So that makes it okay?

Max: No. It is what it is because he's a guy who's not in the same league as you, and he knows it.

Chelsea: Please.

Max: Like that's the first time you've heard someone tell you that. I mean, if Nick had a kick-ass car and a house by the lake, I think you two would be better off. Rich guys always get the hot girls.

Chelsea: Oh. That's a really nice view of women there, Max. No wonder you don't have a girlfriend.

Max: Maybe I don't want to be tied down, huh? You ever thought of that? Maybe I want to keep my options open.

Chelsea: The only thing you'd like to keep open is the door to your bedroom.

Max: Hey, this isn't about me. It's about you, all right? This is about you and Nick. Hey, look, I think it -- I think it's maybe a good thing that you broke up with him.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, he broke up with me.

Max: Wait. What? Really?

Jett: Look, bro, you've had it in for me ever since I got to Salem. If Chelsea's too hot for you to handle, that's your problem.

Nick: The only problem we have is you, dude.

Chelsea: What's going on?

Jett: Your boy comes rolling up in here all attitude and temper.

Chelsea: What are you doing?

Nick: I came to find you, but when I got here, your good friend Jett was doing some trash-talking.

Stephanie: He was joking around, okay? Nick just took it the wrong way.

Nick: I know what he's trying to do. He's trying to hook up with you. Isn't it totally obvious to everyone?

Chelsea: Nick! Oh, my -- apologize right now.

Jett: We'll be fine as long as he just backs off, and we'll call it even. What do you say? No hard feelings? You see what I'm saying? The guy's a freak.

Max: Relax, okay.

Jett: You're lucky I don't knock you out.

Nick: It's going down.

Stephanie: Are you crazy? He's ripped.

Nick: Big friggin' deal.

Chelsea: Nick, what is wrong with you? I want you to go home right now.

Nick: What, so you and Jett can have some alone time?

Daniels: Your dad is gonna have my hide.

Sami: Would you stop worrying?

Daniels: This is no place for a pregnant woman, especially at this hour.

Sami: Well, that's why you're here, 'cause you're gonna protect me. Nothing. Nothing!

Lucas: 9:00. The package was gonna be here at 9:00, right?

Daniels: Package? Oh, no. This isn't a drug deal.

Lucas: No.

Sami: No! No, definitely -- we wouldn't ask you to come with us if we were trying to score drugs, right?

Lucas: Yeah, we're dumb, but we're not that dumb.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: So, what are we gonna do now, just wait?

Sami: I guess we have to, don't we? We should probably hide, though, because we don't want them to...

Lucas: Panic and leave when they see us.

Sami: Exactly. Maybe we could tuck in behind these crates. What do you think? Ooh, uh, Officer Daniels, you could search the perimeter, you know, to make sure no one sneaks up behind us.

Daniels: Yeah, I know what searching the perimeter means. But you and I had an agreement. I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Lucas: Yeah, I'll take full responsibility. I promise. We won't leave.

Sami: Definitely not. We'll stay here.

Lucas: Yeah.

Daniels: I got a bad feeling about this.

Sami: I kind of like that guy. He's a little high-strung, but he's cool.

Lucas: Yeah. I agree with him, though. You shouldn't be here right now. What if Stefano shows up or his men show up or something like that? Have you thought about that, Sami? I mean, have you really thought about any of this?

Chelsea: Jett and I are just friends. How many times do I need to tell you that? Besides, why do you even care? You broke up with me like two hours ago.

Stephanie: What? Did you know about this?

Chelsea: You have no right to pull this jealous-boyfriend crap on me, all right? So just go home.

Nick: Can we just talk?

Chelsea: Don't you think you've said enough?

Nick: Give me 10 minutes. I know that you hate me right now, but all I'm asking for is 10 minutes.

Chelsea: Fine. 10 minutes, but not a second more. I have to go home and pack for Vegas anyway.

Stephanie: Yeah, I got to do that, too.

Chelsea: I'll give you a call in a little bit.

Stephanie: Do that. See you, Chelse.

Max: See this? This right here -- this is why I stay single.

Stephanie: What happened to Jeremy? Think I should put out an APB?

Max: No, he left.

Stephanie: What?

Max: Yeah, he left a little while ago.

Stephanie: Without telling me? Jackass.

Max: Well...doesn't anyone have a nice thing to say about this guy?

Roman: [Chuckles] Stefano, you know what? I think I'm gonna save that celebration till we can toast those life sentences you two guys are gonna get.

Tony: My, you seem so confident.

Roman: Oh, I am. I am, Tony. You see, you DiMeras made a mistake coming back to Salem. You want a fight with the Bradys, you got one.

Stefano: I still don't quite get what the conflict is here. I thought we had the same goals -- to protect our children.

Roman: Well, that's a little hard to do with you two on the loose.

Stefano: Well, I'm sorry to hear you say that. You see, I thought instead of spending all our time fighting that maybe it would be wiser for us to sit down together and try to work this thing through peacefully.

Roman: It ain't gonna happen, Stefano. As the old saying goes, that's gonna be a very cold day in hell.

Stefano: What a shame. Here I was hoping that it would be a new beginning for our families.

Roman: Damn. You really are delusional.

Stefano: Just what in God's name have you been up to behind my back?

Tony: Oh.

Sami: Lucas, I really don't think that the DiMeras are responsible for this. It's too obvious. It's not their style.

Lucas: All right, then who is responsible?

Sami: I don't know. It could be someone who's afraid of them. I mean, maybe this person really needs to keep a low profile.

Lucas: I don't care. Whoever it is, they're late. So let's just forget about this and go home.

Sami: No. Come on. Let's just wait a couple more minutes, please.

Lucas: I knew you were gonna say that. I knew you were gonna say that.

Sami: You know, if you think about it, if this works out right, my dad is gonna be so thrilled.

Lucas: Yeah, and if it doesn't? [Cellphone rings] Will you stop with that? Will you turn that off? That's real stealthy, Sami. Nice.

Sami: Sorry. Oh, my God.

Lucas: What? "Oh, my God" what?

Sami: Oh, my God. It's my dad.

Lucas: Oh, terrific. What are you gonna do now, huh?

Max: What are you stomping on there, Steph?

Stephanie: Guys suck.

Max: Oh. Don't take it out on all of us 'cause you're pissed at Jeremy.

Stephanie: [Sighs exasperatedly]

Max: Oh, wow.

Jett: Hey, buddy. Where you going?

Max: Um... you see those chicks over there?

Jett: Oh, nice.

Max: Yeah. Yeah, the one on the left -- wow. I'm gonna -- you know, I'm gonna -- you know. Yeah.

Jett: What was that again?

Max: I don't know. Just wish me luck.

Jett: Okay. Go get 'em, cowboy. Oh, dear. Let me guess -- Jeremy.

Stephanie: He left without even telling me.

Jett: Well, did you call him?

Stephanie: Yeah, like three times. He didn't answer. What could be so important that he'd totally diss me like that?

Jett: Hey, the guy lives to party. You know that, Steph.

Stephanie: Who was he partying with, then? It's not another girl, is it? Jett, is Jeremy cheating on me?

Jeremy: Yo, Jess, you coming?

Jess: It's so quiet. How about some music?

Jeremy: How do you feel about R&B? Marvin Gaye, a little "Sexual Healing."

Jess: Sounds great.

Jeremy: All right, I'll see what I can do. [Vehicle approaches] Damn it. We're out of here.

Jess: But I thought that --

Jeremy: This isn't my house, okay? Come on. Out the back.

Chelsea: All right, Nick, you want to talk, let's talk.

Nick: Can we just be civil to each other right now?

Chelsea: After everything that you've done tonight, you want me to be civil? Just say whatever the hell you have to say and then get out.

Lucas: Don't get it. Just let it go to voice mail. The last thing we need is your dad finding out where we are.

Sami: Yeah, but it could be important.

Lucas: Come on.

Sami: Dad.

Roman: Sami, I'm glad I caught you. Did I wake you up?

Sami: No. No. Lucas and I are up. What's up? What's going on?

Roman: All right, I know it's kind of late, but can you two get on down to the pub?

Sami: Right now?

Lucas: What? "Right now" what?

Sami: Shh!

Roman: Yeah, we're having a family meeting, and both of you need to be there.

Sami: Oh, okay. What's it about?

Roman: Well, it's about Colleen Brady. We got some new information, and I think it's information you will find particularly interesting.

Sami: Why, Dad? What's going on? Can you tell me now?

Roman: No, I'd rather tell you in person. I'll meet you down at the pub in 20 minutes or so. Officer Daniels will give you a ride.

Sami: Should I bring Will?

Roman: No. No, as a matter of fact, I think this might be a good time for him to go visit Carrie and Austin.

Sami: You know what, Dad? I was thinking that myself. [Siren wails]

Roman: Sami, where the hell are you?

Lucas: What?

Sami: Dad --

Lucas: Tell him it's the TV or something.

Sami: Yeah, I'm watching -- we're just watching a show. All right, I'll be right there.

Lucas: What was that all about?

Sami: We have to find Officer Daniels. Come on.

Lucas: No, wait a minute. Did you hear that?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: Somebody's coming.

Stephanie: Jeremy is totally cheating on me, isn't he? God, would you at least say something?

Jett: Stephanie, the truth is, I don't know what your boy's doing.

Stephanie: Um, hello? You guys are like best friends.

Jett: Yeah.

Stephanie: And it's like a scientific fact that all guys are, you know, unmonogamous.

Jett: First of all, that's not even a word. And don't be putting me in the same category as Jeremy, okay?

Stephanie: Why not? You're no better than he is.

Jett: What's that supposed to mean?

Stephanie: The name Chelsea ring a bell?

Jett: Oh, don't start that again. You want her, don't you?

Jett: Okay, this conversation's over.

Stephanie: Just admit it. You have feelings for Chelsea.

Jett: I thought we went over this. Would you please stop saying that?

Stephanie: Lucky for you Chelsea and Nick are on the outs. So, when are you gonna get rid of that dead-weight fiancé back in Dayton, hmm?

Chelsea: Nick, I don't have all night. I have to shower and pack and get ready to go.

Nick: I know that things are weird between us right now.

Chelsea: Whose fault is that?

Nick: Would you please let me finish? This is hard enough as it is. When I walked in and I saw Jett's arms around you, I got mad.

Chelsea: We are just friends. I told you that.

Nick: That's what you keep saying. But imagine if the roles were reversed, if you'd walked in on me with some chick. You'd be upset.

Chelsea: Yeah, I wouldn't start a little throw down like you did. What you did was totally immature.

Nick: You're saying you would have handled things differently?

Chelsea: I would have handled things a lot differently. I would have handled them with a lot more dignity.

Nick: Oh, really? What about a few weeks ago with the ad in the paper and the apartment?

Chelsea: I don't want to talk about this.

Nick: When you thought something was going on with me and Willow, you went totally crazy.

Chelsea: That's because it's completely different. You had a girl in your bed overnight, Nick. You can't compare that to what's going on with me and Jett.

Nick: Well, what's going on with you and Jett?

Chelsea: Nothing.

Nick: Do you at least understand where I'm coming from? Yeah, I jumped to some conclusions, but so did you.

Chelsea: If this is supposed to be an apology, it's a very lame attempt. You know what? This is a waste of time. I think that you should go.

Nick: No, Chelsea... this is an apology. I'm just not very good at it. I'm sorry for...not being good at saying sorry. Okay, not funny.

Chelsea: Nick...

Nick: You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Chelsea: That's like the oldest line.

Nick: Well... I mean it. I just have this fantasy. It's my 10-year reunion. Everyone's there. It's in this big, fancy hotel. All those people from high school who used to make fun of me, and I walk in with this beautiful girl. She's not just eye candy. She's smart, and she's funny, maybe kind of rebellious. And she's there with me. I want you to be that girl for me.

Chelsea: Nick...I don't even know who I'll be then. That's a long time from now. I don't even know what I'll want in 5 to 10 years. That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Nick: I'm not asking you for a long-term commitment. I'm... I'll wait. I'll do anything for you, Chelsea. You know that. Line or no line... you are the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Nick. It's over.

Lucas: Who is she?

Sami: I have no idea. [Siren wails]

Lucas: Wait a minute. Where did she go?

Sami: Oh, come on.

Lucas: She was right here.

Sami: I know. She --

Lucas: Maybe she went that way or something.

Daniels: I searched the area, and I couldn't find --

Lucas: Shh! Be quiet or she's gonna hear you.

Daniels: Who's gonna?

Sami: Her. Come on! She's coming! The eagle has landed.

Stefano: Is that fool right? Are you responsible for this?

Tony: I don't know what you're talking about, Father.

Stefano: I think you know damn well what I am talking about. It was you. You planted this bomb. And what is this business about Alexandra? My sweet Alexandra? Please, please, Tony, do not tell me that you are stupid enough to imprison your own sister. Damn it, Tony, answer me.

Tony: I did what was necessary to protect the family business.

Stefano: Have you lost your mind?

Tony: Have you lost your fortitude?

Stefano: You are not to do anything without consulting with me first. Do I make sense to you?

Tony: You know, you claim... that you're concerned about your legacy. For God's sake, this family is your legacy.

Stefano: Right. And I don't want it destroyed because of some insane vendetta against the Bradys.

Tony: You don't have much choice right now, do you? You're just continuing to follow your father's last wishes.

Stefano: I will handle things. This is of no concern of yours.

Tony: No concern of mine?

Stefano: Right.

Tony: I spent years distancing myself from the war you had with the Bradys. I had friends here. I had people who cared for me. And then you pulled me into your world, and I lost it all -- everything.

Stefano: What the hell are you talking about?

Tony: Father, you're the one who created the Bradys as our enemies. Now, if you're not willing to finish them once and for all... I will.

Chelsea: I think that we should take a break... you know, just take some time to figure things out.

Nick: But I don't need to figure anything out. I know what I want.

Chelsea: Nick... this is a lot more complicated than your little fantasy.

Nick: It doesn't have to be. Do you remember that night we met each other at Dune? I remember everything -- the way you smelled, the way you looked, that dress you wore. Every guy there was totally checking you out. Do you remember that?

Chelsea: You almost spilled your drink on me.

Nick: Yeah, well, half the bar was on that waitress.

Chelsea: 88 bucks worth. And you came to my rescue.

Nick: I'll always come to your rescue.

Chelsea: Nick, wait. Um... what if -- what if my dad and Hope walk in? Maybe we should, um... maybe we should go upstairs.

Nick: You sure you want to do this?

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm sure.

Sami: Stop! Stop! Wait! I got you. I'm not gonna hurt you. Please.

Lucas: Relax. Relax. Sami, I got her. I got her.

Sami: Okay. We're not gonna hurt you. Are you the one who left the disc in that alarm clock in my bedroom?

Woman: Yes.

Sami: Then, what? What do you know about my family?

Woman: Look, it's -- everything you need to know is in there. Please, you're hurting me.

Lucas: All right, all right. Just let up a little bit on her.

Daniels: Okay.

Sami: Oh! Get her!

Daniels: Get back here!

Sami: You know what? We want to know who you are. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Woman: Let me go. Just let me go.

Lucas: Stay right there. Relax, okay?

Sami: All right, so, what do you want to know first, find out what's in here or find out who she is?

Jett: Dead-weight fiancé? Wow. You've never even met her.

Stephanie: Jett, hang on. Look, I'm sorry. I just want you to be happy, that's all. And I think Chelsea's a girl that makes you happy. You know I'm right.

Jett: I barely even know Chelsea. Besides, I love Dani. I'm gonna marry her.

Stephanie: Yeah? Well, why is she in Dayton and you're here?

Max: Hey, guys.

Stephanie: Hey.

Max: This is Gigi. Gigi, this is Stephanie and Jett.

Stephanie: Love that swimsuit!

Gigi: Thanks. I got it at Baron's.

Stephanie: I was there yesterday.

Max: Hey, um... I was wondering if my friend could come on the first trip with us.

Jett: [Chuckles] I'm sure we can still make weight with that little hottie.

Max: Thank you. Thank you. Really. Oh, man. Hey, um, so, how would you feel if you were, like, whisked off to Vegas right now?

Gigi: For real?

Max: Mm-hmm, five star all the way. And can you do me a favor? Can you, like, bring that bathing suit?

Gigi: Yeah!

Max: Thank you. I will see you guys later.

Stephanie: All right.

Gigi: Bye, guys.

Stephanie: Bye.

Jett: Yeah. Enjoy.

Stephanie: That's our Max.

Jett: Yeah.

Jeremy: Hey, what's that for?

Stephanie: Like you don't know.

Jett: I think she's pissed. You shouldn't have left without telling her.

Jeremy: I had a couple of errands to run, Steph. I'm sorry.

Stephanie: Why didn't you just tell me? I was worried.

Jeremy: I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

Stephanie: What's this for?

Jeremy: Just open it.

Stephanie: Wow. Jeremy.

Jett: I think she likes them.

Stephanie: I love them. They must have cost you a fortune.

Jeremy: Hey, money is no object when it comes to you.

Stephanie: Thanks, Jer.

Jett: Since you're in the giving mood, there's this watch I've had my eye on back at Salem Place.

Stephanie: I wonder why Chelsea hasn't called.

Jeremy: I think she's kind of busy.

Stephanie: What do you mean?

Jeremy: I had to stop by the house for a sec, and wouldn't you know it, she and the geek showed up. One minute she's telling him it's over, and the next, they're tearing each other's clothes off. The guy must have some serious moves. That's all I can say.

Stefano: This behavior of yours is unacceptable. I give the orders to you, not the other way around.

Tony: Don't treat me like an infant.

Stefano: Then straighten up. My God, Tony. Don't you trust your own father?

Tony: I did. That was once upon a time. You're not the same man you used to be, and you proved that with your brilliant idea of bringing E.J. to Salem.

Stefano: Don't bring him into this.

Tony: Not quite what you hoped for, is it? John Black's still alive. So is Bo Brady and now Steven Johnson, another one of my brother's brilliant blunders. If I had made half the mistakes, you'd have my head on a platter.

Stefano: At least it used to be a head with a brain it. We are going to have a family sit-down tonight. Do you understand me?

Tony: That's not gonna work.

Stefano: Listen, you get your sister on the phone and your brother. I want everybody there. I should have done this weeks ago.

Roman: We processed that bomb site. We're gonna fill that tunnel in with concrete to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Tony: This is absurd.

Stefano: [Sighs] Roman, is there anything I can do for you?

Roman: Well, as a matter of fact, there is, Stefano. We need to get in that tunnel from both ends, so we need access to the mansion.

Stefano: Of course. I will speak to my staff.

Roman: Okay.

Tony: I barely recognize you, Father. Whatever happened to that powerful man I once admired?

Sami: Oh. Oh, my God.

Lucas: What? What is it?

Sami: They're letters, Lucas. Where did you get these?

Woman: I can't tell you.

Sami: Why not? What are you afraid of? Do you think someone's gonna hurt you for these?

Woman: Listen, you have what you need. Now just let me go.

Sami: That voice. It sounds so familiar. Oh, my God. It's you.

Marlena: Colleen Brady.

John: So, that's where it all started.

Marlena: And until we find out what happened between her and Santo, the horror continues.

Lucas: You're in this, all right? You're in this all the way up to your beautiful ears.

Stefano: Do I gather you all around my bed and tell you to continue this vendetta, or do I stop it here, now, and forever?

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