Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/14/07 - Canada; Friday 6/15/07 - U.S.A.


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Belle: This is Claire's shoe.

Evelyn: You already said that.

Belle: Her name is right here.

Evelyn: And I told you I bought them at a used-clothing store.

Belle: I wrote her name in all of this stuff. Where is she?

Evelyn: I don't know! I didn't take your child. It's crazy.

Belle: No, you haven't seen crazy.

Shawn D.: Where the hell is she? This is your son. This is Claire.

Philip: It's the same child!

Evelyn: Look, I'm sorry your daughter is missing. Really, I am.

Belle: She's not missing!

Officer: Philip Kiriakis?

Philip: I'm Kiriakis.

Officer: We got a report on a missing child?

Belle: She has my daughter. Here. Look.

Shawn D.: And she's passing our daughter off as her son.

Officer: Is this your son, ma'am?

Evelyn: Yes. His name is Jeffrey.

Officer: There is a striking resemblance.

Evelyn: I don't see it.

Officer: Where's the boy now?

Evelyn: He's at home asleep.

Belle: Why don't you ask her why her son was wearing my daughter's shoes?

Philip: It was in her backpack.

Evelyn: Get your hands off me.

Belle: Arrest her.

Officer: Everybody just calm down.

Belle: If you don't arrest her, you'll have to arrest me for killing her.

Marlena: [Giggles] Oh, look, we had to leave the house sometime.

John: Why?

Marlena: Because --

John: Because why?

Marlena: Because we were out of food?

John: I was doing just fine living on love, baby.

Marlena: You sure did.

Caroline: Well, um...

John: Hey.

Caroline: Well, that seems like old times.

Marlena: Oh. Yeah, got to love those old times.

Caroline: Who would like dessert?

John: Funny you should ask.

Caroline: In a few minutes, I have a fresh apple pie ready to come out of the oven.

Marlena: [Laughs]

John: What do you think?

Marlena: I think you want some. I think we'll have some if you'll join us.

Caroline: I would love to.

John: That's good.

Marlena: Yeah, it's really good. Where's your other half?

Caroline: Shawn turns in early, and it's my night to close.

John: Secret to a successful marriage -- teamwork. Good job.

Caroline: And picking your battles.

John: Oh.

Marlena: How is he?

Caroline: Stubborn, as usual.

Marlena: Has he had any complaints lately?

Caroline: Well, McGinley's messed up our beer order. That usually puts him in a foul mood.

Marlena: No, I meant anything about the family.

Caroline: Oh, no. Thank heaven. No. Family's home and safe, even Steve.

Marlena: This may be a bit of a sore spot for Shawn, but I was wondering if he'd mentioned anybody from his past, a woman named Colleen?

Caroline: We never talk about her. If it's all the same to you two, I'd like to keep it that way.

Hope: Lexie, please. I need your help. Focus, okay? What happened to Bo?

Lexie: The rope -- I thought it was a trick. I hit him hard over the head with... I'm so sorry. I thought he was coming to kill me.

Hope: Get to the hospital. I'm going down there.

Lexie: No.

Hope: Bo might need me.

Doug: Yeah, honey, wait for the police before rushing down there.

Hope: I got to get down there.

Julie: Please, please don't go, darling.

Hope: I'll be okay.

Doug: Then I'm coming with you.

Hope: Just stay here. Make sure the doctor checks out Lexie.

Julie: We'll handle everything. Hope, please be careful!

Hope: I will. Don't worry.

Doug: Okay, I'm gonna need to drive the car to get a signal on my cellphone.

Julie: Maybe we should just take her to the hospital.

Doug: I don't want to drive that far with Bo and Hope down there.

Lexie: Call my mom. She'll come for me, okay? But please make her promise not to tell Abe. I don't want him to know you found me.

Hope: [Grunts] Bo? Brady?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Officer: Nobody's killing anybody. Calm down, all of you. Where'd you get the shoe?

Shawn D.: He told you. It was in her backpack.

Officer: But how did it get there?

Evelyn: I thought I bought it at a thrift shop, but now I'm not sure.

Belle: Yeah, because you're lying.

Evelyn: I'm trying to tell you, I have a little boy. His name is Jeffrey.

Philip: Go through the rest of her stuff.

Evelyn: Hey, I have rights, too.

Officer: When did the child go missing?

Evelyn: Hey, this is none of my business. Do I have to stick around?

Officer: We do it here or at the station.

Evelyn: Fine.

Officer: You say the child's name was Claire.

Philip: Claire Kiriakis.

Officer: And when did she disappear?

Belle: We were in a typhoon. I don't know. How many days ago --

Officer: Whoa, whoa. A what?

Shawn D.: We were on an island in the South Pacific.

Philip: The four of us got lost at sea, but we thought we lost Claire at sea.

Officer: How did she get halfway around the world?

Philip: That's what we're trying to find out.

Evelyn: Are you hearing this? Typhoon? South Pacific?

Philip: Civilian boats helped with the rescue. One of the volunteers saw somebody run off with a little girl who looked like Claire.

Belle: And they had a logo on her backpack that was from this pageant.

Philip: So we brought Claire's picture to ask around, see if anybody had seen her.

Belle: And then Doris recognized her and showed us the picture of the little boy.

Officer: Miss...

Evelyn: Quarry. Evelyn Quarry.

Officer: Do you have a boat, Miss Quarry?

Evelyn: No, and I've never been West of Des Moines. I've heard enough of this garbage. I have to get home to my son.

Officer: Nobody leaves this room till I get the whole story.

Evelyn: Are you charging me with something?

Shawn D.: Why don't you start with kidnapping?

Philip: Do not let her go until we get Claire back.

Officer: Okay, excuse me. Who are the two of you?

Shawn D.: Claire's father.

Philip: Her father.

Officer: Okay, lady, what's going on here? Which one of these guys is your little girl's father?

Caroline: I got to get back to work.

Marlena: Caroline, a moment ago you had time for dessert.

Caroline: Well, I can't see why talking about Colleen is going to help anybody.

Marlena: Some people feel she's behind this whole problem with the DiMeras.

Caroline: You have proof of that?

Marlena: We're looking for it.

John: When Bo talked to Shawn about her, he just shut it down.

Marlena: Clearly he did not want to talk about it.

Caroline: Well, let's respect that, please.

John: Maybe if we knew why it was such a sore subject –

Caroline: Will you leave it alone?

John: Probably not.

Caroline: John, you go digging in the past and you force Shawn to talk about Colleen, all you're gonna do is break his heart.

Doug: Here. I picked this up at the convenience store out by the highway.

Lexie: Thank you. Did you reach my mom?

Doug: Yeah, she's on her way. Lexie, who put you down there?

Lexie: I-I never saw. A month ago, I was with a friend, and we were run off the road. There was an accident. I woke up in the tunnel. I've been there ever since.

Doug: How did you survive?

Lexie: They threw food and water into the tunnel every few days.

Julie: And what happened to your friend, Lexie?

Doug: Yeah. Did he die in the accident?

Lexie: I don't know. I... I haven't spoken a word to anyone till tonight.

Julie: Why didn't you tell us who you were?

Lexie: Because I didn't know who you were. Look, I heard voices, okay? I didn't want to show my face. I found the ski mask. I-I just wanted to get far, far away, okay?

Doug: It's all right. You're safe now.

Lexie: No. No one is safe. Do you hear me? No one.

Hope: Come on, Brady. Damn it. Open your eyes. Let me know that you're okay. Come on, please. Open your eyes. Come on. Oh, God. Oh, thank God.

Bo: Is this heaven?

Hope: No, this is Salem. Thank God you're okay. Careful. Don't move.

Bo: Man. What hit me?

Hope: Not what -- who. Don't move. It's okay. How's your head? What's going on?

Bo: Aah. A little bit of ringing.

Hope: Oh, God. I'm sorry.

Bo: What the hell happened?

Hope: You're not gonna believe it.

Bo: What?

Hope: It was Lexie.

Bo: Lexie? She's alive?

Hope: Someone's been holding her prisoner down here all this ti--

Bo: Oh, man.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: Whew.

Hope: Bo, what if it was E.J.?

Bo: Or one of her other brothers -- Tony.

Hope: Yeah, or papa bear himself, Stefano.

Bo: Take your pick. It's one big happy family.

Hope: Stay still. What are you -- what are you trying to do?

Bo: I got to go talk to Lexie.

Hope: No, no, no. Bo, she's with my dad and Julie, and she's in no shape to talk right now, okay?

Bo: She's okay, though, right?

Hope: She's not good.

Bo: Oh.

Hope: She thought she killed you, Brady.

Bo: She did her best.

Hope: Good thing the Brady’s have hard heads, huh?

Bo: Yeah, I knew that would come in handy one day. Pretty lucky.

Hope: What was the last thing I said to you before you headed down here?

Bo: Ow! Something like you love me?

Hope: No, before that.

Bo: "Be careful"?

Hope: Which part of "be careful" didn't you get?

Bo: The part about being blind sided with a 2x4 in a pitch-black tunnel -- that part.

["The Valkyries: Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner plays]

Bo: What the --

Hope: Where is that music coming from?

Bo: I don't know. It sounds like it's piped in.

Hope: Yeah, but from where? And more importantly, by whom?

Bo: Fancy Face, they're playing Stefano's song.

Bo: Now we know who held Lexie.

Hope: Unless E.J. inherited his father's taste in music.

Bo: Yeah. You know, why don't you go on back up? I'll be right there.

Hope: Then we'll be right there together.

Bo: So that's the way it's gonna be? You're gonna fight me every step of the way?

Hope: Only when you pull rank, Brady.

Bo: Pull rank.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Bo: Grab the flashlight. See what's -- hey.

Hope: Hey. The love tap.

Bo: Yeah. Hurting over here.

Hope: Oh, I'm sorry.

Bo: Our lucky day. Look at this.

Hope: I guess she didn't have matches, but then again, she didn't have much of anything down here, did she?

Bo: Lucky for us, I do have matches.

Hope: Cops and old boy scouts.

Bo: Who you calling old?

Hope: Not me.

Bo: Ha-ha. Nice.

Hope: Perfect.

Bo: Shed some light on the subject. ["The Valkyries: Ride of the Valkyries" continues] Hey. That's probably the door to the tunnel. Bolted from the other side. Sounds like the music's coming from in here.

Hope: Gosh. Hey, Brady. Take a look at this.

Bo: Stefano's personal library?

Hope: Yeah, such a weird assortment, too.

Bo: What did you expect?

Hope: "Madame Bovary," "Les Miserables." Ooh! Ooh!

Bo: A little light reading. I thought you said you weren't scared of spiders.

Hope: I'm not. I just don't like spider webs.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Maybe we should go over here, okay aren't we searching for evidence, Brady?

Bo: Evidence isn't going anywhere.

Hope: Mmm. I get it. Pulling rank again, huh, Beauregard?

Bo: Any complaints?

Hope: No. I miss this.

Bo: The smell of the crime scene?

Hope: Sharing it with you.

Bo: You know, some girls settle for romantic candlelit dinners.

Hope: Yeah, well, you know, some girls just don't know a good time when they see it.

Bo: You want me to dive into those moldy, insect-infested boxes, or are you?

Hope: No, no, I'm gonna do it.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Please, nothing would give me greater pleasure since you've had so much action today. I'll take care of it.

Caroline: Then don't ask him about Colleen.

Marlena: Caroline.

Caroline: Yes?

Marlena: How else can we end this problem with the DiMeras?

Caroline: You know what? Maybe we can't end it.

John: I don't believe that.

Caroline: We arrest them. They get out. They leave the country. They escape the law. Look what they just did to you, John. Is E.J. in jail, huh? Is Stefano in jail?

Marlena: Maybe we're going about this the wrong way.

Caroline: Do you know a right way?

Marlena: No, I don’t. But if we had the facts, maybe we could find one.

John: Starting with Colleen.

Marlena: Why is there so much mystery around her?

John: If she sparked all the violence, what, how many years ago, don't you think maybe she could be the key to ending it?

Marlena: And if it's too painful for Shawn to talk about, maybe you could talk about it.

Caroline: Go behind his back?

John: It's a matter of risk and reward. Isn't it worth it to you to save your family a little heartache?

Belle: Sorry I had to explain which one of you is Claire's father.

Philip: Forget it. It doesn't matter.

Shawn D.: What the hell is taking him so long?

Belle: She's lying, Shawn.

Philip: At least while she's here, she can't move Claire or call anybody to help her.

Belle: Well, where is she? Did she tell you?

Officer: She claims that she and her son moved to Indiana about a year ago. The father took off, and they started doing these pageants to earn extra money.

Shawn D.: And, what, she doesn't notice that her son and Claire have got the same face?

Officer: She claims the boy is at home. I called. There was no answer.

Philip: Who's with Claire?

Officer: Well, she said she got a sitter to stay with him when you got her back here about winning a prize.

Philip: Then why didn't the sitter answer?

Officer: Lieutenant, that doesn't make any sense. There's no way she could make it to Indiana, get a sitter, and get back here as fast as she did. What number did you call to find her?

Philip: The one the pageant people have.

Belle: It had to have been her cellphone.

Philip: That means Claire could still be here.

Shawn D.: We got to check her car.

Officer: I've called in backup. I'll give them the make and model.

Belle: No, I'm going out there by myself.

Officer: Wait for my people.

Belle: If it were your child, would you wait?

Officer: I'll go with you.

Philip: I'll go, too. Shawn, keep an eye on her. If she tries to call anybody --

Shawn D.: There's no way in hell I'm staying here.

Belle: Shawn, if she leaves, we may never track her down again.

Shawn D.: Fine. I'll stay.

Celeste: Alexandra?

Lexie: Mom! Mom!

Celeste: Thank God you're alive.

Lexie: It's you! I'm not dreaming. I'm not dreaming. It's you.

Celeste: Oh, my God. I never gave up hope, darling. I never gave up hope. I couldn't believe it when Doug called. Let me look at you.

Lexie: How's Theo?

Celeste: He's strong. He's strong like his mother.

Lexie: And Abe?

Celeste: He had another operation, darling, and –

Lexie: Is he all right?

Celeste: Well, we don't know if the corneal transplant restored his vision.

Lexie: Oh.

Celeste: Darling, what did they do to you? What did they do to you, Alexandra?

Doug: She was just held captive.

Julie: There's a tunnel under this club. She was there.

Celeste: We've got to call Abraham.

Lexie: No. Please.

Celeste: All right, darling. But you need to see a doctor. Yes. All right?

Lexie: All right.

Celeste: Yeah.

Doug: Okay, I'll help you out to the car.

Lexie: Okay.

Doug: Come on.

Celeste: I'm indebted to you both.

Julie: No.

Celeste: Oh, God, thank you.

Doug: We're just so happy she's safe. Take it slow. Take it slow. I got you. That's it. Hang on.

["The Valkyries: Ride of the Valkyries" playing]

Hope: [Sneezes] Oh.

Bo: Bless you.

Hope: Excuse me. There's just so much mold and dust and dirt, and I'm just not used to this.

Bo: You're loving it, though, right?

Hope: I'm loving every second. What's that?

Bo: What's what?

Hope: It looks like a photo album buried at the bottom of the box.

Bo: I'm not getting anything out of these letters so far.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. Look at this. It's ancient.

Bo: Look at what? Let's see.

Hope: You know what? Most of them are pretty damaged, but there are captions. Look at that.

Bo: What?

Hope: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, she's a --

Bo: What?

Hope: She's a Brady. Colleen. Look right here. See what it says? "Colleen Brady, Galway Bay, Sunset."

Bo: Pop is from Galway. Let's see. Can't make out the faces, though, in these things.

Hope: Because it's so damp down here, most of the photos were destroyed.

Bo: Hey, is that Tony?

Hope: Yeah, isn't that Anna with him? Who is that? Is that Stefano with Tony and Renee? Wow.

Bo: This is strange how all the new stuff is mixed in with the old.

Hope: Yeah, no pattern. No chronology. Oops.

Bo: I got it.

Hope: Thanks.

Bo: "Colleen Brady, Galway Bay." I don't believe it.

Hope: What?

Bo: Look.

Hope: Oh, my God. She could be a twin. Sami?

Bo: Is a spitting image of Colleen Brady.

Caroline: I didn't even know that there was a Colleen until a couple of years ago. Shawn was working at the bar, and I was upstairs doing some cleaning, and I found this old shoe box in the back of the closet. I don't really know how long it was there.

Caroline: Shawn? I was cleaning, and I found this -- a picture of a woman, but I can't make out her face. Who is she?

Shawn: Never mention this woman to me again, understand? Never again.

John: Caroline? So, how do you know it was Colleen?

Caroline: Her name was under the photo, but just her first name. And then Shawn apologized, and he told me that she was his older sister and that she had died very young.

John: How?

Caroline: He never said.

Marlena: And you never asked?

Caroline: Well, I did what he wanted. I just didn't bring it up.

Marlena: Wow. So, Colleen was a Brady, hmm?

Stefano: And, if I may say, the loveliest Brady of them all, present company excluded, of course.

Marlena: Oh, my God.

Caroline: I have to get back to work.

Stefano: Pleasure as always, my dear lady.

John: So, what do you want?

Stefano: John, I just was hoping that men such as we could find common ground.

John: Sorry, but I'm fresh out of spare kidneys.

Stefano: No, no, no, no. I mean this sudden and morbid interest in Colleen Brady.

Marlena: What do you know about her?

Stefano: A lot more than you, I suspect. So, may I join you, or do I have to take all the secrets to the grave?

Philip: She's not in the damn car.

Evelyn: Told you.

Shawn D.: Where's my daughter?

Officer: Settle down. Forensic guys are going over it for evidence.

Belle: We don't have time for labs.

Officer: Do you want to find your daughter?

Evelyn: Can I get back to my kid now?

Philip: Don't let her go.

Officer: Nobody's going anywhere.

Evelyn: They should be arrested for scamming me.

Officer: Did you call her on her cell?

Belle: I called her on the number the pageant had.

Officer: You didn't list your house number for the pageant?

Evelyn: I'm easier to reach mobile.

Shawn D.: That's because she never left.

Evelyn: I went home just like I said.

Shawn D.: Yeah, right. All the way to Indiana?

Philip: Claire's still in this hotel.

Evelyn: There is no Claire.

Belle: Officer, please, just search the hotel.

Evelyn: I'd never leave my kid alone in some hotel. What do you take me for?

Officer: Go to the manager. Make sure he can scan copies of those pictures.

Evelyn: That's mine.

Philip: Now it's evidence.

Evelyn: This is a joke.

Officer: If you're innocent, it doesn't matter where we search. All units report to the conference room. Richardson, tell the precinct to send all available units. We're searching every inch of this hotel. If your daughter's here, we'll find her.

Belle: Thank you, lieutenant.

Philip: It won't be long now, Belle.

Hope: This is too weird.

Bo: All these years, not one word from pop how much she looks like Sami.

Hope: Maybe he never saw a picture of her.

Bo: Or he did and he didn't say anything. Let's grab all the pictures out of this album of her.

Hope: And then what?

Bo: And then we take them to pop and get some answers. There's one.

Hope: What if he won't give it?

Bo: Well, we keep digging till we find out what started this war.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. What's this? Look at this. It's a key inside of the album that was taped.

Bo: Must be to a box or something we missed.

Hope: But whatever it is, somebody thought it was important enough to keep it hidden.

John: Well... if you are taking secrets to your grave, make it an early one, please.

Stefano: [Laughs] John, I see that your coma did not rob you of your sense of humor.

John: No, just a major organ.

Marlena: And you're looking better than last time we saw you.

Stefano: Is that your professional opinion?

Marlena: I'm a psychiatrist. You don't want my professional opinion.

Stefano: Well, unfortunately, the prognosis was not how we had hoped.

John: That's too bad, isn't it, doc?

Marlena: Yes, I'll act concerned if you will.

John: Well, it'd be nice to know when to book the party.

Marlena: Hmm. If he only has a little time left, we should probably find out about Colleen.

John: So, Colleen was connected to your father.

Stefano: [Sighs] He was a remarkable man, my father.

Marlena: And Colleen, was she remarkable, too?

Stefano: Yes, as a matter of fact. Colleen Brady was... the love of my father's life.

Evelyn: I'm calling my lawyer.

Belle: Why? Guilty?

Evelyn: You can't keep me here.

Officer: I can until we complete the search.

Shawn D.: Why can't we help?

Officer: Because I'm not sure of anybody or anything yet, and I don't need you three scaring the guests.

Philip: Claire is our daughter.

Officer: I got that. She has your name, but he's the biological father, right?

Evelyn: Maybe one of them has her and it's some weird custody thing.

Shawn D.: We don't have her.

Evelyn: Do you want to see a copy of Jeff's birth certificate? Will that get you off my back?

Shawn D.: Not if it's a fake.

Belle: Lieutenant, how much longer?

Philip: If it's a manpower problem, I can call in private detectives.

Officer: That's the last thing I need. I'll check in with the sergeant leading the search. I've got a man at the door. Nobody leaves this room. Understood?

Evelyn: What the hell are you looking at?

Belle: You know, the only thing that's keeping me from tearing you apart is that I don't want to be in jail when they bring Claire to me.

Shawn D.: Don't let her get to you.

Belle: How can I not, Shawn? She has Claire.

Philip: Hey. Here he is.

Belle: Where is she?

Shawn D.: Did you find Claire?

Philip: Is she okay?

Officer: My men searched every room on every floor. They interviewed the guests and the staff. I'm sorry. We didn't find her.

Belle: I'm gonna kill you.

Bo: There's nothing else here.

Hope: Keep looking.

Bo: Hope, we've run out of real estate.

Hope: Just keep looking. It's got to be here somewhere.

Bo: Or maybe whatever that key opens up is still in the old country.

Hope: Hey, wait a second.

Bo: What you got?

Hope: Look at this. Look, look, look, look.

Bo: Give me that.

Hope: That's beautiful wood.

Bo: Yeah. There's only one way to find out if that key works.

Hope: All right. Perfect fit.

Bo: Yeah. Go ahead, Fancy Face. Open up Pandora's box. See what flies out.

Stefano: They met in Galway. My father ran a very successful import business, and he traveled often to Ireland.

John: Wasn't he married?

Stefano: [Chuckles] My mother accepted his indiscretions, as you know that Europeans are much more understanding in these affairs.

John: But he loved Colleen.

Stefano: Desperately. In fact, he never got over her.

John: So, that would explain the deathbed letter.

Stefano: Oh. I see that you have more information than I thought.

John: Come on, Stefano. Don't play that card with me. You know all about that letter that Samantha and Lucas found at Maison Blanche.

Marlena: The one where your father asked you to come after the Brady’s because of Colleen.

Stefano: Yes, it's true. The DiMera-Brady vendetta began with Colleen's death.

John: Why?

Marlena: How did she die?

Stefano: It does not matter how she died. What matters is that we have to take care of this bitterness between our families.

Marlena: And how do you suggest we do that?

Stefano: She did not tell you?

John: Didn't who tell us what?

Stefano: Sami. She could take care of this bitterness by tomorrow, all right? Peace, John -- true, lasting peace is in the hands of Samantha.

Marlena: Stay away from Sami.

Stefano: Oh, Marlena, relax. At this point in my life, the only thing I have any interest in is relaxing, playing a little bocce.

John: And coming up with ways to try to kill Sami.

Marlena: How many times this week?

Stefano: I never lifted a hand to Sami.

John: It was either E.J. or Tony, then.

Stefano: Or fate.

Marlena: Being run over by a forklift -- that's fate?

John: Kind of sounds like a mob hit to me.

Stefano: Well, I'm very sorry for her misfortunes, but I shared the conditions of our truce with Samantha.

John: Okay, so why don't you share those conditions with us?

Marlena: And what you want from her.

Stefano: It's not what I want. It's what I am prepared to give to her -- the chance to be the wonderful woman that we know that she is. And I can give her redemption.

John: What the hell does that mean?

Stefano: I will let her explain it all to you, my dear. But, please, when you see her, would you please tell her that I am anxiously awaiting for her decision? Ciao.

Marlena: Thank you. What decision is he talking about?

John: What the hell was that all about?

Marlena: I don't know. I think we better talk to Sami.

John: Yeah. [Cellphone rings] Hold on.

Marlena: Yeah.

John: Yeah. John Black. Hey, Doug, what's going on? What? No, no, no, no. I'm on my way. We got to go. Bo and Hope are in trouble.

Marlena: Oh, my goodness.

[Door opens]

Lexie: [Sighs] Mom. Look, you don't need to stay with me, okay?

Celeste: Whoever did this to you must be punished.

Lexie: Maybe I deserved to be put in that tunnel.

Celeste: No one deserves to be treated like an animal.

Lexie: Uh, I'm really tired.

Celeste: Too tired to see your little boy that you've not seen in months? He's cried for you. He has prayed for you.

Lexie: Mom, stop, please.

Celeste: And his prayers have been answered, yes? How can you send him to bed one more night without you?

Lexie: Look, if I call the house, Abe will want to come with him.

Celeste: You can't avoid Abraham.

Lexie: He hates me, Mom.

Celeste: That's impossible.

Lexie: No, it's not. He threw me out of our home.

Celeste: He was hurt.

Lexie: Okay. You don't understand. Um... the night of the accident, I was with Tek. Nothing happened, but... [Sighs] I lied about the night John was shot, so now Abe won't even believe anything I have to say.

Celeste: Alexandra, it's not for you to decide what Abraham will or will not believe. Now, if you're not ready to see him, darling, so be it, but he has a right to know that the mother of his child is alive. Hey. Hasn't he earned that much respect from you?

Doug: Anything happen while I was gone?

Julie: There's Wagner playing down there.

Doug: I better go down there. Wait. Listen.

Julie: The music stopped.

Hope: [Sighs] It's stuck.

Bo: Let me try.

Hope: No, no, no. I got it. I got it.

Bo: Just wiggle it to the right a little bit.

Hope: I am. I'm trying.

Doug: Whoa!

Hope: Oh, shoot, my dad. My dad and Julie. They must be worried sick. Daddy! Julie! Everything's fine. Bo's okay. We're just taking a look around. I'll be right up, okay? We'll both be right up.

Bo: [Chuckles] Still got the touch.

Hope: Oh, you're still such a show-off.

Bo: Yeah, let's see what's in here.

Hope: Careful. [Music box playing] It's kind of sweet, isn't it?

Bo: A little lopsided, but -- [Device beeping]

Hope: Oh, God.

Evelyn: Lieutenant, can I go now?

Officer: I just have a couple more questions, and then I'll have an officer escort you to your car.

Belle: You're letting her go?

Officer: She hasn't committed a crime.

Belle: Fine, then we'll follow her until she leads us to Claire.

Officer: You don't want to do that.

Philip: Don't tell us what we can't do.

Officer: You want to find her, do it through legal channels. Here's my card. Precinct number, cell, and desk phone. Come into the station.

Evelyn: I really got to get home.

Officer: All right, we'll do it over here. It won't take long.

Evelyn: I'll answer as many questions as you'd like. I have nothing to hide.

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