Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/12/07 - Canada; Wednesday 6/13/07 - U.S.A.


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Jeremy: I know, I know. Pretty impressive, but tickets don't go on sale till tomorrow, unh-unh. Waiting. Do you want it to get cold?

Steve: No, dude, I want some answers. Who are you? What are you doing in my home?

Stephanie: Dad?

Jeremy: Dad?

Steve: That's right, punk. I'm the dad.

Stephanie: It's okay. He's a friend.

Steve: A friend, huh?

Jeremy: Jeremy Horton. Nice to meet you.

Belle: It's in here. Wow.

Philip: Damn! If we hadn't gotten stuck at O'Hare, we would have made it by now.

Belle: Don't say that. Claire has got to be here. We can't be too late.

Philip: Belle --

Belle: Those must be the contestants.

Philip: We missed our chance.

Belle: Don't say that. My daughter is here, and I'm not leaving until we find her.

Nick: That's my girlfriend.

Jett: Hey, buddy.

Chelsea: Nick, it's not what you think.

Nick: What do you mean it's not what I think? I'll tell you what I think. I think somebody's about to get their ass kicked.

Chelsea: Have you been drinking?

Nick: That's what men do, isn't it?

Chelsea: Nick, stop it! Nick! Stop it! Stop!

Doug: [Laughs]

Julie: Oh! Oh, it doesn't look so bad!

Hope: So many memories.

Julie: Doug, the window. The window.

Doug: Got it. You know, it's been a long time since we've been here, you and I. It's been a long time since anyone's been here.

Julie: Oh, decades.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. I almost forgot how much I loved this view. Look at the lake. Look how beautiful it is.

Julie: Your father and I used to love to watch the moon rise over the water. Remember, Doug?

Doug: Like it was yesterday.

Bo: Anybody home?

Hope: Yeah, we're over here.

Bo: Hey.

Julie: Look, sweetie.

Bo: Whoa.

Hope: Isn't it beautiful?

Bo: That's something.

Doug: Yeah. Makes me wish that I could write a poem.

Julie: Or sing a song.

Doug: A song I can do anytime. As a matter of fact, the piano's right here.

Julie: The piano is still -- I can't believe it.

Bo: Wow. Whoa.

Doug: There it is.

Julie: I'm sure it's not in tune, though. [Low notes play]

Doug: Not bad.

Julie: Not bad.

Doug: I love you as I've never loved before since first we met upon the village green oh, come to me in my dream of love is o'er I love you as I loved you when you were sweet... when you were sweet 16

Julie: [Laughs]

Hope: You still have it, Daddy.

Bo: Like you never left.

Hope: Hey, how did it go with the coroner? Did Nick get cleared?

Bo: Willow's death was ruled an accident.

Hope: And the baby? What was the result of the DNA test?

Bo: Shawn's not the father.

Hope: [Sighs] Thank God. He must be so relieved.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: It sounds terrible, I know. But with Claire missing, he's just been through so much already.

Bo: Yeah, I don't think he could handle anymore disappointment.

Hope: How's he holding up?

Bo: Actually, okay. Philip and Belle, they're chasing down this lead to find Claire, and Shawn went to Chicago to be with them.

Hope: Did Willow's family claim the body?

Bo: No. They're not interested.

Hope: That is so sad.

Bo: Yeah, very sad. Shawn said he wanted to cover the burial. I said I'd give him the money. He said he'd pay me back 'cause he felt responsible. And as with you, I've learned not to argue.

Hope: Well, good, because it's the right thing to do. Yes, Willow was a lot of trouble, but you know what? [Sighs] She was somebody's little girl once.

Bo: Hey, piano man, you ready to get to work?

Doug: Yeah.

Bo: There's been another attempt on Sami's life.

Doug: [Groans]

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Hope: Is Sami all right?

Julie: What happened?

Doug: Stefano again?

Bo: Yes, Sami's fine, and Stefano is all over this. For some reason, Sami felt she had to talk to him about Colleen. Next thing she knew, someone's trying to kill her.

Hope: Whoever this Colleen woman is, she's definitely at the center of this vendetta against us.

Bo: That's why we got to get into this tunnel.

Doug: About the tunnel --

Bo: Don't worry. I've got flashlights and all that kind of stuff in my truck.

Doug: That's not the problem. Everything's been -- the cellar has been bricked over. I mean, you can't get down there.

Hope: Daddy, there's got to be a way in there.

Doug: Short of going through the DiMera house, I don't know.

Bo: If I have to get a pickax and start wailing on these walls, we're getting into that cellar.

Doug: Bo, I don't own this place now. We can't just start demolishing it.

Bo: Doug, my family is in danger. If we have to destroy a couple walls --

Hope: Bo, calm down. We'll figure it out. Dad, isn't there another way into the cellar?

Bo: Is there an outside staircase --

Hope: Wait a minute. The dumbwaiter -- what about that?

Julie: Of course. Yeah, there was a dumbwaiter. It was a pulley system with a platform. We used it to bring wine up here. If you found that, you would find the tunnel.

Doug: Yes, but finding it might be what's difficult here because everything is so bricked over and changed.

Bo: Tell you what -- you guys look around, try to get your bearings. I'll be right back.

Hope: Wait a minute. Where are you going?

Bo: Out to the truck to get my tools.

Hope: Daddy, don't worry. We're gonna find it. We're gonna keep looking. We're gonna find it, okay?

Doug: Yeah. So, fair lady, you ready to see that tunnel again?

Julie: Awful lot of memories there, Doug.

Doug: We'll face them together.

Stephanie: Uh, Dad, um, I didn't expect you to be back so soon.

Steve: Yeah, I guess not. Come on in, Adrienne.

Adrienne: I could wait --

Steve: No, no. Come on. Come on.

Adrienne: You probably don't remember me very well. I'm Adrienne, your dad's sister.

Stephanie: Where's Mom?

Steve: She's at a medical conference, but we're gonna talk about that a little later.

Jeremy: Listen, man, I know how this looks --

Steve: You've got no clue how this looks, son.

Jeremy: It's Jeremy Horton.

Stephanie: He's Alice's great-grandson. His parents are Mike and Robin.

Steve: I don't give a damn who he's related to. Now, here's the deal, Jerry -- you put some pants on 'cause we're going outside. We're gonna have a little talk, just the two of us.

Chelsea: Stop it! Stop it, Nick!

Jett: You're out of your mind.

Chelsea: Let him up!

Jett: He's hurting himself. Calm down! Are you gonna try to hit me?

Nick: Yeah!

Jett: Huh? You're crazy.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. He's not normally like this. What the hell has gotten into you?

Nick: A lot of beer. [Groans] It's about to come out of me. Okay. Okay.

Jett: Sorry about that.

Chelsea: Nick should be the one that's apologizing to you. I'm sorry. He's...way out of control for some reason.

Jett: Well, two things make a guy like that crazy -- alcohol and love. Your boy's got it bad, and I don't blame him.

Belle: Do you see her in any of these?

Philip: She might not be here.

Belle: No. Philip, please, I have to find her.

Philip: Then we will. But before we do anything, let's call Shawn and tell him there's no reason for him to come.

Belle: God, I practically promised him that she'd be here.

Philip: Do you want me to?

Belle: No, I'll do it.

Philip: Oh, excuse me. Ma'am, are you with the U.S.Adorable pageant?

Doris: Doris Koppler. Can I help you?

Belle: Yeah, we're looking for my daughter.

Philip: We lost her at sea during a storm. We recently found out she survived.

Doris: She was lost at sea, and you think that she's here in our pageant?

Belle: I know it sounds crazy, but Claire -- that's her name -- she was last seen with a woman who had your organization's stickers on her backpack.

Doris: A kidnapped child in one of our pageants? Is that what you're saying?

Belle: Yes.

Doris: What can I do?

Belle: You can take a look at this picture and tell me, have you seen her?

Doris: Yes. Yes, I have.

Stephanie: You don't get to order my friends around.

Steve: I do when they're gallivanting around my house half naked. Pants on, party boy.

Stephanie: His name is Jeremy.

Jeremy: Chill, sweet cheeks. I can handle papa.

Steve: What'd you call her? Her name is Stephanie. You think you can handle me, punk? Let's go.

Adrienne: Steve, Steve, Steve, wait a second. Wait a second.

Steve: I really don't like this kid.

Adrienne: I understand, but give him a chance to get -- well, explain himself.

Stephanie: Thank you, Aunt Adrienne.

Jeremy: It's cool. Pops is just keeping it real.

Steve: Yeah, he's keeping it real. Now, come on. I want to talk to you. Let's go, Jason.

Stephanie: His name is Jeremy, I said!

Steve: Whatever.

Jeremy: All right, pops. Let me throw my pants on, and we'll have that little man-to-man.

Stephanie: Why didn't you call? It would have been nice to have a warning.

Adrienne: When I talked to your mother, she didn't expect you to be here.

Steve: Yeah, that's right. What happened to Dayton?

Stephanie: Sorry to disappoint you, but I decided to move back home.

Steve: That doesn't disappoint me. I'm real happy to hear that.

Stephanie: Sure you are. You seem ecstatic.

Steve: You want to be mad, be mad.

Stephanie: So, you all cured?

Steve: You think your mama would have left town if I wasn't? And don't try to change the subject or pretend you got a leg to stand on here. You shouldn't have been doing this here.

Stephanie: "This"? Define "this."

Steve: Having your little play date with your clothes off. You think we're stupid? We know what's going on here.

Stephanie: You know what? If you're looking for me to be ashamed, don't. You missed a few things, like the fact that I grew up.

Steve: What's your point?

Stephanie: My point is I make my own decisions. And I've decided not to be like Mom. I'm having sex and plenty of it.

Belle: You recognize Claire? You've seen her before? Are you sure?

Doris: Yes, I just can't remember where.

Philip: Just try. I'm sorry, but the trail leads here. If you can't help us --

Doris: I'll do my best, but, honey, I see 1,000 children a year and 10,000 head shots. That I even remember this child's face is a miracle.

Belle: We were hoping that she was gonna be here in this contest, but we didn't see her picture.

Doris: We have pageants all across the country. If I could just place her. Can I borrow this photo?

Belle: Yeah, sure.

Philip: Is there a list of the children's names who have entered?

Doris: Yes, I have one. I'm going to go download this and send it to our headquarters in Minneapolis, see if she's in our records.

Belle: All right. Whoever took Claire wouldn't have entered her in a contest in her own name. We don't even know who we're looking for.

Chelsea: Jett, thank you for the compliment. Really, I'm flattered, but I...

Jett: Taken. Yeah, I know. You've told me repeatedly. It's cool. And I'm in love with my fiancé.

Chelsea: That's not the first time I've heard that one either.

Jett: Look, I don't want you to take this the wrong way. It's just, you're kind of out of your boyfriend's league.

Chelsea: You don't even know him.

Jett: It's just an observation.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, look, you just saw Nick at his worst, okay? Normally he's a lot cooler than this.

Jett: Whatever you say.

Chelsea: He is. He -- I know he doesn't look like it, but he is actually really brave.

Jett: Mm-hmm. Yeah, heart of a lion. Real cool. Hot boy. Are you trying to convince me or yourself? You know what? I'm sorry. This is none of my business.

Chelsea: Yeah, so? Um, just pretend I didn't say that.

Jett: Look, I'm not judging you.

Chelsea: I love Nick. I do. I really do. I just don't --

Jett: Trust him? It happens.

Chelsea: I thought I was over this.

Jett: Well, the dude slept with your mom. That's a lot to get over.

Chelsea: Lately he's been step up our relationship.

Jett: Is that what you want?

Chelsea: I thought I did. But I don't know. I just keep coming up with all these excuses not to.

Jett: There must be a reason.

Chelsea: There is. It...means a commitment, and I'm not sure --

Jett: If you want a commitment with Nick.

Nick: Chelsea! I think I'm dying.

Bo: Hey, Doug. How big is that dumbwaiter? I mean, what exactly am I looking for?

Doug: Space about three feet square.

Hope: What can I do to help?

Bo: Nothing right now.

Hope: Come on.

Bo: There's nothing you can do. I got to run this stud finder over the walls till I find this 3-foot-square opening. Then I'll whistle.

Doug: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't worry, Bo. I will entertain the troops. Any requests now, ladies?

Hope: Hey, Daddy, yeah, I have a request. How about something from the old days?

Doug: [Sighs] The old days, huh?

Hope: The old days.

Doug: Yeah. The old days, you were a teenager, and you were chasing after a bad boy named Bo Brady.

Bo: And I was smart not to let you catch me.

Hope: Yes, you were. [Banging on door]

Doug: I can hear you in there. Open this door, you hear me? Open this door!

Bo: Just a second.

Doug: Open the door, I mean it. I'll kick the door in.

Bo: You don't have to kick any door in. Doug -- Doug, come in.

Doug: All right. Now, where is she?

Bo: Will you calm down, Doug?

Doug: I will not calm down. Tell me. Where the hell is my daughter? And don't tell me she's not here because I know it!

Hope: Yes, Dad, I'm here. You can stop yelling at Bo.

Doug: I am so angry at you. One mistake after another. Somebody's got to save you from yourself.

Hope: Dad, you said you wouldn't do this. You knew how I felt about Bo.

Julie: Darling? Remember how it used to be? All the people we loved most in the world would come through those front doors every week. Tom and Alice and --

Hope: Oh, Robert. Robert.

Julie: Uncle Bill, Marie. So many of them gone.

Doug: They're not gone, not as long as we remember them. [No audio]

Julie: I had forgotten how much I love this place. We could buy it again, Doug.

Doug: Oh, yes, and then what would you do the next time you want to go to Italy?

Julie: I hate it when he's practical.

Hope: But he is.

Bo: Hey, you guys. Come on over here.

Julie: Oh?

Bo: I think I found what we're looking for.

Julie: Oh, good, good, good.

Adrienne: I think I'm gonna go into the other bedroom and give you two some privacy.

Steve: Don't you ever disrespect your mother like that.

Stephanie: I was just telling the truth. Growing up with mom was like growing up in a nunnery.

Steve: You rather would have grown up in a whorehouse?

Stephanie: Of course you'd say that. You're the reason she never had any fun.

Steve: Yeah. Well, I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make up for that.

Stephanie: Sorry. There aren't enough lifetimes.

Steve: Maybe not, but that's between me and your mom, isn't it?

Stephanie: Exactly. It's your business, just like Jeremy is mine.

Steve: Not when you do your business in my home.

Stephanie: Look, I am sorry you walked in on this, okay? But I am with Jeremy. We love each other. And there's nothing wrong with what we did -- nothing. And you wouldn't even shake his hand.

Steve: The dude had no pants!

Jeremy: Do I meet your dress code now?

Steve: Let's go.

Jeremy: You're not gonna take a punch at me, are you, 'cause I'm all about peace and love, especially love.

Stephanie: You don't have to go out to the hall with my dad. It's not like he could say anything that would make me want to drop you.

Steve: Come on. We're just gonna have a little conversation, right, Jake?

Jeremy: You're just messing with me now, aren't you?

Steve: When I mess with you, you'll know it.

Stephanie: I mean it. If you want to split --

Jeremy: No, no, it's totally cool. It's all about passing the peace pipe, right?

Steve: Yeah. Peace pipe. Come on. You put some clothes on, young lady. [Door closes]

Adrienne: Hey. You okay?

Stephanie: I'm not a slut, if that's what you're thinking.

Adrienne: I wasn't thinking anything of the sort.

Stephanie: My mom and dad still treat me like I'm 10.

Adrienne: You have to understand how difficult it's been for them, finding each other after all these years and what your dad's been through, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Yeah, always about my dad.

Adrienne: [Sighs] Let me guess -- you feel abandoned.

Stephanie: I'm not even on their radar unless, of course, they want to step in and tell me how to run my life, as if they're great role models.

Adrienne: You know something, Stephanie? You and I, we don't know each other very well, so you could take this for whatever it's worth. But if you want to be treated like an adult, maybe you should start acting like one.

Steve: Now, here's the thing -- Stephanie is my kid. And when I come home and I find her running around with a guy who's got no clothes on, I get curious.

Jeremy: About?

Steve: Your relationship with my daughter. You care about her, or is this just you having fun?

Jeremy: You're getting kind of personal, aren't you, dude?

Steve: Yeah, dude, I get personal when I think someone's trying to take advantage of my child.

Jeremy: Well, don't stress 'cause I'm not doing that.

Steve: What are you doing? Is Stephanie your girlfriend?

Jeremy: We're not into labels. We're just trying to keep things real.

Steve: Uh-huh. And the fact that she's not as experienced as she pretends to be, are you keeping that real, too?

Jeremy: You know, you underestimate your daughter. She can take care of herself.

Steve: Well, she shouldn't have to if she's with you. I mean, you're her boyfriend, right?

Jeremy: What are you looking for, a diamond ring? Steph and I just hooked up. I don't know where things are going, and that's how I like it.

Chelsea: You didn't have to wait around, Jett.

Jett: Oh, I was just waiting to see how Nick's doing. How is he? Still talking to the porcelain goddess?

Chelsea: Yeah, they're having a real heart-to-heart.

Jett: Well, I'd get some electrolytes down him later so he doesn't dehydrate.

Chelsea: I don't want to nurse him. I want to talk to him about us.

Jett: In the state he's in? Come on. You're not known for your patience, are you?

Chelsea: No, I'm not, actually.

Jett: Well, Chelse, let the guy recover. I mean, it can wait.

Chelsea: No, it can't. He thinks I've forgiven him for sleeping with my mom, and I haven't. And I need to tell him the truth. It's making things weird between us.

Jett: Yeah, but --

Nick: Sorry about attacking you. If you want to press charges, I understand.

Jett: No, it's cool. Just feel better, okay? Nice talking with you, Chelse.

Chelsea: Yeah, you, too. Nick, I know that right now is probably not the right time, but, um, I have something --

Nick: Hey, um... I'm sorry. I'm really sick.

Philip: Belle...

Belle: Thanks. She sure is taking a long time.

Philip: Well, maybe that's a good thing.

Belle: I was sure that Claire was here. When everybody thought she was dead, I knew she wasn't, and I just started to believe that I had this magical connection to her, that I would just know where she was.

Philip: Don't start doubting yourself, Belle.

Belle: I just knew I was gonna walk in here and find her.

Philip: Hey, listen to me. You do have an amazing connection to Claire, and she needs you to trust it, okay? I need you to trust it. You are my link to her.

Belle: Thank you. I needed to hear that.

Philip: We're gonna find Claire. Believe it.

Belle: I do. You've done so much, and you've spent so much. I really don't know what I would have done without you...or Shawn. He's a great dad. He's a great everything.

Philip: Yeah. Absolutely.

Belle: But having you back up my instincts, not just today, but all the time, sometimes it's the only thing that's holding me together.

Philip: Hey, you don't have to explain. We got a family together, and we're friends. It's okay to lean on each other.

Belle: I miss this.

Philip: Me, too.

Shawn D.: So, any luck on finding Claire, or are you guys too busy to look?

Belle: Shawn! I'm so glad you're here.

Shawn D.: I know I was supposed to wait until you called, but I got on the plane anyways. What's the news on Claire? Was she in this pageant or not?

Belle: By the time we got here, the contest was over.

Philip: We got stuck on the tarmac at O'Hare. We lost an hour sitting there.

Belle: But one of the organizers remembered seeing her. She doesn't know where or when, but she did see her.

Shawn D.: We got to get the names of everybody who was in this contest, start making some phone calls.

Philip: We'll e-mail them Claire's picture, tell them that she's an abducted child.

Shawn D.: Philip, thank you for everything that you've done, but now that I'm here, I think that you can head back to Salem.

Steve: Trust me, Jeremy. I don't want you to give my daughter a diamond ring, but I do want you to respect her.

Jeremy: Nice of you to remember my name this time.

Steve: Are you listening to me?

Jeremy: Sure. No problem.

Steve: Look at me. Look at me in the eye. Now, you tell me you're not using Stephanie, your interest in her goes beyond the bedroom.

Jeremy: I like her, and she likes me. I'm not out to hurt her.

Steve: Well, if you do, you're gonna answer to me. Do you understand that?

Jeremy: Okay. But it wouldn't be a fair fight. Of course, I could wear an eye patch. Then maybe you'd have a prayer.

Steve: Son, I'll take you one eye, one arm, anytime, anywhere.

Jeremy: Dude, I was joking. Later.

Stephanie: You were right the first time. You don't know me at all.

Adrienne: That's right. You're absolutely right. I don't. But I do know what I just saw -- a defiant little girl trying to rattle her father's cage. And you rattled it, Stephanie. You rattled it good and hard.

Stephanie: I was embarrassed.

Adrienne: I know. I can imagine.

Stephanie: But I'm not a kid, Aunt Adrienne. I've raced cars. I've done lots of other stuff. And I love this guy. We just have this crazy connection, you know?

Adrienne: Does he love you?

Stephanie: We don't use those words exactly, but I feel it. I know it's there.

Adrienne: The words are still pretty important.

Stephanie: [Sighs] Me and Jeremy, we're cool.

Adrienne: What about your dad? Is he cool?

Stephanie: What do you think? You just saw him.

Adrienne: I'm asking you.

Stephanie: You know what? I grew up just fine without him, so he has no right to judge what I do or who I'm with -- no right at all.

Chelsea: Open up.

Nick: [Groans]

Chelsea: Open.

Nick: [Groans]

Chelsea: What am I gonna do with you, Nick?

Nick: Let me go to sleep.

Chelsea: You barged in here, drunk out of your mind.

Nick: Chelsea, my head hurts, all right? I'm not drunk out of my mind. I had a couple beers. Back off.

Chelsea: Where do you get off being rude to me? I'm not the one that did anything wrong.

Nick: Oh, come on, Chelsea. He was all over you.

Chelsea: He's my friend.

Nick: You barely know him.

Chelsea: And my boss.

Nick: Is that one of the perks, play around with the boss?

Chelsea: You're unbelievable.

Nick: If you think that he's not interested in you, it's because you're choosing not to notice.

Chelsea: He has a girlfriend. And they're engaged. How many times do I need to tell you that?

Nick: How about until I believe it?

Chelsea: You can trust me.

Nick: Really? Why are you lying about this guy?

Chelsea: I'm not lying. He's my friend and my boss, and that's it.

Nick: Really? He's also the reason you don't want to have sex with me, Chelsea. Admit it. You want to do more than just fly the friendly skies with Jett.

Philip: You got to be kidding me, man. You want me to go back to Salem while you look for Claire?

Shawn D.: Yeah. I'm here now.

Belle: Shawn, Philip came to Chicago to look for Claire, too, not just to hold my hand until you got here.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, he was obviously doing more than just holding your hand, Belle.

Philip: Is that what this is about? Man, that's just two friends, nothing more.

Belle: Shawn, if you think that I used looking for Claire as a cover to get away with Philip, you are crazy.

Shawn D.: Look, all I'm saying is it's no longer Philip's responsibility to be looking for Claire. You and I are her parents. Philip's given up enough -- his life, his business -- just to help us. He doesn't even have to.

Philip: Claire's last name is Kiriakis. She's the only family business I'm interested in.

Belle: Okay, you know, can we remember the pact that we made -- that we were gonna put Claire first and not fight over her?

Shawn D.: I'm not fighting, Belle. I'm just saying. When we find Claire, Philip, we'll call you, and you can come join us.

Philip: You really need to get over this jealousy. It's getting in the way.

Shawn D.: I'm fine. I've got nothing to be jealous about.

Philip: I know that, but you don't seem to.

Shawn D.: Life is a little different when it isn't served to you on a silver spoon, Philip.

Philip: Don't play that card, Shawn.

Shawn D.: I'm not playing anything. You've had all the advantages that I haven't. It's a fact. That's all there is.

Philip: You've had everything you've needed -- a good home, two parents that love you. So don't blame your hang-ups on poverty. It's an insult to the people who really did grow up poor.

Doris: I just remembered where I saw your daughter. It was here. Your little girl was in this hotel.

Hope: Whew.

Bo: That's some cold breeze coming out of there.

Doug: Yeah, but that's the shaft all right. Dumbwaiter's gone. Last owners must have taken it out. We may have to try and find some other way to get down there.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Don't even think about jumping, Brady.

Bo: I'll just rig up a rope and climb down.

Doug: That would work.

Julie: Oh, I don't know. It's awfully narrow.

Hope: Not for me. What? Seriously. Why can't I be the canary in the cave?

Bo: 'Cause you're my wife. We've got a little baby girl at home who needs her mommy.

Hope: And her daddy. I can get down there no problem. Come on. Give a little.

Bo: Forget about it. We don't know what's down there. I'm not gonna lower you down into --

Hope: Into what, a nest of spiders? I'm not afraid of a few little spiders.

Bo: I'm not talking about spiders. This tunnel ends at the DiMera mansion. Who knows, they might have rigged something down there.

Hope: Meaning I stay up here while you go down there. That makes more sense to you, right?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I kicked your butt in police academy, so I can deal with a little booby-trapped cellar just as well as you can.

Bo: You kicked my butt?

Hope: I did kick your butt, and I'm going down there.

Bo: No, you're not.

Hope: Why are you being so difficult?

Bo: Me?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Why are you being so difficult?

Hope: I'm not being difficult.

Julie: Maybe you should draw straws.

Doug: Or both go.

Hope: That sounds good to me.

Bo: Yeah, sure. I'll go first.

Hope: You always have to have the last word.

Bo: I'm not letting you go down there by -- I'm not gonna have something happen to you. I'll go first and check it out. [Warbling] What the hell was that?

Steve: Hey, what's going on? Where are you going?

Stephanie: I don't know. Anywhere but here. What, did you kick his ass, get all rough and tough with him? That'll prove something.

Steve: Come on. I asked him some questions. He answered them, and he left. You don't believe me, ask him yourself.

Stephanie: I will. Thanks.

Steve: You don't have to go.

Stephanie: Yeah, I do. This was a huge mistake thinking that I can come back and live here?

Steve: It would mean a lot to your mom if you stayed.

Stephanie: What about you, Dad? Would it mean a lot to you, too?

Steve: Baby girl, listen. I wasn't there for you. I know that. All those years you were growing up, I was gone. It doesn't matter why or what happened, but you didn't have your papa. I'm sorry for that.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, it wasn't your fault. Isn't that what I'm supposed to say?

Steve: Say whatever you feel.

Stephanie: No, let's just leave it alone, okay?

Steve: No, no, come on. Where are you gonna go?

Stephanie: I'll find a place.

Steve: With what's his name? Jeremy?

Stephanie: No.

Steve: He's bad news, baby.

Stephanie: You don't even know him.

Steve: I've known dozens of Jeremy’s. I used to be one myself -- big mouth with more attitude than common sense.

Stephanie: He's not like that at all.

Steve: I think he is.

Stephanie: You know what? It doesn't matter what you think. He's who I want to be with. He's who I want to sleep with. If you don't like it, that's too damn bad.

Belle: I knew Claire was here. Didn't I, Philip? I knew she was gonna be here.

Philip: Don't ever doubt your instincts again.

Shawn D.: We still don't have her with us, Belle.

Belle: I know, but we will. Where is she? Who is she with? Was she in the pageant? 'Cause we looked at the board, and there was no picture of her there.

Doris: Slow down. You didn't see her picture because you were looking for a photo of a little girl. When I saw your daughter, she was wearing a fireman's hat and answered to the name of Jeffrey Gray.

Belle: A boy?

Philip: We didn't think of that.

Belle: I barely even looked at the boy pictures.

Shawn D.: We're looking for a kid in a fireman's hat?

Doris: Jeffrey Gray? Is that your daughter?

Belle: Claire! It's my baby.

Chelsea: Jett's my friend. And in a few days, when we're flying to Vegas together, he'll be my boss. But he's not the reason that I'm not sleeping with you.

Nick: What is it, then? Do you like him more than me?

Chelsea: I'll pass you a note in gym class that tells you exactly how I feel, okay?

Nick: I want us to be together, Chelsea. What do you want?

Chelsea: I want you to stop acting like you're 5.

Nick: If this Jett guy is just a friend, then we've got a problem, all right, because there's something wrong between us.

Chelsea: There is something wrong between us... like the fact that we're even having this conversation. I mean, we'll just talk about it later after your alcohol's worn off.

Nick: Not the answer I'm looking for.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, but that's the best that I can give.

Nick: All right. We'll talk later.

Chelsea: You're not driving home.

Nick: I'll call a cab.

Chelsea: No, you won't. You'll sleep here on the couch.

Nick: Okay. But we are talking later.

Chelsea: Yeah. No, we will.

Nick: I mean it.

Chelsea: In the meantime, just try to get some rest, okay?

[High-pitched warbling]

Bo: Back up. Get away.

Julie: Maybe that was the wind.

Doug: That was no wind, sweetheart.

Hope: An animal?

Bo: It could be. Anybody down there? I got to get down there now.

Julie: Wait. Shouldn't we call the police?

Bo: I am the police. I got to check this out.

Hope: Me, too. What? We agreed to go together.

Bo: Hope, that was before. [Warbling continues] You are not investigating this.

Hope: I am the best partner you've ever had.

Bo: Yeah --

Hope: Then shut up and... kiss me. [Warbling continues] Oh, my God. [Coughing] That thing down there, it sounds like...someone.

Stephanie: Chelsea and I are gonna be flight attendants.

Steve: You're not taking that job, not while I'm still breathing.

Belle: This competition has got to end. So, I don't care how you do it. Just figure it out, damn it, and do it now.

Hope: Where is my husband?

Doug: Take off the mask.

Julie: Oh, my God!

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