Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/11/07 - Canada; Tuesday 6/12/07 - U.S.A.


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Chelsea: I can't believe that you are actually living here now.

Jeremy: Uh-huh. Cousin Hope offered to let me crash till the business gets up and running.

Chelsea: I wish we were roomies.

Jeremy: Pretty sweet surprise, huh?

Chelsea: Yeah, real sweet.

Jeremy: I got to tell you, Chelse, I'm not exactly feeling the love here. You got some sort of problem with me?

Chelsea: Well, let's see. Aside from you insulting my boyfriend and generally thinking that you're too cool for school, no, no problem at all.

Jeremy: All I said is that he sounds like a geek.

Chelsea: Because he has a brain? If you're a little bit nicer to him, I'm sure he can tell you what that feels like. But in the meantime, why don't you go put some clothes on?

Jeremy: I would if I thought that's what you really wanted.

Chelsea: What?

Jeremy: Admit it, honey. You're digging it. I saw you checking out the goods.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. You really need to get over yourself.

Jeremy: I'll try, babe, if you promise to lighten up. You are way, way too uptight.

Chelsea: Thank you, but I really don't need to be taking advice from you.

Jeremy: Of course not. What you need is written all over your face. And I am more than happy to oblige.

Shawn D.: I guess this is it, the moment of truth.

Bo: Yep.

Shawn D.: She lied. Willow lied about the baby. It's not mine.

[Engine revs]

E.J.: What's that?

Sami: Where did Stefano go? Aah!

E.J.: Sami!

Sami: E.J., help me! Aah! Aah! Aah! Oh, my God! Aah!

Lucas: Sami, I'm coming! Hold on! Sami!

Jeremy: What did I tell you?

Chelsea: You ever do that again and I will rip your eyes out.

Jeremy: [Laughing] Ow. A girl who likes to play rough. I can deal.

Chelsea: What the hell is wrong with you? I have a boyfriend.

Jeremy: I know. Lab guy. I was just goofing.

Chelsea: Oh, really? Well, why don't we call Stephanie, see if she thinks that it was just goofing?

Jeremy: Go right ahead. Steph's totally cool. She'll know I'm just yanking your chain.

Chelsea: Guys like you make me sick.

Jeremy: Wait, wait, wait. Don't be mad. I'm -- I'm sorry, really. I didn't mean to be an ass.

Chelsea: What, it just comes naturally to you?

Bo: Whew! Wow.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Bo: That baby isn't yours.

Shawn D.: I can't believe this. Willow showed me the DNA results. It said I was the baby's father. It looked so real.

Roman: Well, she was in the hospital a few weeks ago. My guess is she got her hands on a form, doctored it up.

Shawn D.: But why would she do that? I'm not exactly what you'd call a great catch.

Roman: Well, don't sell yourself short. You're a stand-up guy, the kind of guy that Willow knew would take care of her and her baby.

Bo: Yeah. Whatever else Willow was, she cared about that baby and you, probably more than she was willing to admit.

Nick: Okay, I signed all the papers. Was there anything else? Are you okay, man? Did you get the results?

Shawn D.: I'm not the father.

Nick: Wow. I mean, "congratulations" doesn't seem right considering --

Shawn D.: Yeah, I hear you.

Nick: So, what happens now?

Roman: You're a free man, Nick. The coroner ruled that Willow's death was an accident. Case closed.

Bo: And just so you know, there was a complete confession in her safe-deposit box. She admitted to starting the fire and stealing that damn hairbrush.

Roman: Yeah, so whoever you pray or talk to tonight before you go to sleep, I would say, "thank you" more than a couple times -- both of you.

Sami: Aah! Aah! Aah! E.J.! E.J.! E.J.! E.J.! E.J., Where are you? [Crying] Lucas! Oh, my God!

Jeremy: Come on, Chelse. I said I was sorry.

Chelsea: Why do you do stuff like that? Why do you act like that?

Jeremy: Like I said, I was just fooling. I was having some fun with you.

Chelsea: Having some fun.

Jeremy: It's just my way of blowing off steam.

Chelsea: Jeez, hate to see how you are with people you don't like.

Jeremy: That makes two of us.

Chelsea: Look, if we're going to be working together and now living together, we're going to have to set some boundaries.

Jeremy: Good idea. I am totally down with that, but not right now. We're running late.

Chelsea: For what?

Jeremy: For Steph's little shindig. What else?

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. Um... I'm not going.

Jeremy: What? You can't just not go. We're celebrating the launch of the business.

Chelsea: Well, look, I've had a really, really long day. Stephanie will understand. And right now I'm kind of waiting for an important phone call.

Jeremy: The boyfriend?

Chelsea: His name is Nick. And we're supposed to...get together.

Jeremy: Um, cellphone? You can hook up with the guy later.

Chelsea: That was the plan.

Jeremy: Look, I don't want to have to pull rank here, but this is really important. The whole gang needs to be there.

Chelsea: Wait, so, now you're ordering me to go? I'm not even on your payroll yet.

Jeremy: I'm not ordering you to do anything. I'm just saying, a little show of support would be nice. Plus, Steph's all excited. She'd be really disappointed if you flaked, and so will Jett. I'm gonna go throw on some clothes, and we'll book. You can hook up with lover boy later.

Chelsea: Hey, Nick, it's me. I was just thinking about you and wondering how the inquest was going, so...give me a call back when you get this. Bye.

Jeremy: So, what's the word? Coming or not?

Chelsea: Not.

Jeremy: Yeah. Why go out and have fun and party when you can sit at home waiting by the phone? I'll tell Steph and Jett you got something better to do.

Chelsea: Wait. Fine, I'll go, but just for a little bit.

Jeremy: That's my girl. You got anything bangin' on your iPod?

Chelsea: Nothing you'd like.

Jeremy: What do you got?

Chelsea: Um, Nelly Furtado, Jay-Z, and my chemical romance.

Jeremy: Not bad, not bad. Bring it along so we don't get stuck listening to Steph's collection of TV talent-show losers.

Chelsea: I got it. Let's go.

Jeremy: All right, then. Let's party! [Cellphone ringing]

Shawn D.: I know I should be relieved. This baby's not mine. I can walk away guilt-free.

Bo: That's not how you feel, huh?

Shawn D.: The sad thing is, Dad, no matter who the father is to this child, that baby was innocent, and it never even stood a chance.

Bo: Bottom line -- that baby is just another one of her victims.

Shawn D.: I know this sounds crazy after everything that Willow's done to us, but I think that Willow was a victim, too. She had a rough life, and everything she ever had, she had to scrape and scrounge for.

Bo: Yeah, that's true. But it's not your fault.

Shawn D.: I could have treated her better. From the beginning, I could tell that all she wanted to do was turn her life around. I could tell deep down inside somewhere, she had a good heart. And I stomped on it, and I used her.

Bo: Hey, that's not how it happened.

Shawn D.: My life was falling apart. And I needed an escape. And when I didn't want her anymore, I just –

Bo: Hey, it's not gonna do any good to beat yourself up. She made her own choices, and... what's done is done.

Shawn D.: That's just it. There is one more thing that I can do for Willow and that baby. I still want to pay for the funeral expenses.

Nick: Hey, Chelse, it's me. I got your call. I don't know why you're not answering, but give me a call as soon as you get this. It's good news. I can't wait to see you tonight. Call me, okay?

Sami: Oh! Lucas! Lucas, I can't take this. I was so scared.

Lucas: You were scared? What about me? I saw the forklift coming after you.

Sami: What are you talking about? You were driving it.

Lucas: That was at the end. Somebody else was driving it. They aimed it at you, and then they just took off.

Sami: Did you see who it was?

Lucas: No, I couldn't see. It was too dark, but thank God I got to you in time before it hit you. It took me forever to get my hands untied.

Sami: Your hands were tied? Who tied you up?

Lucas: Tony and his thug friends tied me up outside the warehouse.

Sami: Oh, my God. Are you okay?

Lucas: It doesn't matter. I'm fine. I don't want to talk about that now. What about you? What are you doing here?

Sami: Lucas, I'm sorry. I had to come. Stefano, he summoned me.

Lucas: What, he threatened you? He put a gun to your head? What did he do?

Sami: It wasn't like that. I just had to hear what he wanted to say. I mean, you know, I knew how much is riding on this, and --

Lucas: Sami, don't do this. This is the third time they tried to kill you.

Sami: I know that, but –

Lucas: Well, was it worth it? Did they tell you what you wanted to know? Was it worth the big risk? Did they tell you about Colleen?

Sami: No. No, he didn't say anything, but did you find out anything about her at Uncle Bo's?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I went to Bo and Hope's house, and Doug and Julie were there. They explained it to me.

Sami: Doug and Julie?

Lucas: Yeah, I guess Julie is the one who translated the letter. And they said Colleen was mentioned in it, and she definitely has something to do with this vendetta against your family.

Sami: Damn it. I told you.

Lucas: I know, I know, but they're gonna handle it, so you don't have to do it anymore, okay?

Sami: Who are you calling?

Lucas: I'm gonna call your dad and Bo. That guy tried to kill you again. I'm not gonna deal with this. You need more security.

Sami: Lucas --

E.J.: [Groans]

Lucas: What the hell was that?

Sami: Lucas, that was E.J. He's in there. We have to help him.

Bo: It's a good thing you're doing, picking up the tab for this burial. I'm proud of you.

Shawn D.: The only problem is I am kind of broke, so I was wondering if you could maybe lend me some money.

Bo: We'll work out something.

Shawn D.: Dad, I promise I'm gonna pay you back. I'm gonna talk to Max. I'm gonna get my job back.

Bo: Don't worry about it. I know where you live.

Shawn D.: All right, thanks.

Bo: Yep.

Shawn D.: Well, I'm gonna get going now.

Bo: Okay.

Nick: Sorry to interrupt.

Shawn D.: That's okay. What's up, man?

Nick: It's just about Chelsea.

Bo: What about her?

Nick: Well, she asked me to call her after the inquest, and she's just not picking up.

Bo: Maybe she's away from the phone. Maybe not.

Shawn D.: I'm still waiting for Belle and Philip to call me back from Chicago, so let's just go to the pub and wait.

Nick: All right.

Stephanie: Hey!

Chelsea: Hey.

Jeremy: Hey, hey! Gang's all here, ready to party.

Stephanie: Did you all come in one car or something?

Jeremy: No, we picked up this bum on the side of the street, told him he could tag along.

Stephanie: Well, don't just stand there. Come on in.

Jeremy: Thank you.

Stephanie: I've been lonely.

Chelsea: Are they always like this?

Jett: Yep, pretty much.

Chelsea: Poor Stephanie.

Jett: What's that about?

Chelsea: Nothing.

Stephanie: Okay, so, you guys just relax, and Chelsea and I will get your drinks.

Chelsea: Oh, we will. We're waiting on them now?

Stephanie: Of course. We have to practice for our new jobs.

Chelsea: Don't we just hand out those little bottles? I don't really think we need to practice that.

Jeremy: Hey, touch the sky is all about full service, and it's up to you ladies to provide that.

Chelsea: Full service better not mean what I think it means.

Jeremy: Is she a riot or what? Show her, baby.

Stephanie: What'll it be, sir, vodka, scotch, or me?

Jeremy: Only, the "me" part is a tease unless, of course, you decide it isn't.

Chelsea: Oh, okay. Okay, yeah, I get it. So, it would only be a semiprofessional prostitution gig.

Jeremy: Whoa, where did that come from?

Stephanie: Relax, Chelsea, it's all part of the act.

Jeremy: And as long as we're acting, I'll have a scotch -- neat.

Chelsea: Stephanie, are you sure that you want to be doing this? I mean, this is your parents' place. It's not one of the flights to Vegas.

Stephanie: I said relax, okay? My mom's got my dad locked up in the frickin' South Pacific somewhere, trying to get him deprogrammed or whatever. They won't be popping in. Besides, they keep telling me that this is my place, too. I mean, what, I can't have a few friends over? Your scotch, sir. Will there be anything else?

Jeremy: I'm good for now.

Stephanie: Okay, well, then, if you'll excuse us, my coworker and I have a little surprise for you gentlemen.

Chelsea: Oh, we do?

Jett: Oh, well, what is it?

Stephanie: All I can tell you is fasten your seat belts, boys, and get ready to fly the friendly skies.

Sami: E.J.! E.J., hold on, we're coming. Come on, Lucas.

Lucas: I'm trying.

Sami: Did you get it?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: Oh, God. All right, E.J., hold on. We'll be right there. Can you move? Can you move at all?

E.J.: My legs. My legs are trapped.

Lucas: Hold on. Hold on.

Sami: Oh, God. Oh, my God. Oh, I -- Lucas, please. You guys -- Lucas! Come on. Do something.

Lucas: I'm sorry, honey. I'm just enjoying the irony here.

E.J.: Just move the box.

Sami: Please.

Lucas: All right, hold on.

Sami: Oh, God. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, E.J. can you move your leg? Are you all right?

E.J.: I've been better. [Laughs] Thank you. Thank you, too, Lucas.

Lucas: You know what? Forget about that. Why the hell did you bring her here, huh? Are you trying to get her killed?

Sami: No, it was my decision to come, all right? I had to do it. I had to come here.

Lucas: Why? Why? I thought the old man gave you squat.

Sami: He didn't say anything about Colleen, but it was worth it. He said that he'd be willing to make the deal, that he would be willing to end the feud.

Lucas: And you believe the guy? You believe a word he says?

E.J.: He was serious. He was serious. He was serious about ending the vendetta.

Lucas: In exchange for what?

Sami: It doesn't matter what he wanted. The point is, he'd be willing to end the feud. And that's what matters. Now that we know that, we can talk to him --

Lucas: It matters to me. I want to know what the hell he wanted.

E.J.: All right. My father said that he would end the feud...

Lucas: Yeah?

E.J.: ...If Samantha and I marry, we raise our child together.

Jett: Man, Phil Collins, Dire Straits? Can Stephanie's mom be any more stuck in the '80s? I mean, who the hell listens to Huey Lewis?

Jeremy: Don't sweat it, man. Chelsea brought her iPod. She's actually got some pretty decent stuff.

Jett: Oh, cool. Why didn't you say so? Put it on.

Jeremy: I will if they ever come out of that bedroom.

Jett: What are they doing in there anyway?

Jeremy: I don't know. I wouldn't mind taking a little look-see.

Stephanie: Well, boys, what do you think?

Jeremy: Oh, yeah! Where did you find those outfits?

Stephanie: I found them at a vintage shop downtown. They're so retro. I couldn't resist.

Chelsea: Yeah, I don't know if I would say retro. I can't believe that people actually still wear this to work. It barely covers my butt.

Stephanie: Since when did you become such a prude? I think you look hot.

Jeremy: I think you both look totally hot. This is perfect for Touch the Sky. This is the exact image we want to project -- sexy and fun. Don't you agree, partner?

Jett: Absolutely.

Stephanie: Hi, I'm Stephanie. Fly me.

Jeremy: Yes, ma'am. That's exactly what I had in mind.

Jett: [Groans]

Chelsea: This is getting old.

Jett: Yeah. I think this is our cue to go for a walk. What do you say?

Chelsea: Oh, I would love to, but, um, not dressed like this.

Jett: Oh, okay, well, why don't you put this on? Here.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Jett: There you go. Now you're all covered up.

Chelsea: And you're not.

Jett: Yeah.

Chelsea: Only because I heard that it was supposed to rain later.

Jett: Oh, well, then, maybe we should stay put.

Stephanie: Mmm.

Chelsea: We will find you an umbrella. Let's go.

Jett: Yeah.

Nick: Ahh.

Shawn D.: Ahh. To Willow. May she finally rest in peace.

Nick: I hope so, too. Man... she was something, wasn't she? She got us both in the end. She left you with a double funeral and me with an apartment I don't want and enough guilt to last me a lifetime.

Shawn D.: Nick, what do you have to feel guilty for? She used you, and she walked all over you. Why are you blaming yourself for anything?

Nick: Because I was there. Because I was on the beach when... I should have been able to save her.

Shawn D.: You're not a doctor.

Nick: I work in a hospital. I'm in the medical profession. I know CPR. I should have been able to do something.

Shawn D.: Nick, you did do CPR. You did everything that you could.

Nick: That's the thing -- I'm not so sure I did.

Sami: Of course I did. Of course I turned Stefano down.

Lucas: Oh, great, that makes me feel a lot better. You turned him down. You didn't have to sell your soul to the devil.

Sami: You are being ridiculous. I'm serious, Lucas. Of course I told him it wasn't gonna happen. That's why he tried to kill us.

E.J.: My father had nothing to do with this.

Lucas: Really? How do you know that?

E.J.: This is Tony, beyond a doubt.

Sami: Well, you did say that Tony was here, that he tried to tie you up or whatever.

Lucas: I don't care what DiMera did it. It doesn't matter. All the DiMeras are the same.

E.J.: [Chuckles] You're wrong, Lucas.

Lucas: No, I'm right, and this little offer that Stefano made you both proves it. Do me a favor -- tell daddy it's not gonna work, okay? I'm gonna call Bo.

E.J.: Yeah, Lucas, do me a favor, will you? Call a paramedic. I'm in a little bit of pain here. Samantha... surely you don't think I set this up, do you? I mean, you don't think I had anything to do with Stefano's offer?

Sami: Of course I do. This is what you wanted -- us being together, raising our child. This is exactly what you wanted.

E.J.: I don't deny that. But if I persuaded Stefano to do this, why would Tony try to kill me, too, huh? It should be clear now, Samantha -- clearer anyway. My life is in danger, too. This is not just about you anymore. And unfortunately, this means nobody's safe -- nobody in your family.

Bo: Roman, thanks for giving Nick and Chelsea a break. I appreciate that. You didn't have to do it.

Roman: Their stories added up even before we got Willow's confession. I just figured they'd been through enough.

Bo: You got that right. Listen, I got to take off. I'm meeting Hope and her folks down at the old club.

Roman: Oh, that's right. Doug's place. The tunnel.

Bo: Yep.

Roman: Are you really going down in that thing?

Bo: You bet I am. If the DiMeras have stashed something down there, I'm gonna find it.

Roman: All right, you got to check it out. Understood. Just remember what I told you.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, Mom, I'll be careful. [Cellphone rings] Excuse me. Brady. Lucas, slow down. Oh. The warehouse by the docks. Yeah, yeah, I got it. No, no, he's right here with me. We're on our way. Sami and Elvis were almost killed by some forklift in the warehouse down by the docks. I bet you know who's behind it, huh?

Roman: All right, let's go. We'll call for backup on the way.

Bo: All right.

Stephanie: Wait, what about Chelsea and Jett? Where did they go?

Jeremy: Maybe they got a head start in one of the bedrooms.

Stephanie: Seriously doubt it. Chelsea is saving herself for Nick.

Jeremy: Is that so?

Stephanie: Yeah. I can't believe they'd just take off.

Jeremy: Chelsea, Jett? Anybody home? Must have split.

Stephanie: That's rude.

Jeremy: Forget about them. Which bedroom is yours?

Stephanie: Come on, and I'll show you.

Jeremy: Oh, baby, you in that outfit, the place to ourselves. Throw in a pizza and this is a fantasy come true.

Stephanie: Hmm! Hello, Ray's Pizza?

Jeremy: Yes! Now we're talking.

Stephanie: [Laughs] Yeah, I need a large pepperoni. It's on, baby.

Shawn D.: Nick, you need to take it a little bit easy there.

Nick: What, you think I can't handle my liquor?

Shawn D.: No, I just don't see any reason why you need to be feeling guilty. You tried to save her.

Nick: Maybe not hard enough. God knows I wanted her out of my life.

Shawn D.: Nick, listen to me. You need to shut up. That's the beer talking. That's all it is.

Nick: I even have you fooled.

Shawn D.: Look, man, it's getting late.

Nick: Let's all toast to Nick the felon, a man among men.

Shawn D.: Nick, stop it. Stop it.

Nick: [Laughing]

Shawn D.: You need to go home, and you need to sleep it off.

Nick: What home? You mean the empty apartment that Willow made me rent before I let her die?

Shawn D.: You didn't let her die. It was an accident. Besides, aren't you supposed to be meeting Chelsea at the apartment?

Nick: I thought so, too. She's not answering my calls. She's not returning my calls. You know why? Because I'm a loser.

Chelsea: Um, do you want anything to drink? I think we have some lemonade.

Jett: Lemonade sounds great.

Chelsea: My phone. Nick's probably been trying to call me. There's a message. [Sighs] He said it's good news. I should probably call him back. He's probably wondering what happened to me.

Jett: Sure, no problem. Do what you got to do.

Chelsea: It's his voice mail. That's weird. Hey, Nick, it's me. Um, look, I'm really sorry. I forgot my phone at home, but call me back as soon as you get this. I'll be waiting. Bye. I don't get it. Why isn't he answering his phone? Where is he?

Jett: I'm sure he'll get back to you.

Chelsea: You know what? I should probably try him on the land line. I'll tell him where I'm at. It'll show up on his caller I.D. Hey, Nick, it's me again. Um...where are you? Look, call me back as soon as you get this. I'm at home. Bye. I don't -- I don't get it. Is he mad at me or something?

Jett: Why? Did you guys have plans or something?

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah, you could say that. Kind of important ones.

Jett: So...

Chelsea: That's why this is so weird.

Jett: Why don't you try him at the police station? Maybe he got held up.

Chelsea: No, if he's still there, I probably shouldn't bother him.

Jett: Well, look, maybe I should get going. I think the party's over.

Chelsea: Yeah. It was over before it got started.

Jett: Are you gonna be okay?

Chelsea: Yeah, I'll be fine. No. No, nothing -- nothing's fine.

Shawn D.: Nick -- Nick -- Nick, come on, man. You're not a loser. Chelsea doesn't think so either. If she did, she wouldn't be together with you.

Nick: I'm sure the only reason she is, is because she feels sorry for me. But...not sorry enough to --

Shawn D.: To what?

Nick: [Sighs] Something happened. Something changed.

Shawn D.: What the hell are you talking about?

Nick: The reason she won't call me back. She's...disgusted by me.

Shawn D.: Nick, you're not making any sense.

Nick: Or -- or -- or it suddenly occurred to her that maybe I did it.

Willow: Nick, let go!

Nick: All right. You happy? You wanted a fight, you got it. Just stay the hell out of my life, okay, starting tonight. You don't know me, and I don't know you. Just consider me dead. Willow. Answer me, Willow! I...killed Willow...and now Chelsea's afraid of me.

Shawn D.: [Laughs]

Nick: She thinks that if I get pissed off, I'm gonna do the same thing to her.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I highly doubt that, Nick.

Nick: Why? Is it so inconceivable that I could be dangerous?

Shawn D.: Yeah, it is. That's my point. It's not in your blood. It's not in you to kill somebody, man. Nobody's afraid of you and least of all Chelsea. No offense.

Nick: Then where is she? Why isn't she calling me back?

Shawn D.: Who knows, Nick? Belle hasn't called me back either, but she's going to.

Nick: [Sighs] Oh, God. Here you are, your daughter is lost, and all I can do is go on and on about...

Shawn D.: It's okay, man. We're both going through some rough times. I just think you need to give her another call.

Nick: No. No, no, no, no. I called her once. I'm not gonna call her again. I'm not gonna beg.

Shawn D.: Well, did you know that you, um, you've got a message?

Nick: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Yeah?

Nick: What? What? Oh, God! I left my phone on silent before the...inquisition -- Spanish inquisition. Oh, my God. She called me twice. Oh. I totally blew it. Now she's never gonna sleep with me.

Shawn D.: Nick, is that what this is about? Is this -- this is about you and Chelsea hooking up here?

Nick: Yeah. Tonight was -- tonight was supposed to be our first... first night together. But it appears she's changed her mind. She's having second thoughts.

Shawn D.: Hello? Idiot. She left you a message. She called you from my parents' house. So, I suggest you get in a cab and you get over there right now.

Shawn D.: Where are you, baby girl? Why hasn't your mom called me yet? Yeah, can I have the number for Midway Airlines? Yeah, reservations.

Chelsea: I'm sorry.

Jett: No, don't worry about it.

Chelsea: I'm just -- it's been a really long couple of days, and I'm just really stressed out. And now this thing with Nick --

Jett: You mean the Willow thing.

Chelsea: Well, yeah, there's that, but we had these plans, like I said.

Jett: For tonight.

Chelsea: I just don't understand why he's not calling me. I just -- I can't help but think that he's mad at me or something.

Jett: Why? Because you didn't return his phone call --

Chelsea: No, because I never should have missed it in the first place. I told him that I'd be waiting. He's just -- he's really, really sensitive and kind of insecure.

Jett: Yeah, I got that. Oh, relationships are tough, man. I know. It's --

Chelsea: What do you know? You're engaged.

Jett: Well, yeah. My fiancÚ's a hundred miles away in med school. You think that doesn't make it tough?

Chelsea: I guess it would.

Jett: We're okay. I just thought you and old Nick were pretty solid.

Chelsea: Lately things have just gotten complicated.

Jett: Well, you love him, don't you? He loves you.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Jett: So, what's the problem? I mean, you know what? It's none of my business. I don't mean to pry or anything.

Chelsea: He slept with my mom.

Jett: What? Wha-- whoa. Your boyfriend?

Chelsea: And my mom. They slept together.

Jett: Wow, that's --

Chelsea: That's huge.

Jett: Yeah.

Chelsea: It -- it only happened once, and it was before we were even together, really, but we got past it, and we moved on.

Jett: Or maybe you didn't.

Chelsea: I want to trust him. I really, really do. I just -- I don't know that I'll ever be able to trust him again.

Jett: Hey. Come here. It'll be all right, I promise.

Nick: Chelsea? I'm here. I'm ready for... ...our date.

Chelsea: Nick.

Jett: Hey, buddy. You all right?

Nick: I'm fine. But you're about to get your ass kicked.

Jett: Chill, bro.

Lucas: So, I think it's pretty clear Sami needs full-time protection. I want a cop with her 24-7 until these maniacs are brought down. So far you only got one of them.

E.J.: You seem to be forgetting, Lucas, that I was a target here, as well. Look... [Clears throat] I'm pretty sure my brother Tony was behind this. And I don't think that either Samantha or I are safe while he's calling the shots.

Roman: Well, E.J., I'm really not too concerned about you. Samantha is a different story. I'm putting you in a safe house till this is over.

Sami: A safe house? Dad, come on. I don't want to be locked up.

Roman: Sami, it's for your own good.

Bo: Your father's just looking out for you.

Sami: I know. I appreciate that, Uncle Bo. I do, but I'm not afraid.

Lucas: You should be afraid of E.J. after everything he's done to you.

E.J.: [Laughs] Lucas, you seem to be forgetting that I just saved her life again.

Sami: Dad, he did. He saved my life.

Roman: Well, that's all well and good, Sami, but Lucas is right. Enough is enough. You're going to that safe house.

Sami: Dad, please don't -- I don't want --

Roman: Sami.

Sami: Lucas, please. Explain it to him.

Lucas: I will take her home. I will. I'm gonna take you home, but I want a policeman outside the door 24-7, okay?

Bo: 24-7. He'll be there.

Lucas: You promise?

Bo: Yeah.

Lucas: Come on. Thank you.

E.J.: [Exhales sharply] You know, I wish your daughter had taken your advice.

Roman: Well, E.J., you're gonna wish for a hell of a lot more if anything happens to her, because I'm holding you personally responsible.

E.J.: Believe me, I hope that no harm comes to Samantha.

Roman: Well, then call off the dogs. Figure out a way to stop Tony and Stefano, because if anybody can, it's you.

[Doorbell rings]

Jeremy: Hey, Steph, I need some cash for the pizza. All I got is plastic.

Stephanie: Look in my purse. It's right there. [Doorbell rings] [Doorbell rings again]

Jeremy: I'm coming, dude. Chill.

Delivery Guy: It's about time.

Jeremy: Where's the fire, man? I was a little busy. You know what I mean?

Delivery Guy: Congratulations. I need $16.29.

Jeremy: Keep the change.

Delivery Guy: I intend to.

Jeremy: [Sighs]

Stephanie: Mmm! That smells amazing. I'm starved.

Jeremy: Nothing like a ride in Jeremy land to work up an appetite.

Stephanie: You can say that again.

Jeremy: Chelse and Jett don't know what they're missing.

Stephanie: You mean the sex or the pizza?

Jeremy: Both. [Doorbell rings]

Stephanie: Hey, maybe that's them. I'll be right back.

Jeremy: Or the maid.

Adrienne: ...To get in your wa–

Steve: Who the hell are you?

Chelsea: Nick's really out of control for some reason.

Jett: Two things make a guy like that crazy -- alcohol and love.

Bo: Hey, you guys, come on over here. I think I found what we're looking for.

Hope: What was that?

Shawn D.: So, any luck on finding Claire, or are you guys too busy to look?

Stephanie: It doesn't matter what you think! He's who I want to sleep with. If you don't like it, that's too damn bad.

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