Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/8/07 - Canada; Monday 6/11/07 - U.S.A.


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Chelsea: You're wearing out the floor.

Nick: We're not having an earthquake?

Chelsea: Just sit down, please. You're drawing blood.

Nick: I can't help it.

Chelsea: Nick, it's gonna be okay.

Nick: If you say so.

Chelsea: I'm glad somebody remembered to take their jerk pills this morning.

Nick: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just --

Chelsea: It's okay. Do you have any gum?

Nick: What?

Chelsea: Gum. I like to chew it when I'm nervous.

Nick: Oh, you're nervous?

Chelsea: I'm trying to stay positive.

Nick: Me, too. It's just these coroner guys, they see things in bodies, you know?

Chelsea: Nick, it was an accident.

Nick: Not if he doesn't say so.

Chelsea: He will. You -- you were telling the truth. Where's Maggie? Isn't she coming?

Nick: I told her that I'd ask her to come if the coroner's inquest didn't go well.

[Cellphone rings] It's my parents. I can't deal with this right now. I'm turning this off.

Chelsea: You told them?

Nick: Yeah, we had like an hour-long conversation last night where I basically went from perfect son to screw-up.

Chelsea: You're not a screw-up.

Nick: They were so proud of me when I got that job at the hospital.

Chelsea: Nick, they're your parents. They are always gonna be proud of you -- good things, good times, bad times.

Nick: Jail times?

Chelsea: You didn't do anything wrong.

Nick: Yeah, you keep saying that, and I keep saying that, but the fact remains -- Willow's dead.

Chelsea: Nick, it is not your fault. Willow is dead because she was a selfish liar. She tried to bleed you dry.

Belle: Have you guys seen Shawn?

Chelsea: What is he doing here? You need to get lost.

Belle: Chelsea, not now.

Chelsea: He almost got us arrested.

Belle: Shawn and Philip and I are okay now.

Chelsea: We didn't get that memo.

Belle: We don't have time for this.

Chelsea: I don't trust him, and I don't think that you should trust him either.

Shawn D.: So, how long till the coroner gets here?

Bo: Soon.

Shawn D.: Dad, if this baby is mine --

Bo: One step at a time, son.

Shawn D.: I'm just saying, if it is, it's gone, and I did nothing.

Bo: You were protecting Claire. That's not nothing.

Shawn D.: Yeah, and I couldn't even do that right.

Belle: Hey.

Philip: Grab your stuff.

Belle: We got to go.

Shawn D.: Go where?

Belle: To Chicago. I think we got a lead on Claire.

Lucas: Damn it, Sami. Yes, I need the number for Tony DiMera. No, no. D-I. D-I. I don't care if the number's unlisted. You find me that number now. A woman's life is at stake.

Sami: Oh, great, this is like DiMera déjà vu. Last time you brought me to see your father was in a warehouse like this, only I guess this time I'm not drugged, huh?

E.J.: Come. Let's go in.

Sami: I don't know.

E.J.: Don't be afraid. You're with me.

Sami: Oh, like that helps.

[Richard Wagner's "the Valkyries: Ride of the Valkyries" plays]

Sami: What's that?

E.J.: Wagner. He always was awfully fond of Wagner.

Sami: Sure, so bring a stereo to the piers? That makes sense.

E.J.: It's his way of letting us know that he's ready to see us.

Sami: He can't just open the door?

E.J.: Come. Let's go.

Sami: Okay. Sure. The world hates a coward.

E.J.: Samantha, you're many things, my dear, but you're not a coward. Come. ["The Valkyries: Ride of the Valkyries" continues]

Sami: Well, that looks like the healthiest dead guy I've ever seen.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Ahh, you flatter me, dear Samantha. [Sighs] What a blessing it is to see you again, my son. Come, let me embrace you as a father should.

Philip: We should be at the airport right now.

Shawn D.: I can't leave yet.

Philip: What's more important than finding Claire?

Belle: You haven't heard from the coroner yet?

Philip: I don't want to lose this shot.

Shawn D.: What's going on?

Belle: Those U.S.A.Dorable people are holding a pageant today.

Bo: The group that can help you find Claire?

Philip: In Chicago.

Shawn D.: I'll deal with the Willow situation when I get back.

Belle: But we don't know how long we're gonna be there.

Philip: Why don't I take Belle to Chicago? You can meet us there later.

Nick: I never should have let her blackmail me in the first place.

Chelsea: Don't do that. Don't second-guess everything.

Nick: If I had stopped her... maybe she'd still be alive.

Chelsea: And I would be in jail. I know that I should probably feel a lot worse about her being gone, but I don't.

Nick: Some people think that there's no such thing as accidents.

Chelsea: Well, some people are idiots. Nick, it is not like you went to that beach wanting her to die.

Nick: Right.

Chelsea: You went there for me.

Nick: Chelsea, I don't want you to think that you owe me. If that's why you're doing this, then --

Chelsea: That is why I am here, okay?

Nick: That's really nice.

Chelsea: Wait a second. I just gave you the most earth-shattering kiss ever and all I get is "that's nice"?

Nick: No, it's -- it's great. You're great. I just don't know what's gonna happen, and if this is bad --

Chelsea: It's not gonna be.

Nick: If it is, I don't want you here.

Chelsea: Let me tell you something. Do you know what's great about us? It's that we have this history with each other. And it's not like a history that can be counted in years or decades. It's a history of being there for each other through good times, through bad times. And no matter how today ends, it's gonna end with me being there for you. You got that?

Nick: Tough talk.

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm a lot tougher than I look. Don't make me wrestle you to the ground to prove it.

E.J.: You look remarkably well, Father.

Sami: Oh, yeah, John's kidney agrees with you. [Music stops]

Stefano: [Sighs] Thank you for coming, Elvis.

E.J.: Of course. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you, Father.

Stefano: Well, I must say... you're even lovelier than I remember.

Sami: Are you talking about me or what's her name -- Colleen?

Stefano: Pardon me?

Sami: In the ambulance, you called me Colleen.

Stefano: Ah, well, you know, never mind. You must never pay attention to the ramblings of a man flat on his back.

Sami: I think I should.

Stefano: And again, I see you with my son. I cannot say that I am displeased.

Sami: When you looked at me, you acted like you'd seen a ghost.

Stefano: I was overcome with your beauty.

Sami: What am I, nuts, thinking I'm gonna get an honest answer --

E.J.: Samantha, please.

Stefano: No, no, no, no, no. Don't scold her, Elvis. The little girl amuses me.

Sami: Let's cut to the chase. Who is Colleen? And is she the reason that you have tried to destroy my family?

Bo: Roman, did that coroner call yet?

Roman: Yeah, he's stuck in traffic. Where's Shawn?

Bo: He's out there with Belle and Philip trying not to climb the walls.

Roman: Nick, too?

Bo: Poor kid looks like hell.

Roman: Well, Chelsea's hanging in there with him.

Bo: Yeah. Just one day, you know, why can't life be simple, uncomplicated?

Roman: Bradys do simple?

Bo: Yeah. Got a point there. Hey, how do you feel about that evidence that Sami and Lucas came up with down in New Orleans?

Roman: You know, I am not sure I would call an ancient letter quite evidence against the DiMeras.

Bo: True, but it is a place to start. I'm meeting Doug and Julie down at the old club a little later.

Roman: Isn't that place boarded up?

Bo: Yeah, but he got a key from the realtor who's handling the place. Remember that tunnel?

Roman: Yeah, sure, the one that leads to the mansion.

Bo: Years ago we had proof that the DiMeras were targeting us. It's worth a shot.

Roman: You need backup?

Bo: No, hope's coming with me. She's as good a cop as I am.

Roman: And a hell of a lot prettier. [Chuckles]

Bo: You know what, Roman? This whole DiMera family reunion gives me a bad feeling.

Roman: I know. Me, too. Too many of them in the same place is like being overrun by rats. Let me know what you find.

Bo: Will do.

[Door opens]

Casarez: This just came in, chief, from forensics, from that safe-deposit box registered to Willow Stark.

Bo: You're kidding.

Roman: Yeah, we canvassed all the banks around the "Y." All right, thanks, Officer Casarez. Tell Nick I'll be with him soon.

Casarez: Will do.

Bo: Why would a girl like Willow have a safe-deposit box?

Roman: Well, hopefully she kept something valuable in it.

Bo: Well, what do you got there?

Roman: I think you better sit down, little brother.

Nick: What is taking so damn long?

Chelsea: Do you want me to ask my dad?

Nick: No.

Chelsea: He's on our side.

Nick: Nobody's on our side.

Chelsea: My Uncle Roman threw that brush away for you.

Nick: Yeah, well, I threw it away, too.

Chelsea: Yeah, but he did it for real.

Nick: If that coroner calls this murder, I really don't see Roman letting me off the hook, risking his career.

Chelsea: He already has.

Nick: If they want me to go to jail, I'll go to jail, hairbrush or no hairbrush.

Chelsea: Nick, just try not to panic.

Nick: It's just that I can't even close my eyes without seeing Willow's dead body.

Chelsea: For the millionth time, she did this to herself.

Nick: She didn't deserve to die. She was pregnant.

Chelsea: Nick, you have got to stop it. Do not go there.

Nick: It's kind of hard not to.

Chelsea: Willow was lying. She was blackmailing, using people. It was never gonna end good for her, not ever.

Nick: What's gonna happen to us?

Chelsea: We're gonna get through this. We will.

Nick: Chelsea... when this whole thing is over... I want to be with you. We've waited too long.

Chelsea: Are you saying what I think you're saying?

Nick: Yeah. When we're done with this whole mess... I want to spend the night with you.

Belle: Shawn, I don't want to go without you.

Philip: I'll fly Shawn in as soon as he's done here. There will be a ticket waiting for you at the airport.

Shawn D.: Philip, I need to talk to Belle.

Philip: Sitting around and talking will not help us find Claire.

Shawn D.: Alone, okay? Just give us a couple of minutes.

E.J.: Father.

Stefano: Oh.

E.J.: You all right?

Stefano: I tire easily.

E.J.: Okay, you're going to sit down.

Stefano: No, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine.

E.J.: Please.

Sami: What's this, a bit of the vapors?

E.J.: Samantha, please, that's enough.

Sami: Well, he was about ready to run a marathon until he heard me say "Colleen."

Stefano: Poor Colleen has been dead many years. [Coughs]

Sami: I've heard you have that effect on people.

Stefano: [Sighs] She has nothing to do with your family or mine.

Sami: And I can have your word on that?

Stefano: Of course.

Sami: Well, that just clears everything up. That was really simple. Thanks, Stefano.

E.J.: Don't mock my father.

Sami: He tried to destroy my family for years, all for a woman who was "nothing"? I just don't buy it.

Stefano: You are very persistent.

Sami: I want the story of this feud, Stefano, because it ends here and now or, so help me God, I will rip John's kidney out of you.

E.J.: You will show my father some respect.

Sami: You want me to respect --

Stefano: If you want this feud to be over, Samantha, consider it done. But you are gonna have to do more than show me respect. You're gonna have to sit and listen to exactly what I want in return. So, now that I have your attention, I suggest that you pull up a crate, sit down, and listen closely to my terms.

["The Valkyries: Ride of the Valkyries" resumes]

Lucas: Sami!

Tony: I don't think you should continue with that.

Roman: "So, if you found this, that means I'm gone and the cops have put my life under the microscope. To set the record straight, just in case my old lady was right and confession is good for the soul, here goes. I started that fire at the Brady place and set Chelsea up. It wasn't hard. I liked watching her squirm over that stupid hairbrush. Nick, too. I figured I'd get what I could from him, blackmail him for all he's got. Looks like in the end, a girl like me wasn't meant to live happily ever after. Willow Stark."

Bo: That's it?

Roman: That's it.

Bo: No mention of Shawn?

Roman: Nope.

Bo: Can I see that?

Roman: Sure. It's been dusted for prints.

Bo: How about the safe-deposit box?

Roman: Yep.

Bo: Handwriting?

Roman: It was checked against samples.

Bo: So this is real.

Roman: It is real. It's all right, Bo. I know how you feel.

Bo: [Chuckles] I didn't need proof that Chelsea was telling me the truth.

Roman: But you feel a lot better with it.

Bo: Damn right I do.

Roman: So do I, especially since I tossed that brush.

Bo: That was a cowboy move.

Roman: Well, it looks like it was the right move.

Bo: Maybe not.

Roman: What, are you trying to scare me here?

Bo: If the coroner's report doesn't come back in Nick's favor, Willow just handed us his motive for killing her.

Chelsea: Nick, how can you even think about sex right now?

Nick: Not sex, just being with you, you know?

Chelsea: We're in the middle --

Nick: I know. It's the wrong place and the wrong time. But I need to know that I still have something going in my life. I can't think that my future died on that beach.

Chelsea: I do want you.

Nick: So, you want to?

Chelsea: Yeah. But where?

Nick: I still have that apartment.

Chelsea: Will-- Willow's apartment? Are you kidding me? There is no way I'm stepping foot in that place ever.

Philip: I'll check on our flight.

Belle: Thank you.

Shawn D.: Belle, don't do that.

Belle: Don't do what?

Shawn D.: Don't thank him.

Belle: He's helping us find Claire, Shawn.

Shawn D.: He's doing it for himself. If she's in Chicago, he's gonna play the hero, the one who finds her, the one who holds her.

Belle: I don't care who holds her first.

Shawn D.: I do. I know this sounds petty, but I want Claire to see her real father, and that's me.

Belle: I have to go. Look, I really -- I hate leaving things this way, but if you want to be the face that Claire sees, then you need to get on that plane with us and hope to God that we find her.

Lucas: Where is she?

Tony: Oh. You lose her again?

Lucas: Come on, Tony. Where's Sami?

Tony: There's these wonderful microchips that they've got for their pets today. I think you can find them anywhere in the world.

Lucas: Yeah, is she in there?

Tony: Hmm?

Lucas: Is she in there?

Tony: Oh. Yes. I believe she's with my father.

Lucas: Then open the damn door.

Tony: I don't think they want to be disturbed.

Lucas: I said open the door right now, damn it!

Tony: Just because you can't find your wife again, don't be nasty with me.

Lucas: You know what? You haven't seen nasty, pal.

Sami: So, you're saying we can just end this vendetta now, tonight?

Stefano: Yes. It is within your power.

Sami: Since when?

E.J.: Just let him finish, okay, Samantha?

Sami: Are you shooshing me?

Stefano: [Laughs] A little feisty, isn't she? Well, I see you have your hands full, my son.

Sami: Wait a second. Don't say it like that, okay? I am not a part of his craziness.

Stefano: My family is literally my life, Samantha.

Sami: Well, I should hope so after the lengths they went to, to hijack you a kidney.

E.J.: Just -- please -- I apologize for Samantha. She hasn't quite yet learned the value of silence.

Sami: Yeah, well, I guess you don't need words, do you, because you just kill people, and then you lie, and then you kill people some more.

Stefano: Well, then, isn't it fortunate that I have such a charitable heart?

Sami: Really? The doctors found one, did they?

Stefano: Enough! Your moral superiority is laughable. We DiMeras do not parade our sorrows in some beer-swilling pub for the world to see. We hold it close -- close in our hearts. So, if I were you, Samantha, I would consider those that you love -- your husband, your son, your father -- and how far you are prepared to keep from mourning them.

Shawn D.: Belle, I want to get on that plane more than anything. But I feel like a part of me may have died with Willow.

Belle: I know. I'm sorry. But, Shawn, I can't stay here.

Shawn D.: I know. Belle, go. Just don't let Philip take over.

Belle: I won't. I won't.

Shawn D.: When you find Claire, tell her that I'm sorry, that I never meant to let her down again.

Belle: You never let her down. Shawn, with any luck, our family could be together by tonight.

Shawn D.: Make sure to tell her how much I love her.

Belle: You're gonna be able to tell her yourself soon.

Philip: Hey, we're all set. You ready?

Shawn D.: I love you.

Belle: I love you, too.

Shawn D.: Take care of her.

Philip: I will. I'll do everything I can to bring Claire home.

Shawn D.: Be careful.

Belle: We should go.

Philip: All right.

Chelsea: I don't care if she lived in that place for five seconds.

Nick: Why does that matter?

Chelsea: Because she slept in that bed. And now she's dead. It's disgusting.

Nick: Okay, okay. I'll buy a new bed.

Chelsea: Do you seriously not get this?

Nick: No, I do.

Chelsea: But what, you're just so horny that you don't care?

Nick: Oh, yeah, that's me, as your horny, insensitive jerk.

Chelsea: Nick, that's not what I meant.

Nick: Chelsea, the only thing getting this knot out of my stomach is us...or at least the idea that there is still an us.

Chelsea: There is.

Nick: It is or it isn't. I mean, we say the words.

Chelsea: So, what? So, put out or shut up?

Nick: That's not what I mean. Originally, I got the apartment for Willow, all right? Yeah. But that doesn't mean it has to be about her forever.

Chelsea: How can it not be?

Nick: Because everything I've done, especially getting that apartment, has been about you -- proving to you how much I love you.

Chelsea: Do not even try to guilt me into this.

Nick: I'm not. I just don't understand why this apartment can't be about us. I'm not gonna push it. If it's not right for you, I'll leave the place empty. I'm sorry.

Chelsea: You would really do that, just throw all that money away?

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: Well, if, um... if you can stand up to that coroner for me, then I guess I can face that apartment for you.

Nick: You mean it?

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean it.

Sami: Are you threatening me?

Stefano: Merely an observation.

Sami: I can't concentrate with this music.

Stefano: Oh, I'm sorry. [Music stops] I find that it soothes me. What can I say?

E.J.: Father, Samantha wants to settle whatever bitterness there is between our two families.

Stefano: Yes, well, that's very honorable but slightly naive.

Sami: You know what I want, and I know what you want. So let's just do this.

Stefano: As you say, let's do this.

Sami: I will agree to undergo a procedure that my doctor feels is safe for me and the baby so that you can have the stem cells.

Stefano: No, you will give me what I want, and in return, I shall make sure that for the rest of your life, you will not spend your time looking over that pretty little shoulder of yours.

Tony: Your wife is fine.

Lucas: No, she's not. She's not fine with that monster.

Tony: My father's not gonna hurt your precious Sami.

Lucas: You hurt her, I guarantee I'm gonna kill you.

Tony: What is it with everybody that want to kill me? You were saying?

Nick: Listen... I think you should go, okay? And I'll call you as soon as I hear anything.

[Door opens]

Roman: Nick. You ready? I'm gonna go get the coroner.

Chelsea: About how long do you think that it'll take?

Roman: Well, that's hard to say, but you can wait in my office if you'd like.

Nick: You know that call you get?

Chelsea: Don't joke.

Nick: It's you.

Chelsea: Yeah, tell me that we'll meet at the apartment later.

Nick: If this doesn't work out --

Chelsea: It will.

Nick: If it doesn't, then this is it for us.

Chelsea: It won't be. Tonight will be it for us.

Nick: Yeah. Tonight.

Chelsea: Look, when you're in there, just think about me being in your arms and kissing you everywhere.

Nick: Stop it. I'm not gonna make it through them asking me my name.

Chelsea: I love you. That's all you need to remember.

Nick: I love you, too.

Shawn D.: Hey. Good luck, man.

Nick: Listen, about Willow --

Shawn D.: No. No blame, okay?

Nick: All right. I'm sorry about Claire.

Shawn D.: Thanks. We got a lead.

Nick: That's good.

Shawn D.: Yeah, Chicago.

Nick: What are you doing here?

Shawn D.: Same thing you're doing. I'm just here to find out some answers.

Roman: Nick. I understand you know Dr. McGill.

Nick: Yeah, from the lecture series at the hospital.

Dr. McGill: I never expected to see you under these circumstances, Nick.

Nick: That makes two of us, sir.

Roman: Look, why don't we take this into my office?

Nick: Good luck.

Shawn D.: You too. So, did you find out about the baby? Am I his father?

Lucas: What are you gonna do, Bart, squirt me to death?

Bart: I told you he'd know the difference.

Tony: Eh, why take the chance?

Lucas: Let me in the damn warehouse.

Tony: Bart.

Bart: Lucas.

Lucas: Go ahead. Shoot me. Take your shot. Squirt me. I don't care.

Tony: Teach him a lesson.

Bart: Hey!

Lucas: Aah! Aah!

Stefano: Elvis, where are your manners? Get the lady a chair.

E.J.: Of course.

Stefano: They say that a woman is never more beautiful than when she is with child.

Sami: Lucas' child -- this stem-cell thing might not work out as well as your whole kidney operation, you know.

Stefano: I hear differently.

Sami: Right, I forgot about Celeste and her magic feather.

Stefano: Celeste knows these things. Your child is a DiMera. Here is my offer, Samantha -- you will marry my son. You will raise the child as a member of my family. And if you do, the Bradys will spend the rest of their lives free from harm.

Nick: I just sit here?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, Nick, for now you just sit there.

Dr. McGill: Roman, if you look at the trajectory of the fall, the impact of the head trauma from these pictures, the lethal blow came to the head. I blew up this image. This is where she struck the rock.

Roman: Any other marks?

Dr. McGill: Nothing extraordinary.

Nick: But I'm telling you, this was an accident.

Dr. McGill: Young man, I've seen many murders that appeared accidental.

Nick: Well, this was.

Dr. McGill: Mm-hmm. You claim you tried to resuscitate Miss Stark.

Nick: Yeah, I did. I gave her CPR. I gave her chest compressions. I gave her mouth-to-mouth. I did everything I could, and I still couldn't get a pulse.

Roman: The death was immediate?

Dr. McGill: Yes, no amount of CPR would have brought her back.

Roman: Did you determine if there were any signs that she was pushed?

Nick: I didn't push her.

Roman: Nick, sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Or any signs that she might have been bludgeoned?

Nick: They're trying to tell me -- they're trying to say that I pushed her or something -- that I hit her.

Roman: We're just trying to sort out the forensics, Nick.

Nick: I told the truth.

Roman: Pete, do you have any other questions for Nick?

Dr. McGill: No, my conclusions are all in the report.

Nick: What, that's it?

Dr. McGill: That's it.

Bo: Did you determine the paternity of the baby?

Dr. McGill: Yes, I checked Shawn's DNA on file at the hospital with the fetus. I'm sure you want to tell your son yourself.

Bo: Yeah.

Dr. McGill: If you have any questions, I'll be in my office or on my cell. Just give me a call.

Bo: Thanks, Pete. Appreciate it.

Roman: Thanks, Pete.

Nick: So...what, are you trying to torture me or something?

Bo: Hey, Roman, if you don't need me, I got to get this to Shawn.

Roman: Yeah, go ahead. Good luck. Fill me in later.

Bo: All right. [Door opens and closes]

Nick: Come on, Roman. Tell me what it says. Does he think that I murdered her or not?

[Rap music playing]

Chelsea: Dad? Hope? Are you guys here? [Music stops]

Jeremy: What did you do that for?

Chelsea: What are you doing here?

Jeremy: That sound system's a beast. Crank it up. [Rap music plays] Lighten up, little girl.

Move your thing or what you can, son come on.

Chelsea: Let go of me.

Jeremy: What, you don't like to dance?

Tony: I'm so sorry. But I must say, it is effective, isn't it? And so much cleaner than a bullet. You know, separating your shoulder like that is not gonna be able to rescue the maiden.

Lucas: Get off me. Get off me, man!

Tony: What is it about the lowest creatures on the food chain? They're always the most difficult.

Lucas: Aah. Aah.

Stefano: You say you want peace. I'm willing to give you that and more and the chance to have your child share in the DiMera legacy.

Sami: You think that I want to be part of this craziness? No, I am married -- happily married.

Stefano: That's no consequence to me.

E.J.: Father, I think we should give her time --

Sami: No. The answer is no. You want to hear it in Italian? No.

Stefano: There's no reason to raise your voice.

Sami: You are unbelievable. I can't believe you didn't tell me. E.J., what were you thinking?

E.J.: Samantha, if I had any idea about this, we would have discussed it beforehand.

Sami: Oh, sure, yeah, I've heard your discussions. You held a gun to my head. You raped me. Some guys, they like to get down on one knee. No, you use a gun.

E.J.: Father, please, let me talk to her.

Stefano: No. There is no discussion. Those are my terms. My grandchild will be raised a DiMera, hmm, or this vendetta will never end until the last Brady falls.

Chelsea: Pick up that towel.

Jeremy: I like to air-dry.

Chelsea: Here.

Jeremy: What, you don't like the view?

Chelsea: I'm out of here.

Jeremy: Hey, me, too.

Chelsea: Like -- like that?

Jeremy: Not that Steph would mind.

Chelsea: I'm meeting Stephanie.

Jeremy: Want to hitch a ride?

Chelsea: On what?

Jeremy: Girl after my own heart.

Chelsea: Just shut up and get dressed.

Jeremy: Where should I put the towel at?

Chelsea: What are you doing here anyway?

Jeremy: Showering.

Chelsea: Why here?

Jeremy: I live here.

Chelsea: Since when?

Jeremy: Since Hope said it was cool. Welcome home, roomie.

Nick: Whatever it is, I'm ready. I can take it.

Roman: The obvious cause of death was blunt trauma to the head. Now, according to the coroner, force and angle indicates that it was an accidental fall.

Nick: Accidental. He said it was accidental for sure?

Roman: Exactly like you described it, Nick. It's right here in black and white.

Nick: [Exhales sharply]

Roman: You okay?

Nick: Yeah, I'm just a little dizzy.

Roman: You are a free man, Nick.

Nick: I'm free?

Roman: Yeah. I hope to hell you got plans to celebrate.

Nick: You have no idea. Oh, my God. Thank you so much.

Roman: [Laughs]

Philip: Yeah, thanks. We're on our way. I got us on an earlier flight.

Belle: I thought it was already booked.

Philip: No, we're flying on a friend's plane. No delays at the airport.

Belle: That's why I like having you on my side.

Philip: Why, because I have connections?

Belle: No. Because you love Claire. She's doubly blessed to have you and Shawn.

Philip: Let's go bring Claire home.

Bo: Want me to open it?

Shawn D.: No, no, I will.

Bo: We can go someplace else.

Shawn D.: Dad, it's not gonna change anything. My daughter's missing, and if I have a child that I didn't know existed, that means I ran out on its mother.

Bo: Because you were protecting Claire.

Shawn D.: And now that baby is dead.

Bo: Not your fault, son.

Shawn D.: What part of being a man did I miss?

Bo: You stop. You're a good man.

Shawn D.: No, Dad, I try, but I never seem to get it right.

Bo: You listen to me. You've been through hell these last few months, and, yeah, sometimes things could have been done differently or better. But believe me, when you look back, you're always gonna feel that way. The important thing is you are here now doing the right thing when your heart is with Belle and Claire. That says an awful lot about the kind of man you are. I'm proud of you. Now open that thing up, find out the truth so you can get on with your life.

Sami: What did you do? Why did you turn off the lights?

E.J.: I have no idea.

Sami: You are such a liar! [Engine revs] What's that? Where did Stefano go?

E.J.: Sami!

Sami: Help me! Shut it off!

Lucas: Sami! Sami!

Sami: E.J., please stop it!

Chelsea: I really don't need to be taking advice from you.

Jeremy: What you need is written all over your face.

Shawn D.: You did everything that you could.

Nick: I'm not so sure I did.

Jeremy: I'm coming, dude. Chill.

Steve: Who the hell are you?

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