Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/31/07 - Canada; Friday 6/1/07 - U.S.A.


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Stephanie: There he is. Hey, hot buns! Jeremy! He can't hear. Come on.

Jeremy: Sweet cheeks!

Stephanie: Hey!

Jeremy: Hey. Who's the babe?

Stephanie: Jeremy Horton, meet Chelsea Brady. Chelsea, meet Jeremy and his best friend Jett.

Jett: Oh, hey. Jett Carver. Nice to meet you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Abe Carver's...

Jett: Nephew.

Jeremy: You ladies care for a beer?

Stephanie: You can't drink alcohol on the beach.

Jeremy: You can if you don't get caught.

Stephanie: I'll have a beer. Thank you.

Jeremy: How about you?

Chelsea: That's okay. Beer actually kind of makes me sleepy.

Jeremy: This is the cool cousin?

Stephanie: Hey. Talk about not cool. You don't come down on a lady 'cause drinking's not her thing.

Jett: Yeah. Beer makes me sleepy, too. This is actually soda.

Jeremy: Ho-ho. I knew you were a lightweight, man.

Jett: Whatever.

Jeremy: Beer has a totally different effect on me.

Jett: Yeah, well, some guys need that extra charge to get them going. Take me, for example.

Jeremy: The question is, who'd actually take you?

Chelsea: Are they always like this?

Stephanie: Trying to out-macho each other? Yeah. Guys, if you're done grunting, I'll tell you my brilliant idea.

Jeremy: I'm all ears. Well, not all ears.

Stephanie: Listen, this is important, okay? Look, it's about your shuttle business from Salem to Las Vegas.

Jeremy: Yeah, about our little airline.

Stephanie: I know exactly what it needs -- two totally hot flight attendants like me and Chelsea. What? You guys don't want us to work for you?

Jeremy: No, are you kidding? That'd be great.

Jett: If we had a business.

Stephanie: What are you talking about?

Jeremy: We lost our investor. We're grounded.

Lucas: Listen, Sami, when you get this message, I need you to head back to the pub, all right? E.J. got away. Don't go to the university, and don't go home. Just call me when you get this.

Bo: Yeah, just stay on top of it.

Lucas: I left messages everywhere -- her cellphone, home, at the university.

Bo: The university?

John: Yeah, Hope said that Sami has an appointment with an Italian professor to have a certain DiMera letter translated.

Bo: I don't like this.

Lucas: Me neither. She's not answering her cellphone, and E.J.ís on the loose? How did that guy walk out of here like that?

Bo: He got a phone call, and then he took off.

Lucas: He took off? You don't know what the phone call was about or who it was from?

Bo: No, but it could have been about Sami.

John: That's what I was thinking.

Lucas: I can't stay here. I got to go find her.

Bo: All right, go. I could use some help. You up to it?

John: Let's go. You gonna put out an APB?

Bo: Yeah, from the unit.

John: Where are we going?

Bo: To pay Tony DiMera a little visit.

John: Man, I like the sound of that.

Sami: Help. Help. Help me, someone, please. Help. Help. Help.

E.J.: Samantha! Hey! Samantha! Samantha, wake up. Samantha, wake up. Samantha. Samantha? Wait, sweetheart. Wake up. I'm gonna get you out of here. Come on. Hey, look at me. Look at me.

Sami: E.J.

E.J.: What?

Sami: E.J., please. Please help me. Help me. Help my baby.

E.J.: I'm gonna get you out, okay? I'm gonna get you out of here. Just stay with me, okay?

Stephanie: Jeremy, what are you talking about?

Jeremy: Dude dropped out.

Stephanie: So, you guys are just gonna give up?

Jett: It's kind of hard to fly when we can't cover costs.

Chelsea: I thought you told me that they owned the plane.

Jeremy: We do. We just don't own a hangar to keep it in.

Jett: Or our own oil field.

Stephanie: So, basically, we're talking about a tank of gas and a parking space.

Jett: Well, on a much bigger scale, but, yeah, that's what we're talking about.

Stephanie: Okay, well, I'll make some phone calls. It shouldn't be that hard to raise enough to cover that.

Jett: Don't forget about insurance and salaries for those totally hot flight attendants.

Jeremy: And those little bags of pretzels. Can't fly without the pretzels.

Jett: That's right.

Jeremy: The point is, we're not talking chump change. We need 25,000 bucks to get our business started.

Jett: Which is 23,000 more than we have.

Stephanie: Okay, so, banks -- we'll ask them for a loan.

Chelsea: I think they already did.

Jeremy: It seems a couple of young flyboys with no credit history doesn't inspire a hell of a lot of confidence.

Stephanie: There has to be another way.

Jett: There is if we don't mind doing business with someone who sees our kneecaps as collateral.

Jeremy: Not gonna happen.

Jett: No.

Chelsea: That's really too bad. It sounds like it would have been a lot of fun.

Jett: Yeah.

Stephanie: Max. Max Brady. This is just the sort of thing he'd like to get a piece of. He can invest $25,000, right, Chelse?

John: Thought the DiMeras got rid of this place a long time ago.

Bo: Nah. Too eerie. [Doorbell rings] Could never sell it.

John: Yeah, it makes sense when you think about it. Wouldn't be much fun waging war on the Bradys if you had to commute.

Bo: I missed your sick sense of humor. Good to have you back, man.

John: Good to be back.

Bo: Hmm. Now, there's a face you don't forget.

John: You try and you try and you try.

Bart: Well, well, well, if it isn't Salem's own Batman and Boy Wonder. Why the long faces, fellas? You lose your capes?

Bo: Be a good houseboy and go get Tony.

Bart: Houseboy? I will, right after my mambo lesson, all right, buddy?

Bo: Now would be a lot better.

E.J.: Hey, Samantha, look at me, sweetheart. Look at me. Stay awake. You stay awake. Hey! Look at me. That's it. Come on, sweetheart. Stay awake. Stay awake.

Sami: Tell Lucas I love him.

E.J.: You can tell him yourself.

Sami: Oh, God. Lucas and Will. My family. And this baby. Please, God. Please, God.

[Banging on window]

E.J.: [Grunting] Samantha. I'm not gonna let you die. I'm not gonna let you die. Come on!

Chelsea: Stephanie, are you crazy? Max doesn't have $25,000 to invest in anything.

Stephanie: He has the garage, and it does a good business. He can just take out a loan against it.

Chelsea: Okay, what happens if the plane crashes? What's Max supposed to do then?

Stephanie: You mean because we'll all be dead?

Jeremy: What would happen is your good old buddy Max would collect a big, fat insurance check.

Jett: Yeah, we'd buy the best policy available.

Chelsea: Would you guys just stop it, all of you? Stephanie, you cannot ask Max to do this.

Stephanie: Are you kidding? Chelsea, he's gonna love this.

Chelsea: That's assuming that everything works out perfectly. How often does that happen?

Jeremy: How can one girl be so much fun?

Chelsea: All I'm saying is I just don't think that friends should go into business together.

Jeremy: Yeah, well, Jett and I are business partners and friends.

Chelsea: In order to be partners, you kind of have to have some kind of business, usually.

Stephanie: Lighten up, okay? This is just a business opportunity. Max can always say no. I'm gonna call him right now and see when we can meet him.

Jett: I got our prospectus in my backpack.

Jeremy: Yeah, have him come down to the beach. Good vibes here.

Chelsea: Yeah, booze and bikinis -- great business plan.

Stephanie: Don't need a plan. You've got me. Look, I'll get Max to pony up. Don't worry.

Chelsea: Stephanie, what are you doing?

Jeremy: I call it salesmanship.

Jett: Yeah, Chelsea, we're not looking to con the dude. If Max decides to invest, he'll get rich. He'll make some serious cash.

Chelsea: What if you're wrong? He's just a small-business owner.

Jeremy: Think small, stay small.

Chelsea: Where'd you learn that, Harvard business school?

Stephanie: Max is a smart guy. He doesn't need you to protect him.

Chelsea: Okay.

Jett: Hey, Chelsea.

Chelsea: What do you want?

Jett: I just wanted to tell you that I was pretty impressed with you. Most people don't bust Jeremy's chops like that.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, maybe that's why he's so obnoxious.

Jett: Look, this is definitely not the right time to ask you, but --

Chelsea: Forget it. I don't have a nickel to my name, and even if I did, I wouldn't invest it in your guys' little plan.

Jett: Slow down a second. I was just gonna ask you if you're seeing anyone.

John: [Scoffs] So, uh, what's the name of their interior decorator here?

Bo: Satan?

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's him. [Horse neighs]

Bo: What the hell is that?

Tony: Whoa. Well, good morning, gentlemen. And I use the term loosely.

John: Mama Mia.

Bo: Sweet mother of God.

John: Yeah, her, too.

Tony: Welcome to my home.

Bo: You always go riding in your living room?

Tony: It's a morning room, not that you two clowns would know the difference. But it depends on Napoleon here. He's very picky about the weather.

John: You look good -- almost as if you hadn't been in jail for two years.

Tony: Well, so do you, and I hear you've been away for quite a while in a long, well-deserved coma. Anyway... good boy. Now go. Carrots?

Bo: Doesn't disappoint. Crazier than ever.

Tony: I prefer eccentric. Crazy -- there's a big difference -- implies some kind of insanity. I'm as sane as the next man.

John: Sure, you are, if the next man is Stefano.

Tony: I assume you didn't interrupt napoleon's exercise session to insult my father.

Bo: We came here for an answer.

Tony: To what?

John: Simple question.

Bo: What the hell did you do with my niece, Sami?

E.J.: Come on, Samantha. Come on. Hey. Can you hear me? Samantha. Samantha. Can you hear me, sweetheart? Okay, come on. Breathe. Breathe. [Footsteps approach]

Lucas: Sami! Sami! Get away from her. What'd you do to her?

E.J.: I didn't do anything. He tried to kill her. It was the phone call I got at the police station.

Lucas: Honey, please. Please, wake up. Wake up. Don't do this to me, okay? Don't do this to me.

E.J.: She was unconscious when I found her, Lucas.

Sami: [Coughs]

Lucas: What? Here. Come here. Come here, baby. Are you all right? Are you okay? I thought I lost you.

Sami: Oh, God. Oh, Lucas. Oh, Lucas, you saved me. You saved me. You came, and you saved me.

Lucas: Relax, okay?

Jett: So, uh, are you?

Chelsea: Um, seeing anyone?

Jett: Yeah.

Chelsea: Yeah, this guy Nick.

Jett: Oh. Somebody you know from school?

Chelsea: No, actually, he finished college. He's older.

Jett: Oh.

Chelsea: No, not, like, gross older -- like, within a couple of years.

Jett: Oh. That's cool. So, what's Nick like?

Chelsea: You don't want to know.

Jett: I'm thinking smart, wears glasses, into science.

Chelsea: How'd you guess?

Jett: I was totally kidding.

Chelsea: Oh. Yeah, well, that's Nick all right. He's really, really sweet. He's a lab tech at the hospital. You know those guys Crick and Watson?

Jett: Aren't those the guys that discovered DNA?

Chelsea: Yeah. He's, like, really into them. That's just the type of guy he is, a real brain.

Jeremy: Sounds more like a total geek to me.

Chelsea: Oh, that's mature -- eavesdropping.

Jeremy: I was just walking by, heard you talking about some nerd.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, he's not a nerd. He's my boyfriend, all right?

Jeremy: Down, girl. Not everything's personal, okay?

Chelsea: Forget it.

Jeremy: I understand. Guy's slide rule's not long enough. No problem.

Chelsea: You're really funny, you know that?

Jeremy: Oh, help me. I'm being attacked by a girl.

Stephanie: Max is on his way.

Chelsea: What? He's closing the garage in the middle of the day to come here?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Jeremy: He must be really hot for this.

Stephanie: Smokin'.

Jeremy: Yes! Come here, sweet cheeks. You deserve a reward.

Chelsea: Uh, what's the reward, getting slobbered all over by someone's ego?

Jeremy: Hey-yo!

Stephanie: All right!

Jett: Hey, you want to go for a walk?

Chelsea: About as far as the South Pole. You know, your best friend, he's a real jerk.

Jett: Yeah, well, he has his moments.

Tony: Little Sami Roberts is missing.

Bo: At this point, it's more like she's unaccounted for.

Tony: You check all the local dives?

John: Where is she?

Tony: I don't know.

Bo: You made him mad. That's not smart.

Tony: Last time he played policeman, he got shot. Wasn't smart either. What, four months in a coma didn't teach him anything?

John: We're not ready to go there just yet, Tony.

Tony: Did you find the villain? I mean, all the taxes we pay here in Salem, the police department --

Bo: Cut the cute stuff. It's tired. Sami left my parents' pub and disappeared on the way to the university.

Tony: I'll check the 11:00 news and see if there's an update. Excuse me.

Bo: Here's what we know -- Elvis Jr., your psychotic brother --

Tony: That's my half brother.

Bo: Kidnapped Sami and took her to a warehouse where your even more psychotic father was being prepped for surgery.

Tony: A warehouse? I got to get him better health insurance.

Bo: Then you, the craziest DiMera of them all --

Tony: You flatter me.

Bo: Were standing there, ready to rip her unborn child from her womb to use the stem cells to save your father's miserable life.

Tony: [Chuckles] That's absolutely brilliant. Did you make that story up yourself? No, of course not. Sami -- she's the author. Just didn't know how imaginative her lies had become.

John: So, are you calling E.J. a liar also?

Tony: E.J.?

Bo: Gave us a statement corroborating all the details. You were there, ready to take Sami's baby, and he stopped you.

John: Then you threatened both of them, hence our presence. So, where the hell is she?

Tony: I don't know. Sami! Maybe she's under the sofa. Sami? No, she's not. No. Unh-unh.

John: I'm tired of this standard routine. What do you want to do?

Tony: You know, this is just like being in the movies. So, what are you gonna do if I don't answer the rest of your questions? Are you gonna beat me up? Are you gonna read me my rights?

Bo: That won't be necessary. We'll just talk to your old man.

Tony: You can't do that.

Bo: Watch us. Upstairs?

John: Yeah.

Tony: Hold it right there.

John: We got your attention. You want to talk now?

Lucas: Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?

Sami: No. I'm just scared, Lucas. I'm scared for the baby. I mean, what if -- what if all those fumes I inhaled -- what if the baby --

Lucas: Listen to me. You're gonna be fine. The baby's gonna be fine. I'm gonna get you checked out, okay? E.J. went to get help.

Sami: Lucas, I was so scared. I was so scared I was never gonna see you again.

Lucas: You can't get rid of me that easy. Don't you know that by now? I love you. I'm always here for you.

Sami: I love you so much.

Lucas: I love you, too.

Sami: How did you find me?

Lucas: John and Bo and I were going crazy looking for you all over town. So, what happened? Tell me what happened to you.

Sami: I don't know. I was at the pub, and -- and I wanted to go to the university to have that letter -- that DiMera letter translated.

Lucas: What happened then?

Sami: I don't know. This guy bumped into me, and the next thing I knew, I woke up, and I was inside this car. I was duct-taped to the steering wheel. There was this hose, and I couldn't breathe.

Lucas: Relax. I got you. I got you. You all right?

E.J.: Ambulance is on the way. I got someone posted on the street to show the driver where the alley is. You okay, Samantha?

Sami: No, I'm not okay. I'm scared.

Lucas: Honey, what can I do? Do you want me to call somebody? I'll call your mom, okay?

Sami: Call mom. Yeah, call her. She'll be terrified if she finds out that I'm in the ER. Please, call her.

Lucas: I will.

Sami: Just let her know I'm okay.

Lucas: Damn it. Come on! I got no signal right here.

Sami: Please, Lucas.

Lucas: I will. I'll call her. Hold on. Hold on.

E.J.: That was close.

Sami: If you hadn't come...

E.J.: You knew.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I know you saved my life. E.J., I'm -- I'm really worried.

E.J.: I'm scared, too. And I'm worried, Samantha. I'm worried that the next time --

Sami: The next time, I won't be so lucky.

Jett: Agh! Still playing tonsil hockey?

Chelsea: Oh, God. Get a room already. So, um, you were telling me why this little random plan of your guys' to fly gamblers to Vegas excites you.

Jett: Well, Jeremy and I need to make a living.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, there's tons of ways to do that.

Jett: True.

Chelsea: So?

Jett: I don't know. Up there, anything can happen.

Chelsea: And that's a good thing?

Jett: If you like taking risks, and I do.

Chelsea: Now you sound like Abe Carver's nephew.

Jett: And that's a good thing?

Chelsea: Well, yeah. He's your uncle. Don't you know him?

Jett: Not very well. I mean, my dad died when I was a little kid, so I grew up with my mom's family.

Chelsea: I, uh, kind of had the opposite thing happen to me. adoptive family, the Bensons, they were killed, and then I found out that my biological parents were still alive.

Jett: Wow. Pretty heavy.

Chelsea: Yeah. My mom was, um, Billie Reed.

Jett: Never heard of her.

Chelsea: Do you know Bo Brady?

Jett: Oh, yeah. He and his brother Roman are, like, two of Salem's top cops, right?

Chelsea: Yeah. Bo is my dad.

Jett: Oh.

Max: Hey, Chelse. So, is this one of the guys that's gonna change my life?

Jett: Hey. Jett Carver. Nice to meet you.

Max: Max Brady, man. Are you related to Abe?

Jett: Yeah, he's my uncle.

Max: Oh, okay. Why didn't Stephanie say that? I mean, it can't get any better than that, man.

Chelsea: And that's Jeremy with Stephanie. Well, they're kind of...busy.

Max: Yeah, so I see. So, who's the guy?

Jett: That's Jeremy Horton, co-founder and C.E.O. of Touch the Sky Airlines.

Tony: Don't you dare go near my father.

Bo: Love to stay and watch you make scary faces, but don't want to keep your daddy waiting.

Tony: Bart! My father's not up there.

Bo: [Scoffs]

Tony: He's in Italy. He's very ill.

Bart: Is there a problem, boss? You're gonna let them up to see Stefano?

Tony: Oh, I forgot how stupid you are.

Bo: Yeah, me too. We won't be long.

John: Five minutes.

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. You touch me, you'll be assaulting an officer and obstructing justice.

Tony: Talking about the law, where's your warrant, Detective Brady? Yes, just as I thought. Can't search my house without one. Oh, God, I just love this country. [Laughs]

Sami: Ugh! So, when is your whacked-out family gonna try to kill me again, E.J.?

E.J.: They're not going to do this again, Samantha. This was a warning.

Sami: They knocked me unconscious and tried to suffocate me. You're gonna call that a warning?

E.J.: No, I'll give you it was close, but they made sure that I received an anonymous phone call earlier.

Sami: What? What? Someone called you?

E.J.: They told me where you'd be, what to look for.

Sami: I don't know. I don't get it. I don't understand any of this. Why are they doing this?

E.J.: To frighten you.

Sami: Well, that's working. I don't get it. I offered them a deal. What do they want from me?

E.J.: I think we both know that.

Sami: My baby.

E.J.: That was Tony's plan. I put a stop to it.

Sami: So, now he's angry, which makes him even more dangerous.

E.J.: Now the games are off.

Sami: There's nothing you can do. Your brother is crazy.

E.J.: Yes, he is. Yes, he is. But my father isn't, okay? He would never sanction this. I can go and talk to him. He would protect me. He would protect the child.

Sami: E.J., you can't even get in to see your father because Tony won't let you. So you know what? I have to do something. Lucas and Will and I, we have to get out of here. We have to disappear.

E.J.: Would you just please calm down and listen to me, Samantha? You don't need to run anywhere. You stay here. I can look after you.

Sami: No way.

Lucas: I heard that. You really expect her to trust you? I told you, stay away from my wife.

E.J.: Your wife would be dead if it wasn't for me, Lucas. I was the one who came in here and saved her.

Lucas: You're the reason why she almost lost it. So don't expect a thank-you note in the mail, pal. I am gonna take care of you, okay?

E.J.: You can't go up against the DiMeras, Lucas. The Brady family tried to. They failed. The police department tried to. They failed. The only person who can fix this situation is me.

Lucas: Oh, really? Sami's half dead, and then you show up. All of a sudden, you're the hero?

E.J.: What are you suggesting? You think that I set this whole thing up?

Lucas: Oh, yeah.

E.J.: Why would I do that?

Lucas: Why? Because you're in love with my wife, that's why.

Jeremy: It's a 5-year projected earnings sheet.

Jett: Which is basically Las Vegas' own projected earnings.

Jeremy: The town is recession-proof.

Jett: Yeah.

Max: So, where are you guys getting your clients from?

Jeremy: We rented some mailing lists.

Jett: From some high-end companies with stores in Vegas. I mean, we got a database of over 10,000 rich gamblers that love to test their luck.

Max: Well, why would they go with you guys? I mean, wouldn't they have their own private jets anyway?

Jett: Yeah, but, I mean, most of these dudes fly commercial.

Max: True, or first-class.

Jett: Yeah, but they don't have our incredible perks.

Max: Oh, such as?

Stephanie: Really sexy flight attendants.

Jeremy: And food catered from a gourmet restaurant, top-shelf liquor.

Jett: And a car service taking them to and from the airport.

Jeremy: It's a sweet investment. You'll see a return right away.

Max: Okay, look, it sounds great, but I don't know how much Stephanie and Chelsea told you about the amount of money I can get my hands on.

Chelsea: I don't want you to get your hands on any of it. I told them that I don't think you should invest. You don't have enough to risk.

Max: I have some, okay? And I can borrow against the garage. I'm not a total loser.

Stephanie: Exactly my point. Look, you're not a loser at all, Max, which is why I'm sure you don't want to be a grease monkey for the rest of your life.

Chelsea: He's not a grease monkey. He's an auto mechanic, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Max: Okay, girls, ho. I don't need either of you guys to be watching out for me here.

Jett: Look, Max, if you want to take the prospectus home and look it over, it's totally cool.

Max: No, that's fine, all right? I've made my decision.

Jeremy: So, what do you want to do?

Max: I'll get in for as much as I can.

Jeremy: Yeah!

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Bo: We'll be back.

Tony: You know, it will take time to get a warrant, especially with my lawyers involved. But then, of course, anything can happen in the meantime.

John: Well, if anything happens to Samantha --

Tony: Bart, did you hear me utter a threat?

Bart: No, sir.

Tony: You know, I'm the victim here because of Samantha and that ambitious twit of a brother. This breaks my heart. But then, of course, we're not as close of a family as the Bradys.

John: That's a good point, because when families are as close as they are, it's a real bad thing to mess with them.

Bo: You touch a hair on my niece's head, you won't have to worry about hiding behind the law. I'll come looking for you myself.

Tony: Good day, gentlemen.

John: So, what do you think?

Bo: The DiMeras are back in town, and Sami's missing.

John: This war between the families -- think it's still on?

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Lucas: You love this, don't you? You love when Sami's in danger 'cause then you get to show up, and you get to be the hero.

Sami: God, E.J.

E.J.: You cannot believe what Lucas is suggesting. It's preposterous. I would never endanger a child.

Lucas: She's not interested in your lies, dude.

E.J.: What's wrong with you, Lucas? You just can't stand the fact that I came and saved her, can you? So you have to pretend this whole thing, this whole threat never existed.

Lucas: I'm not saying it wasn't out of hand, all right?

E.J.: What do you think, Samantha? Do you agree with him, hmm? Because if you do, I can't help you.

Sami: I don't know.

Lucas: Sami, listen --

Sami: I'm sorry. Look, I don't know if you saved my life or if you tried to kill me. Look, Lucas, I know I can trust you, but I-I think I might need E.J.

Lucas: I'd do anything for you.

Sami: I know. I know.

E.J.: She knows that I'm the only person who can save her, Lucas.

Lucas: Don't let fear make you forget what's going on here. That's Stefano's son, okay, crazy Tony's half brother. He's done terrible things to you.

E.J.: I know I've made my mistakes, Samantha.

Lucas: You know what? Rape is not a mistake.

E.J.: I know that I hurt you.

Lucas: You played with her mind is what you did.

E.J.: I know that I lied.

Sami: Stop it. Stop it.

E.J.: You need to listen to me, okay, because this is real. And these games are over, you got that?

Lucas: Get out of here. Get out of here right now.

E.J.: No. Tony's not gonna stop. You understand me? You and I are in serious danger.

Lucas: There is no "you and I."

E.J.: Samantha, I'm gonna tell you now -- hey!

Lucas: I take care of my wife, all right? Me and me only.

Jeremy: Brother, you just saved Touch the Sky Airlines from going out of business.

Jett: Yeah, before it was even in business.

Stephanie: Touch the Sky Airlines -- I like it. [Laughs]

Jett: Thank you.

Max: I have a really good feeling about this.

Chelsea: Why, because you like the name?

Max: No, I think it's cool. What's cooler than Vegas, huh?

Chelsea: I don't know, not losing all your hard-earned money? Look, Max, if you're really serious about this, at least have Frankie look over the paperwork.

Jeremy: He's in, so lose the negativity or keep your mouth shut.

Jett: All right, it's cool, bro. She's just looking out for her friend.

Jeremy: So am I. So am I.

Jett: You know, Max, you can show the prospectus to anyone -- your brother, anyone.

Max: I know how to read a business plan, and this one reads a hell of a lot better than the one at my garage.

Jett: Are you sure?

Max: Yeah, all right? You know where the Brady Pub is? Meet me down there in an hour, and I'll have a certified check for $25,000.

Stephanie: Yes!

Max: Don't worry, okay? If it wasn't this, it'd be something else. I've been looking for a change anyway.

Chelsea: Okay.

Max: Thank you.

Stephanie: We did it. We saved touch the sky airlines. Ooh! And since I found you an investor, I figure you owe me big-time.

Jeremy: Anything. Whatever you want.

Stephanie: Give me and Chelsea a job.

Sami: Lucas, I'm so scared. What if something happened to the baby?

Lucas: Don't worry about it. We're gonna get you checked out.

Bo: Hey. Is she gonna be all right?

Paramedics: We need to get her to the hospital.

Lucas: I'll be in the ambulance with you, I promise.

Bo: What the hell happened here?

E.J.: Exactly what I told you was gonna happen, guys, but you wouldn't listen to me. And now her life is in danger and that of my child.

Lucas: You know what? This is not your child. I'm sick of hearing how this is your child. You have no proof, no DNA, you got it?

E.J.: I have Celeste.

Lucas: Celeste? Oh, what, voodoo's a science?

E.J.: It's a lot more dangerous than science.

Lucas: Why aren't we arresting this guy?

E.J.: What are you gonna arrest me for, huh, for saving Samantha's life? Because she'd be dead right now if it wasn't for me.

Lucas: You? I was here, too.

E.J.: Really? Only one of us can save her, Lucas, and it's not you.

Paramedics: You coming with us?

Bo: Go ahead. Go on. Whoa-ho-ho. Hold on. You're down at the station. You get a phone call.

John: And you just take off right in the middle of our happy reunion.

Bo: Something tells me you didn't just stumble onto Sami here in this deserted alleyway. Someone called you, told you where she was.

E.J.: I'm afraid I can't help you, gentlemen.

Bo: Try.

E.J.: I don't know.

Bo: Try harder.

E.J.: [Coughs]

John: Bo can do this all day long. You might think about telling him the truth next time.

Stephanie: Come on! Answer my question. Can Chelsea and I work for you and Jett this summer?

Jeremy: You -- no problem, sweet cheeks. Gloom and doom over there -- she's gonna scare away the customers.

Chelsea: That's fine. I don't want to work for you anyway.

Stephanie: Chelsea, Jeremy, this could be so much fun if you guys would just learn to like each other.

Jeremy: You don't like me? What a surprise.

Chelsea: No, I don't like Max selling his dream to invest in yours.

Stephanie: Max's dream is to become a race car driver, not a mechanic. It's not like he loves changing oil filters.

Chelsea: I'm sure he likes it a lot better than losing 25 grand.

Jett: Chelsea, he'll make his money back.

Chelsea: Maybe. Maybe not.

Jeremy: What is your problem? You've been on me since we met.

Chelsea: Well, you know, flying to Vegas and everything sounds like a blast, really, but I think I'm gonna pass. Thank you, though.

Jeremy: What a pain in the butt.

Jett: You ought to know. Hey, Chelsea. Sorry about Jeremy.

Chelsea: You don't have to apologize for that loser.

Jett: He just says what he thinks.

Chelsea: Yeah, so do I, and I think that he's a rude, arrogant, obnoxious woman hater.

Jett: Well, I'll cop to the first two, but Jeremy's no misogynist. He just thinks that women should --

Chelsea: Should be seen and not heard?

Jett: Something like that.

Chelsea: Yeah, like I said, your friend's a jerk. Good luck with your airline, though.

Jett: Hey, Chelsea, do you want to go grab a burger or something? My treat.

Chelsea: Thanks, Jett, but I have a boyfriend, remember?

Jett: Yeah, that's why I'm not asking you out on a date.

Chelsea: Okay. Then, yeah, a burger would be great.

Jett: Cool. Let's go.

Stephanie: I can't wait to tell my family about your airline. Plus, my Uncle Bo is a frustrated pilot.

Jeremy: Hold it right there. You're not telling anybody anything, understand?

Stephanie: But it's so cool, and plus, my parents are gonna want to know how I plan to pay my bills. What's going on?

Jeremy: Nothing. Just hold off on the press conference until we get this thing up and running. If it doesn't work out, I don't want your parents to watch me fail.

Stephanie: They're so not like that, but okay. For a minute there, I thought you were hiding something. You're not smuggling pirated DVDís, are you?

Jeremy: Bootleg whiskey, sweet cheeks.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Jeremy: Just remember rule number one -- if you're gonna work for me --

Stephanie: Oh, I am.

Jeremy: What happens on Touch the Sky Airlines stays on Touch the Sky Airlines.

Stephanie: Ooh, sounds like fun. Do you want to know what rule number two is? The owner has to give the flight attendant a back rub. Start rubbing.

E.J.: [Laughing] How many times do I have to tell you? [Coughs] It was an anonymous phone call. That means the person who called me and told me Samantha was in the car, tied up, with the gas, they didn't leave their name.

John: It sounded like Tony, didn't it?

E.J.: I don't know, guys. Tony doesn't get his hands dirty.

Bo: This is very simple, Junior. I want your family to leave my family alone. So tell your brother and your old man to back off, or I will come after them, dirty hands or not.

E.J.: That's brilliant. That solves everything.

John: Hey. Where are you going?

E.J.: I'm going to try and keep Samantha alive -- something the two of you don't seem particularly interested in.

John: Why would you say something like that?

E.J.: Because if you were serious, you'd stop sending threats to Stefano and you'd start working with me.

Bo: Oh, yeah, that would solve everything.

E.J.: Actually, it would, 'cause you know what you don't get? It's that this isn't about Brady versus DiMera. This is about my father and Samantha. He's dying. And he needs the stem cells from her child to stay alive.

Bo: Now who's making the threats? Let me tell you something -- if I find out that my niece or her baby are hurt in any way, I will bury you.

E.J.: I need to talk to you now.

Chelsea: Why, Jett Carver, are you, by any chance, hitting on me?

Nick: This stops now. I'm done trusting you. Give me my card back.

Tony: Samantha is never going to be yours, not in this lifetime or any other.

Lucas: I didn't give you my name just so you can sign your death warrant with it. Leave this alone, all right?

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