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E.J.: Well, well, well, if it isn't the great Tony DiMera.

Tony: Yes. Hello, brother.

E.J.: Hello. I heard you'd been released.

Tony: Yes, now that my freedom has been restored, I'll be watching over my ailing father.

E.J.: Our father, Tony.

Tony: I also expect to be treated with the same respect that you reserve for him. You seem to be traveling solo.

E.J.: You don't miss a thing, do you?

Tony: But it seems that you do, Elvis. Our father is fighting for his life. You come here without Samantha Roberts and the little DiMera that she's carrying. That could be a deadly mistake, brother.

Lucas: No, I don't feel anything yet.

Sami: Would you stop it? You have to be patient.

Lucas: All right, all right. Maybe if I jiggle it a little bit. Would that help?

Sami: No! Cut it out! [Laughs]

Lucas: All right. All right, you in there, I'm gonna give you a little break, a little snooze break. Just for now I'll let you off the hook. I guess I'll send out these thank-you notes that you were so kind to do. And then I'm gonna run some errands.

Sami: Lucas!

Lucas: What? What? What is it? Is it the baby?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come here. Come here. Hurry!

Lucas: Sorry, sorry.

Sami: Right there. Right -- can you? Underneath. Yeah.

Lucas: Oh. Wow! What is that? Is that an elbow, a knee?

Sami: I don't know yet. Can you believe it? It's amazing, isn't it? That's our baby.

Hope: It's like some horrible dream.

Marlena: I know.

Hope: Why does God keep doing this to us? Why does he keep taking our children?

Marlena: I don't know. All I know is we've got to stay strong. We have to, for the kids.

Hope: Absolutely. What the hell are you doing here?

Victor: Well, it's nice to see you, too, Hope. Marlena. Bo was kind enough to let me know that Philip was returning today.

Hope: You're not welcome here.

Victor: Look, I know you're upset right now, so I won't take that personally.

Hope: But it is personal, Victor. You need to leave. Now.

Victor: I'm sorry for your loss -- both of you. But I loved Claire, too.

Hope: You loved her so much you killed her. If it wasn't for your ridiculous custody suit, none of this would have happened.

Victor: Philip --

Hope: Philip is not Claire's father.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh.

Philip: I did what I could. I tried to save her. I tried.

Hope: Where are Shawn and Belle?

Bo: I left them at the hospital. Belle went into shock. She had to be admitted. She might be there for a while.

Shawn D.: Belle. I don't know what to say. If we would have just came home like you wanted to, none of this would have ever happened, and Claire, she'd... Claire would still be alive. I don't know how I'm gonna -- how I'm ever gonna forgive myself. Belle. Belle, can you hear me? It's Shawn. I'm here, okay? I'm here.

Belle: Claire? Who is it? Where's Claire? What have you done with my baby?

Marlena: I've got to get my things and get to the hospital.

Hope: I'll drive you. Get your purse. I'll be right there. Hey, how are you holding up?

Bo: Don't worry about me.

Hope: Brady, how did this happen?

Bo: I wish I could tell you.

Hope: I'll see you at the hospital?

Bo: Yeah. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Hope: Okay. Okay.

Victor: I was just telling Philip that I've hired my own search-and-rescue team to search the waters around Montefiore. This is an elite group -- the best money can buy.

Philip: Let's be realistic here, Dad. If the Coast Guard wasn't able to find --

Victor: Listen to me. If she is out there, they will find her.

Philip: How? We lost the GPS signal from Claire's life jacket.

Victor: Maybe it malfunctioned. Anything is possible.

Bo: We'd all like to believe that, Victor, but if she survived, someone would have picked her up by now. That's something we have to accept.

Victor: Is that what you think? Well, unlike you, Bo, the word "capitulate" is not in my vocabulary. My rescue team --

Philip: Stop it, please. Would you just let it go? No more arguing. It's over.

Victor: Philip, it isn't

Philip: She's gone, okay? Claire's dead! Can we just please let her rest in peace?

Belle: [Moans softly]

Shawn D.: I wish I could take the pain away. I wish I could say something that would make it all better. But she's in heaven now, Belle. Claire is in heaven now.

Belle: Where is she? I want to see my daughter. Please. Please, I'm begging you, whoever you are. I just want my little girl. I tried to save her. We all did. It just happened so fast. The lights went out, and there was water everywhere. And she was just gone... just like that. God, you should have taken me. Why didn't you take me?! Daddy? She's gone. My baby's gone.

John: No, she's not, pumpkin. That's what I've come to tell you. Your little girl's still alive.

Belle: Claire's alive?

John: She's alive, baby.

Belle: I mean, the water was so cold. It was so rough. She went under.

John: She survived.

Belle: How? How do you know that?

John: Because I've been in this place, sweetheart, just hovering between life and death, and I have seen everybody who has passed to the other side. I haven't seen Claire. She's still here. She's still here on earth with you, honey.

Belle: Where? Did somebody rescue her? There were so many people helping us search.

John: [Sighs]

Belle: Oh, my God. Was she kidnapped, Dad? Tell me. I need to know.

John: Belle... she's alive, baby. That's all I can say. The rest is up to you.

Belle: Wait, Dad. Please don't go. I need you.

John: I'll always be here for you, pumpkin.

Belle: No. Wait! Stop! Come back, Dad! Come back!

Shawn D.: Belle -- Belle, it's okay. It's okay. You hear me? Somebody, can I get a nurse in here?

Victor: Why am I the only one here being proactive?

Philip: You mean throwing around your money and barking orders at people?

Victor: Philip, listen. I am just trying --

Philip: Dad, you listen. All the money in the world is not gonna bring her back. She's gone. Don't you get it? Claire died because of us.

Victor: That's insane.

Philip: No, it's true. We wasted all that time fighting with Shawn and Belle when we should have been working out a compromise.

Victor: They refused to cooperate with you. They were gonna cut you out of her life.

Philip: I cut myself out the minute I re-enlisted. I had a choice, and I took the easy way.

Victor: You did what you had to.

Philip: No. It was my job to keep her safe. And I didn't. And now... she's gone. My little girl is gone.

Sami: I love it like this, just you and me and the baby and peaceful and quiet.

Lucas: It's nice. It's really nice. We got to enjoy it while we can, right?

Sami: Yeah, pretty soon I'm gonna be up to my neck in diapers and midnight feedings and crying.

Lucas: Oh, stop. I'll help you with all that stuff. I'm the man with that.

Sami: I'm sure you will be.

Lucas: I am.

Sami: But I can't help thinking...

Lucas: Stop. Don't think that way. I want you to get it out of your head right now, okay?

Sami: I can't.

Lucas: Careful.

Sami: Lucas, I can't. What if the DNA proves that E.J. is --

Lucas: Listen to me. I don't care what the DNA shows. That baby is ours. All right? There's still a chance that baby's mine, so let's hold on to that. Let's think positively, all right? I told you, the most important thing to me is who the mother is. Now give me a kiss. Mmm. Thank you. Unless, of course, you're lying to me and the baby you're carrying isn't really yours.

Sami: You're such a --

Lucas: A little joke. A little humor.

Sami: What did I ever do to deserve you? I mean, after everything I've put you through...

Lucas: It's been worth it 'cause we're finally where we need to be. We have perfect happiness.

Sami: Except...

Lucas: Listen to me. Don't think like that, okay? There's still a 50-50 chance that baby's mine. There's a 50-50 chance that DNA test is gonna turn out the way we want. That's what's important to me. Be positive. I'm looking at things as they were half full instead of half empty.

Sami: How about totally full?

Lucas: Totally full is even better. That's the spirit. That's my girl. You all right?

Sami: Yeah. Well, I guess that's a better attitude than sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop, huh?

Lucas: Yes, it is. I like that. Very good.

Sami: Yeah. I like it, too. The cup is totally full.

Lucas: Yeah. We've overcome a lot. A lot of obstacles were in our way. We didn't care. We got married anyway. We're happy. We're finally a family. That's the most important thing -- most important thing to me of all. That's all that matters.

Sami: Oh.

E.J.: So, tell me -- how did you manage to secure your release so soon? I can't imagine you got out for good behavior.

Tony: No, I met a compassionate judge, had him review my case again.

E.J.: How much did that cost? Don't answer. That's a vulgar question. How is father? Is there any change in his condition?

Tony: Father's still in desperate need of stem cells, which brings us back to you, Elvis -- you coming here without the lifesaving remedy.

E.J.: Samantha Roberts' child.

Tony: You were instructed to bring her here. Where the hell is she?

E.J.: If you don't mind, I think I'd like to spend a little bit of time --

Tony: I'm sorry. I can't allow that.

E.J.: I'm sorry? What did you say? Are you serious?

Tony: Oh, I'm dead serious. And if you ever hope to speak to father again, you'll do exactly as you're told. You bring me Samantha Roberts now.

Lucas: Your castle, Mrs. Roberts.

Sami: Thank you.

Lucas: But you know what? The best-case scenario -- I'll be king of the world at Mythic. Worst-case scenario --

Sami: Wait. We're not gonna play worst-case scenario, remember?

Lucas: I know, I know, but even still, it's really not that bad. Thank you.

Sami: How so?

Lucas: If I get a new job, I get a new boss. Anybody's got to be better than E.J., right?

Sami: Well, that's certainly true.

Lucas: I just don't want to rob Will's college fund just to pay the rent. Got to figure out some way to make some money, you know what I mean?

Sami: Lucas, I've been meaning to tell you this, but I do have some money I've been saving.

Lucas: You've been saving?

Sami: Well, after everything that happened the last time I didn't have money, I thought I should make sure I never let that happen again, so, you know.

Lucas: Yeah. Well, no offense, all right, but a man likes to provide for his woman. I like to be able to give you everything you want, everything you deserve.

Sami: Lucas, I have everything I want 'cause you know what? I have you.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: What? What's wrong?

Lucas: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe I made a mistake by siccing the FCC on E.J. like that. I mean, if he skates on all counts, that could be it. He's gonna come after me, and he's gonna come after you, too.

Sami: I can handle him.

Lucas: Don't talk like that. I don't want you to have to handle him, all right?

Sami: Lucas, it's gonna be fine. I am sick of thinking about E.J., worrying about E.J. I don't want to do that anymore. You know what? One thing for sure -- I'm not gonna be E.J.'s victim ever again.

E.J.: Are you telling me that I can't see my own father?

Tony: That's exactly what I said.

E.J.: You seem to be forgetting that I am his son, too.

Tony: And who's been the most loyal?

E.J.: I'm sorry. I wasn't aware it was a competition.

Tony: Oh, trust me, there's no competition. As far as I'm concerned, you are a failure, a complete embarrassment to the DiMera name.

E.J.: You don't think that's a little bit hypocritical, do you, Tony? I mean, I can't imagine that you managed to achieve very much what with you being in a jail cell and all.

Tony: Oh. [Chuckles] You'd be surprised. And what have you accomplished having the entire family's arsenal of resources at your fingertips? Nothing.

E.J.: Oh, you'd be surprised.

Tony: Well, let's look at it this way -- John Black's still alive, as are Bo Brady and Shawn, not to mention the imbecile Patrick Lockhart. They go on living while father lies on his deathbed waiting for those stem cells which have not arrived.

E.J.: There is --

Tony: Nah! Your ineptitude boggles the mind.

E.J.: There is more to this than just my father.

Tony: And what's more important?

E.J.: My child. There's a part of me that is at risk, too.

Tony: You are putting that little unborn bastard ahead of our own father's life?

E.J.: I'm telling you it's a consideration.

Tony: Well, consider this! If you do not bring the stem cells necessary to save our father's life, there's gonna be hell to pay... for you and your little unborn child.

Philip: Look, Dad... I know you always taught me to be strong, to never give up, but... I think we just need to accept the fact that...Claire's not coming back.

Victor: I'll find her. I have to. I promised her I'd teach her to ride. She really took to the horses, you know.

Philip: I'm sorry, Dad. I know this must be hard for you, too. And Claire always did like hanging out with her grandpa.

Victor: I just wish I had a little more time with her.

Philip: I know, Dad. Me too.

Shawn D.: Belle, it's okay. It's all right, baby. It's okay.

Hope: Shawn? Oh, my gosh, honey. Oh, sweetie, it's so good to see you.

Marlena: How is she?

Amy: She was very agitated. I gave her a dose of diazepam. It seems to be working.

Marlena: My sweet girl.

Amy: I have to go check on another patient. Let me know if you need anything.

Marlena: All righty. Thanks, Amy.

Shawn D.: Marlena, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Marlena: I'm so glad you're all right and that you're safe. And I'm so grateful to you for taking care of my little girl.

Shawn D.: She's been having some pretty bad dreams.

Marlena: I'm sure. Belle, it's Mom. Can you hear me?

Belle: Mom?

Marlena: I'm right here, sweetheart.

Belle: Oh, Mom.

Marlena: I know. I know. You're okay. Just let this out, okay? She's at peace. Claire is with the angels now.

Belle: You don't understand. Claire's alive. She's alive. Why are you looking at me like that? It's true. She's alive.

Marlena: It's okay. It's all right. I know that's what you want to believe right now.

Belle: No, Mom, this isn't some kind of denial. Claire's alive. I know she is.

Marlena: Belle, honey, please.

Belle: We can't just sit here. We have to do something. Shawn, please.

Marlena: Would you excuse us, please?

Hope: We'll be right outside.

Marlena: Yeah.

Hope: Come on, sweetheart. Come on.

Belle: You think I'm crazy, don't you?

Marlena: Oh, no, I don't. I'm a mother. I share your loss -- our loss. Honey, Claire is gone.

Belle: No --

Marlena: She's gone.

Belle: No, Mom, you have to believe me. Claire's alive. Dad told me.

Shawn D.: I'm really worried about Belle. Mom, I don't know what to do. What do I do?

Hope: Be there for her. Listen to her. Oh, Shawn, come here. God! I'm so glad that you're home. You have no idea how worried we've been. Oh, sweetie --

Shawn D.: Ooh. Ooh. Ow.

Hope: What is it? What's wrong?

Shawn D.: It's nothing. No, Mom. It's --

Hope: Oh, my God. What happened to you?

Shawn D.: It's nothing.

Hope: Shawn, what happened?

Shawn D.: It happened on the island. There was an argument, and somebody, they had a gun.

Hope: You were shot?

Shawn D.: No, I was just --

Hope: What?

Shawn D.: Just grazed.

Hope: Who did this to you? Was it Steve?

Shawn D.: No, it wasn't Steve.

Hope: When were you planning on telling me about this, you and your father?

Shawn D.: Mom, I didn't want you to worry, okay? I'm fine. It's no big deal. It's just sore.

Hope: Let me see this. This could be infected. I want you to see one of the doctors. Shawn --

Shawn D.: I will see a doctor, but right now I've got more important things to worry about.

Victor: Can I get you a drink?

Philip: No, I'm good. You should have seen them, Dad, on the island -- Belle, Shawn, and Claire. They were like a real family. And I was the outsider.

Victor: But somehow you managed to pull it together.

Philip: You know how they say tragedy brings people closer? I guess that's what happened with us.

Victor: On the boat.

Philip: When things started to look really bad, we put aside our differences. Claire was the only thing that mattered to us.

Victor: That's very admirable, Philip.

Philip: I'm glad you think so. Because even though she's gone, we can still honor her memory by doing things right. I really hope you're with me on this.

Victor: Philip, I respect what you're doing. I really do. But you're making a big mistake.

Philip: Mistake?

Victor: Suppose by some stroke of luck, Claire is still alive. Are you prepared to give up your custody suit, just turn her over to Shawn to raise?

Philip: How many times do I got to tell you this? She's not coming back.

Victor: Until we're sure of that, I would be very wary of fraternizing with the enemy. Look, as far as I'm concerned, your little girl is very much alive. And I, for one, won't rest until she takes her proper place as Claire Kiriakis.

Sami: [Sighs]

Lucas: It's just the hardest thing I ever had to do -- stop myself from killing that guy with my own bare hands after what he did to you. Are you kidding me?

Sami: Lucas, you made the right decision. He is not worth it.

Lucas: I know, but still, I wanted to kill him so bad. I came so close.

Sami: I know. I know how you felt. Believe me, sometimes I wish I had just...done it. And I guess most of the time I'm glad I didn't, but --

Lucas: Don't talk like that. I don't think you could have done something like that, baby.

Sami: It's not because I'm such a good person, you know, or because I care about E.J. In the end, I couldn't do it because I couldn't stop thinking about this baby and -- and I don't know. It's just such an innocent life, and I didn't want his life to start off like that. And... I'm sorry.

Lucas: It's all right.

Sami: We're gonna protect you. I'm never gonna let anything happen to you.

Lucas: You are so amazing. I just wish other people could see this side of you.

Sami: You know what, Lucas? For the first time in my life, I don't care what other people think about me. I don't. All I care about is you and will and this baby. That's all that matters.

Lucas: Good. It's definitely time to move on, don't you think?

Sami: Yeah. It is time to move on and let go 'cause you know what? I am happy. I'm happy with who I am. I'm happy with where my life is headed. And I'm happy with you and our kids. I'm not gonna let anyone take that away from me.

E.J.: I don't appreciate your threats, Tony.

Tony: Well, then, Elvis, just consider it a warning. If Stefano dies, so do you. And God help that little child you're so concerned about. So, with that in mind, you have a deadline -- one hour to bring Samantha Roberts to me. I hope that won't be a problem. Oh, trust me. You do not -- and I repeat -- you do not want to disappoint me ever again.

Lucas: Mmm.

Sami: Mmm.

Lucas: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Honey, stop. Are you sure we should be doing this?

Sami: I hate to break it to you, Lucas, but I am already pregnant, so there's nothing to worry about.

Lucas: I guess so.

[Knock on door]

Sami: [Moans]

Lucas: Go away!

Sami: [Laughs] All right, all right, I'll get it.

Lucas: You're gonna get it?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: Nice. I'm tired.

Sami: There's no one there. [Grunts]

Lucas: What? What is it?

Sami: I don't know, Lucas.

Lucas: Well, look.

Sami: It's a copy of the knot. Oh, it's from Carley Roney.

Lucas: Oh, the magazine editor.

Sami: Yeah. She, um... she wants me to talk to her and do a follow-up article on us.

Lucas: Seriously? That's kind of cool, right?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, she knows that we went to New Orleans to help people rebuild their homes, and she wants to do a whole interview about it. But she wants me to meet her at Chez Rouge.

Lucas: Why didn't she just call you or something?

Sami: That is an excellent question. It's so weird.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: But she says her deadline is right now, and she wants me to go over there right away? That's really weird, right?

Lucas: Yeah. Just hurry back 'cause my motor's running. I'll let you slide for just a little.

Shawn D.: You know... before all this happened, before we lost Claire, I had this crazy idea that we were gonna be a family -- a real family. I mean, Belle and I, we had some major arguments when we were gone, but we worked it out. Everything was finally good, and then...

Hope: Honey, I'm so sorry.

Shawn D.: And then I lost Claire, Mom, and I'm just afraid that I'm gonna lose Belle, too.

Hope: No, that's not gonna happen. Belle loves you.

Shawn D.: And I love her. But how do we move on from something like this?

Belle: Okay, I know it sounds crazy, but Dad came to me in the dream. But it was real. It was right here in this room.

Marlena: Tell me what your father said to you.

Belle: He said that if Claire had passed through to the other side that he would have seen her, and he didn't, which means that she's still alive. We just have to find her. You think I'm imagining this, don't you?

Marlena: No. No, not at all.

Belle: Really?

Marlena: Belle, you are not the only person to whom your father has come in a dream, remember?

Belle: You're right. He was right about Steve. So if he was right about that, then he's right about Claire.

Hope: You two are going to get through this.

Shawn D.: But Claire is what brought us together, and now she's gone.

Hope: You and Belle are going to need each other more than ever, believe me. Your dad and I did when we lost Zack.

Shawn D.: Yeah, but everything with Zack was definite. You guys had closure. Belle, she's got this crazy idea that we're gonna find Claire. And I don't know how to deal with that.

Bo: Hey, hey. How's Belle doing?

Hope: Marlena's in with her right now. Oh, and by the way...

Bo: What?

Hope: When were you going to tell me about the gunshot wound?

Bo: Well, I didn't want to worry you till we got back.

Hope: Okay, could you at least convince our son to get some medical attention?

Shawn D.: Come on, Mom.

Bo: That's not a bad idea, son.

Shawn D.: I'll see a doctor when I know that Belle is okay.

Hope: Shawn, please --

Shawn D.: You guys, stop asking. Belle, she needs me, and I'm not going anywhere.

Marlena: Belle, I don't want you getting your hopes up.

Belle: But you believe me, right, that Claire's still out there?

Marlena: In my experience, I would have to say that it's a possibility. Remember when you called me from Tinda Lao and you described that Italian coin?

Belle: Mm-hmm. Sure. I had that dream about Dad, and he told me that he gave it to you when you married him.

Marlena: When we hung up the phone, I found the coin in Daddy's hand.

Belle: Oh, my God.

Marlena: I don't know how it got there.

Belle: It was a miracle. Dad didn't want you to give up on him, just like he doesn't want me to give up on Claire.

[Door opens]

Shawn D.: How are you feeling?

Belle: I'm glad you guys are all here. We need to get the word out that Claire's still alive. She is. My dad came to me in a dream. He told me. You believe me, don't you?

Marlena: Uh, we'll just wait outside, hmm?

Belle: I know it sounds totally out there, but it's true. He's even visited my mom in her dreams.

Shawn D.: Is that what she said?

Belle: Yeah. And everything that he had told her came true, so she definitely thinks that there's a chance that Claire's still alive. Isn't that great?

Hope: I don't understand. Belle thinks Claire's alive because of some dream?

Marlena: Yes. That's right.

Hope: And you're encouraging this?

Marlena: It's happened to me, too.

Hope: What are you talking about? Would someone say something, please?

Marlena: Belle isn't the only person who's had a visit from John in their dreams. John has come to me also.

Hope: You don't really believe that John came to you in your sleep, do you?

Marlena: I think we should talk about this later when things have calmed down some.

Hope: Well, you're awfully quiet. You haven't said very much. What do you think? Do you think --

Bo: Marlena talked to me about these dreams she was having a few months ago, and it turns out they were pretty much on the money.

Hope: Well, I still don't think it's a good idea to get Belle's hopes up.

Bo: That may be true.

Marlena: You know what? Belle's my daughter. I don't lie to her. Excuse me. I'm gonna go see John.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucas: [Clears throat]

Celeste: Hello.

Lucas: What do you want?

Celeste: Lovely to see you, too, Lucas. Is Samantha home?

Lucas: No, she left about five minutes ago. Why?

Celeste: Then I suppose I'll have to tell you.

Lucas: Tell me what? Oh, no, please, come in, Celeste.

Celeste: E.J. knows that Samantha's baby belongs to him.

Lucas: Oh, really? That's ridiculous. She hadn't even had the amnio yet.

Celeste: Darling, please. There are other ways.

Lucas: Oh, really? What, have you been playing with your Ouija board, Celeste? That's how you know?

Celeste: Lucas, listen to me now.

Lucas: I will, if you walk and talk. Come on. Let's go.

Celeste: [Sighs] Lucas, please. You must listen. Samantha's baby was conceived with one thing in mind -- to save Stefano's life.

E.J.: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I truly am.

Willow: I heard you were back in town, thought you might like to know how your baby's doing.

Chelsea: You either tell Willow to take a hike or you can say goodbye to me.

E.J.: You will have to kill me before you can get a hand on Samantha or my child. We clear?

Tony: [Chuckles]

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