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Bo: What the hell -- you want me to give you Shawn's statement? You're gonna kill us both to protect Wells?

Steve: I got orders!

Bo: That piece of paper is gonna put him away for a very long time.

Steve: You want to die over a piece of paper?

Bo: You want to be his puppet for the rest of your life?

Steve: We're going down!

Bo: Come on. This is your chance to break that hold he's got on you.

Steve: You got 10 seconds to give me that statement Shawn signed or you die when this plane hits the water! 10 seconds!

Bo: [Shouting indistinctly]

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: The engine's burnt out. I can't fix it.

Belle: Okay, all right, so, what do we do now?

Philip: We ride this thing out.

Shawn D.: We got a level-4 typhoon bearing down on us. That's 10-foot waves, maybe bigger.

Philip: Then we batten down the hatches.

Shawn D.: We're talking about a small little sea boat up against a monster storm.

Belle: Shawn, what are you saying?

Shawn D.: It doesn't look good for us. But after everything that we've survived, I think maybe we might be able to make it.

Philip: It's your call, Shawn. You got the experience.

Shawn D.: The first thing is that we cannot panic.

Belle: Right. Right. You're right.

Shawn D.: We got to look at this as a tale that we live to tell our grandchildren.

Belle: Mm-hmm. Our grandchildren. Right. Okay. But if we don't make it... if something happens to Claire, all three of us are to blame.

Lucas: Here we go. And welcome home, Mrs. Roberts.

Sami: Mmm.

Lucas: Mmm. Whoa. Easy.

Sami: I guess we should start unpacking.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I guess we got time for a quickie.

Sami: Good things shouldn't be rushed.

Lucas: Well, honey -- honey, kids also shouldn't see their parents going at it, doing a hokey-pokey and a hanky-panky. Sorry, baby. Will's gonna be home soon.

Sami: Will.

Lucas: Yeah, you remember Will, don't you -- the kid with the iPod hanging out of his ear? I called him from the airport.

Sami: How did he sound?

Lucas: He sounded great. I think he's sick of smelling like clam chowder, but he sounded great. He can't wait to get home.

Sami: He said that? Really?

Lucas: Yeah, he did. Mrs. Roberts, no worries, okay?

Sami: I just can't help but feel that he's still mad at me about what happened at the wedding reception.

Lucas: I explained everything to him before we left for New Orleans.

Sami: Lucas, I just hate the fact that he has to know about stuff like that.

Lucas: I told him that E.J. made you do all kinds of things against your will. That's all.

Sami: Oh, God. Lucas. [Sighs] I mean, you know, it's just bad enough -- all he wants is a normal family, and I'm like a one-woman circus.

Lucas: Don't do that. Don't blame yourself. It has nothing to do with you. It's because of E.J. and his damn bag of tricks we're having problems.

Sami: I can't believe him. He comes to our wedding, comes to the reception and our honeymoon. It's lucky that he's not camped outside our doorstep.

Lucas: I don't think that's gonna happen. He's probably in his office right now trying to shred a paper trail of corporate fraud. Remember what I told you -- I was gonna go to the FCC? Well, I did. And I gave them everything they'll need to put him away for a very long time.

Sami: You think that'll happen?

Lucas: Yeah, I think the feds are at Mythic right now, swarming all over him.

Celeste: Take your shirt off, Elvis.

E.J.: How long is this ritual gonna last?

Celeste: That depends on the spirits. Kneel down. We're quite alone, darling, save for the spirits of your ancestors. The DiMera life-force is still strong even though death has taken them. Spirits that walk the night, I seek your power and your wisdom to help us see what is hidden. Samantha Brady Roberts is with child. Who is the father, Lucas or Elvis DiMera? Tell us. Does the ancient DiMera bloodline flow through the heart and the soul of Samantha's unborn child?

Shawn D.: Grab the life vests.

Philip: Got it.

Belle: Is there one small enough for Claire?

Philip: Yeah, right here. Claire's is equipped with a personal-locator beacon.

Shawn D.: It's a GPS tracking device attached to the jacket. I'm gonna go wake her up and make sure she's got it on.

Belle: Okay. So, if the worst happens and we have to abandon ship, then --

Philip: The beacon will send out a distress signal to the satellite. Search-and-rescue teams can pinpoint the location of the person in the water.

Belle: Okay, so, if we get separated, then they can track her. They can pick her up.

Philip: Right.

Belle: Well, let's just hope we never have to use any of this stuff.

Philip: Easy. You're all right.

Belle: Philip, there's something -- there's something I have to say to you, and it can't wait. I'm sorry, from the bottom of my heart.

Steve: 8!

Bo: Come on, man! Shawn's statement is at the hotel. I asked Gabby to put it in the safe. I swear on Zack's grave.

Steve: Come on, man!

Bo: You crazy bastard.

Steve: You better not be playing me, man.

Bo: I'm being straight with you. It's time for you to be straight with me.

Steve: What?

Bo: You never answered my question. Are you gonna follow orders, huh? Are you gonna put a bullet in my head?

Sami: Lucas, you poked a big stick at a very ugly snake, as it were.

Lucas: Good. Hopefully it'll go through his ugly heart.

Sami: Yeah, but, I mean, he'll know, right? E.J. will know that you're the one who called the FCC on him.

Lucas: It doesn't matter. He knew I was onto him. I told him. I warned him. We had a deal.

Sami: I'm afraid to ask.

Lucas: The deal was to back off you, and if he didn't, I would go to the FCC. He didn't do that, so I did.

Sami: Lucas, do you think that everything is gonna work out the way you think it will?

Lucas: I do. I do. I think we can put E.J. away for a very, very long time, and we can finally live happily ever after.

Sami: Will we? I mean, what if -- what if this baby doesn't turn out to be yours? What then?

Lucas: I don't care who the father is. I'm in love with the mother. How can I not love any child of yours?

Celeste: The spirits are prepared to help you. Do you have the items that I asked for?

E.J.: Yes. The glove is Lucas'. The scarf Samantha left behind.

Celeste: The eyes of the peacock are associated with Juno, the Goddess of lineage. This feather represents you and this one Lucas. I want you to blow on each feather, then wrap them and everything else in your shirt.

E.J.: I feel a little silly blowing on feathers, speaking to spirits.

Celeste: The spirits have never lied, E.J. If you don't believe and you don't trust in the spirits, then go. Now place them in the fire.

E.J.: What now?

Celeste: Now we wait. When the fire burns itself out, only one feather shall have escaped the inferno... that of the child's father -- you or Lucas.

Bo: You're Elvis J.'s soldier. So, are you gonna follow his orders and kill me?

Steve: Nobody tells me what to do.

Bo: All right, well, prove it.

Steve: I don't have to prove anything.

Bo: Show me you're in control, Steve. Make up your own mind.

Steve: Shut the hell up.

Bo: Forget about Shawn's statement. Change your flight plan, okay? Take this bucket of bolts back to Guam, and we'll head on home to Salem together. It'd be quite some homecoming, wouldn't it -- you and I marching into the pub, having a couple of brews, or better yet going on home to our wives and families? That's what you really want. Those are our marching orders -- to head on back home.

Steve: There's nothing for me back there.

Bo: Sure there is, Steve. You just forgot. Come on, man. You don't have it in you to kill a friend.

Steve: We'll see. When I'm holding Shawn's statement in my hand, I'll know what to do.

Bo: Yeah. So will I. Looks like we both have our orders.

Philip: Belle, this is no time for apologies.

Belle: It's exactly the right time. Just in case we --

Philip: We're not gonna die, okay?

Belle: You don't know that, Philip. Nobody does. I need your forgiveness. I did you an incredible wrong, and I am so sorry for cutting you out of Claire's life.

Philip: I think we all have enough sorrys to go around.

Belle: You filled the first year of her life with so much love. She absolutely adored you.

Philip: Yeah. She was my whole world that first year.

Belle: And then I took her away from the only father she knew.

Philip: We all made mistakes.

Belle: Well, I'm gonna own mine. Remember when we were kids and we would talk about do-overs? Well, I have a really big one. If I had to do it over, I would open the door, and I would invite you back into Claire's life.

Shawn D.: If I had to do it over, I wouldn't be so afraid to have you be a part of Claire's life, so afraid that she'd always consider you her father.

Philip: I'm not. I kept insisting I was Claire's father even though I knew that wasn't true. She isn't.

Belle: Philip, the only thing that, that DNA test proved was that you don't have to be related to be family. Come here, baby girl.

Shawn D.: Say hi to mama.

Belle: Hi. Say hi.

Philip: Hi.

Sami: Lucas, I don't know what planet I think I'm living on, hoping that E.J. will actually be decent about this baby.

Lucas: Decent and E.J. go together like nitro and glycerin.

Sami: I don't know. I just -- I just actually hope that he's not gonna grab the baby if he finds out that it's his and run.

Lucas: And if it isn't?

Sami: Then E.J. will feel like his manhood has been threatened, and who knows what he'll do to us then.

Lucas: That's why I had to stop him. That's why I did what I did. Somebody had to do it.

Sami: I don't know.

Lucas: Listen to me. Listen to me, my beautiful wife. We're gonna have it. We're gonna have a very happy marriage and a home where trouble doesn't barge in every five minutes.

[Knock on door]

Kate: You lying, conniving manipulator. You blew the whistle on my company, and don't bother to deny it.

Kate: Honest to God, Sami, I could wring your neck.

Lucas: Mom, you got the wrong whistle-blower.

Kate: Lucas, please don't cover for her.

Lucas: I'm not covering for anybody. I'm saying it loud, and I'm saying it proud. I'm the one who tipped the FCC to Mythic's creative accounting practices, all right?

Kate: I don't believe you.

Lucas: Why? I told you what I knew, and I told you what I was gonna do. Damn it.

Kate: I can't believe that you would do something like that unless she forced you to do it.

Will: What's my mom done now?

Kate: Will, I hate to hit you with this when you're just getting home. [Sighs]

Will: Hit me with what? Is something wrong?

Kate: Your mother may have forced your father to do something unthinkable, unforgivable, really.

Lucas: The only thing unforgivable is what you're doing to your grandson right now, loading this on him like you are. Give me a hug, all right? How you doing? Doing all right? Go give your mom a hug. I got to talk to Grandma Kate outside in private again.

Sami: Hey.

Will: Hey.

Sami: Welcome home. I missed you so much.

Kate: Did you enjoy doing that to me?

Lucas: No, I didn't enjoy that, but you should have chosen your business partners a little more carefully.

Kate: So you did betray me.

Lucas: You know what, mom? E.J. was my target, but you chose to work with the guy.

Kate: You've hurt me.

Lucas: I have every right to want that bastard out of my life and Sami's.

Kate: Then why don't you tell her to stop sleeping with him, Lucas?

Lucas: She didn't sleep with him. He raped her.

Kate: [Sighs] So she says.

Lucas: What?

Kate: Look -- the point here is if E.J. goes down, I go down with him. And if that happens, then you're in for the fight of your life.

Philip: Shawn, for what it's worth, I'm sorry, too. When I found out you were Claire's real father, it was like something inside of me died. Instead of facing that and dealing with it, I took off. When I finally came back... I desperately wanted what I'd left behind -- my little girl. I know. I put the two of you through hell, making you look like unfit parents, taking you to court, bribing Willow to lie on the stand. If I'd done right by you, we wouldn't be here, and Claire would live to see her next birthday.

Shawn D.: All right, we better put those life jackets on now.

Philip: I got you.

Bo: Gabby!

Steve: Remember, no funny business, Brady.

Gabby: Bo.

Bo: Hey.

Gabby: Thank God you made it back. Is Shawn okay? Did he make it to Philip's boat? You think Belle and Claire are okay?

Bo: Slow down. Slow down. I'm not quite sure how Shawn is just yet, but knowing my son --

Gabby: He's okay, right? I mean, that's what you think.

Bo: Yeah.

Gabby: I tried to radio Philip's boat. I couldn't get a signal, so I put out an SOS to the Coast Guard.

Bo: That's good thinking. Thanks.

Steve: Right now we got bigger fish to fry.

Gabby: everything okay?

Bo: I'm gonna need that document I asked you to put in your safe.

Steve: You heard the man.

Gabby: The safe's back here.

Steve: Go easy.

Bo: All right.

Steve: What are you looking at?

Bo: You. Just remembering some of the good times that we had in bars like this... wondering how far you're gonna push it today.

Gabby: Here it is.

Bo: Thanks, Gabby.

Steve: Give it.

Bo: You didn't really think I was gonna give this to you, now, did you?

E.J.: If you don't mind, Celeste, I think I'm about done with talking for right now.

Celeste: So, use the time to imagine... the beautiful child growing inside of Samantha. Imagine it's yours -- your baby, and you're holding it for the first time. Imagine Stefano ripping the infant from your arms.

E.J.: Enough.

Celeste: Yeah, your innocent child being used to add a few more years to his villainous life. A bright future traded for an evil past.

E.J.: You know what? I think I've had just about enough of your imagining.

Celeste: Wait, E.J. you can't leave until the fire's burned itself out and the embers have cooled...unless you don't really want to know whose baby Samantha is carrying, huh?

E.J.: Fine. I'll stay. But I've had enough of your rambling, thank you.

Celeste: Yeah, well, that's the price you have to pay for taking my daughter from me. I can't prove that you killed my beloved Alexandra, so this is my justice, E.J. I will make you feel the unimaginable pain of having your child ripped right out of your life.

Sami: I got this for you in the French Quarter. I thought maybe we could go to Mardi Gras together someday -- go to New Orleans. Wouldn't that be fun?

Will: Oh, yeah. Thanks.

Sami: And, oh. I also got you a box of pecan pralines, and Emeril Lagasse autographed it. Can you believe that? Look what he wrote.

Will: "Bam!"

Sami: That's cool. And I picked out some of my favorite jazz, and I thought maybe you would want to listen to it, download it on your iPod or something.

Will: Yeah. Cool.

Sami: know, I have one more thing I want to give you. It's not in the bag. Um... look, I owe you an apology.

Will: It's okay, Mom.

Sami: No. No, Will, it's not. God, I have to be the most embarrassing mom in history, and I don't blame you for thinking the worst of me. Look, Will, the truth is --

Will: I know. Dad told me that you had to choose between saving dad's life and helping E.J. And I mean, it should have been an easy decision, but it must have been really tough on you.

Sami: Yeah. Well, yeah, it was tough.

Will: But it's all over now. My parents are finally legit. And, Mom, I've been waiting for you to come home so that I could thank you.

Sami: Thank me?

Will: Yeah, for saving dad's life, for keeping our family together.

Sami: I love you so much.

Will: I love you, too, Mom. Oh, and one more thing -- the pictures I downloaded from the wedding.

Sami: Oh!

Will: Present from me to you and dad. Check it out.

Sami: Oh, look how beautiful it is.

Will: Yeah, just don't blame me for the ones that Aunt Maggie took, like the one with Grandma Kate's head cut off. Yeah.

Sami: She's never looked better.

Will: [Laughs]

Sami: Oh, look how cute you are. I love that one. Oh!

Kate: So, what are you gonna do? Are you just gonna stand by and watch me rot away in jail?

Lucas: You know what? I don't know what to tell you, Mom. I gave you fair warning. I told you E.J. was cooking the books at Mythic, and you chose to ignore it.

Kate: Yeah, but you couldn't, right?

Lucas: Wait a minute. I did. I did for a while because you said you were gonna make him clean up his mess. I'm sorry. You never did.

Kate: So you called the feds, right? And we both know the real reason you did that is because I can't stand your wife.

Lucas: Really? You think that's it? You're so wrong. I can't believe you.

Kate: Just how vindictive are you going to be, Lucas?

Lucas: I don't know, Mom. I guess you just found out.

Kate: Yeah. How long have you been plotting your revenge?

Steve: Come on, Brady. You can't win. Make it easy on yourself.

Bo: All the years you've known me, Steve, when have I ever done easy?

Steve: Just give me the paper. I'll get on that plane. I'll get out of here.

Bo: Right. After you kill me.

Steve: Give me the damn document!

Bo: It really hurts my feelings, man. You said you came down here to help me and Shawn find his baby girl.

Steve: I did what I promised. I got Shawn close to Philip's boat.

Bo: And for all I know, you'll put a bullet in my head, then go after Shawn, finish him off, too.

Steve: You're starting to sound like a damn broken record.

Bo: How long are you gonna be listening to those tapes going on in your head? E.J. saying, "get the paper. Leave no prisoners."

Steve: Give it to me.

Bo: It's okay, Gabby.

Steve: Give it to me. Time's up. Give me...that document.

Bo: You want it, Steve? Come get it.

Belle: Come here, Claire Bear. Come here. Give mommy a hug. Okay? Hi! So, is this the worst of the storm, then?

Shawn D.: It could be.

Belle: But you don't think so.

Philip: Amazing. I survived a tour in Afghanistan, a tour in Iraq, only to find out I'm my own worst enemy.

Shawn D.: You cheated death twice.

Philip: Only to learn nothing. And now this will be my last tour of duty.

Shawn D.: You know, I've been thinking a lot about my life, Philip. I don't like what I see. After mine and Mimi's marriage broke up and I found out that I was Claire's biological father, I looked at you as a threat.

Philip: I had Claire for the first year that you lost.

Shawn D.: And I resented the hell out of you for it. That should have been my year, and I was gonna make you pay.

Belle: Yeah, and I didn't help things.

Shawn D.: We all played a part, Belle.

Belle: Yeah, kind of like the three stooges, right?

Philip: It's funny how the old grim reaper makes us get honest in a big hurry.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Look, Philip, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything.

Philip: There are two things I know about life -- no one gets out alive, and everyone has regrets, wishes they'd done things differently.

Belle: Okay. Who says we're gonna die, okay? Instead of planning our burials at sea, let's make a promise, okay? If we survive --

Shawn D.: Which we will.

Belle: Then we go back to Salem, and we work things out. No more fighting over Claire. No more kidnappings. No more double-crossings. We all love her. We will raise her together. Deal?

Shawn D.: Deal.

Philip: Deal.

Shawn D.: That definitely caught our attention.

Philip: Is Claire all right?

Steve: Come on. Come on. Give it to me.

Bo: This is about more than this document, Steve.

Steve: Why don't you just give it to me?

Bo: 'Cause I'm trying to save both our lives. You're as good as dead if you keep listening to those voices in your head.

Steve: That's a load of crap, all that trying to save me from myself. It's a lot of psychobabble. That's what that is.

Bo: Couple of rules I live by, Steve...

Steve: Move back.

Bo: Brush and floss my teeth before bed... love thy neighbor... and fight the bad guys even when they don't know they're bad guys. No paper, Steve. No surrender.

Steve: What are you, crazy or stupid?

Bo: If I'm gonna die, it might as well be at the hands of my friend for something I believe in.

Steve: Okay. Don't you touch that phone! Back off! This is your last chance. Give... give me the paper.

Bo: You're gonna have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Kayla: Steve, no.

Steve: Stay back.

Kayla: You put that knife down now.

Lucas: Listen to me, Mom. I am not out to get you.

Kate: You knew damn well that this was going to affect me, Lucas.

Lucas: I'm sorry. I didn't have any choice.

Kate: No, that's not true because no one forced your hand.

Lucas: Yeah, E.J. did.

Kate: Oh.

Lucas: Yeah.

Kate: By that little photo display at your wedding?

Lucas: Not only that. It's when he showed up at our honeymoon. Your partner showed up on our honeymoon, and that's when he sealed his fate.

Kate: But you see, I had nothing to do with that -- nothing. This isn't fair.

Lucas: You know what? Life isn't fair. And I'm gonna do everything I can do to protect Sami from that rapist bastard.

Kate: Including throwing your mother to the wolves, huh? You know, I have to say, of all my children, I always thought that we were the closest.

Lucas: Don't do that. Don't you start that with me, not now.

Kate: I mean, I am admitting it. [Sighs] Even in your hard-drinking days, I mean, I always looked out for you. I mean, up to this day, I have always looked out for you.

Lucas: Well, maybe that's been the problem. You never knew when to cut the cord. You just chose to wrap it around my neck.

Kate: Do you realize how many times I've saved your ass?

Lucas: Here we go with the guilt routine, right? I'm sorry, Mom. It's sink or swim. You're on your own this time.

Kate: You have turned into one ungrateful son.

Lucas: You did everything you could to destroy our wedding. You humiliated us on what was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives, and you expect me to be forgiving? I can't do that. I'm sorry. You know what, Mom? You've been one hell of an ungrateful mother. Now that I think about it, you haven't been a good mother at all.

Kate: I think that -- I think that we're too upset to talk about this. I think we should wait until we're calmed down, so why don't I come back tomorrow morning? I'll bring some coffee, and we'll talk, huh?

Lucas: Listen to me. It's over, all right? I can't trust you. I can't trust you to be around my family. And until that changes, you can't be a part of it.

Kate: Then I guess it's goodbye.

Sami: Oh, Lucas. I'm so sorry. But you know what? Your mom, she's gonna come to her senses, right? She's gonna change her mind and come back.

Lucas: If she doesn't, it's her loss. Come here. I'm never gonna let anyone come between us again, you hear me?

Celeste: You know, E.J., you could walk away from Samantha and her baby and leave them in peace.

E.J.: My father needs her stem cells, or he's going to die.

Celeste: Maybe it's his time.

E.J.: Maybe that's not yours to answer or decide.

Celeste: Tell me -- if this child is yours, will you protect it, born or unborn, like a true father?

Bo: Kay, stay back. This is my fight, not yours.

Kayla: No. I am not moving until Steve drops that knife.

Steve: You're making a big mistake, lady. It'll cost you your life.

Kayla: I don't care. I do not care. I am not backing down for you or for E.J. Wells. You'll have to kill me now. Go ahead.

Bo: Don't provoke him, Kay.

Steve: Listen to him.

Kayla: No, you listen to me! Now! You are my husband. I love you. To have and to hold. Come here, baby. Come on.

Steve: No! Stop!

Kayla: For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. Do you hear me? In sickness and in health. Until death do we part. Do you hear that? Oh, Steve. Steve.

Steve: In sick--

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: Oh, Kayla!

Kayla: Oh, God. Oh, my God.

Steve: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Belle: It's okay. It's okay, baby. I got you. I'm not gonna let you go.

Shawn D.: Claire Bear, do you want to see a little magic? Look. Look. You got your own little night-light.

Belle: Are you sure it's gonna work?

Philip: Absolutely. That signal will be picked up via satellite all around the world.

Celeste: Answer me, Elvis. Tell me you'll protect the child if it proves to be yours.

E.J.: I'll know what to do.

Celeste: Then be careful what you wish for.

E.J.: Whose feather is this?

Celeste: It's yours. You're the father of Samantha's baby. The spirits have spoken. What will you do now?

E.J.: Now -- now I'm gonna save my father.

[Claire crying]

Belle: Are we at peace?

Philip: For Claire's sake, yeah. For all of us.

Belle: It's gonna be okay. I can feel it. It's gonna be fine, like last year never happened.

Philip: It feels like that already. With that little red light blinking, I can finally see. You're Shawn, right -- the guy who crossed the desert to save my life?

Shawn D.: Yeah. And you're -- what's his name?

Belle: It's Philip.

Shawn D.: Right. You're my best friend.

Belle: [Exhales sharply]

Kayla: You're gonna be okay, baby. We're gonna stay right here until you get better. Okay? You okay?

Bo: Yeah, thanks to you. Um...about you and Steve staying here on the island...

Kayla: I don't think he's really up for a long flight.

Bo: Well, I'm not very comfortable leaving you guys here alone.

Kayla: I'm not afraid of him.

Bo: That's what scares me. He gets into that dark place of his, you can't reach him.

Kayla: I just did.

Bo: Might not be so lucky next time.

Kayla: Steve's worth the chance. We're gonna stay here until he gets better and he breaks that hold that E.J. has on him.

Bo: If anyone can do it... hey, man. You take care, all right? And listen to that wife of yours. She loves you an awful lot. Well, I guess this is adiós.

Gabby: I just got another radio transmit from the Coast Guard.

Bo: What'd they say?

Gabby: I'm so sorry, Bo. Philip's boat, it went down. Shawn, Belle, Claire -- they went down with the boat.

Willow: Evidence proves that you're guilty even though you're innocent.

Hope: You could have been up front with me, Chelsea, and told me the truth.

Chelsea: Told you the truth about what?

Hope: You and Nick.

Steve: That was the weapon of choice back in the bin.

Kayla: But we're gonna use it to make you better.

Steve: That's what they always told me.

Shawn D.: I lost her, Dad. I lost our -- our daughter.

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