Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/18/07 - Canada; Monday 5/21/07 - U.S.A.


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Sami: Lucas, do you really think I should have the amnio?

Lucas: Yeah, I do. I think we should do it. Right when we get back to Salem, I think you should have the test. We can get this whole thing settled once and for all.

Sami: That's only if we get the answer that we're praying for. If we don't...

Lucas: Then we'll deal with it. But I'm not gonna live like this anymore, and I know you're sick of it, too.

Sami: It's only for five more months.

Lucas: For five more months? I'm sick of that guy buzzing around us like some vulture, damn it. He showed up at our honeymoon. Where's he gonna stop?

Sami: We're at his family's house, or what's left of it.

Lucas: Not anymore. Soon as we rebuild it, it's gonna go back to low-rent housing. And, you know, I heard that little routine he gave you. He was here to check the progress of the place. No damn way.

Sami: Lucas, when you were talking to the foreman, he said that there was another reason, that he was here to apologize to me for what happened the night at the cabin.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. I heard that little sob story. Don't tell me you bought that.

Sami: Of course I didn't.

Lucas: Good. I also heard that deal he made you. And if you get the amnio, you'll never have to see or hear from him again. That sounded pretty damn good to me.

Sami: That's only if he's not the father.

Lucas: At this point, I'm willing to take that chance.

Sami: I'm not. Lucas, I can't.

Lucas: Sami, please.

Sami: Lucas, I am as sick of E.J. as you are. But I just -- I just don't feel right about this. I am not willing to risk my child's life for you, for E.J., for anything.

E.J.: Tony, huh? You're telling me that my brother sent you. Since when do you take orders from him?

Celeste: Since the DiMeras took my daughter. I can't afFord not to.

E.J.: All right, then. Spit it out. Tell me what he said. Oh, and, darling, don't leave anything out.

Celeste: Anthony's message was brief and just as I told you. Your father's condition has taken a turn for the worse, and he needs those stem cells immediately.

E.J.: This is the last thing I need to hear.

Celeste: Yeah, well, the last thing I needed was to be dragged into another one of your family's heinous plots. I swore when you forced me to lie to Samantha it was the last time I get involved with a DiMera.

E.J.: And yet here you are again, Celeste. What a surprise.

Celeste: I thought you just wanted to torment Samantha.

E.J.: Torment her? It was much more than that, and you know that, Celeste. She's carrying my baby.

Celeste: You don't know that, E.J.

E.J.: It has to be mine. It has to be mine. Too much is at stake.

Celeste: What are you talking about? What exactly is at stake? Dear God. Those stem cells. They're to come from Samantha's baby, aren't they?

Philip: I will not let anything happen to you and Claire.

Belle: I wish I could believe you.

Philip: I'm gonna take care of you, both of you. You're my -- Claire is my daughter. You're her mother.

Belle: What about after the storm? If we get through this --

Philip: We will get through it.

Belle: Then what? You leave me on Montefiore and take off with Claire?

[Thunder crashes]

Philip: No. I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of everything. If I knew...I could trust you and Shawn, I -- [Thuds] What was that?

Belle: What?

Philip: On the deck -- a noise.

Belle: It was probably just the wind.

Bo: Yeah, we got Shawn's signature on that statement. When I get back to Salem, I'm gonna use it to put Elvis J. Wells behind bars.

Steve: You know I can't let that happen, Bo. I'm gonna have to ask you to turn that statement over to me.

Bo: And you know that's not gonna happen.

Steve: I'm gonna have to insist.

E.J.: Why don't you mind your own business?

Celeste: You made it my business. You said if I helped you, you would tell me where Alexandra is. What happened to her? I did everything you asked, and I'm still waiting for you to make good on that promise.

E.J.: And I told you I would tell you when I was good and ready.

Celeste: No, you are a liar. You swore that if I'm to keep my mouth shut at Samantha's wedding --

E.J.: Unfortunately, things didn't go exactly according to plan at Samantha's wedding, Celeste, so I'm gonna have to hold on to that information for a little while longer.

Celeste: Tell me now.

E.J.: I'll tell you when I'm good and ready. I give you my word.

Celeste: Your word? What good is your word?

E.J.: My word, darling, is all you're getting for the time being.

Celeste: What kind of man are you? You kidnapped or, God forbid, murdered my beautiful daughter. And then you promise to tell me what happened to Alexandra, where I could find her, if I helped you with Samantha, and I did.

E.J.: And you'll continue --

Celeste: So this, E.J., what you've done, raping Samantha to get her pregnant to create a baby for the sole purpose to use as stem cells to save Stefano? My God. Was it your depraved mind that thought of that or was it his?

E.J.: You delivered your message, Celeste. I suggest you go.

Celeste: I'm sick. I am sick inside that this crackpot scheme is beneath and behind all the pain, all of the misery.

E.J.: No, you listen to me. My father, he gave me everything. He gave me everything, Celeste. I owe this to him.

Celeste: He gave you nothing, E.J. That's what you owe him. And you better realize that before it's too late because I promise you, he will destroy you.

Philip: What the hell?

Shawn D.: I came for Belle and for Claire.

Philip: You don't look so good. Maybe you should sit down.

Shawn D.: Where are they?

Philip: How did you get here? We're in the middle of the freaking ocean!

Shawn D.: I found a way, and I always will.

Philip: I knew when I found that GPS, you'd try to find us, but on a night like this, are you crazy?

Shawn D.: I said, where are they, Philip?

Philip: What are you gonna do, put them on your back and swim away?

Shawn D.: No. I'm taking control of the boat.

Philip: [Laughs] A mutiny, huh? Relieving me of command?

Shawn D.: What the hell kind of a commander are you? You kidnapped my daughter, and then you take Belle and you take her with you.

Philip: She came of her own free will.

Shawn D.: I was there, Philip. Do you expect her to leave Claire behind while you take her?

Philip: And so now you've come to save the day. Exactly how do you plan on doing that, Shawn? You can barely stand up. The way I see it, you've got two choices. You do what I say, or you swim your way home.

Shawn D.: Aah!

Bo: You're threatening me because of that statement?

Steve: Call it what you want. You know I got a job to do.

Bo: Uh-huh. This from the man who swore up and down he wasn't here to hurt me and my boy. He was here to help us.

Steve: I advise you not to make this any more difficult than it already is.

Bo: Yeah. Must be very difficult to sell out your friend to the enemy. That's exactly what Elvis is.

Steve: None of that matters now.

Bo: That's all that matters, Steve. Come on. You said it yourself. We've always been there for each other, bailed each other out, saved each other's lives. Come on. You remember what we meant to each other.

Steve: I got you, buddy. You and me really did it this time. You're not breathing. Breathe for me.


Bo: Listen to me. I don't give a damn what the DiMeras have done to you. You remember what we are to each other.

Steve: What's your point?

Bo: My point is this is all a game. The real Steve is inside you. I know it. There's no way you're gonna sell me out. No way in hell.

Steve: Just give me the damn document!

Bo: Or what?

Steve: I'm only gonna ask you one more time.

Bo: Forget it, man. Not happening.

Steve: Wrong answer.

Lucas: Please stop, all right? It's all right. If you don't want to do it, then we don't have to.

Sami: Oh, Lucas, I'm sorry.

Lucas: No, honey. Don't be ridiculous. I'm sorry.

Sami: Lucas, I understand, okay? I know how frustrated and fed up you are, and I am, too. I mean, I can't believe E.J. showed up at our honeymoon. It's bad enough when we're back at home, but I just can't help it, all right? I don't want to do anything that could risk our baby.

Lucas: You're right. Our child's the most important thing. We have to do what's best for the baby.

Sami: And you have to know. If I had that test and the baby did turn out to be E.J.'s –

Lucas: Please don't do that. Don't even talk like that to me.

Sami: But, honestly, I mean, we think he's bad now. Imagine if --

Lucas: I know. I know. He'd be a million times worse.

Sami: And you know what? If I don't get the test, we can wait. We can put him off until the baby is born. We can have some time to ourselves, you know, to act like a normal -- a seminormal – happily married newlywed couple.

Lucas: I want that so much. I want that so bad. I think we deserve it. We both do.

Sami: Yeah. Hell yeah. Right? I mean, we've wasted enough time, haven't we?

Lucas: Yeah, we have. Kind of acted like a couple spoiled brats lately. But I think we did it. I think we're all grown-up now.

Sami: Not too grown-up, I hope.

Lucas: Mnh-mnh.

Sami: Lucas, those vows we exchanged mean so much to me. They mean everything to me. I hope you know that even though we've only been married for a short time, this is the happiest time in my whole life.

Lucas: I know. Me too. I don't want to lose what we have. I really don't.

Sami: And look, I -- I don't want to live in denial. I want -- it's just -- I guess maybe I do. Maybe I do for a little bit, you know, to protect the baby.

Lucas: I understand. That's all right. If you don't want the amnio, we don't have to get it.

Sami: Thank you. Oh, Lucas. Thank you. I love you so much. And I love you so much for understanding. Thank you.

Lucas: It's not because of my gorgeous, sexy body?

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Hmm?

Sami: A little bit. 'Cause of that, too. And, certainly, I have been a big fan of this tool belt.

Lucas: Really?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: No shirt and a tool belt. Girl, get used to that look. I like it. [Smooches] I do love you. And I would do anything for you and anything for that baby.

Sami: So... are you ready?

Lucas: For what?

Sami: For saying "hell no" to E.J. Wells.

E.J.: My father loves me, Celeste. The man would never do anything to hurt me.

Celeste: You are such a fool, E.J. You have no idea what kind of man Stefano is.

E.J.: I think I know my own father.

Celeste: Your father is a coward, hiding behind his family's wealth and power, using it to make himself feel important because that's all that Stefano cares about, you see, himself.

E.J.: Really? Is that right? Well, then why do I recall you telling me that my father would never harm one of his own children?

Celeste: At the time, that is what I thought, but no longer. Stefano is capable of doing anything, including, darling -- including destroying you.

E.J.: You're wrong. My father raised me. My father educated me. He protected me. I didn't want for anything.

Celeste: Yeah, because he was raising a weapon, not a son. He used you, E.J., to destroy his enemies, and now that he's sick and dying, he's using your demon seed so that the Phoenix can rise again. You know that and so do I. So now, if this is your child, Stefano won't hesitate for one minute to destroy it, darling, to save the only life that he has ever cared about.

E.J.: I think I've heard about enough.

Celeste: No, you haven't heard nearly enough, E.J. You have to save this child. If you are the father, you need to stand up to Stefano and save your baby's life.

Belle: Philip, please, don't.

Philip: Stay out!

Shawn D.: This ends right here, right now, Belle.

Belle: Shawn!

Philip: Get up! Get up and fight!

Belle: Oh, my God, Shawn.

Philip: No, he's fine.

Belle: He's bleeding from the shoulder again, Philip.

Philip: Clear the bed. I'll bring him in.

Steve: Just give me the statement. Nobody gets hurt.

Bo: This isn't gonna end there, Steve. I can have Shawn sign another one.

Steve: It's not smart you telling me that.

Bo: The statement isn't what your boss is worried about. You know that as well as I.

Steve: Are you pushing me to do something I don't want to do?

Bo: As long as Shawn and I are alive, we're a liability to Wells. So, you ready to kill us?

Steve: You think I want to?

Bo: You tell me.

Steve: It doesn't have to come to that. Why can't you just back off of Wells?

Bo: 'Cause he's an arrogant bastard who's hurt a lot of people.

Steve: You got to be supercop all the time, right? Just go after some other bad guys.

Bo: He brought it to my home, Steve! He bugged my house. He tried to break up my marriage. Hell, he tried to kill your wife.

Steve: Leave Kayla out of this!

Bo: Kind of hard to do. She keeps jumping into the middle of it. She keeps risking her life to try to break that hold Wells has on you.

Steve: I said I don't want to talk about Kayla!

Bo: Why is that, Steve? You gonna sell her out, too? You gonna choose Wells over your wife, the woman you love?

Steve: I told her a million times to stay of this. I'm not worth it. I'm no good.

Bo: She doesn't happen to believe that.

Steve: That's not my problem.

Bo: And I don't believe you don't care what happens to her.

Steve: She'll be fine. She'll be fine. We'll all be fine if you'll just give me that damn document!

Bo: You can continue to lie to yourself, Steve, but you can't lie to me. Wells didn't send you here to shred some document. He wants me dead. So the question is, is that what you want? Do you want me dead, too?

E.J.: You needn't worry, Celeste. We'll know very soon if the child is mine. And if it isn't, fine, I will tell Tony, I'll tell Stefano there's no DiMera baby and there's, therefore, no stem cells, all right? If that's the case, I'll just fade away in the middle of the night. I'm gonna leave the Roberts family to enjoy the rest of their lives.

Celeste: You know, E.J., I spent the darkest days of my life right here, right here in that mansion up there... [Scoffs] ...Trapped inside Stefano's madness. And, like you, darling, I thought he was a God. Yeah. What if the baby is yours, E.J.? What will you do then? How far are you willing to go to save an evil, old man?

Sami: E.J., Lucas and I have -- Celeste, what are you doing here?

Steve: No more talk. I want that statement, and I want it now.

Bo: But Elvis wants more than that, doesn't he, Steve? Doesn't he? Tell me he didn't send you here to kill me.

Steve: [Moans]

E.J.: You're going to find Shawn.

Steve: Why?

E.J.: 'Cause Bo Brady wants him to sign a piece of paper that could be somewhat problematic for me.

Steve: Shawn.

E.J.: Shawn, Bo's son. Your nephew. Stop him from signing the paper. Hello.

Steve: So that's my mission.

E.J.: That's part of it. [Clears throat] Your mission -- and you will choose to accept it -- is to kill Bo Brady.

Steve: No. Bo's family.

E.J.: What was that? Did you just say no to me?

Steve: I won't kill him!

E.J.: Your deprogrammer did an excellent job, didn't he? I'll have to look him up. Steve.

Steve: Yeah?

E.J.: Hey, Steve.

Steve: Aah!

E.J.: Shh! A soldier serves only one commander, Steve. A soldier follows orders. Your loyalty is to me... not to your family. You're gonna go to Tinda Lao, and you're gonna kill Bo Brady. And that is an order. Are we clear?

Steve: I'll kill him.

E.J.: Good boy.

E.J.: Kill Bo Brady. Kill Bo Brady.

Bo: Steve.

E.J.: Kill Bo Brady.

Bo: The voices or whatever the hell it is that's going on inside your head, they're making you do things that you don't really want to do. That's why we took you from that hospital. And you were coming back to us. You were getting better, but then Elvis, he took you again. And it all started over again. He's got some kind of hold on you, Steve, and we got to fight it.

Steve: Shut up! I don't want to hear any more!

Bo: Then why don't you just do it, man? Do it! Shoot me! Shoot me and get it over with! Come on! Do it! Come on, Steve!

Sami: Answer me, Celeste. What are you doing here with him?

Lucas: Maybe we should rent out a motel for all the people who we know who are following us on our honeymoon.

Celeste: I assure you I have no intention of intruding on your honeymoon. I'm here to see E.J. business.

Lucas: Family business? What kind of family is that? The Manson’s? The Addams family? No, no, Sopranos. No, no, the DiMeras. That's right. My bad. It's the same thing.

E.J.: As much as I appreciate the levity, let's go on to the more important topic, shall we? Do you have a proposal on the table?

Sami: Yes. Lucas and I have talked it over. The answer is no. I am not willing to risk my baby's life for anything. So you are just gonna have to wait the five months until this baby is born.

E.J.: I'm afraid that simply doesn't work for me.

Sami: It's not your choice. Get that through your thick skull.

Lucas: We've said what we have to say. Let's go.

E.J.: I'm not waiting five months, Samantha.

Sami: You don't have a choice. I'm not doing the amnio.

E.J.: And I am simply not going to wait that long to find out if this child is mine.

Lucas: Why not, E.J.? What's your rush?

Belle: I can't believe he did this. I can't believe he came after us in this storm, especially when he was still recovering from being shot. What was he thinking?

Philip: He wasn't thinking. He was doing what he thought he had to do.

Belle: You almost sound impressed.

Philip: Well, I have to give him credit. He's nuts, but he doesn't give up.

Belle: Sounds a lot like you. He's reopened the wound. I need some bandages and some disinfectant.

Philip: He'll be all right.

Belle: Shawn. Shawn, can you hear me? It's Belle. I'm here, baby. You're gonna be okay. Come on. I need you to open your eyes. Open your eyes. You can say something. Can you do that?

Shawn D.: I'm sorry. I meant to... I meant to kill him, to get rid of Philip forever.

Belle: No. Shawn, the fighting's over with. Philip's agreed that the only way to get Claire to safety is if we all work together. So that's what we're gonna do.

Shawn D.: Where's Claire? Is she okay?

Belle: She's fine. She's right here. She's safe and sound.

Philip: She just woke up, wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

Bo: Come on, man. Do it! Do it! Pull the trigger!

Steve: Why are you doing this?

Bo: 'Cause I know you can't do it, Steve, no matter what the DiMeras did to you. Once you realize that, this stupid game is gonna be all over with.

Steve: I have to kill.

Bo: Hey, you're not a cold-blooded killer. You're the same Steve Johnson I met back in the merchant Marines, before the DiMeras got their hands on you. You love your wife, Kayla. You love Stephanie, your daughter. You love her. There's no way you're gonna put a bullet in the head of your friend to protect that scum.

Steve: What do you mean?! You're not my friend! You put my eye out! You don't remember that? If you don't think I'd shoot you just for that, then you're not paying attention.

E.J.: If I appear anxious, it's because I am, all right? I'd like to have this matter settled, and I would have thought that you and your wife would appreciate some closure.

Lucas: Oh, we do want some closure, so why don't you hang yourself for us, huh?

E.J.: What about you, Samantha? Wouldn't you like to put all this behind us -- get rid of me, get on with your life, and this thing here.

Sami: My husband is the best thing that ever happened to me, but you wouldn't understand that. I want nothing more than to be rid of you.

E.J.: Then go ahead.

Sami: I'm not willing to risk my child's life for it. The sad thing is, I would hope you would feel the same way because this child could be yours.

Lucas: He only cares about himself, really.

Celeste: If it weren't for Alexandra, not only would I have lit the fire myself, I would have roasted marshmallows over your flaming corpse.

E.J.: [Laughs] You are a feisty one, eh? I'm beginning to see what my father saw in you.

Celeste: Yeah, but what you can't see is as much as you idolize the man and long to be like him, darling, you fail miserably. Evil though both of you are, at least Stefano loved his children, and he always put their safety and happiness even before his own.

E.J.: Are you saying that I won't?

Celeste: [Chuckles] You know, the child that Samantha is carrying, it could very well be yours, as you are so fond of insisting. Yeah, and every time you send Samantha through hell, you put that pregnancy in jeopardy. So, now, E.J., you tell me. What kind of father does that make you, huh? What kind of successor to the DiMera throne?

E.J.: That's not true.

Sami: Oh, well, maybe it's just that you're unfamiliar with the concept of fatherly love. I mean, a real father's love. So let me explain rule number one. E.J., the child comes first, above everything else.

Celeste: Thank you, Samantha.

Sami: So, I would like to ask you to respect our marriage and have the decency to give us space while we wait.

E.J.: Believe it or not, Samantha, I do want you to be happy.

Sami: You don't get it. This isn't about me. It is certainly not about you or Lucas. This is about a baby who has already dealt with too much stress. So do what a real man would do. Do what a real father would do. Do what's best for this baby.

E.J.: You're right. Okay. I won't bother you about the amnio. I'll leave everything till after the child is born. I will...defer to you as a mother to decide what is best.

Sami: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Lucas: Come on.

Celeste: Well, I'm impressed. Something I said must have sunk in, huh? Or was it Samantha? That is, of course, if you actually did mean what you said.

E.J.: I meant every word.

Celeste: In that case, E.J., what are you gonna tell Stefano? [Engine revving]

Belle: Hot chicken soup -- just what you needed.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I feel like a new man already.

Belle: Shawn, you really -- you took an awful chance in getting on that raft with a typhoon on the way.

Shawn D.: Philip said he was gonna take Claire, that we'd never see her again.

Belle: You could have been killed. [Rattling]

Shawn D.: What the hell is he doing up there?

Belle: I don't know, but it doesn't sound good.

Philip: So how's the patient? You're looking much better, I see.

Shawn D.: Philip, the engine is winding up.

Philip: I opened it up.

Shawn D.: It's not a good idea in a sea this rough.

Philip: We're trying to outrun a typhoon.

Shawn D.: It's better to go slow than dead in the water.

Philip: You're not the captain of this vessel. You don't give the orders.

Shawn D.: What you're doing could kill us all.

Steve: You put my eye out.

Bo: Steve, come on, man. We hashed that out years ago. We got past it.

Steve: Maybe you got past it. You don't have to look at your ugly face in the morning like I do. I owe you for this, and I swore that one day I'd get you back for it.

Bo: You swore vengeance. And not too long after that, you got your chance. It would have been easy for you.

Bo: Bill? Hey, yo! Who's running the machine? Come on, man, I'm back here. Hey! [Shouting indistinctly] Come on! Come on!

Steve: Where is he?

Bo: I got no place to go! Stop the machine! [Indistinct shouting]

Bo: Ah!

Bo: You see what I mean? You're not some zombie DiMera killer. You're the guy who saved the life of someone you said you hated. So either put that gun away or use it.

Lucas: Good job. I think you did it. I mean, I think you got to E.J. I think you finally did it. I think he pulled a 180.

Sami: Yeah, well, I hope he meant what he said, that he'll keep his distance until the baby's born, at least.

Lucas: I don't know about that. We've been through this before with E.J. Remember when he said he'd move out of our building?

Sami: Yeah. He's still there.

Lucas: That's right. Instead of looking for a new place to live, he spent the last six months trying to sabotage our wedding.

Sami: I know. Maybe this time...

Lucas: What? This time what?

Sami: I don't know. Maybe this time he really means it, you know? He sounded sincere, you know, the way he was talking.

Lucas: I don't buy it. I know he's not gonna change his tune. He's still gonna try to come between us, and I'm sick of it. I've had it, really.

Sami: You were saying something earlier about teaching him a lesson.

Lucas: I will teach him a lesson, a lesson he'll never forget. This is gonna be the end of E.J. Wells.

Belle: For goodness sakes, listen to Shawn. He knows boats.

Shawn D.: I know when an engine is about to blow.

Philip: We got to get ahead of the storm. If this storm catches up with us, it will tear this whole ship apart.

Shawn D.: Let me handle it.

Belle: No, no, no. Shawn, you're still too weak.

Shawn D.: We got to go down to half speed.

Philip: We'll never get out of the storm's way.

Shawn D.: It'll be a rough ride, but we might just hold it together, so long as we save the engine.

Philip: I don't agree. They want us to go to Montefiore. That's where we're headed, as fast as we can.

Shawn D.: Let me ask you a question -- how many storms have you weathered? [Crashing]

Bo: I know you, man. You're the kind of guy we can count on. Hell, you helped Shawn and Belle escape with Claire. You've been there for all of us over the years, Steve. You're not a killer. You're not a DiMera. You hate them as much as the Bradys do.

Steve: Then why am I here? Why am I holding this gun?

Bo: 'Cause you can't think straight, man. You're just -- why don't you give me the gun, and I'll help you out? Steve, you're not a killer. You're not a DiMera. It's gonna be okay. It's all right. It's gonna be okay.

Steve: Aah!

Sami: Okay, Lucas, you are starting to freak me out now. What do you have planned? What are you gonna do to E.J.?

Lucas: Remember when I told you I was looking over Mythic's books?

Sami: You said that he was cooking them.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, he was. I found at least six FCC violations and a whole list of other crimes. I mean, fraud he perpetrated against Billie. There's a lot going on here. We can get him.

Sami: He's not gonna go to jail. He's a DiMera. He'll find a way to walk.

Lucas: It doesn't matter because I got copies of all that evidence. I can make the court see this is a slam-dunk case.

Sami: Come on, Lucas. Think about your mom. I mean, not that I care, but don't you care that she's his partner? She's gonna go down, too.

Lucas: She's a big girl. She's the one who tried to get into bed with that shark.

Sami: She succeeded.

Lucas: Yeah, she did. It's her own damn fault. I can't do anything for her. She'll figure it out. And as for E.J., I can't help it, but he's going down.

E.J.: I'm not sure what I'm gonna tell my father, but Samantha was right. If that's my baby, I have to protect it.

Celeste: So, you really won't force Samantha to have the amnio.

E.J.: No, but I'm not waiting five months to get an answer, so we're gonna have to find another way.

Celeste: As far as I'm aware, darling, DNA testing is the only reliable scientific means.

E.J.: I'm not talking about scientific means. I'm talking about the black arts, that thing that -- that you do. Summon whatever it is you do -- the voodoo, the dark forces, do it for me. Tell me.

Shawn D.: We threw a rod.

Philip: Can it be fixed?

Shawn D.: Not without the parts.

Philip: Damn it.

Shawn D.: Congratulations, captain. We're dead.

[Thunder crashes]

Belle: It's gonna be okay, sweetie. Your two dads are gonna fix everything. Nothing's gonna happen. I promise. What happened?

Shawn D.: The engine can't be fixed. We're gonna have to seal her up as tight as we can.

Belle: What do we do?

Shawn D.: There's nothing we can do except wait and pray.

Steve: Aah! Damn you. You really shouldn't have done that.

Bo: It's gonna be okay.

Steve: Plans are in motion. If you stop them, someone's gonna pay.

Bo: I'll protect you. You save my life, I'll save yours.

Steve: I have a mission. I have to complete my mission.

Bo: The gun is gone. It's gonna be okay.

Steve: It's not over. It's not over. I'm not allowed to let it be over. I'm not allowed to let it be over! Give me that statement, Bo. Give it to me now, or we're both gonna die!

Belle: We go back to Salem and we work things out.

Kate: How vindictive are you going to be, Lucas?

Lucas: I don't know, Mom. I guess you just found out.

Celeste: Tell us, does the ancient DiMera bloodline flow through the heart and the soul of Samantha's unborn child?

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