Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/15/07 - Canada; Wednesday 5/16/07 - U.S.A.


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Nick: Chelsea!

Chelsea: I'm not here.

Nick: [Sighs] Please listen to me, all right? You got it all wrong back there.

Chelsea: Really? Well, I'm no genius, but I'm pretty sure I know when I've been rejected.

Nick: I didn't reject you.

Chelsea: Yes, you did.

Nick: No. All I said was that I didn't think we should do it right then and there.

Chelsea: Right. Rejection.

Nick: I would never reject you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Really? Well, then, tell me why it is when a girl shows up in your bedroom ready to bare her heart and soul to you and everything else that comes with it, you just kick her to the curb.

Nick: Oh! That was my nose.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, I wasn't aiming for your nose.

Nick: I love you, Chelsea, and I'm not leaving until you open the damn door and hear me out.

Philip: Hey, Belle! Belle, you're not gonna believe the night sky. It's full of stars... more than I've ever -- Belle! It's beautiful... almost as beautiful as you.

Belle: Where is it? Where is the GPS? Okay. It's working. Please, Shawn, find us.

Bo: Yeah, I'll call as soon as I know something. I love you, too, Fancy Face. Give my sweet little angel a kiss for me. Bye.

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad. There's no way Steve's coming after us.

Bo: A lot has changed since you left town, son.

Shawn D.: He's not gonna hurt us.

Bo: He can, and he will.

Shawn D.: He traveled halfway across the world to help.

Bo: To help Wells, not us.

Shawn D.: So, what are we supposed to do, just sit here and do nothing?

Bo: No. I know you want your daughter safe. So do I. But I got to know that you're safe, too.

Shawn D.: Every second that we wait, the further away they get.

Bo: I know that. I can see it.

Shawn D.: No, you don't. I'm getting on that plane.

Bo: No, you're not. You do and you'll die. The game has changed, Shawn. We got to stay one step ahead of Steve or neither one of us is gonna get off this island alive.

Nick: Chelsea. Please let me in.

Chelsea: Or what, you'll huff and puff?

Nick: No, but... I'll sing.

Chelsea: You'll sing?

Nick: Yeah, I will. I'll sing, and I won't leave until you let me in.

Chelsea: Well, I won't listen.

Nick: Chelsea, I love you. I love you so much in my heart I want to love you --

Chelsea: Shut up. We have neighbors.

Nick: Can you please let me in?

Chelsea: No.

Nick: Okay, come on. Give me five minutes to explain this to you, all right? And then I'll leave if you want me to, I promise.

Chelsea: Five minutes.

Nick: Thank you.

Chelsea: Four minutes and 57 seconds.

Nick: Okay. Okay. Thank you. I want to be with you. I want to be with you more than anything in the world.

Chelsea: Four minutes and 53 seconds.

Nick: I knew from the first second that I saw you that you were the one for me.

Chelsea: Four minutes and 47 seconds.

Nick: Chelsea, can you please stop doing this?

Chelsea: Four minutes and 43 seconds.

Nick: When we were in the church, I wanted to kiss you. I wanted to keep kissing you for the eternity of time.

Chelsea: But you didn't. You stopped. Do you know how hard it was for me to come over there today?

Nick: Yes, I do.

Chelsea: I put all of that stuff between you and my mom behind me. I was ready, finally, to make you the one. I wanted you to be my first.

Nick: And I want to be your first.

Chelsea: Well, you had me fooled.

Nick: It was just -- it happened to be very horrible -- it was horrible timing.

Chelsea: Yeah, why is that, Nick?

Nick: Because I wasn't expecting it.

Chelsea: Oh, I'm sorry. Do you have to have me in your day planner or something?

Nick: That's not what I meant.

Chelsea: Do you know, I was talking with Hope, and I came up with all these reasons why I loved you. The number one was because you let me be myself, because you never gave up on me.

Nick: And I never, ever will.

Chelsea: But you did, Nick. I needed you to hold me, tell me that I was the one, too.

Nick: You are. You are the one.

Chelsea: Evidently not. I came up with like a million reasons why I wanted to be with you, and you can't even come up with one really good reason why you don't want to be with me.

Nick: I can come up with one really good reason. But you're not gonna like it.

Philip: Belle! Hey. Didn't you hear me?

Belle: No. Hear what?

Philip: I wanted you to come check out the sky.

Belle: Why?

Philip: I thought it'd be nice for all of us to go out on deck and check out the stars. You used to love to do that, remember?

Belle: That was a long time ago.

Philip: Yeah, not so long.

Belle: I'm tired, Philip.

Philip: Fine. I won't push.

Belle: Yeah, you will. You'll push until you get your way. It doesn't matter -- big things, little things, whatever.

Philip: Let me help with that.

Belle: No, it's okay. I got it.

Philip: You know, when I was a kid...I used to dream of traveling to the ends of the universe.

Belle: Too bad you didn't get your wish. I'm sorry. Everything that's going on is kind of crazy-making.

Philip: Yeah.

Belle: So, what was at the end of the universe?

Philip: The feeling that I could do anything, be anything if I just reached out for it and wanted it badly enough. Come up on deck with me, Belle.

Shawn D.: Steve is the one that helped us escape. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have gotten this far.

Bo: This isn't about Steve. Elvis J. Jr. Is calling the shots right now. That's how Steve got his plane, how Steve knew where we were.

Shawn D.: He would never kill me.

Bo: Yeah, he would if Elvis wanted it.

Shawn D.: What, because you and Aunt Kayla say so? I'm sorry, Dad. That's not good enough.

Bo: Shawn, listen to me. Steve has been involved in some crimes recently.

Shawn D.: What sort of crimes?

Bo: Elvis has some kind of a trigger that he uses when he wants Steve to pull off a job.

Shawn D.: You mean like hypnosis?

Bo: Worse. He was -- he was brainwashed and tortured. Look, man -- Steve kidnapped John out of the hospital. He took his damn kidney out and transplanted it into Stefano DiMera, all on Elvis' orders.

Shawn D.: Then why isn't he in jail?

Bo: 'Cause I couldn't prove it. My point is it happened because Steve was following orders, and he'd do it again.

Shawn D.: I get that E.J. is a DiMera. That's always bad news. But why does E.J. want me dead?

Bo: You're the key to bringing him down.

Shawn D.: How?

Bo: You worked for him.

Shawn D.: I guess you could say that.

Bo: It's like dominoes, son. I get you to sign a statement that said you passed information between Lockhart and Wells. I get Lockhart to roll over on his boss.

Shawn D.: But I never knew what was in any of those packages.

Bo: Lockhart doesn't know that. Neither does Wells. And he doesn't like loose ends, which, at this point, would be you.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, come to think of it, Steve, he did mention something about E.J.

Bo: What did you say?

Shawn D.: Absolutely nothing. But I don't care about E.J. Dad, what I want is my family back.

Bo: And we'll get them back, but you got to know that Steve is more of an enemy to you than Philip.

Belle: This is not a cruise, Philip, or a vacation for Claire and me.

Philip: I know, but --

Belle: No, Philip, you're trying to take my child away from me, so stop trying to make this into something it's not.

Philip: Hey, I have legal custody, and you're here because you want to be here.

Belle: For my daughter.

Philip: That's called a choice.

Belle: No, it's not a choice. You know this isn't how I want to live my life.

Philip: You mean without Shawn?

Belle: We want to be together, Philip.

Philip: You had your chance back in Salem. You wouldn't even think about sharing custody with me.

Belle: And it was wrong. We were wrong about a lot of things.

Philip: Oh, and I suppose you want to hear me say I'm wrong, too.

Belle: It would be nice.

Philip: You mean coming from a Kiriakis?

Belle: No, I mean coming from a man who claims to love my daughter.

Philip: Okay, Mom. Would you mind if I took Claire up on deck?

Belle: You're asking my permission?

Philip: Because you are her mother and I've been out of her life for so long. She looks at me like I'm a strange guy she's just not sure about. I just -- I want a few moments with her.

Belle: I guess.

Philip: And you, too, if you'd like to come with us.

Belle: How do you think Shawn would feel about that, the three of us -- you, me, Shawn's daughter up on the deck, stargazing?

Philip: What happened on that island was necessary, okay? It's over.

Belle: How was shooting Shawn necessary?

Philip: I didn't shoot him.

Belle: You told some crazy guy with a gun to keep him on the island. What did you expect?

Philip: Not for him to shoot Shawn. No matter what happened, we're here now, Belle. I'm trying to make the most of it, but I can't do it alone.

Belle: Well, it was really nice of you to ask permission to take Claire up on deck, but let's start talking the truth here, Philip. You're holding Claire and me hostage here, and that really pisses me off. So I would really like to know, how does that make you feel?

Shawn D.: If it were mom and Ciara out there, you wouldn't let anybody stop you from getting on that plane.

Bo: Take it easy, Shawn. We'll find your girls.

Shawn D.: That's not an answer, Dad. Look, I'm sorry for what Steve did to John, but that has got nothing to do with what I need to do. And what I need to do is get off this island now.

Steve: Let's go. Let's shake a leg, man. Gas up that puddle jumper and get your family back.

Shawn D.: He's right. Let's go.

Bo: Steve, hold up. Shawn's not going anywhere with you.

Shawn D.: Don't talk for me.

Bo: I'll handle this.

Shawn D.: It's my decision.

Steve: So, what's the problem?

Shawn D.: My dad thinks he's running this race for me.

Bo: Don't go anywhere without a plan.

Steve: He's right about that, Shawn.

Shawn D.: My plan is to get my family back.

Steve: We do what we said. We take the seaplane, and we go pick them up.

Shawn D.: Yeah, you drop me in the path of Philip's boat, and I'll take it from there.

Steve: Don't you want one of us on the boat with you?

Bo: We don't know Philip's exact location. We nail that down before we go anywhere.

Steve: Hey, Bo... when family's in trouble, you don't sweat the details.

Bo: If we're off just a fraction, we'll be flying blind out there. Details matter. We do this right or we don't do it at all.

Steve: Maybe we could just cowboy up and take a shot in the dark.

Bo: It'd be too risky.

Steve: Risk isn't always bad.

Bo: It is when my granddaughter's life is at stake. Go fuel up the plane. We'll figure out Philip's current location.

Steve: Bo... I'm getting kind of a weird read here, man.

Bo: What's your problem?

Steve: You tell me. This isn't how you operate -- computers, numbers, checking, rechecking. If you guys don't want me here, if there's something going on, you can tell me. I'm a big boy. It won't hurt my feelings.

Philip: How did I feel? Lousy. Do I wish this really was some sort of vacation cruise the three of us were on? You bet. But it's not. I don't need your help. I'm just trying to -- to get back what is mine, what I lost.

Belle: I know how much you've lost in the last couple of years, and it's not just Claire or me. Philip, sit down, please.

Philip: When you're at war... everything's a battle -- catching five minutes of sleep, trying not to see the enemy in a little boy's eyes... a battle to not let fear keep you from putting one foot in front of the other. When I got back from that hell, I couldn't switch gears overnight. So when I lost Claire, I went to war with you and Shawn.

Belle: And now?

Philip: Now I'm just trying to get everything right, maybe even find a little peace.

Belle: We're still at war, Philip.

Philip: Yeah. Claire deserves better than what we've given her the past few months.

Belle: Claire is a part of me and Shawn.

Philip: And me. She was mine for the first year of her life. I love her. What's so wrong about a father wanting to take his daughter in his arms and show her the stars?

Belle: Philip, there is a way to end this war.

Philip: How?

Belle: If you really regret that custody battle, then you'll let us go -- Claire and me. Because in the end, that's what a good parent does, Philip -- they learn to let go.

Chelsea: Here.

Nick: Thank you. My mouth gets really dry when I'm nervous.

Chelsea: So, who is she, the one giving you all this dry mouth?

Nick: This isn't easy to explain.

Chelsea: Just don't play me, Nick.

Nick: I wouldn't even know how to play you. Chess -- chess I could play.

Chelsea: So, what, I'm like your pawn in all of this?

Nick: No, you're my queen.

Chelsea: No, I can't be your queen because the queen is the one that's doing the king.

Nick: Then I'm your knight in shining armor.

Chelsea: They don't make shining armor in a 32 slim.

Nick: Was that a joke? Jokes are good. Jokes mean you're not mad at me anymore.

Chelsea: No, actually, I'm extremely mad at you because we're talking about a stupid game of chess rather than talking about the girl that you're sleeping with. And your little Princess Leia doll doesn't count.

Nick: Guys like me don't even know how to sleep around.

Chelsea: Sure, they do. They just act like they don't.

Nick: I am the guy who I didn't have a homecoming date, I didn't have a prom date. I couldn't find lovers' lane if I lived on it.

Chelsea: You didn't go to prom?

Nick: I got stood up.

Chelsea: Why?

Nick: Better offer.

Chelsea: Idiot. I meant the girl, not you. I mean, she could have gone with you, but --

Nick: Yeah, well, she found a lacrosse player instead.

Chelsea: So, what, now you're just making up for lost time?

Nick: All right, you're right, Chelsea. I got a girl in the shower. I got two under my bed. I got three in the hospital. I can't find my car keys let alone --

Chelsea: Okay, so, there's no woman.

Nick: Sort of yes, sort of no.

Chelsea: Well, which one?

Nick: Okay, all right. The God's honest truth... yeah, there is.

Maggie: Do-do do-do do-do do-do do do-do Nick? Nick? Nick? Nick? Hmm. Okay. [Sighs]

Chelsea: So, who is she?

Nick: Let's -- why don't we sit down?

Chelsea: You better make this quick because I'm pretty sure that this is the last conversation we'll ever have.

Nick: Um... it's, uh... it's my Aunt Maggie.

Chelsea: Maggie?

Nick: Yeah. in her house.

Chelsea: She's the other woman?

Nick: In a way.

Chelsea: Nick, that's disgusting.

Nick: No, I kid you not. This woman thinks that I can't even tie my shoes. I mean, she does everything for me. She washes my clothes. She checks up on me. Sometimes she doesn't even knock. I mean, the last thing that I want in the world is for her to walk in on us with my morning O.J.

Chelsea: She brings you orange juice?

Nick: Sometimes, yeah.

Chelsea: Okay. Um, well, I could always just, you know, sneak out before juice time.

Nick: Well, but then, what about your dad? I mean, what would he think if you snuck out?

Chelsea: I wouldn't have to stay the night.

Nick: Yeah. You would.

Chelsea: Why?

Nick: Because when we're together, I want to hold you all night long.

Chelsea: I love you, Nick.

Nick: Does that mean that you're not mad at me?

Chelsea: Well... this is just a geography problem, right? 'Cause I have a solution.

Nick: What?

Chelsea: Well, you could either, um, stay with Aunt Maggie and live like a monk.

Nick: No, thank you.

Chelsea: Or you could move out and get your own place. And then we could hold each other all night long.

Philip: I'm sorry. I can't let you go -- not yet.

Belle: Then we are still prisoners of war.

Philip: Don't say that. You got so caught up in running away with Shawn, you forgot what it was like for us, how we loved each other, loved our baby. We were more than this.

Belle: We can't go back.

Philip: We can go on...together. I'll try to ease the tension any way I can. I've made mistakes. You agree. So have you and Shawn.

Belle: Shawn loves Claire. He won't give up.

Philip: He'll never find us.

Belle: He'll never stop trying.

Philip: All right. Enough. We need ground rules.

Belle: Ground rules don't exactly ease tension, Philip.

Philip: From now on, we don't talk about Shawn, okay? And I don't want you mentioning him to Claire.

Belle: Oh, well, that'll sure win us over.

Philip: It's for her own good.

Belle: No, it's for your own good. Why can't you see that?

Philip: I love Claire. She may not have my blood, but she has my heart. And the last time I checked, being a parent doesn't have a damn thing to do with biology.

Belle: No, it's how you love her.

Philip: You let Shawn drag her all over the world!

Belle: We went willingly with Shawn because we wanted to be together.

Philip: Well, you're here now. And I'm just asking you for a chance... for our daughter.

Belle: And if I don't?

Philip: Well, then Claire is one very unhappy little girl.

Belle: Wow. That is incredible how you can just flip this and make this my fault, that if I don't stick with this farce of a family, Claire suffers.

Philip: That's not what I meant.

Belle: Well, that's how it is.

Philip: I would love for you to want to stay with us and help with Claire, make her feel part of a real family. But I can't force you to want that, too.

Belle: Okay. You want me to give you another chance? Then you have to be completely honest with me.

Philip: About what?

Belle: About where we're going and how long we plan to be there.

Steve: I think we might all need one of these before the night's out.

Bo: Shawn's never been on a rescue mission like this, and Philip, he's a good soldier. We can't underestimate him.

Steve: Yeah, well, it's not Philip you're worried about, is it? You're looking for the cracks in me. You can look all you want, Bo. You won't find any.

Bo: I don't know, man. Last time I saw you --

Steve: I barely had a pulse. I know. I must have looked like something out of "the body snatchers." But Kayla got me help. And it stuck. Now, I admit I'm here for myself as much as I am for you guys. I want to be the man this family can still count on. Do I have to drink to that alone?

Bo: Let's go find the girls.

Steve: You dudes set the course. I'll refuel. Don't be long.

Bo: Yeah, see you in a second.

Shawn D.: What the hell was that all about?

Bo: He's testing us.

Shawn D.: Or maybe he's okay and everybody back home is crazy.

Bo: Hey.

Shawn D.: Where the hell did you get that?

Gabby: Your uncle's room. I thought I should nose around, see what would turn up.

Philip: What does it matter where we go?

Belle: You know how it feels to be in the dark. I'm really sorry I did that to you. Forget it. I'll know when we get there, not that I can do anything about it anyway.

Philip: It's Australia. We're heading to Australia.

Belle: Why?

Philip: Because if we go back to Salem, the war starts all over again with you, Shawn, my family, his family, with Claire as a prize. I'm not gonna let that happen.

Belle: Well, how long will we be away?

Philip: I don't know.

Belle: A few weeks, months, forever?

Philip: I said I don't know.

Belle: Like hell you don't.

Philip: I need time to spend with my daughter.

Belle: How much time?

Philip: Time for her to know who I am. All she's seen these past few months is an angry guy. That's not the kind of father I want to be, Belle.

Belle: What am I supposed to do in Australia?

Philip: That's up to you.

Belle: You expect me not to call my parents or Shawn?

Philip: Contact them. Go back to Salem. It doesn't matter. My lawyers tell me the custody agreement is binding. The place I picked out might as well be a fortress.

Belle: You've had this all planned?

Philip: You want the truth, Belle? Here it is. I'm waiting for something special.

Belle: For what?

Philip: I'm waiting to hear Claire say one simple word -- daddy. And when she does, when her sweet little voice says that word, I'll be the one she's looking at, not Shawn Brady. Claire and I aren't going back to Salem until I'm the only father she knows, the only one she recognizes.

Bo: The serial number has been filed off.

Gabby: So it can't get traced.

Bo: Yeah. Sound like your uncle to you?

Shawn D.: I can't believe this.

Bo: Yeah. Gabby, I want you to put this back exactly where you found it. Try not to move anything. He can't know that you were in his room.

Gabby: Got it.

Bo: You be careful.

Shawn D.: Wow.

Bo: Believe me now?

Shawn D.: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Bo: Hey, forget it.

Shawn D.: So, what are we gonna do now?

Bo: You're gonna find your family. I'm gonna keep an eye on Steve.

Shawn D.: Steve's got to know that you're onto him by now.

Bo: Yeah, well, I got something in mind. In the meantime --

Shawn D.: What's that?

Bo: What Steve came here to stop. Your signature on this will put Elvis J. Wells behind bars for the rest of his miserable life.

Nick: You want me to get us a place?

Chelsea: Oh, um...not us. Just you. But I would visit a lot.

Nick: [Sighs] You know, there's furniture and food and rent.

Chelsea: Okay. I'm talking sex, and you're making a shopping list.

Nick: No, no, no. I'm just saying stuff costs money.

Chelsea: Yeah, but I imagine that you'd have a lot saved, right? I mean, unless you blew it all on something that you didn't want me to know about.

Nick: Yeah. Right.

Chelsea: Okay. And realistically, all you'd really be buying furniture-wise is what, like, a big, giant bed, maybe one of those old ones with the four posts?

Nick: You know, but there's also grad school to think about.

Chelsea: Oh.

Nick: And that could be happening even next semester.

Chelsea: Well, you should go. I mean, maybe you'll be the one to figure out the cure for male pattern baldness.

Nick: Come on. I'm serious.

Chelsea: No, you come on, Nick. You're making excuses about buying furniture and grad school. Just tell me the real reason why you kicked me out of your room today.

Maggie: Okay. Oh. Looks like you've been a naughty boy, Nicholas.

Nick: I put the brakes on because this is too important. And I know that when life gets intense, I tend to get rational and practical and scientific.

Chelsea: Nick, sex is -- it's not rocket science.

Nick: I know. Chelsea, I just -- I want to be with my own place, in my own bed.

Chelsea: Okay, so, then what's the problem?

Nick: There's no problem. There's no problem. I'm just saying it's not gonna happen overnight. You know? And I don't want to sneak around. We're not little kids. You're a beautiful woman, Chelsea Brady. And I feel honored that you want to be with me.

Chelsea: That is something that a knight in shining armor would say. Um... but what about your future?

Nick: I'm looking at it. Tell you what -- after I get off work, I'm gonna go get the paper. I'm gonna look at the real-estate ads as soon as I get home.

Chelsea: You mean it?

Nick: Are you kidding? I've been dreaming about this since I was like 7 years old.

Chelsea: Dreaming about what?

Nick: That the prettiest girl in the room would finally look up and actually see me.

Maggie: Nice color. Hmm. Hmm... okay, either you got a secret lover, Nick, or just a kinky little secret.

Belle: This is what a good father does?

Philip: Don't lecture me.

Belle: Take your child to a strange country and separate her from her family, from the people who love her the most?

Philip: I don't know, Belle. I'd have to ask Shawn if that's what a good father does.

Belle: Shawn is nothing like you.

Philip: He made me nothing to my daughter. I could do that to you, too, but I won't.

Belle: I can't spend months in Australia.

Philip: Then don't. Go back to Salem.

Belle: I would never leave Claire.

Philip: She'll be very well taken care of.

Belle: Philip, I have never been away from her.

Philip: Kids adapt.

Belle: No, she needs me.

Philip: How is it that you and Shawn know what Claire needs? You put her through weeks of danger. And then when I want to show her somewhere peaceful and quiet, I'm a monster.

Belle: This is wrong, and you know it's wrong.

Philip: If you want to be Claire's mother, it'll be in Australia. If you don't, then I'll buy you a one-way ticket back to Salem. Now, I'm showing my daughter the stars. You can come with us, or you can stay down here. I'm giving you a choice, Belle. That's a hell of a lot more than you and Shawn gave me.

Shawn D.: So, all I have to do is sign this and E.J. goes away?

Bo: Yep, that's the idea.

Shawn D.: What if Patrick doesn't fall for the bluff?

Bo: You just leave that to me.

Shawn D.: Okay, I'll sign whatever I have to sign, but then we got to get moving.

Bo: All right, let's go.

Steve: All set on my end. You bad boys ready to boogie?

Bo: Yeah, we were just going over some of the strategy here.

Steve: Good. So, we good to go?

Bo: I'm not so sure. Shawn and I have looked at this several different ways, and it's just not panning out. We can't use the plane. We got to go after Philip another way.

Nick: Willow. Willow. [Sighs] "Dear Nick, found these peeking out from under your bed. I assume a friend left them behind. Can't wait to catch up. Love, Aunt Maggie." Well, that's great. That's great.

Philip: You should have seen her out there. Claire's whole face lit up when I told her a story about the constellations.

Belle: That's nice.

Philip: I wish you really meant that. She felt so good in my arms.

Belle: Here, baby. I'm gonna put her down. Come here.

Philip: It's gotten cool. We should get her a sweater.

Belle: Uh, no, that's okay. I have an extra blanket.

Philip: What if she kicks it off?

Belle: She'll be fine.

Philip: Why is everything an argument with you? I'm just gonna get the sweater.

Belle: No, it's okay. I'll find the right one.

Philip: Kids have a right and wrong sweater? Any sweater will do. It's just to keep her -- what the hell is this?

Steve: So, these are the coordinates here.

Bo: Yeah.

Steve: And you're telling me you want to go by rowboat?

Bo: The maritime report said the seas are getting rough.

Steve: Duh. That's why we fly.

Shawn D.: It's the landing, Uncle Steve. We may not be able to put it down. And even if we can, we still got to get to Philip's boat.

Steve: It's better than trying to catch up to him on choppy water.

Bo: No, that's too risky.

Steve: And a boat isn't?

Bo: We're trying to get our hands on something fast and sturdy.

Steve: Come on, Bo. On this sandpile? That's twice as risky.

Bo: We've made our decision.

Steve: Okay, fine. I'll get on the boat with you for backup.

Shawn D.: Thanks, but I think that my dad and I, we can handle this one.

Steve: Oh. So, now I'm odd man out. Is that it?

Bo: No, don't worry about it. We're better off the two of us.

Steve: Since when is two better than three?

Bo: Go home, Steve. We'll hook back up with you in Salem.

Steve: Don't talk to me like I'm crazy.

Shawn D.: I just want my family home safe, Steve. That's it.

Steve: I came a long way to get this thing done, kid. Nobody is stopping me.

Bo: This isn't about you, man.

Steve: Like hell it's not. You don't trust me, Bo. Why don't you be man enough to admit it?

Bo: Fine. Get your ass off this island tonight or I'll escort you off myself.

Sami: This is Maison Blanche. My parents, they were here. There was a fire. My mom almost died. Lucas, this is it. This is Stefano's house.

Billie: We're gonna have our chance, you and I, with E.J. Our time will come. We're gonna kick some DiMera butt.

Hope: Damn right we are.

Steve: Come on!

Shawn D.: Guys, stop! Please! Stop!

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