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Nick: Shouldn't you be somewhere?

Chelsea: Like where?

Nick: I don't know. Jail?

Chelsea: Funny. I wanted to apologize to you for the whole, um, ghost riding thing. It was really dumb.

Nick: I mean, I don't want to say, "I told you so," but...

Chelsea: You did. I messed up. It was my fault, all the way.

Nick: What did the cops say?

Chelsea: I'll probably lose my license for a few months.

Nick: I'm sorry.

Chelsea: It could have been a lot worse. We all could have died... Stephanie, you. Anyway, I just wanted to apologize.

Nick: Apology accepted.

Chelsea: Okay, well, I'm out of here, I guess.

Nick: Uh, Chelsea, wait. Don't go.

Sami: Everything E.J. does comes with a price, and he agreed to save your life, but I had to do something for him.

Lucas: So you slept with him?

Sami: I didn't want to, Lucas. I didn't think I had a choice. I had to save you.

Lucas: And that baby? It's E.J.'s? The baby's E.J.'s?

Sami: No. No, I don't know. I guess it could be. Lucas, I... I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. I mean, you must hate me for lying to you for so many months. And I'm sorry. I am so sorry, but I would have done anything to save you. I would have slept with the worst scum of the world. But I understand, okay? I do understand. If you want to annul this marriage, if you want to walk away from me, I understand, but you have to know that I don't regret it...because I did it for you. I would do anything for you.

Lucas: I don't hate you.

Sami: You don't?

Lucas: No, I hate the son of a bitch who raped you. And I'm gonna kill him.

Belle: How's my Claire Bear? How's my beautiful little girl, hmm? I love you so much.

Philip: Uh, supplies for Claire. There's diapers, juice, milk, some fruit.

Belle: It won't last very long -- not long enough to make a trip, anyway.

Philip: When I get the call that my boat is ready, I'll stock up on everything she needs.

Belle: Where are we taking her?

Philip: Excuse me? We? When did this suddenly become passage for three?

Gabby: You look like crap.

Shawn D.: Thanks. So do you.

Gabby: Yeah, but I'm not the one with the bullet wound in my shoulder. God, how bad is the pain?

Shawn D.: I can barely feel it.

Gabby: You are such a liar. You know what? Take these pain pills doc left you. They're gonna help you sleep.

Shawn D.: No, no. No sleep. Not while Belle and Claire are out there. Gabby, I got to keep looking for them, okay?

Gabby: [Sighs] Fine, okay. Take these antibiotics, all right? And I'm gonna change that bandage.

Shawn D.: I spoke to every fisherman and every sailor in the harbor. There's no sign of Philip or my girl, so that means they got to still be on this island.

Gabby: I know. It's just the two of us who are looking. We need some help, Shawn.

Bo: Shawn?

Shawn D.: Dad?

Bo: Hey, son.

Shawn D.: Dad, I screwed up. I screwed up. I lost my family. I lost them.

Bo: Take it easy.

Belle: So you're just gonna leave me here?

Philip: I don't think I can make it any clearer.

Belle: No.

Philip: What, I can't even see her? She seems afraid of me.

Belle: [Sniffles] It's okay. Nobody's gonna hurt you, baby.

Philip: Like I would ever do that.

Belle: You're hurting her now, Philip. This crazy, obsessive quest of yours almost killed this little girl you claim to love so much.

Philip: I wasn't the one who jumped into the ocean with her.

Belle: Because you wouldn't leave us alone.

Philip: I didn't deprive her of her family and friends or take her from the only father she's ever known.

Belle: Oh, come off it. You could have been a part of Claire's life, but that wasn't good enough for you.

Philip: What part? Good old Uncle Philip? Get to drop by with a gift for Christmas or a birthday? You're right. Not good enough. But unlike you and Shawn, I'm not without compassion. You'll see Claire again back in the States. Family court, round two. Belle, give her to me. Give her to me.

Belle: You will have to pry her from my cold, dead hands.

Bo: How'd this happen?

Shawn D.: It was just a little accident.

Gabby: He bled like a stuck pig.

Bo: Who are you?

Shawn D.: Dad, this is Gabby. She and her dad -- they own this place.

Gabby: He's the one who shot him. I'm sorry.

Bo: Yeah. Have you had any sleep?

Shawn D.: There's no time. Philip -- he's got Claire, and I made Belle go after them.

Bo: Did Philip give you any idea where he was headed?

Shawn D.: There's so many places for them to hide.

Gabby: We searched the coastline pretty well, though.

Shawn D.: Next we're gonna search the caves along the mountainside. The problem is there's so much jungle, and a guy like Philip, with his military background, he could be hiding anywhere.

Bo: Shawn, we'll find him.

Shawn D.: Not if we don't hurry. Dad, he's got a PDA. All he's got to do is make contact with his boat and schedule a pickup, and then they're gonna be gone.

Bo: Don't worry. Finding bad guys -- it's what I do.

Nick: I think Stephanie set us up.

Chelsea: What do you mean?

Nick: She sent me here to find her stupid cellphone or whatever, and it's clearly not here because --

Chelsea: She sent me. Are you sorry that she did?

Nick: Thing is... I want to tell you how sorry I am for being a coward, for not showing up for you all the way. And I want you to know that, from here on out, I'm gonna try to be a better man for you if you'll let me.

Sami: So you're not angry at me?

Lucas: No, I'm volcanic. I'm absolutely volcanic about what that son of a bitch did to you!

Sami: But, Lucas, I am the one who lied to you for months, and I might be carrying another man's child, and I didn't even tell you about it until our wedding day.

Lucas: But that's it, right? That's all you have to tell me? That's everything?

Sami: Yes, that's it.

Lucas: You sure? All right, good. Come here for a second. Sit down. Just rest, relax. Are you all right? I mean, is everything okay with you? Did he hurt you?

Sami: No, not physically. I just --

Lucas: I guarantee you on my life he's never gonna hurt you again.

Sami: No, wait, Lucas, where are you going?

Lucas: He raped you. I can't turn my back on that.

Sami: You can't let him win. You can't go after him. You can't kill him. If you do that, then he will have succeeded. He will have destroyed us. Please. Please don't do that. Please don't leave me.

Sami: I am begging you. Don't go after E.J. right now.

Lucas: Listen to me. Listen to me, okay? I need to know everything. I need to know everything that happened that night. What happened afterwards?

Sami: After he...

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, after he raped you!

Sami: He came with me to the cabin, and he lifted the beam off your legs like he said he would, and then that was it. He disappeared, and I didn't care what he did after that because I was just so grateful that you were still alive, and that's all that mattered to me.

Lucas: So he took off? That's it?

Sami: Yeah, he went to Mexico, and I just hoped we'd never see him again.

Lucas: But that didn't happen. He came back, and that's when you started to fall apart.

Sami: He was nosing around, you know, and dropping hints about the DiMera seed that he had...

Lucas: Go ahead. Say it. That he planted inside you?

Sami: Yes! Yes! That's why I didn't want to tell him that I was pregnant, but he was suspicious anyway, and he just kept after me and asking me and trying to trip me up, trying to get to admit to it. He was, like, playing this cat-and-mouse game, and he likes to torture his victims before he kills them.

Lucas: But he didn't want you dead. He didn't want to kill you.

Sami: No, he just wanted you out of the picture.

Lucas: Yeah, so he could have you and that baby.

Sami: And then things started to get really ugly. He kept threatening to tell you that I had been in on it -- that I had helped him escape, that I had seduced him, and...

Lucas: You let him do that? You should have came to me. You should have said, "Lucas, I'm in trouble. I need your help. Do something." You should have came to me.

Sami: I just -- it just got so out of control, and I was scared, okay? Because all I wanted was to be with you, Lucas. I just wanted to be your wife. And so I ended up breaking every promise I ever made to you.

Lucas: What am I doing now? Do you see me trying to walk away? You see me walking out that door now?

Sami: You still could, right? I mean, what if it sinks in? What if I am carrying some other man's baby? What if this baby's father is a rapist and a cold-blooded murderer?

Lucas: I don't want to hear that, all right?

Sami: But it could be true. I tricked you into marrying me. I lied to you, and I kept secrets from you. Lucas, if you don't -- if you want to walk away, I understand, okay? I won't try to stop you.

Nick: Yeah, Stephanie pretty much grilled me.

Chelsea: Mmm, did she give you some insight to yourself?

Nick: Basically, she was just saying that I'm a professional fake-out artist.

Chelsea: Come on, Nick. Aside from the little Shane Patton thing, you're one of the most real guys I know.

Nick: You're talking about Nick, the guy who would do anything for a friend, the guy who would take the shirt off his back or sell the Rolex off his wrist.

Chelsea: That sounds about right.

Nick: He's a fraud. Inside, I'm a complete mess.

Chelsea: Join the club.

Nick: What do you mean?

Chelsea: I may have a little bit better of an act than you, but, Nick, I've spent my whole life trying to hide who I really am, and it sucks.

Nick: Well, who are you really?

Chelsea: You know, I still don't even know.

Nick: Yeah, me too. But I know that one thing has stayed the same.

Chelsea: What's that?

Nick: How I feel about you. Falling in love was something that had never happened to me before, and I didn't really know what to do, especially because it was with someone who I thought was so far out of my league.

Chelsea: So you morphed into Shane Patton.

Nick: And let him tell you how I feel because I thought you would laugh at me and that you wouldn't like me for me.

Chelsea: Nick, you never gave me a chance.

Nick: Well, I didn't really give me a chance, either.'s done now. And if I learned something good from this whole ghost riding incident, it's that your life can be over in a flash, so you better let the people who you love know how you feel. I want to be a better man for you, Chelsea, and a better friend, like I should have been all along.

Bo: First thing we got to do is get into Philip's head.

Gabby: That's a scary thought.

Shawn D.: And he's got a huge start.

Bo: Did he give you any idea of what his plans are?

Shawn D.: No, I don't think he had a plan. Me getting shot, he was a little shook up, so he just took Claire, and he left.

Bo: So that means he's gonna have to come into town for supplies -- you know, food, diapers for the baby.

Gabby: There are a few mom-and-pop stores spread around the island.

Bo: Mind making a few calls?

Gabby: I'm on it.

Bo: Thanks. So this is what you called home for the past couple of months?

Shawn D.: Yep, it's a regular vacation playground.

Bo: Playground, yeah. Marlena said that you and Belle were having some problems?

Shawn D.: No, not anymore. We're doing great. All right, Gabby -- she's just a friend, Dad.

Bo: Did I ask?

Shawn D.: No, but I know you wanted to.

Bo: Listen, once you find Belle and Claire, what's your plan?

Shawn D.: We're gonna go home. I'm gonna take my family, and we're going back home, Dad, even if that means that you're gonna have to throw me in jail.

Philip: Don't make me take her from you.

Belle: God forbid Philip Kiriakis doesn't get his way.

Philip: Hey, I was her father for the first year of her life.

Belle: Oh, just stop it. This isn't about love. This is about payback. This is about you trying to stick it to Shawn and me for having the audacity to defy you.

Philip: No, no. All that matters to me is what is best for Claire.

Belle: I don't buy that for a second, and I'll be damned if you're gonna try to use Claire as a weapon against her own parents. You will have to kill me first.

Shawn D.: Aah.

Bo: Sorry, man.

Shawn D.: It's okay.

Gabby: Okay. We got a hit. A bodega on the East side of the island -- the owner said that a guy matching Philip's description was in there earlier buying milk and diapers.

Bo: Great, what's the terrain like over there?

Gabby: Hills that open up into these huge caves.

Shawn D.: You could definitely hide in them.

Gabby: Let's grab the jeep.

Bo: Hey, hey, not so fast.

Shawn D.: Dad, if the girls are in a cave, then I got to go.

Bo: We don't know which cave. He could have rigged booby traps, laid a false trail.

Shawn D.: Okay, I hear you. So then what do we do?

Bo: We need a dog with a good nose. Do you know if there are any trackers on the island?

Gabby: Well, some of the fishermen keep a watchdog on their boats.

Bo: Okay, why don't you see if you can hire one of those? Tell the owner we'll have his pooch back in time for guard duty. Thanks a lot. Any of Claire's things around? Clothes you haven't washed?

Shawn D.: Belle left a lot of stuff behind in our room.

Bo: Find something she wore recently with a scent a dog can track.

Shawn D.: Okay. Dad.

Bo: Yeah?

Shawn D.: I, um -- I really am glad you're here.

Bo: Yeah, go on.

Bo: [Sighs]

Philip: Look, all I wanted was a chance to be a dad again the way I was the first year of her life. I was good at it.

Belle: And Claire adored you. Philip, I don't blame you for running off when you found out that Claire wasn't yours. But please don't blame Shawn and me, either. We were all lied to.

Philip: Yeah, but you guys wanted to cut me out of her life forever.

Belle: Well, we all make mistakes, and Claire's the one that's paying for them now. She needs her family.

Philip: We were a family once. I still care about you. I never stopped.

Belle: Philip, don't.

Philip: If you'd just give this just half a chance, we could be a family again.

Chelsea: You are gonna be a man, Nick -- a manly man.

Nick: Yeah, I know I've just been acting like a kid for so long, it's like I can't even picture myself as anything else.

Chelsea: Yeah, being an adult just kind of sneaks up on you.

Nick: Yeah, I wish there was, like, a book or something you could read to facilitate this process. I used to think you could find anything in a book.

Chelsea: Yeah, just go to nerd central, huh?

Nick: Oh, my God, Chelsea, you should see my room. You've seen my room. It's like science-fiction action figures in their original boxes. I have, like, a "Hollow Man" poster on my wall. I don't like that movie.

Chelsea: So, uh, you ready to put all your toys away then?

Nick: Yeah. Long overdue.

Chelsea: So what does this mean exactly for you and me?

Nick: It means... I love you, Chelsea -- not a crush or an infatuation, but real true love. And I want you to love me back, and I'll do anything I can to make that happen.

Lucas: My head hurts. There's just so many things going through my head right now.

Sami: I can only imagine. You don't have to stay, you know?

Lucas: Yeah, I know.

Sami: No jury would convict you for walking out that door and slamming it in my face.

Lucas: Well, maybe the old me would have done that. I would have found a bottle of vodka and got lost in it. Now I'm just ashamed.

Sami: Of what?

Lucas: I'm ashamed of the man I used to be -- the man who doubted everything and everybody, especially you.

Sami: Lucas, I gave you a reason.

Lucas: It doesn't matter. You didn't think you could come to me. That's the problem here. You didn't think you could trust me. You didn't think that I would understand, much less forgive you.

Sami: Lucas, I love you for saying that, but this is not your fault -- not a little bit of this.

Lucas: It is my fault, all right? It's my fault. If you didn't have enough faith in the power of love, it's my fault because of what I've done to you and how much I've loved you and left you in the past. Honey, E.J. made you suffer. He was torturing you, and you couldn't come to me? How do you think that makes me feel? I mean, how sad is that? I'm sorry. I am sorry. Can you ever forgive me?

Chelsea: I missed you a lot, Nick.

Nick: Really?

Chelsea: Yeah. I couldn't exactly tell you that, though, you know? Stupid pride. I don't know. Um, I just tried really hard to erase you from my head and my heart, but I couldn't.

Nick: And here I always thought I was so erasable.

Chelsea: Not you. Not ever. You know, you and I -- we're really not all that different. I used to be as lost as you are. After my parents were killed, I tried to surround myself with an instant family to replace them -- not that they could be replaced. And I drove Bo and Billie crazy trying to get us all together to be a family. I treated my friends like crap because they all had families and I didn't. And really, I just was afraid of being alone and not fitting in anywhere. So I [Clears throat] put up this tough-girl front to keep everybody at a distance, so I understand why you're hesitant to tell me how you feel about me. You get your heart broken enough, you just want to keep it good and protected. And I did that to you. I laughed in your face so many times, you had to go and hide behind someone else's.

Nick: Wow.

Chelsea: Is that a good "wow"?

Nick: Yeah. Really good.

Chelsea: Tough stuff, huh?

Nick: Not all tough. It's not all tough.

Chelsea: I guess maybe you're right, considering the mess that I put us through tonight.

Nick: I mean, you were being spontaneous, and I have to learn how to go with that.

Chelsea: I guess I have to learn how to listen to you when I'M...being a bit of a dumbass.

Nick: Deal.

Chelsea: Deal. You know, my parents, the Bensons, they would have really liked you.

Nick: The grown-up me or the nerd me?

Chelsea: Both because they're both you.

Nick: You're right. I can just totally picture me in, like, a couple years at this really cool, responsible job at like a space station or something and flying home at lunch to see "Jimmy Neutron."

Chelsea: Oh, my God. I loved "Jimmy Neutron."

Nick: Dude, I patterned my entire life after that guy.

Chelsea: Neutron power!

Nick: [Chuckles] How old are we right now?

Chelsea: Old enough. [Cellphone rings] The price of a man and his toys.

Nick: Hello?

Willow: Hey, Nick. It's Willow. I'm outside of the church. I saw you and Chelsea, and I didn't want to intrude, but it's really important.

Nick: It's really not a good time.

Willow: Please, I need you. This is important.

Nick: [Sighs] Um, all right. One second. It's work. I'm just gonna take it outside.

Chelsea: Okay, well, I'll save your seat.

Nick: When is my timing ever gonna be good?

Sami: Lucas, this is crazy. You are not the one who should be begging for forgiveness. I am the one who did horrible things. I might be carrying another man's child. Lucas, you should just get out while you still can -- you know, before I cause you any more misery.

Lucas: So you wait a minute. You're asking me to leave on our wedding night because you love me?

Sami: Because I messed up too many times.

Lucas: I want to be the kind of guy you can depend on no matter what -- for better or for worse. I mean, where the hell do I get off appointing myself your judge and jury?

Sami: Because every time, I'm guilty.

Lucas: Let's stick to this time, all right? Can we do that? Tell me what happened. Tell me why you think you're responsible for E.J. raping you.

Sami: Because I led him on for the police, because I flirted with him when he first came to Salem.

Lucas: Who cares? Will you listen to yourself? Rape is rape. It's never the woman's fault. Don't do this.

Sami: But, in this case

Lucas: No, not in this case. You submitted to E.J. That's it -- a guy who would have probably attacked you anyway, and you did that to save my life. You're my best friend. You're my lover. You're my wife. You're my hero, Sami. You really are a true hero.

Sami: Does that mean you're staying?

Lucas: Yeah, maybe for the next 50, 60 years, you'll have me, my Mrs. Roberts.

Belle: I love Shawn. You know that.

Philip: You loved me, too.

Belle: The Philip that I knew was strong and he was brave, but he was also kind.

Philip: You think you haven't changed, too? Haven't made mistakes?

Belle: I know I have. And running off with Claire may have been one of them.

Philip: So you finally admit you were wrong.

Belle: In hindsight, yeah, I do.

Philip: So? How do you plan to make it better, for Claire?

Belle: I want to take her home where she belongs. I want her to be with her family. I want her to go to school and make friends and feel safe. And to do that, I'm willing to compromise.

Philip: What kind of terms are we talking here?

Belle: We stop fighting, stop making threats. Let's go back to the hotel and get Shawn in on this.

Philip: I'm still not sure what "this" means.

Belle: This -- making plans to go back to the States and share custody.

Philip: I get equal time with her? Time she can spend with my parents?

Belle: But no more lawsuits.

Philip: Or you and Shawn running off with my daughter?

Belle: Nobody -- including you or your father -- is running off with her. Can we to do this, for Claire's sake?

Sami: Lucas, wait a second. Wait, I forgot about Will. He left the reception as soon as Kate started in on me. He thinks I'm a monster.

Lucas: No, no, he doesn't. I'll talk to him. I'll explain everything to him.

Sami: Everything to him?

Lucas: Not everything. I'll explain enough for him to get it. Don't worry about it. He's a big boy.

Sami: Lucas, thank you. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for everything.

Lucas: Baby, Will loves you and so do I and so will our nextborn, all right? We will make this work. We'll be a family.

Sami: What if the baby -- if it's...

Lucas: It's E.J.'s? I doubt he or she will be born with horns and a tail. All right? Don't worry about it. Plus, that baby's gonna be half you -- definitely worth loving.

Sami: I don't know what to say.

Lucas: I do. Where were we?

Sami: [Laughs] Lucas.

Lucas: What were we doing?

Sami: Let me remind you.

Nick: Your timing really sucks.

Willow: I'm sorry, Nick. I've been out on the streets the past two nights -- no job, no shelter, and it's cold. I'm afraid if I get sick, I'm gonna lose my baby.

Nick: I have 100 bucks. That's enough to get you a motel for a couple nights.

Willow: I don't want your money. I was thinking maybe I could crash at your place.

Nick: I live with Aunt Maggie who hates you.

Willow: Well, she doesn't have to know.

Nick: Plus I can't have Chelsea knowing that you're sleeping over at my house.

Willow: Oh, come on. I get it. Everybody hates me. So what am I supposed to do? I need you to help.

Chelsea: I thought that you were taking a phone call.

Nick: I was, and then Willow showed up.

Chelsea: Oh.

Nick: Anyway, um, let me just deal with this real quick.

Chelsea: Yeah, sure. You're like a pop-up from hell.

Nick: Look, Willow... [Sighs]'s some money. Find yourself somewhere to sleep tonight.

Willow: Thanks, Nick. You're really one of the good guys.

Philip: Well, Belle, maybe I trust you, but Shawn --

Belle: Wants to work this out just as much as we do. [Cellphone rings]

Philip: Talk to me. Got it. The boat will be in the harbor in half an hour. Pack up what we'll need.

Belle: Didn't you just hear a word that I said? Philip, call him back. Tell him there will be three adults and Claire.

Philip: I'm sorry, Belle, but when I think of Shawn, I think of trouble. There's no way -- [Dog barking in distance] Stay here.

Belle: Where are you going? Philip? Philip!

Sami: You know what I just realized?

Lucas: What? Why did you stop kissing me? You know how to ruin a perfectly good moment? Is that what you realized?

Sami: No, I realized -- remember when I decided that we should go on a honeymoon to New Orleans and help rebuild the homes of the Katrina victims?

Lucas: Yeah, I remember that. [Sarcastically] That's much more fun than going and sitting on a tropical beach in the Bahamas, drinking my fake Mai Tai, enjoying the sand and the surf. You're right. Yeah.

Sami: Well, I did it 'cause I thought that would give me good karma. Doing something selfless for other people would mean that God would let me be with you, and I'd get to be your wife. And guess what? I was right.

Lucas: You are right.

Sami: 'Cause here I am in your arms.

Lucas: Uh-huh. Wait a minute. Where else would you be, huh?

Sami: Well, who knows? Maybe I could have ended up at a midnight mission, eating soup and crackers.

Lucas: [Laughs] You? Unh-unh. I cannot see you at the midnight mission. Sorry. But you know what? I'll tell you what I can see.

Sami: Really? I hope so.

Lucas: I can see you and me being very, very happy together for a very long time. We're gonna be okay, Mrs. Roberts.

Sami: [Laughs] We are gonna be way more than okay, Mr. Roberts.

Lucas: Mmm.

Nick: Sorry about that.

Chelsea: It's okay.

Nick: I'm glad you're here.

Chelsea: Me too. You know, part of being an adult is knowing that this probably isn't the best time or place, so I don't know. Maybe we should figure out a place that would be.

Claire: Uh-oh.

Belle: Oh, my God. Philip put the GPS in here. Oh, please, please. Yes. [Laughs] You've got to love it when life works out, baby girl. Okay, please work. [Laughs] It works. It works. Your daddy's gonna find us.

Sami: [Giggles]

Lucas: Baby, we do have a huge bed in the other room. Let's go in there where we're limited by only our imaginations.

Sami: I think you're gonna have to carry me. You know, we didn't make it across the threshold, so if you want to have your way with me, you're gonna have to carry me.

Lucas: I'll carry you. I'll carry you all the way to the promised land.

Sami: Promises, promises. Aah!

Lucas: [Sighs] You know, I think this is the last time I'm gonna carry you.

Sami: Liar. Shut up and kiss me. Aah! [Both laugh]

Shawn D.: Belle? Claire?

Belle: Shawn? Oh, my God. Are you okay?

Shawn D.: I am now.

Belle: How did you find us?

Shawn D.: My dad is here. He helped me track you down. Are you okay?

Belle: Yeah, we're fine, but Philip's not gonna change his mind about leaving with Claire. The boat's in the harbor now.

Shawn D.: Not on my watch. Nobody is leaving here. Ain't that right, princess? You still your daddy's little girl?

Belle: Say, "hi, daddy."

Philip: Why don't you try asking her real daddy?

E.J.: I love Samantha. I always have, and I probably always will.

Shawn D.: You're not taking our daughter anywhere.

Philip: Watch me.

Belle: Philip, no!

Kayla: You think I want to do this?

Adrienne: You took him, just like that.

E.J.: You think you've won. You think this is over. This is far from over.

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