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Sami: Oh, Daddy, thank you so much for being here to give me away.

Roman: Hey, my beautiful daughter's getting married. Where in the hell else would I be? Besides, I'm getting to be an old pro at this.

Sami: Dad, this is ridiculous, isn't it? I mean, how many times have I tried to do this and -- you'd think I'd get it right by now.

Roman: You got it right today, and that's all that counts, all right? You love Lucas, Lucas loves you, and nothing is gonna go wrong, not this time.

Lucas: You got to be kidding me. This can't be happening. Yeah, you know, I'm sorry, too, pal. I guess I'll just have to see you in small-claims court. Pull stuff like this on me. I can't believe it.

Will: Hey, Dad, what's wrong?

Lucas: The photographer, he's got the flu or something. He can't make it. No one can cover for him at all. I don't know what's going on. Your mom's gonna lose it. She's gonna flip out.

Will: Not if I can help it.

Lucas: You know somebody who can take pictures, they can be here now?

Will: You're looking at him. I got my new camera.

Lucas: Buddy, I appreciate the offer, but I don't know about this.

Will: I'm telling you. This thing can make anyone look like a pro, even you.

Lucas: Even me? Thanks a lot. Let me see this thing.

Will: I swear I can do this. I won't let you down. And, even more importantly, I won't let mom down.

Lucas: [Sighs] All right, then. You got it. You got the job. You're hired.

Will: Great. Now, about my fee...

Lucas: Ah, about your fee, huh? You get no fee. You're doing it for your old man. Fee. I got your fee.

Hope: What's going on? Did you get a flight?

Bo: Yeah, I leave for Tinda Lao tomorrow.

Hope: Any news about Steve?

Bo: Kay said that he's with a deprogrammer right now.

Hope: How's it going so far?

Bo: Tough. It's very tough.

Steve: [Screaming] Leave me alone. I ne-- I'm telling you. [Screaming] I can't take anymore!

[Knock on door]

Kayla: Who is it?

Marlena: Kayla, it's Marlena.

Kayla: Oh. Marlena, thank God it's you. I thought you had a wedding to get to.

Marlena: I do, but I wanted to see how things are going here for you.

Steve: [Screaming]

Kayla: It's horrible.

Steve: No! No!

Marlena: I know how scary this is. He's going to get through it.

Kayla: It's not what I'm afraid of.

Marlena: What, then?

Kayla: Just E.J. tracking him down, and then I'll lose him forever.

E.J.: Good day, gentlemen. I trust you've been briefed as to your assignment.

Guys: Yes, sir, Mr. Wells.

E.J.: Good. This should cover your expenses. Let's just make one thing clear. My hands stay clean. You got that?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Maggie: Well, Debbie, I think we're just about ready for the green wedding. Now, are you sure that this TV is okay?

Debbie: You know what? I think we can let it go this time. Not every little thing has to be green.

Maggie: Oh, good.

Billie: Wow, this place looks amazing.

Maggie: Billie, hi.

Billie: My gosh.

Maggie: Thank you.

Billie: I'm sorry. There's a big-screen TV here. Why do we have a big-screen TV?

Maggie: Well, it's for a video presentation. I know it's not exactly eco-friendly, but Debbie Geller said it's okay. And she is Sami's wedding planner.

Billie: Well, she's Sami's wedding planner. We must let it go. But, listen, I want to talk to you about something a little more important -- the food. Is Ben Ford doing the menu?

Maggie: Yes, and he's a genius, and I can't believe he can make such tasty things out of -- well, let's just say free-range everything, and it's delicious.

Billie: Sounds great. Sami wanted me to drop these by here.

Maggie: What are they?

Billie: Plantable seed cards. She thought it would be a good idea to place one at each table setting like a party favor.

Maggie: Mm-hmm, sure. But, again, what are they?

Billie: Oh, okay. Plantable seed cards. This is such a great idea. You take this little heart here. It's got seeds embedded in it already, so you just put it in a little bit of soil, add water, voilą, you have flowers. Isn't that cool?

Maggie: Oh, I love that. Uh-oh. I see a fire that I need to put out, just a teensy one, though, so, uh, excuse me.

Chelsea: Mom, thank God you're here.

Billie: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at the wedding. You're the maid of honor.

Chelsea: I had to talk to you first. It's about Nick.

Billie: What about him?

Chelsea: Okay, well, I'm still kind of just a little nervous to run into him, so I was kind of hoping you could help me out with that.

Billie: Okay, and what do you want me to do about it?

Chelsea: Well, um, if you see him coming towards me, just maybe give me a heads-up, like, I don't know, whistle or something.

Billie: I'm not gonna whistle in church.

Chelsea: Mom, I need you to do this for me.

Billie: Why? I thought that you and Nick made peace.

Chelsea: Yeah, we did. I-I'm still uncomfortable around him. I don't know. It's weird.

Billie: Why is it weird? I thought if you guys made peace, why --

Chelsea: It just is, okay? And all I'm asking you to do is this one little favor for me. Just give me a warning if you see him, all right?

Billie: Yeah, so you can run.

Chelsea: Exactly.

Billie: My little girl, why is it that I get the feeling there is something you're not telling me?

Nick: Hey. Is that seat taken?

Max: No. It's all yours, buddy.

Nick: Thanks. [Sighs] Do you know where Abby is?

Max: Uh, she's finishing her semester at Salem U., then she took off to London to see her folks.

Nick: What?

Max: Mm-hmm.

Nick: How did I not know that? I live with her.

Max: It kind of happened really quick, Nick. I think I know why. She didn't want to deal with me today.

Nick: Because you dumped her?

Max: I didn't dump her. It was your aunt and her dad that put the fear of God in her -- no, the fear of big, bad Max Brady.

Nick: Right, so you ended it.

Max: I didn't -- dude, I thought we were friends.

Nick: No, no, no. I'm sorry. We're friends. It's just, uh, I think I'm trying to spread some of the misery around, you know?

Max: Chelsea.

Nick: Who else?

Max: Hmm. I'm sorry, buddy. You know what we do? Forget them. There's plenty of fish in the sea, you know?

Stephanie: And some of them are right here in Salem.

Nick: Stephanie.

Will: Now, that is what I call a reaction shot.

Kayla: Who am I complaining to you? I mean, with John the way he is and everything.

Marlena: It all comes from the same source -- DiMeras. There's got to be some way to end this reign of terror. Wouldn't that be a miracle?

Kayla: You really are the only one that understands. I just wish Stephanie...

Marlena: What?

Kayla: Well, she just feels that her father has given up, turned his back on us, and she can't accept that he's not responsible for the things that he's doing right now.

Marlena: I'm so sorry.

Kayla: Yeah. She thinks that I'm a fool for hanging on, that I should just cut my losses. Let's just sit down, okay? The truth is I know what's going on with her. She's afraid. She's afraid to get close. It might hurt her again.

Marlena: I understand.

Kayla: I know you do. Listen, I can't keep you. You have this wedding to go to, and you must be so happy that Sami has changed so much. She's starting a new life. She's getting married, putting all of her problems behind her.

Marlena: Yes. I can honestly say that this time, it really looks that way.

Roman: Come on, sit down here. Then I'll tell you what. Let's not talk about all those other weddings. That is in the past. You are a different person now.

Sami: I'm not sure about that, Dad.

Roman: I am sure about that. I've been sure about that ever since the night you rescued Lucas at that cabin.

Sami: Dad, I don't want to talk about it, okay?

Roman: I do want to talk about it because it changed you. It gave you the kind of confidence you needed to turn your life around, become the kind of person deep inside you always knew you could be. And I will tell you this, my beautiful daughter -- I am very, very proud of you, okay? Very proud.

Sami: Daddy.

E.J.: So, what do you say, gentlemen? Are we ready?

Guys: Yes, sir. You can count on us.

E.J.: You know, I'm almost a little sorry I won't get the credit for this. Because this, gentlemen, is a day that will change the lives of some people irrevocably.

Billie: I think you don't want things to be over with Nick. You know that if you look him in the eye, he will know that.

Chelsea: Nope.

Billie: Then what is it, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Fine, you want the truth?

Billie: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: You're right, okay? You hit the nail on the head. Turns out that Nick isn't as easy to get out of my head as I thought he'd be. There, you happy?

Billie: Not particularly.

Chelsea: But, Mom, I have to. I have to forget that Nick Fallon even ever existed.

Willow: Oh, that is not a very nice way to talk about the guy who saved your bony ass.

Chelsea: Willow, aren't you supposed to be in jail?

Willow: I got sprung.

Chelsea: How? More importantly, why?

Willow: The "why" is because I'm innocent. The "how" is because a very close friend of mine posted bail.

Chelsea: No, you don't have any friends.

Willow: Yes, I do. And this one believes in me and wants to help me.

Chelsea: Philip Kiriakis?

Billie: Willow, what are you doing here?

Willow: Well, I just thought you might be interested in how this friend's going to help me.

Chelsea: Actually, I couldn't care less.

Willow: First off, he's going to be hiring me a real lawyer that's going to find the truth of what happened the night at Bo and Hope's house. He is going to prove that you started the fire and almost burned your stepmom and baby sister to a crisp.

Chelsea: That's a lie.

Willow: No, it's not, and we'll prove it. Although, it will probably be hard since you destroyed the key piece of evidence.

Billie: What are you talking about, Willow?

Willow: The hairbrush they found at the crime scene. If they had done a DNA test, it would have totally cleared me because it wasn't mine. It was your daughter's. That's why she sweet-talked Nick Fallon into swiping it from the hospital lab. Isn't that right, Chelsea?

Chelsea: I'm gonna go talk to Maggie and have her throw your lying butt out of here. And you know that she will.

Billie: That's it, Willow. You've had your fun. Bye-bye.

Willow: It's time you faced the truth. Your daughter is an arsonist. Even Nick thinks so. That's why he swiped the brush in the first place. Don't believe me? Ask him.

Will: These are gonna be awesome.

Max: Will, weren't you hired to photograph the wedding?

Will: Well, yeah. That includes getting some shots of the guests.

Max: "Guests" as in plural or just Stephanie?

Nick: Hey, cool camera, man.

Will: Yeah, it's brand-new. Check it out.

Nick: Sweet.

Will: Yeah, well, I got to get back to work, guys. Catch you later.

Stephanie: How cute is he?

Max: Well, I don't know about him, but you, on the other hand, wow. I mean, is this what a Dayton make over looks like?

Stephanie: Why, thank you, Max. I'll assume that's a compliment.

Max: Oh, yeah, big time.

Nick: So, um, Stephanie, what brings you back to Salem?

Stephanie: Family stuff, but that's not important. What is important is that I'm here unescorted.

Nick: Oh.

Stephanie: So how do you guys feel about being my dates?

Nick: Uh...

Kayla: Thank you. You should get going.

Marlena: Kayla, whenever you need me, okay?

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: Oh!

Kayla: Oh, God. Whenever I hear that, I just...

Marlena: I know. I know. Kayla, I will stay. I'd be glad to stay.

Kayla: No, no. You have a wedding to get to. Please, give Sami and Lucas my best.

Marlena: I will, and I will stop back when the wedding's over, okay?

Kayla: Thank you. Thank you for that. I'll get that. Bye. Oh, Mr. Arrowsmith. How is he? How's my husband?

Bill: It's a long, difficult process, Dr. Johnson, as you know. It's frightening and confusing for the patient.

Kayla: Yeah, but how is he?

Bill: He's resting at the moment. I figured it was a good time to take a break. I'm gonna get something to eat. I'll be back in about an hour, then we'll start again.

Kayla: Sure. Mr. Arrowsmith, please, just tell me the truth. What are my chances of getting my husband back?

Bill: I've handled many cases like this before.

Kayla: And?

Bill: Every single one of them went home to their family.

Steve: Sweetness?

Kayla: There you are.

Steve: Will you tell me something?

Kayla: Of course. Anything. What is it?

Steve: What year is this?

Kayla: 2007. The year is 2007.

Steve: You're kidding me. 2000? I thought it was, like, '91, '92, maybe.

Kayla: No.

Steve: Oh. It's no wonder I look like hell. I thought maybe it was just a really bad hangover.

Kayla: Steve. Oh, Steve. It's okay. Take it easy. Let me help you. Come. Let's sit down.

Steve: All right. I'm okay.

Kayla: Let's just sit down. Right here. Right here together. Here you go. Here you go.

Steve: Oh, man. [Panting] It's hot in here.

Kayla: I'll open a window.

Steve: No, no, no, no, no. Listen to me. How did I get in this hotel room? When did I leave the nuthouse? I g-- I got to get my head on straight. Whoa. E.J.

Kayla: No, no, no, no, no. You don't need to worry.

Steve: He needs to know where I am. Where's the phone? You got a phone? You got a phone in here? He needs to know where I am at all times. I don't have the number. You have the number? Kayla, do you have number?!

Max: Well, I'd be happy to be your date, Stephanie, so count me in.

Nick: Actually, Max, I think Stephanie was talking to both of us, right?

Stephanie: Absolutely. On second thought, Nick, don't you think Chelsea might get a little jealous?

Nick: Actually, I don't think you need to worry about that.

Stephanie: You know, you should really try to patch things up with her because, honestly -- and I'm not saying this to be mean or anything -- but what are the odds you'll ever find another girl that hot to fall for you again?

Billie: There is no way that Nick would steal that hairbrush from the lab. He would never compromise his job that way.

Willow: He would if he thought his precious, little Chelsea was gonna be locked up for life.

Billie: No, he wouldn't. I know him.

Willow: Oh, that's right. You do know him...very well. How was he, Mom?

Billie: I will take your head and put it on a platter.

Chelsea: Don't let her get to you. Actually, I just talked with Maggie, and she said that as soon as she gets off the phone, she's gonna call the cops on you.

Willow: Oh, tell her not to bother. See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya.

Chelsea: I seriously hate that witch. She is so full of it.

Billie: Chelsea, is she telling the truth? I mean, did you and Nick really -- did you get Nick to steal the hairbrush from the lab?

Marlena: Hey, there.

Lucas: Hey.

Marlena: What are you doing?

Lucas: You got me. I was just leaving a little surprise for Sami.

Marlena: Oh. Shall I take that in to her?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. Thank you. I appreciate that. And I'm glad I got a chance to run into you. There's something else I'd like to thank you for -- for bringing such a beautiful, smart, funny, and sometimes maddening person into this world and into my life. Your daughter, she's made me happier than I ever thought I could be.

Marlena: That very good to hear. Our girl's come a long way, hasn't she?

Lucas: Wow. Yes, she certainly has.

Marlena: Well, I'll take those.

Lucas: Okay, thank you.

Marlena: And I'll take one more thing. Right there.

Lucas: Thank you.

Marlena: I'll see you in church.

Lucas: All right.

Sami: [Clears throat, sniffles] Oh.

Marlena: Sami? What's the matter?

Sami: Nothing. I think I'm having, like, an allergic reaction or something to the natural fibers in my dress maybe.

Marlena: The natural fibers in your dress are called silk. And you never had an allergic reaction when you had your fittings. All you talked about was how wonderful the dress felt and how beautiful you felt in your Monique Lhuillier design.

Sami: Yeah. All right, you're right. You're right. I'm not crying because of the dress.

Marlena: All right. Tell me what it is.

Sami: It's just the usual. I've been keeping a secret from Lucas, and I'm terrified of what will happen when the truth comes out. Mom, I'm sorry. Are you disappointed in me?

Marlena: Oh, how many times must I tell you you're my daughter, and I always, always, always love you no matter what? And Lucas will feel the same way. You just have to tell him what it is, up front, now... before the wedding. You think about that. I'll give you some time.

Sami: Mom... [Clears throat] Mom, you're right. I don't need time. Will you find Lucas for me? I need to talk to him.

Marlena: Yeah. I'll do it right now.

Kayla: No, no. Give that to me. Give it to me!

Steve: I need to call him!

Kayla: Oh. No, no, no, no! Give it to me!

Steve: I need to call E.J.

Kayla: No, you don't! You don't! Stop it! Stop it! He is not controlling you anymore! Stop it! Stop, please! Please.

Steve: [Panting]

Kayla: Please. Please, please, baby. Oh, baby.

Steve: Oh, God.

Kayla: What?

Steve: You're so beautiful.

Kayla: What?

Steve: You're so beautiful, the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Your face -- it's like it's lit from the inside. There's no more darkness when I look at it. I like your face. Can I touch it?

Kayla: Baby.

Steve: Keep trying to make you go away. You're so stubborn. You won't go away. But I know I'm dead without you.

Kayla: Baby. Shh.

Steve: I don't want to die. I'm scared.

Kayla: No.

Billie: Chelsea, tell me the truth. Did you get Nick to steal the hairbrush from the lab?

Chelsea: I can't believe that you would listen to one word that came out of her mouth.

Billie: Just answer the question, please.

Chelsea: Thanks, Mom. Thanks a lot for the faith. Really, it just warms my heart.

Billie: Hey, listen to me. Listen to me. I love you, and I am on your side. And I will stand by you for anything, no matter what. But I have to know the truth, and it has to come from your lips. So if you tell me that Willow made everything up, I'll accept it.

Chelsea: Of course she made it up. She's a lying, thieving whore. Is that clear enough for you, Mom?

Bo: Hi, uh, that was Shawn on the phone.

Hope: And? Is he okay?

Bo: Philip took off with Claire. Belle went after them.

Marlena: Belle? What about Shawn?

Bo: He and some girl who works at the hotel went off looking for them. They went all over the island, but so far, no luck.

Marlena: Philip has Belle and Claire.

Bo: Hey, don't panic. Shawn seems to think they're still on the island, but obviously he needs help. So I told him I'd get down there as soon as I could. I'm sorry. I got to miss the wedding.

Marlena: We understand. You've got to find the family.

Roman: Yeah, you go ahead. Sami and Lucas will understand.

Marlena: In fact, I think you should take John's plane. It'll be much faster.

Bo: Yeah, great. That'd be great. Thanks.

Marlena: I'll make those arrangements.

Bo: Listen, I'm gonna go talk to Lucas, tell him that I can't stay for the ceremony.

Hope: Before you go --

Bo: Don't worry.

Hope: Just bring everyone home safely, okay? And be careful.

Bo: I will. I will. I promise. I love you, Fancy Face.

Hope: I love you, too, Brady.

Bo: See ya.

Lucas: Hey, beautiful. It's me, your husband-to-be. Your mom said you wanted to see me.

Sami: Yeah, just a second. Um, okay. Okay, you can come in.

Lucas: What are you doing? Where are you?

Sami: I'm, um, behind the screen. But don't come any closer. Don't come over here. I-I don't need any more bad luck than I already have.

Lucas: What are you talking about, any more bad luck than you already have?

Sami: Lucas, there's something I have to tell you. And I know you said that you don't think it matters, that it won't change anything, but... but I have to tell you something that I think could change everything.

Kayla: Come here. Shh. I know you're scared. So am I. But you are not gonna die. Do you hear me? You're not. Do you understand?

Steve: I almost believe it when I hear you say it.

Kayla: Well, you can believe it because it's true. Whenever that darkness takes over, you just think of me and how much I love you. And that's not going away, ever.

Steve: Oh, baby. I'm sorry for falling apart on you.

Kayla: Don't be silly. It's all right.

Steve: Hey. Can I ask you something?

Kayla: Of course.

Steve: Do you feel like making love?

Max: Come on, Stephanie, you're giving him a hard time.

Stephanie: He knows I'm just kidding around. Don't you, Nicky?

Nick: Yeah, but, uh, unfortunately, I am a geek. Nobody falls in love with geeks. We just have to find someone who will tolerate us so that we don't have to die alone.

Max: Man, how do you even get up in the morning?

Stephanie: Don't listen to him. Speak of the devil. Go talk to her. Remind her what she's missing out on.

Nick: [Sighs] You're right. I should just go say "hi."

Stephanie: Yeah, go get her. Show her what you're made of.

Max: Okay, um, I don't even know what just happened, but you totally pumped him up.

Stephanie: What can I say? I'm a sucker for romance.

Max: Hmm.

Stephanie: Speaking of which, where in the world is Abigail?

Max: Um... [Clears throat] Well, London.

Stephanie: Really?

Max: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: Cool.

Caroline: I think we'll sit a while, all right?

Chelsea: Nick.

Nick: I, um... just wanted to say hi.

Chelsea: Hi.

Nick: And also that you look exceptionally beautiful.

Chelsea: Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself.

Nick: It's the suit.

Chelsea: Yeah, maybe so.

Nick: Anyway, um, I just wanted to know if you needed a ride to the reception. I have my car.

Chelsea: Thanks, but I have mine, too.

Nick: Well, then, um, you know, in keeping with the green theme of today, why don't we cut down on gas and toxic emissions and take one?

Chelsea: Wow. You really know how to sweet-talk a girl.

Nick: Plus, I'd really like to hang out with you. Or... is that not okay?

Chelsea: I don't know. We'll see.

Bo: I didn't want to say anything in front of Hope, but there was a shooting on the island.

Roman: Who got shot?

Bo: It was Shawn, but he's gonna be okay. Just don't say anything to her.

Roman: You got it. Sounds like this thing is turning even uglier than we thought, though.

Bo: Yeah, and I'm gonna put an end to it. I'm gonna find Philip and get what we need on Elvis J.

Roman: All right, just let me know what I can do.

Bo: Tell Sami I'm sorry I couldn't stay for the wedding. I wish her and Lucas all the luck.

Roman: Good luck to you, too, little brother, and you be careful. Don't do anything crazy.

Bo: I already got the lecture from Hope. I'll call you as soon as I have anything.

Roman: Be safe. Be careful.

Sami: Okay, Lucas --

Lucas: Honey, wait a minute. Obviously you're determined to get something off your chest. And there was a time in the past where I wanted to know what that was, but I'm not gonna push you anymore, okay? That time has passed. The only thing I want to hear from you right now are those wonderful words "I do." [Flute plays Bach's "Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring"] Oh, that's -- honey, that's the music. I got to go, okay? I'll be back.

Sami: Lucas, no, wait.

Lucas: No, honey, it's gonna be fine. I cannot wait for you to be my wife. Everything's gonna be all right.

Chelsea: Sami, the wedding's about to start. Actually, it is starting. Do you need help with anything?

Sami: No. No, it's too late. There's nothing anyone can do now.

Kayla: You want to make love?

Steve: Yeah, I do.

Kayla: I think maybe we should wait till you get your strength back.

Steve: Oh, it's back.

Kayla: Mmm. There it is. That's the Steve I remember.

Steve: Yeah?

Kayla: Just promise me something. No matter what happens, you'll remember me, how much I love you.

Steve: I'll try.

[Knock on door]

Steve: It's E.J.

Kayla: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.

Steve: He's coming to get me.

Kayla: It's Mr. Arrowsmith, the guy who was helping you. Just stay right here. I'll let him in.

Steve: Don't let him in! [Knock on door]

Kayla: Mr. Arrowsmith?

[Flute plays Bach's "Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring"]

[Fanfare plays]

[Strings play Wagner's "Wedding March"]

Fr. Kelly: Dear friends and family, with great affection for Samantha and Lucas, we have gathered together to witness and bless their union in marriage. To this sacred moment, they bring the fullness of their hearts as a treasure and a gift from God to share with one another. They bring the dreams which will bind them together in an eternal commitment. We rejoice with them in thankfulness to the Lord for creating this union of hearts built on friendship, respect, and love.

Kayla: Mr. Arrowsmith, is that you?

Guy: No, ma'am, it's room service.

Kayla: We didn't order any room service.

Guy: It's from management, ma'am, courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Bo Brady.

Kayla: Could you just leave it outside?

Guy: We need a signature, ma'am.

Kayla: Oh! Oh! Oh!

Steve: No! No!

Kayla: It's all right. I'm gonna call for help.

Steve: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Ugh! [Pounding on door] No! No!

Fr. Kelly: Samantha and Lucas, as you stand here in the presence of God, remember, no other ties are more tender, no other vows more sacred than these which you are about to assume.

Marlena: Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and truth. This, then, is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence whenever our hearts condemn us. For he is greater than our hearts and knows everything.

Fr. Kelly: Lucas, have you come of your own free will to give yourself to Samantha in marriage?

Lucas: I have.

Fr. Kelly: And, Samantha, have you come of your own free will to give yourself to Lucas in marriage?

Sami: I have.

Fr. Kelly: If any person present can show just cause why these two people should not be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

Lucas: Where is your dad?

Sami: He's working tonight?

Marlena: It just, uh, was unavoidable. That's all. It just was an emergency.

Kayla: I want him to pay. I want him to pay, Roman. I want E.J. Wells to know what it feels like to lose everything that he loves.

E.J.: Your loyalty is to me. You're gonna go to Tinda Lao, and you're gonna kill Bo Brady. And that is an order.

Steve: Bo Brady.

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