Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/26/07 - Canada; Friday 4/27/07 - U.S.A.


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Belle: I’ve been waiting for this moment.

Shawn D.: Yeah, me too.

Belle: And it was exactly how I always dreamed our first time would be.

Shawn D.: [Laughs] You know, in a way, it kind of was like our first time.

Belle: I know. After everything that we left behind, if we can never go home again, if we never make any of our other hopes and dreams come true, as long as I have you and Claire, I'm happy. And I promise, I'll try to make you happy, too.

Shawn D.: You already have.

[Cellphone ringing]

Belle: Oh. I forgot I had this thing. It must be home because nobody else has this number.

Shawn D.: Hello?

Bo: Shawn?

Shawn D.: Dad.

Hope: And Mom, honey. Oh, my gosh, it's so good to hear your voice.

Shawn D.: Oh, it's good to hear yours, too.

Hope: Honey, are you okay?

Shawn D.: Yeah, we're fine. How are you guys? How's my new little baby sister?

Hope: Your little sister, Ciara? She's absolutely perfect.

Shawn D.: Ciara?

Belle: Oh, what a beautiful name.

Hope: Anyway, sweetheart, listen, she's napping right now, but next time we talk, I definitely want her to hear your voice.

Shawn D.: Oh, God, I wish I could see her. I wish Claire could see her.

Bo: Yeah, I know. How is Claire doing?

Shawn D.: She's great. She's a real trooper. You'd be so proud of her, Dad.

Bo: Hey, so, what's the plan now?

Shawn D.: Well, we are planning on getting off this island real soon. We're shooting for Australia, but the boat we're gonna use, it's not available until like two more days.

Bo: Okay, um, that's what I need to talk to you about. [Doorbell rings] Oh, uh, son, I'm sorry. Someone's at the front door. I got to get that.

Shawn D.: Should I hang up?

Hope: No, honey. Go ahead, Bo. While we're waiting for your dad to come back, there's something I need to talk to you about.

Shawn D.: Okay, go ahead.

Hope: It's about Willow Stark.

Billie: I just got your message. What's wrong?

Bo: Someone installed your security system in my house without my permission. I want to know who the hell it was.

Lucas: I just wanted to catch you before you left the hotel. I don't have my checkbook on me. Are we all right to make this final down payment for the wedding reception? Yeah, honey, she's not here yet. No, I'm not gonna make any decisions without you, I promise, all right? All right, my love. I love you so much. Bye.

Kate: Well, I'm glad I tracked you down.

Lucas: Well, that makes one of us.

Kate: Look, Lucas, I know that you're still angry at me, okay? I know that.

Lucas: I am angry. You don't want to hear the words, I'm so angry. I got words for you. You don't want to hear them, trust me.

Kate: Well, I can imagine you do, and you can curse me out later, but right now, I need your help, okay?

Lucas: You got to be kidding me. I'm not helping you.

Kate: I'm not kidding. If we don't do something fast, Mythic is gonna go down the drain.

Lucas: I am not gonna cancel my wedding. You got that?

Kate: I'm not even talking about your stupid wedding. Did you hear what I said? Our company is going down the drain, which means you lose everything and so do I.

[Knock on door]

Sami: Oh, thank God. Celeste, thank God you're here. Come, you have to help me.

Celeste: Samantha, what are you doing here? And where's Lucas?

Sami: Lucas is at Chez Rouge. He's waiting for me. He has no idea that I'm here. I had to rent this room for another day because there is something I have to get rid of. Ha. Damn it. E.J. left me a calling card. He wanted to make sure that I know he's still alive and that he's coming to get me.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Shawn D.: Mom, I'd really rather not talk about this right now.

Belle: Hey, I'll be right back.

Hope: Honey, I know that you've got an awful lot of things on your mind right now, but this is very important.

Shawn D.: Fine, what is it?

Hope: Willow Stark is in jail.

Shawn D.: What? Why?

Hope: Because she broke into our house and stole some of my jewelry.

Shawn D.: She did what?

Hope: Yeah, she also started another fire again.

Shawn D.: Oh, my God. I'm sorry. That's awful. You guys are okay, right?

Hope: Honey, we're fine.

Shawn D.: Mom, I don't know what to say.

Hope: Honey, there's nothing to say. It's not your fault.

Shawn D.: Yes, it is. I'm the one who got involved with Willow in the first place. If you take all my mistakes and you add them up, Willow tops them all. She's a psycho.

Hope: That's not something you really want to say about the mother of your child.

Shawn D.: Mom, she --

Hope: Shawn, did you hear what I said? Willow's pregnant, and she says the baby is yours.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. She's already told me.

Hope: Did you know before you left Salem?

Shawn D.: No. She told me when she and Philip tracked us down, but she's lying, Mom. She's always lying. You don't believe her, do you?

Hope: Honey, I'm sorry. Honestly, I'm not so sure she is this time.

Billie: I am really sorry that this happened, but I have no idea how my security system got into your house.

Bo: Come on, you're gonna have to do better than that.

Billie: No, really. I asked you to install it as a favor to me, as an endorsement. It wouldn't do me any good to install it without your permission.

Bo: I didn't say you did it, but I think you know who did.

Billie: No. I don't think I do.

Bo: Use your head, put the clues together. Elvis J. Wells -- your boss and benefactor, the reason I refused in the first place.

Billie: No, there is no way that he would compromise me like this.

Bo: You're not stupid or naive. Must be wishful thinking. And it doesn't matter what it is. You're not off the hook for this. How could you get in bed with the man knowing he's dirty?

Billie: If you are implying that we are sleeping together, you are so far off the mark.

Bo: I don't give a damn who you sleep with. I care about my family's safety. How could you go into business with someone knowing what they've done to the Bradys, to John Black?

Billie: You have not found one single crime to charge him with.

Bo: So you think he's innocent? Come on, Billie. He's a DiMera.

Billie: So is little Theo Carver. I guess that makes him evil now, too, doesn't it?

Bo: All right, you know what, Billie? We'll forget that he shot John, you know, cut out his kidney, you know, tried to kill Max and Stephanie on the racetrack. What about what he did to Steve, the man you said you loved not so long ago? Took his memory, his freedom, took his life.

Billie: You don't have any evidence of that, either. Come on, Bo. What about Stefano?

Bo: He's in a coma.

Billie: Oh, that's never stopped him before.

Bo: Would you stop defending that murderer? You gave him the means to invade my home, compromised my family's safety.

Billie: I am defending him because I don't think he did it.

Bo: Fine. You got another candidate?

Billie: Yeah, and if you'd stop to listen to me for just a second, I'll tell you who. Our brother.

Bo: Philip.

Lucas: I cannot believe you. I can't believe you're making up a business crisis just to try to make me forget about what you did last night at that hotel.

Kate: Lucas, there is a crisis. E.J.'s gone.

Lucas: Yeah, I know, Mom. He's in Vegas, remember? That's where he was gonna run off with Sami. That's what you said, right?

Kate: No, he's not in Vegas. And I did a little checking, a little digging -- his credit cards haven't been used since early yesterday, and also all flight records show that he didn't fly out of town.

Lucas: So then he drove. He's using cash. What do you want from me?

Kate: Oh, my God. You know he didn't drive. The police found his car. It was abandoned by that cabin that caught on fire.

Lucas: I don't really care where he is, as long as he's gone. All right, Mom, fine. Fine, I'm listening. What do you want from me?

Kate: The entire office is in chaos, okay? The phones are ringing off the hook, and some of the directors need to talk to you about some issues that were before the board, and you're the only one that E.J. briefed on it.

Lucas: I don't report directly to E.J. He's your partner. Shouldn't you be briefed? I'm sure he's briefed you in the past, right?

Kate: Lucas, please.

Lucas: You know what, Mom? I'm not gonna have this conversation with you, all right? I got a very important meeting with the wedding planner, okay? I don't have time for this.

Kate: You know, you might not have a livelihood and you might not have a wedding unless we work this out and save our business, okay?

Lucas: I don't care about saving the business. I don't care if Mythic goes under. I never wanted to work there in the first place.

Kate: I cannot believe that.

Lucas: Well, then, you need a reality check.

Celeste: Now, Samantha, just calm down. Take a deep breath. Tell me where this came from.

Sami: I found the bed.

Celeste: In this bed?

Sami: Yes. Where Lucas and I were sleeping. E.J. left it for me as a message.

Celeste: But, darling, he was trapped in that burning cabin. How could he have survived? Come on.

Sami: You didn't hear? The police said they didn't find any body in the cabin. E.J. didn't die in that fire, Celeste. He got out. Yeah. It's too bad your tarot cards didn't tell us about that. You know, you could have warned me that maybe E.J. Wells turns out to be unkillable, unstoppable, but no. Now he's alive and aware that I lied to him. He knows that I left him there to die, and he's sending me a message...with this. Damn it. Why did I listen to you? Your stupid plan to rid the world of this evil. 'Cause I'll tell you what he's gonna do next. He's gonna rid the world of me. Now all I can do is just sit around waiting to find out when.

Celeste: Oh, darling, you should have lit that match when you had a chance. E.J. would indeed be dead and you would be free. I did warn you this would happen, Samantha.

Sami: I did not invite you here to say, "I told you so." Now, Celeste, you have to help me. You owe me that.

Lucas: I know what this is about, all right? It doesn't matter what you say. It's not about business. It's about our wedding.

Kate: Oh, God. So you honestly don't care if we both lose our jobs, if you have no way to support your family?

Lucas: I told you before, I never wanted to work for E.J. in the first place.

Kate: Well, you know something? I put everything I have into this company. And I didn't just do it for myself, Lucas. I did it for my children, and I did it for my grandchildren.

Lucas: You'll be fine. You were fine before when you were unemployed. You'll be fine now.

Kate: Oh, yeah, great. What was the last job I did when I was unemployed? Waitress at a diner, eat out of a dumpster. Is that what you want to do? Is that what you want for your family? Because your employment record isn't so good.

Lucas: Oh, really? What are you saying? No one's gonna hire me? Is that what you're saying?

Kate: Well, yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying.

Lucas: Well, thanks for the ringing endorsement.

Kate: Lucas, what this is about is your best interests. It's always about your best interests, whether you believe that or not.

Lucas: Well, I don't, and I'm sick of you trying to camouflage the real reason why you're here. This is not about business. It's about Sami, right? Just like it always is.

Celeste: I don't know what you expect me to do at this point, Samantha.

Sami: Well, you have an in with the DiMeras, don't you? Your daughter was one of them. So is your grandson.

Celeste: I hardly consider them family, and I believe it's been made very clear that they feel the same way about me.

Sami: You are the one who put me up to this. Don't forget that.

Celeste: I beg your pardon?

Sami: Killing E.J. was your idea, Celeste. You can't abandon me now.

Celeste: Darling, it's too late to take back what's been done, hmm?

Sami: You could talk to him.

Celeste: I don't even know where E.J. is.

Sami: Isn't that what your crystal ball is for?

Celeste: Yeah, and what would I say to him, huh?

Sami: Tell him -- tell him that I wasn't able to do it. Tell him that I couldn't light the match, right? I mean, that ought to count for something.

Celeste: Very little in his world.

Sami: All right, well, tell him that I know it was a mistake. How about that? You could tell him that I know it and that I will do anything -- I will do anything to get him to leave me alone.

Celeste: Samantha, you don't know what you're saying.

Sami: Yes, I do.

Celeste: Besides, darling, why would E.J. listen to me, huh? He's made it very clear that he's never gonna walk away from you. I mean, that's why you had to kill him in the first place, yeah?

Sami: I am begging you. Celeste, my wedding is a couple of days away. You are my only hope. You have to try.

Shawn D.: Why would you believe anything that willow tells you? You know what she does for a living.

Hope: Did. Did, honey.

Shawn D.: Whatever. If she really is pregnant, this kid could be anybody's.

Hope: That's true, but, honey, come on. You have to admit -- there is a good chance this baby could be yours.

Shawn D.: Mom, come on.

Hope: Shawn, listen to me -- I know that Willow has been caught in a lot of lies, but this is one story that keeps sticking and never changes, even when it might work to her benefit.

Shawn D.: Okay. She's probably thinking that she can use this kid to try to squeeze money out of you guys. Wait...she already has, hasn't she?

Hope: I paid for her medical care. That is it.

Shawn D.: And she thanked you by stealing your jewelry and setting your house on fire, right?

Hope: I'm not defending her. I am not defending her, believe me. All I am saying is that, honey, you have to at least consider that the possibility is she's telling the truth and that you are the baby's father.

Shawn D.: No, Mom. I'm not gonna believe it.

Hope: Philip does.

Bo: You think Philip is the one who bugged my house?

Billie: I think it's possible.

Bo: Wells is the one who pushed you to sell the system to me so he could obviously spy on us, and now he's off someplace, probably because of something he overheard.

Billie: Do you have any new evidence against him?

Bo: No.

Billie: Then just listen to me for a second, will you?

Bo: Go ahead.

Billie: All right. Philip called me a few days ago because he was interested in installing my system at Titan. And so he asked me all sorts of detailed questions about it.

Bo: What kind of questions?

Billie: Like how the software works, where to put the cameras, the mikes. A lot more information than the regular person needs to know.

Bo: Did you ask him why he needed all this information?

Billie: I didn't think about it at the time, but then I got home and, you know, I started thinking, and I just thought I'd give him a follow-up call, and that's when victor told me that he was out of the country on a business emergency.

Bo: He could have overheard where Shawn is with his family, and he took off to go after them.

Celeste: I wish I could help you, Samantha. I truly do. But even if I did manage to find Elvis, he wouldn't see me.

Sami: Well, Celeste, I just am asking you to try. I mean, you don't want me to end up like Lexie, do you? Unless...unless you're saying that was your plan all along.

Celeste: No, Ma Cherie, it was not. [Sighs] I'll do what I can.

Sami: Thank you.

Celeste: But don't get your hopes up, now.

Sami: I just want a chance... and you're my last chance. I better go. Lucas will be wondering where I am. Um, I'll get rid of this on my way out.

Celeste: Samantha, darling, I'm not really your last chance, you know.

Sami: What do you mean?

Celeste: You do have an alternative. You could tell Lucas the truth.

Sami: Are you out of your mind?

Billie: Oh, my God. You know where Shawn and Belle are?

Bo: Yeah, Belle called Marlena. She came over and told Hope.

Billie: And Hope didn't know that the house was bugged.

Bo: We had the place swept. They didn't find anything, so, yeah, she thought it was clean.

Billie: Then how did you find out?

Bo: I wanted to make sure, so I sent one of my guys over with more sensitive equipment. He found the bugs.

Billie: Bo, I am so sorry.

Bo: Yeah. Give Kate a message for me. If Philip goes anywhere near Shawn, if anything happens to him or his family, I will hold her and you responsible.

Shawn D.: Mom, why should I care what Philip thinks?

Hope: Because he's trying to use Willow against you.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. I already figured that out. She was with him on the cruise ship when he caught up to us. She's using him, and he's using her. It doesn't mean that she's telling the truth.

Hope: Willow has street smarts. Think about it. She would never risk losing the money your father and I are giving her unless she had another source of income.

Shawn D.: Philip.

Hope: Exactly. And he would never give her a dime unless he was completely sure she has something he wants.

Shawn D.: My baby.

Hope: Right.

Shawn D.: Oh, my God. I think you're right. So that means that...Willow's baby has to be mine.

Shawn D.: God, I don't believe this. You know what? Actually, I do. 'Cause I can't do anything right.

Hope: Don't say that. That's not true.

Shawn D.: Mom, I married Mimi while I'm on the rebound while I'm still in love with Belle. And then the rebound from that, I jump in bed with a hooker and I get her pregnant. And now? I'm in the South Pacific stuck, where I'm trying to protect my kid while I have another baby that I can't even see. And God knows that Willow does not know how to take care of that poor kid.

Hope: Well, you know what, honey? Your dad and I are going to be here.

Shawn D.: Mom, it's not your job.

Hope: You're not gonna be gone forever, you know.

Shawn D.: I hope not, but you never know. We could --

Bo: Hey, give me the phone. Shawn, listen, you got to get off that island. You got to get your family off that island right now.

Kate: My whole life is circling down the drain and all you can do is talk about Sami.

Lucas: Don't you have anything better to do with your life than butt into your kids' every time? I mean, it's the same thing with me, Billie, Austin, Philip.

Kate: Lucas, I am not trying to stop your stupid wedding. That's gonna happen anyway, regardless of what I do. Believe me, I've learned that lesson. Sami's gonna ruin your own wedding.

Lucas: Well, thanks for the good wishes, Mom. I really appreciate that. Just for laughs -- just for laughs, what do you want me to do? How do you want me to help you? You want me to find E.J.?

Kate: Yes, that would be nice for starters.

Lucas: I don't care. I don't want to find him. I'm glad he's gone. Do you hear me? And what? Next is, what, Sami knows where E.J. is? Is that what you're gonna tell me?

Kate: Well, I can't say it would surprise me.

Lucas: You don't surprise me.

Kate: Lucas, could you just ask her where he is?

Lucas: No, I'm not gonna ask her anything because she doesn't know anything, all right? She doesn't know where E.J. is, and I don't, either, and I don't care.

Kate: Really? Are you sure about that? 'Cause you know something? I think deep down underneath all of that anger you're feeling for me, you actually don't trust her, and you just don't want to admit that to yourself, do you? And you know something? That's gonna eat you up.

Lucas: Oh. Look who's here.

Kate: Well, hello to you, too. What's this?

Billie: My security system. Someone installed it in Bo and Hope's house without their permission.

Kate: What?

Billie: Oh, don't look so shocked, Mom.

Kate: I don't know anything about it. Who would do something like that?

Lucas: Your partner, E.J. Wells, maybe.

Billie: Or Philip.

Kate: I don't know.

Billie: Oh, come on, Mom. Like you don't keep tabs on your kids 24/7. Philip is responsible for this, and I want to know where he is.

Celeste: Darling, Lucas is madly in love with you, yes? If you just tell him the truth, Samantha, explain that Elvis forced you to give your body... in exchange for Lucas's life. Darling, you did a selfless thing. He should be grateful for what you did.

Sami: How does telling Lucas the truth change anything? E.J. will still harass me until he gets what he wants.

Celeste: It will give Elvis one less thing to hold over your head.

Sami: But it will give Lucas one good reason to walk out on me... which he will do. And I don't blame him for it. I mean, am I ever gonna stop paying for my sins? Hey, if I'm lucky, maybe E.J. will just kill me now and put me out of my misery.

Celeste: You're expecting a child, Samantha.

Sami: Who I may never live to see grow up. I have to go. Call me.

Celeste: I will. Be careful, Ma Cherie. This is Celeste. I need to see you right away.

Kate: Billie, I honestly have no idea where Philip is, okay?

Billie: Mom, Victor told me that he was going out of the country, and I'm supposed to just believe that he didn't tell you where he was going or that you didn't even ask him?

Kate: He's a grown-up, and he also didn't ask me when he went away to war.

Lucas: Well, none of your kids are truly grown up, thanks to you, Mom.

Kate: Hey, that's mature, blaming your problems on your mother.

Billie: Can we discuss mom's parenting skills some other time, please? Where is Philip?

Lucas: Why, Billie? What's the matter? What's going on?

Billie: I believe that he is responsible for using my home-security system to spy on Bo and Hope, and he overheard them telling everybody where Belle and Shawn are. I want to know where he is. He's gone after them.

Kate: So?

Billie: So? He used me, Mom.

Kate: Claire is Philip's daughter, all right? He went after the people who kidnapped her.

Billie: I don't care what he did. He shouldn't have done it at my expense. What the hell is wrong with this family? Are we all insane or what?

Lucas: Yeah, I think we are. We got mom to thank for that, the queen of the gene pool.

Kate: Oh, please. Don't blame me because you have problems running your own lives.

Lucas: You should have raised your kids right. We wouldn't have these problems.

Billie: Or she didn't raise us, actually.

Kate: Oh, that's a really cheap shot. Perhaps if you had taken my advice part of the time, you wouldn't be in these predicaments, would you now?

Billie: Well, perhaps if your advice didn't come with a price tag, we'd listen to you a little more often.

Kate: I've always put my children first.

Lucas: Yeah, and that's why we're so happy. Look at us. You know, before you got here, mom was trying to use E.J.'s disappearance to harass me about Sami. It was great.

Kate: Lucas, all you have to do is ask Sami where E.J. is, okay? And if she gets that trapped look in her eyes, then you know she's lying.

Billie: Sort of like the one you've got right now?

Kate: I don't know where Philip is, okay, Billie? I don't know.

Lucas: What about E.J.? Where's E.J.?

Kate: I don't know.

Billie: So, basically, they both used you.

Kate: No. I wouldn't put it that way.

Lucas: Of course not. Because that would imply that you were capable of being wrong.

Billie: You're a fine example, Mom. No wonder we're all so screwed up.

Hope: What's going on?

Bo: Philip planted a bug in the house. I just found one outside. He probably knows where you are, Shawn, so he could be on his way to Tinda Lao as we speak.

Shawn D.: How long do we have?

Bo: Not long. He left last night.

Shawn D.: We were so close. Dad, the boat is not ready yet, and we don't have enough money to get very far.

Belle: Shawn, what's wrong?

Shawn D.: Philip -- he's on his way back here right now.

Belle: Oh, my God.

Bo: Shawn, just get off of that island. There's an island close, right?

Shawn D.: I will row us there if we have to.

Bo: When you get there, I'll wire you some money and I'll be on the first plane there.

Shawn D.: No, Dad, all right? I need to take care of this myself. When we get to wherever we get, we'll contact you.

Hope: Honey, we love you. Please, please, please be careful.

Shawn D.: I love you, too.

Bo: Take care, son.

Hope: We're gonna see you soon, right?

Shawn D.: I hope so. Bye.

Bo: Bye.

Hope: He's gonna be all right. We're all gonna be all right. I miss him so much.

Bo: Yeah, me too.

Hope: What exactly did Billie say?

Bo: Philip was asking her a bunch of questions about the security system. The next thing she knew, he's out of the country. He was obviously waiting for one of them to get in contact with us so he could find out where they are.

Hope: Yeah, and we told him, didn't we?

Bo: It's not your fault, Hope. You thought the house was clean.

Hope: Yeah, but if Marlena hadn't come by --

Bo: It's not her fault, either. She was just giving us good news -- that our kids were safe and alive.

Hope: Yeah, but for how long?

Billie: You knew it. You knew that E.J. was using me, didn't you? And Lucas, too. He was using all of us. It's like he has grabbed ahold of this family and picked us off one by one, and we let him do it. And if you were such the protective mother lioness that you pretend to be, you might have done something to stop it.

Kate: I had absolutely nothing, nothing to do with whatever he did with your surveillance equipment, okay? And if you're so upset about the fact that Bo is angry with you, perhaps it's time you got over Bo once and for all.

Billie: You really think this is about Bo?

Kate: Oh, come on, Billie. It's always about some man with you, isn't it? Always.

Billie: I am upset because I trusted the wrong people. I am upset because I got full of myself, I got greedy, and I gave my system to the worst possible bidder. And you know what? Yeah, I am upset about Bo, too. Because I have caused that man enough trouble in his life to last him a lifetime. And if he loses his grandchild because --

Kate: Claire is my grandchild, too.

Billie: I am upset because my mother betrayed me. And now I'm not gonna be able to pay my rent yet once again.

Kate: Billie, I didn't betray you. And you don't have to leave Mythic.

Billie: Oh, yes, I do. And you should, too, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, it sounds like a plan, sis.

Billie: You know what, Mom? I'm gonna keep that investment money that E.J. gave me because I damn well earned it. And if you have a problem with that, sue me.

Lucas: Bye, Billie. I wouldn't plan on getting a lot of presents for Mother's Day.

Kate: I'd just like you to tell me how all of this is my fault. I don't understand that part.

Lucas: You're the reason why Philip thought Claire was his. You're the reason why his heart's broken, and now he's going off the deep end, so you tell me.

Kate: Okay, well, how about the fact that Sami's sweet sister Belle married Philip and promised to cherish him and be with him forever, and then she trashed him like a piece of garbage. I suppose that's my fault, too.

Lucas: I don't know what to tell you, Mom, all right? I give up on you.

Sami: Hi, sorry I'm late.

Lucas: That's all right.

Sami: Did you already order?

Lucas: Unh-unh. No, I waited for you. Come on.

Sami: God, you're the best.

Lucas: That's right.

Kate: Oh, my God. Okay, fine. You're not gonna ask her? I will.

Lucas: Mom, enough.

Kate: Sami, where's E.J.?

Lucas: Don't do it. I said that's enough.

Kate: You know, and don't bother lying, please. Even though you've had an abundance of practice, you still stink at it.

Lucas: Honey, just ignore her, all right?

Sami: Yeah, right. Ignoring her is like ignoring the plague.

Kate: I know that you were at that cabin with E.J.

Sami: Actually, I was spending the night with my fiancé at a hotel, remember? You were there.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, she remembers. Or was that your evil twin, the one who beat down the door with an ax?

Kate: Oh, great. That's really funny. Make all the jokes you want to, but I know something was going on over there. I know it.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. Two people who love each other were having a romantic evening until one of their mothers showed up and busted down the door with an ax.

Kate: Lucas, E.J. told me he was eloping with Sami. He told me.

Lucas: That is not exactly what he said. And it didn't happen because she's right here.

Kate: I told you that when I talked to him on the phone, there was a struggle, but before the phone disconnected, I heard someone call her name. I heard it.

Lucas: You are truly obsessed with this, aren't you? Aren't you?

Kate: You really don't get it, do you? You absolutely don't get it. I got to that hotel room and you were out cold. You could have been unconscious for God knows how many hours and that's how she left you.

Lucas: I was sleeping. That's what I was doing. I'm sorry.

Kate: Oh, God, I get it. You know, I don't know why this didn't dawn on me earlier. She drugged you. That's what she did. That has always been Sami's M.O. I mean, she drugs my son. She drugged you so she could be with E.J., right, Sami?

Sami: I'm gonna be sick.

Lucas: Honey. Honey, come here. You know what? That is it. That's it. I've had it. You got about 10 seconds to get the hell out of here.

Kate: Fine, I'll go. But you're just hiding it from yourself, because deep down, you know I'm right. And the longer you let her get away with it, believe me, you're gonna end up with a knife in your back.

Hope: I, uh...I told Shawn about...Willow and the baby.

Bo: And?

Hope: And he said he already knew, just didn't want to believe it.

Bo: I don't blame him. I wouldn't, either.

Hope: As long as Shawn's halfway around the world, we're gonna have to protect his baby for him.

Bo: Yeah. What choice do we have? Willow's in jail. Family services is taking care of her needs. But I tell you something, I will not be convinced that baby's Shawn's until we get DNA evidence.

Hope: Me, either. But until we do know for sure, that baby could be our grandchild. And I'm not willing to leave his fate up to a bunch of strangers.

Belle: Shawn, I am so sorry. I never should have called home.

Shawn D.: At least our parents, they know where we are and they can help us. It's not us against the world anymore. And even if it was, I know we'd be okay.

Belle: Thank you for saying that.

Shawn D.: I mean it, Belle. I love you and Claire. That's why we need to get out of here as soon as possible.

Belle: But what about Gabby?

Shawn D.: We don't have time to worry about her right now.

Belle: But she helped us hide last time Philip was here.

Shawn D.: Yeah, we got lucky because Philip didn't know we were here for sure. But now he knows and he's not going away.

Belle: Shawn, maybe it's time we make a stand. Maybe we shouldn't run anymore. Let's stay and fight.

Belle: Shawn, going to Australia is one thing. Going to another tiny island without enough money and without a reliable boat scares me. And what if she gets sick again and she needs a doctor?

Shawn D.: We are gonna go to an island that's inhabited. We're not gonna make the same mistake that we made last time.

Belle: I just don't want to be on the run forever.

Shawn D.: We won't, Belle. I promise that. Okay? Let me go find Duck and Gabby and see if they know anybody who's getting off this island so we can hitch a ride with them.

Belle: Okay, but make sure that there's a life jacket for Claire, okay?

Shawn D.: I will. You know...for the first time, I feel like that things are the way that they were meant to be from the beginning. Claire -- she's ours. We're together. So, yeah, we are gonna fight Philip. And we're gonna win. You do believe me, don't you?

Belle: I trust you with our lives.

Shawn D.: I love you, Belle.

Belle: I love you.

Bo: Come here. So, what do you want to do?

Hope: Well, um...I think that Willow may actually have a maternal bone or two, possibly, somewhere in that very tall, thin frame of hers.

Bo: Do you really?

Hope: She didn't want to take the money that I offered her out of pride. Yet she only took enough of it for her prenatal care. That's got to say something.

Bo: Yeah, Philip's paying her other bills. I wonder who else she's conned.

Hope: You know, she paid for her brother's college tuition.

Bo: With Philip's bribe money, which is why our son's on the run in the first place.

Hope: Okay, I know that, but the point I'm trying to make is at least she showed some heart in what she did with it.

Bo: If you say so.

Hope: I want to -- I want to talk to her about what's best for the baby.

Bo: Like giving it up, letting us raise it?

Hope: Well, that is a great idea. Maybe.

Bo: Yeah, good luck with that.

Hope: Well, hold on. How would you feel about that, Brady?

Bo: I don't know that I have much choice once you get an idea like that in your head. But do remember this -- she's in jail for a reason. It's because she's dangerous.

Hope: Yeah? Well, so am I.

Bo: Mmm.

Sami: Oh, what am I gonna do?

Lucas: I want you to get out of here. Really, you've done enough. Thank you.

Kate: You're still avoiding the question.

Lucas: Listen, you say you always put your kids first, but look what you're doing to Sami. You're endangering her health and my baby's. Thank you.

Kate: Are you really so sure it's yours?

Sami: Aah!

Hope: There is another option.

Willow: What's that option?

Hope: Sign over your parental rights to Bo and me.

Duck: What's your damn hurry anyway?

Shawn D.: If we don't get off this island now, we could lose our daughter.

Belle: I hate you. I hate what you've become. You will never get your hands on my daughter.

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