Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/23/07 - Canada; Tuesday 4/24/07 - U.S.A.


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Nick: Officer Gerson.

Gerson: You Fallon?

Nick: Yes, sir.

Gerson: Your girlfriend wants to see you.

Nick: Chelsea?

Gerson: Blond, pregnant?

Nick: No. I don't even know what you're talking about.

Gerson: You better hope the kid gets her looks.

Willow: Hey, Nicky. How do you like the new digs?

Max: [Clears throat] Chelsea, it's Max.

Chelsea: Max. Damn. I was just gonna call and tell you not to come.

Max: But you said you had car trouble.

Chelsea: I did, and after I hung up with you, I tried to go start it again, and old Brangelina fired right up. Naming cars -- it's a girl thing.

Max: Right, right. Well, if you're good to go, then I'm --

Chelsea: No. No. You just got here.

Max: Yeah, I know, but if you don't need me --

Chelsea: No, but I do need you. Look, old friends are the best, right? Come on. Let me get you a beer for making a house call.

Max: Thanks, but I'm gonna split.

Chelsea: No. What's your hurry? I won't bite.

Lucas: So, can we hurry this up a little bit, please?

E.J.: Oh, Lucas, come on. Where's your sense of occasion?

Kate: What is the occasion?

Lucas: Well, there's somewhere I have to be, so, please --

E.J.: Lucas, good news, actually, a little like good champagne, should be savored.

Kate: Come on. Don't keep us hanging. What are we drinking to?

E.J.: I'm going away for a while.

Lucas: Well, that's something to drink to. If I drank, I'd be all over that turf.

E.J.: Actually, Lucas, I'm one step ahead of you. I bought you a little bit of sparkling pop.

Kate: Oh! It's a drinking game, and we're going to have to guess. What fun.

E.J.: Patience, please, Kate. Now, I can tell you where I'm going. I'm going away to what is popularly called Sin City.

Lucas: That would be any city you're in, right?

Kate: I think he means Vegas, although I'm not aware that Mythic has any business connections in Vegas.

E.J.: This isn't a business trip. The nature of this trip is entirely personal.

Lucas: Go ahead and tell us. What do you want, a drum roll or something?

E.J.: [Chuckles] I think we can save the fanfare until I get back with my new bride.

Sami: I can't do this. Celeste, I can't -- I can't go through with it.

Celeste: Of course you can, darling. It's the perfect plan. And you really have no other choice, you know.

Sami: Lucas is gonna be home any minute, and the wedding photographer is coming here to take pictures for our wedding announcement. And I have to smile like I'm happy, show the world that I'm madly in love. And the whole time, I am hours away from killing someone.

Celeste: You're a good actress, Samantha. You can manage a smile. And, darling, this time tomorrow morning, your troubles will be over.

Sami: I will have his blood on my hands for the rest of my life.

Celeste: Or you can lose Lucas, end up like my Alexandra, and have the baby that you're carrying taken away by E.J. and raised as a DiMera. Now, which is it going to be?

Sami: He thinks that I'm gonna show up at that cabin and fly with him to Vegas to be married. And the truth is, I am going to knock E.J. out with a kiss and then leave him to burn to death. How do I live with that?

Celeste: You live, and that's all that matters. Now, you listen to me, ma chérie, if you want your life back, if you want Lucas, William, and your baby and a happy ending, E.J. Wells must die...tonight.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Chelsea: Where would you have gone anyway?

Max: Home, I guess.

Chelsea: Really? I would have guessed some dark, friendless bar.

Max: Why?

Chelsea: We used to date. And believe it or not, I took notes. I know when you're in your moods, and you're in one right now.

Max: It's been a rough day.

Chelsea: Okay, so, come in. Talk to me about it. Unwind.

Max: I'd be crap as company.

Chelsea: Like I've never been?

Max: Thanks. I'm just not in the mood.

Chelsea: Hmm. You know, back in the day, we used to talk to each other about everything. I miss that.

Max: Good, Chelse. Let's just leave it at that.

Chelsea: Okay, maybe I could use some company, you know, just for a few seconds if you've got them. Come on. You could be the first to celebrate my new home.

Max: Shouldn't you be saving that for Nick or Abby?

Chelsea: No. No, they've got other stuff to do. Come on. I'll crack you open a beer, give you the grand tour, show you everything that Bo and Hope have done to make me feel like family.

Max: That was one of our talks -- being a real Brady. One beer.

Chelsea: All right. So, this is it, my new home. What do you think?

Max: It's great. I'm really happy for you.

Chelsea: I knew you'd understand.

Nick: Willow, what are you doing here?

Willow: They're calling it premature contractions.

Nick: Are you and the baby okay?

Willow: Yeah, we're okay. That's the good news, but the bad news is that they're only keeping me overnight. Then it's back to the jail cell.

Nick: I'm glad you and the baby are good. What did you want to see me for?

Willow: Nick, you're the only guy in this town who's treated me halfway decent, and I knew you were working in the building, so I thought maybe you'd like to keep me company for a while.

Nick: I can only stay for a few minutes.

Willow: Then it's back to the lab, huh? You know I'm counting on you guys in the white coats to pull through for me.

Nick: Look, I can't talk about any of that stuff.

Willow: Well, I'll talk about it then. The hairbrush that the police found at Bo and Hope's house after the fire, they're gonna prove that, that DNA does not belong to me, and then they can't charge me with arson. And they're going to have to let me go. Nick, you have to do right by me. My baby's life depends on it.

Kate: You're getting married?

E.J.: I really surprised you, didn't I?

Lucas: It's just a little weird. You've been chasing Sami so long. How'd you find time to hook up with somebody else?

E.J.: You'd be surprised, Lucas. Well, let's toast my bride-to-be, eh? Come on, the two of you. Put them up. Put them up. There we go. Thank you.

Kate: So, who is she? Where did you meet her? And why the hell are you getting married?

E.J.: Why does anybody get married? For love.

Kate: For love?! I can see you in lust, but not in love. I'm just not seeing that.

E.J.: I was completely surprised. I was not expecting it. I was not looking for it. She just walked into my life. Unfortunately, at the time, she was taken, but now she's not. And so, we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Lucas: Till death do you part, right?

E.J.: Or, as another poet said, was it, "come, grow old with me. The best in life is yet to be."

Kate: Oh, God.

Lucas: Well, look at you, making toasts and reciting poetry. Who knew? I'd have never guess that.

E.J.: Oh, who'd have guessed I actually had a heart, eh, Lucas?

Lucas: You hide it very well. Well done.

Kate: Well, I guess all I can say is good luck.

E.J.: Thank you, Kate. Lucas, are you going to wish me well?

Lucas: You shouldn't ask questions you already know the answers to.

E.J.: [Chuckles] Okay, I'm not gonna let you spoil my happiness. Listen, the two of you, I need to talk to you about when I'm going away from work.

Kate: E.J., it doesn't take that long to say "I do."

E.J.: This is not a shotgun wedding, Kate. I intend to give my bride a proper honeymoon -- one week, possibly two. I'm gonna need the two of you to do double duty in my absence.

Lucas: Wait a minute. I'm not falling into that trap. Forget about it.

E.J.: He's funny, isn't he? One would almost think, Lucas, that you would think that you had a choice.

Sami: He expects me to show up at that cabin, bags packed, love shining in my eyes.

Celeste: E.J. can't have one glimmer of suspicion. He must believe that you are there to spend the rest of your life with him.

Sami: Why do you think I am so afraid? What if I give myself away?

Celeste: Samantha, come here. Come. Sit down. Look, darling, if you truly believe that you can't go through with it, I'll leave, and we'll never mention this again.

Sami: Really?

Celeste: I just pray that you don't meet the same fate at E.J.'s hands as my Alexandra, darling.

Sami: Celeste. Wait.

Nick: Willow, I'm not even the tech who's gonna be running the DNA test on the hairbrush.

Willow: But it has to be you. You are the only person I can trust. You have to do --

Nick: Look, Willow, I know the guy who's gonna be running the test. He's a total professional. He'll do a very good job.

Willow: I can't believe this. My whole future depends on a stupid hairbrush. I've never been so alone in my life.

Nick: I'm sorry, but... I really don't see how I can help you.

Willow: Could you maybe just be my friend?

Lucas: Look, I'm not gonna allow you to dump all this work on me two weeks before my wedding. That's not fair.

E.J.: This has nothing to do with your wedding, Lucas. This has to do with work.

Lucas: Right, so delegate the responsibility to somebody else. I'd appreciate that.

E.J.: I made my choice. It's you.

Lucas: I have the right to refuse, don't I?

E.J.: Absolutely, you do. Let's not forget that I have the right to fire you. In addition, I have the right to sue you for breach of contract. And as I recall, you have some rather expensive and elaborate wedding plans coming up that this might put rather a crimp in. What do you think, Kate? Am I being unfair? Quite. All right, now, media luncheon on Friday. I will need you to get up to date with all of Mythic's current projects. In addition, Lucas, you're gonna have to put together a PowerPoint presentation as well as getting me the full minutes of the meeting when it's complete. I wonder if you can handle that.

Lucas: I don't have a choice, do I?

E.J.: Now, Kate, the board meeting on the 22nd -- Lucas is gonna help you put together everything you need for that. Lucas, I will also need the minutes for that meeting. In addition, the IT department are installing a new firewall system into all of our computers. This is to protect against any of our competitors breaking in and finding out exactly what we do. I think I will have both of you be in charge of that. Think you can handle that?

Lucas: I think we're capable. Yeah, I'll write up a full report. Anything else you want?

E.J.: No. I think that should be everything. If there is anything else, I'll send you a text message. But now your time is your own.

Lucas: Thank you. I appreciate that.

E.J.: You're not joining us for dinner?

Lucas: No, I got to go home. Sami and I are taking pictures for the newspaper.

E.J.: Oh. Excellent. Well, in which case, I suppose this is the last time I will see you before I am married.

Lucas: Yeah, you'll be partying in Vegas while we run your company for you.

E.J.: Lucas, there will be plenty of time to get your work done. Besides, a lot can happen in two weeks.

Lucas: What's that, code for something?

E.J.: No, just stating the obvious. It's a crazy world out there, eh? Good luck. What, hmm? Life can change overnight.

Sami: Maybe I can talk to E.J., beg him, plead him -- anything to try to save what I have with Lucas.

Celeste: Look what happened last time you pleaded with him to save Lucas. E.J. raped you.

Sami: Then he -- then he calls it making love.

Celeste: I'm sure he would.

Sami: Maybe I could use that. Maybe I could try to play on the feelings that he says he has for me and explain to him, show him how much he is destroying the woman that he claims to care about.

Celeste: Don't fool yourself, Samantha. And don't think for one moment you can reach his heart, darling. He doesn't have one.

Sami: He's still human, just like me. And just thinking about actually killing him...

Celeste: But, darling, it's not murder. Look, Samantha. All you have to do is knock him out with a kiss. The fire will kill him, darling.

Sami: Will! William, come out here right now. Take off those headphones.

Will: All right. Hi, Ms. Perrault.

Celeste: William.

Sami: I found this in your backpack. Where did you get it?

Will: I was just doing some work for someone.

Sami: Two hundred do-- for who?

Will: E.J. Wells.

Willow: I just need a friend, okay? Nothing in my life is all right. Shawn, my baby's daddy, ran away. Bo and Hope cut me off because they think I torched their place, which I totally did not do.

Nick: What about the jewelry, Willow? The police said that you tried to pawn it.

Willow: Doesn't mean that I stole it. Bo and Hope were helping me out. It makes no sense. Why would I steal that?

Nick: Well, it must have made some sense to the police. Otherwise, they wouldn't have arrested you.

Willow: They're never gonna take the word of a knocked-up hooker over the daughter of Bo Brady, ace detective, whose brother just so happens to be the police --

Nick: Okay, Willow, I cannot have this conversation with you.

Willow: Why? Because you're totally in love with Chelsea, the girl who set me up?

Chelsea: What are you doing standing all the way over there? Come on in and park it.

Max: You all moved in?

Chelsea: Yeah. Pretty much. Oh, my God. You should see my bedroom. I've got this huge bed. It's a feather bed -- the kind where you jump on and you sink down two feet.

Max: Wow.

Chelsea: Yeah. And Bo and Hope, they have a few things to finish up before they can finish helping me move in officially, but... I think I'm actually gonna cook them dinner, like, my first night here, kind of as a way to say thank you for everything. You know, whoever said, "there's no place like home" really nailed it.

Max: So, what would you call what you had with your mom?

Chelsea: That was okay. It wasn't like this, though.

Max: She did her best, Chelse.

Chelsea: Here, I have my dad, my baby sister, birthdays, holidays, sitting at the Brady family table and actually belonging there. Oh, my God. I totally said I would get you a beer.

Max: No, it's okay.

Chelsea: No. No, no, no. I want you to feel as at home here as I do, so I will be right back. Do not move. How's this for service?

Max: Thank you.

Chelsea: So... is there anything else I can get you?

Max: No. But you can tell me when you decided to go with the baby hooker look.

Chelsea: Max, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not really a baby anymore.

Sami: E.J. gave you this money?

Will: Well, he didn't just give it to me. I earned it.

Sami: Doing what?

Will: Just setting up some video gear.

Sami: What were you thinking, Will? You were alone with him? You took his money?

Will: I told you, I didn't just take it.

Sami: You know what I am talking about, and you know what kind of man he is.

Will: Chill out, all right? The guy is a total stain. All I had to do was hook up a few cables and walk out two bills richer, all right? It's cool.

Sami: It is not cool. I have warned you to stay away from him.

Will: Stop treating me like I'm 12. I can take care of myself. And forget about me. Look at you. You spend more time with him than anybody.

Sami: Will -- William, you come back here. We are not done ta--

Celeste: Samantha. Samantha. Now, you see? He won't stop. Your home, your marriage, your children. There's not one part of your life that he won't seek out and destroy, darling.

Sami: I know. I know I have to -- I have to do it.

Celeste: All right. Good. Now, as soon as you and Lucas are finished with that photographer, you have to make up an excuse to get away from him and call me, Samantha. I'm gonna drive you up to the cabin.

Sami: What if somebody sees us?

Celeste: I'll take the back roads.

Sami: And the lipstick?

Celeste: I prepared it this afternoon. Now, first, you must cover your lips with the lip balm and then put that lipstick on, darling, and give E.J. a kiss he won't live long enough to remember.

Sami: But it won't affect me, right?

Celeste: Not if you put the lip balm on first as soon as you finish with that photographer. You'll be perfectly safe.

Sami: So, this is it -- zero hour.

Celeste: I know this is hard, darling, but E.J. has forced your hand. And just remember, Samantha, tomorrow, the world will be a much safer place because E.J. will be roasting in hell.

Nick: Willow, look... I'm sorry you're in trouble. I really am, and if there was anything I could do to help you, I would do it, but I can't.

Willow: Nick, all I'm asking is for you to keep your promise to be my go-to guy when I need you.

Nick: Again, I don't know what type of help I could possibly give you.

Willow: Nick, you have to promise me that you're not going to let anybody switch out the hairbrushes or anything like that. My life depends on it. You know that, don't you? You know that?

Nick: Yeah.

Willow: From the moment I met you, I knew that you were decent and kind. I knew that you were the type of guy who would never turn on a friend.

Nick: Willow, come on. Don't make me out to be some boy scout. I'm not as nice as you think.

Willow: Nick, you don't have a mean bone in your body. I hope you don't believe everything that people say about me. I'm gonna prove it to you. You just have to give me a second chance, like you gave Chelsea.

Chelsea: Does this remind you of anything?

Max: No, you know, not really. Look, I really need to get going.

Chelsea: But you haven't even finished your beer.

Max: Yeah, I've had enough. Thanks.

Chelsea: I thought you were gonna tell me all about your big, bad day.

Max: I don't really feel like it.

Chelsea: Okay, you just look like you need to vent, that's all. And as I recall, I was always really good at relieving your stress, wasn't I?

Max: That's not really what I need right now.

Chelsea: Okay. You know, I think everybody needs someone to lay their troubles on, and I used to be that person.

Max: Yeah, that's old, Chelse.

Chelsea: Maybe you'd feel better if you got whatever it was off your chest, huh?

Max: So you could tell me how to fix it? No, no, thanks. I've had enough people telling me what to do.

Chelsea: Who's been giving you orders?

Max: Nobody. Maggie Horton.

Chelsea: So, this whole thing would be about you seeing Abby.

Max: Yeah. Look, I really shouldn't be talking about it, especially not with you.

Chelsea: See, Max, that's where you're wrong, 'cause I couldn't think of a better person to spill your heart out to than Abby's best friend.

E.J.: Is something wrong with your food, Kate?

Kate: You know, I don't appreciate you leaving town with two of Mythic's biggest events on the calendar.

E.J.: Well, I wouldn't think of doing it if I didn't think that you and Lucas could handle it magnificently.

Kate: Yes, but I didn't appreciate you dropping all of that in my lap without any notice at the last minute.

E.J.: Come on. You're good on your feet. Actually, as I recall, you're very good off your feet, too.

Kate: Let's not go there, okay?

E.J.: Oh, come on. What, huh? Suddenly, now that I'm getting married, I've lost all of my charm?

Kate: You know how busy I am planning Lucas' wedding.

E.J.: You mean planning to stop it from happening. Oh, come on, Kate. You're a multitasker. If anyone can balance their personal and their professional life, it's you. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna need you to take on some more responsibilities at Mythic in the very near future.

Kate: Why? Where are you gonna be?

E.J.: I am going to be spending every chance I get honeymooning with my new bride.

Kate: Honeymoons don't last forever.

E.J.: This one will -- for the rest of our lives, truly.

Kate: You know, I'm having a very hard time buying into this metamorphosis of yours into a love-struck schoolboy. And frankly, I'm finding it just a little bit nauseating.

E.J.: Well --

Kate: You're really the last person who would ever run off with some mystery woman without packing at least three hidden agendas.

E.J.: It's understandable you would think that, but you don't know my beloved.

Kate: Well, why don't you tell me who she is, then?

Lucas: The dimple's all messed up. This is just stupid.

Sami: Stop worrying about it. You look fantastic. What got you so worked up?

Lucas: It's E.J. He's ruined every special occasion we could have.

Sami: Why? What's happened now?

Lucas: He just dumped all that work on my lap, then took off to Vegas to get married.

Sami: What do you mean? What are you talking about? Who's he marrying?

Lucas: I don't know. What do you care?

Sami: I guess I'm just relieved. If he's marrying someone else, he's not gonna be bothering us so much now, right?

Lucas: Yeah, and maybe his plane will crash in the desert where all the dead bodies are buried.

Sami: [Sighs]

Lucas: What? Did I say something? Is something wrong?

Sami: No, I guess I'm just nervous about the wedding announcement photo.

Lucas: Don't be nervous. You look beautiful -- beautiful as our life is gonna be together.

Sami: I just want this all to be over.

Lucas: What?

Sami: The wedding. I just want to be your wife already without the stress of the wedding behind us, you know?

Lucas: Don't worry about it. You're gonna get your chance. It's gonna happen. We will be married. We're gonna live happily ever after, too. Don't worry about that.

Sami: Lucas, just hold me.

Kate: Well, if you won't I.D. your bride-to-be, then I'm going to guess.

E.J.: Never in a million years.

Kate: Let's see. I'd say a pale, scrawny slip of a thing with thinning hair, and your parents arranged the marriage before you were born. And you have to marry her to uphold the DiMera code of honor. How am I doing?

E.J.: I'm really gonna miss you, Kate.

Kate: I'm going to curse you every moment you're gone, and I have to shoulder your workload.

E.J.: I think those very sexy yet tremendously capable shoulders will do a fine job.

Kate: Ahh, really? Then stop playing games. Come on. Unveil the bride, will you?

E.J.: Okay.

Kate: Hmm?

E.J.: Her name is... Brandy Mathas.

Kate: Brandy? What is she, a pole dancer?

E.J.: Not even close.

Kate: Brandy. Oh, my God. E.J., surely you can do better than that. Surely.

E.J.: If you don't believe me, you can look her up on the internet. Google her. Brandy.

Kate: Brandi? Brandi with an "I"?

E.J.: Actually, Brandy with a "Y." Mathas – m-a-t-h-a-S. Well, you have fun doing that, won't you?

Kate: You're leaving?

E.J.: Yes, I have a plane to catch. One can't be late for one's own nuptials, can you? So, Godspeed or whatever it is exactly that you say to the groom.

Kate: My God, you are really doing it. You're really going off to marry a young woman that no one knows, hmm?

E.J.: You'll know her. You'll know her, Kate, and I can't wait, actually, to introduce you to her. I give you my word, you're gonna love her as much as I do.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Jeff: All right, perfect. That's the money shot.

Lucas: There you go. That wasn't so bad, was it?

Jeff: All you do is point and shoot.

Lucas: Thanks.

Jeff: Oh, I am so late. I got to get to dinner with my mom.

Lucas: Say no more.

Jeff: Is it okay if I leave all of my gear here and swing back by tomorrow and pick it up?

Lucas: Yeah, Jeff, no problem. Don't worry about it.

Jeff: Thank you.

Sami: Thanks, Jeff.

Jeff: Bye.

Lucas: You're the man.

Sami: Man, I'm glad that's over.

Lucas: Honey, you don't rush through life like you're catching a train or something. Relax.

Sami: Yeah, I know. I guess I was just nervous about getting my picture taken. I hate it.

Lucas: No, you don't. You take great pictures. Even your license is gorgeous.

Sami: Thank you, Lucas. Well, I don't want to waste any more time. I got to get to the grocery store.

Lucas: What grocery store? Who cares about that? We're not going to the grocery store tonight. I'm not pushing a shopping cart around. No way.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Lucas: Remember, I said I had a surprise for you. Well, surprise. Tonight's the night. I booked us a suite at the towers.

Sami: Tonight?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna feast. We're gonna feast. We got our own private steward. We got a Jacuzzi, maybe a little, I don't know, water aerobics or something like that. Hugs and kisses by candlelight. I'm gonna make you feel amazing tonight.

Willow: Will you stop by later, maybe bring me a sandwich from the cafeteria?

Nick: [Sighs] I'll bring you something good.

Willow: Thanks for being so good.

Nick: Yeah.

Roman: Hey, hey, Nick. Just the guy I'm looking for.

Max: I don't know, Chelse. Talking to Abby's best friend about what's going on between her and me, that's not cool.

Chelsea: Max, I'm not just Abby's best friend. You and I used to be really close.

Max: And that's ancient history.

Chelsea: You know, I never really did understand why it didn't work out between us.

Max: Don't go there, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Okay. I won't go there. Back to the present. So, what's the deal with you and Abby?

Max: The deal is her aunt. She thinks she's too young to go with a guy who's been around.

Chelsea: I know you're gonna hate to hear this, but, um, she's right.

Max: Hmm.

Chelsea: Abby is too young for you.

Max: Come on, Chelsea. She's a year younger than you. That's about the same age you and I were hooking up, right?

Chelsea: Yeah, but, see, some girls, like Abby, they're younger for their age. They're innocent, naive. And then you have girls like me that are older. I've done things that Abby never has. She's been very protected and sheltered. She's not ready for a guy like you. What you need, Max Brady, is someone who knows as much about life as you do.

Lucas: Come on. I just offered you the most romantic evening ever. You should be throwing your arms around me, telling me what a great groom-to-be I am -- the best on the whole face of the earth.

Sami: Oh, stop it. You are. Lucas, you are. I guess I just wish you'd warned me, you know?

Lucas: No, honey, it wouldn't have been a surprise if I warned you, would it?

Sami: No, it's just that, you know what? I have so much I have to do to get ready for the wedding. And remember all the stuff you have to do, all the work you have to do for E.J.?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, but we've both been stressed out, all right? We deserve a night off, you especially. You're really stressed out with this wedding. Let me pamper you and love you like the amazing woman you are.

Sami: Hey, thank you, sweetie. It sounds wonderful, so I'll just go get the groceries, and I'll meet you at the hotel. How does that sound?

Lucas: We're not getting no groceries. Come on. We got room service at the hotel. We'll be fine. Groceries.

Sami: What about Will?

Lucas: He can get his own girl and his own room.

Sami: Come on, Lucas. You know what I mean.

Lucas: I'm kidding, all right? He's fine. He's with Billie. Don't you worry about it, okay? Just sit tight, relax, and I'm gonna plan an amazing romantic evening. I'm gonna go pack a bag, and you just look beautiful, okay? I love you.

Sami: I love you so much.

Lucas: All right, hold that thought. I'm gonna get the stuff ready. Wait for me.

Sami: [Laughs] Celeste, it's Sami. Look, Lucas -- he's making it impossible to get rid of him.

Celeste: You must. E.J.'s leaving the restaurant. He's no doubt on his way to the cabin. Now, look, if you get there by 9:00 sharp --

Sami: You don't understand. I am telling you that Lucas has planned this romantic dinner, I mean, this whole evening.

Celeste: Look, tell him you're sick, a headache -- whatever will get you out of that house and up to that cabin.

Sami: You're not listening to me. I'm telling you I'm not doing it. It's off. All of our plans for E.J. are off.

Roman: Well, Nick, I just thought you might be interested to know, I got a call from Dr. Parsons at the forensics lab.

Nick: Yeah, yeah, he's a good guy.

Roman: Yeah, he is. Right now he's a very upset and frustrated guy.

Nick: Why is that?

Roman: Missing evidence. You see, that hairbrush that was found at the arson scene at Bo's is missing.

Nick: I know. I tried to find it. I thought somebody had maybe filed it in the wrong place, but I came up empty. No one seems to know what happened to it.

Roman: That's not true, is it, Nick? We both know what happened to that hairbrush, don't we?

Max: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: What's so funny?

Max: You. Chelsea Brady -- woman of the world.

Chelsea: And that's funny because?

Max: Because when we were together, you hardly knew your way around the block.

Chelsea: Oh.

Max: Yeah.

Chelsea: Well, I've had a good teacher. You'd be surprised how much I know now.

Max: Do you still take your clothes off in the dark?

Chelsea: No. And I kiss with my eyes wide shut.

Sami: Celeste, listen to me. Lucas planned this romantic night for me at the towers, all right? I can't get out of it without him becoming suspicious.

Celeste: All right, look, go with Lucas, and I'll meet you there.

Sami: And then what?

Celeste: I'll think of something on the way. But if we don't have you at that cabin by 9:00, you know the consequences.

Lucas: All right. The bag is all packed. I got the blue lingerie thingy –

Sami: [Laughs] Stop it. Stop it. Okay.

Lucas: I got to have that. It's my favorite.

Sami: Sounds like you're prepared for everything.

Lucas: Yeah. Something bothering you?

Sami: No. Nothing at all. [Cellphone rings] Excuse me. Sorry.

Lucas: That's all right. [Cellphone beeps]

Sami: [Clears throat]

Lucas: Who was that?

Sami: No one important. The only thing that matters to me tonight is you. I am all yours.

Sami: Hey, it's Sami. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

E.J.: Well, I can't wait. I just called to let you know that I'm now leaving for the cabin. You don't want to disappoint me. 9:00. Tick-tock.

Sami: I am not drugging my fiancé.

Celeste: Oh, but you are, my dear.

Kate: Sami is leaving this hotel room tonight, and she's going to marry E.J.

E.J.: What are you gonna do if I don't give it to you?

Philip: I'll take it from you.

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