Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/19/07 - Canada; Friday 4/20/07 - U.S.A.


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Shawn D.: Look, I don't know what Gabby told you, but she's not gonna stay with us in Australia.

Duck: That's what you think, huh?

Shawn D.: We all agreed that we were gonna go our separate ways once we got there.

Duck: Gabby's going, it ain't gonna be back here. She told me she's done with this place for good.

Shawn D.: Duck, Gabby, she just needs a change, that's all. She needs to have a little fun.

Duck: Yeah? Well, the last time she took off to have a little fun, she came home six months later with a bun in the oven.

Gabby: Why should I care if you and Shawn are a real couple?

Belle: I just want to be clear about things before we take off.

Gabby: No offense, Belle, but aren't you the one that said that you guys weren't a real couple?

Belle: I never said that.

Gabby: Well, you definitely implied it, then.

Belle: No, I said that Shawn and I were still working things out. And we are.

Gabby: Good for you. So, what's the problem?

Belle: There isn't one.

Gabby: Oh, come on, Belle. You still think that I have the hots for Shawn, and you hate like hell that I am going with you on this trip. You want to clear the air, then let's clear it.

Maggie: Can I get you something to drink?

Kayla: Yeah, how about a double martini? I can't believe I'm nervous to see my own daughter. I just -- I've missed Stephanie so much. And I didn't want to bring her home for something like this.

Maggie: Yeah, we all do, honey. But you know what? She just might be the best medicine that Steve could ask for. Selfishly, I have to admit, I'm hoping she'll set a good example for Abby. Stephanie is such a sweet girl.

Kayla: I know.

Stephanie: Hi, Mom.

Kayla: Stephanie.

Maggie: Okay, I'll take your order a little bit later, okay?

Kayla: All right. Baby, how have you been?

Stephanie: Great.

Kayla: You look, uh...

Stephanie: Yeah, I know. Different. They call it racer-chick chic. What's that for?

Kayla: Oh, it's nothing. Is that real?

Stephanie: My tattoo? Pretty sweet, huh? Everyone on the team has one -- well, usually more than one. Relax, Mom. I'm not gonna go all biker babe on you. Besides, doesn't dad have one, too?

Kayla: Yes, but he is a grown man, and you are just our sweet, perfect baby girl.

Stephanie: I still am. But every baby girl has to grow up sooner or later.

Kayla: Right. I'm just happy you're here.

Stephanie: So, what is it, Mom? What's wrong with dad?

Kayla: It's a long, complicated story.

Stephanie: That I wish you told me a couple of months ago.

Kayla: I promised your father that I would try and leave you out of it, but I can't anymore. In fact, I think you might be the only person who can help him.

Kate: Lucas! It's mom. Oh, honey, please, open the door. It's important. I need to talk to you. It's an emergency. Oh, God. Philip, what if something's already happened to him?

Philip: Calm down, Mom. Maybe they're sleeping. Maybe they're taking a shower together. Maybe they're busy and don't want to be bothered.

Kate: Oh, my God. Oh, excuse me, do you happen to know the couple that's in this suite?

Guy: Oh, late 20's or so. Average sort of guy with a hot blonde.

Philip: That's them.

Kate: He's not average. No. And I happen to be his mother.

Guy: Oh, yeah, I can see the resemblance.

Kate: God, would you open this door for me in, please?

Sami: I am not up to anything, E.J.

E.J.: Yes, you are, Samantha. You are always up to something.

Sami: Look, I just wanted you to kiss me because I wanted to know that you care about me more than just as the mother of your child. You know, I'm about to give up my whole life to run off with you to Vegas. I just --

E.J.: There's something about this romantic cover of yours that does not really --

Sami: Aah.

E.J.: Are you wearing a wire?

Sami: What? What are you --

E.J.: So your daddy and your Uncle Bo could script you into bringing me down, is that what it is, huh? When do we learn our lesson, Samantha -- any lesson?

Sami: I swear, E.J., I am not -- aah! Nothing but me, E.J. God, you know, if this is your idea of foreplay, E.J., then I am not interested.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Guy: I'm sorry, ma'am. It's against hotel policy.

Kate: All I'm asking you to do is open the door to my son's room.

Guy: And I'm trying to tell you I can't.

Kate: Okay, I want to talk to your supervisor.

Philip: Mom.

Kate: What? What? Lucas' life could be in danger, okay?

Guy: I can direct you to a house phone if you'd like to --

Kate: I already called him. There was no answer.

Guy: Maybe they went for a walk.

Kate: My son and his girlfriend were planning a romantic evening in their room alone. They did not go out anywhere.

Guy: Maybe they just don't wish to be disturbed. I have to say, when I went in there earlier to bring them their food, I got the distinct impression...

Kate: What?

Guy: I don't mean to be indiscreet.

Philip: I think I get the picture here. And it's time you did, too, Mom. Lucas and Sami are fine. They don't want company, so we should just leave them alone.

E.J.: Do you think I'm stupid? If you're not wearing a wire, it's something else, sweetheart.

Sami: What are you babbling about now?

E.J.: Your bag.

Sami: Hey.

E.J.: Yeah. You've been clutching this pretty close to your heart since you came in. There's something in here that you don't want me to find. What's the plan, huh? Are you going to scam me into some kind of lip lock and then stab a knife in my back?

Sami: Close. I have a mini bomb hidden in my coin purse.

E.J.: Very funny. I wouldn't put it past you.

Sami: When did you become so paranoid?

E.J.: When I met you. And if I have to strip you naked and search every inch of your body, I'll do it, sweetheart.

Sami: You are such a -- I don't have a weapon, all right? I told Lucas the truth. I have given up everything for you, and now this is the grief that I'm getting from you.

E.J.: I'd really like to believe you, but I know you, Samantha.

Sami: I'm here because I want to be here. Don't make me regret it.

Belle: Gabby, I agreed to have you come with us to Australia.

Gabby: But that wasn't your first instinct, now, was it?

Belle: Do you blame me? You spend an awful lot of time with Shawn.

Gabby: And you wanted to make sure that I know that he is off limits, right?

Belle: Yes.

Gabby: You know what, Belle? I hate to be the one to break this to you, but the reason why you're so insecure about Shawn has got nothing to do with me.

Belle: I am not insecure.

Gabby: Yes, you are. Otherwise, we wouldn't be having this same conversation for like the zillionth time. Look, you know what your problem is? You can't make a commitment to Shawn, and you are so scared that somebody else will, that you'll lose him. And if you do, it'll be all your fault.

Stephanie: How could you not tell me how bad it was with dad? You know I would have come home right away. He must think I don't even care.

Kayla: Oh, no, baby. He knows how much you care about him. He didn't want you to be ashamed of him.

Stephanie: Ashamed? It's not his fault he's sick.

Kayla: You try convincing him of that.

Stephanie: I will.

Kayla: It's just that he knows that you idolize him. He doesn't want you upset with him.

Stephanie: I'm not upset with my father. I'm upset with you. Almost everything I know about my dad I was told by you. And, yeah, reality may not be as perfect as I may have pictured it, but he's alive. And that's a miracle. And he's still my dad. And I'd do anything to help him.

Kayla: I know you would.

Stephanie: So, if he didn't want me to know about all this and you went along with it, what changed your mind? Why did you decide to tell me now?

Kayla: Because he's not getting any better. I honestly didn't know what else to do.

Stephanie: Mom, you know I'd do anything for dad, but what if me being here makes him angry? What if that makes everything worse?

Kayla: Believe me, I have thought about that, and that's one of the reasons that I waited so long. I really think that he would be mad at me. He's not gonna be mad at you. There is a special bond between fathers and daughters.

Stephanie: Under normal conditions, but this is hardly normal.

Kayla: But you are still his daughter. And maybe if he hears from you what I've been telling him for weeks, maybe it'll finally get through to him.

Stephanie: So, what exactly do you want me to say to him?

Kayla: I want you to try to convince him to go to the police and tell them everything he knows about E.J. Wells.

Stephanie: He's not just protecting himself, you know. He's been keeping quiet for us.

Kayla: We can take care of ourselves, can't we?

Stephanie: Damn right we can.

Kayla: That's my girl. I want you to convince him. I want you to show him that you are Steve Johnson's feisty daughter. You stand up to him.

Stephanie: I will, Mom. I'll do it.

Kayla: I know you will.

Abby: Stephanie!

Stephanie: Abby!

Abby: Wow! From the back, I didn't even know it was you.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Abby: All those e-mails and you didn't tell me about your complete make over?

Stephanie: Yeah, there's probably a lot of things I didn't tell you in those e-mails.

Philip: Thanks for your time.

Kate: Oh, great. What did you give him a tip for? He didn't do anything for us.

Philip: We wasted his time.

Kate: No, honey, he wasted our time.

Philip: Fine. Whatever. Let's go. What are you doing now?

Kate: What do you think I'm doing? I'm gonna get in that room.

Philip: Mom, you don't want to go in there.

Kate: Look, Sami's not in there, okay? E.J. doesn't bluff, so when he tells me that he's flying to Vegas to marry Brandy Mathas, A.K.A. Samantha Brady, I believe him.

Philip: So, what exactly do you expect to find in there?

Kate: I don't know what I'm gonna find in there -- Lucas hurt, Lucas... I don't even want to think about it. With those two in Vegas... oh, so you think that's funny?

Philip: No, I think it's crazy.

Kate: No, no! You know the only thing that's crazy here is that Lucas got involved with Sami again.

Philip: So, why don't you call E.J.? If he and Sami really are running off together --

Kate: You think E.J.'s gonna tell me anything? He's not gonna tell me anything.

Philip: I think you are smart enough and clever enough to get whatever information you need. And it beats breaking and entering, Mom. You're really not that good at it.

Kate: Damn! Fine. Okay. Fine. You know, I am gonna call E.J. I'm gonna call E.J., and if he confirms that Sami's with him, then you are gonna break down that door so we can find out what happened to Lucas.

E.J.: So you're having regrets, is that it?

Sami: Don't put words in my mouth. All I want is for you to treat me with respect if I'm gonna marry you and be the mother of your child.

E.J.: And the other men in your life -- did they treat you with respect?

Sami: I thought you were different, E.J. But you're not acting like that right now, are you?

E.J.: I'm trying to be, Samantha, but you have quite a history of saying one thing and then doing exactly the other.

Sami: Once I make up my mind, I stick to it. And I thought you knew that about me.

E.J.: I do.

Sami: I didn't call the cops, E.J. If I had, you would know about it by now. I did tell Lucas the truth. Of course I did. And I have to tell you, it was -- it was awful. But if you don't believe me, you can call him right now. You can call him and ask him yourself. [Cellphone rings] Is that your --

E.J.: Kate, now is not a good time, okay?

Kate: Is that because Sami's with you right now?

E.J.: Why do you need to know?

Kate: I need to know because Lucas' life may be at stake. And if you care for me at all --

E.J.: I do care about you, Kate. You want to know about Sami and me. Well, maybe I should tell you the truth -- the whole truth.

Belle: Right, so you're not the problem. It's just me and all of my insecurities.

Gabby: Okay, look, I'm not saying anything that you haven't already admitted yourself.

Belle: You know, you keep insisting that you have no interest in Shawn other than what, a boat-fixing buddy?

Gabby: Yeah, that's right.

Belle: Then why did you throw away the letter we sent home?

Gabby: Oh, God.

Belle: Look, Gabby, I know you did it, and I know why you did it. So don't roll your eyes and make believe that I'm some paranoid idiot when we both know the truth.

Gabby: Then why bother asking?

Belle: I suppose I was hoping for some honesty.

Gabby: Okay. Here's honest. Anybody can see that Shawn is totally in love with you. And believe it or not, I have too much self-respect to go after any guy who wants to be with someone else, even if my dad did tell you I was a tramp.

Belle: It has nothing to do with what your dad said.

Gabby: Oh, really? Then what is it? Because I am being completely up front with you, Belle.

Belle: Really? Then what's up with the baby carriage in your closet?

Shawn D.: What happened to the baby?

Duck: I don't want to get into that. The important thing for you to know is Gabby might be able to fix an engine, and she tends a mean bar, but she doesn't know much about that great big world out there.

Shawn D.: And she never will if she doesn't get a chance to live in it.

Duck: She lives here just fine.

Shawn D.: Not according to her.

Duck: Really? So, the next time she gets in trouble, who's she gonna call, you?

Shawn D.: Belle and I, we're gonna be there for Gabby if she needs us.

Duck: You just finished telling me that when you get to Australia, you're gonna go your separate ways. You know something, boy scout? You're not a bad guy, but you're dumb as a bag of rocks. You tell my daughter there's still plenty of work to do. She's not out of here yet.

Kayla: Oh, Maggie, that looks delicious!

Maggie: It's on the house.

Kayla: That's not necessary.

Maggie: I insist.

Abby: Oh, I didn't even order yet.

Maggie: Well, I brought your favorite.

Maggie: Bon appétit.

Stephanie: What's wrong?

Abby: Well, I actually wanted pasta tonight, but Aunt Maggie always thinks she knows what I want even when she doesn't. She treats me like I'm 12.

Stephanie: So move out. That's what I did, and it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. No offense, Mom.

Kayla: None taken.

Stephanie: Seriously, Abby. You need your own place.

Abby: Well, I can't afFord the dorms, and I'm trying to save money so that Chelsea and I can maybe get a place together in the fall.

Stephanie: So, you guys are still friends?

Abby: Talk about growing up. Chelsea's changed a lot lately.

Stephanie: I'll believe it when I see it.

Kayla: Oh. Girls -- I mean ladies, will you excuse me for a second?

Abby: You know, Steph, I'm really glad you're back. And I'm sorry about your dad.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Abby: I tried to come visit him, but they wouldn't even let me in.

Stephanie: I just can't believe my mom kept it from me all this time.

Abby: The tattoo's pretty hot.

Stephanie: You think so?

Abby: What did your mom say when she saw it?

Stephanie: Well, she tried hard not to cry or yell at me.

Abby: So, what else didn't you mention in those e-mails of yours?

Stephanie: Let's see... I met a guy. And I'm totally in love.

Dr. Kraft: I'm glad I was able to track you down.

Kayla: What's happened? What did Steve do?

Dr. Kraft: It's not that. I've been removed from Steve's case.

Kayla: I don't understand. Why?

Dr. Kraft: I was hoping you could tell me.

E.J.: Oh, I have some news about Samantha, Kate, that I expect will absolutely delight you.

Kate: Oh, I knew it. She's with you right now, isn't she?

E.J.: What was that? Is Samantha with me right at this very, very moment? Well, that's an extremely good question. You'd like to know the answer?

Kate: E.J., what happened? Are you there?

Kate: E.J., where are you?

Sami: E.J...

E.J.: Samantha.

Kate: Sami? Are you there? Are you there?

Philip: Mom, what's going on?

Kate: I don't know. E.J. was talking to me. He was in the middle of a sentence, and then there was some kind of commotion, and he was gone. [Door opens]

Celeste: I heard a crash. What happened, Samantha?

Kate: Oh, my God. It's true.

Philip: What?

Kate: Oh, my God. Sami's there. Before the phone went dead, I heard someone calling her name. Sami and E.J. are there together.

Gabby: What the hell were you doing going through my closet?

Belle: Keep your voice down. I didn't.

Gabby: So how the hell did you know --

Belle: When Philip was looking for us, we hid in your room, Gabby, remember? And when he started freaking out and pounding on the door, I went to go hide in your closet, where there was this baby carriage and toys everywhere.

Gabby: So?

Belle: So, what's it for?

Gabby: Why is that even any of your business? And how the hell does that even have to do with anything that we are talking about right now?

Belle: Gabby, you keep saying that you're this open book and that we're supposed to trust you, and that's a pretty big secret.

Gabby: So, what am I supposed to do now, huh? Break down into a sobbing mess and tell you the awful story of the death of my child?

Belle: No. I'm sorry.

Gabby: Sure, you are.

Belle: Gabby, I really am.

[Door opens]

Shawn D.: Hey. So, I talked to your dad, but I don't really think it did much good. Are you okay?

Gabby: Yeah. Yeah, thanks for trying. Don't worry about it. I'll deal with Duck.

Shawn D.: So, we're still on to set sail, right?

Gabby: [Clears throat]

Shawn D.: Okay, did I miss something here?

Abby: Stephanie, you are in love and you didn't even tell me?

Stephanie: Shh!

Abby: Why?

Stephanie: I don't want my mom to hear.

Abby: Wait, she doesn't know about this?

Stephanie: She knows I met someone. But she's probably got this picture in her head of some guy in a suit, some junior partner or something.

Abby: And this guy isn't him.

Stephanie: Oh, no.

Abby: Okay, so, what's wrong with him?

Stephanie: There's nothing wrong with him. But...he's got a record.

Abby: A record? Stephanie, what did he do?

Stephanie: Relax. It's not like he murdered anyone. It's just, you know, small stuff.

Abby: So, what's he like?

Stephanie: He's sort of edgy.

Abby: A bad boy, huh?

Stephanie: You know it.

Abby: All this coming from a girl who'd never been in a serious relationship a couple of months ago.

Stephanie: I was way overdue, don't you think? So are you, by the way.

Abby: Yeah, I know.

Stephanie: So? Did you get anywhere with Max yet?

Abby: Um, I don't know. I kind of... I don't know. I don't want to talk to you about him.

Stephanie: Don't worry. Old news. Is he the reason Maggie's driving you crazy?

Abby: Yes, one of them.

Stephanie: So, you sort of know where I'm coming from when it comes to the disapproving parental unit.

Abby: Hey, Max doesn't have a record.

Stephanie: Just a past. That's what attracted me to him in the first place.

Abby: You really like to live dangerous now, don't you?

Stephanie: Well, like my mom said, it's in my blood. I was trying to play it safe too much just to make her happy. But now that I'm on my own, I finally feel like I'm a real woman for the first time.

Abby: Because you're on your own or because you are not a virgin anymore?

Kayla: Dr. Kraft, I have no idea why you were taken off of Steve's case. They didn't tell you?

Dr. Kraft: I tried to talk to the hospital administrator, and he basically stonewalled me. The only thing he'd say is that they're bringing in a doctor from the outside.

Kayla: Is that unusual?

Dr. Kraft: Very.

Kayla: Who is it?

Dr. Kraft: I don't know. But given the circumstances and your husband's past history, Dr. Johnson, I'm very frightened for him.

Abby: So, come on. Spill. You and this guy, you did the deed?

Stephanie: It was about time, don't you think?

Abby: Stephanie, I thought you were gonna wait till marriage.

Stephanie: So I didn't. And I'm so glad I didn't. So, what's your story?

Abby: Well, right now I'd just settle for a kiss.

Stephanie: So kiss him. I'm sure Max is just waiting for you to make the first move.

Abby: I wish you were right, but Aunt Maggie laid down the law and told him to back off.

Stephanie: Nobody makes Max do anything he doesn't want to do.

Abby: So, are you saying that he took an easy out?

Stephanie: No, that's what he did with Chelsea and Mimi and me. But with you, I think he's just being respectful.

Abby: Great.

Stephanie: Because he really cares about you.

Abby: How would you know? You weren't even here.

Stephanie: I know Max. And I saw the way he was looking at you when I was here. You don't have anything to worry about, okay? The problem is gonna be your Aunt Maggie. She sees and hears everything.

Abby: Oh, yeah, tell me about it.

Stephanie: You know what I would do if I were you?

Abby: Do I want to know?

Stephanie: It's simple. I've got a plan.

Dr. Kraft: I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but I have every suspicion my boss was pressured to remove me from your husband's case.

Kayla: Because you were making progress with him.

Dr. Kraft: Possibly. But Steve's been making some waves. He's become kind of a hero figure to his fellow patients, but he made some enemies on the staff. And I tried to warn him not to be so conspicuous.

Kayla: Why didn't you warn me?

Dr. Kraft: I'm telling you now. I think you would be wise to intercede on your husband's behalf, Dr. Johnson, before it's too late.

Philip: Still no answer?

Kate: No, of course there isn't any answer because something's happened to him, too.

Philip: So, the person that said Sami's name right before the phone went dead, did you --

Kate: I don't know who they are. All I know is that E.J. was about to tell me something very juicy about Sami, and the phone went dead, okay? What if she did something to E.J. and to Lucas all in the same night?

Philip: Or did you have a bad signal and just get disconnected?

Kate: Philip, why is it that you disagree with absolutely everything I have to say?

Philip: Because you sound ridiculous. You don't even trust E.J., so why would you believe a word he says about Brandy Mathas or whoever the hell she is? You're just dying to pin something on Sami, and E.J. knows it, so he's pulling your chain.

Kate: Philip, I need you to break down this door.

Philip: Mom, can you take your own advice --

Kate: What advice?

Philip: You told me to be careful of E.J. What about you?

Kate: E.J. isn't the problem here, okay? Sami is the problem.

Philip: God, you've been like a broken record about that for what, 10 years? Every time you try to convince Lucas to dump Sami, what happens? They wind up back together, closer than ever, and he threatens to disown you. It's getting old.

Kate: Believe me, I know. So, open the door. We can get to Lucas, find out what happened, and break the cycle.

Philip: No. You break the cycle and stop being so destructive before you lose Lucas forever.

Sami: Oh, my God. You won't believe this, but he was on the phone with Kate. He was about to tell her everything.

Celeste: What do you mean everything?

Sami: He didn't believe that I wanted to kiss him. E.J. thought that I was trying to double-cross him. And then Kate calls, and he was about to tell her where I was, that I was with him. So, I panicked. I didn't know what else to do. I tackled him in the middle of his phone call with her.

Celeste: You what?

Sami: I didn't know what else to do. I had to kiss him. I had to knock him out with the lipstick.

Celeste: And Kate was on the phone the whole time?

Sami: Yeah. I don't know what she heard, but if she tells Lucas --

Celeste: We don't have time to worry about Kate right now. The important thing is to carry out the plan before E.J. wakes up. There's a can of gasoline outside, Samantha, and I'm gonna go get it.

Sami: Okay.

Celeste: Look --

Sami: Okay.

Celeste: I want you to be sure to leave nothing behind that's gonna place you at the scene of the crime.

Sami: Oh, my God. A crime. I've committed a crime. I'm about to -- I'm about to murder someone.

Celeste: E.J. is a murderer, a DiMera. You keep reminding yourself of that.

Sami: After everything that I've been through with getting away from Lucas and getting him here... I don't know if I can go through with this, Celeste. I just don't know if I can kill him.

Gabby: You'll have to ask Belle. She seems to have a problem with my coming with you to Australia.

Belle: That's not what I said. Look, as long as we all know where we stand, there's not gonna be a problem.

Gabby: Oh, I know exactly where we stand. Hey, I better go help out my dad. Thank you for trying to talk to him, Shawn. You know, it's been a long time since somebody's done something like that for me.

Shawn D.: Well, good luck. Okay, so, what now?

Belle: Gabby and I were just clearing the air about some stuff.

Shawn D.: About the letter?

Belle: Well, I brought it up. She didn't exactly admit to taking it, but I know she did.

Shawn D.: Belle, we can just write another letter.

Belle: I want to do whatever it takes to get out of this place as soon as we can.

Shawn D.: That's what we're doing, right? It's not gonna be much longer. You just got to hang in there, okay?

Philip: Mom, how many times have you heard this from your kids? You need to give him some space.

Kate: Oh, great. So, what does that mean, that I give Lucas enough rope to hang himself?

Philip: You want Lucas to have enough self-respect to leave Sami? Then respect him enough to let him make that choice.

Kate: Great. I really thought that a man who had traveled the world looking for his child would have a little bit of understanding why I try so hard to protect my children.

Philip: Yeah, but sometimes you go way beyond, beyond, Mom.

Kate: Okay, so, fine. Lucas has told me to butt out a few times, but I think deep down, he's grateful.

Philip: You can't possibly believe that.

Kate: I do believe that. I do believe that, because if not, he could tell me to get the hell out of his life.

Philip: He has, just not in those words.

Kate: Philip, please understand me. I am truly, truly worried about Lucas. What if something's happened to him? What if something has happened to him and we can't help him, if it's too late?

Philip: Who are you calling now, a locksmith?

Kate: Yeah, I am. I'm calling my own personal locksmith -- Roman Brady.

Celeste: If you're not willing to take this final step, then you might as well pack all your things and move to a foreign country because as soon as that drug wears off and E.J. regains consciousness, he will come after you, and he will get his revenge.

Sami: I don't believe that. E.J. has some sort of sick attraction to me. And he thinks that I am carrying his baby. He wouldn't hurt me.

Celeste: He raped you. Look, if you want the future that you've always dreamed of, Samantha -- marriage, baby, happily ever after with Lucas -- then you've got to follow through with this.

Sami: Why me? This was your plan. You came up with this idea. Why am I doing your dirty work?

Celeste: I lost a daughter because of Elvis DiMera, and if I were to walk out of here right now, my life wouldn't change. It's you whose entire future hangs in the balance.

Sami: No matter what you think of me, I have never done something like this, never planned to take someone's life.

Celeste: Well, he would take yours in a heartbeat.

Sami: I can't believe that.

Celeste: He took Alexandra's.

Sami: You don't know that.

Celeste: Well, we do know that he almost killed your stepfather. Here you go, Samantha. Here's your chance to redeem yourself, darling. For all the misery that you've caused others in your lifetime, make it right. Eliminate him from the face of the earth.

Sami: Celeste, we are talking about the man who could be my baby's father.

Celeste: Oh, dear God. Do you actually want this man in your child's life?

Sami: No, but --

Celeste: Look, for all your other failings, Samantha, I believe that you are a loving mother. I gave up my daughter to keep her from being raised as a DiMera. Do this for your baby, if nothing else. You have everything to lose and everything to gain by this one act. So, what's it gonna be?

Sami: Get the gasoline.

Abby: A phony boyfriend?

Stephanie: If your Aunt Maggie doesn't want you to see Max, find a guy she does like. That way, Maggie will be happy and you and Max will be happy.

Abby: And what about the guy?

Stephanie: Find one who won't get the idea that this is the real deal. Then you're home free.

Abby: I don't know about this, Stephanie.

Stephanie: It beats having auntie calling all the shots. Come on, Abs. What have you got to lose except your virginity?

Kayla: Stephanie, I -- I'm sorry. Sorry. Are you ready to go see your dad now?

Stephanie: Sure, let's go.

Abby: Tell him I said hi.

Kayla: Yeah.

Stephanie: What's wrong, Mom?

Kayla: I think he might be in more trouble than we thought.

Stephanie: What are we waiting for? Let's go.

Abby: Good luck.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Abby: Call me, okay?

Stephanie: Yeah. Tell Chelse we'll hang out later.

Abby: Okay.

Shawn D.: When Claire wakes up, why don't we take her on that walk on the beach you were talking about, get you out of this room?

Belle: No, you need to work.

Shawn D.: I'll just tell duck that I want the night off.

Belle: What about the money?

Shawn D.: Who cares about the money? What's more important right now is that you are happy. I'm trying here. I really am.

Belle: I know. I'll feel better once we get off the island.

Shawn D.: Okay. Do you want me to feed Claire before I leave?

Belle: No, I can do it. You go ahead.

Shawn D.: Okay. I'll be back soon.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn D.: All right. Hey.

Gabby: Hey.

Shawn D.: Gabby, whatever went on between you and Belle in there, I hope we can work it out.

Gabby: There's nothing to work out. Belle explained everything to me. No matter how it looks or how she acts, the two of you are a real couple and that I should stay away from you.

Shawn D.: She said that?

Gabby: She said I've been overstepping my bounds.

Shawn D.: What do you mean?

Gabby: You know, friend, general servant, babysitter. Is that how you feel about me, Shawn? Okay, I guess that answers my question then.

Shawn D.: No, Gabby, that's not how I feel. I really appreciate everything that you've done for us.

Gabby: Thanks. But since Belle laid down the law, I guess that'll be it for our GPS lesson. I'll just have to figure it out on my own. See you later.

Kate: Commissioner Brady. What do you mean you can't page him? I'm his ex-wife. I have an emergency. Okay, great. Well, I hope you remember that when I sue the police department for endangering my son's life.

Philip: So much for your own personal locksmith.

Kate: If they can't track him down, I'll just do it myself.

Philip: Mom, just wait.

Kate: No, honey. I'm sorry. I can't argue. You keep on working on that door in the meantime.

Celeste: All right. I've done my part. Now, darling, all you've got to do is take one match, strike it, toss it on the couch.

Sami: Yeah, and hope to get out of here before the whole place goes up in flames.

Celeste: Good luck, darling. I'll be waiting outside.

Sami: Oh, man. I could go to hell for this. I guess I'll end up there with you, huh? E.J., I didn't want to do this. No matter what you think, I didn't. But you forced me. I don't have a choice. I don't have a choice.

Steve: No!

Stephanie: Papa. Papa?

Shawn D.: What do you want me to say?

Belle: Nothing. I don't want you to say anything. If you want little Miss Tinda Lao, you can have her.

Sami: I hope you burn in hell.

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