Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/12/07 - Canada; Friday 4/13/07 - U.S.A.


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Dr. Parsons: Mr. Fallon. You're early.

Nick: Oh, sorry.

Dr. Parsons: And we don't have anybody watching the lab.

Nick: Not a problem. I'll take care of it.

Dr. Parsons: Oh, and if Salem P.D. calls one more time about that damned hairbrush --

Nick: Have you -- did you finish the forensics on that?

Dr. Parsons: No. And if they ask, tell them other things take precedence, like this woman's life, for example.

Nick: Gotcha.

Dr. Parsons: I'll be back ASAP.

Nick: Okay.

Abby: Nick.

Nick: Hey, Abby. What's up?

Abby: Do you have a minute?

Nick: Actually, I'm supposed to go into work. Why? What's wrong?

Abby: You didn't hear Aunt Maggie yelling at me last night?

Nick: Yelling at you? Why?

Abby: Because Max surprised me in my hotel room in New York.

Nick: Surprised you how?

Abby: Just by showing up. Nothing happened, not that it's any of her business, but... Nick, I've been thinking. And I'm 18. I feel responsible. I feel like I should be able to date whoever I want. Nick, are you even listening?

Nick: Oh, I'm really sorry, Abby. I just have a lot on my mind right now, and it's actually, in large part, due to your good friend Max.

Abby: What do you mean?

Nick: I mean we had a conversation the other day that led to me making a very hasty decision. I think I'm making the biggest mistake of my life, Abby, which is saying a lot lately, isn't it?

Abby: Nick, what happened?

Nick: [Chuckles] I, uh... tampered with some police evidence.

Abby: Why? What did you do, Nick?

Nick: I stole Chelsea's hairbrush from the lab.

Chelsea: Wow. This is definitely one for the scrapbook.

Billie: [Clears throat]

Chelsea: Mom. Hey, um... I thought you had to work today.

Billie: I did.

Chelsea: Did you take some time off to help me move?

Billie: No.

Chelsea: Oh. Well, I'm not actually officially moving in yet. Dad just said that I could start bringing over some stuff.

Billie: Chelsea, I don't want you moving in.

Chelsea: What do you mean? Why not? I mean, dad asked me, and...

Billie: I want you to come home, Chelsea, with me.

Dr. Kraft: Still not much of an appetite, I see.

Steve: Can't imagine why.

Dr. Kraft: But your temperature is back to normal.

Steve: That's the only part of me that is.

Dr. Kraft: So you are feeling better, but no appetite.

Steve: Have you ever tasted this stuff?

Dr. Kraft: Yes.

Steve: No. You can't fool me, Dr. Crafty Kraft. I've seen you with your little lunch bag every day -- your little energy bar, your apple, healthy diet cola. I see you every day.

Dr. Kraft: I don't always have to sit down and have a full meal.

Steve: Baloney.

Dr. Kraft: I do eat in the cafeteria from time to time.

Steve: Yeah. Do they serve this pig slop there? What is this mystery meat, anyway? I only know it's organic because it's got a hair in it.

Dr. Kraft: I do not see a hair.

Steve: I already choked on it.

Dr. Kraft: Could you be serious for one moment? That is not mystery meat, and you didn't choke on anything. Now, my suggestion is that you finish your meal.

Steve: My suggestion is that you take a bite and judge for yourself. Come on.

Dr. Kraft: No, thank you.

Steve: Come on. Come on.

Dr. Kraft: No, thank you.

Steve: I didn't think so. Hey!

Dr. Kraft: Unh?

Steve: Fellow inmates.

Dr. Kraft: Mr. Johnson, sit down, please.

Steve: You know, um, Dr. Kraft here doesn't quite understand why we don't find this food very, very tasty. Does anybody have anything to say about that?

Patient: I like it.

Patient: It sucks.

Steve: It sucks.

Guy: I divorced my wife 'cause she couldn't cook. I've been writing her love letters ever since I got here.

Steve: Well, I'll be darned.

Guy: When I was in the wacks, they gave us grubs because the rations ran out. And -- and -- no, I got it wrong because -- and -- and then you know what happened?

Steve: What?

Guy: It was a million times better than this grub.

Steve: Well, see? Million times better than grub! That's what I want to hear. See, I'm not alone, Ella, baby. No, no, no. Everybody, we're mad as hell, and we're not gonna eat it anymore, right?

Guy: Yeah!

Steve: Right? [All cheering] Right.

Belle: So what's going on?

Gabby: Shawn and I were just talking about how much quicker you guys could get off the island if I went with you to Australia.

Belle: Really?

Shawn D.: Gabby said she'd help watch Claire so we could both get jobs, and she was nice enough to offer to loan us some money, too.

Belle: Wow. That's very generous.

Gabby: That way, Shawn and I could work at night, you know, probably get the boat fixed up a lot sooner, be gone by the end of the month, way before your ex even comes back around to the island.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: Hmm?

Belle: Uh, can we talk about this before you make a decision?

Shawn D.: I haven't even given her an answer yet, Belle.

Belle: You were about to.

Gabby: I'll... I'll, let you guys talk.

Shawn D.: Thanks, Gabby.

Gabby: Um, just so you know, it's not like it would be any sacrifice for me to help out with Claire. I'm crazy about her. And you guys would be doing me a huge favor, too. But, uh, it's up to you. I'll let you guys decide.

Belle: Please tell me you're not really thinking about this.

Shawn D.: What I'm thinking is this could be the chance that we've been waiting for here, to take away all our problems.

Belle: Really?

Shawn D.: What's wrong with you, Belle?

Belle: Funny, I was just about to ask you the same question.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Shawn D.: What's wrong with me?

Belle: I went into the bathroom for a minute to change Claire. I come out, all of a sudden our whole life is about to change?

Shawn D.: And I told you I didn't agree to anything. I don't understand what the big deal is here.

Belle: You got to be kidding me.

Shawn D.: We're going to Australia anyway.

Belle: Not with Gabby.

Shawn D.: We were just talking, all right, and then she made a very generous offer. That's it.

Belle: Yes, she did. Extremely generous.

Shawn D.: Okay, Belle, I get it. You don't want Gabby going with us.

Belle: This was supposed to be about us putting our family together and protecting Claire.

Shawn D.: It still is. With Gabby's help, we can get off this island so much sooner. Isn't that what we both want?

Belle: I don't know what you want anymore, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Okay. Come on, turn around. Let it all out.

Belle: Well, first, you say, "Belle, don't get a job."

Shawn D.: I didn't say it like that.

Belle: "Much too dangerous. They might figure out who you are and tell Philip. You belong home with our daughter." And now you're saying, "go ahead, Belle, go get a job, and we'll let Gabby raise our kid."

Shawn D.: Whoa. Back up. That is not even close to what I said. All I'm talking about is Gabby babysitting for us.

Belle: No, you're not. You are talking about another woman moving in with us.

Steve: Fresh garbage, everyone. [All cheering] Fresh garbage. Garbage, anyone?

Patient: Garbage!

Steve: Now, listen. We all know we're the bottom-feeders of society, right? That's a given. But I think they're taking it way too literally around this joint. Now, do we want to sit here and be treated and fed like four-legged creatures?

Patient: No! No!

Steve: We want to stand up on two legs and say, "enough is enough!"

Patient: Enough is enough!

Steve: Enough is enough! Enough is enough!

Dr. Kraft: Mr. Johnson, do you really think that inciting a riot is going to help anyone?

Steve: Oh, come on, baby. I'm not inciting anything. I'm just trying to help my friends take control of their lives.

Dr. Kraft: I'm trying to get them well enough so they can take control of their lives.

Steve: Don't you always say we should be active participants in our own care?

Dr. Kraft: Yes, but --

Steve: There's no "but." You take people away from their homes. You deny them their family and friends except when it's convenient for you. Never mind you put this poor woman in a straitjacket all day long and you drug this dude to the gills against his will. And then you feed us like we're unwanted pets. It's no wonder we act like animals, 'cause that's how we feel.

Guy: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Dr. Kraft: If you have a grievance --

Steve: You're damn right I have a grievance.

Dr. Kraft: Well, then I promise you, you will be heard. But you have to follow proper protocol. Now, if you like, I can help you file a written complaint. [All cheering] All right. All right. Everybody, just calm down.

Steve: Oh, I think it's a little late for that, Dr. Kraft. I think we got some righteous indignation going on around here.

Guy: Yeah!

Steve: I, for one, think it's a beautiful thing.

Guy: Beautiful!

Steve: Beautiful! It's beautiful! [Laughing]

Chelsea: Didn't you get my message?

Billie: I think this warrants a little more than just a phone call, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, okay? Look, dad and Hope want me to move in, and you know how much I've wanted to be a part of a family.

Billie: What about our family, you and me?

Chelsea: It's not like I'm never gonna see you again.

Billie: It won't be the same, Chelsea. You know that.

Chelsea: Mom, no offense, but it was never gonna be the same, not after everything.

Billie: I know.

Chelsea: And you also know how much it means to me to have dad want me back in his life.

Billie: It means a lot to me, too, Chelsea, it really does. But not at our expense.

Chelsea: Why are you being so selfish right now? That must be where I get it from, right? Look, Mom, I have class soon, so I'm just gonna finish up with the boxes, okay?

Billie: No, Chelsea, wait. Just give me another chance, all right? Come on. I stood by you when nobody else would, when Bo and Hope wouldn't even talk to you. You're all I have, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Stop trying to guilt me. This is not my fault, okay? None of this would be happening right now if you hadn't slept with Nick.

Abby: So how is this Max's fault?

Nick: I didn't say it was Max's fault. I said... look, Max came to me after he came back from New York. He told me Chelsea was crashing on the couch with you guys, and he said she was really angry and that she said she couldn't count on me.

Abby: So you thought you could make her count on you --

Nick: If I stole the evidence for her.

Abby: What were you thinking?

Nick: I wasn't, all right? As usual, I wasn't thinking. But if the lab finds out that I stole the hairbrush, my career is over.

Abby: Well, then fix it.

Nick: How?

Abby: Go put the brush back before anyone notices it's missing. And tell Chelsea you cannot break the law for her.

Nick: If I put the hairbrush back and they find out that it's Chelsea's, then Bo and Hope are gonna blame Chelsea for setting the fire to their house. I can't do that.

Abby: She had no right to ask you in the first place.

Nick: Well, she did, and I promised her. I don't know what to do now.

Abby: Yes, you do, Nick, or you wouldn't have told me about it. You want to hear the voice of reason? Here it is, and this is coming from Chelsea's best friend.

Nick: Okay.

Abby: You can protect the integrity of the lab and your position, or you can protect Chelsea. But you can't do both, so you have to make a choice right now, before it's too late.

Shawn D.: You're acting like this is some sort of a romantic triangle here.

Belle: Not romantic, but a triangle, yeah. Mm-hmm. Look, neither one of us really knows Gabby that well, and...

Shawn D.: And what?

Belle: I didn't want to tell you before because I didn't want to sound totally paranoid. When we were in Gabby's room hiding from Philip, I saw a baby carriage, and she had all of these baby clothes and baby toys everywhere.

Shawn D.: Did you ask her about it?

Belle: No, but what would she be doing with all that stuff, especially here, unless...

Shawn D.: Unless maybe she's got a kid or something and she's not telling us?

Belle: I don't know. But that's my point, Shawn. Neither one of us knows Gabby that well. We only know what she's told us. And yes, I think it's really strange that she didn't tell us about a child.

Dr. Kraft: Feel better now?

Steve: No.

Dr. Kraft: I didn't think so. You got everyone all worked up, and for what? I have to tell you, I am very disappointed in you, Mr. Johnson.

Steve: Oh, really? You know what? I'm disappointed in you, too, Dr. Kraft. What is this, romper room? "People, come on. Everyone calm down." What is that?

Dr. Kraft: It worked, didn't it?

Steve: They're all scared to death of getting on the wrong side of these gorillas you call orderlies. Not me.

Dr. Kraft: [Scoffs] Inciting all the patients like that could have been a very dangerous situation. And would that have been worth it, over a bad lunch?

Steve: Bad lunch? Lady, if you think that's all this is about, then you better turn your license in today. I mean, what do us nutjobs have to look forward to on a daily basis? A nice meal would be good. And you give us food that I wouldn't even feed a dog. Now, how do you think that makes everybody feel? Well, I have been locked up and stuffed full of pills, stripped of my freedom, my harmonica, and my favorite pair of boots. What do you care? You want us to get better, you want us to look forward to our lives, then give us a reason.

Dr. Kraft: The reason is we want you to get out, to be able to live a full life.

Steve: Then, damn it, give us something to live for in the meantime. We're stuck in this joint. How about some basic human rights, starting with a plate of food that doesn't look and smell like it was scraped off the floor of a damn monkey cage! [All cheering] Monkey cage! [Imitating monkey]

Chelsea: Can't you understand that I just need some space right now? Think of Grandma Kate, okay? She does the same things for the same reasons. She loves you, right? But you just wish that she would get out of your face and stop interfering with your life.

Billie: This is different.

Chelsea: How? Oh, Grandma Kate never slept with one of your boyfriends, did she? Just curious -- did you ever sleep with one of hers? 'Cause that seems like it could be -- I don't know -- an ongoing pattern with you.

Billie: What can I do to make this better, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Nothing.

Billie: Come on. You're getting along with Nick again, which is great. I really think it's fantastic. So if you can manage to forgive Nick, then why can't you manage to forgive your own mother?

Chelsea: Who says that I forgive Nick?

Abby: You've made me an accessory in this by telling me.

Nick: So, you think the right thing to do is to ruin Chelsea's life again?

Abby: Stop being melodramatic, Nick. You are not gonna ruin her life. Chelsea needs to learn how to tell the truth, and you are falling into a really bad habit of lying, the same way she does.

Nick: You can't blame her for being scared. Her dad just told her that he forgave her, and they're asking her to move in with them.

Abby: Really?

Nick: Yeah. I mean, I've never seen Chelsea like this. It was like every birthday and holiday she's ever had rolled into one. So if I end up putting the hairbrush back and Bo and Hope think Chelsea set the fire --

Abby: Then she'll tell them she didn't.

Nick: And then what? Even if they forgive her, she's not gonna forgive me again. Three strikes, you are out.

Abby: Okay, wait a minute. I didn't know you were back in.

Nick: Yeah. Me and Chelsea ended up talking, and, basically, I think we're back on track. And the last thing I want to do right now is screw it up again.

[All cheering]

Foley: All right, calm down, you wing nuts.

Steve: Oh, monkeys yeah, monkeys yeah, monkeys.

Foley: Is he bothering you?

Dr. Kraft: I have the situation under control, Mr. Foley. Thank you very much.

Steve: Thank you very much, Mr. Foley. Thank you very much. [Laughs] You know, he's bothering me. You gonna control that situation?

Dr. Kraft: What would you like for me to do, Mr. Johnson?

Steve: Oh, let me see. Maybe you can get him into one of those anger-management programs. Maybe he can work it out with the rest of his bald-headed colleagues instead of taking it out on the patients.

Dr. Kraft: He's just doing his job, you know.

Steve: So was Dr. Goebbels. You know this about me. I used to be an orderly back in a former life. And I was in a hospice, where all the patients were dying. And they were less depressed than the folks in this joint.

Dr. Kraft: Well, you know, a number of the patients here were hospitalized due to depression.

Steve: You're not helping their depression, are you? All they do is sit around and stare at the walls and have to eat this swill and get bullied by Foley.

Dr. Kraft: You are doing a pretty good job of bullying around here yourself. Make you feel like a big man on campus?

Steve: Yeah, maybe, if you want to call this institution a campus.

Dr. Kraft: Sounds like you're pretty proud of yourself.

Steve: Yeah. Isn't that what you want? You want me to get back to feeling like my old self?

Dr. Kraft: You know, you're right.

Steve: Okay. So where do I go to file this formal complaint?

Dr. Kraft: I'll bring you the paperwork. But in the meantime, I want you to get off Foley's case. And I tell you that for your own good.

Steve: Well, that's a two-way street. [Pager ringing]

Dr. Kraft: That's my boss. There's an emergency downstairs. We'll have to continue with this later.

Steve: Yeah. I'm not going anywhere.

Shawn D.: Okay, so obviously we've got some questions that need answers, so I think we should just ask Gabby and see what she says.

Belle: What happens when she doesn't tell us the truth? I'm just saying, I think we really need to be careful here.

Shawn D.: Okay, fine. We're gonna be careful. And if you're not comfortable with Gabby coming with us, then she's not gonna come.

Belle: Thank you.

Shawn D.: But if Philip finds out that we're here and comes back here in time to take Claire away from us, don't blame me if we lose our --

Belle: What? What, Shawn? Don't blame you if we lose our daughter?

Steve: Wi-Fi. We're in business. Hey, Lone Ranger, come here. How would you like to have some real food, say all the pizza you can eat? [Chuckles]

Steve: Yeah? Okay, I need someone to distract Foley. You up for it? Hurry. Hurry up. [Laughs] Hey, everybody. What do you say? If I order some pizza, will you help me eat it?

Patients: Pizza? Pizza? Pizza?

Steve: Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Patients: Pizza!

Steve: P-I-z-z-A. Ooh, look at this.

Patients: [Gasps]

Steve: We got Sal's two blocks away from here. Oh, nice menu. They got the deep dish. They got the thin crust.

Patients: Deep dish!

Steve: All done over a wood fire!

Patients: Ooh! Fire!

Steve: Whoa-ho-ho.

Patients: Oh, fire.

Steve: Maybe two of each. Would that do the job?

Patients: Two! Two!

Steve: Two meat lover's. Two veggie lover's. Two extra cheese.

Patients: Cheese! Cheese, cheese, cheese!

Steve: I like the anchovies, if nobody has an objection.

Patients: Anchovies! Anchovies!

Steve: I like them salty. Salty. Hey, wait a minute. I don't suppose anybody around here has a credit card. What the hell? We'll order them C.O.D.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry, Belle. I didn't mean to come down on you.

Belle: Well, you did. And you basically just said that if we lose Claire, that it's my fault.

Shawn D.: We're not gonna lose our daughter. I guess I'm just... I'm frustrated right now.

Belle: You really want Gabby to come with us, don't you?

Shawn D.: I want to get us out of here. I want Claire to be safe.

Belle: I want that, too. Just forget I said anything, okay?

Shawn D.: For two people that want the same thing --

Belle: I know. I don't understand why we keep fighting.

Shawn D.: It's because we're under a lot of stress. But I'm glad you said something. I just wish I knew what was worse, staying here and waiting for Philip to come back or leaving with Gabby now and having you worry the whole time.

Belle: And you're not worried?

Shawn D.: Belle, there could be a million reasons why Gabby's got all that baby stuff.

Belle: And not all of them are good reasons, but you still trust her.

Shawn D.: But you don't. So that's a problem. So I'm gonna leave it up to you. This is your call, Belle. Whatever you want to do, that's what we're gonna do.

Abby: So you and Chelsea have been together and apart three times in the last three weeks. Nick, she can't stay away from you.

Nick: All right.

Abby: Do you really honestly think she's gonna stop having feelings for you just because you didn't go through with it?

Nick: Yes.

Abby: Then you're better off without her.

Nick: Why would you say something like that? I was miserable the entire time that she was in New York.

Abby: So was she.

Nick: But she's the one who left me. And it wasn't until I said I would steal that hairbrush for her that --

Abby: That she took you back.

Nick: Exactly.

Abby: So basically, she's using you again.

Nick: That is a horrible way of looking at this, Abby.

Abby: Chelsea needs you, Nick, but not to help her lie and cheat.

Nick: But that is what she's asking me to do.

Abby: She needs you because you're good for her. Listen, Chelsea kind of leans on you like a moral compass. So don't go pointing in the wrong direction.

Nick: So what should I do?

Abby: What you know is right. If Chelsea would just tell her dad the truth, then... oh, my gosh.

Nick: What?

Abby: That's it, isn't it? You don't think Chelsea's innocent, do you?

Billie: If you haven't forgiven Nick, then what are you doing with him?

Chelsea: Nick is none of your business.

Billie: You're right. He is not. But I can tell you from painful experience that vengeance only makes the hurt you're feeling even worse.

Chelsea: Thank you, Mom. I'll try to remember that.

Billie: [Sighs] Come on, Chelsea. I miss you. I do. And I worry about you, and I want to know what's going on in your life.

Chelsea: I'll make it a lot easier for you. From now on, you're relieved of all your motherly duties, okay?

Billie: No, it's not okay.

Chelsea: You were the one that always said you wanted to be friends first, right? To be honest with you, I don't even know if that's possible. But I think that's all that we should be aiming for right now.

Billie: I don't.

Chelsea: Look, I know you've done a lot to try to protect me. You were willing to take the rap for me and spend the rest of your life in jail if that's what it took.

Billie: Yes, I was.

Chelsea: Okay. I appreciate that. But it took me a very long time to realize that, that was the absolute wrong thing to do. That's why dad thinks I'm such a liar. I know that I've made a lot of my own bad decisions, but to be honest, Mom, you're just not a good influence on me. I'm not saying that to make you feel bad. It's just...I'm trying to grow up, and you keep making the same mistakes over and over again. So it's just better for me to be here with Bo and Hope. They are the family that I need, and I feel like you should be proud of me for realizing that on my own.

Billie: [Inhales deeply] No matter how you feel about me, Chelsea, I want you to know... that I love you, and I always will.

Chelsea: It's not like I'm cutting you out of my life.

Billie: Honey, you couldn't even if you tried.

Chelsea: From now on, you're just "Billie" to me, okay? My real mother was the one that raised me. And I'm honestly not saying that to be mean. But you and I will never be mother and daughter again.

Steve: How about a recycling program?

Patents: Yeah!

Steve: We can watch television, some ball games. How about some music? Music! I want to hear some money, some Stevie Ray Vaughan, or, oh, Liberace.

Patients: Ooh, yeah.

Steve: You like Liberace? You want to dance, mama? You want to dance? Come here, come here.

Patient: Liberace what's your favorite song? "Beautiful Dreamer."

Steve: Beautiful. You are a beautiful dreamer.

Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me this young lady dances so beautifully beautiful dreamer let me hear those violins. [All humming and singing]

Foley: All right, what the hell is this? This isn't "Soul Train." Cut out the crap.

Steve: [Humming] Hi, Foley.

Foley: Hi, Popeye. I think it's time for you to go back to your room.

Steve: No thanks, bro. I'm doing fine right here.

Belle: What I want from you, Shawn, is to take me seriously.

Shawn D.: I do. That's why I just said the decision is up to you.

Belle: I know what you just said, but you act like you're just humoring some silly whim of mine, and it's patronizing and it drives me crazy.

Shawn D.: I'm not --

Belle: Haven't you ever heard of a mother's instinct?

Shawn D.: Have you ever heard of a father's?

Belle: There's only one instinct that you're listening to right now.

Shawn D.: What's that supposed to mean?

Belle: You think that it's ridiculous that I think gabby might have another agenda, but you don't even know her at all, and you keep telling me that you trust her. Why? Why is that? Maybe because she's a beautiful woman who keeps flirting with you every time I turn around.

Shawn D.: Come on, Belle.

Belle: Whatever you might think, all of this is about me putting Claire first. I didn't want you to think that I was jealous. Maybe I am. But that doesn't mean that I'm gonna jump into bed with you to keep you from sleeping with someone else.

Shawn D.: I didn't ask you to.

Belle: No, you didn't ask me to. That's what Gabby's for, right?

Shawn D.: So that's why you're so pissed off at me. How many times do I have to tell you I do not want to sleep with Gabby?

Belle: You sure about that?

Shawn D.: Can you give me one thing that I have done to make you think otherwise?

Belle: You just invited her to move in with us, Shawn.

Shawn D.: No, I invited her to come on a boat and come to Australia with us. Actually, I take that back. She was the one who invited herself.

Belle: Because she wants more out of life than what this island can give her.

Shawn D.: And you think she wants me?

Belle: Why wouldn't she? You gave up your whole life to take care of your daughter. How many guys would do that? Not to mention that you're strong and brave and probably Gabby's dream come true.

Shawn D.: But she's not mine. I'm looking at mine. And I love you, Belle.

Belle: I guess I just kind of felt like a third wheel. You know, when you guys were laughing and talking.

Shawn D.: Hey, I swear to you, I'm not interested in Gabby for anything beyond what she can do to get us to Australia. When we get there, she's gonna have to fend for herself.

Belle: Does she know that?

Shawn D.: I'm gonna tell her. We're gonna go our way, Gabby's gonna go hers, and it's gonna be me, you, and Claire again. I promise you that, okay?

Foley: I'm not asking you to go back to your room, bro. I'm telling you. It's time to go. Now move it.

Steve: Hey, dude, have you ever heard of a patient's bill of rights? Oh, I forgot. You don't read. Listen, I'm just here trying to have some fun with my friends. Right, dudes?

Patients: Yeah! Yeah!

Steve: Right?

Patients: Yeah! [Gasps]

Steve: Don't you handle me. You don't know who you're messing with.

Foley: You got two choices. You either go back to your room like I told you, or you're gonna be dragged away kicking and screaming in front of all your friends. What's it gonna be? Deal or no deal?

Belle: Shawn, you won't tell Gabby, will you?

Shawn D.: Of course not. Hey, we're in this together. I'm always on your side.

Belle: And Claire's.

Shawn D.: While we don't always agree on details, it's pretty much us against everyone else. I don't want to do anything to make you feel like you can't trust me.

Belle: Me neither. So Gabby can come with us.

Shawn D.: Are you sure?

Belle: Well, as long as she knows that when we get to Australia --

Shawn D.: She is on her own. Absolutely.

Foley: I don't have all day here. What's it gonna be?

Steve: Well, I got to follow my heart. So go ahead and swing your tiny little bat. But do me a favor. Be careful of my face. It's my best asset.

Foley: Why, you smug --

Patient: Foley. Sal's pizza just delivered these, and they want their money. Yeah! Yeah!

Patient: Thank you!

Steve: [Laughing]

Nick: I don't know if Chelsea's guilty. All I know is that a lot of things don't make any sense.

Abby: Like?

Nick: Why would Willow break into Bo and Hope's house when they're already paying her medical expenses?

Abby: How do you know that?

Nick: Because she told me. She said that Bo and Hope are paying for her hospital visits, for everything. Why would she bite the hand that feeds her and then set their house on fire?

Abby: Maybe she thought they weren't doing enough.

Nick: So she burned their house down?

Abby: Well, she torched Shawn's apartment when she thought he wasn't doing enough. And plus, they found the jewelry in her room at the "Y."

Nick: Which she says that Chelsea planted there.

Abby: How could you believe her story over Chelsea's?

Nick: I don't. I just think it's weird that Chelsea would rather have me destroy evidence than tell her dad the truth, unless it's not actually the truth.

Abby: Nick, if you really think --

Nick: I don't know what I think, okay? I have to get back to work, all right? Thank you for your help. Oh. I'm really sorry, Abby. We never even talked about the whole Aunt Maggie thing.

Abby: You know, it's fine. Um, Nick, if you're by yourself right now, this is your chance. Go put the brush back before anyone finds out that it's gone, before it gets too late.

Chelsea: Hey, Abby. Nick, just the guy I was looking for.

Dr. Parsons: Fallon. I was wondering what was keeping you. Now I know.

Nick: I...

Dr. Parsons: I have a problem. I can't find that hairbrush the cops want tested. Have you seen it?

Shawn D.: Gabby, you did send that letter, didn't you?

Steve: You need a quicker bat, slugger.

Chelsea: Look at me. Do you believe I'm the person who set fire to my dad's house?

Max: I think --

Abby: I don't care what you think or what anybody else thinks. You know what I do think? Mr. Max Brady, I think you're one big jerk.

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