Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/10/07 - Canada; Wednesday 4/11/07 - U.S.A.


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Bo: Hey, Cooper. Is the house secure?

Cooper: Attic to basement.

Bo: Nothing stolen or vandalized?

Cooper: Not that I seen.

Bo: Okay. I'll do a walk-through just to be sure.

Cooper: I think your painter might have overreacted.

Bo: I don't know about that. I didn't hire any electricians, and how many of them do you know that would take off without leaving a bill? Got you there. Okay. Thanks for your help, man.

Cooper: Nothing else, Bo?

Bo: No. Damn. What the hell's going on?

Chelsea: God, why do I feel like I'm dead woman walking?

Nick: Why did your dad say he wanted to see you, again?

Chelsea: He didn't. He just said that it couldn't wait.

Nick: But there's no way that he could know that the hairbrush is missing, right?

Chelsea: Do you know that for sure?

Nick: No, but I feel like I would have heard something if that had happened.

Chelsea: Why? Because you just know everything, Mr. Know-it-all? I'm sorry. I'm just really, really nervous.

Nick: I know, but it's probably gonna be fine, so don't worry.

Chelsea: Trust me, Nick. My dad didn't invite me over here to tell me how much he loves me.

Bo: Hey, you guys. Come on in.

Chelsea: So, Dad, what's all this about?

Bo: I want to talk to you... about the fire.

Lucas: Yeah, I'd like to book your best room. Yeah, a deluxe honeymoon suite. 4-star -- everything. Something VIP, something that screams "Rock Star," you know what I'm saying? All right, and the whole spread. I need a really nice dinner -- steak, lobster, whatever you got. Champagne feast would be wonderful, yeah. But can you make it sparkling cider? Yeah. Lucas Roberts and Samantha... actually, just go ahead and make it for Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Roberts.

Sami: Lucas!

Lucas: Thanks. I'll talk to you soon, okay? Yeah. Hold on! Okay. Bye.

Sami: My mom called.

Lucas: What is it? Is it John? Is something wrong?

Sami: No, no, it's my Aunt Kayla. She's been in a car accident.

Lucas: What?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: Is it bad?

Sami: Just a concussion, I think, and some bruises and scrapes.

Lucas: Your mom thinks that she's gonna be okay, right?

Sami: She said she's gonna be fine, but my mom has to go out of town, so she was asking me if I could go down there and check on my Aunt Kayla.

Lucas: I'll go with you.

Sami: No, you know what? You've got to do all that work that I took you away from earlier. Why don't you stay here and work on that? And tell Will. Tell Will what happened, okay?

Lucas: I will. Just calm down, okay? Give Kayla my best, and just don't forget about our plans tomorrow night, all right?

Sami: Oh, right. Yeah. 6:00 and the photographer for the wedding photos. I remember.

Lucas: Right. But I got a surprise for you after that, too.

Sami: After?

Lucas: Yeah, after. You're gonna love it.

Sami: You know, Lucas, I have a million things to do to get ready for this wedding.

Lucas: So what? Delegate some responsibility. That's why we paid that wedding planner all that money. Come on.

Sami: Right, but, Lucas, I --

Lucas: You're gonna love it, trust me. It's a romantic surprise for my baby. I won't take a no for an answer.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: All right?

Sami: I'll see you later. I love you.

Lucas: Love you back.

Sami: Oh, man. Who am I kidding? I can't do this. I can't kill E.J.

E.J.: I did try to warn you and that stubborn husband of yours, Kayla, but you wouldn't listen, would you? I think in retrospect, that was really rather stupid. Maybe you'll listen now, eh?

Doctor: What do we got here?

Nurse: Fever spiked at 105. No other symptoms. We picked him up at State.

Doctor: Oh. Run a full blood panel. We'll keep him overnight.

Nurse: Level three. Got to keep a guard on him.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Officer: Doc said your fever broke. He said you should sleep through the night. [Laughing] That's lucky for me.

Steve: [Moans]

Officer: What's your problem?

Steve: Oh, man. I got a wicked headache. Could you see if you could ask the nurse for some aspirin or something?

Officer: Yeah, I don't know.

Steve: Come on, man. What am I doing? Where am I going?

Officer: Okay, look, I'll talk to the nurse, but no funny stuff, okay?

Steve: All right. All right. I'm just dying here. Just hurry, please. I knew these dolls would come in handy. Thanks a lot, man. What, do you expect me to take them dry? No, no, no, no. Give me the tap water. I'm not swapping spit with you. [Scoffs] [Clears throat]

Steve: Thanks a lot, dude. Thanks again. I'm feeling better already.

E.J.: Samantha. Shh! What a pleasant surprise.

Sami: E.J., what are you doing here?

E.J.: I heard about Kayla's unfortunate accident, so I just came down to pay my respects.

Sami: But you're not family. How did you hear?

E.J.: Well, unfortunately, bad news has a tendency to travel rather quickly. Hey, you okay? You almost look like you don't believe me.

Sami: Well, with you, I never know what to believe.

E.J.: Well, I would encourage you to start believing in our future. It does begin tomorrow night. Remember? You're meeting me at the cabin -- 9:00. Bring your wedding gown. We're gonna jump on my plane, go to Sin City, say our vows. Are you as excited as I am?

Sami: I am excited, but I'm a little nervous, too.

E.J.: I understand. I know you have some nasty odds and ends to take care of on the way out. Telling Lucas you're pregnant with my baby, leaving him for me can't be easy. Have you managed to cross any of those items off your to-do list yet?

Lucas: Aha. Yeah. Right here.

Will: Hey, Dad. What's up?

Lucas: Hey, hey.

Will: Where's mom?

Lucas: Your Aunt Kayla was in a car accident. She's at University Hospital right now.

Will: Jeez. Is she gonna be okay?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, your mom's gonna phone with an update. She seems to think she'll be fine. Don't worry about it, okay?

Will: Wow.

Lucas: Yeah.

Will: It seems like it's done nothing but rain on Aunt Kayla lately. You think I could maybe visit her tomorrow after school?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, you could do that. I'll go with you. That's a great idea.

Will: Jeez, what's with all these papers?

Lucas: Don't touch those, all right? Let me have those. This is important stuff.

Will: What, is it top secret or something?

Lucas: Look, buddy, I want you to know this, all right? This is everything I need to prove that E.J. Wells, A.K.A. Elvis DiMera, is an embezzler, all right? This is the ticket to save our family.

Bo: Chelsea, from past experience, you know that my number-one priority is the safety of my family. And when that is threatened, first, I go a little nuts. And I also hate the fact that someone was able to break into my house and threaten the safety of my family. But it happened. And someone will be held accountable.

Chelsea: Dad, I swear to you, in a million years, I would never do anything to hurt you, Hope, or the baby.

Bo: Chelsea, hold on.

Chelsea: Just let me get this out. You guys are my family, and I love you. And I would never do anything to hurt any of you in any way.

Bo: Okay, hey, you got it wrong. I didn't invite you over here to pin this on you.

Chelsea: You didn't?

Bo: No. I wanted to apologize to you face-to-face.

Chelsea: You're sorry?

Bo: Yeah, first of all for suspecting you. I know that had to hurt. And second of all, for not being the kind of father you needed me to be.

[Snoring] [Coughs] [Snoring continues]

Steve: Here I come, sweetness.

Sami: You don't have to worry about Lucas.

E.J.: Actually, my dear, it's you that I'm concerned about.

Sami: Well, I have it all figured out. I'm gonna talk to Lucas before we go to take our photos for the wedding tomorrow night, and I'm gonna tell him that I betrayed him and that I am carrying your child. And, well, he'll probably call me a liar and a whore and threaten to take Will away from me, but --

E.J.: Listen to me. Listen to me. I will not let that happen.

Sami: Thank you. But I'm gonna have to pick myself up, dust myself off, and be at the cabin at 9:00 P.M. sharp. And from that point on, for the rest of our lives, I'm all yours.

E.J.: I can assure you, my dear, you won't have any regrets.

Sami: E.J., what are you doing?

E.J.: Just getting some affection from my fiancÚ.

Sami: Yeah, but we're in public. My family and my friends -- almost anyone could walk around that corner.

E.J.: Samantha, it occurs to me that your... feelings for me have been waning somewhat. No longer the kisses and the come-ons. I hope you're not stupid enough to try and play me for a fool, my dear.

Sami: Come with me. Come with me.

E.J.: Where are we going?

Sami: Just right -- will you stop it? Get over here. Look, I get it. On a scale of 1 to 10, you trust me about a zero. And I understand why. I mean, I set you up with the police.

E.J.: Yes, that definitely wasn't your best move, sweetheart.

Sami: But look how it turned out. Here I am, carrying your baby.

E.J.: So, you're no longer crying rape?

Sami: I'm happy this child is yours, and I can't wait to marry you.

E.J.: Then why are you so standoffish?

Sami: Because I've spent most of my life hurting people, intentionally or not. And what I'm about to do to Lucas is -- is the worst of the worst. So, I don't need you making it more difficult for me.

E.J.: I'm sorry, sweetheart. You're just so bloody irresistible.

Sami: Well, you're gonna have to wait 24 hours, at least. And then it'll be Vegas and the wedding and our honeymoon. I'll give you what you deserve, and I'll be all yours.

E.J.: Waiting is not my best event, my dear.

Sami: [Laughs] But you know I'm worth it.

E.J.: You know, it'll be interesting to see whether you're a woman of your word or whether you're as foolish as your aunt.

Kayla: [Moans]

Sami: Sorry.

Kayla: Where am I?

Sami: You -- you're at University Hospital.

Kayla: What happened?

Sami: You were in a car accident, Aunt Kayla, and the doctor said you're gonna be just fine. Do you need me to call the nurse?

Kayla: No, it's just my head. It just really hurts.

Sami: I'm sorry. My mom was here, but she had to leave, so she sent me instead. But she sends her love, and everybody else does, too.

Kayla: What about mom and pop?

Sami: Aunt Hope is at the pub now telling them, and my dad's calling Uncle Frankie and Max.

Kayla: Don't tell Steve.

Steve: Too late for that, sweetness.

Kayla: Oh, God. You shouldn't be here.

Steve: No, baby. It's you who shouldn't be here. Hey, Sami.

Kayla: No, they are gonna catch you and throw you in jail. Sami, you have got to get him back to that State Hospital. He's got to get back -- you're gonna get caught.

Sami: Aunt Kayla, calm down.

Steve: I need a little time alone with Kayla. Would you mind going out in the hallway for a few minutes and giving any visitors your best block and tackle?

Sami: You got it. I'll knock if someone's coming.

Steve: Thanks. Hey, hey, hey. Come here. How bad are you hurt?

Kayla: Just a concussion. Listen to me. You are gonna be in serious trouble.

Steve: Don't worry about me right now. What's important is you have to tell me how you wound up here.

Kayla: You have to get back to the State Hospital.

Steve: I'm sorry, sweetness. I'm not going anywhere until you tell me how you almost got yourself killed tonight.

[Knock on door]

Will: Dad, the door.

Lucas: All right, go ahead and get it.

E.J.: Good evening, William.

Will: Oh, hey, E.J. You know, I was just talking to my dad about how I haven't seen enough of you today.

E.J.: You're such a quick-witted young boy. I'm sure you'll go far.

Will: Yeah, well, not if I don't finish my homework, so see ya.

E.J.: Actually, William, it was you that I was coming around to talk to.

Will: Me?

E.J.: Yeah. Technical question. I was hoping you'd help me out with it. I wanted to know if it's possible to take images from a cellphone and put them onto a television screen.

Will: Well, yeah, but it's kind of complicated. You need a multifunction converter.

Will: It's called a VGA component to video converter.

E.J.: Okay, and where would I find something like this?

Will: Radio Barn. It costs like 200 bucks.

E.J.: Great. Thank you.

Lucas: Whoa, whoa. E.J. what's your rush? I actually wanted to have a word with you, if that's all right. Will, would you mind giving us a second?

Will: Oh. Yeah, sure.

Lucas: Thank you, sir. Please. Please, have a seat.

E.J.: So, what can I do for you...Lucas?

Lucas: You can go ahead and move those papers. Sorry about the mess.

E.J.: This... [Clears throat] This looks like Mythic's logo, eh? You've been a busy boy, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I just wanted to run some things by you. I've been going over last year's budget report. And you know, no matter how I crunch these numbers, they just don't add up. But I wanted to talk to you before I called the Sec.

Chelsea: So, you believe me. You really believe me.

Bo: Yeah. I'm sorry it took me so long. If it makes you feel any better, hope never doubted you. Hey, kid, what's with the tears?

Nick: I think they're the happy kind.

Chelsea: I was just scared. Willow said that I planted Hope's jewelry in her room at the "Y."

Bo: Hey, Willow lied. We found three pawnbrokers who say she tried to sell the stuff to them.

Chelsea: Good, so she's going to jail, then.

Bo: Already there. Robbery charges.

Chelsea: What about the fire?

Bo: Once we get the results on the DNA from the hairbrush, the case will be closed. That girl will go to jail for a very long time.

Chelsea: Well, what if the DNA from the hairbrush isn't a match for Willow?

Bo: I'm pretty sure it will be. Don't sweat it.

Chelsea: I'm just really glad that you believe me.

Nick: When are you and Mrs. Brady moving back in?

Bo: Well, Nick, that depends on your girlfriend.

Kayla: I was driving, and this guy was behind me just blasting his horn and flashing his brights.

Steve: "This guy"? You could make out who it was?

Kayla: No, I was blinded. I tried to wave for him to go around, but --

Steve: But he didn't.

Kayla: No, no. And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was lights coming at me head on. I don't know. They must have been waiting for me or something.

Steve: Then what happened?

Kayla: I tried to swerve the car out of the way to avoid the oncoming collision. I don't know. I don't remember anything else.

Steve: You did good.

Kayla: All right, all right. You know now. You can't be here. You're gonna get caught. You got to go.

Steve: I have to be here.

Kayla: No.

Steve: I needed to see for myself that you're all right.

Kayla: Now you've seen it. You know, so hurry. Just go, please.

Steve: This was Wells. I warned you about him.

Kayla: There's no proof.

Steve: We don't need proof. This was him.

Kayla: Why do you care? Why do you care? You said we were all played out, that there was no more us anymore. I'm nothing more than a thorn in your side. What are you trying to prove?

E.J.: Well, Lucas, you've certainly been busy. Bored at work, are we?

Lucas: No, actually, I kind of find this stuff fascinating.

E.J.: Really? Well, judging from these ancient figures you've dredged up, it's clear I'm not giving you enough to do. Tell me, these numbers, are they supposed to mean something to me?

Lucas: Well, these ancient figures are the ones that you proposed to the stockholders December of '06. And the profits were a bit inflated, and the net loss suggested otherwise. So, I don't know. It kind of seems like fraud to me.

E.J.: So, tell me, Lucas, what exactly are we doing here, hmm? I give you a job on a silver platter. You have great pay. You have great benefits. I put up with your constant rudeness, your constant accusations there is something going on between Samantha and myself.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I was shocked. My mom was shocked, too, when she found out.

E.J.: Your mother. You told Kate about this.

Lucas: Oh, yeah. She is your partner, isn't she?

E.J.: Indeed. I'm assuming this would explain why Billie was a little curt with me earlier.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, yeah. We keep it all in the family around here. You're a DiMera. You should know something about that.

E.J.: I'm sorry to burst your bubble, Lucas, but your smoking gun isn't even loaded. Even if you were to tell the Sec what you discovered, they would slap my wrist, give me a little fine -- nothing that I could not afFord.

Lucas: Yeah, but once the stockholders caught wind of that, your credibility would be at stake. They'd pull their stock, and, well, you'd go bankrupt, kind of like Enron, right?

E.J.: Well, with one exception. Yourself, your mother, your sister, and your fiancÚ -- you'll all be out of a job. So, let's cut to the chase, shall we, Lucas? What exactly is it that you want from me?

Steve: I'm not here to prove anything.

Kayla: Then what are you doing here? Why do you care?

Steve: I think a better question would be, why do you care? I do nothing but hurt you. You fight for me. You fought and convinced that judge to let me do my time in the mental hospital instead of in prison. Listen, I'm just trying to watch your back the way you did for me.

Kayla: Then go to Bo and Roman and tell them that E.J. forced you to kidnap John.

Steve: That bastard does not control me. Tonight I'm gonna prove that.

Kayla: What are you gonna do?

Steve: Never mind.

Kayla: Steve, listen, I am begging you. Just go back to the hospital. Just go back.

Steve: I'll check on you later.

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: Sami.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah.

Steve: Am I good to go?

Sami: Um, yeah, the coast is clear.

Steve: Listen, I need to borrow your car.

Sami: Okay, for what?

Steve: I need to run an errand and get back here before the cop I borrowed these clothes from wakes up.

Sami: Oh, okay. It's on the second floor by the stairs.

Steve: All right. Thanks a lot.

Sami: Who are you calling?

Kayla: Bo. I have to let him know that Steve's on the loose again.

Sami: If you do that, he's gonna arrest him.

Kayla: I know, but I'm afraid that Steve's gonna do something stupid.

Sami: Like what?

Kayla: I think he's gonna try to kill E.J. What are you doing?

Sami: Would that be so bad? I mean, what if he did kill the bastard?

E.J.: So, is this the part where you tell me to pack up my bags and get out of dodge again?

Lucas: No, nothing too drastic like that. Just stay the hell away from Sami.

E.J.: Ahh. Or else?

Lucas: Or I'll send all this stuff to the Sec, and your life will be a living hell.

E.J.: God, you're tiresome, Lucas. Tell me something -- do you have any other songs in your repertoire?

Lucas: I don't want you to show up around here anymore. I don't want you to call. And if I hear from Sami that you show up somewhere where you're not wanted or welcome, that's it. You're the one who needs to get over your sick repertoire. You're the one obsessed with Sami, and it's got to stop. If it doesn't, I'll send those cooked books to the Sec. If you don't believe me, I'll call my boys in D.C., just to show you I mean business.

Kayla: Do you realize what you're saying?

Sami: Why not kill him? This is E.J. we're talking about. He has terrorized everyone in our family since he came to town, and he has slipped through the cops' fingers so many times. Who knows what he'll do next? So, why not get rid of him? If we don't, he'll own us forever.

Kayla: Honestly, I don't care what happens to E.J. But if Steve kills him, he'll be killing himself and killing any future that we have together. I am not willing to trade that for E.J.'s skin.

Sami: What if he thinks of a way of doing it without getting caught?

Kayla: Sami, nobody gets away with murder. I am going to call Bo, and I'm gonna tell him that Steve is on the loose and that it's a matter of life or death.

Chelsea: Why does you guys moving back here depend on me?

Bo: Simple. We'd like you to move in with us.

Chelsea: You want me to move in here, as in this house -- your family house?

Bo: Yes, the family house. Hope and I talked about it, and we know that you're working on your relationship with your mom. And we kind of figured you might be more comfortable over here for a little while. Plus, this is where you belong. And you'd be doing me a big favor.

Chelsea: Favor for what?

Bo: Let's sit down. It'd give me the time to prove to you that I've changed just as much as you have. Um... I haven't really given you a fair shot, and I'm sorry about that. It would give us a chance to work on this father-daughter relationship. But it won't be all fun and games. Hope and I need a little help with the baby, so we would be putting you to work.

Chelsea: That's fine. I would love to hang out with Ciara. I mean, she's my little sister, after all.

Bo: Yes, she is. But I got to warn you, she's already a handful. I mean, she's going for gold with the baby-bottle toss and the food-fling thing.

Chelsea: I don't care. I'm just really, really happy.

Bo: Good. I'm happy, too. And there's one more benefit for me. It'll be good having someone around here with Hope and the baby when I'm at the office, especially somebody I trust. [Cellphone rings] Oh. Excuse me. Uh, sorry. I got to take this.

Chelsea: Nick, Nick, Nick. Did you hear what he said? He called me someone he can trust. Me.

Nick: That is so incredible, Chelsea. I'm really happy for you.

Chelsea: You don't seem that happy.

Nick: No, no, I-I am. I just -- there's still that problem with the hairbrush, you know? I mean, the lab is gonna notice that it's missing, and someone might start asking you questions that you don't want to answer.

Bo: Hey, Kay. How are you feeling?

Kayla: I'm fine. Listen, Bo, you've got to help me. I'm scared to death for Steve. He escaped from the hospital, and he's going after E.J. You got to find him.

Bo: Okay. Okay. Relax. Take it easy. I'll go find him.

Kayla: Please hurry.

Bo: Don't worry. I'll find him, and I'll give you a call, okay? Hey, sorry, guys. I got to take off.

Chelsea: What's going on?

Bo: Well, some emergency. Tell you what -- you talk to your mom, find out if she's okay with this. If she is, pack up your stuff, and I'll help you move.

Chelsea: Thank you, Dad. This is gonna be really, really great. I promise I will not let you down.

Bo: I won't let you down, either. We're family. We're gonna stick together. I'm out of here.

Chelsea: Nick, please don't say it. Look, I know that there could still be trouble ahead, but just let me enjoy this, okay, just for a little bit.

E.J.: Well, maybe I misjudged you, Lucas. You obviously put a great deal of thought into how you would play this game. Bravo.

Lucas: Just agree to my terms. That's all I want, and I won't have to call the Sec.

E.J.: Doesn't that just sound like an offer I can't refuse? What would you like me to do, get on my knees and kiss your ring?

Lucas: Just stay away from Sami. That'll be good enough for me.

E.J.: I certainly wouldn't want to force the issue. The wedding is a couple of weeks away, right? One never knows what could happen in that time. Fate, you know, it's different for all of us -- you, me, Samantha. Well, good night, Lucas.

Steve: You son of a bitch.

E.J.: Steve, old boy.

Steve: Shut up! You listen to me. If you ever go near Kayla again, if I even see you on the same side of the street as her, I will kill you. Do you hear me?

E.J.: I think you've made your point. Get off me.

Steve: No, not yet. Open the door. Open it!

Nick: Well, I don't want to be a drag, but we're not out of trouble yet.

Chelsea: Yes, we are. Look, you heard my dad. He doesn't think that the brush is mine. He's set on the idea that it's Willow's. And when it turns up missing, he's either gonna think she caught a break or she had someone steal it for her. And he'll never connect the dots because he has no reason to.

Nick: Yeah. I guess.

Chelsea: Look, the only way we're gonna get busted is if that hairbrush turns up and they can prove that it's mine. That won't happen because we tossed it, right?

Nick: Yeah. Right.

Chelsea: Okay, so, we're home free. We're in the clear. It's all because of you.

Sami: I'm back.

Lucas: Yeah. The love of my life. How's Kayla?

Sami: She's gonna be okay. They're releasing her tomorrow.

Lucas: Good, that's something to celebrate, right?

Sami: Yeah. You seem really happy about something. What's going on?

Lucas: Tonight's gonna be a night we're never gonna forget for the rest of our lives.

Sami: What do you mean?

Lucas: Well, E.J. -- E.J. showed up, but he's gone now, and he's made his final appearance.

Sami: What are you talking about? What did he want? He was here?

Lucas: It doesn't matter what he wants. He's not gonna come by anymore. He's not gonna bang on the door. He's not gonna call. As far as E.J. is concerned, we're done with him.

Sami: How did you get him to agree to that?

Lucas: I threatened him. It was easy. He blinked.

Sami: Oh, God, Lucas. What have you done?

Lucas: What do you mean what have I done? You should be happy and relieved. What are you talking about?

Sami: How am I supposed to be relieved? This is E.J. we're talking about. Do you know what he's capable of? He put my Aunt Kayla in a hospital tonight. And Steve is in the mental ward, and he put John in a coma and stole his kidney.

Lucas: I know what he's capable of. That's why I think it's best if he stays away from our family.

Sami: He's never gonna leave us alone, Lucas.

Lucas: Honey, stop. You're overreacting, all right?

Sami: I am not overreacting. This is E.J. we're talking about here, and the only way to stop him would be to put him in the ground.

Lucas: You're gonna kill him?

Sami: Of course not. It's just a figure of speech. I'm just saying, it's not smart to put E.J. in the corner, you know?

Lucas: Let me just explain what happened, okay?

Sami: No. You know what? Never mind. Never mind. I hate talking about E.J. Let's not even think about E.J. I want to think about you.

Lucas: Mmm. Okay.

Sami: Get back to where we were, Lucas. I need you. I need you so much.

E.J.: Oh, I should have guessed. Detective Brady. Must be my day for unwelcome visitors.

Bo: Yeah, I stopped by to let you know that Steve Johnson is on the street, but I'm guessing I'm a little late.

E.J.: No, I wouldn't know anything about that.

Bo: How'd you get the bruise on your jaw?

E.J.: It's a funny story. I was cleaning my fist, and the damn thing went off. Caught me right there.

Bo: That's funny. I'm curious. Why are you protecting Steve?

E.J.: I'm sure, you being a detective, you would have a theory for that.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I would. If you finger him, he goes to jail. You can't get to him there. And they won't issue him a day pass so he can get out and do your dirty work for you.

E.J.: Well, don't tell it to me, Detective. Why don't you tell it to the D.A.? I couldn't give a damn.

[Telephone rings]

Kayla: Hello?

Bo: Hey, Kay, it's me.

Kayla: Bo. Bo, have you found Steve?

Bo: No, I stopped by Wells' place. He claims he didn't see Steve, but the bruise on his jaw tells a different story.

Kayla: Steve beat him up?

Bo: No, no, no. Just roughed him up a little bit. Listen, there's no sign of Steve, but I'll keep looking for him.

Kayla: Oh, Bo, I really messed up this time. Steve went after E.J. because E.J. went after me. There is no judge or hospital that's gonna let this slide.

Bo: Hey, I told you, Wells denied seeing Steve, so if I can find him, get him back to the hospital without a problem, he might catch a break.

Kayla: I hope you're right.

Bo: Listen, you get some sleep. I'll call you in the morning.

Kayla: Okay. Steve, where are you?

[Groaning] [Coughs]

Steve: Whew! Man, you were sawing some serious logs.

Officer: My head feels like it was hit with a wrecking ball. How long have I been out?

Steve: A while. Don't worry. It'll be our little secret.

Sheriff: Kiriakis put a bounty on your heads.

Belle: Quarter of a million dollars?

Sheriff: Some people on this island would sell their mothers for a hell of a lot less.

Kayla: That little accident just gives me all the more reason to keep digging until I find enough evidence to put you away.

Bo: He wants you in that loony bin where he can get to you any time he wants.

Gabby: There is an easy way to get off this island if you take me with you.

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