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Steve: Ah, just like clockwork -- three hairs past the freckle.

Nurse: I hope we won't have a problem with your medication today, Mr. Johnson.

Steve: Oh, no, baby. You know what I think? I think you're my lucky charm. Why don't you blow on them?

Nurse: Just take the pills, please.

Steve: Okay. I'll just take the pills. Down the gullet. Ahh. You see? Nothing up my sleeve. [Sniffs] Ooh. Nothing under my tongue. So, let's get on with the show. He sings. He dances. He can open his mouth wide and bark like a dog. [Barking] Pretty in there, ain't it?

Nurse: Mr. Johnson, our senses of humor are quite different. That's all I have to say.

Steve: Hmm. The only difference is...I got one! And presto chango. Now, that's entertainment.

Kate: And here I thought you called me to apologize, but instead you want me to look at old budget reports.

Lucas: Just had a question about the numbers. Thought you should take a look.

Kate: Well, I'm looking, okay?

Lucas: They don't really match up, do they? No, those aren't the same figures that the stockholders got. I know that for sure.

Kate: Damn it. What was he thinking? If this comes out, E.J.'s through.

Lucas: Yeah, that's why I called you here. I wanted you to know before I report it that if E.J. goes down, you could go down with him.

Philip: Ever hear of Tinda Lao?

E.J.: A porn star.

Philip: An island.

E.J.: Ah.

Philip: Not far from Guam. Belle and Shawn set up house there for a while with Claire. Word is they took off for Sydney.

E.J.: You missed them?

Philip: By one day.

E.J.: That's a pity. It would appear our favorite grease monkey may be a little smarter than his choice in hookers would suggest.

Philip: Funny you should bring up Willow.

E.J.: Who? Oh! You mean that tall, droopy girl, eh? Yeah.

Philip: Like I said, funny. 'Cause I hear you forced tall and droopy to rob Bo and Hope's house.

Celeste: Samantha.

Sami: Come in. E.J. lives in this building.

Celeste: God, calm down. So, what happened?

Sami: You're the psychic. Shouldn't you know?

Celeste: Yeah, E.J. figured out your lab report was a fake. He got angry at you. He threatened you. I didn't need any psychic powers to determine that.

Sami: Okay, enough with the I told you SOS. Now what do we do?

Celeste: You already know the answer.

Sami: It doesn't mean I have to like it.

Celeste: Yeah, but, um, you realize that it is the only way out now, huh? Then say it. Go on.

Sami: He has to die.

Celeste: Again, Samantha. With conviction.

Sami: He has to die. E.J. has to die.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Sami: God, I'm still hoping I'm gonna wake up, that this is all just a bad dream.

Celeste: There's only one way to end this nightmare, Samantha. Now, E.J. told you to meet him tomorrow night. Where and when?

Sami: Where it all began -- at the cabin. He said I have to be there at 9:00, and if I'm one minute late, he's gonna --

Celeste: You won't be late. You'll be right on time.

Sami: How is that possible? I have an appointment with Lucas that I forgot about at 6:00. We're supposed to take pictures for the wedding, you know, for the newspapers.

Celeste: Don't change your plans, okay? You take the photographs. You meet Lucas. You bring your own car. When you're done, tell Lucas you'll meet him at home. You have errands to run and you want to go to the hospital to visit John.

Sami: And that's when I'm gonna...go to the cabin and... oh, God. I don't -- I don't know if I can do this. I mean, I can't.

Celeste: Samantha, you will, darling. You have to.

Sami: It's still murder, even if it is E.J.

Celeste: Samantha, listen, now -- it's justice, darling... richly deserved. You'll be doing heaven's work ridding the world of Elvis DiMera. Just leave everything to me.

E.J.: Bo Brady's house was broken into, eh? I don't know what to say. Salem seemed like such a safe place.

Philip: Oh, cut the bull. Look, I don't care what you do or who you do it to. All I want is my daughter back.

E.J.: Your daughter?

Philip: Claire is mine.

E.J.: Really? Why is that? 'Cause you say so?

Philip: You got a problem with that?

E.J.: Not at all. I live my life the same way. The girl's mine because I say so. End of story. Now, why don't you tell me about Willow?

Philip: She called and begged me to bail her out.

E.J.: I'm assuming this is when she told you about her career as a cat burglar.

Philip: It took her at least 30 seconds to rat you out, despite being scared to death of you.

E.J.: And yet somehow, Philip, you don't appear to be scared of me. Why is that?

Philip: I've lost so much already. So, no, I'm not scared of you. Or anyone else, for that matter.

E.J.: Ah. Something we have in common.

Philip: As is finding Shawn Brady. So let's stop working with amateurs and get serious about that. Interested?

Kate: Gee, honey, thank you so much for reminding me that I'm equal partners with E.J. and that I could go to jail for everything he's done. That's really great detective work.

Lucas: Mom, that's why I wanted to talk to you first before I called the SEC.

Kate: Oh, well, that has to be the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. But don't worry. No one's going to find out because you're going to keep your mouth shut.

Lucas: Oh, really? We're just gonna forget about these numbers? Is that it?

Kate: What numbers? These numbers -- well, they look fine to me.

Philip: What was your plan? Well?

E.J.: Century Cell.

Philip: You mean my sister's thing?

E.J.: Yeah. Billie's home-security system. It's very impressive.

Philip: Yeah, she said she wanted to set up some kind of trial. Hook it up at Bo Brady's place to see if it works.

E.J.: I wanted to put it in Bo Brady's house. And it does work...beautifully.

Philip: You want to use it to spy on him.

E.J.: I would like to be able to listen in on all the conversations that Bo and Hope have, and then when Shawn Brady calls and tells his mommy and daddy where he is, we'll know where to find him.

Philip: You're forgetting one thing.

E.J.: What's that?

Philip: Billie is my sister. She's got her whole heart and soul invested in this project, and she thinks you're ready to back her 100%.

E.J.: I am.

Philip: No, you're not. As soon as you get what you want, you'll kick her to the curb. And I'm just not gonna allow that to happen. That's the second time you underestimated me, E.J. Better make it your last.

Lucas: I can't believe you're defending this guy. You want me to shut up just so you can turn around and protect him. Nice.

Kate: I'm trying to save your neck and mine, okay?

Lucas: Mom, he broke the law.

Kate: Probably dozens of times every day. That's what makes a DiMera a DiMera, all right? But wake up -- we're in business.

Lucas: "We're in business"? That makes it okay? It's all good if we're in business? That's not right.

Kate: Lucas, if you fire the first shot, he'll be here the very next morning, and the entire accounting department will be under indictment. He'll have evidence for embezzlement, tax evasion. You name it, he'll have it, and it will all lead away from him.

Lucas: Fine, then I'll talk to the shareholders myself. I'll take it to them.

Kate: Oh, really? Before you even get out a word, he's gonna have them all in his pocket. You set him off, your head will be in a noose, he's gonna be holding the rope, and your life will be over just like that.

Sami: Okay. So, you're in charge. What do I say to E.J.?

Celeste: Tell him that you confessed, that you told Lucas everything.

Sami: Really? What did he say?

Celeste: He called you a lying whore. He hates you. Improvise, cry. Come on, Samantha. You know how to do this.

Sami: I'm tearing up already.

Celeste: Look, just tell E.J. that Lucas took back his ring, that your family has all turned their backs on you, even your own son. Show him that you're shattered, darling. Make him believe it. Make him believe that he's all you have left.

Sami: And then?

Celeste: And then vow to him on your life and the lives of your children that you will love him for all time. And then when he believes that he's conquered you, truly believes you're his, Samantha, that's when --

Sami: No. I'm sorry. I'm really trying here, but I -- I just can't. No matter how many monstrous and horrible things E.J. has done, he's still human.

Celeste: He's a DiMera -- a beast above guilt, above conscience, above all humanity, Samantha. And, you know, if we don't stop him, you know that he is yet going to destroy another life, huh? Yours.

Sami: How do we do it?

Celeste: With a kiss. Huh?

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: Kayla.

Kayla: What are you doing?

Steve: What am I doing? Well...I'm stuck in a nuthouse. All I can do is stare out the window. That is, if I stand on the bed. What's that there? Are you here to record the ravings of a madman?

Kayla: No. I got an e-mail from Stephanie this morning for you. And I thought maybe you'd like to respond.

Steve: She sent me an e-mail?

Kayla: Mm-hmm. She's in love.

Steve: Love? She's in Dayton, Ohio.

Kayla: People fall in love in Dayton, too.

Steve: Well, how in love can she be? She's only been there two months.

Kayla: Didn't take long for us.

Steve: Yeah, and see how that worked out. Anyway, uh...I hope you didn't write her I'm in here. You know, we had a deal.

Kayla: I know. I won't say one word to her if you keep seeing Mr. Kraft and take every one of your medications.

Steve: Every last pill, baby.

Lucas: How long, Mom? How long are we gonna let E.J. get away with crime after crime? Mom, we could use this to get rid of him for good.

Kate: Or he could get rid of you for good. Is it worth risking that?

Lucas: I don't care. My life's already screwed up because of him. And you just want me to suck it up and forget about it? No, I'm sick of it. I'm sick of everybody kissing up to E.J. It's ridiculous. He sucks everybody in. You, Billie, Sami, too. I'm done.

Kate: Oh, ha! See? That's what it's all about.

Lucas: He's always in her face, all right? Every time I turn around, he's after her, showing up at our apartment, in our bedroom. I've had it.

Kate: Can you hear yourself? The person that you're angry at is not E.J. It's Sami.

Sami: So, what? You expect me to just kiss him to death?

Celeste: In a manner of speaking.

Sami: What's in there?

Celeste: Tonight, merely lipstick, but tomorrow, I'll add an ingredient.

Sami: Poison.

Celeste: A very effective narcotic. Now, look, before you put this lipstick on, I want you to put on as much lip balm as you possibly can. That way the drug will stay out of your system. It won't be absorbed into the skin.

Sami: And he'll just die when I kiss him.

Celeste: Fall asleep and stay that way.

Sami: For how long?

Celeste: Long enough for our purposes.

Sami: Long enough for me to, what, slit his throat? Is that what you're th-- don't even answer that. I can't do it. I'm sorry, Celeste, but I cannot just stand there and watch someone die... not even E.J.

Celeste: You don't have to watch at all, Samantha. Neither one of us has to witness the actual moment of death. Be certain that Elvis will spend all of eternity roasting. We're just gonna give him a little head start.

Sami: What do you mean?

Celeste: By burning the cabin itself to the ground, of course, with E.J. inside.

Philip: You think I'll just sit on my hands while you rip my sister's heart out?

E.J.: Obviously you have a strong sense of family, which is something that I admire. Strange, though, don't you think, that it doesn't extend to Shawn and Bo Brady. You are related, are you not?

Philip: Yes, as a matter of fact. And torching Bo's house wouldn't have been part of my plan at all.

E.J.: Well, the fire wasn't part of my plan, either. Unfortunately, Willow has a somewhat troublesome relationship with pyrotechnics.

Philip: So you just wanted her to rob the place so Bo would feel vulnerable and buy Billie's system?

E.J.: Precisely. I will admit, it was somewhat of a grave lapse in judgment on my part to use Willow.

Philip: Well, I've been there.

E.J.: So... now that we've come clean, so to speak, what happens? We both want Shawn Brady. But your sister either seems unwilling or unable to push this through with Bo, so if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Philip: Oh, I've got plenty of ideas. But before I share them with you, there are certain conditions, and I'm not sure you're willing to meet them.

E.J.: So, you're proposing some sort of arrangement between the two of us.

Philip: Three things -- all non-negotiable. Number one -- Billie. You want to use century cell? Do it. But Billie's been walked over too many times. I'm not gonna let it happen.

E.J.: You can spare me the "my sister's heart is a precious and tender commodity" speech. I'll stay away.

Philip: As long as we're clear.

E.J.: Crystal. Second condition?

Philip: What you find out about Bo and Hope is your business, but the minute you hear something about Shawn --

E.J.: You'll be the second person to know after me. Third condition?

Philip: I want to know why.

E.J.: You want to know why what?

Philip: Why you're jumping through all these hoops to find Shawn? Oh, and number four. When we do find him, what are you planning to do to him?

Sami: You're out of your mind.

Celeste: But you're desperate enough to keep on listening, yes?

Sami: How can we talk about taking a life, even E.J.'s, like we're planning a pedicure? It's too fast. There's too much at stake, and... we're talking about my soul.

Celeste: You will lose your soul if E.J. lives, Samantha. I lost my heart and my soul when he murdered Alexandra. And if we don't stop him, she won't be his last victim. I can't do this without you, Samantha. I need you. We all need you!

Sami: I hear you, okay? I understand.

Celeste: Look...everything rests on you now. You're the one chance we have, Samantha. You're the key.

Lucas: I am not angry at Sami. I have nothing to be angry at her for.

Kate: Oh, my God. She has you so wrapped around her little finger, you don't even know your own heart. You're going on and on about E.J., and he's not even the problem here.

Lucas: He's not? What, he's a prize, right? What, he almost killed John? He did kill Lexie.

Kate: That's all conjecture, okay, Lucas? He could vanish tomorrow, and the problem would still be here because it's Sami's past.

Lucas: Don't do that. I don't want to have this conversation with you. Leave -- right now.

Kate: Lucas, there is something going on between E.J. and Sami.

Lucas: It's a lie, okay?

Kate: The only lie here is the lie that you're telling yourself. Think about it -- the crying jags, the problems, everything when you mention a wedding.

Lucas: Just stop, all right?

Kate: E.J. and Sami together alone in your own bedroom.

Lucas: I said that's enough!

Kate: It is enough.

Lucas: You know what? Get out right now! Get out!

Kate: Lucas, listen to me. E.J. and Sami are together. They're hiding something, and you know it. That's what's making you angry. Why won't you admit it?

Kayla: "And all I could think of was this must be just the way that mom felt when you sent those yellow roses. In a split second, she knew this is right. It's forever. I only wish you were here now just to see how happy I am, Papa. I love you. Write me back soon. Love, Stephanie." When I wrote her back, I promised that you would write back, too. So whenever you want to start. Anytime.

Steve: Okay. How about I talk, you type?

Kayla: All right.

Steve: Hey, baby girl. It's your papa. Thanks for the e-mail. I think I know how you feel, but be careful.

Kayla: Of what?

Steve: Hey, I'm talking, you're typing, right?

Kayla: All right.

Steve: Be careful...and don't let your heart do your thinking for you. Sometimes it lies when it's beating too fast. And don't let it fool you into believing in fairy tales about frogs that can turn into princes because frogs are still frogs, and if you keep kissing them anyway, you'll end up covered in warts and slime. Go on, warts and slime. You buy into that stuff, and before you know'll be looking back...and all you see is the time you wasted believing in lost causes.

Kayla: You want to know what I told her when I wrote her back?

Steve: No.

Kayla: I told her to trust her heart.

Steve: Storybook time.

Kayla: I said to go after those feelings and hold on tight and...fight for them till your very last breath.

Steve: It might be your last breath. Find someone who will give you a nice, safe, comfortable life. Someone who won't put you at risk.

Kayla: Love is risk, Steve. Anyone who runs away from that kind of risk is a person who will never be happy.

Lucas: You know what I think the real problem is?

Kate: No, but I bet you're gonna tell me.

Lucas: You're jealous. I think you're jealous of Sami.

Kate: [Laughing] What?

Lucas: That's right. She's smart. She's beautiful. She's funny. And, yeah, she gets away with murder every now and then.

Kate: Oh, my God, Lucas. You really are deluding yourself.

Lucas: You know what? I don't have to. 'Cause I believe in Sami. I believe we're gonna get married, and I believe we're gonna have a hell of a life together.

Kate: [Sighs] You're my son, and I love you. And in a way, I almost wish that was true.

Lucas: Do you know something you're not telling me? Is that it?

Kate: I've been trying to tell you how I feel, Lucas.

Lucas: No, no, no. Something between me and Sami.

Kate: And if I did?

Lucas: Then I'd want you to tell me about it, 'cause I'm gonna find out sooner or later whether you like it or not.

Kate: I'm your mother. How do you expect me to feel?

Lucas: I want you to spit it out. That's what I want you to do.

Kate: Okay. You remember what I told you before, that E.J. said that the wedding wasn't going to happen?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, 'cause he's been after her since day one.

Kate: No. No. It's more than that. He told me word for word -- "Kate, don't worry about what you're gonna wear to the wedding."

Lucas: Oh, yeah? Why? Why did he say that?

Kate: Because he knows for certain that it's not going to happen. He guaranteed it.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? How could he possibly know that?

Kate: That's right. How could he possibly?

Sami: If we go through with this --

Celeste: If?

Sami: What happens if we're caught?

Celeste: Nothing. Believe me. Look, no one's gonna grieve him, and no one will ever press to investigate, not even your father. Samantha, the world will be a better place. You'll marry Lucas, have a new life, darling -- a happy life.

Sami: And what about you?

Celeste: I'll have avenged Alexandra's death. That's all I can do for now, but you have an opportunity to prevent Elvis Junior from doing more harm. The question is, Samantha, are you willing? Will you make the sacrifice that you need to make to bring peace to us all, huh? Samantha? Samantha!

Sami: I'm willing. I'm willing to do what I have to do.

Philip: Real quiet all of the sudden. Got problems with answering my little question?

E.J.: My problem, young Kiriakis, is not in what you're asking, but in the way in which you're asking it. I do not respond well to demands.

Philip: Then let me word it a different way. You and I both want to find Shawn.

E.J.: Oh, our mutual interest.

Philip: So, I guess our next step, considering our mutual getting that security system into Bo's house.

E.J.: [Clears throat] Well, that does rather bring us to my original question of how. You see, Billie's already said she's not going to reapproach Bo about putting it in there.

Philip: She won't have to. We'll just walk in the door and install it ourselves.

E.J.: [Clears throat] So, let me see if I've got this straight -- your brilliant plan is to walk into Bo and Hope's house under cover of daylight and string it full of cameras and microphones. Don't you think there's a small chance they might notice?

Philip: They won't be there. Bo and Hope moved out. They've been rooming at the pub since the fire. There are carpenters and painters trudging through there all day long.

E.J.: Really?

Philip: So what do you say? See you first thing tomorrow?

E.J.: Sounds like fun.

Philip: Just remember -- whoever hears something about Shawn first, they tell the other. Agreed?

E.J.: Agreed.

Lucas: So, all your concerns are solely based on what E.J. told you, right? And we both know ever since he's got to Salem, he's wanted to break us up. And now he's got a willing partner in you.

Kate: Oh, I see. And Sami's just the poor, innocent victim?

Lucas: I don't care if you think that Sami's using me. You can think that. I don't even care if you think she's gonna break my heart. That's fine, but I'm not gonna end up spiteful and bitter like you and Philip -- living on one-night stands, not having anybody to come home to at night when you need to be held, when things are bad. And you know why you don't have somebody, Mom? Because you can't forgive. I mean, you can't look past people's faults and build something real with them. Well, you know what? That's not gonna be me. I'm not gonna make that mistake. You understand me?

Kate: I sure do. So, you win. Okay? But when Sami breaks your heart...

Lucas: You know what, Mom? To hell with you, really. I'm done with this.

Kate: And she will over and over again. She will.

Sami: This is the main road. Here's the road that takes you to the cabin, and there are trees all around.

Celeste: Now, your meeting with E.J. is set for 9:00, huh? I'll arrive at 7:00 while you're still taking photographs with Lucas. And, uh...I'll put the gasoline can over here.

Sami: And what about your car?

Celeste: Out of view -- back over in here where E.J. won't see it. Now, you'll come at 9:00, right?

Sami: On the dot, wearing my knockout lipstick.

Celeste: And don't forget, Samantha, a half an hour before you put that lipstick on, I want you to coat your lips with as much lip balm as possible. Carefully coat them, darling, okay, and then when you pull up to the cabin...

Sami: Put the lipstick on, go inside, and kiss E.J.

Celeste: The drug should work almost immediately, know it doesn't take long. He's going to start losing consciousness, and when he does...

Sami: Move quickly. I'll come outside.

Celeste: Right. And this is where I'll be waiting, right here, all right? And we're gonna soak every inch of this cabin with gasoline.

Sami: It should just take one match.

Celeste: Oh, yes, darling. One match... and the world will be rid of Elvis DiMera's evil.

Sami: After that, I'll have E.J.'s blood on my hands, and I'll be guilty of murder... forever.

Steve: You really believe all that stuff, don't you, baby?

Kayla: Yeah, I do. I took a risk on a guy once that everybody told me wasn't right for me. But I didn't listen to anything. I only listened to my heart. And you know what happened?

Steve: You paid the price.

Kayla: No. I found a love that was so strong, it couldn't die. And after 18 years, it's more powerful than it was the day that I stood on the deck of that boat, looking in your eyes, taking a vow that I believed in, that I still do. Nothing has changed.

Steve: Except the guy. He's not here anymore.

Kayla: Yes, he is. He's right here in front of me. I could see underneath. I've always been able to do that. So, I wouldn't tell our daughter to doubt her feelings, especially about love... because I have never doubted my feelings for her father, not one minute. Steve.

Steve: Sweetness. Don't. Don't. Please don't.

Kate: Good God, E.J.

E.J.: Kate, what are you doing?

Kate: No, I think the better question is what have you been doing?

E.J.: Pardon me?

Kate: Pardon you? I might. I don't think a judge would. Oh, you had a flurry of frantic phone calls from Italy all afternoon.

E.J.: Thank you. I'll take care of them.

Kate: Yeah, I took more messages as I was going over the books.

E.J.: I wasn't aware that you were so interested in the trivia of business, Kate.

Kate: Then you underestimated me.

E.J.: Oh, I doubt that. Why don't we go and put these back where they belong, eh?

Kate: And, E.J.? I hope you covered our backs when you gave approval to those financial reports, partner.

E.J.: Don't worry. I took care of it... partner. Come on, come on, come on. Come on. It's me. Start talking. A problem? Really? You mean our security has been breached? You mean that Kayla Johnson broke into my father's room? Is that the problem? Well, listen, my friend, I suggest you start doing your job properly while you still have a job to do. Am I clear? Oh, dear Kayla, that was not a smart thing to do.

Steve: You know, you shouldn't compare us to Stephanie and some guy you never met.

Kayla: I'm willing to trust her judgment.

Steve: You trust too easily, baby. You always did.

Kayla: We did what we had to do back then. We were on the run. We fell in love.

Steve: All flowers and soft music. You have a selective memory. Every day on the road was a bitch.

Kayla: I wouldn't change anything -- not one minute.

Steve: [Chuckles] And I'm the one who's locked up.

Kayla: But it's our story. It's our life. And it means everything to me. You mean everything to me. We're --

Steve: Play it out, baby. I mean, look at me. Look where I am. See me as I am.

Kayla: I always have.

Steve: [Sighs] I don't want to hurt you. You got to go. Go on, please. Tell Stephanie congratulations. I love her. I'm happy for her. [Sighs] Tell her whatever you want, okay?

Kayla: Whatever you say.

Steve: That's it. That's good, baby. Walking away is the best thing you can do.

Kayla: Nurse!

Steve: Go on. Don't look back.

Kayla: I'm not giving up on you.

Steve: [Sighs] You're stubborn.

Kayla: I had a good teacher.

Steve: Thanks for including me. She still is my daughter.

Kayla: And you're still the love of my life, even though you are working so hard to convince me that it's over.

Steve: What's that recovery saying? That the first step is letting go?

Kayla: Yeah, well, I have my own program. The first step is holding on. You should try it sometime.

[Door closes]

Lucas: Honey, I'm home. Oh, man. What, are you sleeping? Are you in the bathroom? What are you doing?

Sami: Hi, Lucas. You need help with that nasty... nasty tie?

Lucas: Yeah. What's going on here?

Sami: What does it look like?

Lucas: It looks like a fantasy. That's what it looks like. Wait, wait a minute.

Sami: What is it? What's wrong?

Lucas: Maybe I'm just a little nervous now. Maybe it's my turn. Maybe I have the prewedding jitters, but are you sure this is gonna work? Are you sure that it's gonna work out this time?

Sami: Oh, yes, honey. It is gonna work. I'm gonna make it work. We're gonna be fine -- just fine.

Philip: Billie, hey, it's me. Your brother. No, Philip. Hey, listen, are you at home right now? I want to stop over and take a look at your security system. Why do you think? I'm looking to set the system up at Titan. Listen, Billie, I need you to tell me exactly how everything works.

Steve: What's this radical approach that could be my only way of getting out of this dump?

Marlena: Deprogramming.

Bo: Don't do something stupid.

Kayla: The only foolish thing I have really done here is expecting that you would help me.

E.J.: Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that you and I are equals.

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