Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/3/07 - Canada; Wednesday 4/4/07 - U.S.A.


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Abby: Okay. It's just us, finally.

Chelsea: I'm surprised you didn't hop in the shower with Max.

Abby: I wouldn't do that.

Chelsea: What? Get naked with my ex? Come on, Abby. It's fine. You have my blessing, for whatever that's worth. I mean, go for it. At least one of us will get to be happy.

Abby: You're -- you're still upset about the hairbrush thing, aren't you?

Chelsea: Well, yeah. Wouldn't you be?

Abby: No. I'd just tell your dad that someone stole your brush and then it ended up at his house the night the fire started.

Chelsea: Abby, it wasn't just somebody, okay? It was Willow Stark.

Abby: Willow did this?

Chelsea: Shh! Yeah. Look, Hope already busted her for having her jewelry. She's actually in jail now.

Abby: Then you have nothing to worry about. You're in the clear.

Chelsea: Not exactly. Once my dad has that brush tested for DNA, he's gonna find out that it belongs to me, and then --

Abby: And then you're gonna explain to him what happened.

Chelsea: And then he'll never believe me. And let's be honest -- why should he? I mean, after all the lies I've told him, all the bad things I've done to him and Hope?

Abby: What about all the things Willow's done, like torching Shawn's apartment? That's her M.O. Willow gets angry. Willow sets fires.

Chelsea: Yeah, I know, but willow has no reason to be angry. Hope is giving her money to take care of her child, so why would she destroy her meal ticket?

Abby: Duh. She's a wack job -- that's why. And you're worrying about nothing.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, um, just to be on the safe side, I sort of kind of asked a friend for a favor.

Abby: What friend? What favor?

Chelsea: I kind of asked Nick to destroy the evidence for me.

Lab Tech: No time for daydreaming, Fallon.

Nick: What?

Lab Tech: I've got six PCRs to run, and now Hackett wants a full forensic panel on this brush.

Nick: Uh, what?

Lab Tech: Detective Brady's leaning on him because apparently it belongs to the chick who set his house on fire. God forbid our new boss should tell the P.D. to cool their heels for a day, even though he knows how backed up I am. I guess standing around here complaining isn't gonna help.

Nick: Yeah. You know what? Um, I've got a little extra time. I could take that brush off your hands. I'll run the panel for you.

Roman: Hey, little sister.

Kayla: Roman. Roman, thanks for coming.

Roman: Well, I can't wait to hear some good news. Your message made it sound like you won the Irish sweepstakes.

Kayla: Well, close enough. I know who forced Steve to kidnap John to take his kidney.

Roman: Is Steve finally naming names?

Kayla: No, he's not ready for that. He's too afraid of E.J.

Roman: But it was E.J.?

Kayla: Yep, and I can prove it. Look at these.

Roman: What the hell is this?

Kayla: It's Stefano DiMera's backside -- lovelier than ever since his kidney transplant. And I checked the chart -- he had that operation done less than 12 hours after John was

Roman: Wait a minute. Where did you get these pictures?

Kayla: I took them.

Roman: You took them? I thought Stefano was in Italy.

Kayla: Well, he is, but Marlena gave me the name and address of the hospital where he is.

Roman: You went to Italy?

Kayla: That's right.

Roman: What the hell do you think is gonna happen when E.J. finds out?

Kayla: He already knows. I called him from the plane, and I told him myself.

Roman: What's the matter with you? Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Lucas: Honey, this is Carley Roney, the Editor in Chief of TheKnot.Com.

Carley: Hi. I was so looking forward to meeting you.

Sami: It's nice to meet you, too. I am so impressed with all of the plans that you've come up with for the green wedding. It's amazing.

Carley: Oh, thank you. I'm glad you brought your checklist.

Sami: Yeah, I did. I have a few suggestions, if that's okay.

Carley: Of course. It's your wedding.

Sami: Okay, good. Well, first of all, love the idea of soy-based candles. That's fantastic. And I love the idea of consulting local farmers about an organic menu. I think that's so neat. And, Lucas, you had been talking on the way here about --

Lucas: The spray stuff. The pesticide flowers -- we don't want that.

Sami: Pesticide-free flowers -- exactly. [Sighs] My biggest problem is the honeymoon. I don't want to spend my one and only honeymoon in a trailer.

Carley: Oh, they're not trailers. They're campers.

Sami: Yeah. Right -- that. You know, they're hard beds and tiny showers -- it's just not for me.

Carley: You could always tent it instead.

Lucas: Yeah. We'll be fine.

Sami: Lucas, I don't know. I don't want to spend my honeymoon in an outhouse. Does that make me eco-unfriendly?

Lucas: Honey, we go camping all the time. We went camping with Will on that school trip. That was so fun.

Sami: I remember.

Lucas: The night we got stranded, we were kind of camping out, too -- the night we made that beautiful baby.

Sami: Are you talking about the night that you almost died?

Lucas: Stop it. I didn't almost die. Stop with that.

Carley: Okay. So if camping out is not an option, I'll get you some information on some green resorts. There's actually some great destinations that are going eco-friendly. We had a recent article about it in The Knot. I'll dig it up for you. Big beds, nice-size showers, no outhouses.

Sami: Perfect.

Carley: Now, moving right along, did you have time to look at that article I gave you about biodegradable rice versus birdseed?

Sami: Oh. [Clears throat] Um, no. I-I think I may have left the article, actually, in the -- in the car.

Lucas: I'll get it for you.

Sami: Oh, no. Let me do it. I have the keys, and I could use the exercise. I have to go to the doctor's tomorrow. I have to get weighed then. I'll be right back.

Lucas: All right.

Carley: She is so gorgeous.

Lucas: Well, thank you. We're proud of her.


Sami: You are unbelievable. Why are you still stalking me? I thought I got you out of my life now that I have proof that you are not this baby's father.

E.J.: Are you finished? Did you really think I would fall for this pathetic forgery, Samantha?

Sami: It's not a forgery.

E.J.: I have proof.

Sami: That's not possible. You can't possibly have proof, because Lucas is my baby's father.

E.J.: Is that right? Well, in which case, you won't hesitate to swear on your baby's life that, that's the truth. Come on, now, Samantha. Swear...on your baby's life.

Philip: What the hell do you want this time?

Willow: If you didn't care, you wouldn't keep coming when I call.

Philip: Don't push your luck, Willow. I just got back from some dirt speck of an island in the South Pacific. I missed finding Claire by one day.

Willow: I told you she was alive. You almost found her?

Philip: I wouldn't have lost her in the first place if it hadn't been for you.

Willow: You are the one who walked away. I'm trying to help, okay?

Philip: You're trying to help yourself.

Willow: That, too.

Philip: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't walk out of here?

Willow: I will give you two. Your half sister Billie and your witch of a niece.

Chelsea: Abby, your mouth is hanging open. It's not your best look. You know, just a little FYI, In case you might want to close it before Max gets out of the shower.

Abby: I can't believe you asked Nick to destroy evidence.

Chelsea: It was fake evidence, and it was being used to frame me.

Abby: What did he say?

Chelsea: He said no, of course.

Max: Hey. Is everything okay out here?

Chelsea: Yeah. I was just talking to the only friend I have, if you don't mind, and now I can't because you're here, so thanks.

Max: What do you mean, your only friend? What about Nick?

Chelsea: Why does everyone assume that Nick Fallon is a friend of mine? He's not. Nick is only interested in Nick, all right?

Lab Tech: You've done, what, Fallon, one or two of these forensic panels your entire life?

Nick: Yeah, I know that I'm new here, but, actually, when I was at Rensselaer, I did quite a bit of --

Lab Tech: Thanks, but since the new boss asked me personally to do this, I'd better follow through.

Nick: I understand that. I'm just saying it would be kind of easy --

Lab Tech: I said thanks, okay?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, that's totally fine. I understand.

Lab Tech: I definitely need a caffeine run first. Do you want anything from the cafeteria?

Nick: No, no, no. I'm good. [Chuckles nervously] [Door closes]

Roman: You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Is everyone who works in this lab a felon? Dr. Rebert, Chelsea, now you. Your career is over. You know that, don't you, Fallon? You're a disgrace to the entire scientific community.

Nick: [Exhales deeply]

Chelsea: Where's Max? Did I scare him away?

Abby: No. He was planning on taking an earlier flight.

Chelsea: Why? Oh, 'cause you guys didn't want anybody to find out about your little hookup, right?

Abby: We didn't hook up or anything like that.

Chelsea: Why not, Abby? Come on. You're 18. You're legal, for God's sakes.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Abigail? Is everything all right in there?

Abby: Dad, what's going on?

Jack: I'll tell you what's going on. I just saw a man walk out of this room. Who was he?

Kayla: I am trying to save my husband's life. Need I remind you that he is in a lockdown at a psychiatric hospital, barely hanging on to whatever part of his mind is left?

Roman: Do you think it's gonna help him if something happens to you?

Kayla: But nothing has happened to me. I just can't sit around and watch as E.J. and Stefano call all the shots.

Roman: And you think those photos you took are gonna bring 'em down, is that it?

Kayla: It's a start.

Roman: And you're thinking if we get E.J. off the streets, that Steve's gonna go back to being his warm, cuddly old self?

Kayla: He was never warm and cuddly, and I don't need you to be sarcastic.

Roman: Listen to me, okay? Look, I just went through this with Marlena not too long ago, so I know how helpless you feel. So trying to go after the DiMeras by yourself isn't gonna solve anything.

Kayla: Stefano is just about on his deathbed.

Roman: Right, for the last 20 years. The guy has more lives than a cage full of cats, so let's not bury him just yet.

Kayla: What if Bo went to Italy and he brought back this evidence? Would you be scolding him right now, or would you be thanking him profusely for helping out your investigation?

Roman: Bo is a trained police officer.

Kayla: And I'm just your little sister.

Roman: I wouldn't have wanted Bo to go alone, either.

Kayla: I didn't go alone. I took Max.

Roman: You dragged Max into this?

Kayla: He wanted to help me.

Roman: Where in the hell is Max? I want to talk to him.

Kayla: Well, you can't. He stopped in New York to see Abby.

Roman: All right. I'm gonna tell him the same damn thing I'm gonna tell you right now -- stay out of this.

Kayla: I know that you don't like to see your family in danger, but we already are, and we have been ever since E.J. came to this town.

Roman: Kayla, I'm going to repeat this -- it is too damn dangerous for you to be running around the world --

Kayla: Do you think that it's safer here? E.J. came to Salem to carry out his father's vendetta against our family. He is after every single one of us, including your little daughter Sami. Aren't you just slightly afraid of what he might do to her?

Sami: Don't be ridiculous. I'm not gonna swear on my unborn child's life about anything.

E.J.: Because you're lying. Your own doctor confirmed it, Samantha. You never had an amnio.

Sami: My medical records are confidential. You're bluffing, and I'm not gonna fall for it. Dr. Jacobs would never --

E.J.: Would never what? Would never discuss your pregnancy with the man who she assumes is the father of your baby?

Sami: Lucas.

E.J.: Did Lucas mention that he was down at the University Hospital talking to your ob-gyn about your pregnancy?

Sami: How do you know?

E.J.: Because I was listening.

Sami: That doesn't make any sense. Why would Lucas talk to my doctor and not tell me about it?

E.J.: I think that's rather obvious, don't you? You're not the only one keeping secrets, Samantha.

Jack: So, this man I saw leaving your room was who?

Abby: Dad, he was just -- he was --

Chelsea: He was a maintenance guy. My hair dryer blew a fuse.

Jack: Excuse me?

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. It's a cheap, old thing. I should really look at getting a new one.

Jack: I thought maintenance guys wore uniforms.

Chelsea: And I thought that same thing, which is why I didn't undo that little flippy thing until he showed me his I.D.

Jack: That was quick thinking, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Jack: Sure. All right, Abigail. You about ready to go?

Abby: I guess.

Jack: Chelsea, are you gonna go with us to the airport, or are you gonna stay here a couple of days?

Chelsea: Actually, I'm not sure.

Jack: You're not sure?

Abby: Dad, give us just a couple minutes. I'm still packing, and you know how I always forget something when I'm in a rush.

Jack: All right, girls. I'll be in my room if you need me.

Abby: Thanks so much for covering Max and I.

Chelsea: Oh. You know, if you guys are gonna do this whole sneaking-around thing, you really need to work on your cover stories.

Abby: I don't want to be sneaking around, but I guess we're gonna have to, for a little while, anyway. You're not upset with me about this whole thing, are you?

Chelsea: What, you and Max? No. Come on. I was three girls ago for him.

Abby: That makes me feel a lot better. Thanks.

Chelsea: Come on, Abby. We all know that you've had a thing for him for a really long time, so it's about time you made a move...or he did.

Abby: All right. We need to focus. We're not talking about Max.

Chelsea: Oh, we're not?

Abby: No. We were talking about you, and don't try to change the subject. What do you mean you're not sure if you're going home?

Chelsea: Abby, home is someplace you go where you feel protected and people care about you. I'm not even living at my mom's house right now. I'm crashing at Sami's, for God's sake.

Abby: What?

Chelsea: Why would I go back to Salem when the only thing waiting for me if a prison cell?

Philip: What did Chelsea do to you?

Willow: She is the reason why I am here. She broke into Bo and Hope's house and torched the place.

Philip: We all know you're prone to setting fires.

Willow: Not this one.

Philip: Right. This one's different.

Willow: I swear to God, Philip, there is proof that I am innocent. Chelsea dropped a brush at Bo's house that night. The police have found it. They're having it analyzed. They're going to find out that, that hair is not mine.

Philip: How do you know it was Chelsea's?

Willow: She practically admitted it to me. She set me up. She planted the jewelry that she stole in my room at the "Y."

Philip: Why the hell would she do that?

Willow: She hates me.

Philip: So does half the town.

Willow: And she wanted to pin it on somebody that the police would believe may have done it. Think about it, Philip.

Philip: That does sound almost plausible.

Willow: Well, it's more than that. It's the truth.

Philip: Okay. I'll get you out of here...

Willow: Thank you.

Philip: ...On one condition.

Willow: You name it.

Philip: Start from the beginning, and don't lie this time.

Sami: Lucas isn't keeping secrets from me. He doesn't do that.

E.J.: That's exclusively your department, is it? Tell me something. Why would Lucas see your doctor and keep it behind your back?

Sami: If he did, he did it because he's worried about me or about the baby.

E.J.: You don't think that he's worried that the baby might not be his?

Sami: He knows it's his. We both do.

E.J.: You know, Kate told Lucas that she thinks we were together the night he was trapped in the cabin.

Sami: She can't prove anything.

E.J.: She's a smart girl. She's going to figure it out, Samantha.

Sami: There's nothing to figure out. Lucas and I had sex that night.

E.J.: If you didn't think there was a good chance the baby was mine, you wouldn't be working so hard to cover it up.

Sami: Leave us alone.

E.J.: I can't do that. You see, you asked me once if I would kill you.

Sami: [Scoffs]

E.J.: I would never do that. I would never harm you. I would never harm the baby. But the people you love... hey. The people you love, sweetheart -- yeah, I'd harm them.

Sami: [Exhales sharply]

E.J.: So watch out 'cause you're coming very close to losing everything. Don't make me do this.

Abby: Come on. You're not going to jail. You're gonna talk to your dad and tell him that someone stole your brush.

Chelsea: And then I'll go to jail.

Abby: You have to go home. If you don't, he's gonna think you're guilty.

Chelsea: I just wish there was a way I could prove that Willow stole my brush.

Abby: Think back to the last time you had it.

Chelsea: That's the thing. I can't remember.

Abby: Come on, Chelsea. Think.

Chelsea: [Sighs] I guess it could have been that night that I found out about Nick and my mom.

Abby: We were at the Penthouse Grill that night.

Chelsea: Yeah. But then I just kind of blocked everything else out.

Abby: Wait a minute. Willow was there...

Chelsea: She was?

Abby: ...Having dinner with her brother.

Chelsea: I knew it. I knew it had to be that lying, little witch. I knew it. She took my hairbrush and used it to frame me.

Willow: I am telling the truth.

Philip: Are you dumb enough to think I'm that dumb? Why would Chelsea rob Bo and Hope? If she needed the money, she'd just ask for it.

Willow: Maybe it wasn't about money. Maybe she's angry.

Philip: We're running out of time, Willow.

Willow: I don't know why she did what she did.

Philip: When Zack died, it just about killed Chelsea, too. She'd never start a fire with Hope and her baby sister inside.

Willow: Well, did you think maybe it was an accident?

Philip: Now we're finally getting somewhere. Chelsea didn't have anything to do with this. It was you.

Lucas: I was thinking about surprising Sami with one of those chocolate fountains. And instead of a limo, like a horse-drawn carriage -- something like that. I think she'd love it. There she is.

Sami: I would love anything that you think of.

Lucas: Anything?

Sami: Anything.

Lucas: I can think of a lot.

Carley: An eco-limo might be even a better option.

Sami: That would be great.

Lucas: Yeah, that would. Where's your article?

Sami: I left it at home -- I must have -- 'cause it wasn't in the car. [Clears throat]

Lucas: Are you all right?

Sami: Yeah. I'm still feeling a little bit nauseous -- kind of leftover morning sickness -- but it'll pass in a second.

Lucas: Well, what can I do? Can I take you home? Do you want to reschedule the meeting? I'm sure we can.

Sami: I'm sorry. Would that be okay if we rescheduled?

Carley: Oh, please. No. Just give me a call.

Lucas: You sure about that?

Carley: Of course.

Sami: Thank you. I appreciate that very much.

Carley: Take care and feel better.

Sami: Thank you so much.

Lucas: Thanks, Carley. What? Can I get you something? Can I get you some water? You look a little pale.

Sami: No. Lucas, I just need to talk to you.

Lucas: All right. What about?

Sami: Did you go see my doctor yesterday?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Sami: Why didn't you tell me? Why did you lie to me?

E.J.: Hello, Kayla. How are you? I thought we might have a little chat.

[Knock on door]

Max: Hey.

Nick: Oh, hey, Max.

Max: Where is everybody?

Nick: Uh, lunch, I guess. How are you, man? I haven't seen you in a while.

Max: I'm good. I just got back into town from a trip out of the country.

Nick: Oh, yeah?

Max: Yeah. I went to see Abby in New York, and, uh, Chelsea was there, too.

Nick: Chel -- Chelsea was in New York?

Max: Yeah. She was crashing at Abby's hotel. She seemed kind of a mess, Nick.

Nick: [Sighs]

Max: Look, I don't know what happened between you two and it's none of my business, but she seems to think she can't count on you anymore.

Nick: I mean, we've -- we've had some issues lately.

Max: Like I said, you know, it's none of my business. I just wanted to let you know where she was.

Nick: Thank you.

Max: And I also wanted to tell you I know how much of a handful she can be. I walked away from her once when she needed me.

Nick: It's not your fault.

Max: Like it's probably not your fault, either.

Nick: I know, but it doesn't make it any easier. I just wish she'd --

Max: Get her act together.

Nick: Yes. Not that a lot of the stuff that's happened in her life isn't her fault.

Max: Look, for what it's worth, I really think she's trying to turn her life around. If she walks away from her mom and the people she really cares about right now, I don't think she's ever gonna make it back.

Chelsea: I knew it. Willow is guilty, and she must have thought that I'd be the best person to blame all this on because it's not that hard to make my dad and Hope think the worst of me.

Abby: Then why are you playing right into it? Instead of telling your dad what you just told me, you asked Nick to destroy evidence?

Chelsea: No, actually, I asked him to clear my name so that we could be together.

Abby: No, Chelsea. You asked Nick to put his whole career on the line and maybe go to jail for the possibility of having a future with you. You know what? Not even Willow Stark charges that much.

Willow: Philip, I told you Hope was helping me out, paying my medical expenses. Why would I want to screw that up?

Philip: Unless you thought you'd make more money burning their house down. Someone hired you to do their dirty work, didn't they?

Willow: What?

Philip: Bo is my half brother. If someone is after him, I need to know.

Willow: Like you care about Bo.

Philip: I care about finding out where Shawn is.

Willow: Exactly.

Philip: All this is connected, isn't it? You said you'd help me. If you know something, tell me.

Willow: I can't.

Philip: If you want me to come the next time you call, you better tell me right now!

Willow: Okay. Okay. It was E.J. Wells.

Lucas: I didn't lie to you, all right?

Sami: You went to the hospital and talked to my doctor, and you didn't tell me about it. If you were worried --

Lucas: Wait a minute. Don't get mad at me, okay? Don't. I just -- I got a phone call yesterday.

Sami: Phone call?

Lucas: Yeah, from your doctor. He wanted me to come down and discuss your amnio with him.

Sami: I didn't have an amnio. And remember -- I switched doctors. I have a woman now.

Lucas: I know. I just thought something was up. I thought maybe you switched to a specialist for some reason and didn't tell me because --

Sami: Wait a second. Lucas, you are this baby's father, and I would tell you if there was something to worry about.

Lucas: I know you would. It's just I remember finding that blank lab report and -- don't get mad at me, but I thought you were trying to protect me, just in case it was nothing.

Sami: It was nothing.

Lucas: I'm sorry, all right? Maybe I should have asked you in the first place.

Sami: Yeah, you should have.

Lucas: I'm sorry. I was just trying to --

Sami: To what?

Lucas: I was trying to protect you. That's what people do when they love somebody, right?

Maggie: Roman, how was your dinner?

Roman: It was great, Maggie. Thank you. Great as always.

Maggie: So glad to hear it. Um, you wanted to see me?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah. I need to ask a favor.

Maggie: Sure.

Roman: Well, I'm looking for my baby brother, and I was wondering -- next time you see Abby, will you tell her I need to speak to Max?

Maggie: Uh, Abby's in New York with her father.

Roman: Yeah, I know that. I know that. But Kayla and Max were out of the country -- long story. Anyway, Kayla told me that Max got off the plane in New York to see Abby.

Maggie: Oh. I see. Well, hmm. Well, I'll be sure and give Abby the message.

Roman: Okay. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Maggie: No trouble at all.

Kayla: Actually, E.J., the mistake is yours if you think that you wouldn't have to eventually pay for what you've done.

E.J.: What is it that I've done?

Kayla: Do you want the laundry list or just the latest? Did I tell you that I saw your father's transplant scar? Oh, the pictures came out beautifully.

E.J.: I hope you enjoyed your little adventure. You should have stayed in Italy. It's a lovely place.

Kayla: Yes, it is. I always thought I would take my husband there, and I will someday...when your father is either in jail or dead, whichever comes first.

E.J.: Tell me something. This evidence that you've rushed back to the police -- your own brother thought it proved nothing, am I right?

Kayla: No, actually. He said the police were building a very strong case.

E.J.: Ah, did he? That would probably explain why I'm walking around free as a bird and your husband's locked up in a straitjacket.

Kayla: Damn you, E.J.

E.J.: "Damn you, E.J." [Laughs] Tell me, Kayla, is this the best you can do? Because you seriously underestimate who I am and what I can do to you and those close to you.

Kayla: And I can say the same about you. You know what? I stood right next to your father's bed. I could have killed him... easily.

E.J.: Then why didn't you?

Kayla: Because I'm not you.

Willow: Philip, please, you cannot say anything to anybody. If E.J. knew that I ratted --

Philip: If you think you're scared of E.J. Wells, try crossing a Kiriakis.

Willow: Where are you going? What are you doing? You said you would be helping me.

Philip: I am helping you -- by making sure you stay right where you are -- behind bars. You're much safer here.

Willow: Philip, you can't do this to me! Come back! Come back! Don't leave me here! Philip!

Chelsea: Abby, I've been called a lot of things, but you realize that you just compared me to a hooker?

Abby: No. You pretty much asked Nick to sell his soul.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. I did not, and he said no, okay? So you can just relax. My dad's gonna have the brush tested for DNA. He's gonna find out it's mine. And then once he thinks I tried to kill his other child, he's not only gonna disown me again, but this time he'll never forgive me.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Abigail, come on. I've got us checked out.

Abby: I'm sorry, Dad. I just need five more minutes.

Jack: What's going on in here? You haven't packed hardly anything since I left.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm gonna leave you guys alone.

Abby: Chelsea.

Jack: What's going on with her?

Abby: Like I said, she doesn't know if she's gonna go back to Salem or stay in New York. She just -- she got in a fight with her boyfriend.

Jack: I see. Someone closer to her own age, I trust.

Abby: Dad, I heard you the first 100 times, okay?

Jack: All right. Just think of it as humoring your absentee father, all right? And while you're at it, I'd like you to think about channeling the sound of my voice, drumming this message into your head -- [Echoing] "Max Brady is too old."

Abby: And what's wrong with older guys? I love you, Dad.

Jack: I love you, too... which is why I want to keep --

Abby: Dad, I need to finish packing. I'll be down in five. You can lecture me all the way to the airport, okay?

Jack: Don't think I won't. Lecture you, that is.

Chelsea: I love your dad.

Abby: Get in line.

Chelsea: I wish my dad was --

Abby: What? A great guy who loves you? He is, and he does. And you love him, too. You got to stop running away from everything that's important, Chelsea. Go home. Tell him the truth. Give him a chance.

Chelsea: Okay. But I'm really, really scared about what'll happen. But okay.

Nick: I don't even know what to say. Thank you. Thank you for the heads-up.

Max: Here's the number for the hotel in New York.

Nick: Okay.

Max: Chelsea's worth it. Don't you think? Look, I'll see you around, all right? [Clears throat] [Door closes]

Nick: She is worth it.

Lucas: I'm sorry, all right? I was trying to protect you, and it only made you more upset.

Sami: No, Lucas, please don't. I don't want you to blame yourself.

Lucas: I'm always getting in your face about being honest and not keeping secrets, and I'm not gonna do that anymore. All I do is turn around and do the exact same thing, so I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

Sami: Please don't feel bad. But you have to know that if you're worried about the baby, you could always ask me.

Lucas: I know. You're right. I'm sorry, okay? I'll do it next time.

Sami: Did you ever figure out about that doctor? That sounds weird.

Lucas: Well, it was weird. It was just a big mix-up at the hospital. It was kind of strange. How did you know I was at the hospital? Don't tell me it was E.J. again. E.J.'s been bothering you?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: You didn't tell me about it?

Sami: Lucas, no.

Lucas: I'll kill him.

Sami: Don't do something stupid, okay?

Lucas: I'm not stupid. I'm not gonna do anything stupid, but I'm sick of him always around. He's around when we work. He's at our home, here at the pub -- everywhere. What business is it of his that I meet with your doctor?

Sami: It wasn't like that. I just saw him in passing, and he brought it up. It was nothing.

Lucas: If it's nothing, why are you shaking?

Sami: Because I haven't eaten anything since breakfast. I'm supposed to eat every two hours, and I think it's just wearing on me.

Lucas: All right. Let's order something.

Sami: No. You know what? I just want to go home.

Lucas: Are you sure?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: Do you want me to call your doctor? I'll call your doctor.

Sami: No, please don't do that. I just want to go back to the apartment and lie down.

Lucas: Let me pay the bill, and I'll make you lunch in bed.

Sami: Thank you. Lucas, you always take such good care of me. Oh, thank you, honey. You're the best. You always know how to make me feel better.

Lucas: I hope so.

Sami: Believe me, we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

E.J.: If you think that I actually care what you or anybody else thinks of me, you're making a serious --

Kayla: Oh, right. I forgot. You're a sociopath, completely lacking in any normal human emotion.

E.J.: I would leave the psychological evaluation to Dr. Evans if I were you.

Kayla: Is this all just a game for you? Did your father teach you just to treat us like little chess pieces?

E.J.: Actually, no. He told me to treat you a lot less than that.

Kayla: You don't control me, and I'm not giving up until you are arrested and put away where you can't hurt anyone -- in a coffin, if that's what it takes.

E.J.: If you go anywhere near my will be the one to end up in a coffin. Oops.

Max: As long as the DiMeras are going after my family, I'm not backing down -- not for anyone.

Kate: Your bride is the problem, so don't cancel the wedding for my sake. Do it for your sake.

Nick: It looks like somebody walked away with your hairbrush.

Sami: I am not a weak woman, and I know you're not a weak man.

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