Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/2/07 - Canada; Tuesday 4/3/07 - U.S.A.


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Abby: Abigail, I thought we were waiting up to see you. You have to hide.

Max: Why?

Abby: Trust me, he'll freak.

Jack: Abigail. [Knock on door] Is everything okay?

Abby: Coming, Daddy. Just a minute. Hurry, in the bathroom.

Max: Okay.

Abby: Sorry, Daddy, I was just about to get ready for bed.

Jack: So soon? What about Times Square, the lights?

Abby: I'm so tired after running around Manhattan all day. So, anyway, what's up?

Jack: Well, do you mind if I come in?

Abby: No, of course not. Is everything okay?

Jack: I-I guess so. I just -- look, I couldn't help thinking about our conversation earlier. I think I came down on you a little too hard, so I think it's best if I really explained my position.

Abby: No. I mean, you really don't need to get into it again.

Jack: I think I do. I think I really need to tell you why I am so anti-Max.

[Door opens]

Kayla: Thank you. Hi.

Steve: Kayla. [Door closes] [Speaking Italian]

Kayla: Who told you I went to Italy?

Steve: Doesn't matter who told me. You never should have gone. What are you trying to do? Huh? You trying to be some kind of martyr now? Get yourself nominated for sainthood? What?

Kayla: I did what I had to do, and I'm gonna keep doing it until I get what I want.

Steve: Or die trying?

Kayla: If that's what it takes to prove that E.J. is a criminal, yes.

[Knock on door]

Sami: Okay, okay.

Nick: Thank God you're home. We are in huge trouble, Sami.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Nick: The blank report I got you from the lab. It's all about to hit the fan.

Sami: Oh, no, actually, that went perfectly. I filled out Lucas' name as the father of the baby, and the party in question bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Nick: Not if the party is E.J. Wells.

Sami: What?

Nick: I caught him hacking into the computer lab. Guess what -- the files he had up were all yours.

Doctor: Mr. Roberts, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I just got your page.

Lucas: That's all right. I'm sorry I freaked out earlier. It's just the message said that there was something wrong.

Doctor: Something wrong?

Lucas: Yeah, with Sami's amnio.

Doctor: I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Lucas: The doctor's office called and said there was a serious problem, that I should come down right away and discuss it with you.

Doctor: That wasn't my office. And as far as I know, Sami's never even had an amnio.

Lucas: Well, I don't understand.

Doctor: Neither do I. There's obviously been some mix-up. Either that or someone's playing a very cruel joke on you.

Gabby: So, there's your proof. Shawn and Belle were here, but they split, used that ring to cover their bill, and now where they are is anybody's guess.

Kate: Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I know how disappointed you are. We came all this way and now there's nothing. But I tell you what -- what do you say that we go to Sydney? Maybe we can talk to the authorities there. They'll give us some leads. We can pick up their trail, huh? What do you say?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Abby: Dad, you really don't have to explain. I get it.

Jack: I think I do. You're so young. You're practically a baby still.

Abby: I'm 18.

Jack: A very inexperienced 18, whereas Max --

Abby: Dad, please. Can we talk about this tomorrow? Like I said, I am tired and I understand. I promise.

Jack: Okay. Okay. But just know that I think you're a very level-headed, beautiful, sweet young woman, and no matter how I feel about Max, I trust your judgment completely.

Abby: Thank you. That means a lot. It really does. Now, you need to stop worrying and try to get a good night's sleep.

Jack: Yeah, but just one thing --

Abby: Good night, Daddy. I'll see you in the morning.

Jack: Good night.

Abby: You can come out now.

Max: [Laughs] That was interesting. That guy really hates me, doesn't he?

Abby: No. He doesn't hate you. He just found out that we were friends.

Max: And?

Abby: And he took it to mean more than it does. Who cares what my dad thinks anyway? He is so wrong about us being together. I mean, there's nothing to it, is there?

Steve: Those are pretty tough words. I guess Wells doesn't know who he's dealing with.

Kayla: You got that right. Now, would you like to see what I brought back from Italy?

Steve: No. Something tells me it's not a nice bottle of Chianti.

Kayla: You're right. It's evidence. It's photographs. It's real forensic proof.

Steve: I don't have time for this. I don't have time. You know, I'm in the middle of reading a really good self-help book.

Kayla: This isn't a joke.

Steve: No, it's not a joke, Kayla. And if you realize that, maybe you won't get yourself killed. As it is, you're lucky you got out of Italy alive. The DiMeras could have offed you at any moment, just like that.

Kayla: But they didn't. And I got what I wanted.

Steve: Just because you got lucky doesn't mean you're in the clear. You were on thin ice even before you went on that little adventure, and now, let me tell you something...

Kayla: And now what? Did E.J. say something? Did he threaten me?

Steve: Stop it. Just stop it, Kayla. Stop it and leave it alone. Just leave it alone.

Sami: Look, Nick, just relax. Just tell me what he saw on that lab computer. Does he know that I didn't really have an amnio?

Nick: I don't know. He left as soon as I caught him, but he must at least suspect that something was there.

Sami: I am so sorry. I just wanted a favor, and now I've put you in the middle of this.

Nick: I just have one question, Sami. Why is E.J. so interested in your baby?

Lucas: All right, look, maybe I misunderstood the situation. Maybe you're working with another doctor or something and they gave Sami the amnio.

Doctor: I don't see why. The baby's perfectly healthy.

Lucas: She's been nervous lately. You know, maybe she just did it as a precautionary measure to make sure the baby was okay.

Doctor: I suppose so, but that doesn't explain why she wouldn't come to me for the amnio.

Lucas: Yeah, you're right about that. That's a little strange, isn't it?

Doctor: Mr. Roberts, what was the name of the doctor you said called you?

Lucas: Uh, I think it was Dr. Young. Somebody like that. Do you know anybody by that name?

Doctor: It's not ringing any bells, but I'll check on it.

Lucas: I would appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Doctor: You're welcome.

E.J.: Lucas, hey. How are you doing? Is everything okay?

Philip: So... this was your payment, huh? That seems pretty steep.

Gabby: Well, they were here for a while, and that's all they had. And there were incidentals.

Philip: Must be a hell of an honor bar.

Gabby: Nice ring.

Philip: I suppose.

Gabby: So, you were married to Belle.

Philip: Yeah, I'm really not interested in exchanging small talk with you. It's none of your business.

Gabby: You come barging into my hotel, asking me questions, demanding answers, and I don't know you from Adam, so, yeah, I do think it is my business.

Philip: All you need to know is when I gave this to Belle, I actually believed in things like honoring your country, your fellow man...honoring your wedding vows. I made promises to people, and they made promises to me, and one by one, they broke them. My best friend ran off with my wife. They both ripped the daughter I called my own right out of my arms. So I learned the hard way not to trust anyone... which is why I'm not leaving here until I know for a fact you're telling the truth.

Lucas: Is there anywhere on the planet I can go without running into you, without you showing up every time?

E.J.: Lucas, I'm a firm believer in preventative medicine. I'm just here for my annual checkup.

Lucas: Well, good. I'm glad to hear that. Good for you.

E.J.: You, um, didn't answer my question. I asked you if anything was wrong.

Lucas: Well, I'm here to see Sami's doctor, if you must know. Are you satisfied?

E.J.: Samantha's doctor? Well, I mean, I hope there's not some kind of problem.

Lucas: No, she's fine, all right? Don't even worry about it.

E.J.: Well, I do worry about it, Lucas. If something were to happen to Samantha or the baby, it doesn't even bear thinking about. It's unimaginable.

Lucas: Why don't you just get over it?

E.J.: Why don't I just get over what?

Lucas: Your sick obsession with Sami, that's what. I'm sick of it. It's got to end right now.

Nick: Look, Sami, I'm not usually one to pry, but you've kind of made this my business now, and if I'm on E.J.'s hit list --

Sami: You're not on anyone's hit list.

Nick: It's him, isn't it?

Sami: What are you talking about?

Nick: You know what I'm talking about. It's E.J. -- The guy you told me about, the one who thinks that your baby is his.

Sami: Nick, can you, um, can you keep a secret? 'Cause if Lucas ever found out that –

Nick: He isn't the father?

Sami: No! No, he is the father. There is no way that this baby is E.J.'s.

Nick: No way?

Sami: It's impossible, okay? It is totally and completely impossible.

Nick: Then why is he so curious about it? You don't just start thinking something like that without a reason. Sami... tell me the truth.

Guy: Hey, buddy, where's the fire?

Shawn D.: Sorry, man, sorry.

Belle: What happened? Is Philip gone?

Shawn D.: Gabby -- she did her best to throw him off, but he said that he's not leaving until he searches every inch of this place.

Belle: What are we gonna do? There is no back way out. We can't go downstairs without being seen, and if we stay up here --

Shawn D.: We're gonna get caught. There's only one way out. And that's the window.

Belle: What? No, no. Claire could fall. I am not going to risk her life again.

Shawn D.: I am not asking you to do that. But he is downstairs, and he is breathing fire, and knowing Philip, he brought backup.

Belle: I don't care. We can stay in here and bar the door. Philip can't stay out here forever.

Shawn D.: I wouldn't put it past him.

Belle: Why won't he leave us alone?

Shawn D.: You know why. When we were in that life raft in the middle of the ocean, I made it look like we were killed. Any normal human being, they would have given up by now, right then, but this is Philip we're talking about here. Belle, it is gonna be like this forever. We're always gonna have to try and stay one step ahead of him. I'm sorry, but that's just the way that it is.

Belle: I'm not going anywhere.

Philip: I'm gonna go room by room. If they're here, I'll find them.

Gabby: You're not -- you're not gonna go anywhere, okay? The guests at this hotel have a right to their privacy and a right not to have some bully knocking on their door asking them questions. Now, look, I am sorry for your loss, okay? If I had known Belle and Shawn were kidnappers, trust me, I would have called the sheriff, but I didn't know. And now they're gone, and you're just gonna have to accept that.

Kate: I found them. Room 202.

Philip: Nice work, Mom.

Gabby: They're gone. You're not gonna find them there.

Max: Well, I'm out of luck. I guess there's not another flight till tomorrow, so...

Abby: I'm sorry. This is all my fault.

Max: No, it's not. I was crazy to think that I could make it anyway.

Abby: So I guess that means you're pretty much stuck here.

Max: Yeah, yeah. I wouldn't mind spending the night with -- in New York.

Abby: Really?

Max: Yeah, yeah. So, I'm just gonna head out and maybe, you know, get a cheap hotel somewhere.

Abby: It's been a while for you, hasn't it?

Max: Excuse me?

Abby: I mean, since you've been here. There aren't really any cheap hotels in New York anymore. Even the dumps cost a fortune.

Max: Yeah, yeah.

Abby: So I guess you're gonna have to stay here with me. And that's final.

Max: Uh...are you kidding? I mean...if a dump is outrageous, I don't -- I can't imagine what this place would cost.

Abby: No, I meant here, in this room. It's already paid for.

Max: Here, like, with you. Oh, okay. Well, you know, I, uh -- hoo. If your dad found out, he would kill us. No, scratch that. He'd kill me.

Abby: He never has to know. I can be quiet if you can.

Max: Uh, are you sure that's what you want?

Abby: There isn't anyone else in the world I'd rather spend this night with. [Knock on door] No. Max.

Max: Bathroom -- I know the drill.

Abby: Chelsea!

Sami: Look, I can't tell you the whole truth, but please believe me, I did not have an affair with E.J., all right? It wasn't like that. In fact, it was -- it was something, was --

Nick: Sami...did he rape you?

Sami: Look, please, please don't ask me any more questions. Just don't get involved with this.

Nick: Sami, Sami, Sami, I'm already involved, okay? And if something happened --

Sami: Please, please stay out of it. Just don't ask me any more questions. You have to go. Just get out of here and pretend like this conversation never happened, okay?

Nick: I'll leave if you want me to do that. But I don't think that E.J. is a good guy, and something tells me that he won't let this go.

Lucas: You know what, man? I've had enough. So whatever your interest is in Sami, cut it out. I don't want to deal with it anymore, all right? I'm sick of you always hanging around, hurting her, making her feel uncomfortable. And that stunt you pulled at the wedding shower was ridiculous, the way you dragged her into her room like that. Inappropriate.

E.J.: Lucas, she was crying. I was concerned. I was just trying to be a good friend.

Lucas: You know, she's not your friend, and neither am I. I work for you and that's about it. And I do a damn good job. So outside of work, I don't want you anywhere near my fiancé. You got it? Nowhere.

Kayla: If there is anything left of the man I know, you will remember that I don't back down until I get what I want. And I want my husband back the way he used to be.

Steve: That man is dead and gone.

Kayla: I don't believe that.

Steve: Then believe this -- those people are very bad people. They will slit your throat as easy as slicing a piece of melon. And they won't just stop with you, Kayla.

Kayla: I am not afraid of them.

Steve: Well, you should be!

Kayla: You know what? You're yelling and you're trying to scare me. It's not gonna stop me from bringing E.J. down or breaking the hold he has on you. That is just not going to happen.

Steve: You're too stubborn for your own good, you know that?

Kayla: Likewise. Now, would you like to see what I brought back from Stefano's hospital room since I went to all the trouble?

Steve: What? You saw Stefano?

Kayla: What, did you think I went to Italy just to throw coins in a fountain?

Steve: How did you pull that off?

Kayla: Max and I dressed as a nun and a priest, and we walked right in.

Steve: No, you did not.

Kayla: Yeah. No, it was kind of easy, actually. I think God was on our side.

Steve: But it was crazy. And you're telling me you got Maxwell involved in this now?

Kayla: I asked for his help and he agreed. He's family and that's what you're supposed to do for each other. Now, would you like to see what I have? Come here. I needed a way to document that Stefano was the recipient of John's stolen kidney. Look. That is a textbook incision of a kidney transplant. Do you see that? And this right here -- that's the fingerprint I took that proves that the man in the bed is none other than the Phoenix himself.

Steve: All this shows is the dude got a new kidney, possibly. It still doesn't tie E.J. Wells to the crime.

Kayla: I know that. And that's where you come in.

Philip: Shawn! Belle, get out here! I just want to talk!

Gabby: Get away from there. I will not have you disturbing our guests.

Philip: Open the door.

Gabby: Forget it.

Kate: If no one's in there, what's the problem?

Philip: Because it's not empty, and she knows it.

Gabby: You're wrong.

Philip: If you won't open it, I will.

Man: Who the hell are you?

Chelsea: So, you believe me, Abby, right? I didn't set that fire at my dad's.

Abby: Of course I believe you. You would never do anything like that. And I can't believe your dad would think you would, either.

Chelsea: Actually, he doesn't. He believes that I'm innocent, amazingly enough.

Abby: That's great. So does Hope, so what are you worried about?

Chelsea: Because all that's gonna change when they find out that, that evidence they have, that stupid hairbrush, is mine.

Abby: They found your hairbrush? Wait, don't answer that. We can't talk about this here.

Chelsea: Why not here? It's just the two of us.

Max: Nope, afraid not.

Chelsea: Max. Uh, you'

Max: Look, it's okay. Whatever this is about, it's none of my business, so I'm not gonna tell anybody. I swear.

Abby: You can trust him, Chelse. You know that.

Chelsea: Okay. Um, but can you sort of catch me up a little bit?

Abby: The only reason Max was in the bathroom is 'cause we thought you were my dad. He was here on a layover, and he stopped by for a quick visit.

Max: And then, you know, then I missed my flight.

Chelsea: Oh, so, now you're spending the night?

Max: Well, I-I, uh --

Abby: Yeah, we, uh -- basically, yeah.

Chelsea: Okay, well, I guess I'm out of here, then.

Abby: No, Chelse, you came all this way.

Chelsea: No, it's fine. You know, I really should have called first. I'll just see you guys back in Salem.

Abby: You can't go back to Salem. There aren't any more flights.

Chelsea: Okay, so...I'll just find somewhere else to sleep, in the lobby or whatever. It's not a big deal.

Abby: Max is here just as a friend. That's it. So no one's going anywhere. We can all just hang here. In fact...the more the merrier, right, Max?

Max: Right, yeah.

Sami: Look, I'm sorry, Nick, but I really don't think that you should get involved in this, all right? I can handle E.J.

Nick: How? I mean, what are you gonna do?

Sami: Whatever I have to.

Nick: Why don't I like the sound of that?

Sami: Well, in a situation like this, you can either give in or you can fight back, even if it means breaking a few rules.

Nick: That's kind of always been your motto, hasn't it? Desperate times, desperate measures.

Sami: Something like that.

Nick: Has that always worked? I mean, have you always found that it's been worth it?

Sami: No. Not always. But in a situation like this, when you're talking about someone you love and keeping them from being hurt, I'd make this choice every time.

Nick: Yeah. I hear you. Look, Sami, um, all I can say is please be careful, all right? Look, um, I better go.

Sami: Okay. [Sighs] Nick, um...thank you. You're a good guy. Thanks for everything.

Nick: Bye.

E.J.: Lucas, just calm down, okay? I get the message loud and clear, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry if my concern for your fiancé threatens you.

Lucas: Concern? It's more like obsession.

E.J.: I think that's a little strong.

Lucas: And as far as being threatened by you, the day I'm threatened by you is the day I turn in my man badge.

E.J.: Well, we wouldn't want that, would we? So, lest you worry that I'm gonna run off into the night with Samantha and leave you high and dry, I give you my word. I will...minimize my contact with her.

Lucas: Well, you were supposed to move out by now. It's been months. What happened?

E.J.: Actually, I'm rather glad you brought that up. I, um, have my eye on a little place, so I should be moving on shortly.

Lucas: Well, I can't wait. Can't be too soon for me.

E.J.: Lucas, I have done everything that I know how to do to reassure you that I have no interest in your fiancé, and yet you continue to insist that I do.

Lucas: Yeah, well, actions speak louder than words, don't they?

E.J.: Well, if my actions are causing Samantha any distress, that is the last thing that I would want.

Doctor: Mr. Roberts, I checked the hospital data bank and there's no sign of any Dr. Young or of Sami having had an amnio.

Lucas: Well, I don't get it.

Doctor: Quite frankly, neither do I. As I said, either there's been a miscommunication or...

Lucas: Or what? Someone's yanking my chain? Is that what you're telling me? Look, do me a favor, okay?

Doctor: Of course.

Lucas: Don't bring this up to Sami. I don't want her to worry about anything else.

Doctor: Oh, I understand. I see no reason to tell her.

Lucas: Thank you. I appreciate it. That goes for you, too, E.J.

Philip: Where are the other people staying in this room?

Man: I don't know what you're talking about, partner. It's just me in this room.

Gabby: I told you. I told you they weren't here. And now I want you to go or else I'm calling the sheriff.

Kate: Philip.

Philip: Which room is yours?

Gabby: What?

Philip: You heard me.

Gabby: Look, you're crazy if you think for a second that I'm gonna let you get into my room. What are you doing?! Get off of me! 303. Shawn! Belle, I'm coming in after you!

Claire: [Fussing]

Shawn D.: Shh, shh!

Max: Oh, yeah, baby.

Chelsea: Nice shot.

Max: That's what I'm talking about.

Abby: Your turn, Chelse.

Chelsea: Oh, no. That's okay. I have really bad aim.

Max: Come on, just throw it, you wuss. You're a wuss.

Chelsea: Fine, but you asked for it.

Max: I don't know where you were going with that one. I mean, come on. Throw it again.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Hey, Abigail. What's going on in there?

Max: I know. This is getting really old.

Abby: Sorry, Daddy. Were we being too loud?

Jack: Uh, no. It just sounded like you're having a little party in here. Who is this "we"?

Abby: I have a surprise visitor.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Abby: Or two.

Chelsea: Hi, Mr. Deveraux.

Jack: Chelsea, what a surprise.

Chelsea: Yeah, I thought I'd stop in and check out the Big Apple with my best friend.

Jack: I see. And check out the room service at the same time. That's an awful lot of food for two teeny-tiny little girls.

Chelsea: Yeah, you know, I was starving. I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

Jack: Uh-huh. Well, you two...enjoy yourselves and just...try to keep it down, all right?

Abby: Okay. Good night, Daddy.

Chelsea: Good night, Mr. D.

Jack: Good night.

Max: Your dad is killing me.

Abby: Sorry. He's a little overprotective.

Chelsea: A little?

Abby: You know, just to be safe, maybe we should call it a night and go to bed.

Chelsea: Yeah, that actually sounds really good to me. I'm really exhausted.

Max: One problem -- there's only one bed.

Gabby: Give me that! You have no right going into my room!

Philip: Either you give me that key or I'm kicking that door in two.

Gabby: One door is all you get, understand? You try busting into my room and trust me, you will be sorry.

Kate: Come on, Philip. Let's go.

Philip: I'm not going anywhere until I know my daughter's not here! You had your chance.

Duck: [Speaks indistinctly]

Philip: Who are you?

Duck: I own this place. Who the hell are you?

Gabby: He's -- he's looking for Belle and Shawn, Dad, you know, that couple with the little girl. I told him that they checked out earlier, but he doesn't believe me.

Philip: That's right. I don't. So maybe you can tell me the real story.

Philip: So, what is it, mister...

Duck: Duck.

Philip: Mr. Duck?

Duck: That's the first name, smartass.

Philip: Look, whoever you are, I'm just here to pick up my daughter and go home, and I have good reason to believe that she's here with Shawn and Belle.

Duck: Oh, right. That's the kid you were talking about. Oh, they left just like my daughter said.

Philip: Are you positive?

Duck: Yeah, the young couple were here with their kid, and they moved on. Good riddance. I never liked them all that much anyway, truth be told. Now, you've already busted up the lock on one door, son. You do it again, I'm liable to take it personal.

Kate: I think it's time for us to go.

Philip: That's for the lock.

Duck: Well, does that get me out of the doghouse at least a little?

Gabby: Yes, Daddy. Yes, it does. Big-time. Oh. But can you do me one more favor? Can you go downstairs and make sure they're gone? Hurry. Hey, if you guys are in there, it's safe to come out now. Hi.

Shawn D.: We still have your key, the one that you gave us when the sheriff came by. I hope you don't mind us using it.

Gabby: No, no, I'm just glad you guys are safe. That guy is definitely bad news.

Shawn D.: Hey, thank you so much for covering for us.

Guy: Any friend of Gabby's is a friend of mine. Bye, sweetheart.

Shawn D.: Thank you, Gabby, especially you.

Belle: We really -- I'm just so grateful to you for everything that you've done.

Gabby: So then maybe you'll reconsider staying. I mean, if your ex is convinced that you guys are gone, then this is probably the safest place you'll ever find.

E.J.: Samantha, open up. I need to talk to you.

Will: Yeah, what do you want?

E.J.: Where's your mother? I need to have a chat with her.

Will: She's in the bedroom. I'll get her, and you can tell her yourself.

E.J.: No, that's fine. I'll come back later. You give her the message.

Will: Yeah, I'll think about it.

Sami: Hey. Hey, bud. Was there someone at the door?

Will: Oh, yeah, it was E.J. He wanted to talk to you about something.

Sami: Um, what did he want? Do you know?

Will: No, but he didn't look too happy.

Kayla: You are the link between my evidence and E.J. If you testify about his part in stealing John's kidney, we could put him away. All you have to do is make a phone call to Roman.

Steve: No! I won't testify against E.J. Wells.

Kayla: But this is your chance to escape the DiMeras. You know, if you got E.J. behind bars, he has no more hold over you.

Steve: Who do you think you are? You think you can just snoop around and solve this case, get some evidence together, and the bad guy goes to jail? Everybody lives happily ever after? This is real life, Kayla. Things don't get wrapped up in neat little fairy-tale endings, especially not when the DiMeras are involved. Now, you listen to me. I'm gonna give you some advice. You are gonna pack a bag, get on a plane, go visit Stephanie for a few weeks until this thing blows over. And you stay the hell away from E.J. Wells. I can't protect you from inside here.

Kayla: I don't want your protection. I don't need your protection. I'm trying to help you. Why can't you see that? What are you doing? Stop it. Get -- get off! Get off of me!

Steve: Promise me -- you stay away from those people. Promise me.

Kayla: Get off! Get off! Stop it!

Chelsea: I'm the newbie here, so I'll just pass out on the couch.

Abby: Are you sure you don't mind?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Max: I mind. You two take the bed.

Chelsea: Okay, if you insist.

Max: I'm sorry.

Abby: Don't be. I like that you're a gentleman.

Max: Don't tell nobody.

Abby: Your secret's safe with me. Good night, Max.

Gabby: Okay, tell you what -- if you guys stay and Shawn fixes up my boat, then I'll let you guys take it with you to Australia, and then maybe you could save this to start your new life.

Belle: You got it back?

Gabby: Fortunately, your ex wasn't too interested in it. So, is it a deal?

Shawn D.: It sounds great, but what's in it for you? How are you gonna get your boat back?

Gabby: I know every fisherman from here to the Solomon’s. Somebody will pick it up for me.

Shawn D.: So, what do you say?

Belle: I think it's an incredible offer, and what Gabby says makes sense. If Philip thinks we're gone...

Shawn D.: Then we're in the safest place possible. Well, it looks like we're staying.

Gabby: Oh, yes, that's fantastic.

Shawn D.: I don't know how we can thank you, Gabby.

Gabby: Oh, well, you just fix my boat and we'll call it even.

Belle: You know, will you put her down for a nap?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Do you want to go?

Belle: Go with daddy.

Shawn D.: Come with me. Say bye-bye.

Belle: Bye-bye.

Gabby: Bye, pretty. Oh.

Belle: Oh, Gabby, I just want to apologize again for thinking that --

Gabby: That I was after Shawn?

Belle: Yeah. You've been a really good friend to all three of us.

Gabby: Thanks. So, now that we've got that out of the way...

Belle: I hope that we can put it all behind us because if Shawn ever knew that I --

Gabby: He's not, okay? I told you I'm not gonna say anything. And that's a promise I'm gonna keep.

Steve: Kayla... you have to promise me you'll stay away from those people.

Kayla: You want to save my life? Testify against E.J. Wells.

Will: All right, or how about this? Not only do you dress in green from head to toe, but you paint your faces green, too, like at the hockey games.

Lucas: A hockey wedding -- I love it. You're all over it, too. You're gonna paint your face?

Will: What? No way.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, way. You got to if we have to. Honey, back me up on this. Come on.

Sami: Um, I'm sorry. What were you saying?

Lucas: We're talking about the wedding. We're getting excited over here about the green theme and everything we got to do.

Sami: Oh, um, I'm just spacing, I guess. I'm sorry. I have my second wind. Tell me -- what were we planning?

Lucas: Well, we're gonna paint our faces green. All of us, the whole lot of us.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Will: Make a statement about the environment. You know, if we do this, we could land on the cover of The Knot.

Sami: What are you talking -- what, are we gonna find vegetable dye for it?

Will: Yeah, made of sprouts.

Sami: I think it should be wheatgrass.

Will: Well, all right.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: You meant that, honey. Wheatgrass it is.

Sami: [Laughs]

E.J.: No, that's all. If you can just fax those reports to my home. Oh, and, um tell me, how is Samantha's schedule looking tomorrow? Really? The Brady Pub? No, no, no. Don't change anything. That's perfect for what I had in mind. Thank you.

Lucas: I was trying to protect you. That's what people do when they love somebody, right?

Chelsea: Why would I go back to Salem when the only thing waiting for me is a prison cell?

Philip: If you want me to come the next time you call --

Willow: Okay, okay, okay. It was E.J. Wells.

Kayla: And I'm not giving up until you are arrested and put away where you can't hurt anyone -- in a coffin.

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