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Kayla: I hope God understands we're doing this for a good cause.

Max: Yeah, well, somehow I don't think mom will be so understanding.

Kayla: It's not too late. You can back out. You don't have to go through with this.

Max: I'm in this all the way.

Kayla: But going up against Stefano and his goons isn't just like a spin around the track.

Max: I know. You and Steve didn't give up on me when I was a kid, so I'm not giving up on you now.

Kayla: Okay.

Max: Besides, Stefano wouldn't snuff a servant of God, right?

Kayla: I wouldn't underestimate anything about them.

Max: [Sighing] Okay. Pray for us, Sister Kayla. [Speaking Italian]

E.J.: Hey, keeping nice and trim. Good to see. I imagine it's easy to let yourself go in here, eh?

Steve: What are you doing here?

E.J.: I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Steve: Yeah, like you care how I'm doing.

E.J.: Actually, I care very much about your health, your well-being.

Steve: You care about yourself -- first, last, and always. Well, I got a news flash for you, squire -- I'm sick of being your whipping boy.

Celeste: What's wrong?

Sami: How am I supposed to concentrate when I can feel you breathing down my neck?

Celeste: Look, I just want it to look as accurate as possible, Samantha.

Sami: You know, I happen to have some experience forging DNA reports, Celeste.

Celeste: Yeah, you don't need to remind me...or anyone else in Salem.

Sami: All I care about is making this report look as accurate as possible so that I can convince E.J. okay. I think I've got it. Come here and take a look. Some of my better work, if I do say so myself. What do you think?

Celeste: Not good enough to fool a DiMera.

Shawn D.: Don't forget to pack Claire's diapers.

Belle: This package is empty. There are new ones in here.

Shawn D.: Let's take it anyway just in case. We don't want to leave any sign that we were here.

Belle: You do still think that this is the right thing to do, right? To go?

Shawn D.: You've convinced me.

Belle: Australia is gonna be so much better for Claire. She's gonna have other kids to play with and things to do and...deserve a chance to be a family. And this island really is not a family kind of place.

Shawn D.: Hey, Belle. I'm already sold, okay? Is there something else you want to tell me here?

Belle: No, no. I'm just nervous, I guess.

Shawn D.: Well, then, maybe we should stop talking about it and let's go get us a boat. All right, I'll be right back. [Door opens]

Shawn D.: Hey, Gabby, are you okay?

Gabby: Oh, yeah. It's just allergies. Anyway, what's up?

Shawn D.: I, um, I need a favor. Do you think that anybody would trade a boat for this ring?

Gabby: Why?

Shawn D.: We need it to get off of the island. We're leaving.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Gabby: You could get a lot more for this ring in Australia.

Shawn D.: We need a boat now, at least as soon as possible.

Gabby: Wow, you sound serious.

Shawn D.: This wasn't gonna be our final destination. You knew that.

Gabby: Oh, yeah, I know, but I'm just wondering what the big rush is. I mean, didn't you guys just send out a letter to your family? Don't you want to wait to get an answer from them?

Shawn D.: Yeah, but now that the sheriff took our fake passports, we're afraid it might be too risky to hang around here.

Gabby: So, Belle's okay with that? I mean, I know how anxious she was to get in touch with her family.

Shawn D.: Belle and I, we made this decision together. So, can you do it, or no?

Gabby: I'll do my best.

Shawn D.: Thank you.

Gabby: We'll really, um, miss you.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Well, um, we're not gonna forget how you and your dad took us in. As a matter of fact, I should probably go tell Duck that we're leaving.

Gabby: Okay.

Belle: Gabby.

Gabby: Shawn just gave me this. He said he wanted me to trade it for a boat so that you guys could leave the island.

Belle: That's right.

Gabby: What can I do to convince you to stay?

Sami: What do you mean it's not good enough? I used to work at the hospital. I filed a million of those reports. It's a perfect forgery.

Celeste: Samantha, this "perfect forgery" is not gonna solve your problems, darling. They're only gonna make it worse.

Sami: And murder won't?

Celeste: Not if we're careful.

Sami: Oh, yeah, and you're really good at being careful. You shouted that we're gonna kill him to a roomful of people at my wedding shower.

Celeste: Well, you said that he bought our story.

Sami: Who knows what E.J. thinks or believes?

Celeste: Yeah, well, he definitely won't believe that.

Sami: You know what? It doesn't even matter. Even if he is suspicious of this report, it's not like he can prove that it's a fake.

Celeste: Samantha --

Sami: No, listen to me. It's true. It's not like he can get his hands on my medical records or anything.

Celeste: What country do you live in? Nothing is private, especially not for someone like him.

Sami: You don't have to remind me how powerful he is, okay?

Celeste: Then, for the last time, do what you know you have to do. Get rid of him.

Steve: So, who let you in here, anyway?

E.J.: I have some friends... in high places.

Steve: Oh. You'd think they'd be a little more careful screening my visitors since you're the one who broke me out of here the last time.

E.J.: No, I think you'd be a little bit more grateful.

Steve: To you? But weren't you the one who also had me put back in this crockpot?

E.J.: Steve, that doesn't make any sense. Do we need to add paranoia to your list of ailments?

Steve: Oh, save the double-talk for the civilians. Kayla told me you tipped her off that I was at Billie's. Now, I'd kill you for that if it wouldn't get me locked up in here for the rest of my life.

E.J.: How unusually sane of you.

Steve: But be careful. You trained me to be a human weapon, remember?

E.J.: Oh, you really still think that?

Steve: I'm just biding my time.

E.J.: Well, that makes two of us.

Steve: So...what do you want?

E.J.: I want you to understand...why I put Kayla on your trail. I want you to understand why I brought you back here to this nice, cozy, comfortable place and how I can keep you here for as long as I want to.

[Speaking Italian]

Kayla: [Speaking Italian] [Speaking Italian]

Max: What did you say to him?

Kayla: I said that we wanted to pray with Stefano.

Max: Since when did you learn to speak Italian?

Kayla: I looked at the little Italian-English dictionary at the airport. I thought there were a few phrases we might want to know.

Max: Like what?

Kayla: Like "don't shoot."

Max: That's a good one.

Kayla: And "you don't speak Italian."

Max: So, wait, you don't understand a word he's saying?

Kayla: No.

Max: Great. Great.

Kayla: But it's working, isn't it?

Max: So what happens when Stefano says he doesn't even want to see us?

Kayla: I don't know. But I'm going in that room.

Max: Huh. [Speaking Italian]

Kayla: [Speaking Italian] I said he's sleeping. Now, who are you?

Belle: Why do you care if we stay or go? Unless...

Gabby: Unless I want Shawn? Look, let's get something straight, Belle, 'cause you obviously don't seem to listen, even after I repeated myself over and over again. I don't steal guys who aren't available, okay? Shawn is your baby's father. Look, you love him. And he loves you.

Belle: Gabby, you have been really nice to us, and I really appreciate that. But you are not being completely honest with me.

Gabby: You are one paranoid woman. You know that?

Belle: I have reasons for believing this, Gabby.

Gabby: What, your insecurity? Because it sure as hell isn't anything that you've seen between Shawn and me, because nothing has happened. So unless somebody has told you something that Y-- that's it, isn't it? Someone's been talking to you. Right? So, who was it?

Belle: Gabby, just let it go.

Gabby: No, if somebody is talking about me, then I have a right to know. Tell me. Who was it?

Belle: All right, Gabby, it was your father.

Duck: Are you posing for a picture or something? If you don't got any more fights on the docket, maybe you can bring in the rest of them.

Shawn D.: I will, but after that, I'm done.

Duck: Whoa, done?

Shawn D.: Belle, Claire, and I -- we're gonna leave the island.

Duck: Oh, oh, well, that makes sense since the sheriff told you not to go anywhere.

Shawn D.: You're not gonna tell him, are you?

Duck: Why should I care? Huh? Just our deal was that you'd work for your room and board.

Shawn D.: Which I did.

Duck: Yeah, but you still owe me. Unless you pay up, you're not going anywhere. Or else, maybe I will have that little conversation with the law.

Steve: If you really wanted to leave me in here to rot, I don't think you'd bother visiting me. So what game are we playing, square? I know I'm no good to you locked up in this joint.

E.J.: You're contained. That does me a lot of good. There's no game. I came here to explain something to you very clearly. No more phone calls. And no more assistance from me. You're on your own.

Max: Wow, you speak English. You speak Italian. I mean, you speak both languages, but you speak English.

Man: Yeah. You understand it, right?

Kayla: We're Americans.

Man: Really? I never would have guessed. So, now that we're talking the same give me answers.

Max: Yeah, sure. Sure, you want to see something amazing? Abracadabra. That's Italian, right? Right?

Guard: Fermo. Hold it right there.

Gabby: [Laughs]

Belle: You think this is funny?

Gabby: [Laughing] Yeah. It's hilarious. I mean, you guys are packing up and leaving because of my dad? Here's the thing about Duck -- he can't seem to get over the fact that I'm not 10 years old anymore. He is so worried that I'm gonna decide to just up and leave this stupid island and him.

Belle: For Shawn.

Gabby: For anyone. This always happens, every time a guy my age comes through around here. You know, I just got to keep telling myself it's because he loves me, right?

Belle: I have a really hard time believing that anybody's father would make up stories like that.

Gabby: No. You have a hard time believing that your father would say things like that about you.

Belle: Yeah, you got that right.

Gabby: Duck's had a real hard life. He should be retired, sipping Mai Tais on the beach, but instead he is on the job 24/7 and I worry about him.

Belle: Well, he seems fine to me.

Gabby: Yeah, well, that's because he would never admit to you how huge a help it's been for Shawn being around. For the both of us, having you guys around has been good.

Belle: It's been good for us, too, Gabby, but...

Gabby: But what? You're still worried about me and Shawn? Oh, come on, Belle. Don't be. What you really should be worried about is sailing over 1,000 miles in a small boat to a place you know nothing about with a child. But I can't even imagine you wanting to leave here before you've heard back from your parents. Just think about it, Belle. Think about it real hard before you go off sailing out into the unknown, because what you have right here...really isn't so bad.

Sami: Get it through your thick head. I am not going to kill E.J. So the only thing I can do right now is falsify that DNA report.

Celeste: Have you ever thought about telling Lucas the truth?

Sami: Constantly.

Celeste: Well, then, why don't you, darling? I mean, you slept with E.J. to save his life. You don't think he would understand that?

Sami: Maybe. I don't know. Either way, it doesn't get rid of my problem with E.J., does it?

Celeste: That's right. Look, there's only one sure way that I know of for you to get --

Sami: Would you stop it?! I am not gonna do it. I am not gonna kill E.J. No, no, no.

Celeste: There will come a time when you're going to regret not listening to me about this, Samantha.

Sami: Yeah, well, for right now, I'd appreciate it if you'd just...leave it alone. I have a headache.

Celeste: As you wish. In the meantime, darling, you better make certain that this utterly foolish plan of yours is convincing. Because I promise you, Samantha, you will not get a second chance.

Steve: You think you hold all the cards. Well, I think you need me a hell of a lot more than I need you.

E.J.: Really? Look around you. I'd re-examine that statement if I was you, Steve. See, I can let you rot in here, or I can get you out.

Steve: Well, now, I'm interested in the getting out. When's that gonna happen?

E.J.: I'll tell you if it'll keep you sane. I got a phone call -- Philip Kiriakis. Seems one of his men thinks he's found Shawn Brady.

Steve: So?

E.J.: So, if that's the case, I'm gonna need you to do a little delivery for me.

Steve: What does my nephew have to do with you?

E.J.: I'll tell you later. In the meanwhile, assuming that they have found Shawn, I'm gonna need you to lie low.

Steve: Can't get much lower than the old 6x8.

E.J.: Try it...just for me. Okay? And listen, just play by these guys' rules. If they ask you to do something, be a good boy.

Steve: If I am crazy, do you think they'd blame me for killing the one who put me in here?

E.J.: Patch, I think we're gonna have to explain what "lie low" actually means.

Steve: Do you think this is funny?

E.J.: [Laughs]

Steve: You can't keep pulling my strings.

E.J.: Yes, I can. What are you going to do about it, hmm? Go ahead, choke me.

Kayla: Where did this come from?

Max: Airport. When you were learning Italian.

Kayla: You thought it would come in handy?

Max: I bought it for Abby. She said she and her dad liked magic tricks. It worked, didn't it? Look, get in there before someone sees us.

Kayla: Okay. Wish me luck.

Max: Buona fortuna.

Kayla: Ah. Very good. So, are you gonna give me those keys, or am I gonna have to take them off your belt? Be careful out here.

Max: Yeah, be careful in there.

Kayla: He's sleeping, right?

Max: Let's go. Sit. you know any good places to eat some pizza around here?

Duck: So, does your girl know you're leaving 'cause you got the hots for my daughter?

Shawn D.: First of all, you are completely out of line. Second, you're wrong.

Duck: Mmm. So all these little late-night soirees you two have been having is just my imagination. Is that it?

Shawn D.: I can't believe that Gabby turned out the way she did, considering she was raised by you.

Duck: Nice knowing you, too, boy scout.

Gabby: All right, I guess I'm naive in certain ways. I honestly thought we were friends. Then again, I've never really had a real friend to know the difference.

Belle: That's got to be hard.

Gabby: You know, it's been a long time since I left the island or since I saw a small child, and Claire's such a doll. I'm gonna really miss you guys. But I can understand why you guys need to go. Honestly, I wish I could escape with you.

Sami: All right. I think this is gonna be perfect, Celeste. All I have to seal it and we're done. Ow.

Celeste: What?

Sami: Paper cut. Don't say it's a bad omen, either.

Celeste: All right, fine.

Sami: Let me just get this over with.

Celeste: You will call me.

Sami: Yes, of course I will, as soon as it's over.

E.J.: [Laughs] Oh. That's a very good boy. [Cellphone rings] Oh, excuse me. Sorry. Hello?

Sami: E.J., it's me. I need to see you right away.

E.J.: Splendid. Are you at home?

Sami: Yeah.

E.J.: I'll be right over. Well, I, uh...have to get going. Oh, and one more thing just before I go. Could you tell your wife if you see her to keep her nose out of my business? I would hate for you to become a widower. Crazy.

Steve: What did you say? What did you say?! Hey!

Kayla: Stefano? Stefano? Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it's true. I bet if I rip those stitches out right now, there'd be a kidney in there with John Black's name on it.

Belle: You're kidding, right? Coming with us?

Gabby: No, I mean, yes. And part of me wishes I could, but I can never leave Duck. He really needs me.

Belle: I'm really sorry I got angry at you earlier.

Gabby: It's not your fault.

Belle: And I shouldn't have brought your dad into it.

Gabby: Eh, it's not like I wouldn't have figured that one out, right?

Belle: Gabby, I know that I don't have any right to ask you this, but --

Gabby: What, don't tell Shawn? I would never do that. Like I said, I really hope you guys work it out.

[Door opens]

Shawn D.: Hey, so, I worked things out with your dad.

Gabby: Yeah, how'd it go?

Shawn D.: He broke down in tears, and he gave me a big manly hug.

Gabby: He said you still owe him money, right?

Shawn D.: I just told him that I would pay him once we get to Australia.

Gabby: No. You know what? You don't owe us anything. Actually, we owe you.

Shawn D.: No, Gabby. You've already done enough for us. But if you can get us that boat, that would be great.

Gabby: I will get that today. I promise.

Belle: Thanks for everything.

Gabby: Oh, um, I'll go put this in the freezer. That way, it stays cold, okay?

Shawn D.: Awesome. Thank you. So, are you ready?

Belle: I guess so. Are you?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Let's do it.

Sami: Hi.

E.J.: Greetings, Samantha. I, uh...take it you got the test results.

Sami: Yeah, a messenger sent it over this morning.

E.J.: You didn't open it?

Sami: I thought we should do it together.

E.J.: How sweet. That...kind of reminds me of the good old days.

Sami: What good old days?

E.J.: You know, when you were getting all those threatening notes every time we turned around, and the person you would come to is me.

Sami: You were the one sending me those threatening notes, remember?

E.J.: You don't really believe that.

Sami: Yes! I do.

E.J.: There is a lot of baggage that comes with being a DiMera. Do you remember when we met? Remember when I was just E.J. Wells, just a race car driver, humanitarian? Just an all-around good guy?

Sami: Right.

E.J.: Look...before we do this, I want you to know something. I want you to know how much I admire you...for who you truly are. I know what it's like to be an outsider. And when I came here, I just wanted to be your friend, and then I had hoped that maybe one day that I could be your lover. And to be here --

Sami: You know what? Can we it, please, already?

E.J.: Yes. No. I think that as the mother, you should do this.

Steve: Come on! I need to talk to her! Hey, man, why are you standing there?! Get over here! Come on!

Man: Hey, quiet down in there. Dr. Kraft's with another patient.

Steve: You tell her it's important! It's an emergency! Come on! I'm gonna break this damn door down! I took some pills. Hey, hey, hey! Tell her I need her help! I think I took some pills! I took too many! Hey, tell her I took too many pills! I O.D.’d! Hurry up! I'm cool, I'm cool.

Dr. Kraft: What is it? What did you take?

Steve: Just listen to me.

Dr. Kraft: What did you take? Answer me.

Steve: Nothing, damn it. I didn't take anything.

Dr. Kraft: Go ahead. This isn't funny, Mr. Johnson.

Steve: You just got to listen to me.

Dr. Kraft: You made it sound like a matter of life and death.

Steve: It is a matter of life and death. Somebody could die.

Dr. Kraft: What are you talking about?

Steve: You got to call my wife. I got to talk to her now.

[Machine beeping] [Cellphone beeping]

Kayla: Okay. There we go. Now if there's any doubt... about who that lovely...belongs to. There we go. Okay. Gotcha. Well, there we go. I think the fun is over, Stefano. I bet you're happy about that. Not as happy as I am. You know, you're alive because of me. Did you know that? I took that kidney out. And it makes me sick. You and your rotten, evil family... make me sick. But I could end it right now. Arrivederci, Stefano.

Kayla: I could put you out of your misery. And the rest of us, too -- John and Steve. And think of all the people that I could protect. But I can't do it. I can't. Even though you are such a bastard. It's got to be in God's hands. And I hope he makes you suffer. And I hope that you lie there and you know that Steve and I are living happily every after. And that you only have yourself to blame for the rest of your unnatural life, that your son Elvis is rotting away in prison, and that all your schemes and your plans have failed miserably. And I hope that whatever your nightmare is right now...that you find out that it is nothing like what's about to come.

E.J.: Samantha, are you okay? What's wrong?

Sami: I am more than okay... because you...are not the father.

E.J.: Let me see that.

Duck: What the hell is going on?

Gabby: You suck. You know that?

Duck: What did I do?

Gabby: You know what you did! Now, I don't want to talk to you right now!

Duck: Fine. Then I'll go fishing.

Gabby: Great. Great, just leave me here to take care of the place, Duck. Thank you, thank you.

Duck: You're the one who said you didn't want me around. Later.

Gabby: Hey, Cap. It's Gabby over at The Bikini. Hey, I had a favor to ask you. Um, do you know anyone who might be interested in trading a boat... [Man clears throat] ...for a really nice wedding ring?

Sami: DNA doesn't lie.

E.J.: No.

Sami: It says there that the test is accurate to 99.89%.

E.J.: Yes, it does.

Sami: So I was right. Maybe it's just mother's instinct. You did rape me, E.J., but you're not gonna get my child.

E.J.: I did not...rape you. I was so sure. I was so...sure.

Sami: Yeah, well, you're wrong. 'Cause you're not the father.

E.J.: I'd trade everything for you. For you and my child. I don't know this feeling. How can this be?

Steve: Did you talk to Kayla?

Dr. Kraft: I couldn't reach her.

Steve: Did you try her office?

Dr. Kraft: Yes, and her secretary told me she's out of the country for a few days.

Steve: Out of the country. Did they say where she went?

Dr. Kraft: Italy.

Steve: Italy.

Dr. Kraft: Look, I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson. I'm late for a meeting right now, and I'll come back when it's finished and we can talk. Okay, you just let me know if you think of anything else I can do.

Steve: Oh, Kayla, what are you doing?

Max: Lamborghini, Ferrari, the women. There are so many things that I should see and do while I'm here in Italy, and I'm stuck with you. Up, up, up. Are we done? What did you do to him?

Kayla: That's between Stefano and me. Come on, Manos. I'm sorry. That's Spanish.

Max: One more thing. All right, get in the closet. Now -- get in the closet.

Kayla: Got it? Come on, the gun, too.

Max: We might need it.

Kayla: No, no. We have everything we need, hopefully, to put E.J. away for life. Come on.

Shawn D.: So, I'm gonna head downstairs and see if Gabby needs help finding a boat.

Belle: Shawn, thank you.

Shawn D.: We're gonna be okay. You know that, right?

Belle: I know.

Shawn D.: Okay, I'm gonna get going.

Gabby: I'll be right with you. Just give me a few seconds, okay? Oh, don't worry, cap. No, it is absolutely gorgeous. Look, anyone who takes this deal is going to be thanking you for a very long time. [Laughs] Thanks. Yeah. Just let me know. Okay. Hi. Can I help you?

Philip: I hope so. I'm looking for two people who kidnapped my daughter, and I've got a reason to believe they came to this island. Have you seen them?

E.J.: I don't think you do understand. Because this isn't just my loss. This is your loss, too.

Belle: So, it all depends on Gabby, someone we barely know. Our lives are in her hands, Shawn. Do you realize that?

Philip: I swear, you better start talking, damn it.

Gabby: Fine, they're here! You're right!

Max: What you're trying to say is the love of my life is...

Kayla: Abby Deveraux.

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