Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/28/07 - Canada; Thursday 3/29/07 - U.S.A.


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Shawn D.: Hey. What time is it?

Belle: The sun just came up.

Shawn D.: It's a bit early to be doing laundry, don't you think?

Belle: Well, I couldn't sleep, so I fed and bathed Claire. Rag pile.

Shawn D.: I, uh, I had a dream last night.

Belle: I'm sure you did.

Shawn D.: I dreamt that you were right.

Belle: Really? Must have been a nightmare for you, then.

Shawn D.: Oh, come on, Belle. I'm just trying to apologize for giving you a hard time about the twin beds.

Belle: It's not about the beds.

Shawn D.: Well, there's something, and I'm all out of guesses. Why do I have a feeling that the shirt you just threw on that rag pile was me? So, are you gonna talk to me or not?

Belle: We have had Claire on the run for a really long time. And aside from us, she has had no contact with family or kids her own age.

Shawn D.: For good reason. And she's been a champ so far.

Belle: Yeah, so far. But she needs more than us. I would really, really hate to think that all of these risks that we have taken have messed her up.

Shawn D.: You're right, and I agree with you. But it's gonna be kind of hard to find her a play date on this island.

Belle: Right, which is exactly why I think it's time for us to pack up and go to Australia.

Nick: Hi.

Chelsea: You got my call?

Nick: Yeah, yeah. You sounded really upset.

Chelsea: I am.

Nick: Well, I'm really, really glad you called me, Chelsea. I was gonna call you, but --

Chelsea: I know. I kind of wish that you had.

Nick: Really? That's -- that's great. Not that I expect to be forgiven for happened between your mom and me, but --

Chelsea: Look, Nick, I don't want to talk about that, okay?

Nick: Okay, that's fine. That's -- that's great. I agree. I think that...I think we should put it behind us, you know, and move on with our lives, just you and me. Because what happened with your mom --

Chelsea: Nick, I just said that I don't want to talk about it.

Nick: Right, okay. I'm sorry. What do you want to talk about?

Chelsea: Do you still love me?

Nick: What?

Chelsea: I mean, after everything that's happened, do you still feel the same way about me as you did before?

Nick: No. I love you more, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Good. Um, because I really need you right now. I'm in a lot of trouble, and you're the only person that I can count on to help me.

Max: Yeah, yeah?

Kayla: You know, I just want to say thank you.

Max: You're welcome. For what?

Kayla: For making this trip to Italy with me.

Max: Hey, I've always wanted to see the world, and Italy's a great place to start.

Kayla: Even if it's DiMera country and not exactly a vacation?

Max: Yeah, not to mention the fact that Bo and Roman would be totally pissed if they knew what we were doing, which reminds me. Hey, what are we doing?

Kayla: I told you. I need to see Stefano DiMera.

Max: Yeah, I get that, but you haven't exactly told me why, except that we're gonna go rattle the old man's cage about what he did to Steve.

Kayla: It's a long story.

Max: We got nothing but time, Kayla. This plane is going to Italy. It's not gonna land for another few hours.

Kayla: Well, remember when I told you that E.J. was controlling Steve?

Max: Right, the brainwashing thing.

Kayla: Yeah. Well, one of the things that he had Steve do was kidnap John Black and remove one of his kidneys.

Max: You got to be kidding me.

Kayla: No. Um, no, he did it. He kidnapped John, and then --

Max: Wait, come on, Kayla. You're not gonna tell me that Steve took out one of John's kidneys.

Kayla: No, no, of course not.

Max: 'Cause that is way too bizarre for me. I mean, way too bizarre.

Kayla: I did it.

Max: What? You did -- you did what?

Kayla: Well, yeah, I did it. It was either that or let some hack butcher John to death. And that's why I think Steve called me. Even though it was against E.J.'s orders, he did that, and that's what gives me the proof I need to know that Steve is fighting this.

Max: What the hell would they want with one of John's kidneys?

Kayla: E.J. is Stefano's son. My guess is that the old man needed a transplant.

Max: That is seriously messed up.

Kayla: Yeah, it sure is.

Max: Okay, so, what do we do now? Do we storm the palace? Do we kidnap the old bastard? It'd be kind of nice to know what the plan is, sis.

Kayla: Well...Marlena gave me this. It's the hospital that she and John located Stefano in last year.

Max: Okay.

Kayla: What we need is strong proof that John's kidney was transplanted into Stefano and that E.J. orchestrated the whole thing.

Max: Wow.

Kayla: Look, I know it's a long shot, and if you still want to back out, I totally understand. But I have got to do this for Steve.

Max: Well, it must be nice.

Kayla: What's that?

Max: To be that much in love that you risk everything for him.

Kayla: I just hope it's not too late.

[Indistinct moaning]

Foley: You got ears. I said clean it up.

Steve: I don't know. That looks kind of like pig slop to me. [Laughter] You're a pig. You should eat it. [Laughter]

Foley: Clean it or you're back in a jacket two sizes to small.

Steve: Okay, you win. I can't do the jacket. [Laughter] You want fries with that?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.


Foley: You crossed the line, smartass.

Steve: What line is that? The only line I'm aware of is the yellow one running down the middle of your back. [Laughter]

Foley: Laugh while you still got teeth.

Steve: I like the bulging veins and the bugged-out eyes. It makes you look kind of sexy.

Foley: I said clean up that mess or I'll put you on report.

Steve: [Laughs] Is that all you got, man? Huh? Come on, ham-fisted bad breath. Is that it? Come on, show me something. Come on. Come on. Fats and skinny lying in the bed. Fats rolled over and skinny was dead. Fats called the doctor. The doctor said, "Fats, you shouldn't have been lying in that bed." [Laughter]

Foley: Ever been shocked, smartass? Hurts real bad.

Max: For what it's worth, I think Steve's a pretty smart guy. He had a good-enough sense to hook up with you.

Kayla: I think we're both lucky. Well, there was a little while there I didn't think that.

Max: You mean when he disappeared for all that time?

Kayla: No, more recently, when we found out that Stefano was responsible for what happened to him. I thought maybe, you know, if he hadn't met me, if he'd never gotten involved with a Brady...

Max: Come on, Kayla. You're not blaming yourself for this.

Kayla: It was a fleeting thought.

Max: How about this fleeting thought? How many women out there are brave enough to travel thousands of miles to do battle with the head of one of the most dangerous families in the world and literally risking her own life for the man she loves, hmm?

Kayla: You know what? Someday some girl's gonna be lucky enough to be your soul mate, and she's gonna do the same for you.

Max: You think?

Kayla: Yeah, I do. In a heartbeat.

Max: Boy, did I luck out to get you for a sister.

Kayla: It goes both ways, little bro.

Max: Look, for the record, I'm in this all the way -- whatever you need.

Kayla: Thank you.

Max: Mm-hmm. So, now that we're finished telling each other how great we do we do this?

Kayla: Well, obviously, we can't storm the hospital.

Max: Oh, Stefano's playmates would get us before we even get to the door.

Kayla: So I was thinking that what do I have working for me?

Max: Besides me and your good looks?

Kayla: No, no, no. I have my credentials. I'm a doctor.

Max: That would get us past the front desk, Kayla.

Kayla: You're right. What we need is some kind of distraction, or maybe more like divine intervention.

Max: And then there's plan "B."

Kayla: You have an idea?

Max: Let's just say the Lord works in mysterious ways. I'll be right back. [Whistles]

Shawn D.: Say that again?

Belle: You heard me. I think that we should leave the island.

Shawn D.: I don't get it, Belle.

Belle: What part don't you get? I want to leave.

Shawn D.: Since when? You were the one who wanted to stay put.

Belle: Well, now I've had the night to think it over.

Shawn D.: So, you voted us off this island. What gives, Belle?

Belle: Like I said, this is not a fit place to raise a child.

Shawn D.: Oh, come on. There's something more than that.

Belle: What do you want? You want a list? I don't think that a dive bar is a great environment to raise a child in. I'm worried about the sheriff asking all those questions about our phony passports.

Shawn D.: And he's not gonna do anything.

Belle: How do you know that? You're the one who's always saying that Philip's gonna track us down.

Shawn D.: Man, everything is upside down. Usually you're the one who's telling me not to worry.

Belle: And now I am telling you, you need to worry, and I want to leave now.

Shawn D.: Okay. Fine. We're gonna go. But do you have a way that we're gonna get to Australia?

Belle: As a matter of fact, I do.

Shawn D.: So you got a plan?

Belle: Don't act so surprised.

Shawn D.: You're serious about this, then, aren't you?

Belle: Shawn, our lives depend on it.

Nick: Chelsea, I am here for you no matter what. And that's not just a cheesy line to score points.

Chelsea: I'm counting on that to be true.

Nick: I'm your friend. And there's no way I'd ever take that back.

Chelsea: I kind of need more than a friend right now, Nick. I need somebody that can see past all of my mistakes and who loves me enough to take a huge risk for me.

Nick: Well, that's me. Any day of the week.

Chelsea: Yeah, that's why I'm here.

Nick: Okay. Um, let's sit down. Tell me -- tell me what's going on.

Chelsea: Okay, well, um, you know the fire at Bo and Hope's house.

Nick: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chelsea: And how everyone was trying to pin the arson on me. I mean, we all know I come in dead last in my dad's life, so of course I was his number-one suspect.

Nick: I know. I was there at the garage when he questioned you.

Chelsea: There's more. When it was safe to go back inside, Hope did, and she discovered that they'd been robbed. Whoever set fire to the place stole all of her jewelry. And guess where they found it? Willow Stark's room.

Nick: Willow did all of this?

Chelsea: Don't look so shocked. I mean, I know you two are all buddy-buddy now.

Nick: We are not buddy-buddy, Chelsea. I'm just helping her find a place to live. That's it.

Chelsea: Good. Then the good news is, is you don't have to do that anymore 'cause she'll be living in jail.

Nick: Well, then, that's perfect, right? Willow's guilty. You're off the hook. Everything sounds perfectly fine.

Chelsea: Not exactly. Look, there's some DNA out there that will throw me in jail instead of her. The cops found a hairbrush at the scene of the crime. And they're positive that it was left behind by the arsonist. The hairbrush was mine, Nick. And if that comes out, I'm done for. And that's kind of why I need you to be my hero again.

Nick: How can the hairbrush at the crime scene be yours if you were never there?

Chelsea: I have no idea.

Nick: I mean, you must have some idea, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I went to use my hairbrush one day and it was gone, Nick. It never occurred to me that someone stole it.

Nick: Why would someone steal your hairbrush?

Chelsea: It wasn't someone, Nick. It was Willow.

Nick: Then why would Willow steal your hairbrush?

Chelsea: Because she's trying to frame me. Look, she knows I'm not my daddy's favorite little girl, so she goes in there, she steals Hope's jewelry, she torches the place, and then she leaves a little piece of me behind so that I get the blame for it, which is exactly what will happen unless you help me.

Nick: Okay, okay. So, then, what is it that you want your best friend, who just so happens to work at the lab, to do for you?

Chelsea: I think you already know the answer to that, Nick. I need you to get me off the hook.

Shawn D.: Okay, I'm convinced you're serious. So am I. What's the plan?

Belle: We still have the ring that Philip gave me.

Shawn D.: Yeah, the one that we tried to pawn in Toronto.

Belle: Right, but he reported it stolen, so no one would touch it.

Shawn D.: It's too risky.

Belle: Right, but I was thinking nobody on this island would have any reason to think that this ring was stolen.

Shawn D.: Do you think that anybody on Tinda Lao is gonna want to buy an expensive wedding ring?

Belle: Yes, I do, especially when we're not asking for cash. We're gonna trade it for a boat that will get us to Australia.

Shawn D.: All right, good work.

Belle: It will work. And then once we get there, we can sell the boat and maybe have enough money to live on until we get jobs.

Shawn D.: You really thought this through. [Laughs]

Belle: Come on, it's a way to start over. It's a way for Claire to have a happy childhood, the same way we did.

Shawn D.: [Sighs] That's something I haven't seen in a long time.

Belle: What?

Shawn D.: You smiling. It's nice.

Belle: I guess I was just thinking about what our future could be. We've have some really good luck lately. And I'm ready to press it all the way to Australia... if you still feel the same way.

Shawn D.: Belle, you know I do, but I just --

Belle: You're not sure.

Shawn D.: No, I'm sure about me, but I know you. There's another reason why you want to leave here.

Belle: What are you talking about?

Shawn D.: What I'm talking about is you being straight with me. Now, I know all the other reasons why you want to leave, and I'm fine with that. But I need to hear the one you're not telling me. I need to hear why you really want to leave.

Foley: I said you got five seconds to clean up this mess.

Steve: And if I don't?

Foley: Shock therapy. This baby does 50,000 volts. Drop like a sack of doorknobs, wet yourself. Then when you come around, you get to clean that up, too.

Steve: You know, I've been around losers like you all my life, starting with my father. You know, he used to have to beat the crap out of my mother to make himself feel like a man.

Foley: Yeah, and I've been around losers like you all my life. They never learn. They just keep asking for it.

Steve: There's only two things in this joint worth living for. That's eats and sleep. And you got a poor dude here who just wants a few extra scraps to take the edge off his emptiness, and you humiliate him. I got news for you, Tiny. Making him look small, that doesn't make you look any bigger. And the only thing that scares me about you is your bad smell. I would gargle glass before I'd take an order from you.

Foley: You're really asking for it.

Steve: You keep saying that. Bring it on, man. Hit me with all you got. I've been zapped with more thunderbolts than Frankenstein's monster. And it's been a while. I need a recharge.

Foley: You got five seconds.

Steve: That was 10 seconds ago, and I'm still standing here. Come on, little man. I tell you what, I'll make it easy for you. Here, a target. Right there. Hit me, come on.

Foley: I'm not joking.

Steve: I'm not laughing.

Foley: Ask them. They know.

Steve: Oh, I don't doubt that. Fire away. [Indistinct shouting]

Dr. Kraft: What the hell is going on here?

Kayla: What have you been up to?

Max: Just be quiet. [Chants] Just call me Father Maximus.

Kayla: You stole that from a priest?

Max: No, I -- I borrowed it. And he had six others. He's not gonna miss one, all right? God helps those who help themselves.

Kayla: You are very petty.

Max: Bless you, my child.

Nick: Chelsea, please don't ask me what I think that you're asking me.

Chelsea: Nick, I'm sorry, but I have to.

Nick: What is this? I get requests for mummy DNA and forged amnio results.

Chelsea: Look, I did not do this.

Nick: Well, then, you have nothing to worry about.

Chelsea: Nick, it was my hairbrush with my DNA on it.

Nick: How do you know that you didn't just accidentally drop it at your dad's house when you were there sometime before?

Chelsea: Look, Nick, it is their key piece of evidence. My dad talked about finding that thing like he'd found the holy grail.

Nick: You don't know that, that's their key piece of evidence.

Chelsea: They're gonna send it here to get DNA tested, and once they do, I'm gonna end up on the most-wanted list again.

Nick: Okay, okay, I understand. I understand why you're worried, but I have no control over who does what around here.

Chelsea: Yeah, but you're here every day, right?

Nick: Right.

Chelsea: Okay, so can't you just, I don't know, grab a package and lose it? Come on, Nick. It would be so easy for you. You said that you would do anything for me, remember?

Nick: You want me to break the law? You want me to risk my job, risk my career, risk everything, put everything on the line?

Chelsea: Accidents happen. Packages go missing. Nobody would know that it was you.

Nick: I will.

Chelsea: This is my future we're talking about, too, okay? All I'm asking you to do is make a stupid hairbrush disappear, all right?

Nick: No, not all right.

Belle: Are you calling me a liar?

Shawn D.: No, I just think that you're not telling me the whole story.

Belle: That's the same as saying I'm lying.

Shawn D.: It doesn't add up, Belle. One minute I'm gung ho about getting out of here and you won't budge. Now you got our bags packed and you're halfway out the door.

Belle: I'm not allowed to change my mind?

[Knock on door]

Gabby: Hey, it's Gabby. Can I come in? Good morning. And how are you guys today? I brought you some café au lait. Beats having breakfast down in the bar, and, you know, it would give you guys some privacy, right?

Belle: Thank you.

Gabby: Yeah, so, you guys slept all right?

Belle: Uh-huh, we were very comfortable.

Gabby: Good. Um, Duck wants to see you, wants you to gas up the generator before the bar opens up, if that's okay.

Shawn D.: Can't it wait just a minute?

Belle: Do what he says. We can talk later.

Gabby: Um, is everything okay, Belle?

Belle: Yeah, why do you ask?

Gabby: I don't know. Maybe for a minute I thought something might be wrong with Claire.

Belle: No, Claire's fine. Nice of you to worry, though.

Gabby: Yeah, well, she's a sweet kid. Hey, I can watch her for you while you take a shower, you know, feed her some breakfast, whatever, or maybe --

Belle: Why are you so interested in my kid?


Nick: There's got to be another way.

Chelsea: Short of spending the rest of my life behind bars, I honestly can't think of one. Look, Nick, all I want you to do is just clear my name, okay, so that we can be together. We were just starting to get to know each other, starting to get along. I mean, those kisses were amazing.

Nick: Don't do this, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Do what?

Nick: After you found out about your mom and me, you said you never wanted to see me again.

Chelsea: I was upset, Nick. You can't blame me for that. I was crazy about you, and then you went to -- I can't even say it because it still hurts. But that doesn't mean that I don't care about you and that doesn't mean that I don't want to be with you.

Nick: You know that's what I want, too. But not like this.

Chelsea: Nick, there's no other way.

Nick: Yes, there are. There are plenty of other ways. You're just not looking at them.

Chelsea: Like what? That brush that Willow planted is gonna throw me in jail.

Nick: Not if you tell Bo the truth.

Chelsea: That's your idea of an option? Get real, Nick.

Nick: Chelsea, he's a good person. If you tell him the truth, he'll believe you.

Chelsea: You were there that night when he kept interrogating me and giving me the third degree.

Nick: That was before they found all of that stuff in Willow's room. Just tell Bo the truth. Tell him what you told me.

Chelsea: You're not gonna do this for me, are you?

Nick: I'm sorry, Chelsea. I want you to love me. But I'm not gonna compromise my integrity to make it happen.

Chelsea: You think I did this, didn't you? That's why you won't help me, because you think I did this.

Gabby: I'm sorry, Belle. I didn't realize that you thought that --

Belle: That you were trying to be Claire's nanny since we got here? You're a stranger, Gabby, not her mother.

Gabby: I didn't think I was trying to be. I thought I was her mother's friend.

Belle: Maybe you should rethink that.

Gabby: What's gotten into you? You think I don't care about you and your family?

Belle: No, I think you care. I think you care a little too much.

Gabby: Belle, look, I apologize if I overstepped, but it's just, you know, Claire won me over with her sweetness and her incredible smile. But if that upsets you, all right, I'll back away.

Belle: Just forget it, Gabby. I shouldn't have said anything.

Gabby: Hey, look, I'm just an island girl, but I'm not dumb.

Belle: I never said you were dumb.

Gabby: No, but I can tell when somebody's angry with me, and you are royally pissed off.

Belle: Just leave it alone, okay?

Gabby: No, I am here if you want to talk about it. Come on, Belle. Just spit it out. I can handle it.

Belle: Why do you even care?

Gabby: Because I like you. Look, I don't have too many girlfriends here, okay? And I thought maybe --

Belle: You know what? You say you're all about the truth, Gabby. Why don't you tell me this -- are you sure it's a girlfriend that you're looking for?

Gabby: Oh, wow. This is about Shawn, isn't it?

Belle: Well, it's not about Charlie the drunk.

Gabby: Okay, Belle, I had no idea that you felt this way. You're jealous of me? You see me as some kind of rival?

Belle: I do not see you as some kind of rival. And I really don't want to talk about this with you.

Gabby: Well, you can't just hit me with something like that and just walk away from it.

Belle: Really? Watch me.

Gabby: No, no, look. You just accused me of being interested in your man. I think you owe me a chance to defend myself.

Belle: I didn't accuse you of anything, Gabby. I asked you a question.

Gabby: And I am trying to answer you, Belle. I'm not interested in Shawn, okay? Not in the way you're worried about.

Belle: What makes you think I'm worried?

Gabby: Why else are we even having this stupid conversation?

Belle: Look at you. You're beautiful, you're seductive, and you know how to work it.

Gabby: And exactly how am I using these powers that I have over Shawn?

[Door opens]

Shawn D.: Gabby, tell your dad the generator's on its last leg, but if he wants to invest in a new distributor, I can keep the baby running.

Gabby: All right. I'll go tell him.

Shawn D.: Did I miss something?

Belle: Shawn, do you love me?

Shawn D.: Yeah, you know I do.

Belle: I need to hear you say it.

Shawn D.: Belle, I love you.

Belle: Then do something for me without asking any questions. Help me pack our bags so we can get out of here as soon as possible.

Kayla: So, my baby brother goes from master mechanic to race car driver to man of the cloth. Brilliant.

Max: Here's another brilliant idea. Where there are priests, there must be nuns.

Kayla: Oh, come on. You're not suggesting I be a nun.

Max: Sister Kayla and Father Maximus and a whole lot of luck might get us in to see Stefano, but it's not a slam dunk. But don't get me wrong. I think we have a really great chance at this.

Kayla: You know what? I believe in my heart and my soul that I am Steve's only hope to get well and out of that hospital, so it can't just be a shot at it. It has to work. What?

Max: I was just thinking about how our brothers would react to you going into the lion's den like this.

Kayla: That's just because they think of me as the good girl, you know, the reliable, dependable one, the shoulder to cry on.

Max: That's what you are.

Kayla: But for Steve's sake, that's not who I can be. I have to be able to get down and dirty.

Max: [Laughs] Hey, Kayla, you are what you are, okay? You're an angel on earth. That doesn't go without saying that, you know, your halo doesn't have to be so shiny.

Kayla: Well, maybe I'm just an avenging angel, then.

Max: I wouldn't go that far. Let's not go there.

Kayla: I have to go that far. I need to be what I fear and hate the most about the DiMeras. And, Lord, give me strength.

Dr. Kraft: Have you forgotten what your job is?

Foley: Well, that's what I was doing -- my job.

Dr. Kraft: Your job is to protect these people, not hurt them.

Foley: But this crazy idiot --

Dr. Kraft: Hey, nowhere in your job description does it say it's okay for you to use that kind of weapon on a patient unless your life is in danger.

Foley: I believed that it was. I mean, the way he was acting, dumped his food on the floor, wouldn't clean it up.

Dr. Kraft: And I'm sure you asked him nicely.

Foley: That guy's a real troublemaker. He should be on lockdown 24/7. Charged me like a bull.

Dr. Kraft: I had a pretty good view of what went down here, and I didn't see any charging when you stunned Mr. Johnson. What I heard was him goading you into using your weapon.

Foley: Yeah, he was asking for it.

Dr. Kraft: You should have paged me, then.

Steve: That's all right, dude. [Grunts] I appreciate the hot-wire. Really got my neon glowing, if you know what I mean.

Foley: Shut up.

Dr. Kraft: Hey! Foley, I'll take it from here. And do something about this mess. [Laughter, taunting] Okay, that's enough. How are you doing?

Steve: Well, I'm all fired up. You know, when you said I could have lunch with the rest of the folks, I didn't know it was gonna be this exciting.

Dr. Kraft: Can you stand up?

Steve: Oh, yeah. I can stand up.

Dr. Kraft: Good, let's get you back to your room.

Steve: Are you gonna have your way with me, doctor?

Dr. Kraft: I always get my way. You need a wheelchair?

Steve: No. I got legs. Right? I got legs. [Laughter] [Laughter]

Shawn D.: You never have to ask if I love you. It's never gonna stop.

Belle: That's some commitment, considering I kicked you out of my bed.

Shawn D.: It's not gonna be like that forever. Just until you feel right.

Belle: I love you. I'm really sorry I've been so hard on you.

Shawn D.: You want to say that again?

Belle: I'm sorry I've been so hard on you.

Shawn D.: No, no, no. The first part.

Belle: I love you.

Shawn D.: It's been a long time since I've heard those words.

Belle: Well, if I don't say it enough, you just need to know that's how I feel.

Shawn D.: Even though I've been so pigheaded sometimes?

Belle: Yeah. Even then. I know that you and I have a future together. It's just not here.

Shawn D.: Belle, I know that things haven't been perfect here, but --

Belle: But we needed to be here for a while, and now Claire's better and we've had a chance to catch our breath.

Shawn D.: But not very much time with each other. I mean, you and me.

Belle: I know, with all the hours that Duck has had you working. And probably most importantly because -- it's just that --

Shawn D.: What?

Belle: This is not the best place for us to find our way back to each other. And that scares me. It really scares me -- us drifting apart, and I just can't -- I can't take losing you. It would just break my heart.

Chelsea: Just admit it, Nick. You think I set the fire and that's why you don't want to help me.

Nick: I didn't say that.

Chelsea: You didn't have to. It's exactly what you're thinking. It's why you're not even looking at me.

Nick: I am looking at you. I am looking into your unbelievably beautiful eyes, and if you stand here and you tell me that you didn't do it, then I know that you didn't do it.

Chelsea: I shouldn't have to tell you. You should just know that I wouldn't do something like that.

Nick: Come on, Chelsea. I see your side of this. Why can't you see mine?

Chelsea: I do see your side. It's not something you want to do. It's not something you think you should do.

Nick: It's definitely not something I think I should do.

Chelsea: Look, you have to understand that it's not exactly easy for me to come in here and ask you this. And I wouldn't be if I could honestly think of another way.

Nick: I still don't think you understand.

Chelsea: No, I do understand. I just thought that we had something special together.

Nick: We did. We do, Chelsea. But what if I came to you -- what if I came to you and I said, "rob a bank for me."

Chelsea: That's completely different.

Nick: No, it's exactly the same, and that's the point.

Chelsea: You'd be asking me to commit a crime. I'm asking you to prevent one -- me going to jail for something that I didn't do.

Nick: Stop evading the question. What would you say if I asked you to rob a bank?

Chelsea: I'd say, "give me the mask and the gun." Because I'm there for you.

Nick: You know that's not true.

Chelsea: Yes, it is. Because when it comes down to it, Nick, I would do anything for you. And I thought you felt the same way about me, but I guess I was wrong. Yeah. [Door closes]

Chelsea: That's right. A flight to New York. Next available. The sooner, the better.

Nick: Chelsea, wait. Chelsea!

Shawn D.: It's okay, baby. The last thing I'm gonna do is break your heart. That's never gonna happen.

Belle: I'm sorry.

Shawn D.: You don't have to apologize.

Belle: I haven't cried like this since we were on the island when we thought we lost Claire.

Shawn D.: I didn't know that you worried so much, you know, about us.

Belle: I didn't want to say anything.

Shawn D.: I'm glad you did. That's the last thing that you are ever gonna have to worry about.

Belle: So, then, are you okay with leaving and going to Australia?

Shawn D.: I wish that I had some time to save some money before we went.

Belle: We will make it work. I promise that we'll make it work, but I have to get out of here.

Shawn D.: Okay. Then we're gonna go.

Belle: When?

Shawn D.: Well, let's get out that ring. I'm gonna go see about getting a boat today. Today, today.

Belle: Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm so excited. I can't wait to go.

Max: You know, Kay, there's all kinds of tough.

Kayla: Oh, really?

Max: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. There's your drunks who are way over their limit, and they try and deck you with a roundhouse punch and they land smack on their faces. And then you have the tough bluffs. They draw a line and they dare you to cross it. When you do, they go running home to mama. And then there's your kind of tough.

Kayla: Oh, I have my own brand, do I?

Max: Yeah. It's called special "K."

Kayla: [Laughing] Oh, yeah.

Max: You're soft on the outside, and you're tough on the inside, the kind of tough that doesn't give up on the people they love.

Kayla: Go on. You're making me stronger.

Max: Okay, okay. You know, trouble doesn't faze you. When life throws a brick at you, you toss it back. You stand up and fight for what you believe is right. I know you're gonna get things done without turning into a DiMera. Yep, my sister's got the right kind of tough. And, you know, we'll get this done, all right, the Brady way.

Kayla: Oh, excuse me, Father. I'd like to make a little donation to your parish.

Father: Grazie.

Kayla: Prego.

Max: Well, we know who has the sure spot in heaven now, don't we?

Dr. Kraft: Well, contrary to some opinion, you do have a heart, and it's beating strong and steady. These don't look too bad. A little...should fix you right up.

Steve: No, no, no. That stuff stings like hell. No, thank you.

Dr. Kraft: You shouldn't have messed with Foley.

Steve: Hey...he was messing with one of the patients. I called him on it, and the dude went nuts. He shouldn't be working in a place like this.

Dr. Kraft: Tell me something, Mr. Johnson -- why didn't you go after Foley?

Steve: For one reason, he's bigger than me.

Dr. Kraft: And the other reason?

Steve: My psychobabble-iatrist told me I should be on my best behavior.

Dr. Kraft: Well, good answer. And I am also very happy that you kept your promise and you took your meds.

Steve: You got to go along to get along I always say.

Dr. Kraft: Well, you keep up the good work, and I'll see you in private session tomorrow.

Steve: Can't wait. [Knock on door]

Dr. Kraft: See that Mr. Johnson gets a new shirt, and I want to see you in my office first thing tomorrow.

Foley: Yes, ma'am. You made yourself one mean enemy today, Popeye.

Steve: Bring it on, bro. Bring it on.

Sami: I am more than okay because you are not the father.

E.J.: Let me see that.

Philip: I'm looking for two people who kidnapped my daughter, and I've got a reason to believe they came to this island.

Steve: It is a matter of life and death. Somebody could die.

Dr. Kraft: What are you talking about?

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