Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/20/07 - Canada; Wednesday 3/21/07 - U.S.A.


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Shawn D.: What makes you think that I'm hiding something?

Duck: I don't think. I know you are. I've seen too many of you guys come through here with your head swinging over your shoulders 24/7. You're a wide-open buck, sonny boy.

Shawn D.: That's funny 'cause I didn't really figure you as much of a reader, captain.

Duck: Hey, it's sergeant. How many times I got to tell you that?

Shawn D.: That's right. You eat captains for lunch.

Duck: And guys like you for a little appetizer. So, anyway, I'm thinking, why would a Boy Scout like you, and blondie and your little diaper machine, wind up on Tinda Lao with no money and no plan?

Shawn D.: Like I told you, we got caught in a storm.

Duck: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. The old shipwreck story. Arr! Well, guess what? The Duck ain't buying.

Shawn D.: Well, I hate to disappoint you, but that's the truth.

Duck: Like hell it is. You're running away from something. So, what is it? You cheat some bad guys out of money, or maybe you took off with one of their women, huh?

Shawn D.: Okay. Game's over, Duck.

Duck: You kill someone?

Shawn D.: No. It's nothing like that.

Duck: But it is something, huh? [Chuckles]

Gabby: Belle, there's really no problem moving into a room with twin beds.

Belle: You heard us, didn't you -- Shawn and me talking about not sleeping together?

Gabby: Uh, okay. I swear to you, I didn't hear a thing. I just assumed that the two of you guys were together.

Belle: Until I opened my big mouth.

Gabby: Hey, look. I'm not gonna say anything, okay? Whatever it's worth, I think it's a great idea -- going slow, the two of you.

Belle: It's just a sensitive subject.

Gabby: That's fine. Okay. There's plenty of rooms here. I'll let Duck know.

Belle: No, you can't do that. Promise me that you won't say a word to your father about anything we've talked about. Please, Gabby.

Waiter: Sorry for the delay with your order. It should be right out. Miss Perrault?

Celeste: No. No, no.

Waiter: The heat's all the way up, but if you're still cold --

Celeste: No, darling. Something is wrong. I-I can't stay. I've got to leave now -- right now.

E.J.: Well, Francesca.

Celeste: My name is Celeste.

E.J.: I know, but my father so loved calling you Francesca. You know, I don't suppose I should really be too surprised to see you here. You've been coming here a lot recently, haven't you, darling?

Steve: [Chuckles] So, you want me to turn myself in and you're gonna make me?

Marlena: I'll do whatever it takes.

Steve: Are you? What are you gonna do?

Marlena: Whatever I have to. Trust me, Steve.

Steve: Trust you or test you?

Kayla: You can't really blame Marlena. I just wanted to talk to you.

Steve: You people are trying to stall me until the boys in the white coats get here.

Kayla: No. No. Nobody knows that you and Billie are here -- just me and Marlena.

Marlena: That's not so.

Kayla: What are you talking about?

Marlena: When we stopped at the gas station, I called Roman.

Kayla: You didn't.

Marlena: I did. I knew if I asked you ahead of time, you wouldn't agree, so I didn't ask. I just called. He knows we're here. The police are coming any minute. So you're not going anywhere, Steve.

Gabby: Wow. You're strung pretty tight, huh? You don't want me to say anything to my dad? Then I won't, okay? Just relax.

Belle: I wish it was that easy.

Gabby: You are on an island. Take a look around. There is no traffic. There's nobody telling you what to do. If you can't relax here, then --

Belle: You're right. You're right. And I really appreciate everything that your dad and you have done for us, with this room and with food. But, really, this business with the bed, it --

Gabby: Like I said, it's no big deal, really.

Belle: Shawn doesn't really want to cause any problems between him and Duck. It's just the way he is.

Gabby: Guys -- go figure, huh?

Belle: [Chuckles]

Gabby: All right. I'll tell you what, Mom. While baby girl's still sleeping, why don't we go into another room, grab two twin beds, drag them in here. That way, Duck won't need to know a thing. Okay?

Belle: That's really great.

Gabby: Hey. It's just furniture, right?

Belle: No, actually, it's not. It's been a really long time since we've come across people as nice as you...and your dad.

Gabby: Yeah. Duck's a real pussycat, all right. I'm thinking he and Shawn are bonding like good old shipmates right about now.

Duck: Out with it, Boy Scout. You know I'll just dig it out of you sooner or later.

Shawn D.: I'm not a thief or a killer.

Duck: So, worse than that, huh? Must be an actor.

Shawn D.: I'm just a guy who's trying to take care of his family.

Duck: You're no salesman, that's for sure, 'cause, once again, I ain't buying.

Shawn D.: Look, I'm not gonna 'cause you any problems. I guarantee you that.

Duck: For all I know, you're Lizzie Borden's first cousin, just waiting for midnight to hack us to sushi. I'm ex-Marine, boy. I'm not Salvation Army. You want to stay here, you better come up with the truth.

Shawn D.: The truth is that we took our daughter and we left home for personal reasons, and we're not gonna be here long. I give you my word.

Duck: Your word don't mean squat to me! All I know about you for sure is you went sailing on three toothpicks, which means you're either running from someone or something. If you don't want to give me the skinny -- your call. But, then, I got a call of my own to make -- huh? -- Back to the States.

Shawn D.: You want the truth? Fine. I'll give you the truth.

E.J.: It really is such a shame that you ran off so quickly earlier. I was hoping to have a chat with you then.

Celeste: I have no idea what you're talking about.

E.J.: I saw you earlier right here, if I am not mistaken, darling.

E.J.: You weren't alone. You had company -- Samantha Brady.

Celeste: That's ridiculous. Ask anyone. They'll tell you. Not one single moment has passed between me and that little brat in many, many years.

E.J.: But you were here in the restaurant?

Celeste: Yes, in the bar, briefly. I met a friend for a drink. But Samantha? Come on. I'd rather break bread with Lucifer.

E.J.: I hope so, for your sake, because it would sadden me deeply to know that you have become involved in matters that do not concern you, Francesca.

Steve: So you're not bluffing, huh? You'll really turn me in?

Kayla: Why, Marlena?

Marlena: You know why. You both know why. Innocent people are being hurt -- people you care about. Who knows what you might do to a stranger?

Steve: What about what I might do to you, huh?

Billie: Steve, don't.

Kayla: Billie.

Billie: I'm okay. I'm all right.

Steve: Get out of my way, or I'll move you out of the way.

Marlena: I would suggest you don't try that.

Steve: You got a gun?

Marlena: I don't need a gun.

Steve: Kayla, you gonna try to stop me?

Marlena: Kayla can't stop you, because if she tries to, you may spend the rest of your life in prison.

Kayla: Steve, don't force us to keep you here, please.

Steve: Force you?! What are you talking about?! Get out of my way!

Kayla: Somebody, help me. Come on, Steve.

Billie: My head. My head.

Steve: [Screaming]

Gabby: Perfect.

Belle: Thank you so much, Gabby.

Gabby: Hey, nothing like sweating it out in the tropics.

Belle: I meant for understanding. Hi, baby.

Gabby: Don't worry about it. Not a word to my dad about anything, and that's a promise.

Belle: I can definitely tell you're a girl who keeps her word.

Gabby: Thanks. I almost forgot. I have something else that you're gonna love.

Belle: Wait, Gabby. After everything you've already done?

Gabby: Oh, trust me. You're gonna want this more than you know right now. So I will be back, and try to relax.

Belle: Okay. I will.

Gabby: No, you won't. But hang here long enough, you'll learn. [Door closes]

Belle: Well, what do you say? It's just like home, isn't it? [Chuckles] Well, not exactly like home... but it will be. You'll see.

Claire: [Coos]

Belle: I know.

Duck: Let me get this straight. That little baby is yours biologically?

Shawn D.: Belle's and mine. Flesh and blood.

Duck: Only the stepfather wants her back?

Shawn D.: Yeah, Belle's ex-husband. He's got the cash, and he's got the lawyers. He already bought the judge, and he got custody of Claire. So it was either hand her over or else.

Duck: So you two took off with the kid.

Shawn D.: I say the DNA gives us rights over the judges, the lawyer, or anyone else. What do you say?

Duck: I say that's a hell of a story.

Shawn D.: We've been on the run. We just need a chance to breathe, at least until we got here. I promise you, we're not gonna be in your way much longer.

Duck: Don't kid yourself, 'cause you ain't kidding me. You keep saying you're not gonna be here too long, but the truth is, you're looking to find something permanent, aren't you? The sooner, the better.

Celeste: Elvis, just listen to me now.

E.J.: E.J., please. Celeste.

Celeste: You're not the genius he was, and I know better than putting myself in the way of the family. And, besides, my time is full, you see? With my daughter still missing, I have to help Abraham with his son now, and I have no desire to find myself in Samantha's company for any reason. All right? You got that?

Waiter: I'm glad you're still here, Miss Perrault. Wrapped your food up for you. All ready to go.

Celeste: Oh. Thank you, darling. Just charge my account, will you?

Waiter: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: You can't go, not until you've had a drink. Please stay.

Celeste: I have a small boy at home waiting. I told you -- some other time.

E.J.: It's a terrible thing, but, unfortunately, patience is not one of my virtues. My father -- he really tried to teach that to me. You remember my father, don't you?

Celeste: You are really wasting my time now.

E.J.: I think, Celeste, that you mistook my invitation. It was not a request. So, let's go have a drink, shall we?

Billie: Oh, my God.

Marlena: Billie, get the rope.

Billie: Stay back. Stay back. Stay there. Stay there.

Steve: [Coughing]

Billie: Here's the rope.

Steve: [Groaning]

Marlena: His head. Help us. Hold this -- what's wrong with you?

Belle: See? It's just like home. We have been through all of that, and we still made it. If I didn't know better, I would say someone is looking out for us, baby girl.

Gabby: Okay. I don't know what it took you to get here, but I can tell it wasn't easy, so here. Mommies deserve to be pampered a little sometimes, too, don't you think?

Belle: Sweetie, look at all that. Gabby, you don't know how long it's been since I've had a real shower.

Gabby: I had a feeling. Just wait till that hot water hits you. Actually, you know what? It's a perfect time right now. The tank should be full. Why don't we go to the beach and give mommy time to...

Belle: You don't have to do that.

Gabby: I don't mind.

Belle: Take your hands off my daughter now.

Duck: So, am I right, Dudley Do-wrong?

Shawn D.: We're tired of running. Sure. So what? My folks -- they sailed from place to place until I was old enough to go to school. If that's what we're gonna have to do, so be it. I'm not gonna lie to you, Duck. Belle -- she would be happier settling down. I would be happy giving them a home, but now is not the right time. We just need a place where we can breathe and where I can save enough money to take --

Duck: Working here is what you're thinking.

Shawn D.: I was just -- I was thinking out loud. There's no plans. There's no expectations.

Duck: Good. No disappointments that way.

Shawn D.: All we need is a couple of days, and we'll be out of your way as soon as we can.

Duck: Look, the last thing I need is some guy with a badge and a gun dropping by here looking for your kid. I got regular customers that don't appreciate that kind of company.

Shawn D.: What are you saying? You want to get this over with and turn us in? You think you know me, don't you? If you bring the law in here, I will bring this place down. I'm warning you. I will do whatever it takes to keep my family safe and together -- whatever it takes.

E.J.: Wonderful. Are you sure you wouldn't like anything?

Celeste: I'd like to go home now.

E.J.: And I would like to help.

Celeste: Call me a taxi, then.

E.J.: Help you with whatever is on your mind. I think you'll find that if you unburden your mind to a family member, it would make life a lot easier.

Celeste: E.J., just say what's on your mind and let me go.

E.J.: What exactly did I do to get such disrespect from you?

Celeste: I curse your name for what you did to my girl.

E.J.: What I did to your girl? Your girl ran off with her boy toy.

Celeste: No. My daughter was murdered. And there is no doubt in my mind that you ordered her dead.

Marlena: Roman, where are you?

Steve: Get out of my face. Get away from me.

Marlena: Billie, are you okay?

Billie: I'm okay. I-I need to get some air. I'll be right back.

Marlena: Kayla, I'm worried about Billie. I'm gonna check on her. Will you be all right here? I won't be long, okay? I know it's a lot to ask. Roman's gonna be right here.

Kayla: I'll be all right. I can handle him.

Steve: Hey. Hey. Are you there? I can't see you. Can I say something?

Kayla: Yeah. I'm here. Where else would I be?

Steve: Baby, you need to help me. I really need your help. Please.

Belle: Come here, baby.

Gabby: I was just trying to help. I'm sorry.

Belle: No, Gabby, I'm sorry. I should apologize. I just --

Gabby: It's okay. You don't have to explain.

Belle: No, I do. It's just whenever Claire is out of my sight, I get really -- we were separated once, and I don't think that I'm really over that.

Gabby: I just thought everybody needed some downtime. That's all. But I'm wrong, I guess. Hey, it looks like somebody's starting to make themselves feel right at home.

Belle: I didn't want Claire to forget her grandparents.

Claire: [Babbling]

Belle: My mom was alone when I left. My dad is really sick.

Claire: [Crying]

Belle: I don't know if he's alive or not.

Gabby: Oh, wow. I'm sorry, Belle. I had no idea.

Belle: I just wish I could talk to them just for a minute, just one more time.

Gabby: Why can't you? Look, why don't we go downstairs right now and call your mom, okay? Come on. Want to go?

Marlena: I wish I could do something to help you. I don't have anything with me.

Billie: That's okay. Steve said if it was a concussion, it's probably minor.

Marlena: A real angel of mercy, hmm I assume he forced you to help him escape. That must have been awful for you.

Billie: What have they done to him, Marlena? What do you think those sick bastards did?

Kayla: You should be resting. Don't try to talk.

Steve: Talking's all I've got. Kayla, look at me. You can't let them take me back. That place will kill me.

Kayla: I just want to help you. We all do.

Steve: Listen. I know I said some terrible things, but I did that. I was just trying to push you away. I was trying to protect you. But you were right, Kayla. They were just words. In my heart, I still love you. I always will.

Kayla: That's all I want to hear you say. I don't like this.

Steve: Yeah, baby. I mean it. Please listen to me. Listen, our connection has never been stronger. You know that. All those years, that's what kept us together. You've always been in my heart. You are my heart.

Kayla: I love you.

Steve: Let's do this. Come on. Let's be together forever. Run away with me. Cut me loose.

Kayla: What?

Steve: Get rid of these ropes, and we'll go. We'll never look back.

Marlena: Look, I know Steve is in pain. I know he feels that his mind and his heart have been ripped apart by E.J. and by Stefano.

Billie: You really think that E.J. is behind the brainwashing?

Marlena: I do.

Billie: But why? E.J. is the one who called Kayla to tell her that Steve was at my apartment. I think he deserves a break.

Marlena: Your concussion is worse than I thought. Either that, or you have no idea how much trouble you are already in.

E.J.: What makes you think that Alexandra's dead? Did you have a mystical vision? Nobody ever found her body.

Celeste: She is your sister, E.J.

E.J.: Uh-huh. What? Care to finish that thought?

Celeste: I have very few kind words to say about your father, but not even Stefano would take the life of his own bloodline.

E.J.: I am my father's son.

Celeste: You? You are an abomination, and he would be outraged and shamed by you ripping a mother away from her son. And as far as you taking my daughter away from me without even leaving us the comfort of a proper grieving --

E.J.: Finished yet? You done?

Celeste: Finished. Yes. And despite my words, you have no cause for concern. Oh, yeah. I know better. And I will do nothing -- nothing at all -- to upset you.

E.J.: Really? Tell me something. Is that why you've been lying to my face?

Belle: I can't call home. It's not possible.

Gabby: Why not? Listen, I do all the bills around here. Duck will never even notice you made an overseas call. And if we use the phone down in the bar, my dad will never even see you.

Belle: I know Claire would really like to hear her grandma's voice.

Gabby: Okay. Do it for Claire, then. Look, I don't get it, Belle. What's the problem?

Belle: I told Shawn that I wouldn't make any calls at all.

Gabby: Then we won't tell him.

Belle: I don't know.

Gabby: Okay. What don't you know? How can making a quick phone call hurt anybody, Belle?

Shawn D.: Well? Are you gonna say something, or are you just gonna stand there and stare at me? 'Cause I got to tell you, you ain't my type.

Duck: So, turns out there is a grown man hiding in there somewhere, huh?

Shawn D.: A grown man who's tired of boot camp, so talk to me. You know who we are. You know why we're here. You've got all the cards, so how are you gonna play them? Can we trust you?

Duck: You ain't got much choice, do you?

Shawn D.: No. It's turned into a question of honor now pretty much. You wanted honesty. I gave it to you. Now it's your turn.

Duck: Can you trust me? Yeah, why the hell not? You warned me, though. Only fair I warn you back. If trouble follows you here, don't be looking for me to stick out my neck.

Shawn D.: That's fair enough.

Duck: Even if it ain't, that's how it is.

Gabby: It's not a problem. It's right over there.

Shawn D.: Belle.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: What are you pretty ladies up to?

Celeste: So, exactly what lies am I supposed to be telling you, E.J.?

E.J.: About Samantha.

Celeste: Oh, please. Are we back to that again? I already said --

E.J.: I don't really care what you have to say. It's about time you shut up and listened to me. Samantha and I are currently grappling with a few, uh, tender issues.

Celeste: I could care less about you and Samantha.

E.J.: Yes, but I do care, you see? I care a great deal, and I'm terribly sensitive about who Samantha invests her time with, who she's confiding in...

Celeste: You're wasting my time.

E.J.: ...And who she's been meeting in this very restaurant earlier in the ladies' room. That got your attention, eh? You see, Celeste, I am very, very concerned. Now, maybe you would like to order that drink now, eh?

Steve: It's what's right for us.

Kayla: You'd say anything to have me untie those ropes.

Steve: No, no, no. It's not like that.

Kayla: You're lying. You're lying. I know you.

Steve: That's right. You know me. You know I could have taken off after that accident. I could be across the border to Canada right now. I had that chance, but I didn't take it. Now, what does that tell you?

Kayla: Billie was hurt. You couldn't leave her.

Steve: No, you're the reason I didn't run. I wanted to... but I thought I'd never see you again, I'd never hold you in my arms.

Kayla: Stop it.

Steve: I can't. I wish I could sometimes. Don't you wish you could stop the feelings? But we can't.

Kayla: Never.

Steve: Cut the ropes, Kayla. Come on. We'll have a new life -- a brand-new beginning away from all this. Come on. Come on. Set me free before Roman gets here. Come on. Come on. Hurry. Hurry up. Just you and me.

Kayla: I've waited so long for this.

Steve: I'm right here... just like I've always been.

Kayla: Yes, you are. The man I married. The same look in your eyes. The same sound in your voice. Just like it was.

Steve: And this is how it's always gonna be now. I was lost. Now I'm back. If you set me free, then we'll have that again. We'll have what we had. Trust me. Trust us.

Shawn D.: Well, what's the big secret, girls?

Gabby: Secret? What is he talking about?

Belle: I don't know.

Shawn D.: Come on. I saw that look.

Belle: What look?

Gabby: Wow. Is he always like this?

Belle: Yes. Always.

Gabby: Men -- they're so nosy.

Belle: I know, and they always say it's us, too, right?

Gabby: Shawn, if you've just got to know, I gave Belle a whole basketful of stuff.

Belle: And before you ask, it's nothing that you would be interested in. It's just shampoo and lotions.

Gabby: Girly stuff. I realized I left my makeup kit down here somewhere.

Shawn D.: Okay. All right. I'm tired of listening to this. I'm gonna fall asleep here. I'll take Claire while you two girls do your thing.

Belle: Really? You sure you don't mind?

Shawn D.: Stay and listen to eyeliner tips? Come on, cutie. Come on. Why don't you two -- why don't you call me when you look beautiful? Or, I mean, more beautiful, if that's possible.

Gabby: Nice save, Shawn. Nice save.

Shawn D.: [Imitating airplane]

Gabby: Okay. He's gone.

Belle: Thank you so much, Gabby.

Gabby: Take your time, okay?

Belle: Wait. Where are you going?

Gabby: To give you some privacy. Where else?

Belle: [Exhales deeply] Mom.

Celeste: E.J., Believe me --

E.J.: I saw it with my own eyes. No. I don't think so. I saw you breeze in here.

Celeste: Yes, for a drink with a friend.

E.J.: No, you met Samantha in the powder room. You were in there for over 20 minutes. You weren't reading tarot cards.

Celeste: [Scoffs] E.J., look --

E.J.: I would pick your words very carefully if I were you, or they could be your last.

Celeste: Look, I came here to meet a friend for a drink, but she called me on my cellphone when I was inside and canceled on me, so I just freshened my face and left. If Samantha and I were in there together, it was a coincidence, but I didn't see her.

E.J.: Now, why would I want to go and believe that?

Celeste: I swear, E.J. Look, I know what I've already lost. I don't want any trouble with you or the family, so may God strike me down if I am lying. You must have made a mistake somehow, mon petit, and I would never have anything to do with that woman. You have my word on it.

Steve: Say it. You feel it, right? It's me?

Kayla: I felt it.

Steve: So you know it's real? You know the truth?

Kayla: Yeah. I know it's real. You can't fake a kiss. I know in my soul. It's not you. You see, I can't untie those ropes and get you out of here. It's the truth, right?

Steve: Yeah. I had you going there for a while, though, didn't I?

Kayla: You had me going. You had me going.

Steve: Kayla?

Shawn D.: Come on. You want to go take a nap, huh? You want to go swimming? Yeah, let's go get your swimsuit. We can go out in the water, and we can -- uh-oh. Daddy's a silly guy. You know what? He forgot his key. Come on. Let's go get mommy's key. Come on. Let's go.

Belle: Yes, hello. Did my call go through yet? No. No. I'm trying to make a call overseas to the United States to Salem. The town is called Salem. What? No. No. I'm trying to call the U.S. -- The United States. What's the problem? Why can't you get my call through?

Billie: You know what? It'll be all right in the end. He'll get the help he needs, and he'll pull through this, and you two will be alright.

Billie: You heard what I said, right, Kayla?

Kayla: Yeah, I heard you. I hope you're right. I hope you're right.

Steve: Damn it.

Celeste: I don't know what more I can say to you, E.J. I'm telling you the truth.

E.J.: Perhaps I was mistaken.

Celeste: You have my word.

E.J.: Then I apologize. My best to Abe, your nephew. You can get on your way.

Celeste: All right.

E.J.: Oh, and one more thing. I thought that maybe you would be concerned to know about my father. I had some news recently. You were his lover once. I thought you might be interested in the state of his health.

Celeste: You know, Stefano took a lot away from me over the years. He took my body, he took my soul, and now, through his son, he's destroyed that which meant most to me -- my family. So, of course, yes, I'm concerned about Stefano and his health, and I hope with all of my heart that he continues to rapidly fail, and the world will be rid of his miserable presence. And the sooner, the better. And I hope that he rots in hell for all of eternity.

Billie: What's going on?

Kayla: Steve!

Steve: Uhh!

Kayla: Steve!

Marlena: Help me.

Billie: I got him. I got him. I got him. I got him.

Kayla: Hold on, sweetie.

Shawn D.: We got to forget about Salem. This is our life now. You better get used to it.

Dr. Kraft: How do you help a patient who refuses to be helped?

Roman: We got some new information on the fire at your dad's house, and he asked me to talk to you about it.

Steve: You're a real pain in the ass. You know that?

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