Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/14/07 - Canada; Thursday 3/15/07 - U.S.A.


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Gabby: [Sighs] [Humming] Okay. Oh, hey! How's Claire doing?

Shawn D.: She's doing better, I think. She's been sleeping for the last couple of hours.

Gabby: That's good. Looks like you can use some of that yourself, huh?

Shawn D.: It's been a long night. Listen, do you have a couple of coffees, by any chance?

Gabby: Yeah, sure. How about if I throw in some breakfast for you guys, huh?

Shawn D.: No, no. Thank you.

Gabby: It's not a problem. And Duck scrambles a mean omelet.

Shawn D.: You've done enough already. We'll figure out something to eat.

Gabby: Huh. Really? Mind telling me where? 'Cause this is kind of like the only game in town around here, so...

Shawn D.: A couple of coffees -- they'll be fine. Thank you.

Gabby: [Clears throat] Look, Shawn, um, I know you're a proud guy and all that, but if you don't mind me saying so, you look like hell, okay? I know you and Belle have really been through it, so it's not a big deal if I get you guys some food --

Shawn D.: Like I said, you and your father, you've done enough. As soon as Claire's fever breaks, we're out of here.

Gabby: Okay.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: Claire -- is she okay?

Belle: She woke up. Her temperature broke. She's gonna be okay. She's gonna be okay.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Sami: I can't believe that we haven't heard from Chelsea yet.

Billie: Thanks. Last I heard, she was at the police station giving a statement about the fire.

Lucas: That doesn't mean she's been accused.

Billie: Oh, come on, Lucas. She just found out that her mother slept with her boyfriend. And she was at Bo's house. And she was angry and upset and hurt. And heaven knows, when Chelsea gets hurt, she lashes out.

Sami: Yeah, but that doesn't prove that she did anything.

Billie: Thanks, Sami, but I know my daughter. I just wish that she would talk to me, let me in. And now I just don't even think I'll ever see her again.

Kayla: Thank you. Hello.

Steve: What do you want?

Kayla: I came to see how you're doing.

Steve: Great. Never better. Bye.

Kayla: Steve...

Steve: I thought I told you I didn't want to see you anymore. What about that didn't you understand?

Kayla: I have some questions I want to ask you.

Steve: I got nothing to say to you. Hey! Somebody get this woman out of my room! Hey!

Kayla: I didn't come to upset you. I just want some information. I know that E.J. Wells forced you to take John from the ICU, and I'm going to prove it, no matter the consequences. But I need your help.

Steve: If you think that I would help you with anything... you're crazier than I am.

[Knock on door]

Willow: You bastard.

E.J.: Lose something, did we?

Willow: You know exactly what I lost. My brother hid my check underneath the mattress, and now it's gone.

E.J.: Under the mattress? That was a clumsy place to put it, wasn't it?

Willow: Jed said some slimy limey shook him down, and I know it's you, so don't even try denying it.

E.J.: I'm not trying to deny it. I took your check.

Willow: Why? I went to Bo and Hope's house. I did what you told me to.

E.J.: Yes. And in the process, you almost set fire to their house. That was not a part of the bargain.

Willow: It was an accident.

E.J.: Hmm. You know, Willow, I make it a rule not to do any kind of business with psychotic arsonists. I either avoid them or eliminate them. Now... I wonder... what's it gonna be with you, eh?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Willow: I'm not psychotic.

E.J.: Really? Your actions would suggest otherwise, sweetheart.

Willow: I lit a candle so I could see where I was going, and the fire just happened. But I got some jewelry, so... look. See?

E.J.: You really don't think I'm interested in that tasteless nonsense, do you?

Willow: You know what, E.J.? I don't know what to think.

E.J.: That's becoming more and more evident. So, let me explain things. And if you don't quite get it, sweetheart, I'll draw you a bloody picture, all right? You and I never met. In fact, we never had this conversation. You get me? And if the police start snooping around, you keep your mouth shut, sweetheart.

Willow: I get it, tough guy. I'm not stupid. But don't worry. The police won't be coming around because you and I are in the clear.

E.J.: Really? How's that?

Willow: I set somebody else to take the fall.

Billie: How did it go?

Chelsea: Great. Dad thinks I did it.

Billie: He said that to you?

Chelsea: I don't want to talk to her, okay?

Lucas: Wait a minute. Just tell us what Bo said, okay?

Chelsea: He didn't say anything. It was the look that said it all -- that look I'm so familiar with -- the look of "no matter what you tell me, Chelsea, I'm not gonna believe you" because that's what I do. I lie. I hurt people, and then I lie. It must run in the family.

Sami: You know what? This is my Uncle Bo we're talking about, and he's a good guy. He's just trying to be a good dad and a good cop at the same time, and that's not easy.

Lucas: He's just trying to cover all the angles.

Chelsea: Is that why he told me not to go anywhere because the police are gonna want to question me again? I've seen enough cop shows on TV to know what that means. It means I'm their number-one suspect. It means they're gonna pin this arson on me, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Billie: Listen, we will fight this, okay? We will make them believe you.

Chelsea: That makes me feel a hell of a lot better! Billie, there is no "us." I am all alone. I always have been. And it's about time that I got used to that.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Your fever's gone all right.

Belle: I know. It's 98.9. She fought that off like a champ!

Shawn D.: 'Cause she is one. You're a champ, aren't ya? You're not gonna let any little fever get you down. Mama's over here. Yeah, you're a tough little girl. Yeah, how's my other girl doing?

Belle: I'm so relieved. I'm exhausted, though, and I'm a little hungry.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. Maybe we should just --

Gabby: Look who's here.

Belle: Claire's fever broke. She's gonna be okay, and I just want to thank you so much for everything that you've done, Gabby.

Gabby: I'm just glad that it all worked out. And now, did I hear somebody say that they were hungry?

Belle: Yeah.

Gabby: Yeah?

Belle: I guess.

Gabby: And I'm sure the little one is hungry, too, so I'm gonna go to the kitchen, get you guys some food --

Shawn D.: Gabby, thanks. You and your dad, you've been lifesavers to us. But now that Claire's feeling better, I think we should probably get going. We're gonna pack our bags, and we'll be out of here.

Kayla: If you're trying to hurt me with words, we're a little past that, don't you think?

Steve: You know, I don't know what to think about you. First you sell me out to the cops. Then you and Bo have me thrown in this house of horrors, and now you want to rescue me?

Kayla: Somebody needs to.

Steve: You know what I want? I want you to get the hell out of

Kayla: All right. I'll leave. I'll leave as soon as you give me the information I want about E.J. Wells.

Steve: I got nothing to say about him.

Kayla: Do you think that he took John's kidney for Tony or Stefano?

Steve: Tony and Stefano -- isn't that an Italian joint down on main?

Kayla: He specifically targeted John. There must have been a reason for that.

Steve: Beats the hell out of me.

Kayla: Oh, come on. He must have told you.

Steve: E.J. Wells didn't tell me anything. I got nothing to do with him.

Kayla: You are a liar. I checked the guest registry before I came in here, and I know that he came to see you right after you were admitted. So stop being a horse's ass, and you start telling me the truth.

Steve: Well... you're a real bulldog. I'll give you that.

Kayla: No. I am just a wife who loves her husband. And I will do whatever it takes to get our life back. I'm not afraid of anybody.

Steve: Well, you should be. What do you think you're gonna do, Kayla? You really think you're gonna fight E.J. Wells?

Kayla: Don't you get it? I don't care if I have to come face to face with E.J. Wells, with fangs bared and claws out. I am not gonna back down until I get the information I want, and I'm either gonna get it from you or I'm gonna get it from him.

Steve: Why?

Kayla: That's not a serious question, is it?

Steve: Why? Why do you keep fighting for me?

Kayla: Because I love you.

Steve: Do yourself a favor and forget about E.J. Wells. Forget about me. Walk out this door and don't look back.

Kayla: I never thought I'd say this. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth. But you are a coward, Steve Johnson... an honest-to-goodness coward.

Billie: Look, Chelsea, you can hate me all you want. I'm still your mother.

Chelsea: You're not my mother. I am not your daughter. I never was.

Sami: Come on, Chelsea.

Chelsea: What? We're just being honest here, right, Billie? My name is Chelsea Benson. I was raised by two loving parents who died tragically. And instead of just accepting that, I went out and searched to find someone to replace them. And, man, did I find a winner. Everybody, step right up. Meet my biological mother, Billie Reed, the failure, the addict, the backstabbing slut.

Lucas: That's enough! Stop it, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Did I say something that wasn't true?

Lucas: I don't care how upset you are. You don't yell at your mother like that.

Chelsea: You don't think that she deserves it?

Sami: She feels terrible about what happened. All you have to do is look at her.

Chelsea: I don't want to look at her!

Lucas: Fine, then look at me. Look, Chelsea, I know you feel betrayed and abandoned, all right? But nobody in this room is walking away from you. We're your family now, like it or not. We got your back. You understand that?

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I just -- I don't know what to do. I just feel so bad.

Sami: It's okay.

Gabby: Okay, come on, Shawn. Let's be reasonable here, okay?

Shawn D.: I don't know how many different ways to say this to you, but we're broke. We don't have anything to trade for food or shelter. Thank you for being so generous. Appreciate it, but we're gonna get going.

Belle: Shawn...

Shawn D.: Belle, let's get packed.

Gabby: I've got a customer over there, and frankly, I'm a little too tired to keep trying to talk some sense into you, so, you guys change your mind, you let me know.

Shawn D.: What?

Belle: Shawn, our daughter almost died last night, and now you're just suggesting that we take off?

Shawn D.: Belle, we have to keep moving.

Belle: And go where?

Shawn D.: I'll figure it out.

Belle: And how are we gonna get to wherever you figure out? Because our raft is in splinters on the beach.

Shawn D.: Why are you being like this?

Belle: Because our daughter needs some rest and recovery for a few days, and so do her parents.

Shawn D.: I've gotten us this far, haven't I? I've kept us together. I've kept us safe.

Belle: I understand that. You've been really amazing. But we can't just keep drifting, Shawn. These people are really nice. They want to help. Why can't we just accept that?

Shawn D.: Because this isn't keeping us safe.

Belle: Shawn --

Shawn D.: That's it. End of discussion, all right? That's it.

Belle: You know what? You can go wherever you want to, but I am staying here because that's what's best for our daughter. End of discussion.

E.J.: Well, now I am fascinated. Not only do you break into Bo and Hope's house, almost burn the place down, but now apparently, you had the wherewithal to steer the police in another direction. I am impressed.

Willow: I did not try to burn their house down. It was an accident. I keep on telling you that.

E.J.: And I keep on telling you that I really don't care.

Willow: Okay, so, we're good.

E.J.: What do you mean?

Willow: Well, you can pay me, but you don't have to do it with check. You can do it by cash.

E.J.: Willow, I'm not gonna pay you.

Willow: You owe me.

E.J.: What I owed you and what I gave you was a lesson, Willow. Never trust anyone.

Willow: I'm serious. If you don't pay me now, I'm --

E.J.: What? What? What? What are you gonna do? What are you going to do? Are you going to go to the police, Willow? Is that what you're going to do? Are you going to go and tell them about the arson, tell them about the grand theft? That would be a good idea, wouldn't it? I can see you now lying on your back as the prison matrons drag that poor bastard out of your womb. You like that?

Willow: You were never gonna pay me.

E.J.: [Gasps] Catch on really fast, don't you?

Willow: That's why you postdated the check.

E.J.: Give the girl a gold star. Let me give you a little bit of advice, sweetheart. Never -- and I mean never, ever -- do anything other than cash in advance. Got me? Oh, and, Willow... don't ever call me again.

Shawn D.: Come on, Belle. Let's not do this now.

Belle: Well, then when? Tonight on the beach when we're covered in sand crabs? You know what? Maybe Claire can have one as a pet.

Shawn D.: I can't stay here.

Belle: Why not?

Shawn D.: You wouldn't understand.

Belle: Well, try me. Please.

Shawn D.: The look on that old Duck's face is the same one that Victor has. It means, "Shawn, you're a bum. You're never gonna make it."

Belle: And you would risk your daughter's health over something like that? Shawn, you've already proven yourself to me. Doesn't that count for anything?

Gabby: Hey. Tie me a sheepshank. Well, you know how? [Chuckles] All right. You got water in your bilge, and your pump's not working right. What do you do?

Shawn D.: Check all the through-holes and fittings. Make sure all the fittings below the waterline are double clamped. Check the sea cocks and the limber holes.

Gabby: Would you know how to install a new exhaust manifold on a me cruiser?

Shawn D.: Small-block engine?

Gabby: With end risers.

Shawn D.: Starboard side?

Gabby: Mm-hmm.

Shawn D.: What kind of boat?

Gabby: 20-foot bow rider. It's an old one.

Shawn D.: That's a good boat. Do you have a new manifold for the engine?

Gabby: It's used. Got it off of an old fisherman who came by here a while ago. So, could you do it?

Shawn D.: Well... you need a mounting kit and a manifold gasket. Can you get those around here?

Gabby: Not here. But we can order them from Guam. Takes about a week or so. So, I guess, then, the next question is, how long are you willing to be here?

Chelsea: Okay, I don't really want to stay here long, so I just came to pick up some stuff.

Sami: Are you gonna stay with Uncle Bo and Aunt Hope?

Chelsea: No, I don't -- I don't think so.

Lucas: Did you even ask him?

Chelsea: Lucas, have you been listening to anything that I've been saying? My dad thinks that I tried to burn down his house with his wife and child inside, so, no, I don't think I'll be staying there tonight.

Billie: Where do you plan on staying?

Chelsea: What do you care?

Billie: I can't have you sleeping on a park bench, Chelsea. I need to know where you'll be.

Chelsea: Anywhere but here. How does that answer work out for you? I would rather be homeless, living on a park bench, getting mugged by strangers than living in the same house as you.

Billie: That's not fair.

Chelsea: If the truth hurts, deal with it.

Billie: No, you are gonna deal with it, you spoiled little brat!

Chelsea: Let go of me.

Billie: I made a mistake. Chelsea, I'm sorry.

Chelsea: I don't care.

Billie: Please, Chelsea, if I could take it all back, I would. If I could wear your pain for the rest of my life, I would. I would die for you, Chelsea. And that's probably what you want me to do right now.

Chelsea: You're right.

Billie: Okay. Then hate me. Hate me for being weak and human. But don't you dare accuse me of not caring, because that's a lie, and you know it.

Kayla: You're a real disappointment, Steve.

Steve: Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?

Kayla: You know what? I thought that a little time in here might be a wake-up call for you. It might bring the old Steve back -- you know, the fighter, the guy who wouldn't back down for anything. I guess I was wrong.

Steve: Oh, I got plenty of fight left in me.

Kayla: To do what, just break out of here?

Steve: You got it.

Kayla: And then what? And then what?! What, just do more errands for E.J.? Is he gonna make you kill somebody next time?

Steve: I'll let you know when I get out of here. I'll send you a postcard.

Kayla: Don't even bother, because if you don't grab this last chance, if you mess up and you end up back in jail --

Steve: What are you gonna do? Are you gonna push me away, forget about me? Isn't that what I've been asking you to do, begging you to do?

Kayla: Those are just words out of your mouth. It's not what's in your heart.

Steve: Is that what you think? If that's what you think, then you're really deluded.

Kayla: You know what? Maybe you want me to believe that you don't care about me or yourself or anything -- our life together -- anything.

Steve: Now you're getting it.

Kayla: But what about our daughter?

Steve: What about her?

Kayla: How do you think Stephanie's gonna react when she finds out that her father threw everything away for the DiMeras?

Steve: She's not gonna find out... because you're not gonna tell her.

Kayla: Just watch me.

Kayla: Of course she'll be hurt, just getting her father back after all these years. Oh, yeah, I forgot. You don't care about anything like that.

Steve: You're bluffing.

Kayla: Want to bet your life on it?

Steve: Kayla... I don't care what you do, who you talk to, how disappointed you are in me, but you leave Stephanie out of this.

Kayla: I can't do that. She's our daughter. We're her family. She has a right to know.

Steve: No, not about this. She has a life of her own, Kayla. She's happy. You can't drag her into this. It's not right.

Kayla: Not right? Since when did that matter to you?

Steve: She's gonna quit her job. Is that what you want? She's gonna quit her job. She'll give up everything she loves to come back here, and for what?

Kayla: To maybe talk some sense into her father because I have not been able to.

Steve: No!

Kayla: Your decision.

Steve: I swear to God, Kayla, if you tell Stephanie anything about any of this, I'll never forgive you -- never.

Shawn D.: Are you asking me to work for you?

Gabby: There's some serious fishermen on this island. There's money to be made, so if you're willing --

Belle: Yes, he is.

Shawn D.: Wait. Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. You're offering us free room and board, and all I got to do is fix your boat?

Gabby: You're making it sound like it's not a big deal, fixing my boat. But look, it's a big deal to me, okay? So, if you want, you can stay here until it's done.

Shawn D.: You said it'd take a week for the parts to get here?

Gabby: Give or take, yeah.

Shawn D.: So, what are we gonna do in the meantime?

Gabby: Whatever you want.

Shawn D.: No, I'm not okay with that. If we're gonna stay here, I got to do something -- tend the bar or do something -- help out.

Belle: So, that means that we are staying, right?

Shawn D.: Belle, I can't just do nothing.

Gabby: Okay, okay, fine, fine, all right? You can cover for me when I need a break, okay? You probably already noticed that duck doesn't do much around here except argue and drink beer, so...

Duck: I heard that.

Gabby: Dad. Shawn's gonna stick around and fix my boat, right?

Shawn D.: Yeah. We'll stay.

Belle: Yes!

Shawn D.: But...only if it's all right with your dad.

Lucas: Wait a minute. Just calm down, all right? Just take a time-out, okay? Why doesn't Chelsea spend some time with us? She can stay with Sami and me in our apartment. What do you think about that?

Chelsea: I don't know.

Sami: Will and Lucas and I would love to have you.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: It'd be great.

Chelsea: Are you sure you're not afraid that I'll burn down your apartment, too?

Sami: Chelsea, of course not.

Lucas: It's a chance we're willing to take. You're not gonna burn down anything. You can stay with us. We'll have a great time, as long as it's okay with your mom.

Billie: I don't care where Chelsea stays.

Chelsea: Gee, thanks.

Billie: But I want to give you something to think about while you're busy feeling sorry for yourself.

Lucas: Come on, Billie.

Billie: No, Lucas. She needs to hear this. When you and I lived together all those months, I've showed you nothing but love and forgiveness. And when all those other people turned their back on you because of the mistakes you made, I was the one who had your back. All I'm asking is for the same consideration that I've given you. You're not the only one who's hurting here, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Can we go now?

Billie: [Crying] I don't know what to do, Lucas.

Lucas: Shh. It's okay. Just give her some time, okay?

Billie: No, I'm a failure. I'm a failure.

Lucas: You're not a failure.

Billie: Yes, I am. Every time I finally feel like I've gotten my life together, I do something to screw it up.

[Knock on door]

Billie: Oh.

Lucas: Let me get that.

E.J.: Is this a bad time?

Lucas: Actually, E.J., we're in the middle of something.

E.J.: It's only gonna take a minute. Look, Billie, I heard the news about what happened to Bo and Hope's house. That's terrible.

Lucas: Everyone's fine. They all got out in time.

E.J.: But this represents a good opportunity for us. I'm sure you'd agree.

Billie: What do you mean?

E.J.: Well, I mean, after an incident like that, your home-security system sounds like just the kind of thing that Bo needs.

Billie: You want me to call Bo and give him the hard sell?

E.J.: Can you think of a better time?

Billie: I'm sorry, E.J. I can't call Bo right now.

E.J.: Uh, why not?

Lucas: 'Cause he almost lost his wife and his daughter. That's why not. Don't you know when to give it a rest?

E.J.: This is what you call a good business opportunity, Lucas.

Lucas: Bo and Hope aren't customers. They're family. And Billie's not in the frame of mind to take care of business right now. She's having a hard time with her daughter.

E.J.: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Billie: The police are questioning Chelsea about the fire.

E.J.: Oh, Billie, forgive me. I had no idea that she was involved.

Lucas: She's not involved. They're asking her questions. That's it.

E.J.: You know, Billie, if you need anything at all, you just --

Billie: Thank you, E.J. I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

E.J.: I would really hope that it wouldn't come to this, but if you need money for Chelsea's defense --

Lucas: You know what? No, wait a minute. Listen to me, big shot. She's got me. She's got my mother. She's got Sami. Chelsea doesn't need anything from you. We're her family. And you know what? Billie doesn't need a thing from you, either.

Gabby: Look, what are you, an eagle scout or something?

Shawn D.: I just want to make sure that everybody's okay with this.

Gabby: Fine. Have it your way. Dad, I offered Belle and Shawn free room and board in exchange for him fixing my boat. Is that cool with you?

Duck: No, it sure as hell isn't.

Gabby: See? He's fine with it.

Shawn D.: I know that you don't want us here. But I'm a hard worker, and I'll earn my keep, and so will Belle.

Duck: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're a stand-up guy, salt of the earth. Hell, we'll build a freakin' statue of you.

Gabby: Shut up, Dad.

Duck: You see how she talks to me?

Shawn D.: Listen, sir -- I mean Duck. I mean it. If you don't want us here, we're gone.

Duck: My daughter runs the place. I'm just the worthless owner, so keep the kid quiet and stay out of my way.

Kayla: You can't threaten me.

Steve: I'm not threatening. I'm asking you to leave Stephanie out of this.

Kayla: Well, then you tell me what I tell her when she calls, which is just about every couple of days, and when she says, "how's dad? Is he there? Can I talk to him? Where is he?" 'Cause you know what? I am running out of lies. So, if you have any kind of suggestion...

Steve: I don't know. Tell -- tell her I'm out of town or something. Tell her I'm on police business with Bo. I don't know.

Kayla: For the rest of your life?

Steve: Look, I'll tell her myself. I will. I'll decide when. I'll call her. I'll explain things to her.

Kayla: And how will you explain it to her when you can't explain it to yourself?

Steve: I'll figure something out, Kayla. Just don't say anything to her now to turn her life upside down.

Kayla: I can't promise you that.

Steve: Why the hell not?

Kayla: Because I have tried everything. I have tried logic and reason and unconditional love and support, and nothing -- nothing gets through to you. So, you know what? Now I will try anything.

Steve: Please, Kayla. Don't drag her into this, please.

Kayla: You took the gloves off when you gave up on us. And now I am taking my gloves off, too.

Belle: Your dad's quite the character.

Gabby: He talks a tough game, but it's just all an act.

Shawn D.: Could have fooled me.

Gabby: You know, a couple years back when the tsunami almost sunk us, we had half the island living here -- yeah, while their houses were being rebuilt. My dad wouldn't ask for a penny, dime -- nothing. It's just his way of giving you a hard time for the first time. That's it.

Shawn D.: Well, I want to start working, so what do you need me to do?

Gabby: Okay, I need you and your family to go upstairs and get some rest.

Shawn D.: Wait a minute. We agreed that I was gonna be able to help you out here and work.

Gabby: There's gonna be plenty -- plenty of work -- tons -- later.

Belle: Gabby, thank you so much, really.

Gabby: Hey, you know, if the little one wants any food, go ahead to the kitchen and get whatever you need, okay?

Belle: Great. Thank you. Thanks.

Shawn D.: Can I ask you something?

Gabby: Huh? Yeah. What?

Shawn D.: Why are you doing this for us?

Gabby: What, you're not buying "out of the goodness of my heart"?

Shawn D.: No, no, it's not that. It's just that you don't even know us, yet you've gone out of your way to make us feel welcome since the moment we got here.

Gabby: Island hospitality.

Shawn D.: Come on. I'm serious.

Gabby: I liked your face.

Shawn D.: My face?

Gabby: It's a good face. It's kind. You look like somebody very trustworthy.

Shawn D.: You could tell all that?

Belle: Okay, so, I'm gonna take Claire upstairs and see if I can't get her to go down for a nap after she eats a little bit.

Gabby: If you guys ever need a break or anything, I can go ahead and feed her.

Shawn D.: No, no, no. Don't. No.

Gabby: Okay.

E.J.: Lucas, you're planning a pretty expensive wedding. You're gonna have to find a job that's gonna help pay for that. So if I was you, I'd treat your employer with a little bit more respect.

Lucas: Just making a point, boss.

E.J.: Point taken. However, I think it's really up to Billie to decide what she wants to do. I meant what I said earlier. If you need any help at all --

Billie: Thanks, E.J., but I don't even think I can think right now.

E.J.: I understand. Of course.

Billie: Thank you.

E.J.: Billie, if you're feeling better, you really should give Bo a call, okay?

Billie: [Sighs] Don't start with me.

Lucas: [Imitating E.J.] Oh, yes, Billie. Never mind those bodies. Just step right over those and sell, sell, sell.

Billie: You know what? You work for him, too.

Lucas: [Normal voice] Yeah, I know. Don't remind me. My fondest wish is to one day walk into that office and quit and then punch that son of a bitch just for the hell of it. [Door closes]

E.J.: There you are, Samantha. I was wondering what happened to you.

Sami: None of your business, E.J.

E.J.: Really? Tell me, darling -- how long until you get the results of the amnio on our little bundle? I'm sure that you're just as anxious as I am to hear the good news. Tick tock, Samantha. Tick tock. Daddy's waiting.

Steve: So, we're taking the gloves off, are we?

Kayla: That's right.

Steve: That's a bad idea for you.

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: You afraid of me?

Kayla: No.

Steve: You should be.

Kayla: Let go of me.

Steve: You better get --

Kayla: Orderly! Orderly!

Steve: Stand back! I got a knife in her back. I'll use it if you get in my way. Back off! I said back off. Now!

Steve: Back away from the door. Do it now, or I swear to God, I'll hurt her. Keep going. Keep going!

Joe: I can't let you go any further.

Steve: I know. This is where I get off.

Kayla: Oh! Steve! Steve! Steve. Steve.

Belle: Shawn, it's okay. Gabby can take Claire. I trust her.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little overprotective.

Gabby: No, forget it. Maybe when you get to know me a little better, you'll feel more comfortable.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Anyways --

Gabby: You need to go upstairs with your family and get some rest, okay? That's what you need to do.

Shawn D.: Okay. Thank you. Thank you again.

Gabby: See you in a couple hours.

Duck: You're wasting your time, honey. They're a couple. They got a kid. Leave the guy alone, huh?

Gabby: I didn't see the girl wearing a ring on her finger.

Sami: Let me explain this to you again, E.J. It's going to take at least a week for me to get the results of the amnio to find out who this baby's father is. And I do not need you reminding me of it every time we see each other.

E.J.: You can't blame a prospective father for being anxious, Samantha.

Sami: You are not -- [Door closes]

E.J.: Lucas. Hey, buddy.

Lucas: Hey.

E.J.: So, anyway, I will leave you two to enjoy your day. Samantha.

Sami: So, how's Billie?

Lucas: She's pretty ragged. She's tired. She's in bed right now. What about Chelsea?

Sami: She cried herself to sleep, the poor thing.

Lucas: Listen, I didn't mean to invite her to stay with us without asking you first. That was probably rude. I shouldn't have done that.

Sami: No, it's okay. It's okay. We'll deal with it.

Lucas: Yeah? Oh. Have I told you lately how lucky I am to be marrying you?

Sami: No, I don't think you have.

Lucas: Well, let me tell you. I'm so lucky to be marrying you.

Sami: Come on. Let's go to bed.

Steve: Billie.

Billie: Steve, what are you doing here?

Steve: How long have you and Wells been seeing each other?

Kayla: You could care less about Steve. You have no respect for human life. You don't care about anyone but yourself, so if you made a special trip to the hospital to see him, it was for some other reason. And I want you to tell me right now what it was.

Celeste: You're never going to see your child once it's born because the DiMeras will absolutely take it away from you.

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