Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/1/07 - Canada; Friday 3/2/07 - U.S.A.


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Shawn D. : Belle, come on. Hey. It's raining out here. It's, like, wet -- rainy wet -- a monsoon.

Belle: Yeah, well, don't let a wave hit you on your way out.

Shawn D. : We almost drowned in the ocean. Now you're gonna let me die out here of pneumonia? Hey, you know what? Half of this shelter that we built is mine, so when are you gonna stop punishing me and let me come back inside? Belle, come on. I'm sorry. I am sorry. I thought that you wanted me to kiss you.

Belle: What would make you think that?

Shawn D. : For one, you were standing there. We were sitting there talking about how much we meant to each other and how much we needed each other, and the kiss, it felt right.

Belle: It was more than a kiss, Shawn. You were all over me, not even asking, just assuming that I was gonna give in and put out.

Shawn D. : That is not how it happened.

Belle: Well, that's how it felt to me.

Shawn D. : Okay, okay, maybe I got a little bit carried away.

Belle: A little.

Shawn D. : Okay, I wanted you. I thought you wanted me. I was wrong, so sue me, so shoot me, all right? Don't blame me for that because I'm not a monk.

Belle: And I am not Willow Stark.

Willow: It's not like I had a choice. I had to do what I could to survive.

Jed: By turning tricks? I can't even wrap my head around that.

Willow: I did it for you, Jed.

Jed: Please, don't use me as an excuse for whoring around.

Willow: Pushing fries doesn't cover tuition. I want you to get an education so you aren't flipping patties at some burger joint or making slushies at the Kwik-E-Mart.

Jed: At least it's honest work.

Willow: It's minimum-wage hell. I want more for you -- more than a single at the "Y" and scraping by for a buck.

Jed: You turned 10 grand worth of tricks for my tuition. Business that good, huh?

Willow: I gave up that life.

Jed: So, where'd you get the money that you sent me -- from the same guy that got you pregnant?

Willow: Why don't you stop asking questions? Just go to school, get an education, and forget about me.

Jed: Maybe I should.

Hope: Willow?

Willow: What the hell do you want?

Hope: I came here to help you.

Kayla: Bo! Bo, how'd it go?

Bo: I talked to the DA, detailed the background of Steve's case leading up to the arrest.

Kayla: His amnesia and all that.

Bo: Blackouts, the dizziness, the sudden bursts of violence -- yeah.

Kayla: Did you tell them about this?

Bo: Yes, Kay -- how he choked you. I had to. It's part of the extenuating circumstances. He's not acting like himself. He's following orders from the DiMeras.

Kayla: What's the bottom line? Come on, tell me. What did they say? Where are they gonna send him?

Bo: The judge agreed that sending him to prison would be a dead end.

Kayla: Great! Thank you. Thank you. You are the best brother in the world. I am gonna call Dr. Beale. I am gonna set up a transfer to University Hospital for him right now.

Bo: Stop. He's not going to University.

Kayla: Of course he is. It's the best facility in the state.

Bo: The judge ordered him to the State Hospital.

Kayla: The State Hospital?

Bo: Yeah.

Kayla: That's the institution for the criminally insane.

Bo: I know, Kayla.

Steve: That's enough! Have a good look, sweetness. You did this to me. You!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Steve: That's close enough.

Kayla: I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. I was just trying to help you.

Steve: By sicking the cops on me? By them chaining me up like an animal? Hey, buddy. Heard you intervened on my behalf with the judge.

Bo: Steve, you're not going to prison. I did my best. You got to believe that.

Steve: I don't got to believe anything from you people. Don't you know what you did to me? I'm not gonna get help or anything close. They are gonna lock me up, and they're gonna flush the key.

Kayla: Bo, come on. There must be something you can do. Bo.

Bo: Kay, I told you I spoke to the D.A. , and they listened. I explained everything. But when I started talking about torture and brainwashing, what are they gonna say, huh? He's got a very recent history of violence. That's what they base their decision on. It's not up to us.

Steve: I was just gonna leave town. I was just gonna leave town, get out of everybody's life. But you wanted to help, didn't you? What does this help? You know what they're gonna do to me? They're gonna throw me in with a bunch of psychos and killers and perverts, and I won't be able to protect myself. I'll be in a straightjacket all day long. And at night, they're gonna strap me to the bed. Those orderlies, man, you know they all hate their soul-sucking jobs. And you better believe they're gonna take it out on my hide.

Kayla: I will not that happen. I won't let that happen to you.

Steve: You already have. You're the one who got this ball rolling, and you can't stop it now. Oh, man. I'll be so pumped full of drugs, there won't be one shred of me left that I can recognize.

Bo: No, Steve. You'll break this cycle. You'll pull yourself out of this.

Steve: No, no, no. That's not -- that's not what's gonna happen, see, 'cause I've been there. I've been on the table with the bright lights, hooked up to wires, electricity burning through my veins. They don't get what they want, they turn it up a notch. Then they turn it up another notch. You beg for mercy. They don't stop. They never stop. Why'd you do this to me? Why'd you do this to me?

Kayla: Because I love you, damn it. Don't you see? I was pushed up against a wall. This is it. This is our last chance to fix what's wrong with you, to fix us, to find some kind of peace again.

Steve: I won't make it.

Kayla: Listen, I know you're scared. I'm scared, too. But I am not gonna give up on you. And please -- please, you cannot give up on yourself.

Willow: Get out. I don't need your help.

Hope: Okay, then maybe you can help me. What happened with you and Philip Kiriakis?

Willow: Why is that any of your business?

Hope: Rumor has it the two of you were traveling together.

Willow: What's it to you?

Hope: I was hoping you'd found someone to help take care of you and your baby.

Willow: Look around, Hope. Does it look like I'm being taken care of? Now please leave.

Hope: Makes me very sad to see you back here, Willow.

Willow: Yeah, well, I have a bad habit of hitching my star to losers -- your son, Philip. They both treated me like they could scrape me off the bottom of their shoe.

Hope: It must be terrifying -- being pregnant and broke and alone.

Willow: I'll get by. I always do. Now, really, please leave.

Hope: Can we take off the gloves and just talk -- just talk?

Willow: About what?

Hope: I want you to tell me what I can do, honestly, to help you and the baby.

Willow: That's funny because I went to you for help a while back, and you basically blew me off, so what changed?

Hope: Maggie. She called me from Chez Rouge. She's worried about you.

Willow: Well, if she's so concerned about me, why didn't she give me my job back?

Hope: That's between the two of you.

Willow: If you can't offer me a job, then you're of no use to me.

Hope: I want to ask you a question. Is the child. . . is the child you're carrying really Shawn's?

Willow: What you're really asking is how many guys did that little slut sleep with, and how can you be sure that this baby is Shawn's, right?

Hope: No. Wrong. Because I'd be concerned about any child in these circumstances.

Willow: You are so full of crap. If you didn't care who the dad was, why would you even bring it up? Here's why. I'll tell you. Even though you don't give a flip about me and my baby, if something were to happen to me, like I show up dead, and the autopsy showed that this baby is Shawn's, your well-oiled rep as Saint Hope would be gone. People would talk about what a cold, heartless bitch you were, and you know what? They would be absolutely right.

Shawn D. : You're still mad about Willow?

Belle: She is one of the reasons that we're stuck on a deserted island, Shawn. What do you think?

Shawn D. : I thought that we'd gotten past this.

Belle: Sorry, maybe you have, but I haven't.

Shawn D. : Willow was just somebody that I hooked up with. That's it. She was a mistake -- a big, big mistake. She didn't mean anything to me.

Belle: Really? Really? If Willow didn't mean anything to you, then why'd you spend so much time with her moving her into your place and hiding her from me and lying to me?

Shawn D. : Belle, why are you throwing this in my face now?

Belle: Because I'm still mad about it, that's why. You couldn't tear yourself away from this nasty little tramp even when you knew that you could lose your daughter.

Shawn D. : That is not fair.

Belle: Why not? It's true, isn't it?

Shawn D. : What do you want me to say? Do you want me to say I screwed up? Fine. Fine. I screwed up. I did. I screwed up. But all Willow Stark ever meant to me was just sex. That's all it was. It was -- that's it.

Belle: So, how do I know when you put your hands all over me that it's not just sex?

Shawn D. : There's a big difference between you and Willow.

Belle: What? What, other than the fact that I'm not a streetwalker or an easy lay?

Shawn D. : Come on. Don't talk like that.

Belle: Why? It's how Willow talks, right -- hard and dirty. And that's what you like. I wish I would have known that.

Shawn D. : It worked for Willow. It doesn't work for you.

Belle: And what does?

Shawn D. : There's tons of different things.

Belle: Okay, start at the bottom and work your way up.

Shawn D. : First, my feelings for you.

Belle: Oh, right. Right. If at first you don't succeed, play the "feelings" card. Make love, not sex.

Shawn D. : Belle, I'm not trying to make a play for you.

Belle: Our feelings have zero to do with you coming on to me.

Shawn D. : Am I missing something here? Am I? 'Cause our feelings have got everything to do with it. And it wasn't just one-sided, and it wasn't just about sex. It was about how much we mean to each other -- or at least what I thought. Don't try to tell me that I'm imagining things because it was real, and it was coming from you just as much as it was coming from me.

Belle: Oh, man, you just don't get it, do you?

Shawn D. : You know what? I don't get it. I don't get it. I give up. I give up. I surrender because I don't know what in the hell you want from me. I'm sorry, though, for whatever I did. I'm sorry. I'll keep my hands to myself from now on, but, please, can I just -- can I just please come in where it's dry? Come on. Do I have your permission to come in?

Belle: No, you don't. You don't get to play stupid and then it's all over. You and I need to come to an understanding.

Shawn D. : You know what? Good luck with that. Take it and run with it because I don't even know what I did wrong. And it has nothing to do with me being clueless.

Belle: Don't be so sure about that.

Shawn D. : You are the one who's sending me mixed signals. Yeah, yeah. You keep trying to get me to come closer to you. And I come closer to you, and you just chop me right off.

Belle: Are you calling me a tease?

Shawn D. : No, no, I'm not. I just -- ugh! I'm confused. I'm confused. All right? If you know that my feelings are real for you, then why are you so angry?

Belle: Because. We haven't even talked about us that way.

Shawn D. : When did we have the time? We've been on the run for three weeks trying to keep our daughter alive and stop her from drowning. I'm sorry I didn't make an appointment with you to figure out where we stand.

Belle: That's right. You didn't. You just grabbed me.

Shawn D. : Oh! For God's sake. You're acting like I tried to take you against your will.

Belle: Didn't you?

Shawn D. : No, I didn't. I didn't want sex. I wanted you. And if you don't know the difference between that, then we are a lot more lost now than we were when we washed up on this island.

Hope: Why don't we get down to the reason I'm here?

Willow: Okay, well, let's make this quick.

Hope: There is a precious life growing inside you, Willow -- a life that needs to be cared for, not just after it's born but while it's still in the womb. And prenatal care is essential.

Willow: I got it. You can leave me a pamphlet at the door on your way out, Hope.

Hope: You're not listening to a word that I'm saying.

Willow: I hear you loud and clear, Hope. I know how important prenatal care is for the baby --

Hope: It's not enough just to know. Have you seen a doctor? Are you under a doctor's care?

Willow: I'd like to be. I'd like to have the best that money can buy. Vitamins and biweekly sonograms with a doctor who treats me like a patient and not a number. I'd also like somebody to feed me grapes and rub my feet, but that's not gonna happen unless I get a job with full benefits.

Hope: What happened to all the money Victor gave you to testify against my son in court? What'd you do with that?

Willow: I don't know what you're talking about.

Hope: Let's not play games, okay? You just finished saying that you're not an idiot, so please don't treat me like one. What did you do with the money?

Willow: [Sarcastically] I bought a spitload of crack and smoked my brains out.

Hope: Don't you dare joke about that. Don't you dare make light of doing something so harmful to yourself or to your child. I lost a child. I know what that pain is like. And believe me, there is nothing funny about it.

Kayla: I know how scary this is, but we don't have any other choice.

Steve: You had another choice, Kayla. You could have helped me. You could have helped me get away.

Kayla: There's no escaping what's going on inside your head any more than there is giving up on your soul.

Steve: My soul? Is that what this is about? Is that how you two justify hanging me out to dry? You set me up. You called the cops. You stalled me until they got there -- you and my so-called best friend. You claim to love me. That's just another lie. I don't want it. I don't need it. I don't want your pity either. Get away from me!

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. You take it easy.

Steve: You stay out of this.

Bo: You do not hurt my sister again. You already put your hands around her throat.

Kayla: It's all right, Bo.

Bo: No, he's got to hear this. You got some anger issues? Fine. Take it out on the wall or whatever. You leave her out of this.

Steve: How about I take it out on you, hmm? Hmm?

Bo: I'm not going anywhere.

Steve: No, big, bad, tough Bo, huh? You want to fight, huh? Show me what you got. Come on. Come on!

Willow: Okay. Okay. Back off, lady.

Hope: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. It's just, there are some subjects that don't warrant a smart-ass comment from you.

Willow: My bad. We done?

Hope: No. I asked you an honest question. I'd like an honest answer. What did you do with the money from Victor?

Willow: I gave it to my brother for school, to get an education. He has a future.

Hope: And so do you and your baby. That money could have gone to prenatal care. Why did you give it all away?

Willow: I've been living on the streets since I was 15. I thought I could come up with something. You know, if not, I'm not afraid to work. I'd do anything for a dollar, but you already know that, don't you?

Hope: I don't care what you did in the past.

Willow: Right. You were so thrilled when your baby boy brought me home.

Hope: I never had a problem with you and Shawn being together as long as that's what he wanted.

Willow: You are so full of it, it's coming out of your ears. You want to be honest? Let's cut the crap. You and Bo wanted Shawn and Belle together so bad that you would break the law so they could cross the border and be with their baby. Don't stand there and tell me you have nothing against me. If you and your husband had shown me just a little bit of respect, maybe Shawn and I would still be together. Maybe we would have a future. But you wanted anything but that, even if it meant never seeing him again.

Shawn D. : A guy talking about his feelings isn't necessarily his best event.

Belle: You should just pretend that you're using your hands.

Shawn D. : Making love and having sex is completely separate. It's like a one-nighter versus a lifetime.

Belle: Willow was more than a one-nighter.

Shawn D. : Okay, fine, fine. A bunch of one-nighters that are just kind of strung together. But there was no love involved.

Belle: I just don't get it. I don't get how you can be with someone and not love them.

Shawn D. : Again, it's a guy thing. You don't treat a girl that you just want to have sex with the same way as you treat somebody who means the world to you. And, Belle, you are my world.

Belle: I'm sorry I threw Willow in your face. That wasn't fair.

Shawn D. : It's okay. It's okay. It just needed to come out in the open, and it's obvious that you thought that I cared more about her than I really did.

Belle: I just -- I don't want to be another notch in your belt.

Shawn D. : Belle, you could never be that.

Belle: You wanted to make love to me.

Shawn D. : Yeah, very much. But I was too anxious, and you -- you weren't ready.

Belle: I didn't say that I wasn't ready. I just meant it took me by surprise.

Shawn D. : Okay, so, what do you need? What do you need for me to do to make you feel comfortable? What do you need me to do to get you to trust me again?

Bo: Steve, you're not gonna bait me, especially when you're like this. Hell, you can't fight, much less win.

Steve: You let loose these chains, we'll see who wins.

Bo: Would you stop acting like an idiot? Look at you, man. Look at you! You're practically foaming at the mouth. You got to face it, man. There is something wrong with you. Right now you're your own worst enemy.

Steve: You don't know anything about me. You haven't been where I've been.

Bo: Maybe not, but that doesn't excuse your destructive behavior.

Steve: That's easy for you to say, isn't it? Your brain hasn't been put through the wash cycle!

Bo: If you'd gotten some treatment at the hospital instead of running away the way you did --

Steve: Oh, yeah, then what -- hallelujah, I'd be cured, huh?

Bo: No, man. Your friend John Black wouldn't be missing a kidney. You're lucky he's not dead. You'd be facing murder one and the needle.

Steve: Compared to this hell, the needle would be sweet release.

Bo: Well, buddy, you don't get to choose life and death for yourself or anybody else. Look at your wife here. Look at her. She's done everything she can to keep you out of prison. You're lucky to have a woman who loves you like this, who will never give up on you.

Steve: She gave up on me! She's putting me away!

Bo: Oh, my God.

Kayla: I just want our life back. That's all I want. I want this torture to end for you and for me. I want you well. I want the man that I love to come home to me.

Steve: I'm not gonna make it in the State Pen. I'm gonna die there, and I'm gonna die knowing you killed me.

Bo: All right, that's enough. No one needs to hear this. Prepare him for transport to the hospital. Kay --

Steve: Aah! you all right?

Bo: Yeah, I'm fine.

Steve: See what happens when you blink?

Casarez: That's enough out of you.

Kayla: Please don't hurt him. He doesn't know what he's doing.

Steve: Somebody shut that woman up.

Bo: Doesn't any of this show you how much help you need? Hell, you're attacking your friends, your wife. You're hurting the people you love.

Steve: Strap a muzzle on him, too, will you? If there's even the smallest part of the old Steve left in you, you got to know you're in big trouble.

Steve: The old Steve is dead and gone.

Kayla: I don't believe that.

Steve: Then it's your funeral, sweetheart. Open your eyes and see what I really am. I don't want your help or your concern. I don't want anything from you, so don't write. Don't call. Don't send a card on my birthday. You're dead to me -- both of you. Now get me the hell out of here. Get me out of here.

Willow: What, am I wrong? You were actually thrilled with the thought of me joining your family?

Hope: No. No. You're being honest. So will I.

Willow: Okay, well, lay it on me.

Hope: I never wanted you with Shawn. Bo and I wanted things to work out for our son and Belle for Claire's sake and, of course, because, obviously, they do belong together.

Willow: Well, you're on a roll, so let's keep on going.

Hope: I dislike you intensely.

Willow: You did such a good job concealing that.

Hope: What would you expect if you were me, Willow? Forget about your past? You set Shawn's apartment on fire when he tried to break up with you, for God's sake. You lied about him in court, which is one of the reasons he and Belle are on the run. You are a nasty, immature, reckless young woman, and if I never had to deal with you again, that would be perfectly fine with me. How's that for honest?

Willow: Uh! You got me! Both barrels. So, you got a big finish?

Hope: Whether the child you're carrying is Shawn's or --

Willow: It is Shawn's, believe me.

Hope: I want you to tell me what you need from me so I can ensure that your child and you are properly cared for.

Belle: It's not that I don't trust you. I trusted you with my life. I trusted you with Claire's life.

Shawn D. : Okay, then. I definitely -- I don't get it then. I don't get it. I don't get this at all.

Belle: I'm just -- I'm a little unsure.

Shawn D. : About me?

Belle: Well, about knowing the difference between the Shawn who's playing for keeps and the Shawn who just wants to fool around.

Shawn D. : Belle, I have only had one true love in my life. That's you. Give me your hand. Please? You feel that? That connects us. We're like the tide ruled by the moon. No matter what we do or who we've been with, the moon, it always brings us back together. So, I can't help but to think that we're destined to be together.

Belle: I've often thought that.

Shawn D. : So, we got the tide, the moon, and destiny. We're both thinking the same thing, so what's the problem? We love each other.

Belle: I just needed to hear you say it.

Shawn D. : I'm sorry that I didn't say this to you sooner.

Belle: Why didn't you?

Shawn D. : I just -- I assumed, stupidly, that you and I were in the same place.

Belle: We are in the same place, and I don't mean just 'cause we're on an island together.

Shawn D. : Something wants us to be together.

Belle: Yeah. I guess it's -- it's like we're at a train station. We're saying goodbye, going our separate ways. As soon as the train leaves the station. . .

Shawn D. : There we are. We're still together.

Belle: We're waving goodbye to the train and not each other. I just have to be sure that it's for keeps this time, you know? I need to know that there's not gonna be someone coming out of the shadows trying to run us off the rails.

Shawn D. : Well, as far as I know, it's just you, me, and Claire. . . and maybe a few monkeys, but. . .

Belle: Come on. You know what I mean.

Shawn D. : It is for keeps. It's forever. And from now on, you set the pace. However you want it to be, you just let me know, and I'll play off of you.

Belle: You just have to be patient with me.

Shawn D. : We've got all the time in the world. Take your time. But. . . while you're taking your time, can I -- can I wait inside there where it's dry, please, please, please?

Willow: Check it out, Miss Brady. It's not much -- a bed, a hot plate. I've got no job, no prospects. So, you asked me what I need. Let's start with the nothing I have and knock yourself out.

Hope: This is the name and number of an ob/gyn at University Hospital. I took the liberty of scheduling an appointment for you.

Willow: I can't pay. I don't have insurance.

Hope: Don't worry about it. Bo and I will take care of the bills.

Willow: What about a job?

Hope: There are plenty of listings at the community center.

Willow: For a woman who's five months pregnant.

Hope: I'm sure you'll find something. But you'll have to work that out on your own.

Willow: Why can't you help me with a job?

Hope: Frankly, I couldn't in good conscience recommend you to anyone I know. Honest enough?

Willow: You can be tough when you need to be.

Hope: You have no idea. All right, Willow, let's. . . let's talk about your eating habits. What did you have for breakfast?

Willow: Beef jerky and diet soda.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. That's not good for you or for the baby. It's not healthy. You need milk, protein, complex carbs. There's a class at the hospital for mothers-to-be. They'll teach you everything you need to know about nurturing a healthy pregnancy. But that starts with taking care of yourself, not eating that.

Willow: A hot meal would be nice every now and then and a bed that doesn't break my back, someplace where I don't hear the pins from the bowling alley or the drunks singing Irish jigs at quitting time. Yeah. Me and my baby in some dream house. . . that I could go for.

Hope: Okay, then make it happen.

Willow: How, by clicking my heels together?

Hope: Just tell me how much you think you'll need. You can open a bank account with the first check. After that, I'll add to it as needed.

Willow: Money? You're offering me money? You can just take that checkbook and go straight to hell.

Kayla: I'm gonna make an appeal to have you moved to University Hospital. That way, you'll be close to me, and I can look after you. I promise you, I will not leave you in that other place for long.

Steve: Kayla, look at my face. Study it. You could always read me. Tell me what you see.

Kayla: I see the man that I've loved for 20 years. . . a face full of kindness.

Steve: Then you're blind.

Kayla: I also see that you are lost in a deep, dark place with no light to guide you out, only voices that you are powerless to control. None of this is your fault, and there is nothing you could do, no matter how harsh or hateful that would make me feel differently about you. I love you more now than I ever have.

Steve: Let's go.

Kayla: Oh, God.

Belle: Hmm. . . yeah, I don't know if it's okay for you to come back in yet.

Shawn D. : Okay, then. Fine, fine, fine.

Belle: What are you doing?

Shawn D. : I figure since you won't let me out of the doghouse into the shelter, you only leave me one choice. That is to take these wet clothes off and get naked.

Belle: Uh, don't you dare.

Shawn D. : Most people, they like to go for the pants first. I like to go for the big finish.

Belle: Do not take off those pants. Do not.

Shawn D. : Well, we got to go native. We're islanders, right?

Belle: Okay, do not take off those underwear, mister.

Shawn D. : Oh, it's not like you haven't seen it before.

Belle: Okay, okay, okay. Don't. Don't. You can come in. You can come in. Don't.

Shawn D. : It is cold.

Belle: Oh, poor baby. It's only like 80 degrees outside.

Shawn D. : It feels like it's 75 degrees.

Belle: I'll be sure to look for frostbite.

Shawn D. : You're just so sweet to me.

Belle: You better believe it.

Belle: I'm sorry I've been so hard on you. I just want everything for us to be perfect.

Shawn D. : Yeah. Just like Claire.

Belle: It doesn't get more perfect than that.

Shawn D. : Belle, I want you to make me a promise. If you feel that things aren't gonna work out with us or if I haven't already guessed that, I want you to tell me.

Belle: Okay, and you tell me. Promise?

Shawn D. : I promise. I don't want either one of us getting hurt again.

Hope: Of course I'm offering you money. Why else would I be here? Willow, what did you think, that I was gonna ask you to come home with me?

Willow: Just get out of here.

Hope: I'm sorry if I misled you. I never meant to, but a smart girl like you has got to realize there's absolutely no way I could invite you into our house.

Willow: Maybe I'm not that smart. Maybe I need you to spell it out for me.

Hope: For one thing, we have a new baby.

Willow: I could help you with her.

Hope: I don't think so.

Willow: You don't trust me --

Hope: You have a mean streak, and you tend to lose control when you don't get your way, so, no. I'm sorry. I can't risk having you around my baby. And I'm sorry if it hurts to hear that.

Willow: Forget me. How could you be so cold to your grandchild? I mean, Shawn is dead. This is the only thing that's left of him.

Hope: It's possible he survived.

Willow: Are you kidding? They found traces of blood on that raft, probably from a shark attack.

Hope: You don't know that.

Willow: Mom, if this is a day of honesty, let's get to it. Shawn is dead.

Hope: Shut up! You shut up. You don't know what you're talking about.

Belle: I will always be honest about how I feel. And I can tell you right now, from the bottom of my heart, I will be the happiest person in the world if things work out between us.

Shawn D. : I couldn't ask for anything more.

Belle: You tired?

Shawn D. : I'm exhausted. Being a castaway is hard work.

Belle: We should probably get some sleep. Claire's gonna wake up soon. You can lay next to me. It's okay.

Shawn D. : Are you sure?

Willow: So, you're saying Shawn's still alive?

Hope: He'll always be alive in my heart.

Willow: You haven't heard anything else?

Hope: No.

Willow: You seem to be holding it together pretty well for somebody who's lost a second child.

Hope: My feelings are private. I don't care to discuss them with you.

Willow: Okay. I get it now.

Hope: You have the card for the ob-gyn. Please keep your appointment. I'm gonna write you a check for $1,000 so you can stock up on food and prenatal vitamins. If you want it. . . it's yours. If not. . . you can tear it up. And if you need more, let me know.

Willow: Hope. Thanks. And for what it's worth, I hope Shawn's alive, too. You know something, lady. Hey, it's me. I need to see you like right now. I think I just found out Shawn and Belle and Claire are still alive.

Kayla: I've never seen Steve so cold and hateful.

Bo: Yeah. Well, the good thing about this is he'll get the help he needs.

Kayla: Maybe he's right. Maybe he's just too far gone. Maybe he's just gone over the edge and he's not gonna come back.

Bo: You don't believe that.

Kayla: I don't know what to believe. Just now, up close, seeing him like that, I mean, he's just so far gone. It scares the hell out of me.

Bo: Yeah, I'm scared, too, for Steve, but mostly for you. This whole thing is taking a toll on you. You need to start taking care of yourself.

Kayla: No, all I need is to get Steve well. Listen, we have to work fast and get him out of that State Hospital. We cannot abandon him.

Bo: I'm not abandoning him.

Kayla: I just can't lose him again. I don't know what I'd do if I lost him again.

Philip: I want proof that Shawn, Belle, and Claire are alive. And until you have something concrete, stay out of my face.

E.J.: Why don't you tell me now?

Sami: If you call me again or ask me any more questions, I swear to God, I'll kill you.

Jed: Do you know how lucky you are, man, to have a girl like Abby fall in love with you?

Belle: We need to get her off this island now or she will die.

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