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Willow: Why are we stopping here? I thought we were headed back to the mansion.

Philip: I will be.

Willow: You're upset about me letting Shawn and Belle go --

Philip: I lost my daughter. I don't know if she's alive, so "upset" doesn't cover how I'm feeling.

Willow: I'm sorry. I told you I'd make it up to you.

Philip: How, Willow? Explain to me how you're gonna fix this. This is the end of the line for you.

Willow: The police station? You're turning me in to the cops?

Lucas: Nice. That's good Roquefort cheese, really good. Unbelievable.

Sami: So are the prices.

Lucas: Doesn't matter. Money's no object. Come on, how many times you get married in your life? Sorry. I'll rephrase that. This is the last time either of us is getting married, so we'll enjoy it. Expenses spared. Come on.

Sami: Lucas, I have planned one too many wedding receptions. I just don't think it's a good idea planning a big wedding. We're just asking for -- we're tempting fate.

Lucas: Listen to me. That's all in the past right now, okay? You've changed and I've changed. There's no more wedding curse. That's been broken. Forget about it. Listen, I love you, and you love me. What could possibly go wrong?

EJ: Oh, I could think of something.

Roman: So, E.J. Wells strikes again, huh?

Bo: Yeah, looks that way.

Roman: You really think he used some kind of mind control to get Steve to kidnap John out of that hospital?

Bo: Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but we both know how Steve's been acting lately.

Roman: Yeah, and we know the DiMera’s -- devil tarot cards, brainwashing, torture. What the hell is it, Bo? What are they after?

Bo: Well, let's go over what we have here. It started with John in the E. R. room whispering "killer" the night that Wells shot him. Maybe that's why the DiMera’s want him, you know, make sure he never wakes up.

Roman: Well, I'm gonna call Kayla again. I don't like that she's not answering my calls.

Bo: All right. I'll try the pub, see if anyone's seen her. Hey, Pop, it's me. Hey, um, have you seen Kayla recently? Yesterday? Hey, no, no, no. I'm sure everything's okay. I'll call you later. Thanks, man.

Roman: Not answering her cell. You don't think she is crazy enough to go after Steve by herself, do you?

Bo: You know our sister. What do you think?

Kayla: What did you say?

Steve: You heard me. You have to operate on John, take out one of his kidneys.

Kayla: You're -- you can't be serious. The man is in a coma. If I take out one of his vital organs, he could die. Why would you even ask me to do that?

Steve: Because you're the only one I can trust.

Kayla: You're not making any sense.

Steve: You're a doctor. You're a real doctor. You're his friend. You'll do it right.

Kayla: No, I will not. The only thing I am going to do is get him out of here and get him to the hospital.

Steve: You have to do this.

Kayla: What makes you think so?

Steve: You don't have a choice.

Willow: If anybody should be pressing charges, it's me. You tried to kill me on that ship, remember? So turn me in to the cops, and I'll just tell them you tried to throw me overboard and feed me to the sharks.

Philip: Hey, hey, hey! I'm not turning you in to the cops.

Willow: You're not?

Philip: Just get out.

Willow: How am I supposed to get back to the mansion?

Philip: You don't. I told you back on the ship we're finished, that the free ride is over, and I meant it.

Willow: We have a deal. I'm having Shawn's baby.

Philip: You think I give a damn about that now? Why should I when Claire's. . . when she's gone?

Willow: You don't know that for sure. I mean, yeah, it looks bad, real bad, but what if she and Shawn and Belle all made it to shore? What if they're on some island in kangaroo land just laughing their butts off on how they duped the poor, dumb lieutenant? You're gonna let them get away with that, get away with Claire?

Philip: The odds are against any of them still being alive, Willow

Willow: But it's possible they could have survived.

Philip: Well, if they did, Shawn will try to contact his family. And if he does, I'll find out and finish what I started. . . without your help.

Willow: You can't do it without me. You need me.

Philip: I need you like I need a brain tumor. Now, get the hell out of my car.

Willow: What am I supposed to do? What about my baby, my little brother? They're depending on me.

Philip: Check out the massage parlors. They're always looking for new talent. Pick a street corner. Hang a sign. I'm sure you'll figure something out. Either way, it's not my problem.

Willow: Like hell it's not. You're supposed to take care of me. We had a deal.

Philip: And you blew it, so now the deal is off! It's over.

Willow: It's over when I say it's over.

Roman: All right, I want every unit available on this case, all right? Any sign of Kayla Brady or Steve Johnson, I need to know A. S. A. P.

Officer: Right away, commander.

Roman: Get going. All right.

Bo: All right, yeah. Thanks for your help. Hey, should we tell ma and pop about this?

Roman: You know what? I don't think we need to alarm them just yet.

Bo: Damn it. I wish I could have gotten more out of Wells when I spoke to him earlier.

Roman: Yeah, I'm real surprised he even allowed us to question him. But he is so damn slick. He knows we got our backs against the wall. Hell, I can't even put a tail on him without him bring down this department on charges of harassment. And, believe me, I would love to arrest that son of a bitch personally.

Bo: All that would change if we had proof, just a sliver of evidence telling us that he's the one who shot John.

Roman: Yeah, well, that's our problem. Once Tek and Lexie disappeared, we lost our eyewitnesses, so unless somebody comes forward who knows something or saw something, we got nothing, and he knows it.

Bo: Got to be something we've missed. You know what? Actually, there's someone who could help us bring him down.

Roman: Well, if you're talking about Lockport, he ain't talking, and he never will, at least not about E.J. Wells.

Bo: No, no, no. It's not Lockhart. I'm talking about Shawn, my son.

Lucas: What are you talking about, E.J.? What could possibly go wrong?

E.J.: Oh, I just mean the odds of any marriage's success can be a little bit daunting. That's why I chose bachelorhood as my true commitment.

Lucas: Well, I'm sure that works for you, but I think we'll go ahead and get married anyway. Anything else?

E.J.: Just one thing. Samantha, if you'll excuse me, you need to take your future husband's advice here. I think if you cut corners on your wedding day, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. And as I am, in some ways, footing the bill --

Sami: Um, what is that supposed to mean?

E.J.: Well, maybe not directly, but, uh, I think that you could hardly afFord a wedding, darling, let alone the wedding of your dreams, if it wasn't for Lucas working for Mythic.

Lucas: You got me there. I don't know what to say to that. Anything else? I mean, we'd really like to have some time to ourselves.

E.J.: I apologize. Just one -- it's a work thing. Something important's come up. I need you to handle it now.

Lucas: Now?

E.J.: Yes, the Duncan-Davidson deal -- it's starting to look a little bit shaky, okay? Now, we wanted this deal closed. I haven't seen a contract yet.

Lucas: They said they were gonna fax it to the office first thing in the morning.

E.J.: I need to see a copy now. It's just not good enough.

Lucas: It's a little late, don't you think?

E.J.: It's not late on the West Coast. Why don't you call them, have them fax a copy over? It's important.

Lucas: Don't you have an assistant who can handle this? I'm a little busy right now.

E.J.: You put a lot of work into this. You sure you want somebody else handling it? Deal with it yourself.

Lucas: All right, fine. I'll make the call. I'll have it faxed.

E.J.: Perfect. Thank you. If you don't mind, I'll keep Samantha company.

Lucas: Yeah, right. I won't be long, okay?

E.J.: Ah, lovely. Nasty.

Sami: All right, what do you want? You obviously went to quite some effort to send Lucas on a wild goose chase so you could be alone with me.

E.J.: I can't get anything past you, can I, Samantha? It's interesting, really. You'd think by now, you'd realize that works both ways.

Sami: What does that mean?

E.J.: It means that I'm onto you. I know your little secret, Samantha.

Kayla: Why are you asking me to do this? Is it E.J.? Does E.J. need a kidney?

Steve: Just trust me.

Kayla: No, I'm not gonna trust you. I am not trusting you. I need you to tell me what's going on so that I can help you.

Steve: If you want to help, you will get in there right now, and you'll operate. You'll take John's kidney out. 'Cause if you don't, someone else will.

Kayla: Who, that man that was just here?

Steve: Black-market organ dealer. He's a butcher. He doesn't care if John lives or dies.

Kayla: This is insane.

Steve: There's no other way, Kayla.

Kayla: Okay, listen, I know that you believe that, or maybe they're making you believe that, and you think that you have to do whatever they want because you're under their control. Why else would you do this? You must be under their control. You would never take John out of the hospital. You would never ask me to do this surgery. But listen to me. Listen. It is not too late. We do not have to do this. It is not too late.

Steve: Kayla, it is too late. Listen to me. You are John's only chance. He's not even gonna have that if you keep talking. That butcher will be back. He'll rip John open. He'll take what he wants. He won't even bother to sew him back up again. Is that what you want?

Kayla: I'm gonna call Bo and Roman. I'm gonna get them over here right now.

Steve: No. I can't let you do that.

Philip: You got two seconds to give me those keys, Willow, or so help me. . .

Willow: Lay a hand on me, and I will scream so loud that the cops will be out here and onto you like white on rice.

Philip: I said drop them. You'll never learn, will you?

Willow: What, Philip, how to abuse women?

Philip: Spare me the victim act, Willow. You been around the block too many times to sell that one.

Willow: Philip, I am begging you. Please do not kick me out.

Philip: What's it gonna take to get it through your thick head?! I don't need you anymore! You're one of the reasons Claire's gone.

Willow: I was angry, and I wanted to punish you. I had no idea that Shawn and Belle would be so stupid to jump off in the middle of the ocean.

Philip: I don't want hr just go. There are things I need to do. I said get out.

Willow: I don't believe you. Here I am, pregnant. I have nothing, not a dime. What kind of monster are you?

Philip: What about all that money you won gambling on the ship? Or was that a lie, too? All right, shocking. Now get the hell out of my car and my life. Go.

Willow: You're a bastard. I will not forget this.

Bo: Lockhart refused to go on record saying he worked for Wells, but if we can get Shawn to testify that he worked for him -- hell, he was their courier, carrying all sorts of information between the two of them. If we can get him to sign a statement saying he witnessed some kind of illegal activity, maybe that will light a fire under the state's attorney.

Roman: To after E.J. Wells full bore, no more backing off.

Bo: Exactly.

Roman: But Shawn never actually witnessed a crime being committed. So even if we bring E.J. in, we can't make the charges stick.

Bo: Unless we use the statement to get Lockhart to roll over on his boss.

Roman: How are we gonna do that? Wells has got Lockhart running scared.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. He's scared. But if he thinks his boss is going down anyway, maybe that statement will be enough to break him.

Roman: Well, you know what? It's worth a shot. But first we got to find Shawn.

Philip: You can't. . . because this is all that's left of him.

Kayla: You're scaring me.

Steve: If you walk away from this, John will die. I promise you that.

Kayla: Not if we call the police right now.

Steve: The police can't help. No one can -- not Roman, not Bo, no one. This is our only chance to make sure John survives.

Kayla: Jeez.

Steve: Kayla. Go on, now. Go in there. You can do this. It's all set up. There's a nurse in there waiting to assist you.

Kayla: This is so crazy. You know, even if I do operate, there's a good chance that he won't survive. This is not my area of expertise. He could flatline, and then what? And then what, a friend of ours dies, and we are guilty of murder?

Steve: He's not gonna die. You can do this surgery.

Kayla: Oh, God.

Steve: Kayla. You know, whether he survives or not, if we don't get that kidney, a whole lot of other people are gonna die, people we care about.

Kayla: Like who? Who else has E.J. threatened?

Sami: E.J., the only lies that I have been telling are the lies that you are forcing me to tell.

E.J.: Really? You're lying to me right now. You've been lying to me ever since I got back from Mexico. Your -- yeah -- aversion to any alcohol was another, amongst other things. I know the truth, Samantha. You're pregnant.

Sami: I am not preg--

E.J.: I have proof. I went through your trash.

Sami: You what?

E.J.: I went through your trash, darling, and look what I found. An appointment with your ob-gyn for your first sonogram.

Sami: I cannot believe that you went through my trash. That is disgusting.

E.J.: It was obvious you weren't gonna tell me the truth.

Sami: It's normal for people not to talk about their pregnancy until after the first trimester.

E.J.: Then you shout it from the rooftops the moment you found out. There's only one reason why you didn't, there's only one reason you won't, and it's because you know that, that child isn't Lucas'. It's mine.

Bo: This is Shawn's, and. . . this is Claire's. Hope and I gave it to her. Where'd you get this stuff?

Roman: Philip. Philip, maybe you better tell us what's going on here.

Philip: I tracked Shawn and Belle to a cruise ship -- Neptune's Dream. They were traveling under false names, false passports, as I'm sure you already knew. I told the ship's captain who they were, and they were placed under ship's arrest. I was going to reclaim my daughter as soon as the ship reached port, but the two of them pulled a fast one -- took Claire and jumped overboard.

Bo: What do you mean, they jumped overboard?

Philip: I mean they did just that. They stole a life raft and took off from the middle of the ocean to God knows where. And that's all that's left of it, so they obviously didn't get very far. The search parties found it pretty quickly -- shredded and overturned with no sign of the three of them. The rest of those things were left behind in their stateroom.

Bo: No. It can't be. It can't be.

Philip: I didn't want to believe it, either. But if the raft wasn't proof enough, there was blood found on it, too, on a piece of rope.

Roman: Whose blood? Do they know?

Philip: They sent it off to Sydney for analysis, and. . . I just got the results this morning. It was Claire's.

Bo: How am I gonna tell Hope?

Philip: You can start by telling her you're all to blame. Because of you, my little girl is dead, and I won't rest until the entire Brady family pays for that.

Kayla: It's Stephanie. That's what this is about, isn't it? If we don't give them that kidney, they're gonna hurt our daughter?

Steve: I told you a lot of people will be hurt.

Kayla: You can't do that. You have to protect her no matter what happens here.

Steve: I'm trying to protect everyone, Kayla, but if you don't get in there and operate right now, John will be the first one to die. Don't let him down. Come on. Come on.

Kayla: I am so sorry. I'm so sorry, John.

Steve: Maybe you should let me finish.

Kayla: No, you're not touching him. I can do this. I'm fine.

Steve: Doctor, blood pressure's dropping.

Philip: I hope you're satisfied. You not only let Shawn and Belle kidnap my daughter, you helped them to. And now Claire is dead.

Officer: Commissioner, sorry to interrupt, but we may have a lead on Steve Johnson.

Bo: Go ahead. I'll deal with this.

Roman: You sure about that?

Bo: Yeah, we got to find him.

Roman: All right, I'll be back.

Philip: What's that crazy lunatic done now? He's just as responsible for Claire's death as the rest of you.

Bo: If anyone's responsible for this, it's you -- you and Victor. This started when you kidnaped Claire from her parents. You hire an ex-con to take her from the diner so Belle looks like an unfit mother. This whole sick plot started with that.

Philip: I don't know anything about any diner. All I know is while I was off serving my country, getting my face blown off, your son and Belle took the opportunity to cut me out of my daughter's life completely, like I never existed! If I'm guilty of anything, it's fighting for my family, a family that's gone now because of you.

Bo: Get out of here before you get hurt.

Philip: I've always looked up to you, big brother, but I've never been afraid of you. Remember that.

Bo: You're no brother of mine. Get the hell out of here now! This can't be. This can't be.

Sami: Lucas.

Lucas: What's the matter? You look upset.

Sami: No, honey, I'm okay. How was your phone call?

Lucas: Mission accomplished. So, E.J., you'll be happy to know that the contracts are being faxed to the office as we speak. So if you'll give us a little time, we'd appreciate it.

E.J.: Of course. Sorry, did you say they're being faxed to the office?

Lucas: Yeah, the office. Why?

E.J.: I'm really sorry if I didn't make things clear, but my notes are in my apartment. I needed them faxed there. Well, if you wouldn't mind. . .

Lucas: Actually, I do mind. I know what's going on here. What, are you trying to put the moves on my fiancé, send me on a goose chase?

E.J.: Lucas, I would do nothing of the sort.

Sami: You know what, Lucas? It's okay. Why don't you just go make the phone call? Because then you can come back, and we can get rid of him.

Lucas: I don't like this.

Sami: It's okay. I can handle myself.

Lucas: Are you sure?

Sami: Positive. But, um, your being protective is very sexy.

Lucas: Hmm. Well, thank you.

Sami: You’re welcome.

Lucas: No more calls, all right, E.J.? I'll be back.

Sami: Okay.

E.J.: Sure. Oh, and, Lucas, thank you for going the extra mile. I appreciate it.

E.J.: So, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted? I remember. I was telling you how utterly delighted I am that we're pregnant.

Sami: We are not pregnant. This baby is Lucas', not yours.

E.J.: Hmm. Why is that?

Sami: I can tell. It couldn't possibly be yours.

E.J.: See, I, uh, I disagree with you there. I think not only is it possible, well, I think that it's probable. You see, about eight weeks ago, you and I made love.

Sami: You don't even get to use that word. You raped me.

Kayla: It's over.

Steve: How is he?

Kayla: I don't know. He made it through the surgery, but, you know, there's still a very good chance of infection, especially in a filthy warehouse like this. Not to mention the remaining kidney, if it fails... the next 24 hours will be critical.

Steve: You just have to make sure he gets through them. Okay now, who is that for?

Kayla: Is it for?

Steve: I don't know! Just make me a list. Make me a list of everything John needs, and I'll go out --

Kayla: You said to me before that I needed to trust you? I am telling you right now --You need to trust me. He will not survive here. You need to get on the phone, and you need to call an ambulance. This is ridiculous.

E.J.: I didn't force you to do anything, Samantha. Would you have let Lucas die?

Sami: That isn't a choice. That's extortion. You didn't pin me down and hold me.

E.J.: You were willing.

Sami: I gave you what you wanted to save Lucas' life.

E.J.: And in the process, another life was created -- our future son or daughter. It's a beautiful thing, wouldn't you say?

Sami: This baby is Lucas', not yours.

E.J.: Well, that shouldn't be too hard to prove, should it?

Sami: What?

E.J.: We'll get a test.

Sami: Now? No, forget it.

E.J.: Why? You'll get an answer immediately.

Sami: I won't do it.

E.J.: Because you know there's a damn good chance that baby's mine.

Sami: I'm not discussing this with you anymore.

E.J.: Fine. Don't discuss it. But you'll get the test. If you don't get the test, I'm gonna tell Lucas that the paternity of his child is in question.

Sami: You wouldn't dare.

E.J.: Let me tell you something Samantha. Nobody raises my child

Lucas: All right, it's done. The contracts are being faxed to your apartment.

E.J.: Thank you so much, Lucas. Once again, please forgive me.

E.J.: Absolutely. Before I go, there's one thing I want to discuss with you. It's about the little one on the way.

Willow: Philip.

Philip: I thought I told you to disappear.

Willow: I'm here because I'm desperate, and I have no place else to go.

Philip: Like I said, it's not my problem, Willow.

Willow: I have no insurance, no way of getting prenatal care. One child may already be dead, and if you don't help, another innocent child may die, too. Would that really make you feel better?

Bo: Shawn, you were practically raised at sea. I taught you how to survive.

Roman: That lead was a bust -- still no sign of Steve. You know what? There's still a chance you'll find him. I talked to the Australian Coast Guard. They're gonna try again. They're gonna send out another search-and-recovery party.

Bo: Roman... tell them to make it a search and rescue. Shawn, Belle, and Claire -- they're not dead.

Kayla: What are you waiting for? Come on, make the call. Get that ambulance here now.

Steve: They won't like it. I can't. They --

Kayla: Who won't -- E.J., the DiMera’s? Why would they care? They have what they want.

Steve: I never said anything about E.J. and the DiMera’s.

Kayla: No, no, no. Of course you didn't. Of course you didn't. Look, I'm sure you've been warned to keep your mouth shut. But listen to me. They would have never let me come here if they really wanted John dead. And you don't want him dead, either, or you wouldn't have asked me to operate. You wouldn't have got me involved. Listen to me. I am involved now. And I am telling you. This would have all been for nothing if we do not get him to the hospital. How are we gonna tell Marlena? "We took out your husband's kidney, and then we just let him die"?

Steve: I don't want him to die.

Kayla: I know you don't, baby. I know you don't. Just give me the phone. Give me the phone, please. Please give me the phone. Okay. All right.

Roman: Bo, listen to me. I want to believe they're still alive, too, but that raft was found out in the middle of the ocean.

Bo: Roman, look at this.

Roman: All right, all right. I see symbols. Do these make sense to you?

Bo: You bet they do. When Shawn was a kid, I taught him the flags of the naval code in case there was an emergency on the boat and we didn't have radio contact. This is a way to send a message or signal. That's what these are.

Roman: You mean like semaphores?

Bo: Yes. There is a symbol for every letter in the alphabet. Here we have s-a-f-E.

Roman: Safe.

Bo: Shawn sent this message to me. He is safe. He and his family are alive.

Willow: I'm not asking you for a handout. I'm just asking for a loan to cover my expenses until I get a job and pay you back. Maybe by helping me and my baby, it will make up in some small way for what happened to Claire.

Philip: Stop saying that. What happened to Claire wasn't my fault.

Willow: I know that.

Philip: And as for you and your kid, you're on your own, and there's nothing you can do or say to change my mind.

Willow: I can say it's your baby. That would be really great- knocks up a hooker -- front-page news.

Philip: That would be easy enough to disprove.

Willow: Eventually, but your reputation will be tainted because everyone will think it could have been yours.

Philip: I got to hand it to you, Willow, you know how to play hardball.

Willow: Growing up on the streets, you learn to survive. So what's it gonna be? You take care of me and my baby, or I tell the whole world that you're the daddy, starting with Victor, your daddy. Got a feeling he's not gonna be overjoyed.

Philip: Come by the mansion tomorrow. We'll talk terms.

Willow: Great. That way, we both win.

Lucas: How do you know about the baby?

E.J.: Good news travels fast. And I could not be more thrilled for you. That brings me to something I wanted to talk to you about, something Samantha and I were actually just discussing.

Sami: E.J.

E.J.: I wanted to discuss with you maternity leave. Mythic gives a full month for the father, as well as the mother. I'm hoping you're gonna take advantage of it, with my blessing.

Lucas: Yeah.

E.J.: Okay. I understand I've taken up enough of your time. Please, get back to planning your wedding. Lucas, thank you very much. I really appreciate you doing that for me. And once again, congratulations to both of you.

Lucas: He knows about the baby? I thought that was supposed to be a secret.

Sami: I didn't tell him. He figured it out.

Lucas: How did he do that?

Sami: He knew I wasn't drinking alcohol. He had all these clues added up. It doesn't matter, right? You're the one who said it doesn't matter if E.J. knows. Let's just forget about E.J. and get back to work.

Lucas: Easier said than done. Hello.

E.J.: Lucas, it's E.J. I was just wondering if you'd be free to meet tomorrow morning.

Lucas: I think so. Why?

E.J.: Something important that I need to discuss with you, man to man.

Kayla: Where are you going? Steve, what is it?

Steve: I love you.

Kayla: Steve, wait! Yes? No, I'm all right. Is the ambulance on its way?

Steve: You need to call the police, too. A terrible crime has been committed here.

Bo: There's no doubt in my mind. Shawn destroyed this raft to throw Philip and the authorities off his trail. That's one smart kid.

Roman: All right. What about Claire's blood?

Bo: Well, obviously I can't explain that, but I got to believe all three of them are safe, just like he says in this message.

Roman: My God, I hope you're right.

Bo: Roman, I know I am. But until we get something more, we got to keep this to ourselves... 'cause despite this message, Hope is gonna believe the worst.

Roman: Yeah, Brady. What? All right, we'll be right down. Kayla's with John. It doesn't look good.

Lucas: What's this all about?

E.J.: If you don't mind, I think I'd rather discuss this in person.

Lucas: All right, fine. I'll see you in the morning.

E.J.: Excellent. Thank you. I'm looking forward to it.

Sami: Who was that?

Lucas: It was E.J. He says he wants to talk about something very important. Any idea what that might be?

Sami: No, I have no idea.

E.J.: This had better be good news.

Steve: It's done. The kidney's on the way.

E.J.: Splendid. Let's hear it for the miracle of life, eh?

Chelsea: Dr. Endo called me your colleague, like I actually belong here, working in the lab.

Nick: That's because you deserve it.

Chelsea: I do?

Belle: Stuck with me.

Shawn D.: Glad.

Sami: What's so freaking important here, anyway?

E.J.: You are. You're the reason I came back.

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