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Nick: Hey, Abby.

Abby: Hey, Nick. What are you doing here?

Nick: I've got a leak in my brain. Can you fix it?

Abby: Yeah, Aunt Maggie told me about what happened with Chelsea. Look, I'm really sorry, Nick.

Nick: Well, you only told me to come clean about Shane Patton like a thousand times and kept chickening out. Guess I got what I deserved, right?

Abby: Was it really that bad?

Nick: It was horrific, Abby. I must be the biggest jerk in the world. Are you tuning engines in your spare time?

Abby: Uh, I'm just helping Max catch up a little bit.

Nick: Why?

Abby: Because he's swamped and I offered and he said yes.

Nick: Don't take this the wrong way, Abby, but, um...are you out of your mind?

Abby: What?

Nick: You like Max, right? But he's with Mimi. The more time you spend around here, the more time you're gonna spend hating yourself. Take if from somebody who learned the hard way, all right? Liking somebody who doesn't like you back is a great way to get your heart broken. Just FYI.

Nick: Chelsea, it's Nick. I, um -- could you please give me a call? I want to explain. I'm -- I'm so sorry. I -- just, please, please call me, okay? [Answering machine beeps] Chelsea, please answer the phone. I know you're there. You know it's me. My number's on your caller I.D. Please pick up. [Sighs] At least hear me out, then, if you want to, you never have to speak to me again. All right, maybe -- maybe you're not there. Just -- just please give me a call when you get this, all right? Okay, bye.

Billie: Nick again?

Chelsea: I really wish that he would stop calling.

Billie: Chelsea, he's just -- he's just trying to make things right. He feels terrible about what happened.

Chelsea: I don't care, Mom. He lied to me. I never want to see him again.

Billie: Okay, he did lie about some things, yes, but... he wants you to know that everything he said in those e-mails he wrote to you was the truth.

Chelsea: Then why didn't he just come out and tell me himself? Why did he have to pretend to be somebody else, especially a gorgeous doctor?

Billie: Let's be honest here, Chelsea. If he had told you about his feelings face-to-face, what would you have done?

Steve: [Breathing heavily]

Kayla: Are you coming to bed?

Steve: [Breathless] No. Can't sleep.

Kayla: What are you doing? Steve...what are you doing?

Steve: [Breathing heavily]

Kayla: What?

Steve: You're disappointed in me, aren't you?

Kayla: No, I'm not. I'm not disappointed. I'm...frustrated, maybe. If you had just stayed in the hospital --

Steve: If I'd stay another minute in that hospital, I really would be a basket case, now, wouldn't I?

Kayla: So, what are you telling me? It's better just to sit here and do absolutely nothing?

Steve: No.

Kayla: What do you want to do? 'Cause I'm fresh out of ideas. So if you got some kind of plan, I would love for you to tell me what it is. Because you know what? It's time for you to step up to the plate.

Man: You Wells?

E.J.: Where is he?

Man: Back of the truck. Wasn't easy getting him off the boat. Cops were all over the yard.

E.J.: Is he all right?

Man: Where do you want him?

E.J.: Put him in the warehouse. And you make sure you don't hurt him... 'cause your life depends on it. Got me?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Steve: Listen, baby. I do want to get this thing in my head straighten out. I just need to figure out how. That's all.

Kayla: But when Dr. Beale had you under that hypnosis, you remembered the room you were in. You remember being tortured.

Steve: No, I don't remember any of that.

Kayla: Maybe if you had a little more time -- maybe one more session.

Steve: I don't need any more sessions. I want you, baby. For you to stay with me. And I'm telling you, you put any other woman through what I've done to you lately, they would have run for the hills. But not you. You stay. You fight. If I didn't have you, I couldn't survive what's going on right now. Those DiMeras -- Wells, all of them -- they can come after me all they want. It doesn't matter. I took it then, I can take some more, but what I couldn't take... I couldn't take losing you again, sweetness. You're my life.

Billie: Yeah, I take it from your silence that you wouldn't have given Nick the time of day.

Chelsea: I don't know about that.

Billie: Oh, Chelsea, come on. I've heard the way you talk about him. You make fun of him all the time. You make fun of his hair, the clothes he wears, the way he walks, talks -- everything. What Nick did was wrong, but the reason he did it was so, so right -- to bring comfort to a lovely, lonely girl. Kind of like Cyrano de Bergerac.

Chelsea: Isn't that the story about the guy with the big nose?

Billie: No, that was Pinocchio.

Chelsea: Mom.

Billie: Just kidding. Okay, sorry.

Chelsea: Not funny

Billie: I was trying to bring humor into the situation. You're right. Sorry, my bad. Anyway, there was this guy named Cyrano de Bergerac who was in love with this beautiful girl named Roxanne. But Cyrano was afraid to talk to her because he was kind of -- well -- well, he had a big nose. But he was so eloquent with his words that he professed his love to her hiding behind somebody else's identity. Sound familiar? Well, I think it was poetic.

Chelsea: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Billie: Yours. I'm on yours, baby. And you have every reason to be upset.

Chelsea: Why did you bring him to the garage last night if you knew that I was so upset? I mean, why do you keep defending him?

Abby: Look, Nick, there's only one problem with your theory about me and Max.

Nick: What's that?

Abby: He likes me back.

Nick: You know this because...

Abby: Well, we had a really good discussion last night at dinner, and, you know, we admitted that we both had feelings for each other. And he's with Mimi now, and I'm --

Nick: Replacing the oil and changing the plugs?

Abby: At least I was up front about how I felt about him, okay? And, you know, it felt great, Nick. It really did. It's like the big elephant in the room just got up and walked away.

Nick: Honesty -- what a concept. Unfortunately, it's a little too late for me.

Abby: Chelsea's gonna forgive you, Nick.

Nick: Not unless I do something drastic.

Abby: No, last time you did that, you wound up in bed with her mom.

Nick: Thank you for reminding me, Abby.

Abby: Seriously, Nick, I think you should just lay low and let Chelsea chill out for a while.

Nick: Maybe I should do something Romantic -- I don't know, like playing guitar and singing outside of her window.

Abby: No, Nick, I've heard you sing, and the neighbors would shoot you.

Nick: What if I bought her a car?

Abby: With your salary?

Nick: Come on, you could pull some strings for me, Abby.

Abby: No, Nick, no. I'm sorry, no.

Nick: Come on.

Abby: Nick, no. I'm not gonna help you. Do you -- do you see this face? You know what it is? Switzerland -- I am neutral. I'm your cousin and Chelsea's friend, and I'm not gonna let the two of you get me in the middle of this.

Nick: You're right. It's a big ask.

Abby: Yeah, very big.

Nick: Especially because you gave me all that great advice and I never listened.

Abby: Well, you should have.

Nick: Anyway, I hope everything works out with you and Max. I'll just have to figure something else out.

Abby: Oh, my gosh.

Nick: What?

Abby: Okay, I should keep my mouth shut, but, look, I-I think I have a way for you to get Chelsea back.

Billie: I am not defending Nick.

Chelsea: Mom, you just called him poetic.

Billie: Well, yeah, in a devious sort of way. But, you know, that's just my opinion. Yours is the one that counts.

Chelsea: You're right. Mine is the only one that counts. I guess now it's my turn to be the victim for a change, right?

Billie: That is so not nice.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I'm just upset.

Billie: Well, get over it. What Nick did wasn't malicious. He made a mistake, and God knows you have made your share. And you also know how much it hurts not to be given a second chance. All I'm saying is treat Nick the way that you would like to be a friend. Because when all is said and done, that's exactly what he has been to you.

Nick: Okay, so, what's your plan?

Abby: Well, it's gonna require some humility on your part.

Nick: Abby, I'm so humble right now, I've been apologizing to my lab cultures, all right? What do you got?

Abby: All right, well, Chelsea needs money to stay in college, right? So maybe you can lean on Dr. Robert to get her a job at the lab.

Nick: a great idea, Abby. You want me to go to my supervisor, who already thinks I'm a complete nut case, and ask him to hire the crazed girl who jumped into his arms and started covering him with kisses when she didn't even know him?

Abby: Uh, yeah?

Nick: I mean, he'd definitely fire me.

Abby: Nick, if he was gonna fire you, he'd have done it by now.

Nick: Maybe.

Abby: You know I'm right, Nick. Hello? Hey. Uh, sure. I'll be right over. That was Chelsea. She wants me to come over and talk.

Nick: How did she sound?

Abby: Not too good. You can fix that, Nick. Take my advice for once. Just call your boss. Be Chelsea's hero again.

E.J.: Thank you for coming, ladies. Could you check his vitals? And his IV needs to be changed. Thank you. Keep your mouth shut.

Kayla: You are not going to lose me because I'm not going anywhere. I am staying right here.

Steve: Maybe you're the one who needs a mental hospital, then.

Kayla: You know, I'm not a woman who would give her man ultimatums.

Steve: I know that, baby.

Kayla: No, you don't... because you say you're waiting for me to make the first move. I'm sorry, but that's a coward's way of daring me to make the first move. You want me to say, "you check into that mental ward, or I'm leaving.”

Steve: Is that what you all think?

Kayla: Well, you know what? I'm not gonna give you that kind of luxury. You want to give up on yourself, then fine. Go pack yourself a bag and get on the next train and just disappear, but don't expect me to pack that bag for you or open the door... because I have never given up on you in my entire life and I am not gonna start now.

Billie: Hi.

Nick: Hey, lady. Can I buy you a beer?

Billie: No, thanks. I'm a recovering alcoholic.

Nick: That's right. Very smart. I'm sorry.

Billie: That's okay. How many have you had?

Nick: Mmm, two.

Billie: And how many are you going for?

Nick: Three. Three will be my personal record, so I'm planning to break that.

Billie: No, no, you don't. Hold up, hold up. You don't need that, Nick. You called and said that you needed to talk to me. I'm assuming it's about Chelsea. I'm here, and I am listening. So, what is it I can do for you?

Abby: Look, Chelsea, I'm really sorry. It must have been horrible.

Chelsea: Yeah, I had a really bad couple of days. I mean, first I find out that the guy I've been pouring my heart out to is someone else, and dad tells me that he never wants to see me again.

Abby: Wait, your dad? Chelsea, what happened?

Chelsea: I'd really rather not talk about it.

Abby: Come on, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I said I don't want to talk about it, okay

Abby: Okay. Do you want to talk about Nick?

Chelsea: No. I hate him.

Abby: Yeah, I got that part, but...

Chelsea: It was the most embarrassing thing in my life. I mean, it would have been great if the guy that I had been making out with had any idea who I was, but, no, instead I was just lip-locking with a complete, unsuspecting stranger.

Abby: That's something that you'll laugh at 20 years from now.

Chelsea: No, Abby.

Abby: Well, if it's any consolation, Nick feels terrible about what he did.

Chelsea: Nope.

Abby: He just couldn't find any other way to tell you how he felt.

Chelsea: What, are you channeling my mother now?

Abby: No, I'm trying to explain to you what happened. Look, I begged Nick for weeks to tell you the truth about Shane Patton.

Chelsea: You knew about this? Abby, you knew?

Kayla: You have to decide how you want to live. Do you just want to be this wounded warrior that's waiting for the next battle? Or do you want to figure out what's going on inside your head and get well?

Steve: That's what I want.

Kayla: But you can't do it on your own. You tried. It doesn't work.

Steve: know what they say -- if first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Kayla: Would you stop it? This is life or death, and if we don't do something to solve this problem now, it's just gonna get worse. Listen to me -- I am not going anywhere. I am gonna be in that bedroom every single night. And I want you there by my side, right next to me. Whatever is haunting you... I love the man you are now. Please, come on. Come on. Come on, baby. Come on, come on.

Steve: I'm scared, sweetness.

Kayla: I know it.

Steve: I'm really scared.

Kayla: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

E.J.: Wonderful. He's stable. Thank you. If you -- if you don't mind, I'd like some time alone with the patient. Thank you. Well...I got the most technologically advanced equipment... and the finest doctors and nurses in the world. Nothing is too good for you, Father.

Chelsea: It must be really fun for you, listening to me go on and on about a guy that didn't even exist.

Abby: Chelsea, that's not --

Chelsea: Did you tell all your friends? Did you all have a great big laugh at my expense?

Abby: I tried to get Nick to tell you the truth.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, obviously you didn't try hard enough, Abby, because he never told me.

Abby: Because he was afraid to.

Chelsea: Then why didn't you? Why didn't you come to me? You just stood back and let me make a fool out of myself.

Abby: I-I-I just wanted --

Chelsea: You know what? Just save it 'cause there's real no excuse that you can give me for what you did.

Abby: If you're not gonna let me answer your questions, I guess I can't. I have no excuses. I hoped deep down that Nick would do the right thing. I didn't want to get caught in the middle. I didn't want to see you get hurt, and I also didn't want to hurt Nick. Look, it was a judgment call that I wish I could do over, and if I did, I would go right to you.

Chelsea: Who else knew about it? Maggie? Stephanie? Max?

Abby: No. Just me and Nick. Look, I'm sorry, Chelsea. I really am.

Chelsea: I guess I really can't be that upset. I'm sure I haven't been the best of friends to you. It's just payback time all the way around for me.

Nick: I don't usually drink. I just thought it would be a good idea.

Billie: Well...

Nick: Bad...I knew you would understand, Billie.

Billie: I've been there.

Nick: Like a scum-sucking, bottom-feeding...

Billie: Worthless piece of trash?

Nick: Yes.

Billie: Yes, I have been there, too. In fact, I've been just about everywhere on the scale of what not to do with your life, including...sleeping with my daughter's best friend.

Nick: Another reason...for Chelsea to hate me.

Billie: Not as much as you hate yourself right now.

Nick: I feel like my life is song that gets stuck on the part where you lose the one thing... you truly love.

Billie: You are so young. Listen, this, you know, isn't really the kind of place where cowboys go to tie one on. You know what I'm saying?

Nick: Well, I'm really lame, so...

Billie: No, you're not. This is really lame, and trust me, you're gonna feel like hell in the morning, so -- yes, please. Thank you. We'll take some of that water. Could you get him an espresso, please? You okay, so, where were we before we were interrupted?

Billie: Well, she won't talk about her father. But you, on the other hand --

Nick: No, I don't want to hear. Yes, I do.

Billie: Okay. You're number one on her hit list. Listen, I tried to put in a good word for you,'s gonna take a while before she forgives you. And knowing my daughter the way I do...a while could be a very long time.

Kayla: Come here, sit down. You can attack this fear that's gripping you and understand that you are a victim.

Steve: Victim?

Kayla: I know you hate that word... especially if it's attached to you and me. But the DiMeras pulled you from the grave. They drugged you. They tortured you for how long -- weeks, years? Most men would have never hoped to survive that. But you did. And if you can survive that, you can survive this. Steve: Are you asking me to check back into that hospital?

Kayla: I'm just asking you to attack this head-on. Just be Steve -- that's all. Steven Earl Johnson.

E.J.: Hey, guess what I got you. Some opera to listen to. There we go. I remember growing up, I used to -- I remember you used to conduct the whole orchestra as if it was right there in front of you. You've eluded death before. This time will be no different. It looks like Mariah Carey is styling everybody.

Nick: Oh, my God.

Billie: Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. Oh, God. I'm -- I forgot to tell you. These French places make their espresso hot.

Nick: Oh, jeez.

Billie: Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah, thank God you had this water. I don't care what it takes or what I have to do, but I...I'm gonna get Chelsea to forgive me.

Billie: That's a great attitude to have.

Nick: Really?

Billie: Yes. Yes, that's great because that means that you want to fight for what you want.

Nick: Abby said that I should get Dr. Robert to get her a job at the lab.

Billie: Great idea. What do you think?

Nick: Well, I mean, Chelsea needs the money for school.

Billie: Yes, she does.

Nick: And if I got her the job, do you think that it would help her hate me a little less?

Billie: Is that your goal -- to get her to hate you a little less?

Nick: Well, I mean, it would be better than her not talking to me at all.

Billie: Just remember, it's gonna take some time.


Chelsea: Hello?

Dr. Robert: Chelsea Brady?

Chelsea: Speaking.

Dr. Robert: This is Dr. Robert, or should I say Shane Patton? Remember me?

Chelsea: Of -- of course. How could I forget?

Dr. Robert: I was hoping you'd say that.

E.J.: I have a plan in place to see you well again, Father. And if that plan fails, I have another. I've been living in Salem long enough to have located several donors that can help us overcome your condition. If necessary, we'll use every one. No one is more important, Father. No one is more important to me than you.

Steve: Hmm. I must have been one hell of a good man in my last life to end up with you in this one.

Kayla: Well, if anybody's gonna be grateful for the other person, it's me, because no man has treated me the way that you have.

Steve: Baby... you're so beautiful. I love you so much.

E.J.: Kind of funny to think I almost never met you, eh? You should have heard what my mother used to say about you. I don't know where I'd be today without your love and your guidance. You gave me the best teachers, the finest luxuries...such a wonderful appreciate for music, for art. You gave me the world. Now it's time I gave something back to you.

Steve: You know...someday, when I'm facing the big dude, or whoever it is who tallies up the scores here on earth, they're gonna ask me... "Steven Earl Johnson, what was the finest thing you ever did?" And I'm gonna say..."one time, I let down my guard...and I let a girl named Kayla love me." I don't know if that answer's gonna get me into heaven, but I don't care. This is heaven. Your lips are heaven.

Kayla: I love you.

Steve: You know, baby, when we were talking earlier, you said something about how you needed me to be Steve. That confused me.

Kayla: Why is that?

Steve: Well, I know you were upset about me leaving the hospital. But that was me. That was Steve afraid -- afraid of being drugged to the gills and turned into a zombie in that place. But...I've made a decision. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna talk to Marlena.

Kayla: Thank you. Thank you.

Nick: This is a bad idea, isn't it?

Billie: No... not necessarily. I -- well, getting a job for Chelsea could go either way.

Nick: Okay. Well, give me the good way first.

Billie: All right, well, she could see your getting her this job as a gesture of repentance and forgive you of your sins.

Nick: Yeah, that's good. I like that.

Billie: Or...if she continues to dislike you, working with her every day could be sheer torture. And there go your chances of her ever forgiving you.

Nick: This is true.

Billie: So what are you gonna do?

Nick: I have to do something for Chelsea that's gonna prove to much she means to me.

Dr. Robert: I was looking over the job applications for the lab-assistant position, which still hasn't been filled. And I came across your name and was wondering if you'd still like to come in and be interviewed.

Chelsea: I can't believe you're calling me after I made such a fool of myself the other day.

Dr. Robert: Well, at least you know me now.

Chelsea: Yeah, I'd say I got up close and personal.

Dr. Robert: So, will I see you?

Chelsea: Yeah. I'll be right there. Thank you.

Abby: Chelsea, don't tell me.

Chelsea: Yeah, that was Nick's supervisor at the lab.

Abby: The one you attacked with kisses?

Chelsea: Apparently he's still willing to consider me for the job.

Abby: You know what? Maybe Nick called him to --

Chelsea: I don't think so. But you know what? I really do hope that I get that job because there's nothing I would love more than to be in Nick's face everyday it I and, you know, that doctor wasn't half bad-looking. He was actually really pretty hot.

Abby: Meaning what?

Chelsea: Hmm, well, if I get the job, I'm pretty sure I could use him to make Nick jealous. something to me?

Chelsea: What?

Abby: Why do you want to make a guy you can't stand jealous?

Chelsea: Because Nick deserves it. I don't see anything wrong in grabbing an opportunity and getting a little revenge out of it. It's not gonna hurt anybody, except for Nick, but I already said that, you know, he deserves that, so... I should go, though, but, um, wish me luck.

Abby: Yeah, good luck.

Chelsea: Oh, and when you leave, can you lock up, please? Thank you.

Nick: I am gonna do everything I can to get Chelsea to forgive me.

Billie: Well, if she ends up forgiving you, that's great. But if she doesn't, you still did a good thing. Does that make sense?

Nick: You're a very smart lady.

Billie: Well, you know, chalk it up to experience.

Nick: I'm gonna call Dr. Robert tomorrow.

Billie: You're a good guy, Nick.

Nick: Hold on. Hello?

Abby: Nick, it's Abby.

Nick: What's up?

Abby: Look, I just want to you to know something.

Nick: What?

Abby: You know, calling Dr. Robert to give Chelsea the lab job.

Nick: I didn't call Dr. Robert.

Abby: Well, I was just with Chelsea when she heard from him. He wants her to come in for an interview.

Nick: What?

Abby: Yeah, she's on her way to the hospital right now.

Nick: Oh, my God. All right, thank you, Abby. I have to go.

Billie: Nick, what's going on?

Nick: Apparently my supervisor beat me to the punch. He wants to schedule Chelsea for a job interview. Apparently he didn't mind playing tonsil hockey after all. I'm so screwed.

E.J.: You're one of us now.

E.J.: I came to Salem to save your life. And that's exactly what I'm going to do... even if it means that other people must die.

Nick: If I hadn't pretended to be someone else, you never would have let me see who you really are.

Chelsea: You still don't get it.

Nick: No, you don't get it. I love you.

Celeste: I know you were with E.J. the night John was shot.

Lucas: What, are you on drugs or something?

Kate: Sami did not save your life. E.J. did.

Kayla: Steve!

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