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Sami: What did you say?

Lucas: I asked you to marry me. Honey, it's always been you. I mean, I know our life's been kind of crazy together. It's been one hell of a roller-coaster ride ever since we met, but I never stopped loving you, never. And I... I want you to be my wife so bad. I want you to be my future, my love, my everything, so, please, make me the happiest man in the world and tell me you'll be my wife.

Sami: I -- I can't, Lucas. I can't.

Steve: Come on, baby. Come on. I'm not gonna be here long. It's an assault charge. They'll let me go in a couple of days.

Kayla: And what happens then? What happens when you get out of here? Will those episodes just, uh, stop? Will you be any closer to finding out why E.J. and the DiMeras did those things to you?

Steve: Okay, come on, now, listen.

Orderly: Come on. Back to lockup.

Kayla: This is so wrong!

Steve: No, no, no. Come here. Come here. Come on. Where's my big, strong wife?

Kayla: Yeah, well, I'm losing it right this minute.

E.J.: Excuse me. Sorry, I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Steve: What do you want, DiMera?

E.J.: I came here because I've had some time to reflect on our several unpleasant encounters, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm partially responsible. So, by way of amends, I'd like to drop the charges against Mr. Johnson.

Kayla: What?

Steve: No, thanks. I'll stay right where I am.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. Shane, tell me I am not dreaming this. I mean, all this time, I thought you were a million miles away playing doctor to somebody else, but you were here in Salem all along. Um... you are Dr. Shane Patton, aren't you?

Dr. Robert: No, I'm Dr. Alan Robert.

Chelsea: Um, you're not 'Lonely Splicer'?

Dr. Robert: Lonely who? You're not doing any kind of drugs, are you?

Chelsea: No. I don't get it. You look exactly like him.

Dr. Robert: Whoever your guy is, I'm not him.

Chelsea: Then if you didn't send me the picture, who did?

Nick: No one's here. What the hell was I thinking, sending Chelsea a picture of my boss and pretending it was me?

Abby: She'll get over it.

Nick: I don't think you quite understand the severity of the situation here, Abby. I manipulated someone, someone who I love, into believing a fairy tale that's never gonna come true. When Chelsea finds out that the person she thinks is her soul mate is actually me, it's over. I know it, and deep down, you know it, too.

Abby: So what's the alternative, Nick, more lying?

Nick: No. No, I can't do that anymore.

Abby: Nick, look, you're gonna be fine. If you and Chelsea are meant to happen, then you'll get through this. And who knows? Maybe you'll even laugh about it one day.

Nick: Yeah, not today.

Kendrick: I'm afraid there's a problem with your passports.

Shawn D.: It must be some sort of mistake because it is the same ones that we used for our honeymoon, right?

Belle: Right, yeah.

Shawn D.: So I know what this is about. This is about my daughter's immunization records, right? We just -- we can't find them.

Dr. Deardon: No, it's more than that. You were evasive when I asked you about them.

Shawn D.: I was evasive? Try exhausted, doc. Traveling on two different planes through three different time zones with a toddler -- I'm surprised I even remembered to bring my wallet. You guys are now busting my chops over what? I honestly -- I don't even know. But I'll tell you what -- I'll take the three of us, and we'll get off this leaky barge, and your problem's gonna be solved.

Kendrick: I'm afraid that won't be possible, sir.

Shawn D.: Why not?

Kendrick: If you are indeed traveling with falsified papers, it's my duty to detain you and report you to the proper authorities. Please surrender your passports now.

Kendrick: As I suspected, these are fraudulent. I can handle things from here, doctor. So, shall we start all over again with the truth this time Mr...Perkins?

Shawn D.: There's one thing you need to know. We're not criminals. We love our daughter, and all we're trying to do is protect her.

Kendrick: From what?

Belle: There's someone in the States that was trying to take her from us, so we made a run for it. Yes, the passports are fake. We got them in Toronto. But it's only because we wanted to go somewhere and start over. We weren't trying to get away with anything. We just want to be a family.

Kendrick: But you still broke the law.

Shawn D.: I know, and we're sorry about that. Put yourself if our shoes here. We left our friends and our family behind because the man who's trying to take our daughter -- he can buy the law, captain. He already has. He bought judges, social workers, witnesses. Anything he throws money at, he wins. And our daughter, she loses if he gets his hands on her. So I'm begging you, for our daughter's safety, please, just let us work something out here -- anything.

Abby: What are you thinking?

Nick: Canada. Me and Chelsea and our whole big adventure. We really clicked, Abby -- running around, helping Shawn and Belle. It felt like we were a real couple.

Abby: That's funny because Chelsea thought the same.

Nick: What do you mean?

Abby: Nick, you should have heard her going on and on about you. She said you were heroic.

Nick: She said I was heroic? Yeah, well, I'm sure she'll reconsider that statement when she finds out what a coward I've been.

Abby: What are you talking about?

Nick: If I tell Chelsea the truth, I break her heart. Some lies are better left under the rug.

Abby: Not this one. This one is gonna turn into a monster and devour you in one gulp if you don't make it right. Stay here, Nick, and take your medicine. Be the hero that Chelsea thinks you are.

Dr. Robert: It is strange. I'll give you that. I mean, this Dr. Shane Patton guy sure did make an impression on you.

Chelsea: Yeah, he was the love of my life.

Dr. Robert: Who you met on the internet and who, apparently, used my picture.

Chelsea: God, you must think I'm a complete idiot.

Dr. Robert: Yeah, but that greeting was kind of nice.

Chelsea: I'm, um, sorry about that. And I hope you won't hold it against me when you review my job application.

Dr. Robert: You're here for a job?

Chelsea: Yeah, lab assistant. I was kind of hoping my friend Nick Fallon could put in a good word for me, but I think that I am just gonna go crawl off and die now, so I'm sorry about... you know.

Dr. Robert: Whew.

Lucas: Honey...stop crying. I just proposed to you on Valentine's Day... and you say no?

Sami: I don't deserve -- I don't deserve you.

Lucas: Don't say that. Stop saying that. We deserve each other. Our baby deserves us.

Sami: I don't want you to regret giving me another chance.

Lucas: I'm not ever gonna regret it. I promise.

Sami: I'm difficult.

Lucas: So what? I'm difficult, too. We'll be difficult together. Don't worry about it.

Sami: What about your mother? She's never gonna stop trying to break us up.

Lucas: Fine, then she's done. She's out. Honey, I've been thinking about the next 50, 60 years with you. I want to watch our son become a man. He's gonna be a great older brother. We're gonna have more kids and grandkids. It's gonna be great. I don't want to share my life with anybody but you. Now, you've given me reasons why you don't want to get married, but not the reason that's gonna make me put away this ring. I mean, you love me, don't you?

Sami: Of course I do.

Lucas: Well, good, I love you, too. I love everything about you, the good and the bad. Please, do me this honor and say you'll be my wife.

Sami: Yes, yes. Lucas, yes.

Lucas: That's the "yes" I wanted to hear. Thank you. Mmm, thank you.

E.J.: Would you be kind enough to run downstairs and get Mr. Johnson's release papers? Thank you.

Orderly: I'll be right back.

Steve: I don't think you were listening. I don't want your so-called help.

E.J.: Look. I'm trying to run a business here, okay? Now, my family name, not to mention my rather colorful personal history, is making that very difficult in certain quarters. The two of you are intimately involved with people who I do not wish to make my enemies -- namely, the police. So, think of this as a practical matter, if not a magnanimous offer. I'm going to drop the charges.

Steve: Well, since we're all so chummy now, maybe you can tell me why you tortured me.

E.J.: We're not still going on about this again, are we?

E.J.: Kayla, these delusions are dangerous. This man needs help.

Steve: You listen to me, you sick son of a bitch -- what you did to me and my family, you multiply that by a thousand times. By the time this is over with, you will be the one begging for mercy.

Billie: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, Chelsea, wait up. I think I know what happened. Remember when you were doing community service at the hospital?

Chelsea: Yeah, Mom, how can I forget?

Billie: Okay, well, you met a lot of people here, right? So isn't it possible that maybe some guy who was a patient or an orderly developed a major crush on you?

Chelsea: I don't know. If he did, why wouldn't he just come up and say anything to me?

Chelsea: Oh, Chelsea, you know men. They're shy. He was probably just too shy to approach you in person, and so he did it via internet.

Chelsea: And he just used some other guy's picture? Why? Why would he do that? Oh, my God. It's because he's hideous, isn't it? That's why?

Billie: No, not necessarily.

Chelsea: I'm -- I need to talk to Nick.

Billie: Why Nick?

Chelsea: Because if there's anybody that can get to the bottom of this, it's him. He's good at figuring stuff like this out. He'll figure it out for me.

Billie: All right, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick.

Nick: I remember when my life was simple -- no Chelsea, no 'Lonely Splicer', just me and my lab cultures.

Abby: Well, it's kind of hard to cuddle up with them on a Saturday night.

Nick: Hello?

Billie: Nick, hey, it's Billie. Hey, are you at home?

Nick: No, I'm outside your apartment. I'm waiting for Chelsea. What's wrong?

Billie: I'm at the hospital. Chelsea just left to go track you down.

Nick: Why?

Billie: She came to the hospital to apply for the lab-assistant position, and guess who she met.

Nick: Oh, my God, who?

Billie: Dr. Shane Patton, who isn't really Dr. Shane Patton at all. Somebody is playing a very cruel joke on her. She's really upset. She needs to talk to you. She's probably halfway to your house right now.

Nick: Oh, my God. Thank you. Thank you, Billie. I -- I'm on my way.

Abby: Nick, what's up? What's going on?

Nick: I, uh, I have to go.

Kendrick: I'm sorry, but there's no deal to be made here.

Shawn D.: Wait. Just hear me out, okay? When the ships docks in New Caledonia, we get off and we disappear, we vanish.

Kendrick: I can't allow that.

Shawn D.: Yes, you can. You just tell the police you came to our cabin, and we've already packed our bags, and we took off. You tried to enforce the law, but we got away. There's nothing that can happen to you, and we get to live happily ever after with our daughter. Please, just...give us a chance.

Sami: Lucas, it's beautiful.

Lucas: Isn't it? Well, not as beautiful as the woman who's gonna be wearing it, but it's nice. Want to try it on? Come on. Come here. Let me help you. I'm excited about this part. Hold on. All right, ready? Please fit, please fit, please fit! Perfectly. Look at that, huh?

Sami: Are you sure it's okay for us to have this? I mean, it looks expensive.

Lucas: It is expensive. We're okay. Don't worry about it.

Sami: Have you always been the wonderful, this Romantic?

Lucas: Actually, I think I have. No, no, no. You bring it out of me. I'm nothing without you. What? What did I do?

Sami: You didn't do anything. You're perfect, and I love you so much. And I was just thinking about my family, and I wish everything was perfect for them, too.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. Philip is a little obsessed, still thinks Claire's his, and he's not gonna stop until he tracks them down. I just can't imagine... I can't imagine anything like that happening to our baby.

Sami: Nothing is gonna happen like that because...

Lucas: You're right. You bet it won't. Actually, I got a little surprise for this little bambinski.

Sami: What?

Lucas: I got a little Valentine's Day present I picked up when I got your ring. Look at this. Look at how adorable, honey. It's a marsupial.

Sami: Look, it's got a little baby.

Lucas: Yeah. I can't wait to have this baby. I mean, not just for the obvious reasons, but, you know, this way I'll know it's mine right off the bat, right from the beginning.

Sami: How could you -- how could you say something like that, Lucas?

Lucas: Say what? I didn't mean it. I take it back, all right? I'm sorry.

Sami: You were obviously thinking it.

Lucas: I'm sorry, honey. Don't get upset. I didn't mean it. What's the matter? Why are you crying? Whatever it is, just tell me. You can tell me, all right? Why are you so upset?

E.J.: I wouldn't threaten me if I were you. If I were you, I would invest some time in building a wonderful life with this beautiful lady.

Kayla: Stop, stop, stop.

Steve: Don't ever touch her!

Kayla: Listen, he's dropping the charges, and we get to go home. Come on.

E.J.: That's good advice, Steve. Not even you want to spend the rest of your life in jail.

Officer: You're free to go. The paperwork's up front.

E.J.: See? Everything worked out. Thank you.

Kayla: Listen, you go down and sign the papers, and I'll meet you downstairs, all right? Come on.

Steve: You stay alert, DiMera.

E.J.: I always, do, Patch, always do.

Kayla: Come on, baby. Go on.

E.J.: Look, one second. I would never presume to tell you what to do with your own husband, but he's dangerous. The next person he attacks might not be as willing to let everything slide as I am.

Kayla: Let's get something straight, okay? I'm relieved that you dropped the charges against my husband, but I don't believe for one second that you did it out of compassion or any kind of human kindness because you don't have any.

E.J.: Well, that really hurts.

Kayla: You and your family tortured my husband.

E.J.: Really? He has you believing that nonsense, too, now, eh?

Kayla: It's not nonsense, and we both know it. So I'm gonna make you a little deal, all right? I will keep Steve away from you and out of trouble, and you stay away from him. And you lift one little finger to hurt him, and I'll kill you myself. And you know what? It's not a threat. It's a promise.

Maggie: Chelsea!

Chelsea: Hi, Mrs. Horton.

Maggie: Come in.

Chelsea: Is Nick around, by chance?

Maggie: Uh, no, but I'm expecting him home for lunch.

Chelsea: Um, do you mind if I kind of wait around until he gets here?

Maggie: No, you can wait down here, or you can go up to his room, if you like.

Chelsea: Okay, thank you.

Maggie: Sure.

Chelsea: Zit zapper? Gross. Shane Patton? Oh, my God.

Kendrick: Look, I'm sorry. You seem like nice enough people, but --

Belle: Captain. Come here, baby. Do you have children?

Kendrick: I have a 6-year-old daughter.

Belle: Okay. So how would you feel if someone who was just vengeful and just filled with hate was trying to take her from you? She's our baby. She's 18 months old. And she's our heartbeat, and we are hers. She knows that she's safe with. So if you turn us over to the Australian police and we lose her, she loses her whole world. Come on. You have a daughter. Could you live the rest of your life knowing that?

Shawn D.: Sir, I know that this is just a legal formality for you, but this is our lives that we're talking about. All we're asking you to do is just look the other way for five for her.

Philip: You're not taking my daughter anywhere. Did you really think I'd let you get away with this?

Philip: Game over, Belle. Give Claire to me.

Shawn D.: Don't even try it.

Kendrick: What the hell is going on here?

Philip: These are our passports, and I can assure you they're not forgeries. My traveling companion and I were given special permission to board the ship in New Caledonia. I'm here to reclaim my daughter.

Shawn D.: He's lying. I am her father.

Philip: Something else you might be interested in -- a court order awarding me temporary custody of Claire Kiriakis. As you can see, she has my last name.

Kendrick: Everything seems to be in order here. So, Mr. Kiriakis, how do you propose I deal with this matter?

Philip: What you're commanded to do, captain, by law. Call the authorities, have them arrested for traveling with false documents, then hand me the child -- her rightful father.

Lucas: Here, have some tea.

Sami: I'm sorry about the waterworks.

Lucas: No, don't it's my fault.

Sami: Don't its not your fault. I understand. You didn't know that Will was yours for so long, and so I can understand why you would be --

Lucas: Wait a minute. It just slipped out. I'm telling you, it was a mistake. I didn't mean it. I just meant to say that we don't have any baggage this time, you know? I mean, we both know that it's our child, right from the get-go. We'll know, and I think she'll know, too.

Sami: You think it'll be a girl?

Lucas: Yeah, I got a funny feeling it's a girl. I'll be happy if it's a boy. I mean, we make great boys. Don't get me wrong, but...

Sami: I don't deserve you.

Lucas: I really want you to stop saying that, okay?

Sami: It's true. I -- I, um, have a hard time trusting in happiness. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know? Whether it's Kate or E.J. or --

Lucas: Did you say E.J.? What's he got to do with this? Why is he even in the picture?

Sami: Well, I mean, he'd just come after us before. And, uh, well, you know that E.J. -- E.J. and I --

Lucas: But you didn't. E.J. and you didn't do anything, so forget about it, all right? End of story. I do have an ulterior motive for asking you to marry me, though.

Sami: What's that?

Lucas: Well, I want our baby to be born to married parents.

Sami: Oh, really?

Lucas: Yeah, I do. It sounds kind of old-fashioned, but I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy.

Sami: I think it sounds cute.

Lucas: I just want our baby to know -- I want he or she to know right off the bat that they're a part of a very special family. That would be us.

Sami: Lucas, I'm gonna be the world's best mom, the world's best wife.

Lucas: I could see that. I can see the trophy right on the mantel right now.

Sami: I'm being serious. I want to do it right this time, and I will. I promise you that I'm gonna make you happy.

Lucas: You always make me happy.

Steve: Now, we both know you springing me from this joint, it's all part of the game.

E.J.: What game would that be?

Steve: Come on, squire, it's just you and me here now.

E.J.: See? It's come down to this. It's a battle of wills. And if you try to defy me, then someone you love -- Kayla, for example -- is gonna get hurt.

Steve: What did you just say?

E.J.: See, that's the game, Steve. That's the game. Now, let's see if you're good enough to play, eh?

Chelsea: Shane Patton. Shane Patton. You lying piece -- how could you do this to me?

Nick: Listen, Chelsea, let me explain, okay?

Chelsea: You know, Nick, it's really too bad that you weren't at the hospital this morning because, man, you missed quite a show. I, um, I ran into your boss, Dr. Robert, A.K.A. Shane Patton, and, um, I threw my arms around him, and I started making out with him.

Nick: Chelsea, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

Chelsea: You know what, Nick? You really would have loved it. I mean, the poor guy had no idea who the hell I was, but, man, was it funny.

Nick: Chelsea --

Chelsea: No, don't touch me!

Nick: I know what I did is completely inexcusable, but you have to believe me when I tell you I never, ever meant to hurt you.

Chelsea: Guess what, Nick. That is exactly what you did to me. You hurt me. And all because you didn't have the guts to come up and tell me exactly what you were -- a lying, pathetic, nobody. I never want to see you again.

Sami: This is how I always want you and me, close.

Lucas: Mmm, me too. We'll get married in a church before God and the whole town. Everyone's gonna see. Don't worry about it, okay? The wedding is gonna be fine. Nothing's gonna go wrong. Everything's gonna work out.

Sami: Pretend we're not here.

Lucas: I got to get it.

Sami: No, don't.

Lucas: I'll get rid of him. Don't worry about it. I'll be right back.

Lucas: E.J.

Kayla: Are you all right? Are you okay? What's wrong?

Steve: I'm sorry, baby. I'm just -- I -- I told them to go get me a drink of water. I think I'm dehydrated.

Kayla: I just want to go home. I just want to go home with my husband.

Steve: Well, that'd be me. So let's do it.

Kayla: Okay. What's that?

Steve: Well, I've been carrying that around with me for a little while, but it's for today. It's for you.

Kayla: Really?

Steve: Yeah, yeah. Open it up.

Kayla: Oh, Steve.

Steve: It's two hearts. It means that we're connected, that our hearts are connected forever.

Kayla: Promise me that's true. Promise me that you'll just focus on us, let go of that whole E.J. business. Can you do that for us?

Belle: Claire is our biological child. Philip is no relation to her.

Philip: That's a convenient lie, since you and I both know I was the only father Claire had for the first year of her life. We were married for a brief time, a mistake I wholeheartedly regret.

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah, Philip. I see you really traded up here. This is the prostitute he and his old man paid to lie about me in court. You better watch your crew members. She's a sucker for a man in uniform.

Philip: The fact remains that custody of this child was awarded to me. These two are kidnappers who are traveling under fraudulent passports, and I'm a member of a very prominent family. You have heard of the Kiriakis shipping line haven't you?

Kendrick: I've heard of it.

Philip: Mm-hmm. That's me and my father. So unless you want to find yourself swabbing the deck on some tramp steamer, you'll do your duty. And you'll give me my daughter back.

Chelsea: Move.

Nick: Chelsea, I know that apologizing for anything at this point is completely pointless, but if you ever had an ounce of respect for me, you'll let me explain to you how this happened. Okay. Okay. I was...goofing around on my computer at work. I stumbled on your video blog. I saw your picture. It was so beautiful and so tragic. I -- something happened in me that I've never felt before. I wanted to help you. I wanted to reach out to you, but I knew that if I did it as myself, you wouldn't listen. You wouldn't hear me. So I made up that stupid name, and I sent you a picture on my cellphone of my boss. Before I knew it, I was in over my head.

Chelsea: I opened myself up to you. I told you things about myself that I had never shared with anybody else before. And for the first time in my life... I trusted somebody. And... I was completely honest about myself. I didn't lie. I didn't hide. I didn't pretend. And the person that I thought had changed my life and made me a better person... You made me... you made me fall for somebody that didn't exist, a figment of your imagination. God, how could you do this to me?! How?!

E.J.: You don't mind if I come in, do you?

Lucas: What do you want?

E.J.: I just wanted to check on Samantha, see how she was doing after yesterday's remarkable performance. You should have seen her, Lucas. She put the fear of God into your mother. Anyway, Samantha, I just wanted you to know that payback is fair play in my book, so I don't blame you at all.

Sami: Thank you.

E.J.: You guys, uh, you guys celebrating something?

Lucas: Oh, yeah. Ah, Sami and I are engaged.

E.J.: Well, then congratulations are in order. It's, uh, quite a sparkler that you have there, Samantha. So, tell me, what inspired the engagement? What's this? Hello. Are we, uh, expecting any additions to the family?

Steve: Kayla, I can't just forget about what E.J. and the DiMeras did to me.

Kayla: So I guess asking you to stay away from E.J. would just be a waste of my breath.

Steve: He's the key to all this, baby. I can't stop now that I'm so close. We're never gonna be happy, not really, until we find out the truth. Wells is the only one who can give it to me.

E.J.: Well, this looks like a kid's toy.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, it is. That's for our --

Sami: It's for our niece, Claire. She -- I wanted to have it for her for when she comes back.

E.J.: I see. That's very sweet. Listen, I, um, I don't want to keep you two lovebirds, so I'll head out of here. Congratulations on the impending marriage. I hear the 10th time's the charm. Only kidding.

Lucas: Ha ha ha.

E.J.: Anyway, I'll get out of here. Oh, one more thing. I hope you'll be able to join me at the sales conference. I think I mentioned it to you -- the one in New York. Anyway, big family affair, so I hope to see you there. Bye.

Sami: Lucas, how could you? You almost let it slip about the baby.

Lucas: Who cares? So what if he knows? What's the problem?

Sami: I just don’t want anyone to know yet.

Lucas: What? What's the matter? You're all over the place tonight. What's the matter? Are you okay?

E.J.: You are hiding something, Samantha. I wonder what that can be.

Chelsea: You made me believe in myself for the first time -- because of your lies, because of your beautiful words.

Nick: Please, Chelsea, you have to believe me. I only wanted to help you. I only wanted to matter to you.

Chelsea: You matter to me, Nick! You matter to me so much that from now until the end of time, I will only think of you as the person that not only ruined my life but broke my heart!

Kendrick: Mr. Kiriakis, in no way do I take the charges against these two lightly.

Philip: Then do what you're supposed to do, captain. Take Claire away from them now.

Willow: I'm pregnant, and Philip says he wants to take care of me and my baby. So what do you think about that?

Philip: Why don't we take our little girl home?

Belle: What?

Philip: Together. Our daughter, Belle. What do you say?

E.J.: Why don't we have a toast to your child? Here's to motherhood, eh?

Bo: I've got a signed, sworn statement right here saying you were involved. I can't do it anymore. You're not my daughter.

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