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Bo: Okay. Could I have a muffin, please? Thanks.

Kayla: Bo.

Bo: Hey.

Kayla: Sorry it took so long.

Bo: It's okay.

Kayla: I was at the hospital with Steve.

Bo: Is he all right?

Kayla: I don't know. I thought he was. He agreed to do the whole hypnotherapy thing, and, you know, he really wanted to find out what was going on with him with these episodes.

Bo: Well, that whole thing must have been difficult.

Kayla: It was horrible.

Bo: Did he remember anything while he was under?

Kayla: He was tortured, Bo.

Bo: Tortured?

Kayla: Yeah. He remembered, um, the place where they took him, the room, the bare walls, the bright lights, and being on this table, an operating room, you know?

Bo: Did he remember who did this to him?

Kayla: No, he got so agitated, so the doctor took him out of it.

Bo: Did he remember anything, faces, anything at all?

Kayla: He claims he doesn't.

Bo: You don't believe him?

Kayla: I just felt like he was holding out, you know, holding back. But I just felt like he had been through so much I couldn't pressure him.

Bo: Yeah. Marlena thinks she knows who tortured him.

Kayla: Marlena?

Bo: Yeah. You know what? This is crazy. I shouldn't say anything.

Kayla: No, really. Wha-- what did she say?

Bo: She said that John came to her in a dream, and he wanted to tell her what E.J. said to him before he shot him.

Kayla: What did John say?

Bo: That Steve was brainwashed by the DiMeras and taken to a lab of some sort -- probably like you described -- and programmed.

Kayla: To do what?

Bo: Marlena didn't know. She woke up before John told her.

E.J.: I'm glad the old man's improving. Listen, uh, tell him -- tell him everything's going right along as planned.

Steve: I remembered.

E.J.: I'll have to call you back.

Steve: It was you.

E.J.: I have no idea what you're talking about, Steven.

Steve: You had me strapped down to a table. You were torturing me.

E.J.: Sorry, don't recall.

Steve: You don't recall? You crazy bastard, you were laughing while I begged for mercy. I saw you in that room.

E.J.: Listen, I think you've escaped from a psychiatric hospital, and that's very bad, Steven. I think you need to go back there.

Steve: You shut up. You have five seconds to tell me what you did to me and why.

E.J.: What are you going to do, huh? You gonna hold another knife to my throat, you gonna push me through another window?

Steve: Time's up.

E.J.: Ah, I don't think so. Oh, yes. See, you're one of us now, Steven. There we go. Oh. Who's a good dog? Who's a good dog, eh? Who's a good dog?

Philip: What have you got? No, that's not them! He spells his name s-h-a-w-n not e-a-N.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty weird for me, too, looking in the mirror, seeing some stranger staring back.

Lucas: Well, uh, at least you're pretty good-looking, right? Almost as good-looking as me. We could pass for brothers.

Philip: Thanks.

Lucas: So, uh, what's with the map? What's going on?

Philip: You really want to know?

Lucas: Yeah, I really want to know.

Philip: I lost my leg, my face. I thought I knew what pain was, Lucas, but I really had no idea until Shawn and Belle took my daughter away.

Shawn D.: Let me see that.

Dr. Deardon: I'm sorry, but your daughter needs to have an immunization stamp on her passport.

Shawn D.: Isn't it in here?

Dr. Deardon: No, it isn't.

Belle: I can assure you that she's had all of her critical vaccinations.

Dr. Deardon: Including DPT? I mean, it's required by law. You have to show proof that your daughter's been immunized.

Belle: Right, we know that.

Dr. Deardon: All right. Perhaps it's possible that your pediatrician gave you some kind form.

Shawn D.: Yeah, of course! Dr. Thompson, he gave us a form, didn't he, honey?

Belle: Oh, right, right. Um right, I forgot. Uh... I just -- you know, everything's so disorganized, and we haven't had a chance to unpack.

Shawn D.: Yeah, but we will. We're gonna find it, and then we'll give you a form. How about you come back, and you can check it out?

Dr. Deardon: I don't mind waiting at all while you look.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Shawn D.: You know, doctor, it's late, and Lucy Ann, she's not feeling too good. And, frankly, we are just exhausted.

Belle: Yeah, and we've been traveling so much, you know, packing and unpacking.

Shawn D.: That form, it could be anywhere.

Belle: Would you mind if we took care of this in the morning? 'Cause I really think we all just need some rest.

Dr. Deardon: Yeah, all right. That's fine. On one condition -- you guys promise to show me proof of her immunization first thing in the morning.

Shawn D.: Absolutely.

Dr. Deardon: Lucy Ann's condition should improve. I think the worst of her seasickness is behind her.

Belle: Yeah, I think so, too. She's out like a light. Thank you so much.

Dr. Deardon: It's my pleasure. I'll see you guys first thing in the morning.

Shawn D.: Yes.

Dr. Deardon: All right.

Belle: He is expecting us to produce a document that we don't have. What are we supposed to do?

Shawn D.: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Lucas: Look, man, I'm really sorry about this, okay? I know what you're going through. Sami and I went through similar things with Will when he was kidnaped.

Philip: Only you don't consider this a kidnaping. Isn't that what you told my father? This mess is my fault, Claire's better off with her natural parents, in spite of a court order awarding me custody.

Lucas: Temporary custody. I just don't think that Belle and Shawn deserve to have that kid taken away for any amount of time.

Philip: The judge obviously didn't see it that way.

Lucas: I don't want to argue with you, all right? Victor ordered me to go to Toronto and steal Claire by any means necessary. I'm not gonna do that.

Philip: Basically, man, do to Shawn and Belle what they did to me. Rip her out of their arms, steal her away!

Lucas: I can't do that, man. Belle is Sami's sister.

Philip: And I'm your brother. I needed you, Lucas. But you chose to give up your job at Titan rather than help me.

Lucas: That's not what happened. It's not that simple, all right?

Philip: Yeah, why are you here, anyway? I'm sure my dad didn't invite you.

Lucas: No, he didn't. Forget it, all right? I'm out of here.

Philip: No, no, no. Lucas, Lucas. There must be a reason.

Lucas: Yeah, there is a reason. I need a favor. I need you to help me get my job back.

Philip: You want me to help you? Are you serious?

Lucas: Yeah. I didn't deserve to get fired.

Philip: You were disloyal.

Lucas: I'm being 100% loyal to my future wife.

Philip: How many times has she burned you now, Lucas?

Philip: Well, for your sake, I hope so.

Lucas: Look, man, I need this. Sami is, uh... well, we want to have another baby? E.J. isn't offering childcare?

Lucas: I can't work for someone I don't respect. You know that.

Philip: Where was your respect for my father, hmm? Where was it for me?

Lucas: Look, what your dad asked me to do was wrong. I'm sorry, man. I couldn't do it. I respect you. That's never gonna change. I always respected you. You made sacrifices. You're a hero.

Philip: You want to know the last time I felt like a hero? When I found Claire's favorite stuffed animal wedged behind the sofa. When I handed it to her, she lit up like I handed her the moon. She's all I have, man, all I have left.

Lucas: That's not true. You got family.

Philip: What, meaning you?

Lucas: Yeah, for one.

Philip: I'll talk to my father, see if I can --

Victor: No need. You made your choice, Lucas. You walked away.

Lucas: I walked away from the assignment you forced on me. I didn't walk away from you and Titan.

Victor: I am Titan. And as far as I'm concerned, you're either with us or against us. Call security, Philip. Tell them we have an intruder. Did you hear me? What are you waiting for?

Belle: "Nothing"? We're not supposed to do anything when the ship's doctor is gonna come back tomorrow and demand proof that our daughter's been immunized?

Shawn D.: What can we do? We're at sea, and Claire has not been immunized. Unless you can whip up some sort of a --

Belle: Shawn, Dr. Deardon was serious. What are we gonna do when he comes back here tomorrow?

Shawn D.: We're gonna tell him that we lost it in our travels. Worst-case scenario -- Deardon comes in and gives Dear Lucy her shots, and everybody's happy.

Belle: I wish I could be as calm and confident as you.

Shawn D.: Well, if you were, then you wouldn't need me.

Belle: Well, I need you more than you know. But it is getting late, and I'm gonna take a shower, go to bed.

Kayla: Thank you.

Bo: John coming to Marlena in a dream, that's probably just her need to see him. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Kayla: You are taking it seriously, or you wouldn't have told me.

Bo: Well, now I'm thinking that was a mistake. I probably should have just kept my mouth shut and told Marlena to do the same thing.

Kayla: This isn't the first time she's had these dreams.

Bo: Really?

Kayla: I think she has this sense that John is trying to say something to her, to connect in some way.

Bo: Come on. The man's in a coma.

Kayla: I'm not saying that it's logical or that it makes any sense, but how on earth would Marlena know that Steve had been brainwashed or programmed by the DiMeras?

Bo: She doesn't know, and neither do we. Kay, it was just a dream.

Kayla: No, no, no, no. It's more than that. All this stuff is connected to what's going on with Steve right now. I think there's a part of you that absolutely believes that, too, or you would have never brought this up with me.

Bo: Okay, yeah. Marlena thinks this is some kind of an omen, a warning that Steve is in trouble.

Kayla: Listen, I know that Steve's in trouble. For weeks, I've been trying to help him, and he keeps shutting me out.

Bo: Well, Kay, he loves you. He's trying to protect you.

Kayla: But he's the one that needs protecting. He's in danger, Bo, and I just feel if we don't do something to stop this, something horrible's gonna happen to him.

E.J.: So, we had a little breakthrough, did we? Hmm. Now you want some answers. Do you want to know exactly what I did to you? Well, I'll tell you. It's nothing so terrible. Hey, there we go. Nothing so terrible. See, you were chosen by Stefano -- handpicked, really -- to be an agent for the DiMeras. And you were preprogrammed to be entirely under our control from the moment that Benjy showed you the tarot card. I have to hand it to you, old man. Your willpower is unusually strong, which is why I think you're gonna be our finest soldier yet. I think, old boy, you're gonna be even better than that miserable failure John Black.

Steve: I'm nobody's soldier!

E.J.: Well, if you would prefer, I think slave and minion are still available. You see, Steve, you're gonna do exactly what I want you to do when I want you to do it.

Steve: I'll never give in. I'll never give in.

E.J.: Well, here's the thing. You see, if you fail to accept your fate, then I'm afraid it's gonna affect somebody very close to you -- Kayla, perhaps. More likely, maybe Stephanie, your lovely daughter. She had that awful car accident, but she survived. And, of course, one wonders whether next time she'll be so lucky. Hmm? Ah, ah, eh, ah! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Victor: What are you waiting for, Philip? Call security.

Philip: I don't think we need to do that. I'm sure Lucas can find the door on his own.

Lucas: Yeah, I can. Thanks for the brotherly love.

Philip: Oh, don't play that card with me, bro. I've been back in Salem for weeks and haven't heard a word from you until you wanted something.

Lucas: You're right. I've been busy, but I should have come by earlier.

Philip: It wouldn't have made any difference. You've proven where your loyalties are. And since you can't be trusted, there's no place for you at Titan.

Victor: Well, I think we're finished here. You know the way out, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, I do. It's a key to the mansion. I guess I won't be needing it anymore. Have a nice life, bro.

Victor: I'm proud of you, son. You did the right thing.

Belle: What is this? What are you doing?

Shawn D.: I figured you could use some privacy. We've been kind of attached at the hip ever since we left Salem.

Belle: Well, I haven't minded so much.

Shawn D.: Well, even so...

Belle: Where are you gonna sleep?

Shawn D.: The sofa. Sofa's gonna be fine.

Belle: But that's not fair. Why do I always get the bed?

Shawn D.: Because I'm a gentleman.

Belle: Oh.

Shawn D.: And also, I figure if Claire wakes up in the middle of the night, she's gonna want her mommy, especially when she's not feeling very well.

Belle: I think she seems to be doing okay. She'll probably stay down for the night. Are you sure?

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah. I'm positive. That couch is a lot more comfortable than the cot at the safe house.

Belle: You mean, the floor 'cause, you know, you gave both cots to Claire and me.

Shawn D.: Yeah, what can I say? I can sleep anywhere.

Belle: Well, I really appreciate it, all of this. It's very, um...sweet. Unnecessary, but sweet.

Shawn D.: Well, "sweet" is my middle name.

Belle: Well, I should go get ready for bed.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah, I should, too. Yeah.

Bo: Kayla, again, we're talking about a dream here, what Marlena thinks is an omen.

Kayla: But she's right. Steve is in danger, and it all has to do with the DiMeras. You know, these episodes started right after Benjy gave him that tarot card.

Bo: What are you talking about?

Kayla: Benjy came to see Steve yesterday, and he admitted that Stefano had sent him to reacquaint himself with us, but specifically to give Steve this tarot card. I guess it was supposed to trigger some kind of posthypnotic response. Well, obviously, it did.

Bo: Why would Stefano do this to Steve? To what end?

Kayla: It's the hospital. Hello? What? All right, well, thank you for telling me.

Bo: What?

Kayla: Steve broke out of the psyche hospital. He must have done that right after I left.

Bo: Hey, come on.

Kayla: What?

Bo: I got a feeling I know where he went. Let's go. All right? Hurry.

Steve: You do anything to hurt my wife and my baby, I will kill you.

E.J.: I won't do anything to hurt them, Steve. You will.

Steve: You can't make me. You can't make me hurt... Kayla and Stephanie. You can't make me.

E.J.: Oh, there we go. Really, Steve? Years of your life are missing. How do you know you haven't hurt somebody already? How do you know you haven't killed someone?

Steve: You'll never get away this. I'll call the police.

E.J.: Call the police? What are you gonna tell them, "a madman is controlling my mind"?

Steve: You're insane! You're --

E.J.: What? I'm not the one that's crazy. You are. And if I choose to, I can make it a lot worse. Accept it, Steve. I own you. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

Kayla: Steve, Steve!

Bo: Steve! Get away from him.

Kayla: What's wrong? What happened to you? What have you done to my husband?

Victor: I know this is difficult, son. Lucas is your brother. I liked him, too, until he proved that he couldn't be trusted. Sometimes we're forced to make the tough decisions in life for the greater good.

Philip: Dad, spare me the lecture, okay? I'm really not in the mood.

Victor: He really got to you, didn't he?

Philip: Lucas has always been good to me.

Victor: Until -- as you yourself pointed out -- you really needed him.

Philip: We threw him in the middle of this, Dad. We didn't really give him a choice.

Victor: Of course we did. He chose to leave his family.

Philip: It really is that cut and dry with you, isn't it?

Victor: I make no apologies, and neither should you, not if you want to see Claire again.

Philip: Throwing Lucas under the bus isn't getting me any closer to that.

Victor: Then you just have to work a little harder.

Philip: I've been working at this all night -- pouring over shipping routes and itineraries of every boat they could have taken out of Toronto. I've combed through all the manifests, but Shawn and Belle are traveling under assumed names, so it's totally pointless.

Victor: Not necessarily.

Philip: What do you mean?

Victor: There is a way to find out who on that list is using a fake identity.

Philip: How?

Victor: By checking the tax records of every single name on the list. That will show who's real and who's not.

Philip: That's great, Dad, but how do I get my hands on these tax records?

Victor: Just leave that to me.

Belle: Hey, Shawn, do you have another pillow?

Shawn D.: Uh, yeah, it's, uh, right here.

Belle: Can I have it?

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Belle: Thanks. You sure you're gonna be okay on that couch? It looks pretty small.

Shawn D.: No, I'm gonna be fine.

Belle: You gonna take your shower tonight or in the morning?

Shawn D.: I was gonna take it tonight unless it's gonna keep you up.

Belle: Oh, no, it's okay. I'm actually not that tired. I'll just read until you're ready for bed.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Belle: Thank you.

Shawn D.: For what?

Belle: Everything.

Shawn D.: I think I better take a cold shower.

E.J.: I didn't do anything. I was standing in here, minding my own business, when your husband came in here and attacked me again like some madman.

Steve: Kayla, I saw him in the room. I saw him. It's him.

E.J.: Kayla, I thought you were having him committed for psychological evaluation.

Kayla: Come over here. Come over here a second. What are you doing? Why did you leave the hospital?

Steve: I saw him. It was him in the room. He tortured me. He shocked me, fried my brains.

Bo: Steve, Steve, take it easy. Let's get you back to the hospital, okay?

Steve: No, please, man, not the hospital, man. I'll lose it. Don't take me there, please.

Kayla: Steve, Steve.

Steve: Listen, I surrender. Just take me in, man. Put me in a cell, but don't take me back to that psyche ward. I can't do it!

Bo: All right. Take it easy. If you want to go down to the station, that's where I'll take you, okay?

Steve: Yeah. I'm sorry, baby. I'm trying.

Kayla: Listen, I know that. I know that. It's gonna be all right. Everything's gonna be all right. I promise you. I will stay right by your side. I am gonna help you through this. Do you hear me? Do you hear me?

Steve: Yes.

Bo: Why don't you guys wait for me in the car? I'm gonna have a little chat with Elvis Jr. here. Take it easy, man.

Kayla: Come on. Wait. There's something I want to say, too. You are gonna pay for what you did to my husband. God as my witness, you are gonna pay. Stop, stop, stop!

Lucas: No, it sounds like the starter, all right? It's dead as a doornail. Can you send someone to look at it, please? 90 minutes?! You're gonna take 90 minutes? Why don't you just say "hour and a half"? Why do you have to say "90 --"

Philip: Is there a problem?

Lucas: My car is dead, all right? But I got the garage working on it, and I'll be out of your way as soon as I can.

Philip: Forget the garage. Take my car. Deal with it tomorrow.

Lucas: What, you trust me to bring it back?

Philip: Forget about the tow. We got it covered. Uh-huh. Why didn't you ask me for help?

Lucas: I just did. It didn't go too well in there.

Philip: I'm sorry if I was a little rough on you in there.

Lucas: A little rough?

Philip: I couldn't cross the old man.

Lucas: Oh, I guess it makes it okay then, thanks.

Philip: It will be. Trust me. But only if I play this right.

Lucas: What are you talking about?

Philip: Victor's getting up there in years, and it won't be long before we put him out to pasture. When that happens, I'm gonna take over Titan and hire you back.

Lucas: That's your plan?

Philip: It's one of them. But I can't screw this up. If I do, we end up with nothing. Got it? All you got to do is be patient.

Lucas: I got to be patient? That means I got to work for public enemy number one in the meantime? Thanks.

Philip: Here, take this. Quit Mythic. Use that to tide you over until you find something else.

Lucas: It's really tempting, but I like to earn my money. Thanks.

Philip: All right. It's here if you need it.

Lucas: I don't get you, man. I mean, you say you've changed. Obviously, the outside, yeah, you have changed. But on the inside, you're just the same old hero you've always been, aren't you?

Philip: Just take the car, okay? Use it for as long as you need.

Shawn D.: So, how's the book?

Belle: Uh, I don't know. I'm kind of having a hard time keeping my mind on it.

Shawn D.: That's too bad. Maybe we can stop by the ship's library, and we can get you something a little more stimulating.

Belle: Yeah, definitely don't need that.

Shawn D.: What did you say?

Belle: Uh, I said how was your shower? Did you have enough hot water?

Shawn D.: Yeah, plenty. Is, uh, is Claire -- she still sleeping?

Belle: Yeah, like a rock.

Shawn D.: You, um, think that I could give her a kiss good night without waking her up?

Belle: Sure. You look nice and refreshed.

Shawn D.: You, uh, you don't look so bad yourself.

Philip: What's that?

Victor: Tax records.

Philip: How do you do that?

Victor: Never mind. Just get to work. Check them against every name on that list. I strongly suspect that any couple that doesn't have a record is gonna turn out to be Shawn and Belle.

Philip: Thanks, Dad.

Victor: Save that until we find them. Which brings us to the question, what then?

Philip: I'll figure out where they're headed, contact the local authorities.

Victor: Don't forget what happened in Toronto. Technically, all Shawn and Belle have done is violate a custody agreement. Police aren't considering it a kidnaping, so without extradition --

Philip: You'll pull some more strings. You'll get them back here.

Victor: My pull only goes so far. Tax records is one thing, but I don't rule the world.

Philip: Could have fooled me.

Willow: Oh, my God. This house is amazing! I keep getting lost. And my room, it's fit for a queen or a duchess or a royal something. But I have to tell you. That guy Henderson, the butler or whatever, totally creeps me out.

Philip: Willow, we're kind of in the middle of something here.

Victor: That's all right. We'll finish this later after the duchess has found her way back to her room.

Willow: Why do I get the idea that daddy isn't too happy about me shacking up here?

Philip: What did you find out at the doctor's?

Willow: I'm four months' pregnant.

Philip: You scheduled the amnio? I need proof this kid is really Shawn's.

Willow: Yes, I scheduled it but I don't know why I need it. I already know he's the father.

Philip: How so? Cause if I find out this isn't Shawn's, you'll be out on your butt so fast your head will spin.

Willow: You don't have to be so mean about it.

Philip: I'm just reminding you. You're in this house for one reason only -- because you claim to be carrying Shawn's baby.

Willow: Not just claiming. He's the only guy I was sleeping with then. And I haven't been with anybody. You know, I have been thinking about getting back out there -- You know what I mean? Just 'cause I'm pregnant doesn't mean that I'm dead. I haven't felt more... amorous in my life.

Philip: I think I've made it clear. I never mix business with pleasure. Here. The passenger list for a cruise ship called Neptune's Dream. We're looking for any passenger, especially ones traveling together, with corresponding tax records. Match, then they're probably using fake names, which would mean it's Shawn and Belle.

Philip: Exactly.

Willow: So, what do I win if I find them?

Philip: My undying gratitude.

Willow: That's a start.

Shawn D.: Good night, Lucy Ann. Sweet dreams.

Belle: It's not such a bad name.

Shawn D.: I think that we should just stick to Claire.

Belle: Yeah, you're probably right.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Well, I guess we probably, uh, better get some sleep. We got a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

Belle: Right, right. Avoiding Dr. Deardon.

Shawn D.: Don't worry. I'm gonna figure something out. Well, sleep tight.

Belle: Yeah, you, too.

E.J.: Whatever you feel you have to say, you had better make it quick, before your prisoner escapes again.

Bo: Kayla told me about the tarot card.

E.J.: Excuse me?

Bo: How your father used it and your brother Benjy to deliver a posthypnotic message to Steve.

E.J.: I think you might want to get Kayla checked for some psychological evaluation of her own, there, Bo.

Bo: Another remark like that, I will knock that smirk off your ugly face.

E.J.: What exactly is it you want with me?

Bo: A confession would be nice. Everyone knows that you shot John Black in cold blood.

E.J.: We're back to that again, are we?

Bo: You obviously have some kind of agenda.

E.J.: I'm a businessman.

Bo: You're a DiMera... as sick and twisted as your old man.

E.J.: Really, you think so? I've always worried that they were such incredibly big shoes to fill. But thinking of it now, you know, I've always loved a challenge.

Bo: Why, Elvis, why do I get the feeling I was just threatened?

E.J.: See, 'cause you're a Brady and I'm a DiMera. Why can't we all just get along, eh?

Bo: Yeah. You know, thing is, Steve is the one who was brainwashed, programmed --

E.J.: Programmed, eh?

Bo: And you made his life a living hell. Now he's the one going back to jail.

E.J.: Is it my fault that he'd rather be there than getting the help he needs?

Bo: What he needs is to be home with his wife.

E.J.: Surely you're not suggesting I drop the charges. That man attacked me and pushed me through a pane-glass window.

Bo: He's been punished enough, tortured enough.

E.J.: I'm sorry, but I can't in good conscience, allow the man to roam free. He's too dangerous.

Bo: You made him that way.

E.J.: I think we're done here. Now, if you'll excuse me --

Bo: We're far from being done. At least Steve is behind bars, where you can't reach him.

E.J.: Well, let's hope he reconsiders and recommits himself before he loses the rest of his mind, eh? In the meantime, I'm sure you and Kayla will be able to give him some kind of adequate care.

Bo: Go to hell, Elvis Jr. DiMera.

E.J.: Not before you. Not before you.

Belle: Is it okay if I turn the light out?

Shawn D.: Yeah, go ahead.

Belle: Good night.

Shawn D.: Good night.

Philip: I got to put these down. All these names are running together.

Willow: This is it! This is it! This is it!

Philip: What?

Willow: I found them. I think I found them. Shawn and Belle -- I found them.

Chelsea: I would have bet my life on it that Nick was a virgin. Did you know that he did the deed with some older woman?

Sami: I have to tell you something, and I don't think you're gonna like it.

Shawn D.: "Missing couple sought in child's abduction."

Belle: Oh, my God. Somebody's gonna see this. Someone's gonna recognize us.

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