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Billie: Damn! Ooh! Oh, come on, Lucas --

E.J.: Do I hear the sound of a damsel in distress?

Marlena: Oh, John. This is the day that I have prayed for. You're leaving the hospital. But in my prayers, you were awake and strong and we walked hand in hand out of the hospital to our glorious future. This was not the way that I wanted it. The doctors tell me they can't do anything else for you here, that you need the kind of around-the-clock care that I can't give you. I want you to know I am never, ever giving up on you. It's not so easy with you being gone. I go to sleep at night, and I... I hear you calling me in my dreams. And then I look for you in the fog, and I can't find you and I can't see you. And then I wake up, and my pillow is wet with tears. Our bed is way too big. And I miss you more than ever.

Steve: Ow. Damn. Ow. You guys. Man, what's the matter with you? I just had this pressed.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: Oh, pad, sweet pad. All the comforts of home...if you live under the freeway.

Kayla: You really don't need to joke to keep my spirits up.

Steve: I think the laughs are for me, baby. I'm just trying to take the sting out of that handling the judge gave me at the arraignment.

Kayla: Yeah, he did kind of read you the riot act, didn't he?

Steve: Kind of. Assault and battery, resisting arrest, and my personal favorite -- terrorist threats. That's me -- Osama Bin Johnson.

Kayla: Nobody believes that.

Steve: Listen, baby, all I want to do is get this bail processed, get home, and forget this craziness ever happened.

Kayla: But we're not going home, remember? You promised that you would check yourself in to the psyche ward at University Hospital. And I'm holding you to that.

Sami: You called. I'm here. Are you gonna read me my rights now?

Roman: Yes. First of all, you have the right to come here and give me a hug.

Sami: Daddy. What, are you buttering me up

Roman: Have a seat. Want any coffee?

Sami: No. No, Dad.

Roman: Right, right. Well, Kate brought over that footage her bogus film crew shot up at the cabin -- the one where you failed to re-enact lifting that heavy beam off of Lucas.

Sami: Yeah, well, I figured she would.

Sami: Dad, I should have known better, you know? But I thought I was gonna be a TV star. Yeah, right. And then I thought the money would help me and Lucas, and I guess I just didn't see what she was up to. I mean, some hero -more like Sid.

Roman: Well, I'm still a little surprised that you're letting Kate off so easy.

Sami: Dad, I'm not gonna forget what she did, and I'm certainly not gonna fall for her routine again. But I guess I just figure I'm better off keeping the peace with her right now.

Roman: I can't argue with that. But I can wonder if maybe there's not another reason that you're not going after Kate.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Billie: What are you doing here?

E.J.: I live here.

Billie: Right. No, of course. I didn't know that you were back from, uh...

E.J.: My scenic hideout on the white sands of Mexico? Yeah. I had nothing to hide. You may have noticed, actually, in the newspaper, the charges against me were dropped.

Billie: Haven't been reading the newspapers lately. I've been busy moving in to Lucas' old apartment.

E.J.: Oh! On your own?

Billie: Yes, actually. My daughter is conveniently out of town.

E.J.: Really? And your mother not around to lend a hand?

Billie: I'm sorry. What? Are you kidding me? My mother?

E.J.: In all fairness, what she lacks in domestic skills, she more than makes up for in business acumen. Actually, now that the charges against me have been dropped, your mother and I are pretty much back in business.

Billie: I heard. Actually, she's invited me to your presentation tonight.

E.J.: Oh, excellent. I'm pleased you'll be there. Maybe, uh... maybe I could give you a ride. What? What? Huh?

Billie: Hmm?

E.J.: You afraid that Lucas might catch us...talking, I mean? Don't be. We sorted everything out. Actually, Lucas is working for me now. Yeah, you...look a little shocked.

Billie: Yeah. A little shocked because, no offense, but my brother hates you. And Sami -- well, I can't believe that --

E.J.: Oh, please. Samantha could not be happier.

Billie: Sami went along with this?

E.J.: Actually, Samantha encouraged Lucas to take the job. You see, Billie, when you've been vilified as I have, you're called a thief, murderer, worse, it's hard to separate the truth from the headlines. You're branded a monster on page one, and then you're exonerated somewhere between the funny pages and the classified ads. Hardly seems fair, but that seems to be life -- at least, life in this corner of the world. Truth be told, I'm a nice guy. I wouldn't harm a soul.

Marlena: Time happens all around us. Children get on to school buses, and shopkeepers turn their sign from "closed" to "open." Then time stops for us. One thing hasn't stopped, you know. It's our love. That will never stop. And I will be here with you, right here by your side until the moment when you open your eyes and say to me, "come on, Doc. Take me home."

John: You know I'm coming back. That's why I'm fighting with everything that's inside of me. I'm trying to reach you, Doc. I just don't know how to make it happen.

Steve: Okay, here's the deal -- as soon as they cut me loose, we go home, I make love to my beautiful wife, and then you can take me over to the hospital -- cuckoo's nest. I'll flutter around with the rest of the cuckoo birds.

Kayla: You are a nut.

Steve: That's not very PC of you, baby. I'm challenged.

Kayla: You really are taking this very well.

Steve: I'm not. I'm boot-shaking scared.

Dr. Beale: Kayla?

Kayla: Oh, Dr. Beale. So good to see you. How are you? This is my husband, Steve Johnson. Steve, this is the doctor from the hospital.

Steve: Hi, doctor.

Dr. Beale: Hello, Steve.

Kayla: Dr. Beale's been a colleague of mine for several years. He's the chief of the Psychiatric Unit at University Hospital, and he is here to oversee your transfer.

Dr. Beale: I have your papers right here for you to sign. It's standard procedure.

Steve: "Name," "height," "psychosis." I'm sorry, doctor. It ain't gonna work for me.

Sami: Are you accusing me of something, Dad?

Roman: No. No, I'm not. Come on. Slow down here. First of all, there's nothing suggesting a crime has been committed here. I'm just saying that if you want to fill in a missing piece or two in your story...

Sami: It's not a story. It's what happened.

Roman: Sami, all I'm saying is maybe that night, you forgot something due to the excitement. And if you did, it's not a big deal. You're not gonna end up in jail.

Sami: I can't believe this. My dad thinks I'm a liar.

Roman: Sami, I am not saying that. Look at me. It is my job to ask questions, and I would hope that my daughter has enough trust and faith in me to tell me the truth, whatever that is.

Sami: Where's your tape recorder, Dad? Are you gonna bust out the lie detector?

Roman: Your word is good enough for me.

Sami: We were at a cabin, and the roof collapsed on us. This rafter was pinning Lucas' legs. I couldn't get it off of him, so I went back to the road to look for someone to help us. And I was thinking about how unfair it was that something like this would happen -- that finally, when Lucas and I were together and happy and had a wonderful chance to be together as a family, that... I guess I just got so angry and frustrated. I went back to the cabin, and all that rage and the fear for Lucas' life gave me the strength to get that beam off his legs. And then I dragged Lucas' unconscious body all the way back to the road, where I finally found a trucker who was willing to take us to the hospital. That's what happened, Dad. We got the happy ending that we deserve.

Roman: I believe you, Sami, but Kate's not the only one who has doubts. She brought in this expert who took a look at your tape.

Sami: An expert? For God's sake.

Roman: He swore that there was no way that you could have lifted that beam by yourself, and a lot of my cops have that same opinion.

Sami: What's your opinion, Dad? What, you think that aliens landed and lasered the beam off his legs for me?

Roman: Aliens never crossed my mind, but E.J. Wells did.

Billie: I think that you are --

E.J.: Ooh, easy. Careful now. You're gonna put this on the record.

Billie: Charming.

E.J.: Oh! Ooh! Oh! You see, that didn't hurt too much, did it?

Billie: I just can't believe that you're friendly with Sami and Lucas.

E.J.: I didn't say friendly. Lucas works for me. Samantha's with Lucas.

Billie: And you're okay with that?

E.J.: Yes, I really am. I've come to respect Lucas and Samantha. They have a deep commitment for each other. My reputation as a womanizer notwithstanding.

Billie: Ooh, you took the cure?

E.J.: Oh, I still have an appreciative eye for the ladies, present company most definitely included. But I've really come to admire Lucas and Samantha. They've overcome a tremendous amount of obstacles in their relationship. And it really seems that, happily for them, their love is going to last. And isn't that what we all want, eh -- a soul mate, a lifelong companion? So, yes, maybe I do envy them a little bit, but if I'm lucky, I'll find someone of my own someday.

Billie: I couldn't agree with you more.

E.J.: Well, um... let me help you with these boxes.

Billie: Okay, but I'm warning you, they weigh a ton. And I'm just storing them in Sami and Lucas' place until I can figure something out. Wow, that was --

E.J.: Show the way.

Billie: Okay.

Kayla: You promised.

Steve: I know, baby, but I'm not crazy.

Dr. Beale: Nobody said you were.

Steve: Listen, man, I got this thing inside my head. I know I can fix it on my own if I can just find the key.

Kayla: I know that you hate that you can't solve this on your own.

Steve: No, I can't, but we can do it together, baby. Why don't we take some time alone, go away again?

Kayla: I cannot stop the rage that's inside of you or your life spinning out of control, and neither can you. Listen, I know seeking help is scary, but it's also the bravest thing that you can do. Please, work with Dr. Beale. Let him help you get your life back.

John: I got to find a way to reach you. I got to tell you what E.J. said the night of the shooting.

Marlena: How much of our lives have we spent holding hands? I can feel you. I can feel you. Can you feel me, John?

John: I can feel everything. I can hear everything. I'm just trapped in this deep, dark pit, and I can't make my way out, but I'm here, Doc. I'm right here.

Marlena: Go to sleep, perchance to dream. That's where I look for you, you know. I look for you in my dreams.

John: In your dreams, Doc. Yes. You look for me there. Just follow my voice in your dreams.

Dr. Tucker: Dr. Evans, the transport ambulance is downstairs. They'll be bringing up the Gurney in a moment. I need to prepare his chart for release.

Marlena: I can't believe this is happening. Oh! Oh, my... my dearest love. My love.

Sami: What makes you think that E.J. has anything to do with what happened that night?

Roman: The weight of the beam. And the fact that you couldn't budge it an inch in that tape suggests you did have help. And whoever that was certainly didn't want any part of the spotlight that goes with saving a life because just maybe -- just maybe he had shot somebody and was on the run from the law.

Sami: Daddy, have you forgotten that I am the one who helped set E.J. up in the first place? It was you and your department that let him slip through your fingers. You're saying that E.J. was running from the police department, but he stopped when I flagged him down to help me save the life of someone he can't stand?

Roman: Sami, Kate's video raises a question, and like it or not, it is my job to ask.

Sami: Okay. Well, asked and answered. So, is this interrogation over?

Roman: I don't know. You tell me.

Steve: Okay. Answer me this, doctor. How long would I be on the inside?

Dr. Beale: You'd be committing yourself for a period of evaluation and diagnosis for two weeks -- not long, really.

Steve: Oh, no, not long when you're trapped like a rat in a padded cell.

Kayla: You make it sound like it's a life sentence. Really, the time will go quickly.

Steve: That's easy for you to say.

Kayla: But what if the doctors could actually cure you? What if this dread and anger you carry around could go away?

Steve: I'm not a head case!

Dr. Beale: Steve, the judge granted bail contingent on your submitting to this psychiatric evaluation. Now, if I have to report that you've changed your mind, your bail could be revoked and you'd be forced to stay here pending trial, which could take months to get on the docket.

Steve: Okay. I get it. You're not giving me a choice. It's either jail or the psycho circus. Both of those are a straitjacket to me. I'm not doing it. No. Nobody tells me where to go or what to do -- no shrinks, no judge -- nobody.

Marlena: Dear God, John! He moved! Dr. Tucker, he moved. Not just a little twitch. He moved his whole body. John, I'm right here. It's Marlena. John, I'm here. John, I'm here. Tell me, what is it? What is it? Talk to me.

John: Dreams, Marlena. Come to me in dreams.

Marlena: [Sobbing] I can hear you. I can hear you. He spoke to me, doctor. He spoke to me. Words -- a sentence. He did. He did. I heard him.

Dr. Tucker: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Dr. Evans. I don't see any --

Marlena: No, don't look at the machine. Look at him. He did. He spoke. And he moved. Dr. Tucker, he moved. Not just a small twitch. His whole body moved.

Dr. Tucker: It's involuntary muscle movement.

Marlena: It's not involuntary. I'm a doctor. I know the difference. It took every ounce of strength he had just to speak to me. Don't you know what that means? We haven't lost him. We haven't lost him. Oh, John. I'm here.

We will return for the second half of "Days of our Lives" in just a moment.

Steve: I'm not signing that -- no way, no how.

Kayla: So, you'd just rather stay in jail.

Steve: Two weeks here, two weeks there -- what the hell difference does it make?

Dr. Beale: Why don't I leave this with you?

Steve: Why don't you not?

Kayla: Here. I'll take it. Thank you.

Dr. Beale: I'll grab myself a coffee and leave you two to discuss things.

Kayla: Thank you, doctor.

Steve: I'm sorry, baby. Listen, I don't want to give you a hard time.

Kayla: Well, it's not any harder than you're being on yourself.

Steve: Just, two weeks in a mental ward? Come on, that's about 14 days too long. I just don't think I could cut it.

Kayla: Do you remember when we were in that quarantine together? Remember, you didn't remember anything about our life together or how much we loved each other. You rallied. You got well. You were free to leave, but you didn't. You stuck by my side, even though it was risking your life. And look at Shawn, Belle, and Claire. You risked your life for them, too. They would have never gotten out of this country if it wasn't for you.

Steve: Yeah. See? Does that sound like a crazy man to you?

Kayla: No, it sounds like the man I love who has a problem he cannot solve. Look, you are always willing to go out on the next big adventure, to go to the ends of the earth for anybody who asks you to do that. All I am saying is go that same distance for yourself now. Please.

Sami: I can't believe you are hiding behind this whole "just doing my job" routine. Dad, you said you've seen how much I've changed, that I'm not causing trouble anymore.

Roman: Sami, come on. You're blowing this whole thing way up.

Sami: No, Dad. You're saying that it's okay for you to make me a suspect, but it's not okay for me to have my feelings hurt because of it. Look, you have no idea how much it meant to me to get that Good-Samaritan award from you. After all the times that I have disappointed my family, this time you're proud of me 'cause I did something right. When you said you were proud of me, it just -- it just meant so much to me.

Roman: I am proud of you, okay? I am proud of you. It's just, like I said, it's my job to ask questions. I just asked those questions. And I promise not to ask them again, all right? Scout's honor.

Sami: Thanks, Dad.

Dr. Tucker: Look, even though his brain has ceased to function, muscle spasms around the lungs can drive air through the windpipe, which emerges as sound.

Marlena: I know the science. I'm a doctor. This was not sound. This was not a cough or a wheeze. These were words. He said a sentence. He said my name so clearly. It was not involuntary.

Dr. Tucker: I don't want to argue with you, Dr. Evans. I know this is stressful. But it's time to transfer your husband. All the arrangements have been made.

Marlena: I don't care about the arrangements. My husband is staying right here, and that's my final word.

Billie: Sorry about that. I had no idea I had so much stuff. Should have given half of it away.

E.J.: I've never known a woman who could part with anything that had half an ounce of sentiment attached to it.

Billie: Maybe. However, I got to do something with this. Lucas and Sami had no idea I'd be turning their place into a warehouse.

E.J.: Let me solve the problem for you. Why don't you store your stuff at my place?

Billie: Oh. Thanks, but I have a problem imposing on my brother. I could hardly impose on somebody I barely even know.

E.J.: Hold on a second. It would not in any way be an imposition.

Billie: Thanks, but, uh... yeah, no. Anyway, I got to figure out what to do with this stuff before Lucas gets home.

E.J.: I admire that, but why don't you let me give you a hand? There's no harm in that, is there?

Billie: That's where you're wrong.

Steve: Look, I'm not stupid. I know I got serious legal problems if I don't sign that thing.

Kayla: I think that legal problems might be the least of your worries. If the DiMeras do have a vendetta against you and if what Benjy said is true --

Steve: I believe it was.

Kayla: Then your life could be in great danger.

Steve: Listen, if Wells wanted to get at me, you don't think he could do it in some psyche ward?

Kayla: I already called ahead, and you'll have complete security.

Steve: But not from this. Kayla, until I find out what's going on in here, no shrink, no hypnosis, nobody is gonna make that go away.

Kayla: What are you gonna do, then, just stay in here and live with it?

Steve: At least in here I won't hurt anybody.

Kayla: That is what you're afraid of, isn't it -- that you might hurt me?

Roman: Hey. Hey, hey. Hey, come on. Come on. And I know better than to ask for a smile when you're this upset with me.

Sami: I just can't believe you believed Kate instead of me.

Roman: Oh, come on here. Give me a break, all right? It's not every day a guy has a hero for a daughter. It takes some getting used to here, so come on. Let me off the hook here, all right? Forgive me.

Sami: Of course, Daddy. Kate -- not so much.

Roman: Give that time. Later on, you tell Kate that you're carrying her grandchild. Then she'll soften up on you.

Sami: Actually, she already knows. She was "thrilled" -- another lie. Daddy, I can't -- I can't help it. I'm sorry.

Roman: Okay, it's okay.

Sami: Maybe I could have some water or something. I'm dehydrating.

Roman: Hey, take it easy, okay? Okay, I'm gonna get you some water, okay? Take it easy. I'll be right back.

Sami: You want to know my secrets, Kate? I'm gonna find out yours.

E.J.: Billie, if I touched a nerve, I'm really sorry.

Billie: No. It wasn't you. It's me. I've been relying on other people way too much lately.

E.J.: No, thank you.

Billie: You know, I kind of used to be somebody. I was, believe it or not, a very successful executive at a cosmetics company.

E.J.: Wow. What happened? Did they downsize?

Billie: No, my mother and I were partners, and we just didn't see eye to eye. So, I left, and everything snowballed to hell after that.

E.J.: I'm sorry to hear that.

Billie: No, it's okay. It's okay. But then I went into law enforcement, and I loved it. It was the best job I ever had. And I let personal problems get in the way of that, too, so I'm not gonna let that happen anymore. I am starting over, and I am not going to be relying on the kindness of strangers because I'm not gonna set that kind of example for my daughter.

E.J.: I admire that. Tell me, do you have anything in mind?

Billie: I do. But you don't want to hear about it.

E.J.: No, please. I would love to. Tell me.

Billie: All right. I've been thinking about the security business.

E.J.: You'll find a lot of competition there.

Billie: Right. But I'm not talking about big, huge business like banks or museums. I'm talking about home-security business -- the home security -- I mean, people, the consumers out there that cannot afFord all this space-age equipment. With costs plummeting on things like monitors and surveillance cameras and high-tech gadgets -- everything like that -- I can pass those savings on to the consumers. It would be fabulous, and I am talking way too much.

E.J.: No, no, no, no, no. Not at all. Please. It's clear you've given this a tremendous amount of thought.

Billie: It's just a dream at this point.

E.J.: Well, it doesn't have to be. As you know, Mythic is involved in the communications industry. We're always looking to expand our assets.

Billie: Right, but I don't know how I would fit in. Are you serious?

E.J.: Of course I'm serious. I'm always serious about bringing value to Mythic. Look, if we can find a way to build up our existing assets and also develop the business you have, would you be interested in doing it?

Steve: You're right. I don't want to hurt anybody, especially not you.

Kayla: But you don't know if you can control it.

Steve: I don't even know what happens to me when these things come over me. Like this last time, one minute I'm standing there talking to Wells, the next minute I'm on the ground covered in glass with a set of handcuffs on me.

Kayla: Which is all the more reason to find out what's causing this.

Steve: Baby, but a psyche ward --

Kayla: I don't want to argue with you anymore. You say you love me, that you would do anything for me. Prove it.

Marlena: My husband is staying right where he is, and I am staying right by his side. And you are leaving. Do you think I was too hard on him? Oh, my love. I suppose the gossip mill is pretty cranked up already at the hospital. And so much for my stellar reputation. Frankly, I don't care. They don't know you. I know you. And I know that you are trying to reach me. And I'm gonna be right here, waiting for you to tell me that you love me. So, you better get busy, mister, 'cause I'm gonna be right here waiting.

Roman: Looking for something?

E.J.: Let's talk. Why the hesitation?

Billie: Well, for one thing, I don't want mom and Lucas to think that I'm honing in on their territory.

E.J.: Oh, please. The only thing that's gonna concern Kate is whether or not your fledgling company makes money for Mythic. Look, why don't we go across the hall to my place? We can have a bottle of wine, and we can discuss the particulars.

Billie: I don't drink.

E.J.: Ah! Prune juice?

Billie: Yummy. Prune juice. How could I resist? No, I told mom that I would meet her for the presentation.

E.J.: We'll go together. Come on. Till then, we'll talk, okay? What possible harm could there be in doing that?

Billie: Oh, I can think of about a dozen different scenarios, but all right. You win.

E.J.: We both win. We both win.

Steve: You don't fight fair, do you?

Kayla: I don't want to fight. I just want my husband back.

Steve: You want me to prove I love you.

Kayla: Just sign on the dotted line.

Steve: After you come in here and make love to me.

Kayla: Sign the papers first, and then we'll see if you get lucky.

Steve: Come here. Give me that. Hope you still think I'm sexy in a straitjacket with drool on it.

Kayla: What woman wouldn't? It's gonna be all right. I promise you. And we're gonna get our life back. I'm gonna take this in.

Steve: I don't know, baby. I just don't know.

Sami: Sorry, Dad. I just thought there might be a napkin or a tissue over here. I just needed one.

Roman: Okay. First of all, here's your water. And actually, the tissues are right here.

Sami: Of course. Of course. Sorry.

Roman: There you go.

Sami: So, is there something else that you need, or are we done?

Roman: Yeah, yeah, I think I got everything I need and got the truth -- hero for a daughter. Sorry to put you through all that.

Sami: That's okay. It's like you said, you were just doing your job. Well, thank you. Thanks, Dad. I love you.

Roman: I love you. Take care.

Sami: Okay.

John: Come to me in dreams.

Marlena: Hello? Where am I? John?

John: I'm right here, Marlena.

Marlena: Where? Where?

John: Behind the door. We'll find each other.

Marlena: John, I'm scared.

John: Don't be afraid. Just open the door.

John: Because this time, your fear is the only thing that will keep you alive.

Kate: Someone else was in that cabin. She had help that night.

E.J.: You think I'm really the monster everyone makes me out to be?

Billie: If you are, I will find out. And I don't scare easily.

Sami: Wow, Kate, what do vows mean to a whore?

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