Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/2/07 - Canada; Monday 2/5/07 - U.S.A.


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Kayla: Hello.

Steve: Hey.

Kayla: Wow! This is pretty amazing. You arrange all this?

Steve: I did. You like?

Kayla: Yeah. Very impressive. This is so nice. Thank you. I sure hope this isn't your way of avoiding the promise you made me.

Steve: What promise was that?

Kayla: You know exactly the promise. You were gonna call Benjy and find out if he knows anything about the episodes you've been having.

Steve: I'm gonna do that tomorrow.

Kayla: What about now?

Steve: Well... I'll be damned.

Sami: Lucas, I cannot believe how incredible this day has been. First I have this actually nice conversation with your mother, and then she sets up this whole television thing for us that's really gonna help us. And it's happening so quickly.

Lucas: It's not like you don't deserve it, baby.

Sami: It is kind of eerie being back here, though, isn't it?

Lucas: Why do you say that?

Sami: You know, the cabin and remembering what happened.

Lucas: I don't remember anything bad that happened. The only thing I remember is being next to you in front of that fireplace before that beam went on me.

Sami: We always were good at that.

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Sami: It is cold out here, isn't it?

Lucas: Yeah. You ready to go in?

Director: All right, man. Better hurry. This thing's heavy.

Kate: Perfect. All right, so, you're the director. You know the lingo. Just take control.

Bruce: I got it covered.

Kate: Good. You know, I think we might have to adjust that body because I want to make sure that it's in the exact position that Lucas was in. There. Our star has arrived and her co-star. What do you think?

Lucas: That's me all right. Of course, I'm a little more muscular than that guy, right, Sami? Got the face down.

Nick: We have the money for bail. Why can't you let him go?

Pete: You tell me, kid. You know anything about charges of kidnaping a child from the States?

Shawn D.: I didn't kidnap anybody.

Pete: That's not what your friend said.

Shawn D.: Philip Kiriakis is not my friend.

Willow: Ugh! Who the hell does Philip think he is? "Go back to the hotel. Pack the bags. Keep your mouth shut, Willow." Pig! If it wasn't for me -- nobody treats your mommy like that, kiddo. And bad boy Philip is going to figure out the hard way.

Philip: [Breathing heavily] Belle?! [Baby crying] I know you're in here. Belle?

[Crying continues] End of the line, Belle.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Philip: Belle. Where is she?

Stacy: What?

Philip: I'm looking for Belle Kiriakis. Blond, pretty.

Stacy: I just came here for some shelter. What are you, a cop?

Philip: No.

Stacy: I don't have any money. Please don't hurt my baby.

Philip: I'm not gonna hurt -- just go. Get out of here.

Stacy: It's freezing outside.

Philip: Then I suggest you move quickly so you can find someplace else to flop.

Stacy: What kind of person are you?

Philip: A person whose child was stolen from him. So, unless you want to stick around and watch me dismantle this slag heap inch by stinking inch, I suggest you leave now. It's over, Belle! I told you I'd find Claire and bring her home, and now it's happening. Did you really think you were gonna get away? [Chuckles] Belle? Do you hear me?!

Belle: Yes, Philip, I hear you.

Chelsea: How'd it go?

Stacy: Good. He bought it. I tried to make him feel bad for even throwing me out. He didn't care. He's a jerk.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah.

Stacy: Here.

Chelsea: Hey, honey. Hey, Claire. It's gonna be okay, baby. It's gonna be okay. I'm never gonna let anybody take you from your mommy and daddy, okay? I promise. Thank you so much for doing this.

Stacy: No child deserves to be with a man. like that.

Chelsea: Yeah. Thanks again, and take care.

Stacy: Okay.

Chelsea: Okay, come on, Claire. Let's go find mommy.

Philip: Give me Claire. What the -- what the hell have you done?

Shawn D.: Come on. You got to believe me, officer. The child that we're talking about is mine. I'm her father.

Pete: That's not what this Kiriakis fellow's been saying.

Shawn D.: Philip Kiriakis is a liar. He pays people to make his lies look like the truth.

Pete: Are you suggesting something here?

Shawn D.: No, I'm just saying --

Nick: Look, I can prove that Shawn's not a kidnapper.

Pete: Yeah, how's that?

Nick: Call Commissioner Roman Brady.

Pete: Brady. Is he related to the suspect?

Nick: He's his uncle, but he's also the Police Commissioner of Salem. I can give you his number right now, and he can verify everything I've said, all right?

Pete: Well, I suppose it can't hurt.

Nick: Thank you.

Shawn D.: Nick, what are you doing?

Nick: I'm trying to get you out of here before Philip finds Belle and Claire.

Shawn D.: You just handed him my head on a platter.

Nick: Just listen for one second. I called Uncle Mickey. He told me that State Law doesn't consider what you and Belle did to be a kidnaping.

Shawn D.: You mean because we're Claire's real parents?

Nick: Right. I think he said something about how it's a violation of the court order, but it's not an extraditable offense.

Shawn D.: Do you think or do you know?

Nick: Um... what did the police commissioner say?

Pete: Well, I got the whole story.

Bruce: Ready, Sami?

Sami: Yeah, yeah. Except, my hair didn't look this nice that night.

Bruce: But we want you to look good. We want the audience to fall in love with you. Look, we'll spray a little sweat on your forehead when you re-enact moving the beam off of Lucas. But first, I just want the camera on you, sitting down, telling your story from the beginning.

Kate: This is your time to shine, so you can probably add a little flair. I guess we want the audience to hang on every word.

Sami: I can do that.

Kate: Yeah. I'm sure you can.

Bruce: Okay, Sami, sit down, please.

Sami: Yeah.

Bruce: All right, quiet, everyone. Ready on camera.

Director: Let's do it.

Bruce: Ready, sound. And action, Sami.

Sami: Well, Lucas and I decided to go on a ski trip. So, we were driving along this twisty mountain road --

Bruce: Little more energy, Sami.

Sami: Oh, right. Okay. Anyway, so, Lucas and I were driving on this windy road, and out of nowhere, this huge snowstorm hit. And it was just terrifying 'cause you couldn't see anything. And we were driving so slowly, and I actually wanted to go back. And Lucas wanted to keep going. [Laughs] So, we did. And now, at this point, we are driving so slowly we're crawling. And visibility was terrible. And then, the car, it just stopped. We didn't know why. The car was dead, and it got even more scary because there we are on the road. And a trucker could have come around the corner at any second and hit us, and our car would have gone over the cliff.

Bruce: Love this.

Sami: So, we didn't know what to do. We're stranded inside this car that doesn't work. And we were trying to figure out what we should do when this tree branch above the car broke, and all this snow just hit the roof of the car. Lucas and I realized, at that point, we could have been buried alive.

Lucas: Kind of like watching a movie, huh? She's got me on the edge of my seat.

Kate: I know. I know. She's really good -- really good.

Sami: I remembered this cabin that I had seen a couple miles back. And Lucas and I agreed that we should go on foot and try to find the cabin. So, we grabbed our bags and our stuff, and we set out to find this cabin. And I still can't believe that we actually did find it in that snowstorm. But I guess it was a night for miracles. Um, can I have some water?

Bruce: Absolutely. Cut. That was fantastic, Sami. It was beautiful. Okay, everybody, just stand by. We'll just get Sami some water, and then we'll pick it up from there.

Kate: Good job.

Lucas: Thank you for doing this for Sami. It means a lot to both of us.

Kate: Oh, please. It was the least I could do. You know what I'm thinking? This is going to allow everyone to find out exactly the kind of woman Sami's become.

Lucas: See that? It's perfect. [Cellphone vibrates] Thank you. Ooh.

Kate: You're welcome. What?

Lucas: My cellphone.

Kate: Oh, dear.

Lucas: I got to take that outside. Sorry.

Kate: Okay.

Bruce: Okay, Sami. Take us inside the cabin now, all right? Okay. Ready and action.

Sami: We found the cabin. And it was deserted. And luckily, the door was unlocked. So, we managed to come inside. And there was no electricity, but we found some candles and matches. And Lucas lit a fire pretty quick, so we got warm. It was actually really nice and cozy. And...we... well, we fell asleep in front of the fire. So, then, I guess it started to get really cold because the fire had gone out. When we woke up, there was no fire, and we were freezing. And we realized we had used up all the logs, so we didn't have any way to restart the fire. So, Lucas got some books. He was tearing out the pages to try to light a new fire. And that's when I heard this creaking noise. I didn't know what it was, but I looked up, and the roof, it just collapsed on us, I guess from the weight of the snow. But this really heavy rafter, it just crushed Lucas' legs. It pinned him to the ground. And I rushed over to try to help him, and I couldn’t. I couldn't help him. So, I went for my cellphone, and I thought I could call for help. But of course, there was no reception. But Lucas was in a lot of pain, and I had to do something. So, I thought I could go back to the road, and maybe someone would come by. So, I ran back to the road, and no one was there. So, I had to come back to the cabin. And when I got there, Lucas was unconscious. And I was so scared for him. I had to save him. So, I... I found a 2x4. And I don't know. I guess I just had this burst of adrenaline, and I jammed it underneath the rafter.

Bruce: And cut. That was beautiful, Sami. Fantastic.

Sami: Why did you stop? Did I go too far?

Bruce: Not at all. Only now, instead of just hearing the story, we want to see you re-enact it for us.

Sami: You want me to lift the beam again?

Bruce: This is the money shot, sweetheart. Got to give the people what they want. All right, let's get that camera over there and throw a light on that dummy. Let's go, people. Let's go!

Steve: That puts a rain cloud on our evening.

Kayla: What did Bo say?

Steve: Wells did turn himself in after I told him there was a warrant out for his arrest. But they had to release him for insufficient evidence. Now he's getting ready to chow down on a filet mignon. I don't think so.

Kayla: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Why don't we call Benjy first and see what he has to say?

Steve: I'm sorry. Change of heart. I'm not gonna lean on a boy I once thought of as a son -- not when Wells probably already knows what's happening with me.

Kayla: Steve --

Steve: Squire crumpets. I see you decided to take my advice and come back to our quaint little burgh.

Sami: You want me to demonstrate?

Bruce: Yeah. That's the idea. Is something wrong?

Sami: I just thought you were gonna hire an actress -- you know, someone else to do it.

Kate: Well, we were going to do that, but then Bruce had the great idea that you should probably re-enact what happened yourself. That's gonna make for some really exciting TV.

Sami: I guess, but don't forget that the reason I was able to lift the rafter was because of the adrenaline, the urgency of trying to save the man. I love.

Bruce: Of course not. We would never expect you to lift that much weight again. This rafter is much lighter than the other one.

Sami: Oh. Oh, okay.

Bruce: Yeah, it probably weighs half as much. You won't have any problem. What I'm gonna need you to do is show a lot of strain on your face, maybe throw in a few grunts and grimaces -- that sort of thing.

Sami: Um, okay. I'll try.

Kate: We should probably do this without sound. Then she can do a voice-over later.

Bruce: Action, Sami. That's good. I like the way you're pretending to struggle there. Okay, now push that beam in further.

Willow: This is your first lesson in life, baby. Always get payment up front.

Belle: I'm not afraid of you, Philip. You're not gonna hurt me.

Philip: That's an awfully large bet you're making considering what you've done. Where did that woman take Claire?

Belle: That was her child, and you just sent them out into the cold.

Philip: Oh, cut the crap. Shawn's in jail, and you just let a stranger walk away with our child.

Belle: Claire is perfectly safe right now. You and I need to work this out.

Philip: Work it out?! No! I want my daughter!

Belle: Shawn is her biological father. Listen, I know how upset you were when you found out, and I understand that you want to make things even with him.

Philip: [Laughs] You think this is about Shawn? There's only one person that I want to see suffer for the hell I've gone through, and that's you, Belle.

Pete: I spoke to Commissioner Brady. It seems your friend here is right. There's no report of a kidnaping, just a violation of custody agreement.

Nick: Does that mean he can go?

Pete: Get your act together, son, before you find yourself in bigger trouble.

Shawn D.: Thank you, Nick.

Nick: That's why we're here, man. -- serve and protect. Really, I can't take all the credit, though. Chelsea has been absolutely amazing throughout this entire thing. I know that you guys have kind of have your bouts in the past, but family really means everything to her. She lost both of her parents, so I think it would kill her to see Claire go through the same kind of thing. She's really the one you should thank.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Oh, my God. Is that little package for me?

Chelsea: Sure is.

Shawn D.: Come here, baby. I'm your daddy. Hi. Do you know how bad I missed you? Look at me. Hi.

Chelsea: We did it.

Nick: No, you did it.

Shawn D.: Thank you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: No biggie.

Shawn D.: Are you kidding me? You went up against Victor and Philip Kiriakis, and you won. That's huge. Listen, I know that I've blamed you for everything that's happened to our family in the past year --

Chelsea: And I deserved it, Shawn.

Shawn D.: No, not all of it. I've done my fair share of screwing up, too. I guess we're a lot alike. We probably get it from our dad. He's done his share of messing up also.

Chelsea: See, that's the great thing about genetics. You can always blame somebody else for all your mistakes.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, I'm never gonna forget this -- not ever.

Chelsea: Okay, we don't have time to get sentimental. We got to get you guys out of here.

Nick: Where? We used all the transportation money for Shawn's bail.

Shawn D.: It doesn't matter. As long as Belle and Claire and I are together -- wait, where's Belle?

Chelsea: Um, she's at the warehouse. She had to keep Philip distracted so I could sneak out with Claire.

Belle: You just can't get it through your head. Claire is not your child.

Philip: And what about the child you were carrying that was supposed to be mine? When you had that miscarriage, you went to Marlena's instead of our home. And when I tried to help you, when I tried to support you, you left me!

Belle: I was the one that lost that baby! I was the one that was going through the pain! I'm sorry I couldn't make you any promises.

Philip: What about the promise you made when we got married and when we baptized Claire? What about those promises, Belle?! I used to think Mimi was the most deceitful person I knew. But I was wrong. Your big blue eyes and sweet smile can't hide the fact that you're the biggest liar of them all.

Sami: [Grunting]

Bruce: Good, Sami. Very convincing. Don't overdo it now. Start to lift the beam. Come on, Sami. I need this shot.

Sami: I'm trying.

Kate: Sami, is there a problem? Bruce, is this beam half the size of the original? That's what you said, right?

Bruce: Yeah, I'm positive.

Sami: It's not exactly how it was, you know? This is sort of different.

Lucas: Sami, what the hell are you doing? Stop that. Stop right now. Stop. You're gonna hurt the baby. Enough.

Kate: Baby? Are you pregnant?

Bruce: Guys, why don't we get some exterior shots of the cabin? Okay, Kate?

Kate: Yes. Thanks. Thanks, Bruce. Why didn't you tell me?

Lucas: We were going to. I mean, we wanted to, but --

Sami: We were gonna wait until after the first trimester because that's normal.

Lucas: You should be happy about this, Mom, not upset.

Kate: Are you sure about this, Sami?

Sami: What, am I sure that I'm pregnant, or am I sure that you should be happy about this?

Belle: Don't you dare make me out to be the bad guy in all of this. Before I lost that baby, you wanted it aborted.

Philip: You know the reason for that.

Belle: Do you think I cared why? I was carrying a child inside of me -- a child that I loved, that I was attached to. And you just wanted to destroy it because it was Shawn's, just like Claire.

Philip: I never stopped loving Claire. Even when I found out the truth, I still loved her, and you know it.

Belle: Yeah, but you ran away anyway until what? You had some battlefield epiphany that she belonged only to you. It's crazy! You're jumping from continent to continent just filled with hatred, trying to rip a baby away from its mother, and I don't think you even know why. Do you even want to be a father, or do you just want revenge on someone who you think did you wrong?

Philip: Shut up! Shut your mouth.

Belle: Claire's gonna end up hating you, and then what are you gonna do? Are you gonna abandon her?

Philip: I said shut up!

Belle: Or what? You'll kill me? I was wrong. You would. Well, go ahead. You do whatever you want to me. Just know that you will never see Claire again.

Philip: I'm done with this. I'm gonna go find that bitch who took Claire, and I will raise my daughter. And then we'll see which one of her parents Claire ends up hating.

Shawn D.: I got to get back to Belle.

Chelsea: Shawn, I know that the deal was for all of us to meet at the warehouse, but this is what belle wanted, and she'll be here as soon as she can be.

Shawn D.: Not if Philip's got her.

Nick: Merle.

Merle: Hey. Nick, you sprung him. Way to go. And you got the baby, too. Hey, this is a good day.

Shawn D.: Merle, where is Belle at?

Merle: Hopefully she's on the way, but I got some bad news.

Shawn D.: What?

Merle: Your freighter left 20 minutes ago.

Nick: What?

Merle: But I got a plan "B," okay? There's a cruise ship leaving here in a couple hours, and I can get you three passports.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Merle: But, you know...

Shawn D.: How much is it gonna cost?

Merle: 2 grand for the I.D.’s and another $1,000 for the safe passage.

Shawn D.: I only have a little over $1,000. I can't do this.

Chelsea: We shouldn't really be talking about this right outside the police station, and we're running out of time.

Nick: Yeah. Tell you what -- you get the ball rolling. I'll be back with the money in less than an hour, all right? All right.

Merle: Okay, there's an all-night diner on the corner, two blocks down here, okay? When Nick gets back with the money, you, Belle come meet me there. I'll have your tickets waiting.

Shawn D.: All right. We'll be there. Yeah.

Chelsea: Don't worry, Shawn. She'll be here.

Shawn D.: Everything's gonna be okay.

Claire: Dada.

Shawn D.: Dada. Okay, so, what's Nick up to?

Chelsea: I don't know. He can be Mr. Mysterious at times.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, whatever the guy is, he's amazing.

Chelsea: Yeah. Who would have thought?

E.J.: Patch. How's my favorite buccaneer, eh? Listen, actually, I'm glad I bumped into you. I wanted to thank you for the heads up you gave me in Mexico. I came back here, sorted everything out. And as you can see, it worked out fine. Kayla, darling. May I say, you look absolutely ravishing.

Steve: Don't you even look at her.

Kayla: Steve, it's okay. It's okay.

Steve: Now, we need to talk about what you know about me.

E.J.: Well, that shouldn't take very --

Steve: Cut the crap, Elvis. Your family did something to me. I want to know what it is. Down in Mexico, you mentioned Benjy's name to me. You made a point of that.

E.J.: Did I?

Steve: What did you make him do?

E.J.: Steve, Benjy and I may share the same last name, but I barely know the guy.

Steve: These freak-outs started happening with me the night we... had dinner with Benjy. You know all about that, don't you?

E.J.: I have no idea what you're talking about. But, Steve, if you're having problems getting through the day, maybe you should go and talk to a shrink or an institution or something. But I'm a businessman, Steve. I'm not some villain, you know? And to be quite honest, I have better things to do than listen to your inane accusations.

Kayla: Steve's accusations are not inane. He told me about finding you in Mexico and how you taunted him about the noises in his head and the bad memories.

E.J.: Oh, please, that's not what happened. The guy throws me to the floor, and he tries to kill me. Look at him. He's a sick man.

Kayla: Please, help him.

E.J.: I'm sorry. [Banging]

Steve: Stop it.

Kayla: So, you're not gonna give us anything?

E.J.: Kayla, I honestly have no idea how to stop these so-called episodes.

Steve: Aah!

Kayla: Oh, my God.

Steve: Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop!

Kate: Of course I'm excited. I don't know why you would think otherwise.

Sami: Because maybe you've always hated me.

Kate: Sami, I thought we were trying to put the past behind us.

Sami: We are. I am. But --

Kate: Look, I missed most of will's childhood because of the animosity that I felt towards you, and I don't want to make that mistake again. So, please promise me that I can be part of this baby's life.

Sami: Of course.

Kate: And, you, don't feel bad about revealing your little secret. I mean, you were just trying to protect her, right?

Lucas: Yeah.

Kate: No one's ever gonna know. I'm not gonna mention a word. Congratulations.

Sami: Thanks.

Kate: So... Bruce, you can come back in.

Sami: Yeah, Kate, look, I don't know if I'm up to trying to lift this beam. I mean, I think it was just the adrenaline.

Bruce: Are we shooting inside the cabin again?

Kate: You know, I think that we got enough footage in here. Anyway, Sami is exhausted, so...

Bruce: I think we have everything we need.

Kate: Yeah. Oh! You know what? There's only one thing we forgot. We never got a shot of the beam actually being lifted off Lucas' legs, so...

Bruce: Yeah, that's right.

Kate: I have an idea. I have an idea. Excuse me.

Sami: Oh.

Lucas: Sorry. What are you doing?

Kate: Okay, just -- you'll see. Roll the cameras on this, okay? Let's see. Oh.

Bruce: Hey, all right!

Lucas: You all right?

Kate: There we go. And you said you could put her narration over this insert. We're all set.

Lucas: Don't worry. Honey, no one's gonna think any less of you, okay?

Shawn D.: It's okay, baby. Your mommy's gonna be here real soon.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: Belle.

Chelsea: Belle, thank God you're here.

Shawn D.: Where's Philip? Did he show up?

Belle: He was there.

Shawn D.: If he hurt you --

Belle: He didn't hurt me. I'm here, okay? And I got Claire off with Chelsea, who was great.

Shawn D.: Where is Philip?

Belle: He went to go chase after this lady who he thought has Claire, but he's never gonna find her. We have to get out of here.

Shawn D.: We can’t. The freighter already took off, and we don't have the money to get on it anyway.

Belle: What happened?

Shawn D.: It's a long story. I'll tell you on our way.

Belle: On our way where?

Chelsea: That guy merle, he's gonna get you guys two passports, and you're gonna get on a cruise ship that leaves in like two hours.

Shawn D.: Nick, he just took off to go get some more cash.

Belle: How?

Shawn D.: I didn't want to ask him.

Belle: What if he doesn't get it? We have to get out of here now because Philip is absolutely out of control, okay? And he is never gonna leave us alone, Shawn, ever.

Philip: What do you think you're doing?

Willow: Going to go look for you.

Philip: Hey! Nobody takes what's mine.

Philip: Oh, you forgot the ashtray and complimentary soap.

Willow: Figured I had to get something out of this trip.

Philip: By robbing me blind when I'm fighting for my child?

Willow: Okay, I'm sorry.

Philip: What did you do with the 10 grand my father gave you to lie in court?

Willow: It's gone.

Philip: What did you do with it? Get out of here.

Willow: Where am I supposed to go?

Philip: Find someone else to whore yourself out to. It's what you do. [Cellphone rings] Hello?

Pete: Mr. Kiriakis?

Philip: Yes.

Pete: Yeah, it's Pete, Toronto Police.

Philip: Oh, yeah. What's up?

Pete: I have some news on Shawn Brady.

Nick: All right, let's go.

Chelsea: Thank God. I was starting to worry.

Nick: Belle, you made it. That's everybody, except Merle.

Shawn D.: We're gonna meet him down the street at the diner.

Chelsea: We're pressing our luck hanging out here, so we got to get going.

Nick: Here's the money. It should be enough to cover those fake I.D.’s

Shawn D.: Nick, did you rob a bank or something?

Nick: No, that's not stolen, but don't ask me how I got it.

Belle: Oh, my God, Nick. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Shawn D.: Yeah, thank you. Nick, thank you. We appreciate it so much. We'll pay you back, I promise.

Chelsea: You guys should get going. Merle's probably waiting.

Belle: Thank you so much again, really.

Nick: Take care of your family, man.

Shawn D.: Thank you. Thank you -- both of you. Let's go.

Chelsea: Hey, Nick, what time is it?

Nick: What?

Chelsea: I noticed that your watch was gone.

Nick: My watch?

Chelsea: Yeah, your watch -- the one your parents got you for graduation -- the really expensive one -- the same one you laid down on the line for me the first night I met you at Dune.

Nick: Oh, yeah, with the glass and the olive. You remember that? I sold it. You can replace a watch. You can't replace a child.

Chelsea: That was really nice what you said to Shawn about taking care of his family.

Nick: He's their rock now.

Chelsea: I can't believe that we actually pulled this off.

Nick: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: You know, we kind of make a good team.

Nick: Yeah. You're right. We do, don't we?

Kayla: Steve! Steve! Steve!

Steve: Make it stop.

Kayla: Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! That's enough. That's enough. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

E.J.: You are a bad pony. You're going to jail for attempted murder.

Kayla: It's all right. It's okay.

Nick: I guess we're done here, huh?

Chelsea: Yeah. Guess so. I can't wait to go home. I feel like I have so much stuff to do. I have to check my e-mail. I have -- why do you look all bummed all of a sudden? [Footsteps approach] Oh, my God. You guys are back. What happened?

Nick: Did something go wrong?

Shawn D.: Everything's great. We got the tickets. We're on our way.

Chelsea: Then I don't understand.

Belle: There's something that I forgot to do, Chelsea. I need you to make sure that my mom gets this. And this one is for my dad.

Chelsea: I will.

Shawn D.: Chelsea, thank you. Thank you, guys.

Lucas: Whew. It's cold.

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: I got my car all warmed up for us.

Sami: You know, I was thinking about it last night. When that car broke down, I was so frustrated. I thought everything was ruined.

Lucas: Honey, listen. Nothing went wrong, all right? Our prayers were answered that night. Come on. You're getting cold.

Bruce: Okay, we're done. You'll have the footage on DVD in the A.M.

Kate: Well, great job. Thank you. I think I'm going to be getting exactly what I need.

Bruce: [Chuckles] Did you really have to stick it to Sami like that, lifting the beam?

Kate: Oh, sticking it to Sami is exactly what I intend to do.

Willow: I have mace. I have mace.

Merle: Don't waste it on me. I'm immune to it. Besides, I don't hurt women.

Willow: I lost everything, and I'm all alone.

Merle: Well, you're not all alone. Welcome to the land of misfits. Maybe I can help you.

Willow: Maybe you can.

Philip: Hey. What the hell are you doing letting Shawn Brady go?

Pete: I thought I explained that to you over the phone.

Philip: And I explained how important it was to keep him here.

Pete: That was when I thought he was a kidnapper. Turns out he just violated a family court order, and that, Mr. Kiriakis, is not in our jurisdiction. I'm sorry.

Philip: You've made a very big mistake.

Pete: Is that so? I'll tell you what, Mr. Kiriakis -- you might be a pretty big deal where you come from, but around here, you're just another tourist. I did you the courtesy of keeping you informed. Now you'll do me the courtesy of leaving.

Kayla: Listen to me. We need to get you help. We can't live like this any longer. Steve. Steve.

Steve: I got to -- I got to make it stop.

Kayla: What? Come back here! Steve, come back!

Philip: How do I know this isn't just another one of your scams?

Willow: It wasn't a trick. It's Shawn's. He's my baby's father.

Sami: Lucas, it was a scam. I was set up again by your mother.

Steve: I need answers, or I could lose kayla. Now, if either one of us ever meant anything to you, you'll tell me what you know.

E.J.: Anybody who crosses me is going to get exactly what they deserve.

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